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Ode To Lost Souls Not to you do I speak brave of heart and firm of purpose Nor to you bright ones within a field of light Not to you who walks in purpose fulfilled Nor to you of vision strong buoyed by life’s enrichment But to you I speak wanderer upon the shores of night And to you the desolate ones outside the circles of life Raised upon columns of molten ash Your journey began with a cry and ends with a scream Betwixt the emptiness evolved First a doubt becomes a certainty Those of faith know you not Those of vision know you not Those of purpose know you not Within the citadel of life do they dwell Basking beneath an indolent sun

Ikonographika de arte magicka

Vesica damiana evohe

ď … Axiomata, Sigil, Image & Text

That which follows is an ensemble of Axiomata, a collection of images, sigils and text outlining the path followed in quest of Solus Noir, The Black Sun. An undertaking spanning two decades of time and described fully in the text – Solus Noir, The Book Of The Black Sun amongst others. The images are montages created using the Layer option in the software package PhotoShop where images created or borrowed are crafted into a single image defining the context as described by the title. I am most grateful and fully acknowledge the originators of the images in question and trust I have treated them with respect.

Profile De Arte Magicka consummate with the methodology of rite and axiomata has left in its wake an application both magickal and aesthetic. The rite has opened an ingress point or portal onto a wellspring of creativity where the current becomes manifest in word, sigil, graphik and image. This path has been undertaken by others notably Austin Osman Spare and Andrew D. Chumbley to whom I owe a debt of gratitude.

The Avatars The Avatars Samael 131 & Namrael 777. Fated to meet and spend a lifetime manifesting the Portal of Solus Noir. Borne aloft upon wings of vision and dream they travel the aethyrs bereft of form. Embraced by Artemis, blessed by Aphrodite, scions of Pan, beloved of Lilith. They travel still in our Ladye’s name.

In Nomine Babalon

All Hope Abandon And it was given unto the false prophets To spread the lie Sow the seeds of doubt Draw aside the veil And reveal the end of days

The Annunciation Across the Mountains of the Moon did we walk my love and i. Beneath the ocean did we reach out a hand in greeting only to be swept away. In the Vale of the Blessed did we embrace, but briefly and across the boundary lands did we venture upon a bleached bone desert beneath the rays of an ebon sun and blood red moon.

Intent Our purpose made clear. Love and devotion to that most holy of beings, the fairest of maids guised as avenger whose kiss grants an eternity of wonder beneath a spectacle of stardust and dreams made flesh.

Anpu The guide of the dead revealed his secrets as 79 sacred keys. The Book Of Anpu. The Coming Forth By Night. An Axiomata text coding the path of Solus Noir.

Na’amah Embraced by the Vesica did the Avatars walk The Vale Of Tears, crossed The Boundary Lands and entered the sacred city, raised the pylons of the temple and radiated the rays of transformation within these the end days.

The Boundary Lands Aethyr transformed into ocean. Ocean ignites into fire and the desert plain emerges. A solitary figure emaciated beneath an unrelenting sun of darkest night. Bleached bones beneath feet. Garbed in rags does he walk unredeemed, unheeded.

The Serpent’s Kiss Scale upon scale transforms flesh, yielding to scale and venom, does the serpent rise and course the heavens embracing time and space within infinite coils of endless manifestation.

The Rapture And within that eternal embrace does the rapture unfold. The keys to heaven and hell granted in a whisper.

The Company Of Heaven The veil drawn aside Archon and Vesica manifest within the realm of the half lives. A blessing and a curse to all that but glimpse their presence. Invisible they travel. Between their breaths does the world unfold.

Invokation And within a blood red Triangle of Arte did he stand. Naked beneath the stars and upon his lips a single invocation – Bring that to me that which brings me unto thee.

Portus Lucis Noir And in that fabled city they dwell eternal. Twin pylons of the temple. An edifice raised upon the charnel house of thy world.

Sophia Let them who have wisdom count her name for in its cypher does her breath manifest thy form and aspirations. Turned to dust and vacuum beneath her gaze. Solitary one be blessed by her benediction. Ave.

Quadra Whispers coalesce into the prime elements informed by aethyrs kiss. The dance unfolds and its tapestry unravels the skein of history. The unmaking of all that has been, is and will be.

Solus Noir The venom of god shines forth distilled from the elixir of ecstasies vision. Redeemed or not we dwell between the passing of each breath as we wipe away the stain from this our Eden.

Ordo Templi Solus Noir And within The Vale Of Tears did we manifest our form and in silence do we proceed. The Dawn Of The Avatar brought us to this world. Namrael enfleshed our fair sister. Lilith Rising consummated our union and Trinity manifested our spells, crafted by hand and eye, cast forth upon the aethyrs and unfolding across time do we weave our enchantments.

Ikonographika Vision fleshed as Axiomata, Sigil, Image and Word. Each a heart beat, a passing breath, a desire forming a matrix into which the Company Of Heaven manifests from dream unto dream.

Legend Pan redeemed enters the world and claims his bride. The stain is washed away upon a tide of sacred blood. An infinite ocean wherein the old ones dream no more as they embark a upon a journey across time, erasing the lie that has compelled all to slumber within the vale of life.

Amodali A Sister muse briefly adds her voice and the goddess pours forth her blessing upon troubled ears and heart. An Incarnadine mist rises and reveals the play of breath upon the plain of life.

Speak Not

Quadra 2 And with each cycle of Artemis does the diamond spin and with each acceleration does the earth turn and rise from her slumber. Her breath a mighty wind. Her tears an engulfing wave. Her heartbeat that turns all to dust and in the cast of her eye a blessing and curse to all that behold her.

The spirit Of The Muse Suspended in space two mirrors reflect upon each other and eternal corridors unfold. Caught within their gaze spells are cast forth and the pageant resolves itself into The End Of Days.

Conjunctio Lucis Dei And in their union all is revealed

Damiana Evohe And At The End Of Days There Shall Be Two Grigori Upon The Earth And They Will Die


Ikonographika - de arte magicka  
Ikonographika - de arte magicka  

A folio of Axiomata and Artwork depicting the path of Solus Noir.