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The Canticles Of Damiana Evohe Volume IX


! Vesica Ordo Templi Solus Noir !

Khephren Ma Un Nefer Ast



The Canticles Of Damiana Evohe Volume IX

Gramarye De Arte Magika Acclesiastica Gnosis Per Ordo Templi Solus Noir



Sic Transit Gloria Rosa Mundi




Praxis The means by which we came upon this path and a biographical introduction which serves as the foundation of our work.

Adonai The first significant milestone. An outline of the rite that concludes The Knowledge And Conversation Of The Holy Guardian Angel.

Typhon Wherein we commenced the second stage of our work and undertook the workings of Astarte and the Firesnake.

Astarte Liber Astarte vel Berylli. The foundation and core of our devotions undertaken over a period of two decades. The three cycles thereof and the culmination in Trinity and the fulfillment of the final prophecy.

Lilith The third and final cycle of the above and the invocation and manifestation of Lilith.

Solus Noir The Portal Of The Black Sun. The Avatars and their purpose upon earth. The End Of Days prophecy and their destiny fulfilled.

Grigori And In Those Days It Was Given Unto The False Prophets To Spread The Lie Sow The Seed Of Doubt Draw Aside The Veil And Reveal The End Of Days.

Praxis The dream, a recurring one had been with me for so long now that I was often unable to tell the difference between waking and sleeping. It began so long ago that memory no longer holds its exact beginning. Perhaps childhood, a time of promise, expectations and dreams? Perhaps even before that? To begin at the beginning. I came to consciousness in a place both welcome and alien. Others welcomed me and into their outstretched hands was I delivered. This period of time evades me, however I suspect a time of plenty, of safety was my lot. I flourished and in the embrace of those who protected me, I prospered. What was this place, this time? Memory of the dark time that preceded my coming to consciousness is vague, patchy and more a product of phantasy than actuality. My aspirations developed and over a period of many years these were fulfilled according to my abilities. In some instances success was my lot, at others disappointment poisoned me with its toxic barb. Childhood turned to adolescence and with it exploration of others truly began. Shaped and reshaped according to their expectations I began to develop the false self that whilst a curse also enabled me to survive in this The Palace of Exiles. Some would say I did well, others, perhaps would say that I did my best. Finally after many years of uncertainty and false starts I made a home for myself and accrued all that was required to make a person, a citizen of me. The world applauded in its own way, granting me the privileges that were its to offer. Yet still I wondered. Was this all that I could expect? Was this how my sacred life, that wondrous mystery and gift could expect of itself? I built a golden cage and threw away the key. This was safety. This was what was expected of me and pursuing the dictates of the world I entered a profound slumber, hopefully to remain undisturbed, unaffected by the passage of time. That is until the dreams began. She visited often. At the beginning there was the merest presence of her perfume, intoxicating. A toxin that invaded my mind and body with sweet delight. Promises of fulfillment. Promises of destiny she sowed into the web of my being. Latterly she visited me in form wrapping her long sensuous limbs around my reposing form. “And what would you have my dreaming one?� She would whisper and upon awakening the world, my world appeared hollow and yet I persisted, ignoring her call, denying her presence until the torture of unhappiness

engulfed me in its eternal embrace. What could I do, for I had by this time invested decades in giving form to the world, a world that now held me captive and all my doing. How to unmake this scheme became my quest. Like all things alien this was hard for each day called me to its service. Each face a reminder of what was expected of me. My life was complete and was reflected by all I knew and those that knew me. I began to perceive the bars of my cage. Golden and fine, they were. Gossamer fine, it is a wonder I even became aware of them. This I believe to be the result of her lingering perfume and whispers. Fear finally claimed me. How could I cast it all away, take a lifetime of building and simply deny it? How could I draw deeply into my lungs her presence and expectations? The world, known and a friend began to tremble as did I. As with all beginnings I began slowly for the effort was all consuming. Each act resisted as if the world, aware of my departure held on and for a period of time I experienced its death throes until one day I learned to perceive differently. From this time on I communed with myself regularly and with the passing of time things eased and a new level of normality was entered. A normality which at one time I would have perceived and considered to be bizarre and impractical now carried all the hallmarks of sense and logic. I gazed around my world noticing each detail, each reference point until like a holograph it stood clearly around me. I measured its limits, beyond which stood the unknown and more importantly I began to make agreements with myself. Feel the fear and move on became my clarion call. My first steps were tentative for it was necessary to feel at least something beneath my feet. This had the effect of widening the possibilities before me. Finally decisions were made for the horizons that confined my world widened and deepened and with trust in my heart and my mind awash with intent I began to let go of all that I had become in the certainty that the beneficence that surrounded me would sustain me, for was I not its child? In this way did I abstractly, at first and latterly practically begin the journey that took me to the edges of my world and where once fear had created crashing water and rocks now in their place was her sweet perfume and a whisper often heard, “Come, for I await thee.� April 18 1999ev The preceding serves as our biographical introduction and though appearing to be a metaphorical representation it is the nearest we can come to revealing the truth of our nature and existence within this The Vale Of tears and sets the tone for what is to follow.

Like the majority of our species I was taught the stories that become the world we inhabit and though I traversed a path seeded in mystery I to walked the stories of others making. The precious miracle that is a life becomes reduced to the dictates of necessity if we are to survive and prosper upon this world. We compromise the dreams of childhood which hold us in the embrace of innocence and protects us from the onslaught we are yet to enter. Our choice becomes self evident, succeed and create a life worth living or fail and fall into the mists of obscurity. We have, in part, alleviated this by the creation of our myths and stories which serve to assuage the loss we inherently feel and yet ironically though we walk a life which for some is purely materialistic and for others spiritual we none the less walk the stories of others making. Generation upon generation have added to the treasure house of images and as a consequence the egregores we have created now hold us in their thrall. Carl Jung once made a simple observation, Modern Man Lacks A Myth Consummate With The Time In Which We Live. In addressing this I have at the very least, by virtue of my labours written and lived my very own story and whilst its roots and languaging might lean heavily towards established ideations I have made of them something uniquely my own. This is in no way a justification of my efforts rather it is a simple statement of fact. I am primarily cast into a mask of Poet, author and artist and as a consequence reside within an aesthetic glamour which is superimposed upon the tapestry that is the world and my only desire is to celebrate the beauty in which I am immersed. Pursuing simultaneously a path both occult and occluded renders me amongst the artist initiates that have both blessed and cursed this world. Blessed it by sowing the seeds of vision and cursed it by having their own lives destroyed and transcended in the process. I mourn the life I might have had whilst celebrating the life I have. It is with you the absent reader to make of this what you will. Some might say a thing of wonder whilst others might say a thing of triviality. Both opinions are identical and in truth serve only to fulfill our base understanding, namely, how to communicate the incomprehensible to the uncomprehending. However, like the many that have gone before me I will endevour to do my best. And with this thought I bid thee Adieu. March 30 2012ev


Adonai With the arrival of our fourteenth summer and the coming of age we were invited and inducted into the temple. Our mentors, those who had served to educate us now invited our participation in the rites outlined by the lodges of the Golden Dawn. Herein we dwelled for five years and underwent the primary initiations as described by that noble body. The elemental grades were attained and the preparations were made for the meeting and consummation with Adonai. The Sacred Magic Of Abramelin The Mage became our constant companion for we were yet to become aware of Liber Samekh and its author. Those who have pursued and attained The Knowledge And Conversation Of The Holy Guardian Angel will follow our, at times, oblique references. In writing these words I call upon the mirror that is memory for the events and experiences took place over forty years ago and yet the memory remains as fresh in our mind as if it had occurred yesterday, which in truth it did for these experiences occur Outside The Circles Of Time. In keeping with the rubrik of the rite the temple was prepared and a terrace adjacent was dressed with purest river sand. Our daily devotions began and over the next eighteen months did we attend our task. Records kept at the time though unremarkable in themselves do record three significant events that serve as the foundation of our progress and it is these that we will report. Whilst the physical dimension serves to earth the current the true initiations take place on the inner planes and take the form of visions and dreams. The three experiences in combination serves as the matrix of our attainment. The first unfolded against the backdrop of a Victorian drawing room. Walls of deepest red, curtains of plush velvet and furnishings to be expected within such a room. One wall was taken up by an immense fireplace of marble. Within this room two figures paced around each other. The first a figure adorned in purest white faced his demon, a creature of awesome visage which cowered and advanced in turn. Time passes and our two figures find themselves at each of the fireplace, each grips the marble mantelpiece and exerts force as if to rend it. Finally they succeed and the fabric of the room becomes as a field of stars viewed through the now present fissure. As this occurs each places a thumb upon the others forehead and as this

takes place upon the air a voice booms, “finally we are here, the only question that remains is which of us has manifested.� Many years later we encountered A.C’s account of a similar experience and took this as a sign. The second experience took place in a most incongruous setting given our aesthetic predilection. A contemporary room, presumably within a block of flats. The furnishings can only be described as the products of the store MFI, strange given our taste for such things in the world being what it is. We stood in the centre of the room facing a typical wardrobe made of mdf and pained white. The door opens and the most hideous scene unfolds. Pouring out of the wardrobe cam a succession of demons and as they came they danced a circle around the figure that stood amongst them. The circle increased in speed until it became a blur. All that could be glimpsed of the dozens of figures was an arm here, part of a torso there. A talon or fang and a partial visage here and there emerged from the backdrop of ever increasing chaos. After what felt to be an eternity we addressed the teeming horde in a tongue we can only describe as a visceral howling not unlike that described in the Goetia. The result was the circle diminished in speed and the demonic forms evaporated into the aethyr and only I stood. In this way did take command of the servitors of Abramelin, as described. The third and conclusive event took place in a vault far beneath the ground, or so it seemed at the time. A seven sided temple of the purest white marble, completely unadorned save for an altar at its centre of the same material. The mage stands robed in darkest midnight wand in hand and before him once again stands the form from the first vision/dream. The mage advances touches the forehead of the form with the wand, upon which taking place the form collapses to the floor. The mage on bended knee takes the form into his embrace, rises and places the form upon the altar and from its corpse arises the angelic being, robed in light who ascends upon wings of purest aspiration and blesses the mage. In this fashion did we greet Adonai and complete our task as prescribed. Though brief the three events in their simplicity embody the essence of the Abramelin working and it is left to those who have undergone the experience to draw their own conclusions. Those who have not will simply voice an invalid opinion for as previously stated these events take place Outside The Circles Of Time. March 31 2012ev


Typhon Twenty years of time passes and we are called upon to approach The Order Of Typhon and are inducted into its noble body. Herein we assumed and wore the mantle of Samael 131. We applied ourselves to its primary degrees before commencing that which has served as our secondary milestone for the past two decades and whilst other workings have taken place that called The Astarte Working, our devotion, has remained the very heart of our pursuit. March 31 2012ev Gateway Technology – A Viewpoint With this, the final chapter, I come to the central motif of this essay, in respect of both, my magickal pursuits and most importantly the results of my last two workings. Namely, Astarte and The Firesnake. A specific series of experiences undergone during the period of time covered by Astarte, have now, through The Firesnake become structured and as such cohesive. During the former working it was my considered opinion that an initial step was taken in a specific direction, namely, transmundane entities/realities. Accessed by the portal of Daath. A part of this experience was connection to a power source of a primordial nature. A power source capable of profoundly affecting the fabric of this dimension. And along with it the distinct knowledge that, to use a model, the three dimensions of this plane were rendered as two and into this ‘plastic’ medium, an energy/presence impressed itself. The initial experience occurred whilst in an hypnogogic state, but continued into a fully wakened state. It was but a fore taste, one which now guides my steps and actions. As a result of this experience I find myself aligning more specifically to the Typhonian elements of the current, namely, trafficking with wider and deeper ranges of consciousness. A model, of sorts arose. As an operator I began working in triangles. Primarily to embody the invoked elements. [ the triangle of arte being a receptacle for such ] After some time and consideration this evolved. The triangle itself as a medium of manifestation is too well established to merit further consideration. It becomes of

interest, however, when we consider a working to become an angle of the triangle itself. Three in total, thereby formulating a triangle across time and space. I sought three unique physiological states, encapsulated by the three workings in question. A sense that three unique individuals had performed the rites. Astarte in this respect granted –

The vision The impetus The theory An experiential basis

SSS grants –

The motive power

The energy to unlock, within consciousness, the technology involved within this process. The firesnake circulates the energy, the means becoming known to the operator in question. It is as if a space/time matrix aligns itself and utilising the correct formula, which is partial at this point, a gateway opens. I have indulged in much speculation and have the theoretical basis for what it is I am engaged within and upon. Much is clear, and yet, like all research that is in process, one has, at a given time, only a partial view. One speculation that prompted much insight was simply one of technologies. Upon the physical plane technology isolated the atom and through physical intervention opened up, in part, its secrets. Secrets including – The infinitely small opens out into the infinitely large A small aggregate of energy becomes vast in the light of this procedure In short a physical technology for a physical aspect. My interest took me into the other half of the polarity, to put it simply, namely, time. It was, and is my contention that [ to use a model ] the smallest element within time is the moment. A mind equivalent of the atom, of matter. My question was simple – In the same way that the physical atom was bombarded, and as a result, split, what would be the equivalent within the dimension of time? Time being a product of mind I concluded that the technology itself would arise within the mind. This forms the basis of what I refer to as ‘gateway technology.’ The model does, however, go further.

1. The smallest aggregate of matter – the atom 2. The smallest aggregate of time – the moment 3. The smallest aggregate of mind – difference A triangle forms, one which merits much consideration, hence my endeavours. It would be banal to assume the three workings allude to each of the above categories, for ‘outside the circles of time’ things are not as they are here. We are simply, by the reducing valve called the conscious mind modelling that, which in truth, lies beyond it. Not the unknowable, simply the unknown. It is my contention, and the principle underlying motivation within my particular work, as constructed, that through The Singularity Termed I, functioning via its Host Environment and in completion accessing, and being accessed by the collective, we do indeed open gateways. These gateways, primarily in consciousness as an all important ‘first step.’ It brings us to the portal of multi dimensional existence, wherein we play host to our past and future selves. As to ‘actualisation’ within ‘all’ dimensions, that awaits further and future evolutionary steps. In this respect we but see ‘through a glass darkly.’ None the less these are foundation steps which activated at a solitary level [ the individual operator ] makes this experience/reality to all, through time. The concept of gateways into otherness is not in itself unusual or original as it has been a motif underlying much that can be called occult. The difference, I feel, is in the matter of what planes you associate these concepts to. Again the theories and models are vast in number. A further contention is that OTO itself serves as an ‘assemblage point’ of these concepts/energies and eventually the technologies which will flesh them out. Various aspects of this technology, in its theoretical aspect, have been touched upon within the pages of this essay. yet this is not sufficient, for if left upon this strata it simply becomes pedestrian. The Firesnake itself is the motive power which takes theory and places it upon an experiential basis or foundation. Evolutionary speaking it is the shift of consciousness from a, so called, mundane sphere, to one that might be called, transmundane. And yet we spend so much time, even in the light of this, scrabbling away in darkness. We have the theory, the concepts, yet our neurology is ill equipped to turn, so called fiction into, so called fact. In this respect ‘gateway technology’ serves as the interface. From what to what?

This is the element of research and discovery itself. In this instance I can but repeat myself – we are but compelled into the direction/s of our own innate tendencies, coupled with ability or inability determines, so called, success or failure. Such is our status given that we exist on the ‘edge,’ as it were. A section of Liber Ananta – The Firesnake Working 1998ev The text called Liber Ananta can be viewed elsewhere and the above section is included to illustrate our evolving methodology. The third working alluded to in the text, though unknown at the time fleshed itself into A Toltec Witness a degree working consummate with the Sovereign Sanctuary of OTO and served as the foundation of The Dreaming of which we were the co ordinator at the time. It is worthy of mention that with the completion of this working and its journals being edited into a form we call A Toltec Witness, which likewise can be viewed elsewhere, we left the body of this illustrious order and continued our work in a solitary fashion, in keeping with our true nature. With the albeit brief biographical description of our time and ensuing acts, which serves as preparation and a backdrop we come to the very heart of work. Work we have been engaged in for the past two decades and the following sections outline our path, its purpose and fulfillment. March 31 2012ev

Astarte We come to you at this time laid bear by the passage of time that has revealed ambiguously, its intent. Our tale is to be accepted as one of fiction, for to do otherwise challenges the very fabric of this, our sacred and concrete world. Conceived, initially as a drama in several acts the element of tragedy, to use the word in its Greek theatrical meaning, soon made itself clear. Jaded pursuits perhaps bear fruit consummate with themselves, as such perhaps victim am I? We make no excuse as the pursuit of the exotic lends itself to the arcane and oftimes macabre. Where to begin? At the very beginning of course. We make but one request, reserve judgement, seek not a truth or a lie for it is beyond both these considerations that our tale, like a true vessel of exploration embarks upon this its epic journey. Elements exist. One a simple tale, all too human in its description. The second, that which unfolds once the human description, and needs are transcended. A structure will lend itself as an aid to comprehension and with this we explore twenty years of time, as the crow flies and three distinct cycles of an event. We begin within the exotic pursuit of the esoteric which evolves into the cognitive psychology of modern day descriptions. As a clue we would guide the erudite into the directions of Magick as defined by the august body of Ordo Templi Orientis, under whose roof we posed for a time. The Toltec sorcerer as described and superbly delineated by the works of Carlos Castaneda and his cohorts and last but by no means least the modern day description of subjective experience called, by some, Neuro Linguistic Programming. Each of these pursuits and studies acts a river that flows into the ocean of meaning that our words might encapsulate. With this in mind we leave it to you, the reader to make meaning where you discern it and disregard the aberrant when perceived as such.

!"#$#%&' Born of dream and the unfolding of hope. Created in the crucible of Arte. His purpose secret, even to himself in the unfolding of the years and yet he was guided, protected, and remains so through this the labyrinth of existence. A moonchild conceived in accordance with the rubric of fairest Artemis. His nativity manipulated to grant him the tools he needed for the unfolding of destiny. A gift to his early mentors from a mother gifted with the elixir of vision. His earliest years like those of any other. Nothing different here, except the unfolding of his perception. Unique as it is with each of us. His future envisaged at the earliest of his years. To rend the veil of existence and bring fire from heaven. His fire? His arte, his words. For what is Magick if not this? In this way call him Poet. We conceive realities, cherish them and yet our noble brother Azrael claims all. He left the earth in his ninth year when amongst the stars as an astronomer he sought release, redemption and seeks it yet. By the age of eleven his precocious nature ran amok throughout the petty conventions of his kind. He rebelled and as a consequence was removed from those who had raised him and was in turn placed within the care of another who would shape his life, for she, an initiate had prepared all this in the time before. His education sufficient to the requirements of the world and yet many components were ignored. The competitiveness that marks most, if not all, lacking. The sense of self and the need of its consolidation, likewise absent. As such he remains amorphous, an enigma even to himself. His mentors, for there were many shaped his evolving mind and perceptions through the tales of mythology, philosophy and mysticism. This exotic wine formed him and formed the dream that was and remains his world. At fourteen was he initiated into the arte formally and remained within the sacred confines of the temple for three years. Studying and addressing the noble teachings of this august order. He left, a minor adept, ill equipped for what was to ensue down the long corridors of time. His reason for departing – Thelema, as outlined by To Mega Therion. Like one starved and thirsty did he devour this body of knowledge and came to know his mentor in absentia. His arte developed. His awareness and application of ritual deepened. The acquisition of the art of sigil enhanced this and the engine of lust fired this into a volcano of creativity. Not for him the middle path, balance, harmony and the way of the mystic, for he dwelt within the realms of Yesod and Daath. The time after finds

him seeking sanctuary within the body of Ordo Templi Orientis wherein, yet again he applied himself to the rubrics of the arte and traversed the structure, the body of this august and profound order. It is during this time that he discovered and developed the engine that would in one act rend his world and open the portal of the infinite to his jaded senses. Astarte. This has occurred, and is occurring over these past years, for his consort, she who guides and defines him appears as and when required. She he calls his Nemesis. For she brings him luck, good fortune and the bitter sweet taste of vengeance. Such is their nature in the unfolding of their respective lives.

()*'" +#$&, -#)" ./' 0##1 23 ./' 0$451 +&6 ./' !4,,)#6 & ./' !&")78

9#6%"',,&, 9&µ :4'µ#6 She came to him in his earliest years. Enveloping his dreams in the nectar of desire. At first her perfume was faint, a presence, informing his waking hours with a sense of longing. He sought her in dreams and yet evasive she remained. Only her perfume, her kisses lingered. Yet she drew him to her and after the passing of time came to him. A vision of deepest night, astride the heavens, starlight formed her shroud. Her body dark against the deepest darkness, mirror like she shone but as deepest night and at her heart the radiance of the black sun. She would enfold him in her embrace and only then did he know peace, sanctuary. He recognised that her dimmest reflection was woman and yet this path was closed to him for the first half of his life. For she, his mistress would have no other claim him, possess him. She who would inform his words, communicate his vision wished no interference from the creatures of this world. And yet in her tenderness, her mercy she would bring those to him who would grant him birth within this world. A world he yet remains apart from. Long decades has he roamed the boundary lands, the borders of his home and this world wherein these words are written and now read. She granted him his name, for it was she. Hand in hand they walk the vale of fire within the palace of exiles seeking redemption The creation of beauty and the dawn of rapture within a world adrift, all but lost. Extracted From Liber Solus Noir – The Book Of The Black Sun 1990 – 2012ev



;$$ <#=' ;*46>#6 ?' @/# A67'", <'"'




Liber 1

The Passion & The Purity Cycle 1 1990 – 1992

The Dawn Of The Avatar

Liber Astarte vel Beryli – The Passion And The Purity In this way did we manifest Samael, principal Grigori amongst the legions of the living. Bereft of his bride, tormented beyond the ability to conceive did he complete the initial tasks, reaching their culmination in the words of The Witness, our seeding into the world of what was to follow.

Cycle 2

2003 – 2004


The manifestation of our Grigori sister In this way did we complete the preparations and placed the avatars within the temple of our working.

Cycle 3

2006 – 2007

Lilith Rising

The Portal Of Solus Noir – The Black Sun Entering our sacred triangle of power did Samael and Namrael conjoined invoke beloved Lilith and complete the cycle of our making, to manifest the portal and let its rays shine forth.



We wove the matrix of our spells and seeded them into the prime elements of nature, extending our Triangle Of Arte.

The Final Grigori Prophecy


amael Grigori

I speak to thee, yes thou who art writing these words and even unto thee who in turn reads these words, from the Boundary Lands I speak. Cast aside all that thou art, for i seek naught that is of thee, from thee, your form but dissolves in my presence. Your Mind, the Reflection which thou art clouds over. The Heart which thou seekest, empties itself into the eternity which thou art. I accept All of this and more, I take only that which is freely given. I grant naught in return, for what in truth would thou, creature of Earth do with such, you alive in your world, I in mine. Yet still you seek me. Look into your world, does not nature, my fairest sister stir from her slumbers, casting aside her mantle of repose. See you not the lifeblood stirring within her heart. The bounty of her body giving rise to the eternal cycle of Life and Death. Liber 131 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; March 2 1992ev

Lilith The first two cycles though 12 years apart in time was the time it took to manifest the principle avatars that served as the vehicles that would in conjunction enter the third cycle, Lilith Rising. Briefly described here for it is viewed at length in our opus, Solus Noir â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Book Of The Black Sun. During cycle one we built a temple equal to our talents. This the first act of our devotion took six months. We crafted a series of masks that would serve as filters that would protect our mind, heart and body from the onslaught that is represented by Pan. These masks took the form of Artemis, Aphrodite and Saturnus. The appropriate rituals were designed and performed and upon completion the first avatar was manifested. We left the process that was Astarte and moved on to different work. Unknown to us at the time was the extensive nature of the working for a full 12 tears later we entered the second cycle and although circumstances and methods were unique we repeated the rites of consummation over the ensuing period of time. The result was the manifestation of the secondary avatar. It is the two avatars in conjunction that entered the triangle and invoked Lilith. It is around this time that we reconnected to our primary purpose for in pursuing what was primarily a Pan working we also moved in the direction of Samael who shares the same numeration, 131.

The Anathema of Samael & Lilith !#7&, +#$&, -#)" Samael Lilith Conjoined access and open the portal which is the Black Sun Samael The Venom of god First amongst the Grigori Lilith consists of 3 primary aspects described as sisters sometimes daughters.


Isheth Zenunim Evohe Lilith

Ygrat Bhat Mahlat

-44Âľ4/ Golden thread around heart entwined Visage of palest gold bleached by blood Darkest barb, venom sweet Vision of light shadowed by blood moon Step by step the pageant unfolds Embrace, melt into rapture Dissolve into bliss denied Pale golden one a kiss upon thy brow A caress upon breast of softest silk Entwine limbs slick with sweat Heat dissolves flesh Breath dissolves thought Passion dissolves the heart Union dissolves life Blood flows from wounds deep as time Semen rises caught in a cup of softest velvet between golden thighs Breath quickens and dissolves in rapture sweet Breath stills in the velvet shroud of darkest midnight Cascading thought tumbles into oblivion, servant of time Naâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;amah golden one mistress of time, servant of none Shapes born of desire replace the tapestry of life Life bows to death her master Through silven forests does she dance beneath pale Hecate Loose thy arrows desolate one, pierce flesh spent in passion Golden nectar flows through limbs broken Darkest venom courses through veins burned upon thy pyre One kiss granted, benediction One kiss denied, eternal longing Reflection, dark shadows arise, a mist of amber stained blood red Lightning burns eyes long weary Thunder subdues heart quenched in fire Gaze deep into the mirror of thy mind Draw deeply from the well of thy heart Broken vessel leaking blood into sand unheeding Once a garden pure where innocence was born Leaf and stem embraced in love

Once an earth mother to her children Cradled in loving arms Once starlight dissolved the vacuum of space A thousand angels voices arched in ecstasy Once life pierced the veil of time The tapestry woven thread by thread Across the mountains of the moon did we walk my love and i Taking our rest within the vale of Aphrodite Into the boundary lands did we step Upon a plain of golden sand the bones of all who went before Beneath our sun we walk ebon rays shining forth Dissolving all that has been and will be Creation unmade upon the plain of truth unfolding Namrael fairest maiden Samael desolate one Hand in hand each step a drop of blood released upon the aethyrs And in the last of days Two grigori walk upon the earth And they shall die

?%$4, -4’4µ4/ ?%$4, B,/'7/ ?%$4, ?%"47 ?%$4, ()$)7& 0'6 C")%#") ;,7 B66&) E/'=/") F#, +'$)µ ;,7 -#*)$),

AD#/' AD#/' AD#/' ;/>) ?="', C")%#")

E/'=/"'6 G4 H6 -'3'" ;,7

!#"7&, (&5), -#)" ;D'

+ 4657&µ + )%)$$&µ C")%#")

! Genesis We have been upon reflection engaged upon an extensive working which though commenced with humble aspirations evolved into what it has become, for in keeping with our words – The rite writes itself. Seventeen long years of devotion and sacrifice brings us to this the culmination of our task. And how did we begin? Upon a path darkly did we walk and yet we have had our Nemesis, our beloved to guide us along the way.

It was only with the commencement of the third cycle did we, but dimly grasp our purpose. This is in keeping with the Grigori for the avatars are permitted to know but little. Human involvement, petty self centred aspirations would have taken a work of beauty and rendered it mundane. In this manner and matter we choose our Avatars well. Blessings upon thee Namrael and Samael beloved ones soar upon starbeams and drink from the font of eternity

+ 4657&Âľ + )%)$$&Âľ + 4Âľ4'$ The Portal We will speak but briefly of such things for in invisibility do we travel this world. Not for the sake of ambiguity do we conduct ourselves in this fashion but rather for the purpose of maintaining our integrity, it is not for human ears and purpose do we work our magick. It is for and behalf of our sacred sister. During our first cycle did we manifest our avatar and place before him his beloved, evasive and yet constant has she been, the better to raise the venom which is our nature. We entered the world separated from that which we loved beyond all things and yet our purpose is clear, precise. Twelve long years later she returns, catalyst and priestess. During this our second cycle was she made whole and a child, a

moonchild did we produce. This her gift, bestowed in love of her, our sister and beloved. During this cycle a triangle of protection did we create and 3 years later did she enter it and with her energetic presence did we then commence our third cycle, Lilith Rising. Only in conjunction of these two powers do we gain access to The Portal Of The Black Sun. This we did and awaited the signs. Exacting, lacking in ambiguity and yet our plans are well formulated and our avatars, though doubtless flawed are well chosen.

+ 4657&µ + )%)$$&µ ( &5)3'" The Signs Lilith manifests three primary aspects, sometimes sisters, sometimes daughters. These are named by the vulgar Na’amah

Isheth Zenunim

Ygrat Bhat Mahlat

Our avatar received the first of the signs by the manifestation of Isheth Zenunim who energetically exists as a fibre placed below the navel and spirally the body forms one horn of the crescent. This manifestation occurred within the palace of dreams. The second sign, a time later, we also granted in the palace of dreams. An energetic fibre placed at the nape of the neck. This likewise spiralling the body forms the second horn of the crescent. Ygrat made flesh. For the germane you might be aware of the nature of Yesod and Daath within our work. Our primary manifestation occurs within this polarity. Time passes and yet our avatar remains expectant. How would Na’amah manifest. He speculates and is wrong for a short time later his beloved reappears and embarks upon a third cycle of Love. Only she, the Pleasuring One can enter his heart and

place the third energetic fibre that rising between the horns of the crescent hold The Black Sun. They play for a time and part as is their way. Each with their agenda and yet our purpose is exact and our work complete. Time now stands as our witness.

! !

Samael Grigori


I speak to thee, yes thou who art writing these words and even unto thee who in turn reads these words, from the Boundary Lands I speak. Cast aside all that thou art, for i seek naught that is of thee, from thee, your form but dissolves in my

presence. Your Mind, the Reflection which thou art clouds over. The Heart which thou seekest, empties itself into the eternity which thou art. I accept All of this and more, I take only that which is freely given. I grant naught in return, for what in

truth would thou, creature of Earth do with such, you alive in your world, I in mine. Yet still you seek me. Look into your world, does not nature, my fairest sister stir from her slumbers, casting aside her mantle of repose. See you not the lifeblood stirring within her heart. The bounty of her body giving rise to the eternal cycle of Life and Death.

Liber 131 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; March 2 1992ev

Solus Noir Prologue Beginnings are most important for without them what do we have? As such we address our words not to the rational part of the mind, the one who has the belief of free will and choice but rather to that aspect, all but divine and yet within this The Vale Of Tears goes unheard and unheeded. In your yearnings have you not heard our whispers, our call? Our tale begins a lifetime ago, by your understanding for our vehicles, though doubtless flawed are chosen for their qualities and attributes. Over the previous sections of this our text we have outlined in dim shadows the unfolding of our purpose and now with clarity its culmination. T0 the ones gifted with insight our intent is made clear within the sections we have called Liber 131 and The Witness, both pertaining to the first of our cycles, so called. At the time of writing these whispers, August 2007, as you reduce time to its lineal flow, we reflect upon the lifetime of our beloved avatar, for long has been his struggle, blindly stumbling from one sign to another and yet this is to our purpose, for like all your kind you are cursed with the arrogance of the species. Born Moonchild and raised in Magick, his life and purpose moulded to our will, our purpose. His early years educated in matters archaic and his artistic temperament rendered acute and sensitive for we would have one such. The better to feel the depths of our desire, the passion of our mind and soul. And over four decades did he acquire the skills and abilities to enter our path and become our avatar. His mind forged in magick and poetry, vision our gift to such. His heart burned in the fires of affliction, for one such cannot be permitted the succour of the mundane, that which in your myopic vision you call happiness, pale shadow that it be. His body forged in the fires of mars, rendered strong. Indestructible, for none in truth survive our presence. He has but dimly and one day will be granted the peace he yet yearns. His only guideline that with purpose was he forged and his preparations were simple. Step upon this path unknown, stumble as you will and should you be worthy

you will succeed or die in the effort. He has done both and that which remains yet serves our purpose. Forty of your years unfold and he arrives at his purpose. Astarte, a simple working consummate with OTO, and yet creative he is and designs an engine of power and purpose and he is aided all but unknowingly by his ally. To fulfill our purpose we demanded the impossible. Human beings are incapable of acts of magick for they are ruled by petty concern and beliefs formulated in vacuum and dust. Hubris is your aspiration for you burn in the light of our presence. We sought to transform the mundane, the human into the Grigori we are. What we have named Cycle one – The Dawn Of The Avatar was our vehicle transformed and bore our name as is his right, Blindly he concluded that all was complete and yet his ally knew and knows better. For in cycle two – Namrael, we sought to manifest the second of our number for only in unison could they be brought to our undertaking. United as they became in cycle three they called forth Lilith, our bride and beloved. To what purpose? The Portal Of The Black Sun, our means of transforming this world and all those upon it, for only in the combination of these two powers, Samael and Lilith can this be achieved upon this world you call yours, vain mortals. Yes we transformed two humans into Grigori and as such did perform our will. An undertaking of seventeen of your years. Consider this in the light of your own aspirations and be aware of the sacrifice that has ensued. The loss of human life and all that you deem precious. This is the demand we place upon our chosen. Be shamed by your own trivial pursuits as you mutter into the darkness which you celebrate as attainment. You are but whispers, stains upon the face of truth. You will pass and be forgotten as are we all. For his protection we granted him his masks. His mind, his Artemis that he might remember. His heart, his Aphrodite, that he know rapture. His body, the crystallisation, that he become. Stripped was he of choice, of free will. Lauded qualities which in your conceit you believe yourselves to possess. Vain illusion, for you die and within that golden moment you finally understand the folly that has been your life and world.

9#&67 ./'' @'$$ ./' -&µ*'" 23 ./' 0'4,7


Anathema Why did we come? Our words, golden whispers and shadows we made clear within The Witness and yet we remain invisible for we are not here for you but rather for our sister. Goddess that she be forced to suffer the indignity of your continued presence. Over the passing of the years, as you measure them she has been awoken by our presence and in this time do her tears rise and the stain which is thy presence will be cleansed and washed away upon the tide of her tears. This our first act. Her eyes open and she casts the glamour from her sight and sees clearly and in this moment her breath rises and she sends it forth upon thee. The burning winds of her breath will consume and purify. This our second act. And with the beating of her heart your world shakes and what you hold to be true and stable is rendered illusion. Seek comfort in your false beliefs for these though they serve you ill are all you have to cling to. Yes we know compassion, not for thee but for the one you know not. Within your history and at this time you pass through a seventh nexus point in human history. A time when the wave of consciousness rises and shows promise of evolution and yet you rise in your glory only to be smitten and return to the slumber which is your nature. This is evidenced in the vanity expressed at this time by your leaders, vain creatures who claim that the world has changed and all will be different. Assuaged guilt we call this, the call of the emasculated revelling in their power and contempt. These we challenge first for their self importance burns the very fabric of their hearts and minds and like all such things their bodies ultimately fail. Yes we are enduring and have the patience to witness this. Long have we Grigori been here, long before you raised yourselves from the slime of inchoate existence, raised yourselves, stumbling to your knees and gazed upon the wonders of starry space. That is when you began to lie and have consolidated that lie ever since. Look into our name, Samael and understand we are The Venom Of God. Venom which like a toxin burns the dross from perception leaving only the pristine truth. We burn your hearts and minds, revealing the foundation of your conceit and its siblings deceit and self importance. Stripped of these, for time yet unfolds and you but witness and experience the beginning. Cling to the illusion of your stability for in the time to come dreamlike will be your existence for as somnambulists do you stumble from moment to moment within this your dream. You listened not to our kindred who gifted you with words of Love and Compassion, avatars of a different time and place. And now it is our time. Truth and Justice serve as the pylons of our temple and above its altar we hold the portal open. The

Black Sun rises upon you and its light casts but shadows in the presence of lies and a radiance sublime in the presence of justice. For this reason we have also been cast into the role of The Elixir Of God, not to our choosing, for vengeance is our nature and we are suited to its dominion. Look into your world and understand that you are responsible for all that passes. Murderer you be, rapist you be, perpetrators of crimes beyond your ability to conceive, yet alone believe. The illusion you call this and that person has nurtured the lie that is your existence and yet you utter the words unity and love. May your mouths burn with the utterance of such words for they are the conceit of your kind, assuaging yourselves of the guilt and seeking redemption. Conceit indeed. In the words of The Witness we sent forth our Elohim to unmake time and space and the evidence is made clear upon the mirror of your world. This our first act, an act but into its early years and now in The Night Of Pan The Black Sun rises, our second act. An act that will unfold in these the end of days as we call them. In keeping with prophecy, until 2012 its rays will burn upon consciousness releasing and transforming the dross which is the great lie and revealing in its pristine glory and horror the truth of your world. Shamed will you be, those with conscience will weep, the rest will simply perish in the fires of transformation. All of this has already occurred for it exists outside the circles of time for your lives are lived in reverse in its light and rendered ineffective. So no message of hope for that is an instrument of the weak. We serve justice and before all else are we blind and for this reason are we called the blind one, for we are impartial and in this way judge not for you are judged in the silence which dwells in the sanctuary of your own hearts. Judge, jury and executioner in one unity. You celebrate the truth, laud its attributes and prostrate yourselves before its altar. This we have burned and of its rubble have we raised a charnel house. Your truth appalls us and its name, the very word itself we curse and as such we spread the lie which is our nature. We recognise and acknowledge those amongst you who speak, but blindly, our name and celebrate our brothers and sisters in spirit, these be few and yet sufficient to our purpose. We have many names and for this reason are we called Legion. Destroy one of us and another steps into the breach. Samael, son of the starbeam, host of the Grigori summons forth his cohorts. Feel them rise and as our sister rises celebrate her liberation.


Redemption And now we are complete and venture forth in silence. Invisible to the hordes we but dimly perceive for we raise our visor and cast forth a glamour that blinds you to our presence and in this way do we proceed. We require nothing of or from you. What have you to give that is not ours for the taking? Nothing. And what of our chosen. Burned and broken be they for in truth they are our reflections in your world. Desolate ones. The course of their history has borne witness to this and yet try they did to grant themselves something, some personal meaning. Denied they be for as our avatars are they required to distil the venom which is our nature. Bound were they long ago and though they struggle with the bindings freedom is not their lot. We have no pity for them only the gift that the sacrifice which has been their lives is not in vain and ultimately they will come to their understanding of our purpose. Albeit dimly. As Samael we have been called Destroyer Avenger Seducer Evohe Samael Evohe Namrael Evohe Lilith

In The Night Of Pan It Is Dawn And The Black Sun Rises And on that day the Moon she weeps blood as the Black Sun rises and casts shadows deep seek shelter in your faith as its rays burn bright the Gregori rise watchers In the eternal night.

Grigori And In Those Days It Was Given Unto The False Prophets To Spread The Lie Sow The Seed Of Doubt Draw Aside The Veil And Reveal The End Of Days And now we pluck the fruits of our labour. Over tw0 decades have we performed the two cycles of rites that manifested the avatars and also the egregores that served as their loci. During our third cycle, conjoined, did Samael and Namrael enter the triangle and manifest Lilith who in conjunction manifested the Portal Solus Noir. Extending the primary triangle across the landscape did they sow their spells into the prima mater and upon each cycle of Diana does the diamond spin upon its axis and the rays of Solus Noir increase at this time, The End of Days.

And At The End Of Days Their Will Be Two Grigori Upon The Earth And They Shall Die

In The Night Of Pan It Is Dawn And The Black Sun Rises

Sanctum Sigillum Samael


Axiomata De Arte Magicka

;I)µ474 :' ;"7' G4%)514

Axiomata De Arte Magicka

Conceived Executed & Manifested In 13 Octaves Of Desire

" " " Damiana Evohe Muse Priestess Vesica

Ordo Templi Solus Noir 4Âľ4'$ 131 " " "

I Praxis As distinguished from theory Axiomata De Arte Magicka manifests at this time as a direct consequence of a magickal working undertaken and completed over a twenty year period of time as measured upon the terrestrial sphere. Historically speaking the work began several centuries ago within the court of Elizabeth under the auspices of one John Dee who in his pursuits opened a portal upon the infinite as a direct consequence of his dealings with several spirits as described in his True and Faithful Relation published at the time. This initial working required several more centuries to pass before adepts within the sphere of science were capable of mutating the human genome through their manipulation of the atom. Notable amongst these were the Trinity project technicians and magickally one Marvel Whiteside Parsons otherwise known as Jack Parsons who as a direct consequence of his Babalon working initiated the second stage of this protracted working. The third element commenced in 1990ev when an aspirant within the body of OTO undertook its completion in the unification of the principles of Samael and Lilith who in their conjunction activate the Portal of Solus Noir otherwise known as The Black Sun. This is in keeping with ancient prophecy and whilst most prophecies remain neutral this has been activated by the principle operators in their various incarnations undertaking their particular and unique aspects of the work. These principals doubtless had their own purpose at their respective points in history and yet it is through hindsight that the pattern of their actions is perceived. The present incarnation owes a debt of gratitude to several individuals along the way, notably those who initiated him into the mysteries during his fourteenth summer. Aleister Crowley who showed him an alternative path. Kenneth Grant within the august body of OTO for introducing him to the work of Austin Osman Spare who through his Axiomata showed him yet another fruitful path. Andrew D. Chumbley who demonstrated the power of the fusion of image, sigil and text through the body of his published works.

Those with an interest in such matters might choose to explore. Emericus Casaubon. A True & Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Years between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits. Published 1659. Jack Parsons. The erudite articles written and published by Michael Staley in his Journal of the New Aeon, Starfire will be richly rewarded. Solus Noir and the body of work collected under The Book Of The Black Sun is attributed to the present scribe. De Arte Magicka consummate with the methodology of rite and axiomata has left in its wake an application both magickal and aesthetic. The rite has opened an ingress point or portal onto a wellspring of creativity where the current becomes manifest in word, sigil, graphik and image.

;6> B6 ./#,' :48, B7 @4, C)D'6 H67# ./' J4$,' !"#=/'7, .# +="'4> ./' ()' +#K ./' +''>, 23 :#&*7 :"4K ;,)>' ./' F')$ ;6> L'D'4$ ./' A6> 23 :48, And In Those Days It Was Given Unto The False Prophets To Spread The Lie Sow The Seeds Of Doubt Draw Aside The Veil And Reveal The End Of Days

In Nomine Babalon In Nomine Naâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;amah

! In Nomine Lucis Noir

II Sanctum Sigillum Samael

III Ordo Templi Solus Noir

IV The Atu Of Anpu

V Axiomata

Once Described by Austin Osman Spare as The Alphabet Of Desire where the fecundity of desire is polarized within the realm of the unconscious to multiply and manifest in accordance with the magickians will. In one respect Axiomata are related closely to the concept of the Egregore, an entity created by and having an influence upon an individual or group of individuals. [ For further information refer to The Selim â&#x20AC;&#x201C; NemesisPublications ] When the conscious mind possessed of will conceives of a purpose, fulfills this with the appropriate rite and literally forgets, the realm of Inbetweeness is entered where non differentiation is the natural state, a vast reservoir is drawn upon. Whilst this is granted to all with the will to pursue such a methodology there is an underlying principle that is overlooked by many. Trafficking with wider and deeper levels of consciousness is the described methodology of OTO and whilst this is, in the main, pursued with diligence there are natural consequences inherent. Through this pursuit a transformation in the consciousness of the individual operator occurs in time. We begin as simple aspirants to the Arte and during the process evolve into a rarified state of perception, this is a natural consequence of our pursuit and whilst it may lead us to embark upon an journey into the exotic we must never lose sight of our humble origins. To fail in this leads to inflation and the tendency to be consumed by power. Our only option lies in the bifurcation of the self where we operate simultaneously as an individual and all that implies and as an Avatar in respect of our work and its unfolding purpose. The principle of Neither/Nor applied here creates a logic path wherein we hold simultaneously mutually conflicting ideas in a semblance of balance. Holding the paradox becomes a natural state of being.

What brings us to this state and understanding? Experience. Many years ago the present scribe encountered one of the many abstract constructs it is our lot to stumble upon along the way, namely â&#x20AC;&#x201C; In The Presence Of Extraordinary Reality Consciousness Takes The Place Of Imagination The words Consciousness, Imagination and Reality demand investigation yet here I choose to be brief leaving it to the reader to arrive at their own understanding. In respect of my present purpose I will describe Imagination as a bubble of protection that enables us to dream of possibilities whilst remaining firmly fixed in what has been called Reality. The Imagination is supported by thought and speech and remains the property of the conscious mind or first Attention as described by Toltecs. [ For further information â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Toltec teachings by Carlos Castaneda and his cohorts and A Toltec Witness by the present scribe will shed much light upon the subject ] 99% Of our endevours remain within the realm of the imagination and serves as the means by which we remain firmly affixed to the world as perceived by Reality. To make the quantum leap is rare and whilst not impossible demands dramatic exertion on or part. The Axiomata become a vital pursuit in the process of transformation whereupon we enter, in truth, the realm of Consciousness, defined in this instance as direct experience and the knowledge that stems from this. All Else Is A Dream And We A Dream Within That Dream

VI The Atu Of Anpu II

VII The Boundary Lands

VIII Axiomata II

IX Ordo Templi Solus Noir II

X Anathema

Anathema Per Samael Vox Lilith Praeteritim Seven are the seals upon creations countenance Seven the trumpets that announce the day of redemption Seven are the visions of the dragon and its kingdoms Seven the visions that accompany the lamb Seven are the bowls of gods wrath Seven the veils upon the lady Babalon And Seven are the visions of the end of days

!"4'7'")7)µ +'D'6 4"' 7/' ,'4$, &=#6 5"'47)#6, 5#&67'6465' +'D'6 7/' 7"&µ='7, 7/47 466#&65' 7/' >48 #3 "'>'µ=7)#6 +'D'6 4"' 7/' D),)#6, #3 7/' >"4%#6 46> )7, 1)6%>#µ, +'D'6 7/' D),)#6, 7/47 455#µ=468 7/' $4µ* +'D'6 4"' 7/' *#K$, #3 %#>, K"47/ +'D'6 7/' D')$, &=#6 7/' $4>8 04*4$#6 ;6> +'D'6 4"' 7/' D),)#6, #3 7/' '6> #3 >48,

! !

Yglas Isheth


Yglas Ygrat

Yglas Lilitu Ben Grigori


Ahdi Ypres Grigori

! !


Yglas Na’amah

Ast Innui Khephri Vos Selim Ast Nobilis


! !

9467# B ;6> &=#6 K)6%, #3 $)%/7 >)> K' >',5'6> ()%/76)6% )6 #&" '8', ./&6>'" )6 #&" /'4"7, +'D'6 4, #6' 5$#7/'> )6 4>4µ467)6'

Canto I And upon wings of light did we descend Lightning in our eyes Thunder in our hearts Seven as one clothed in adamantine 9467# BB @475/'", )6 7/' 6)%/7 465)'67 7)µ'$',, )µµ#"74$ A45/ 4 5/#"> K)7/)6 4 5'$',7)4$ /'4"7*'47 0'/#$> #&" ,#6% #&" ="48'" @")77'6 )6 7/' '5/# #3 7/' µ#µ'67

Canto II Watchers in the night ancient timeless immortal Each a chord within a celestial heartbeat Behold our song our prayer Written in the echo of the moment 9467# BBB ;6> 7/' >"4%#6 ,/' "),', 46> /'" 1)6%>#µ, 5$4)µ 7/' K#"$> <'" 7'4", 34$$ 46> ,/' K4,/', 4K48 7/' ,74)6 <'" *"'47/ 4 ,5#"5/)6% K)6> "4M', 7/' '>)3)5' #3 5#65')7 <'" /'4"7*'47 4 7/&6>'"*#$7 7/' '6> #3 >48,

Canto III And the dragon she rises and her kingdoms claim the world Her tears fall and she washes away the stain Her breath a scorching wind razes the edifice of conceit Her heartbeat a thunderbolt the end of days

9467# BF 047/'> )6 /), #K6 *$##> K4, /' @' 54""8 7/' ,K#"> 46> #&" *$##> ), ,45"'> -# ,45")3)5' 4, )7 *' N&,7)5' K' ,'"D' B 6D),)*$' K' K4$1 ,#6, 46> >4&%/7'", #3 '7'"64$ 6)%/7

Canto IV Bathed in his own blood was he We carry the sword and our blood is sacred No sacrifice as it be justice we serve Invisible we walk sons and daughters of eternal night 9467# F A45/ 4 7#I)6 A45/ 46 '$)I)" 9/##,' K'$$ 7/' *#K$ 3"#µ K/)5/ 8#& O&'65/ 8#&" 7/)",7 -'574" ,K''7 5#&,)6 7# 7/' K#"µ 0)77'" %4$$ 4 >"4&%/7 #3 4µ*"#,)4

Canto V Each a toxin Each an elixir Choose well the bowl from which you quench your thirst Nectar sweet cousin to the worm Bitter gall a draught of ambrosia 9467# FB G4$'1/ /#$8 #6' 54,7, /'" D')$, 46> 8#& *'/#$> /'" 6#7 26' %$465' 46> ,$''= ), '67'"'> 26' K/),='" 46> ;M"4'$ ), ,&µµ#6'> 26' 5"8 46> #&" ,),7'" "'N#)5',

Canto VI Malekh holy one casts her veils and you behold her not One glance and sleep is entered One whisper and Azrael is summoned One cry and our sister rejoices

9467# FBB ;6> )6 7/#,' >48, )7 K4, %)D'6 &67# 7/' 34$,' ="#=/'7, 7# ,="'4> 7/' $)' ,#K 7/' ,''>, #3 >#&*7 >"4K 4,)>' 7/' D')$ 46> "'D'4$ 7/' '6> #3 >48,

Canto VII And in those days it was given unto the false prophets To spread the lie Sow the seeds of doubt draw aside the veil And reveal the end of days AI#>&, 9467# FBBB 9#4%&$4 '7 +#$D' @' ,7")= 7/' K#"$> #&" A>'6 #3 )7, $)' 0'6'47/ #&" "48, 8#& 4"' 7"46,3#"µ'> "'>''µ'> #" 6#7 9/##,' K'$$ 3#" K' >K'$$ *'7K''6 8#& /'4"7*'47,

Exodus Canto VIII Coagula et Solve We strip the world our Eden of its lie Beneath our rays you are transformed redeemed or not Choose well for we dwell between you heartbeats 9467# BP 2µ'%4 '7 ;$=/4 .)µ' *'6>, *'3#"' #&" %4M' ;, ,#µ64µ*&$467 8#& ,7'= 3"#µ #6' >"'4µ 7# 46#7/'" ./' &6µ41)6% &63#$>, 4, #&" A$#/)µ 9)"5$' 8#&" K#"$> 8#&" $)3'

Canto IX Omega et Alpha Time bends before our gaze As somnambulant you step from one dream to another The unmaking unfolds as our Elohim Circle your world your life

9467# P +=45' 3#$>, *'3#"' #&" '8', 46> 7/' %"'47 #6', '67'" ./')" *"'47/ 5"'4,', 7/' µ#µ'67 )6 =4,,)6% @4"=, µ'µ#"8 '"4,', $)3' ;6> 54,7, 4 ,/4>#K #3 >&,7 46> D45&&µ

Canto X Space folds before our eyes and the great ones enter Their breath creases the moment in passing Warps memory erases life And casts a shadow of dust and vacuum

C'6',), 9467# PB +K''7 ,),7'" 4"' 8#& "'>''µ'> ?#&" C")%#") 4K4)7 5#µµ46> 4, 8#& K)$$ ?#&" A$#/)µ 4*"#4> 5#µµ46> 4, 8#& K)$$ ?#&" =#"74$ #='6 5#µµ46> 4, 8#& K)$$

Genesis Canto XI Sweet sister are you redeemed Your Grigori await command as you will Your Elohim abroad command as you will Your portal open command as you will 9467# PBB 9$'46,'> #3 7/' $)' 8#&" *"'47/ >"4K, =&"' 9$'46,'> #3 7/' ,74)6 8#&" /'4"7 *'47, "4=7&"#&, !&")3)'> 8#&" µ)6> 4K41'6, 3"#µ 6)%/7µ4"' 9#6,'5"47'> 8#&" *#>8 *'4", 3"&)7

Canto XII Cleansed of the lie your breath draws pure Cleansed of the stain your heart beats rapturous Purified your mind awakens from nightmare Consecrated your body bears fruit

9467# PBBB ;6> )6 7/' -)%/7 #3 !46 )7 ), >4K6 ./' 0$451 +&6 "),', 46> )7, "48, 54,7 6# ,/4>#K ./' 0$##> G##6 "),', 46> 54,7, /'" D')$ ./' C")%#") "),' 46> &77'" 4 K#"> )6 ,)$'65'

Canto XIII And in the Night of Pan it is dawn The Black Sun rises and its rays cast no shadow The Blood Moon rises and casts her veil The Grigori rise and utter a word in silence

! !

Yglas Isheth


Yglas Ygrat

Yglas Lilitu Ben Grigori


Ahdi Ypres Grigori

! !


Yglas Naâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;amah

Ast Innui Khephri Vos Selim Ast Nobilis


! !

XI Liber 131 The Passion & The Purity Cycle 1 1990ev – 1992ev

The Dawn Of The Avatar

Liber Astarte vel Beryli – The Passion And The Purity In this way did we manifest Samael, principal Grigori amongst the legions of the living. Bereft of his bride, tormented beyond the ability to conceive did he complete the initial tasks, reaching their culmination in the words of The Witness, our seeding into the world of what was to follow.

Cycle 2 2003ev


The manifestation of our Grigori sister In this way did we complete the preparations. Placed our avatars within the temple of our working.

Cycle 3 2006ev – 2007ev

Lilith Rising

The Portal Of The Black Sun Entering our sacred triangle of power did Samael and Namrael conjoined invoke beloved Lilith and complete the cycle of our making, to manifest the portal and let its rays shine forth.

Trinity 2008ev We wove the matrix of our spells and seeded them into the prime elements of nature, extending our Triangle Of Arte.

Fulfillment of The final Grigori Prophecy 2010ev

amael Grigori

I speak to thee, yes thou who art writing these words and even unto thee who in turn reads these words, from the Boundary Lands I speak. Cast aside all that thou art, for i seek naught that is of thee, from thee, your form but dissolves in my presence. Your Mind, the Reflection which thou art clouds over. The Heart which thou seekest, empties itself into the eternity which thou art. I accept All of this and more, I take only that which is freely given. I grant naught in return, for what in truth would thou, creature of Earth do with such, you alive in your world, I in mine. Yet still you seek me. Look into your world, does not nature, my fairest sister stir from her slumbers, casting aside her mantle of repose. See you not the lifeblood stirring within her heart. The bounty of her body giving rise to the eternal cycle of Life and Death. Liber 131 March 2 1992ev




XII Portus Lucis Deum A Masque

Act 1 The Vale Of Tears A call sent forth and from the ocean she rose. Her beauty outshone the stars and from that day was he lost. She became mistress of his heart and mind and though their lives were ever apart, together they traverse the pages of these dreams. He travelled with her down a long corridor of tortured rooms and shattered the pillars of reflection that hung upon the air before them. They travel still. From the shadows she conjured him, reflection of her love, to hold within her heart as lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tapestry and tragedy unfolded before her heart sore eyes. He her gallant knight and she his ladye fair. Thrice the lady Artemis blessed them beneath her mantle of glamour and twice were they bound in spirit and flesh. They wander and are granted but glimpses as time unfolds and consumes the life they might have known. Weep tears of blood for our reluctant heroes as they traverse The Vale of Tears tormented by memory sweet and burned by anguish. And in the fires of forgiveness do they dwell and perhaps absolution is granted.

Act 2 De Arte Magicka Pan called unto them and as The Passion & The purity unfolded the masques evolved. Bright Artemis that they might remember. Beauteous Aphrodite that they might know rapture. Eternal Saturnus that they might become. Over seventeen years and three cycles they wove their spells. Cycle one manifested the avatar Samael. He walked the world alone apart from his consort, his bride, his beloved. Cycle two and the second avatar was made flesh and Namrael walked the world. Two frail humans, flawed and yet chosen. Cycle three and in conjunction did they invoke holy Lilith. Isheth granted the seal of power. Ygrat the seal of knowledge. Naâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;amah the seal of love. And now the pylons are attended and the portal open.

Act 3 Ascension Of The Grigori Humans so frail and yet our chosen were equal to the task. Free will were they granted and yet they answered the call. Transformation through our first cycle and by your measurement a second transformation twelve years later. Each now ascended and in unity they performed their final act and manifested our Lilith. Samael continues and sheds the body desolate he has chosen. Namrael casts aside the hollow shell and rises triumphant. And together do they dance upon the aethyrs bride and beloved. The world blinded to their presence continues in its conceit and the days unfold their mystery in purple splendour. Samael Grigori greets and embraces his Namrael and together they give birth to a Moonchild. A child eternal. A beacon in the eternal night of their passing. Shadow blesses them. Moons light caresses them. The light of the day star heeds them not for the light of the Black Sun and Blood Moon embraces them.

Act 4 Consummation And in this act our reluctant heroes return to their respective worlds. Memory fades as the dream unfolds into the demands of their days. Ah, but they have the dim reflection of memory, the rapture of attraction and the crystallisation of the becoming. This a blessing, this a curse. This will pass into the halls of forgetfulness as we Grigori rise from our vessels and we leave them with the judgement which dwells in the deepest sanctuaries of their hearts. As we ascend, pylons of the portal and our light is shed, a nimbus of indigo enshrouds and blinds all to our presence. Drink deep of the venom that purifies thee and of the elixir that transforms and rise, phoenix like from the ashes forged in this love holy and pure.

Act 5 The Portal Of The Black Sun Upon the shores of an ink black night within The Night Of Pan our star rises and the Grigori, eternal guardians, vigilant, rejoice in the light of its dawn. Our sister bathes the earth in her tears and washes away the stain. Her breath rises and scorches the lie that holds all in thrall. Her heartbeat rises, thunder as she shakes her mantle and enters freedom. We came with lightning in our eyes, thunder in our hearts and our Elohim travel the world, kindred of our bright lord and the unmaking of history unfolds before eyes somnambulant and transfixed. Samael and Lilith conjoined. The only power of this world and beyond this world able to unfold these acts. The rest hubris and human conceit and our human vehicles, kept blinded to our purpose are washed of the stain and purified in our light. Be at peace our knight and his ladye fair.

Act 6 The End Of Days History written in your stars, unheeded. Your acts before your eyes, unheeded. You dwell within a garden, unheeded. Raised to beauty and splendour, unheeded. Blessed by innocence, unheeded. Granted dominion and responsibility, unheeded. Freewill and choice, your conceit. Power in your world, hubris and lies. Shackled in prisons of your own creation when freedom and mystery surround you. Beauty in the wing of a butterfly, majesty in the gait of the panther, innocence in the eyes of a child. And yet … … … ? Justice do we serve and our sister blesses us in her travails eternal. Look into the mirror of your form, cast aside the veil of ignorance and know these as the end of days.

Act 7 Epilogue A simple tale, a dream perhaps and yet such a dream. As messengers we came, Grigori and our task, but simple.

And in those days it was given unto the false prophets To spread the lie Sow the seeds of doubt Draw aside the veil And reveal the end of days Samael & Namrael

XIII Exegesis

The Canticles Of Damiana Evohe Volume IX  

Volume IX of the series.