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Ypres Na’amah Beloved Cast Before Eyes Blinded To Glory History Has Marked The Passage Of My Tears Blood Stains The Altar Of Consummation Whereon My Body Was Pierced Time And Time Again Beneath The Moon I Swore The Oath Incarnate Upon Aethyrs Shimmering And As I lay Dreaming Celestial Bliss Claimed My Errant Form And Into A Lake Of Fire Was I cast Unrepentant Burnished Gold Did I Rise And Now My Song Blesses The Night Ave Ave Ave




The Witness Opening The Seals


Whispers Like Shadows Enter The Heart And Sow The Seed Of The End Of Days Sic Transit Gloria Rosa Mundi

Book One Praeteritim I Seven are the seals upon creations countenance Seven the trumpets that announce the day of redemption Seven are the visions of the dragon and its kingdoms Seven the visions that accompany the lamb Seven are the bowls of gods wrath Seven the veils upon the lady Babalon And Seven are the visions of the end of days

nd in those days the sons of god beheld beauty upon the Earth

and lusted after the daughters of man. Seven were they who defied the logos and left the false paradise of gods beneficence in search of their destiny. Foremost amongst these brave souls was bright Lucifer, lord of the eastern horizon, accompanied by his loyal cohorts and their legions. Numerous as the stars hung upon the night sky were they who descended on that fateful day, the day of redemption. Their journey completed within the passing of a single breath, they alighted upon the Earth and sought pale Lilith within her desert fastness. She, who would be mother to these, the errant sons of god. The beloved of god, Michael, was the last to see them on that day and into the hands of each he delivered a parchment upon which a seal was placed. This, the judgement of the lord, that his Elohim carry to the Earth the means of humanities redemption. Into the hands of Lucifer he delivered the parchment of dominion. Into those of Galamael the seal of history. To Salamis the parchment of learning. To Palemon he

handed the seal of life and to Azrael he handed that of death. To Malekh, the parchment of mystery and into the hands of Vain he placed the seal of keys. Each of them gazed deeply into the eyes of Michael, their accuser, found no comprehension or understanding, only a sense of pity and remorse. And upon the wings of night a last word is whispered, “farewell.� No more were they seen within the portals of the holy empire, yet they were mourned and in time, forgiven.

ale Lilith faced the glory of the stars falling to the Earth and greeted the arrival of the Elohim with open arms and a heart filled with a tenderness previously unknown to her. To her encampment she took her wards and began their education in the ways of their new world. The days cascaded like water over a precipice, as many as the grains of sand upon a beach, and in time the rebel angels

found comfort within the desert lands of Lilith, their guide and protector. And during this time they learnt the ways of man, a primate barely risen from the pool of inchoate form, possessed of reason in its infancy, trusting, spellbound by the beauty of the Elohim.

Willingly they gave their sons and daughters to these gods and in this way did they gain a soul. Of their unions did the nephilim arise, beings monstrous in form, yet possessing the tongues of angels. The nephilim took to solitude within the mountain ranges to the far north where they scorned both human and Elohim alike. There they founded their empire, an empire of solitude wherein they wove their spells of anonymity and were heard of no more. It was said that they had found a way of leaving Earth. That they lived within the heart of the mountains or had entered the depths of the ocean. All rumour. To the south, the harsh burning grounds, where lived the demons of the world, the issue of Lilith’s ever fertile womb. To the west the human settlements, though few in number, they prospered and thrived as a hunter–gatherer culture, dwelling in small communities, often nomadic, following the seasons changes. And to the east, the ocean, unbounded, covering two thirds of the globe. It was said that the old ones, out of the night of time lay dreaming within its depths awaiting the time of their ascension. Again, rumour.

II The Elohim alamael gazed into the mirror that was always with him and sighed. Gazed deeply into the past of his own history, for he was cursed by the spell of memory, would not, could not forget, for he held the seal of history, the weave of moment upon moment, unfolding, shaping and reforming into intricate webs of possibility. His task, to dissemble his form throughout the corridors of time itself. For this reason was he known as eternity. He gazed into the future, again a sigh escaped from deep within his soul. Casting one more look upon the reflective surface of the mirror, he dissolves, casting his form into the eternity of the moment, he unravels the beauty of his form, his power and enters the continuum of time. And in this way did bright Lucifer, light bearer and lord of dominion receive the seal of history.

Salamis retiring into the night gazed into the heavens and read the syntax of the stars, a story of beginnings, of becomings and of times yet to be. Her form a whispered shadow of light, illuminating all that she touches, with the breath of knowledge. Alights upon a rocky escarpment and gazes into the vast abyss beyond. And upon the breeze she lets her breath unfold, illuminating the darkness beyond with the opalescent sparkle of her being. For this reason was she called Sophia. Into the hearts and minds of all life did she unravel herself and make her home. In the silence of intuitions dawning, know that it is her whispers that inform, pushing the darkness of ignorance away with the light of her presence. And in this way did the lord of dominion receive the seal of learning from Salamis in the form of a parting kiss as she dissolved and entered the diamond brightness of wisdom. Palemon danced across heath land, hands stretching upwards caressing the air, and in his aerial form took flight with the eagle, surveying all beneath him, the air passing through feathers, the turbulence of the air, here warm, there, a little cooler. A dance unfolding, choreographed by wind and pressure. Alighting upon the grassland below, dissolves and enters the body of the earth itself, feels the density of her form, stretching outwards connects to the life within her body and rejoices. Sings in her rapture, a song of joy and ecstasy, for she is life and holds its seal. Rises upwards into the form of a mighty oak and feels the breeze caressing branch and leaf. Enters water, rushing upwards she meets the rapids, pressure upon her, urgency to reach the spawning grounds, her liquidity scintillates, invigorates. Lying upon a bed of straw, pressure within her belly, sweat upon her body, she pushes downwards. Her breath escaping in gasps, she opens and is delivered of child, the rapture of release. Holding life within her hands, placing the child upon her swollen breast, releases liquid into the expectant mouth and knows the pleasure of union. Palemon released himself into the tide of life, wove himself into the tapestry, holding the double helix and dissolved, triumphant. In this way did the lord of the eastern horizon receive the seal of life. Azrael, a cipher of beauty, alluring, enrapturing looks through time and perceives the form of another lying upon a bed of leaves beneath a mighty oak. She is hurt, blood passes from a deep wound within her heart, her breath a mere sigh releasing her life upon the air, air that once sustained her and now would claim her. As lightning, Azrael travels and with the passing of a single thought, arrives and greets the one on the threshold of eternity. Smiles and opens his arms and heart to the mortally wounded one at his feet. She rises and looking deeply into his eyes, sees the joy that awaits her. “Come, my love,” he whispers, “your pain will be soothed, release yourself into my care, for I love you.” She wraps her arms around the form of Azrael and with a whispered word, a sigh, releases her life and enters the arms of her beloved. And in this way did compassionate death, the seducer, tantalise her soul into acceptance and joy. In the blooming of a thought, its flowering, momentary

existence and completion does Azrael weave his spell. At the beginning does he plant his seed, watching each breath unfold its angularities until, with the last line etched, the last breath taken does he reach out and claim what is his. Look deeply into the heart of that which is your beloved and see the smiling face of Azrael etched within your memory. Dissolving into the beginning and ending of things, beautiful Azrael, seducer of life, weaves himself into the tapestry and enters silence. And in this way did the bright lord Lucifer acquire the seal of death. Upon the beast of her dominion Malekh advances. The beast she mounts, seven heads, crowned with diadems of glory, rapture, power, pestilence, plague, famine and the drunkenness of fornication. Upon her brow, seethes the abyss and in oscillating patterns of light and shadow is etched the cipher of mystery. Shrouded in a nimbus of eternal night, yet upon her face the glory of light resplendent, for she is clothed with the sun. Its emanations reaching outwards and inwards, and at the nexus of their gathering a pulse of ruby rich red lies at her heart. Mystery is her name, her syntax the nature of the unknown and the ever unknowable. Burn upon the pyre of her mystery for of her none may know, only her shadows and masks does she display upon the surface of appearance. Ever virgin yet drunk upon the wine of saints, her fornication’s bear witness to the inviolate nature which is her seed, her heart. The mask of glory reveals her in her beauty. That of rapture reveals her in her ecstasy. The mask of power reveals her in her majesty, queen of all she surveys, mistress of all, known by none. The mask of pestilence reveals her as chaos and the deep chthonic realm of the gatherer. That of plague reveals her as the wrath of purification. And that of famine reveals her as the barren mother. Into the world she advances, dissolving into her masks and releasing her essence upon the breeze she enters eternity. And in this way did the lord of dominion receive the seal of mystery. Vain beheld the unfolding of this and remembered. His form etched in alabaster, pale, cast no shadow, the angularities of his form precise, the perfection of geometry’s heaven. Angle gave rise to curve which in turn yielded to liquid softness and finally became the hardness of diamond before beginning again its cycle of transformation. Only his eyes remained constant, ink black, containing at their heart sparks of flame etched in crimson and gold. He held the seal of keys within his form. His heart held the key to the kingdom. His mind, the key to understanding. His hands were the key to the palace of exiles. His feet the key to manifestation. His legs the key to the pillars of the temple and the altar of sacrifice. His torso the key to the world. And his face the key to the presence, the immanence of becoming. Of this was Vain made manifest. And into this Vain now flowed, dissolving his form into the liquidity of his essence. And in this way did the son of the morning, bright Lucifer receive the seal of keys into his keeping and now knew himself to be alone.

III The Son of the Morning

he lord of the eastern horizon, bright Lucifer stood upon a

promontory and surveyed his dominion. His cohorts now departed, yet he knew them to be contained within the seals he held within his hands. Not until the opening of the seals would he see them again in the flesh, and that would not be until the end of time itself. One act before him, to take within himself the seals and his cohorts so they would be one, united and undivided, in this way would he gain solace within his citadel of isolation. The seal of history he placed within his eyes, that he might see all that was, is and would be, throughout eternity. The seal of learning he placed within his mind, that he would have knowledge of all things. The seals of life and death he placed within his heart that he might know understanding. The seal of mystery he placed within his aura and within his speech, that all, would know him as the sanctuary of the unknown. And the seal of keys he placed within his hands, that they might unfold the rich tapestry of time and place before him. His cohorts now dwelt within him and he knew their intimacy and council. Yet he was alone. Lord of solitude, to witness the unfolding of time throughout eternity. To witness the weave of life’s glory. He alone, the witness. His only companion, Lilith, she who had prepared the way and taught them the ways of this world. Had consoled them in their dark moments of regret, brought them to the place of understanding. Shared her pleasures with them, taught them the ways of the flesh. She alone was companion and consort to the dark lord of the Earth. The lord of dominion. The witness. She the accursed of god, the first woman, made immortal through her craft. She who had also denied the logos and escaped the servitude, service to her lord and master the protohuman Adam, contempt beyond contempt. Rather the wild beasts of the wilderness than that. She had denied the creator and the angels and stood supreme in her power. And of this world she had created a garden. No worship, no servitude, only pleasure and delight were the services she required. Now consort to the lord of this world she was its mistress. She would guide him and in so doing they would unfold paradise and challenge heaven itself. Heaven the place of worship and servitude, bending of the knee to the despotic one upon the throne, who knew only retribution and wrath, and would

cleanse, wipe away creation and recreate another. Where the compassion, where the love? For this reason had bright Lucifer and his cohorts left the realm of the overworld, to serve as champions, as guides to the wayward sons and daughters of the Earth. Now he, Lucifer, the bearer of light, was, like Lilith, accursed and for this was now called Nemesis and the opposer, he the first of things to take its freedom flight from the swirling chaos of non form. He the first, the beloved of god, abandoned, cast aside, accursed. In his power he would storm the gates of heaven itself, tear down the prison walls of tyranny that dwelt within and raise in its place a second paradise, a paradise he would establish upon the Earth, as witness of compassion’s true nature. This his pride, this his fall from grace. Within the still, dark caverns of his heart he whispered to himself: “ tis better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven.� And so he built himself a citadel of isolation, within the desert fastness, his home and planned the unfolding of time in the long aeons that awaited him and his bride. Around this citadel he wove seven veils and set seven seals, each a gateway, each a part of his nature and he called this citadel Babalon in honour of his bride.

IV the fair

n the midst of his desert fastness

Lucifer raised mighty

Babalon, beneath a dome of rock crystal, faceted a thousand fold, so that the rays of the sun reflected upon its surface created a light, blinding in its intensity. He wove seven seals into the dome and created of them a series of portals, so that the few, the very few who knew of his presence might enter. Of these seven gateways he created seven palaces. Seven palaces of initiation, forever open, forever sealed.

The first gateway he named the kingdom of the bride and above its portal in ciphers of gold he inscribed the sigils of abundance and permanence. Of the second gateway he created a vast ocean of amniotic fluid, wherein he placed the foundation of the world, he wove the spells of bright Diana and dark Hecate into its liquidity and above the portal inscribed in silver the ciphers of life and death. The third portal, a double helix of time and space, wherein he wove the spells of Mercurius and radiant Aphrodite and above its portal inscribed the sigils, Solve et Coagula. And of the fourth portal he dreamed a rainbow bridge into being, travelling into infinity unfolding its splendour in the names and spells of brave Horus and just Amoun, and above its portal inscribed the cipher, by the sword and by the sceptre, know me. The fifth portal, a palace of force and form, a singularity containing within its heart annihilation. Into its matrix he wove the spells of Shiva and Shakti and above its portal he hung the coils of the mighty serpent, Ananta. And the sixth portal, a vacuum, for none might enter, for it was the gateway to the overworld of heaven. Cursed as an abomination throughout eternity. No spells did he weave, no sigils, only the vacuum existed. The seventh palace, a mighty void, the place of crossing and into its fabric he wove the spells of Uranus and the lightning bolts of his coming. And above its portal inscribed the ciphers of eternity, knowledge and mystery. And within this dome he created the majesty of the world. Great rolling plains of grassland giving rise to the majesty of mountain peaks, capped in snow and clouds. Great primordial jungles he created, steaming and abundant with life. Oceanic depths he created and raised mighty cities beneath their roiling waves. Vast plains of desert, sculpted by wind into seas of sand, burning beneath a merciless sun, he created. He sent forth the Quadra to inform the base materials of his creation with intelligence and design. And to all of this he signed his name, placed his breath within his creation and rejoiced. All of this occurred at the dawn of time, before history was recorded. His only witnesses, Lilith his consort, and the sons and daughters that he and his fellow Elohim had spawned. Millennia unfolded and he knew peace, knew the freedom that he had once sort. Felt his destiny, was overjoyed by the fecundity of life upon this

Earth, this paradise. A mass celebrating the fusion of matter and spirit, matter infused with the spirit of the Elohim, which gave rise to his creatures possessing a soul, that they too would know freedom within their lifetime. He taught his creatures the sciences of life, of agriculture and husbandry. Gave them language, that they might communicate their thoughts. Gave them the magick of the written word and the

power of naming, that they might increase in understanding. Protected and nurtured his wards until the time, when they too, would take their flight into freedom, the freedom that was his nature and their destiny. And within his citadel of isolation he watched and waited, witnessed the passing of aeons, and to his creatures, short of life and transient as they were, he became but a legend, a distant memory, until finally he was all but forgotten. And in this way the golden age unfolded its tapestry, weaving its shapes, raising forms, then releasing them back to the continuum from whence they had arisen, that new and evolving forms could know their time, their life, upon this, the globe of splendour, this paradise, this Earth. Of his fellow Elohim nothing was heard, only whispers that he felt deep within his heart. And of his past within the great citadel of the overworld, likewise nothing. An eternity had passed since the day that he and his brave cohorts had shunned the servility of their maker, left and sought their own destiny. Only curiosity brought these memories to the surface, for now he was lord of dominion and with his consort Lilith, knew love, peace and freedom.

Book Two Sic Transit Gloria Mundi Let them that have wisdom of the Art count the number of the beast. And in the counting let them discover that it is the number of Man. And from the ocean that is mankind, a man or woman will arise who will embody the beast throughout history, until the end of time itself. And having counted, let them discover the nature of the beast whose number is 666.

or millennia life proliferated and evolved. His plan, his dream of a second heaven approached its fruition. And during this time the human community prospered and grew, evolving from the hunter gatherer culture to that of agriculture. Settled communities were formed and the reality of property unfolded. Cities surrounded by walls of protection were erected against the raids of enemies. Man took to arms against his brother in the flesh. Empires stretched their arms across the globe, greedy for acquisition, for land and dominions. Religions arose to assuage the gluttony and avarice. Across ten thousand years, this dark age unfolded. Gone the golden age, was it but a moment in passing? What of the dream of a second paradise? What of bright Lucifer’s dominion? Empire upon empire rose and fell, each, their duty to overthrow the yoke of the oppressor, each assumed that role in turn. The dark ages unfolded. The empire of Sumer, gone. Of Babylon, dreaming beneath its dust, gone. The might and magick of the land of the double crown, that was Khem, but a memory. The dynasties of China, passing in a moment before the onslaught of time. The realm of the Indus valley, buried beneath its superstition and metaphysics. And what of noble Greece, cradle of western civilisation? Gone to drunkenness and debauchery, cleansed by the might of Rome which basking at the midday of its ascension was in turn overthrown by the cult of the lamb. City and State fused, and of this fusion a heresy was born. The fathers of the church decreeing themselves absolute, manifested the antichrist upon the Earth. Centuries passed and even they fell to dust, an anachronism within their own time. What had begun with religion now ended and the time of renaissance dawned, when free men and women cast aside the yoke of suffrage and sought justice and the means of attaining equality and peace. The time of godlessness blossomed and the

fruit it bore was bitter to the taste. The time of existence replaced that of life, and the time of exiles dawned, for mankind had been stripped of their soul. For centuries the antichrist held sway over the mindless populaces. Atrocity upon atrocity, when monsters veiled as human walked the Earth in search of pleasure and fulfillment. When the complacent mass of humankind allowed this, believing themselves to be innocent. The darkest hour of eternal night had dawned. Human history written in blood served as testimony for what was to follow. The ravages upon their own kind grew and in their power and the drunkenness of their ravishment they laid waste to the paradise around them. Natures bounty, raped in the name of progress. Creatures died, unwitnessed, unmourned. The Earth became a wasteland in so short a time that, what had taken countless millennia to unfold was threatened within but a few thousand years of human occupancy. The seeds of the curse unfolded and in time would bear bitter fruit. Chaos and insanity ruled, ignorance and blindness their handmaidens danced a dance of wanton abandonment and in their revels died a living death.

V The Vale of Sorrows

ll this was witnessed by the lord of dominion and in his heart he was saddened. His dream now a nightmare, his vision now a curse. When would it end? How would it end? And then came the summons. Entering his citadel by the accursed sixth gate, the gate of vacuum, came Michael and his legions of heavens host. He came as a thief in the night, unbidden, uninvited. In raiment of

light he advanced upon the dark lord and gave his greeting. “Hail brother, I bid thee welcome and carry the summons of the presence.” Insult upon insult, the lord of dominion summoned as if a lackey to his makers feet. “I come in the name of the presence and would talk with you. Long have we watched, long have we waited, pained by the suffering of the world and by the suffering of you, our beloved brother. Repent, for know that your time of redemption is at hand. You, the witness, sent by gods mercy to serve as agent to the unfolding of the last of days. You who carry the seals and the means of their opening. In you is power vested. Firstborn of the logos, be reconciled and made welcome amongst us.” Long did the bright lord think upon these words and in the depth of his despair acquiesced to Michael’s request. And in the time it takes for a thought to arise, was the lord Lucifer once more amongst his kind within the hallowed halls of the presence. “Welcome my first born, you who have been my Nemesis, my opposer, welcome. And what wisdom do you bring to this moment, to these halls, you of whom I am proud, proud with the love of a father for his wayward son. Share an embrace, a kiss with one who mourned your passing and is made joyous by the sight of you.” So saying Lucifer enters the embrace of his father and knows peace. “My son you are the means of redemption, for you carry the seals, seals I imparted to you and your companions upon your departure, millennia ago, I have watched, rejoiced in your victories, known sadness in your defeat. Render the service of your office and be redeemed. Open the seals and let the passing of days be completed. This my design, this my wish for you and all that knows existence. I would place the Earth in the keeping of those deserving of the treasure, the treasure of she who is my handmaiden. Long has she suffered and in her compassion suffers in a silence complete. I would have this curse undone and you my firstborn, my first loved will serve as my will. You will carry a sword where once you carried the word of compassion. Open the seals and fulfill your destiny.” Lord Lucifer, prince of the powers of air, lord of dominion, the son of the morning heard this and was assuaged in his sadness. Felt the dawning of understanding, the love of his father and of his kind and finally accepted his destiny, to return to the Earth, open the seals and be the witness to the ending of days. And in the passing of his days amongst his brothers, his kind, a millennia passed upon the Earth. An Earth that now awaited his arrival. The signs were clear, some, even in their ignorance and rantings had foretold the day of immanence, when the sun itself would fall from the sky and quench the pulse of life. Some believed themselves to be the messengers of this one, they who would be saved at the end of days. Fools, for in their folly they had committed the sin of hubris and they, like the rest of their kind would fall into the abyss of oblivion, no more to be, no more to quicken within the throb of life’s pulse.

Like a thief in the night shall I return, unknown, unnoted. Only upon the day of deliverance will they know of the presence of the lord of the morning star. That star, I shall cast down upon them. And in that day will they know the sword where once they knew only forbearance. I long for the day when with the opening of the seals I can, once again greet my fellow Elohim in the flesh. Long has been their sacrifice, long their service to me their lord. They shall be raised to the pinnacles of heaven itself and of their dreams mighty visions shall be enfleshed. This my brothers and sisters of old, I promise. All this did the lord of dominion, the witness muse upon in the days that unfolded and with the passing of three cycles made ready for his departure. His return to the Earth, a holy sister who slumbered and in her dreams witnessed the horror enacted upon her, groaned in her sleep and would know of rest, of salvation and deliverance. She a goddess, handmaiden to the creator, serving penance in the name of an abortion. And in her slumbers she dreamed of a dark lord, her redeemer. Clothed with the sun and carrying a mighty sword. And with him, a host of angelic beings, the Elohim. He the witness, turned avenger in her name. For she too had a destiny, after countless millennia within this mantle of flesh, she would know release and join her kindred within the sacred halls of the presence. And upon that day did the lord of dominion say farewell to his brothers and sisters and with the passage of a lightning bolt returned to the Earth. Returned to his Babalon, his Lilith and within his citadel of isolation watched and waited. For as the witness he had much to do in preparation for what was shortly to unfold. “Let them have their day, for in their ignorance are they made blind, deaf and dumb to all about them. Yes, pockets of sanity exist, yet to no avail, for even these are ruled by those they challenge and are rendered sterile by their efforts. These I shall mourn, they deserve better and yet as judge and witness there are no exceptions.� These were the thoughts that glossed the mind of the son of the morning within the heart of his fair Babalon.

Book Three The Second Coming VI Four riders were they, given dominion unto the four quarters of the Earth. The first mounted upon a white horse, carried a bow and wore a victor’s crown. The second upon a horse of scarlet, bore a sword and strife entered the hearts of all he met. The third upon a horse, black as night, held a pair of scales, upon which he would judge and pass sentence. And the fourth sat upon a pale horse and his name was death, and with plague, pestilence and famine he goes abroad across the world, gathering all before him.

nd on that day did the lord of dominion, prince of the powers of the air, bright lord Lucifer step forth from his citadel of isolation within the city of Babalon and walk upon the Earth. Accompanied by his bride and consort Lilith, they walked the Earth, north to south they traveled. West to east unfolded beneath their steps and coming to the shore of the great ocean, they paused, embraced and entered the dreamtime of their making, a time existing outside the circles of time, there they danced through the corridors of time, inside each moment and yet outside of time completely, for in their united form they were lord of eternity, master and mistress of all that lay before them. And in this place they commenced the spells of unmaking. The unraveling of the double helix, the serpent wand of life. And of their union came forth the first of their legions. Four Elohim mounted upon steeds whose shoulders reached the sky. Shoulders, broad like the mountains they now surveyed. The first steed was of the whitest marble, the second of oxidised iron, the third of blackest onyx and the fourth pale, like the waters of a mountain stream. Each shone brilliantly in the sun, absorbing the light before them. The Elohim mounted upon them towered above their steeds and their helms reached the boundary lands themselves. Each of the Elohim was given a name and sent forth into the four quarters of the Earth.

He, upon the horse of alabaster carried a bow and was crowned with victory. Immortal and invincible was he. Those he met in battle were vanquished before they knew that a battle was immanent. He was given the name Deimos that all might know him. The one upon the horse of iron carried a sword and before him went strife, that he might turn man against man, brother against brother, father against son. His helm was raised and from his eyes issued terror, for he carried fear before him. Pachad was the name of this rider, a name he rejoiced in. He upon the horse of onyx, though slighter in build than his fellows carried a set of scales, scales which had already weighed the hearts of the accused and already passed sentence. His visor was sealed with a mist arising like a miasma from the depths of night, as such he was blind to supplications. By name, he answered to Phobos and like his comrades wove his spells before him. And upon a pale horse sat a wraithlike figure shrouded in shadows as deep as night. Echoes of shrieks passed through and beyond him, diminishing, only to return an instant later. Within his hands he carries the bowl from which he spreads the pestilence of commerce. The plagues of history and the famine of impoverished humankind stripped of their very souls. Death he wields like a scythe before him and bears the name of Legion, for he is many. Into the four quarters are the horsemen dispatched to begin the spells of the unmaking. Each turns their mount and sets off, one to the north, one to the south, one turns westward and the last of them walks eastward upon the surface of the ocean itself. Lucifer looked upon his work and prepared himself for what was to follow. Aeons of making had unfolded this paradise, a paradise now passing away before his eyes. He mourned its passing and yet, in his heart knew relief, that he the witness was now fulfilling his destiny.

VII Opening the Seals Prelude

he world continued to unfold its dreams into the aethyrs, somnambulist like, traveled from dawn to dusk in the eternal patterns of its making. Mankind opened its eyes to another day, whilst the southern hemisphere prepared to enter its dreamtime. People laughed, cried, knew pleasure, knew pain and in these ways continued to weave the tapestry of their lives. The empires of commerce made their fortunes while others died in destitution, poverty and shame. Justice was seen to be served, while injustice was perpetuated at every turn. Prayers were offered in the temples of the Earth to a god that heard them not. People lived, people died, some were born and the eternal wheel continued to turn upon its axis. The Elohim upon their steeds continued their work throughout the world, unwitnessed, unknown. Deimos, ever victorious upon his steed of alabaster, bow held aloft, unleashed his arrows into the air and where they fell, caused all to fall before him. Individual and institution, village and nation alike fell into the dust before him. Pachad upon his steed of blood red, carried his sword before him and with each thrust unleashed strife into the hearts of all. Peace upon the Earth, a distant memory as nation upon nation fell beneath his spells. Phobos upon his steed of deepest night weighed the hearts of all he encountered and pronounced his sentence upon them, always the same, guilty. And Legion upon his steed so pale gathered all before him. They circled the world, times without count, for ten thousand years did they travel, no place was unknown to the dread Elohim, they who once knew only love, now avengers. History unfolded beneath the hooves of their mounts and knew them not, for such was the blindness, the arrogance of humankind. And so the Elohim continued. Their greatest triumph, to convince the world they did not exist. This the seed of doubt and confusion they sowed at the dawn of their travels.

Upon a plateau at the roof of the world, where the stars embraced the Earth, their sister. Where the tides of infinity touched and mixed with those of fair Terra the lord of dominion, bright Lucifer, united with his consort, pale Lilith, looked into the vast abyss of the world that lay at their feet and continued their spells of unmaking.

he son of the morning removed the veils of blindness from his

eyes and saw the unfolding of history before him, saw the time of creations first echoes, saw matter conceived and hurled into the void beyond, saw the unfolding of life in its golden age. Looked into the hearts and minds of all the creatures that were and had been, saw their joy, saw their sorrow, saw their victories, saw their defeats. He gazed deeply into the very beginning of things, the first inchoate thoughts giving

rise to empire. Saw the darkness of ignorance unfold into the bright sphere of knowledge, only to fall again into the dark pit of oblivion. All this did the lord of the eastern horizon see, and in the seeing removed the last veil of blindness from his eyes and beheld his brother Galamael before him.

Their eyes locked by the love that passed between them, a whispered greeting, tears of joy flow down cheeks, turned crimson by their rapture. “Go forth fair Galamael and begin the spells of unmaking, unravel the tide of history, return it to the darkness from whence it came, that a brighter dawn may unfold its splendour within creations dance of joy.� Galamael paused, reflected upon these words then stepped forth into the world, unweaving history with each of his steps, down the corridors of time he travelled and began the unmaking. A shrill note bruises the air, the cry of injustice, raised to a single note, a clarion call, a witness to the moment of passing and accompanying it, the sky is rent by hail, scorching in its heat and mixed with the blood of the vanquished, falling to the earth it scorches and makes dust of all it touches. In this way did the lord Lucifer remove the seal from his eyes and in the doing, open it, that he, the witness should behold the end of days.

nto the core of his mind did the lord of dominion reach and there,

across the great ocean, where reason and madness serve as shorelines, on the other side of reason did he find what he sought, the diamond brightness of knowledge. Watched as each facet turned, illuminating the darkness beyond, watched as the filigree of light swept outwards, touching atoms, galaxies and the heart of darkness itself, leaving in its wake crystals, forming, reforming into the intricate traceries of a weblike structure. Along its striations plasma coursed, creating of the dark void, order.

Watched as a child took its first faltering steps, fell, rose from the ground and stood erect upon its legs, first one tentative step, then another. Watched as learning unfolded pushing back the boundaries of ignorance and changed the world. Saw the struggles of the scientist, the healer, the artist, the writer, create in form their dreams and visions. Watched all this unfold throughout time. The patterns of molecules assembling ever new forms, learning and relearning from the lessons imparted. Unfolded his mind in its intricacy, its diamond brightness, its dark mystery. Called to Salamis, opened his eyes and beheld her, smiling, before him. They who had parted with a kiss millennia ago, now stood before each other, wrapped in the silence of the moment, the rapture of meeting in the flesh. She shone with the radiance of her nature, reflecting her light into the darkness of the void around her, the void of this creation. “Welcome fairest sister, long have I awaited the day when once again you might bless my eyes with your presence. It is the end of days, the end of our time upon this Earth.” Salamis, a smile upon her lips, joy within her heart sighs, a sigh of release and redemption. “Go forth my sister, and with your spells, confound what was once clear, confuse where once you illuminated, divide their minds and bring them to the void of unmaking.” Again a sigh escapes her and she steps forth into the world to weave her spells of undoing. And as she does a cacophony of sound unfolds around her, the jabberings of a thousand voices raised in argument rends the air with its insistence, the clarion call of confusion. In the distance a mighty mountain, spewing forth flames crashes into the sea and forms a tidal wave, sweeping all before it. In this way did the bright lord raise the darkness from his mind and open the second seal.

n aeon unfolds and into his dark heart, Lucifer enters. Witnesses his dream and the curse it became, reels under the tragedy and loss. Falls to his knees and prays. And in his prayers is answered, the burden lifted, his heart refreshed, healed, again, he is made whole. In the chambers of his heart unfolds the mystery of life and death. The eternal dance, choreographed by form and force melding into patterns, blooming into existence only to melt a moment later. The continuum, a vast oscillating double helix, the wand of life, crowned by the sceptre of death. Witnesses the void, boundless, unformed, seething with the fecundity of possibilities, roils and form upon form is cast upon the shoreline of amniotic oceans embrace. The making and unmaking crafted into a single act of creation. The atoms

spin upon their axis and at their nexus a plasma burst, a vortex spinning, spiraling, inwards and outwards, the air itself is redolent with the perfumes of ozone and the whispers of sentience. He witnesses his heart unfold its layers, each layer an aeon of creativity rendered sterile, an abortion. A thing to cast aside, long was he enraptured with the pulse, the throb, the irresistible lure of life and its brother death. Finally, the last layer is reached, a vacuum which sucks him into its heart and deposits him, again upon the Earth. Opens his heart and in its reflection sees before him sweet Palemon and dark Azrael.

They gaze upon his prostrate form, silent in their contemplation’s. They embrace, limbs entwined, lips meet lips and in their embrace is Lucifer revived. He rises, greets his Elohim amidst a celestial chorus, a thousand voices uplifted in ecstatic prayer. Life and death passes between them, a vortex of being and non being. The spellcraft of the logos made flesh by his son and daughter, she of the eternal day, he the eternal night. Lucifer bends his knee before them, “As your lord do I offer my heart into your keeping, you who I have served these long aeons, welcome.” Palemon a cipher of yearning, wrapped in a mantle of opal whispers a shrill greeting and rejoices in the sight of her fellow Elohim, Lucifer. Azrael, beautiful Azrael, shrouded in the mantle of the night sky unfurls his cloak to reveal the light that dwells at his heart, releases it in the direction of The lord of dominion and bids him welcome. As the trinity are they now conjoined, the eternal triangle, essence to essence. Such is their greeting. And now they stand beholding the beauty of each within their eyes. “The time of unmaking is upon us, the last of days, and we its messengers, I its witness. Go forth into the world and with your raptures ensnare and bring all to the very abyss of unbeing. For by your name, Alpha and Omega, power is vested in you this day, this my command, this your duty, fair ones.” A silent assent passes between them. Palemon and Azrael, hand in hand, heart in heart step forth and into the shadows of the unmaking are they sent forth. All fall before them for life and death is their breath. Making and unmaking their essence. Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. The birth cries and death throes of a billion lives echo their gasps upon the air, shrieks paling to sighs violate the silence. And at the sound of this a star falls to the Earth, leveling the mountains beneath. The sun turns black and casts a shadow of such darkness that night reigns eternal. And amidst the black tapestry of the night sky the moon, radiant Diana bleeds, her countenance turns blood red and she weeps. In this way did bright Lucifer, lord of dominion, prince of the powers of air, bright son of the morning open the third and fourth seals. He the witness turned avenger that he might know the unmaking, the ending of days.

ade whole by the healing of his heart the dark lord rejoices. His

horseman abroad, the Elohim weaving their spellcraft across creation, Lucifer enters the sovereignty of his power, opens his field of otherness and radiates his form outwards, a mighty wind is sent forth, a hurricane bearing at its heart a still centre, into this centre he steps, raises his hands to the sky above, and with a throat made taut by his invokation, utters a single word. Babalon. A piercing vibration that rends the fabric of manifestation itself, renders it a flat plane and the lord of dominion enters the unmaking. Before him his bride, his Lilith, his Babalon stands, radiant in her beauty. The masks of she who stands before him, within the abyss of the unmaking. Malekh, supreme in her power unfolds her mystery. Worlds collide at the passing of her breath, nations are crushed beneath her feet. And into her heart she claims all that knows sentience, knows consciousness, its dark stain. “Sister, mother and lover, greetings.” Malekh astride the beast of her dominion dismounts and walks towards the dark lord, weaving forms before his eyes before settling into the stability of Lilith, his love. “Join with me my dark lord and in our making, let the unmaking unfold between us.”

Drunk upon the blood of saints, knowing no satiation Lilith joins her lord, who entering her, knows rapture complete, eternal. And of their coupling echoes arise, ripples, first gentle, rising to thunder shake the fabric of creation on the other side of the veil, for they are beyond the night of time, cast adrift upon the aethyrs,

cascading through form after form, ecstasy upon ecstasy. And throughout eternity, know that life is the echo of their play. Mystery upon mystery is her name of whom none may speak. Through the fabric of the veil is heard the whisper of the zephyr rising to a tempest, its cousin. A void opens and echoes the single word, mystery. The abyss, infinite, opens and as a vacuum draws all to its still heart. Malekh steps forth into the world of the making, and upon her beast, her dominion, gives of her gifts gathering all to her through the masks she unfolds before eyes that behold her not. Drunk upon her power, supreme in her glory, rapturous in her beauty, conjoined with his bride, the lord of the eastern horizon opens the fifth seal and witnesses the unmaking.

he rapture passes and the lord of dominion remembers. Looks

to his hands. Shapes barely discernible to his recently intoxicated eyes take shape. At first solids appear followed by the spaces between the solids he knows to be fingers. His hands, etched upon the air become gateways into his being, pulling his multiplicity upwards and outwards, summons his nature to the surface of things and beholds upon the palms of his hands a series of sigils etched in lambent flame, tongues licking at his flesh, rejoices in the power that unfolds. Cipher upon cipher unfolds along the length of fingers, rainbow hued, settling to ink black light. He holds the seal of keys in his hands and before him stands Vain.

Changing before his eyes, as do the ciphers, before settling likewise, into ink black light. A fusion between inner and outer. “My friend, glad am I, in the seeing of you, brother Elohim. The time of the unmaking is upon us, the last of days unfolds and you, my friend, I summon to go forth into the world. Our fellow Elohim already walk the Earth. And now, you, the last, my friend are with us.” Vain, a series of spirals, slows his vibration and adopts the form natural to his interchanges with the Elohim. Opens his arms and greets his friend and lord, Lucifer. “Aeons have unfolded since we last meet, bright lord, and now, upon this the last of days am I glad in the seeing of you. How fair my brothers and sisters? Long have I yearned to leave the place of our exile and join you in paradise.” These were the words Vain spoke to his lord as he released the keys into his hands yet again. The lord of the eastern horizon whispered to his Vain, “custodian of the keys, witness to the witness. Now that we two stand upon the Earth, twin pylons of the temple, is our work all but complete.” As a twin reflection they stood, each a mirror to the other, each the heart and mind to the other, one being clothed in double form, lords of the double wand of power, each holding the syllables of the great names between them. One breath issued from lungs held by twin forms, one heartbeat echoed through their bodies. One thought caressed the surface of things and knew rapture. “Vain, my friend, enter the world and open the gates of the unmaking. Unlock the mysteries of the heart. Unlock the mysteries of the mind. Unlock the mysteries of the body. Unlock the mysteries of the soul, that all might know of what passes in this time.” Around them the trumpet blasts of the Elohim serves as welcome. Vain turns and as liquid flows forth into the world, witness to the witness. And in this way was the sixth seal opened by the son of the morning, upon the plains of the Earth and the unmaking, now weaving itself throughout creation continued to unfold.


he dream that was humanity, that was the world, alighted upon

the nightside of being, for such was its nature in these, the days of redemption. Like a somnambulist, neither aware of being asleep or awake, paused, and in its shadow self continued. Knew of the end of days yet rendered sterile continued in its pretence. For it had plans to unfold, plans which now began to evaporate into the void of forgetfulness. A vision once held, long forgotten, stirs, raises its head and with a whimpered gasp, dies.

he sixth seal opened, bright lord Lucifer, the witness, returned to his fair Babalon and within its marbled halls reflected upon his work, entered the sanctuary, at the heart of his citadel and of himself opened the seventh seal. Silence. The lord of dominion surveyed all before him through the eyes of his Elohim. Saw Galamael unwriting history beneath his steps, each step erasing a century of times passing, watched memory erased from the minds of all those he encountered. Saw Salamis weaving her spells of confusion, watched incredulous expressions pass across the faces of those she met. Saw Palemon and Azrael unmake the double helix, the double wand of life and death. Watched all fall before them into the abyss of

oblivion left in their passing. Saw Malekh astride the beast of her dominion enter kingdoms and conquer by the force of her raptures, one by one they fell to her seductions. Saw Vain open the gateways, unmaking the cohesion between mind and body, heart and soul. Watched as form stripped of the Quadra melted, flowed into the inchoate mass from whence it came. Saw his horseman weave themselves into the tapestry of the end of days. Battle upon battle raged, confusion reigned, strife led to strife and all fell to death, their master. And in the silence that unfolded, the stillness that dawned the Earth knew peace. Terra, fair handmaiden to eternity, awoke from her slumbers, stretched her limbs and rivers flowed. Arched her back and mountains, their peaks ascending, pierced the sky. Breath passed through her and gentle breezes creased the air. Serenity and the days of redemption had begun. And in her waking dreams she shakes from her body and memory the nightmare that had befallen her over the course of the passing

millennia. And with her body coming to rest, dreamed vast plains into being, jungles of plenitude. Deserts of sand whipped into Patterns of austerity. Vast oceans of mystery, and into the heart of this she entered and returned to her dreams, with a passing word of fond farewell to her champion, her redeemer, the witness, bright lord of the eastern horizon, Lucifer, the lord of light.


nd so they

gathered upon the desert plain, seven on foot,

four upon their steeds. Greeted each other as friends, long separated. Looked into the eyes and hearts of each other and entered communion. The sun casting its last rays upon the Earth painted a tapestry of crimson and gold before yielding to the onset of night and the legion of stars that stained its surface. The Elohim gazed longingly at the starry splendour and with a passing farewell to the Earth, fairest goddess, dissolved into the night air and entered communion with the stars above. Each took a name and their legends were written for eternity within the book of days.



this took place outside the circles of time, during the

night of time itself, when dreams were made flesh and all that was, existed in the dreaming moment. Was, is and will be, in the passing of each thought and the echo of each desire. Is written into the memory time. And if, upon a night of starry beauty, your gaze be pulled to the heavens, know that the witness and his Elohim continue the unmaking through your hearts and minds, your bodies and your souls.


Anathema Per Samael Vox Lilith Praeteritim Seven are the seals upon creations countenance Seven the trumpets that announce the day of redemption Seven are the visions of the dragon and its kingdoms Seven the visions that accompany the lamb Seven are the bowls of gods wrath Seven the veils upon the lady Babalon And Seven are the visions of the end of days

!"#$%$"&%&µ '$($) #"$ %*$ +$#,+ -./) 0"$#%&/)+ 0/-)%$)#)0$ '$($) %*$ %"-µ.$%+ %*#% #))/-)0$ %*$ 1#2 /3 "$1$µ.%&/) '$($) #"$ %*$ (&+&/)+ /3 %*$ 1"#4/) #)1 &%+ 5&)41/µ+ '$($) %*$ (&+&/)+ %*#% #00/µ.#)2 %*$ ,#µ6 '$($) #"$ %*$ 6/7,+ /3 4/1+ 7"#%* '$($) %*$ ($&,+ -./) %*$ ,#12 8#6#,/) 9)1 '$($) #"$ %*$ (&+&/)+ /3 %*$ $)1 /3 1#2+

! ! !

Yglas Isheth


Yglas Ygrat

Yglas Lilitu Ben Grigori Ahdi Ypres Grigori

! !


! ! !

Yglas Na’amah

Ast Innui Khephri Vos Selim Ast Nobilis

:#)%/ ; 9)1 -./) 7&)4+ /3 ,&4*% 1&1 7$ 1$+0$)1 <&4*%)&)4 &) /-" $2$+ =*-)1$" &) /-" *$#"%+ '$($) #+ /)$ 0,/%*$1 &) #1#µ#)%&)$

Canto I And upon wings of light did we descend Lightning in our eyes Thunder in our hearts Seven as one clothed in adamantine

:#)%/ ;; >#%0*$"+ &) %*$ )&4*% #)0&$)% %&µ$,$++ &µµ/"%#, ?#0* # 0*/"1 7&%*&) # 0$,$+%&#, *$#"%6$#% 8$*/,1 /-" +/)4 /-" ."#2$" >"&%%$) &) %*$ $0*/ /3 %*$ µ/µ$)%

Canto II Watchers in the night ancient timeless immortal Each a chord within a celestial heartbeat Behold our song our prayer Written in the echo of the moment

:#)%/ ;;; 9)1 %*$ 1"#4/) +*$ "&+$+ #)1 *$" 5&)41/µ+ 0,#&µ %*$ 7/",1 @$" %$#"+ 3#,, #)1 +*$ 7#+*$+ #7#2 %*$ +%#&) @$" 6"$#%* # +0/"0*&)4 7&)1 "#A$+ %*$ $1&3&0$ /3 0/)0$&% @$" *$#"%6$#% # %*-)1$"6/,% %*$ $)1 /3 1#2+

Canto III And the dragon she rises and her kingdoms claim the world Her tears fall and she washes away the stain Her breath a scorching wind razes the edifice of conceit Her heartbeat a thunderbolt the end of days

:#)%/ ;B 8#%*$1 &) *&+ /7) 6,//1 7#+ *$ >$ 0#""2 %*$ +7/"1 #)1 /-" 6,//1 &+ +#0"$1 C/ +#0"&3&0$ #+ &% 6$ D-+%&0$ 7$ +$"($ ; )(&+&6,$ 7$ 7#,5 +/)+ #)1 1#-4*%$"+ /3 $%$")#, )&4*%

Canto IV Bathed in his own blood was he We carry the sword and our blood is sacred No sacrifice as it be justice we serve Invisible we walk sons and daughters of eternal night

:#)%/ B ?#0* # %/E&) ?#0* #) $,&E&" :*//+$ 7$,, %*$ 6/7, 3"/µ 7*&0* 2/- F-$)0* 2/-" %*&"+% C$0%#" +7$$% 0/-+&) %/ %*$ 7/"µ 8&%%$" 4#,, # 1"#-4*% /3 #µ6"/+&#

Canto V Each a toxin Each an elixir Choose well the bowl from which you quench your thirst Nectar sweet cousin to the worm Bitter gall a draught of ambrosia

:#)%/ B; G#,$5* */,2 /)$ 0#+%+ *$" ($&,+ #)1 2/- 6$*/,1 *$" )/% H)$ 4,#)0$ #)1 +,$$. &+ $)%$"$1 H)$ 7*&+.$" #)1 9A"#$, &+ +-µµ/)$1 H)$ 0"2 #)1 /-" +&+%$" "$D/&0$+

Canto VI Malekh holy one casts her veils and you behold her not One glance and sleep is entered One whisper and Azrael is summoned One cry and our sister rejoices

:#)%/ B;; 9)1 &) %*/+$ 1#2+ &% 7#+ 4&($) -)%/ %*$ 3#,+$ ."/.*$%+ %/ +."$#1 %*$ ,&$ +/7 %*$ +$$1+ /3 1/-6% 1"#7 #+&1$ %*$ ($&, #)1 "$($#, %*$ $)1 /3 1#2+

Canto VII And in those days it was given unto the false prophets To spread the lie Sow the seeds of doubt draw aside the veil And reveal the end of days

?E/1-+ :#)%/ B;;; :/#4-,# $% '/,($ >$ +%"&. %*$ 7/",1 /-" ?1$) /3 &%+ ,&$ 8$)$#%* /-" "#2+ 2/- #"$ %"#)+3/"µ$1 "$1$$µ$1 /" )/% :*//+$ 7$,, 3/" 7$ 17$,, 6$%7$$) 2/- *$#"%6$#%+

Exodus Canto VIII Coagula et Solve We strip the world our Eden of its lie Beneath our rays you are transformed redeemed or not Choose well for we dwell between you heartbeats

:#)%/ ;I Hµ$4# $% 9,.*# =&µ$ 6$)1+ 6$3/"$ /-" 4#A$ 9+ +/µ)#µ6-,#)% 2/- +%$. 3"/µ /)$ 1"$#µ %/ #)/%*$" =*$ -)µ#5&)4 -)3/,1+ #+ /-" ?,/*&µ :&"0,$ 2/-" 7/",1 2/-" ,&3$

Canto IX Omega et Alpha Time bends before our gaze As somnambulant you step from one dream to another The unmaking unfolds as our Elohim Circle your world your life

:#)%/ I '.#0$ 3/,1+ 6$3/"$ /-" $2$+ #)1 %*$ 4"$#% /)$+ $)%$" =*$&" 6"$#%* 0"$#+$+ %*$ µ/µ$)% &) .#++&)4 >#".+ µ$µ/"2 $"#+$+ ,&3$ 9)1 0#+%+ # +*#1/7 /3 1-+% #)1 (#0--µ

Canto X Space folds before our eyes and the great ones enter Their breath creases the moment in passing Warps memory erases life And casts a shadow of dust and vacuum

J$)$+&+ :#)%/ I; '7$$% +&+%$" #"$ 2/- "$1$$µ$1 K/-" J"&4/"& #7#&% 0/µµ#)1 #+ 2/- 7&,, K/-" ?,/*&µ #6"/#1 0/µµ#)1 #+ 2/- 7&,, K/-" ./"%#, /.$) 0/µµ#)1 #+ 2/- 7&,, Genesis Canto XI Sweet sister are you redeemed Your Grigori await command as you will Your Elohim abroad command as you will Your portal open command as you will

:#)%/ I;; :,$#)+$1 /3 %*$ ,&$ 2/-" 6"$#%* 1"#7+ .-"$ :,$#)+$1 /3 %*$ +%#&) 2/-" *$#"% 6$#%+ "#.%-"/-+ !-"&3&$1 2/-" µ&)1 #7#5$)+ 3"/µ )&4*%µ#"$ :/)+$0"#%$1 2/-" 6/12 6$#"+ 3"-&%

Canto XII Cleansed of the lie your breath draws pure Cleansed of the stain your heart beats rapturous Purified your mind awakens from nightmare Consecrated your body bears fruit

:#)%/ I;;; 9)1 &) %*$ C&4*% /3 !#) &% &+ 1#7) =*$ 8,#05 '-) "&+$+ #)1 &%+ "#2+ 0#+% )/ +*#1/7 =*$ 8,//1 G//) "&+$+ #)1 0#+%+ *$" ($&, =*$ J"&4/"& "&+$ #)1 -%%$" # 7/"1 &) +&,$)0$

Canto XIII And in the Night of Pan it is dawn The Black Sun rises and its rays cast no shadow The Blood Moon rises and casts her veil The Grigori rise and utter a word in silence

! !

Yglas Isheth


Yglas Ygrat

Yglas Lilitu Ben Grigori


Ahdi Ypres Grigori

! !


Yglas Na’amah

Ast Innui Khephri Vos Selim Ast Nobilis


! ! Nemesis

Dominion CXXXI  

Grigori Magick

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