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Section 3 Setting Up The Description Of The Everyday World

Internal strength meant a sense of equanimity, almost a sense of indifference. A feeling of being at ease, but, above all, it meant a natural and profound bent for examination, for understanding. The New Seers called these traits of character Sobriety

Section 3

September 9th … … December 8th

Write essays on : The Recapitulation & The Sorcery Passes. Exercise Program : Continue. Stalking Practice : Continue Recapitulation – Phase 4. Sorcery Passes. Not Doing. The 4 Moods of Stalking. Explore Self Importance and The Petty Tyrant. Dreaming Practice : Continue Gazing and Setting Up Dreaming. Month 7 Begin Essays on : The Recapitulation & The Sorcery Passes. 1 circuit + 30 mins. workout. Continue Sorcery Passes, Recapitulation, Not Doing. Explore Self Importance and The Petty Tyrant. Gazing practice : 30 mins. + Continue Setting Up Dreaming. Month 8 Continue Essays. 1 circuit + 30 mins. workout. Continue Sorcery Passes, Recapitulation, Not Doing. Continue exploring Self Importance & The Petty Tyrant. Gazing practice : 30 mins. + Continue Setting Up Dreaming. Month 9 Complete Essays. 1 circuit + 30 mins. workout. Continue Sorcery Passes, Recapitulation, Not Doing. Complete exploring Self Importance and The Petty Tyrant. Gazing practice : 30 mins. + Continue Setting Up Dreaming. Notes Review and evaluate this section prior to moving onto section 4. Essays : Self Importance & The Petty Tyrant begin next section.

Sobriety A personal interpretation Internal strength meant a sense of equanimity, The opening line connects directly to the Stalkers attitude of ‘All things being equal.’ It is as a result of congruently maintaining this attitude that true equanimity is attained. No longer is there the need to prove the value of things, of evaluating one thing as being more important than any other. There is simply Perception. almost a sense of indifference, The indifference spoken of is that of being inaccessible. A positive attitude that allows for the Silence often alluded to being made a fact and in the light of this Silence, ‘Everything Is Possible.’ a feeling of being at ease, As a result one attains a relaxed attitude and a sense of ease, the ease that is alluded to by the Stalker applying The Second Mood of Stalking – Cunning. Only in the light of this ease ‘ Do the powers that guide, aid.’ but, above all, it meant a natural and profound bent for examination, for understanding. Most importantly it allows for true exploration, the joy of examining and understanding the unknown, knowing full well we can but scratch the surface. The attitude of ‘What’s in it for me?’ has no place here for Self Importance and Self Reflection have been abandoned. In the light of this unbiased examination can take place and true

understanding be arrived at for our explorations are stripped of the agendas of gain. The New Seers called these traits of character Sobriety. The inaccessibility, the equanimity and sense of indifference that might also be called equality. The sense of ease. The loss of Self Importance and Self Reflection. In short attaining to the Perceptual level of Sorcery and Sorcerers the New Seers called characteristics of Sobriety.

 We are perceivers. The world that we perceive though is an illusion. It was created by a description that was told to us since the moment we were born. We the luminous beings, are born with two rings of power, but we only use one to create the world. That ring which is hooked very soon after we are born, is Reason, and its companion is Talking. Between the two they concoct and maintain the world. So, in essence the world that your reason wants to sustain it is the world created by a description and its dogmatic and inviolable rules, which the reason learns to accept and defend. The secret of the luminous beings is that they have another ring of power which is never used, the Will. The trick of the Sorcerer is the same trick as the average man. Both have a description, one, the average man, upholds it with his reason, the other, the Sorcerer, upholds it with his will. Both descriptions have their rules and the rules are perceivable, but the advantage of the Sorcerer is that Will is more engulfing than Reason. Tales of Power – Page 98


The Nature of Attention What you pay Attention to, pays Attention to you

The 1st Attention The 1st Attention is a dream, for it is the sum total of what we call the self. A self that is effectively no more than an idea. It operates within varied environments, generates a variety of behaviours. Acquires and applies divers skills and strategies. Develops and upholds beliefs and values. Maintains a unique and distinct sense of itself and even evolves beliefs as to how it connects to others and the world at large. We support its beliefs and values as if real and, of course they are, for they are all we have to hold on to in the ocean of mystery that is the true nature of our being. Consider a child. How does it learn? What are the stages of its learning? And more importantly what was its nature prior to learning? We have all been there and yet we are, with rare exceptions, completely unconscious of this part of our existence. Could it be that we had no cognitive awareness? This aspect of our nature as human beings called First Attention encompasses not only everything one is aware of in the present moment but also everything that one has a name for.

The First Attention is an unsurpassable tool at our disposal. Its makes meaning of what we experience in the world of everyday life and organises this information in a coherent and cohesive way. The way this data is structured will often be influenced by our cultural, educational, social and religious conditioning. This in turn will give rise to our belief system which will form our map of reality. Many are unaware of the potential that lies within the First Attention and consider this Attention as a stupid, witless part, as an annoyance, as an obstruction to be rid of at the earliest possible opportunity. It is not unusual for some of us to pass through experiences in life almost in a dismissive way, without realising that we have exquisite tools on board to examine and understand what we are and have been travelling through. Instead, we allow an accumulation of half-baked ideas to float around in our mind with no specific outcome or direction, giving rise to an untidy and confusing cognitive environment. Because this impoverished nourishment is all it knows, the First Attention is diminished and finds itself no choice other than becoming petty and tyrannical, guarding its food jealously. The function nominalised as our First Attention has been stifled through our social conditioning, which in turn dictates our behaviours and our thought processes and limits our perception in accordance with the parameters set by this conditioning. The boundaries placed on our perception thus creates a shield that is rarely, if ever pierced within our lifetime. If, as a race, we were educated to utilise the already present ability of the First Attention to structure and make order out of chaos, and fine tune these skills, the First Attention would respond by enhancing its cognitive expertise and provide us with a deeper understanding and awareness of our perception of the world and the real possibility at our fingertips to connect to our true potential. To re-awaken and call to the fore the inherent skills of the First Attention, requires the co-operation of the individual.

Someone who is prepared to make a concerted effort to ask those vitals questions about their limitless possibilities; to harness skills and behaviours that would match this unfolding; to notice the evidence that lets them know that indeed new information is being connected and finally, to engender a deep cognitive understanding of how this process brings about the results it does. Because learning is an ongoing process, the awareness of how this process unfolds and the evidence it unveils, snowballs into sharpening and making acute this function of the mind called the First Attention. In a sense, the First Attention is the only tool we have. The instrument that makes it possible for us to set the perceptual dials on the setting that will provide us with the vital multiple descriptions necessary to become free of our own perceptual bias.

The Second Attention The Second Attention represents all that is outside of the realm of First Attention and encompasses processes we have no names for and that are experienced as bodily feelings. One of the ways utilised to touch this aspect of our being is through the exploration of ‘an experience with no meaning’. This process entails entering a state of ‘not knowing’ and experiencing an awareness that is akin to Second Attention. It is to be noted that in this state of heightened awareness, one is able to observe and notice ‘already coded descriptions’ as totally new perceptions that have no ready-made labels for them. Having an experience with no meaning presupposes entering an altered state, a state where you cease to look and begin to ‘See’ the essence of things. ‘Seeing’ in this fashion is the ability that arises as a result of functioning from Second Attention.

Being in Second Attention enables you to perceive realities that are above and beyond those set by the preconceived structures that have arisen through our social conditioning and deals specifically with the unknown and abstract aspects of our being. It is a perceptual reality that accesses information hitherto unavailable and as a result, widens the parameters of reality in unimaginable ways. The Second Attention is a source of knowledge, that filters information and makes it available without you knowing how you have drawn those conclusions – it is often referred to as the place of silent knowledge. It is the function that is able to grasp symbols from the internal or external environments and which has the expertise to make connections and meaning out of these environmental signals and create a relationship between these gifts from the universe and your on-going experience. The Second attention is a mysterious aspect of human beings as perceiving creatures and through training, can be accessed and utilised to not only enter into unimaginable and unheard of perceptual realities, but also in doing so, to break and extend in inconceivable ways our rigid agreedupon boundaries.

The Interface The Interface is the emergent property that arises out of a well developed First Attention and an ensuing purposeful balanced and harmonious relationship between the First and Second Attentions. This relationship can begin and continue to unfold through what is called ‘the ordering of the island of the Tonal.’ This translates as, firstly, becoming more aware of internal thinking processes, noticing what is useful and vital, and what is not. Secondly, bearing in mind that there is a

positive intention within all that passes through the cognitive First Attention processes, and assessing and evaluating this information. Thirdly, considering the reframes that can be applied to what is considered to be superfluous and proceeding in the full knowledge that what is superfluous in one context may be vital in another. Once the above steps are rehearsed and applied regularly, you not only order the island of the Tonal but also strengthen the First Attention through the acute examination and understanding of your internal processes. This process results in opening a channel of communication with Second Attention, whereby you can utilise your First Attention - in the role of the Interface - not only to send directives to this larger unit of mind, but also consider applying your awareness of First Attention processes to unpack and understand your ‘unconscious competence’. A finely tuned and honed First Attention itself can serve as the Interface between its cognitive processes and Second Attention. With a strong First Attention, where awareness and understanding of its inventory are a constant on-going process of re-evaluation, gathering and updating of information, can we use the First Attention as an Interface. This constant nurturing of the First Attention will enable us (a) to consider entering Second Attention in a way that will maintain the ecology of the entire human organism and (b) upon shifting awareness back into the everyday awareness, to notice how elegantly the First Attention cognitively maps the nature of what we experienced whilst perceiving reality through the unknown. Methods of accessing and exercising the Interface are numerous. The ones listed below serve as examples. Active Dreaming constitutes an aspect of the interface. ‘Dreaming Awake’ as it is sometimes called aligns the Attentions and as a result we begin to perceive systemically and holistically.

Setting Up Dreaming specifically and everyday dreams generally also form an essential aspect of the interface. Gazing establishes connection, as an effective aspect of the interface and in some respects constitutes an Active Dreaming Format, employing as it does similar processes. It also effectively sets up Stopping The World / Internal Dialogue. Metaphor and Story Telling specifically and language generally facilitate the interface by virtue of the direction that is set up within the system irrespective of the degree of Intent involved. For this reason Stalkers use language Impeccably and precisely for they are aware of the power of directing the entire system into the context stated. There is only everyday talk and words, amongst everyday people, Stalkers by contrast know the power of words and use them appropriately and accordingly. Finally, there is only Attention, and the descriptions First and Second Attentions are a very useful way in which to begin to make inroads into noticing the different functions of our mind, so that with this knowledge we may move towards living every moment with the totality of ourselves. Karys Orsini & Damian Sinclair

 The mind, for a Seer is nothing but the self reflection of the inventory of man


Intent Comments concerning Intent It has been clear to me for some time, and becoming clearer in the light of the present activities that Sorcery is solely dependant upon Intent. What one brings into the practice effectively makes it what it is. Whereas this is true of most things it is a fact emphasised very clearly within Sorcery. Examining the diagram Meta frames of Sorcery Practice, See appendix 2, it is useful to note the placement and what this implies of the statement ‘Intending The Ring of Intent.’ It is at a higher logical level and as such contains all lower level components. I realise, at this time that all of the 2nd Attention practices I am applying at this time, specifically Gazing, serve the sole outcome, at this early stage, of activating the connection with Intent itself. It is like Dreaming into being The Dreaming Attention. Creating an environment for it. Doing things appropriate to its nature. Developing the requisite skills to fully engage it. Evolving the beliefs that support it and fulfilling its criteria on its terms. Being the Sorcerer in the Doing of all of this and as a result connecting to and ‘Actualising The Dreaming Attention.’ A Neurological Alignment given the context of Sorcery. Intent is the motive power. Intent, the power that supports and underpins all things. It is by Intent alone that one is enabled to follow this path up to and beyond a certain point. ‘The Ring of Intent’ is The aspect of the practice period to connect to and in order to do that in a way that is not purely theoretical, involves ‘unhooking’ oneself from ‘The Ring of Reason.’ A

truly magnificent quest. All made possible by Intent. At the outset it is a requirement to ‘Intend Intent itself.’ Two Rings of Power are known to exist. All beings possess the one known as Reason. The world and its societies are upheld by Reason and its kindred ‘Thinking and Talking.’ To unhook the Ring of Reason is a Sorcerers primary endeavour to which he or she brings Dramatic Exertion. In some respects this unhooking is a higher logical level procedure of Stopping The World, which in itself ‘sets the stage.’ The Second Ring of Power is known to Sorcerers, it is The Ring of Intent. The all consuming ‘Self Importance’ of an individual which is a by product of The Ring of Reason makes accessing this ring all but impossible. Hence a Man of Knowledge only becomes so when the Sorcerer within him or her has unhooked the one ring and accessed the other. As mentioned above and repeated here I have begun to vocalise the call to Intent. It is stated that the primary vehicles of Intent are the eyes and the use of the voice. The eyes I have known of for some time and have developed practices for enhancing this. The voice I have also known of for some time and in other contexts have learned how to use the voice as a medium for inducing altered states within myself and others. It is the first time however that I have called forth Intent simply by vibrating the word itself. Upon doing so a vacuum of silence descends and I find it a useful place to begin and end a practice session in this way. It has been said that there are three riddles within Sorcery. The first is The Mastery of Awareness which is the riddle of the mind. The second is Stalking which is the riddle of the heart. And thirdly there is The Mastery of Intent which is the riddle of the spirit. Sorcery has further been described as stages of accessing and finally utilising Intent. As such its procedures and practices can be said to have this primary purpose in mind. Like so many teaching methods, whilst engaged in overt activity, covert outcomes are also being processed. In the instance of Sorcery this covert outcome is the development of the relationship between the practitioner and Intent.

Beckoned by the shine of the eyes. The true outcome of Sorcery - to Stalk Intent. The practices and abstracts being the means of diverting the mind into the belief that it is doing something far more complex and as such valuable. This is how we, as humans tend to function, as such the primary methodology of Sorcery is Trickery. The trick – to make the link to Intent active. All else is a very useful ruse.

 The only important question is : Does this Path have a Heart? All paths are the same : They lead nowhere. They are paths going through the bush, or into the bush. In my own life I could say that I have traversed long, long paths, but I am not anywhere. My benefactors question has meaning now. If the path has a Heart, the path is good. If it doesn’t it is of no use. Both paths lead nowhere, but one has Heart, the other doesn’t. One makes for a joyful journey, as long as you follow it, you are one with it. The other will make you curse your life. One makes you strong, the other weakens you.


Gazing Whilst Looking we simply engage in the cognitive process known as thinking. We seek for patterns and meanings, and we find them so consistently that the world assumes a solid structure within our minds. Whilst Gazing we open the field and access a wider context. So what is inferred? Logically, Looking is part of the 1st Attentions inventory whist Gazing pertains to the inventory of 2nd Attention. Today’s practice has me exercising The Double, so to speak. Having configured The Dreaming Attention, well at least its matrix, by fleshing it out through the processes known as visualisation and Gazing, I began to move the Attention to different locations within the energy body. The first step is to locate its habitual resting place, this makes itself known quite simply by where your Attention comes to rest as a result of a thorough internal inventory. Having located it, it becomes possible through Intent to relocate it to another point within the energy body. Opening that point again by Intending the Attention to do so, it remains to notice what is to be noticed. I made four such shifts and as a result my internal perceptual fields varied greatly, in terms of feeling, energy and content. Upon completion, returning the Attention to its natural resting point is essential, if one is to be thorough. Sealing the Gate below the navel completes the practice itself. Whilst sweeping the Gaze Left to Right etc. returns you perceptually to the here and now.

Gazing continues to unfold by employing various objects collected at random. Focussing the Attention on the one and prior to drifting away, pulling or sweeping the Attention across to another. This consolidates the Attention and in this world, continues to Set Up The Dream of this World, The Stalkers Dream. It also rehearses consolidating the Attention in the world or worlds animated by Setting Up Dreaming. In many respects Gazing is essential to Dreaming as it prepares the attitude and territory. Dreaming unlike many components within Sorcery can be evasive. It is in its nature to be so. For this reason Gazing is the means by which the Sorcerer can begin to Stalk Dreaming. The Spirit Animal exists as a dream within the mind of a human, whilst also being the creator of the dream in which the human dwells. This creature lives in a world I am currently animating, one I return to regularly in order to develop an appropriate relationship as well as the ongoing learnings acquired. There is much to be learned from Multiple Descriptions generally, and this one specifically. Over the practice period it is my Intention to animate and enter several Perceptual Worlds with two specific Intentions in mind : 1 ] To partially release the Ring of Reason in this way, it is an exquisite way of acquiring the ability of living between descriptions, which, at this time I feel to be a Prerequisite of connecting to The Ring of Intent. And 2 ] I am effectively exercising the muscles of The Dreaming Attention. A written account of one of the processes I have learnt as a result of practising Cunning. Stalking the Dreaming Attention begins this way. A simple beginning and yet crucial in the matter of Dreaming. It is essential to transfer Attention into the Matrix upon which the Actualisation will formulate itself, Dream itself into being. To do this is also essential to loosen the grip of this world. Hence the animation of Perceptual Worlds at this time. This process, at this time is the most crucial 2nd Attention procedure I perform and constitutes an aspect of the high Art of Stalking. The rest is Deliberate action. Dramatic Exertion and of course Intent.

1 Whilst standing, perform an internal inventory travelling from the soles of the feet to the top of the head. 2 Focus on the breath entering and leaving the body. 3 Place the Attention within the eyes. First the left, then the right, then place it upon the forehead. 4 Now place the Attention in the ears. First the left, then the right, then place it at the base of the skull. 5 Place the Attention at the gateway of the navel and Intend a luminosity of fibres to move outward from this point, moving to the surface of the skin and then to the surface of the energetic skin. Thus forming the luminous cocoon. 6 Two Rings of Power, one at each foot. One Ring at the groin, a Lunar disc. One upon the forehead, a Solar disc. Two Rings of Power, one within each palm. 7 The palms touching at the level of the navel. Draw Power upward, illuminating the cocoon until the hands reach the area above the head. From there draw within the air the outline of the cocoon. Maintaining a level of muscle tension bring the arms to the sides of the body, fingers rigidly pointing downwards. 8 Call upon intent with the eyes. 9 Call upon Intent with the voice. 10 Placing the Attention back at the navel. Once again call upon Intent with the voice. 11 Call forth the Great Spirit. Call forth the Silent Witness. Call forth Intent. And for a third and final time call upon Intent with the voice. 12 Witness the Presence in Silence. 13 After a suitable amount of time, come to a seated position, being careful to maintain state. Place the hands palms up upon the knees.

14 Place the Attention in the palm of the Left hand, Gazing through the left eye. [ focussing awareness on the left side generally ] upon this palm a Ring of Power, a world, the realm of a vast jungle. Arboreal splendour. Vapour rises from the earth, perfumes of plant life redolent with sensuality. Golden green sunlight filters through a canopy of green. Muscles stretch, back arches, claws extend. I have entered the world of my guardian and I begin to explore. 15 After an appropriate amount of time. By Intent, sweep the Attention to the palm of the right palm, Gazing through the right eye. [ focussing awareness on the right side generally ] Upon this palm a Ring of Power, a world, a realm of Silence. A burning Sun [ fire ] burns brightly within a sky of blue, clouds travel across the surface, vaporising and reforming. Breeze [ air ] plays within the leaves of a mighty tree, roots travel deeply into the soil [ earth ] The tree stands beside a waterfall [ water ]. A place of peace, of calm. A place to collect energy, to take rest and dream. Taking this, and resting within the embrace of the elements, I enter Silence and repose. 16 By Intent sweep the Attention to the forehead, upon which a Ring of Power, a world. A world of Mystery unfolds its first tenuous impressions, cascades downwards and touches, embraces each of the worlds entered previously. The beginning unfolds gently. 17 Place the palm of the left hand over the navel, the right on top, sweep the eyes to the left, opening them as you do. Sweep the eyes to the right. Again to the left. Then look directly ahead and enter this world, this moment, this dream. In one of the Perceptual Worlds I currently animate and visit is the home of my Spirit animal. In this world I shed my human form and enter that of another. Today, upon a journey we climbed to the top of a rocky escarpment. The Sun setting golden red on the horizon cast shadows all around. Night descended and the Moon rose resplendent

into the sky. I gazed upwards and was touched by the silven arrows of light that entered my eyes and touched my skin, bringing about enchantment and dream. In one dream I soundlessly took flight and experienced the night as an owl. In another, scales undulating across forest floor I experienced the world of the serpent. Each of these experiences was profound in itself. Here my only Intention is to set the stage. When returning to my own form [ within that world ] I began to dream, yet again the dream of being human. It took Intent to leave this world and enter another, effort occurs when the energy of that world is equal to the outcome of detaining you. The challenge to the Gazer or Dreamer is not to succumb. The above description fulfils the criteria of entering a second dream whilst dreaming, that is, the Spirit Animal is already a dream, of sorts and within that dream he dreamed of owl and serpent.

 The world of Sorcerers is a dream, a myth, Yet it is as real as the everyday world. In order to perceive and function in the Sorcerers world we have to remove the mask that has been strapped to our faces since the day we were born and replace it with another. That mask we have to make ourselves by Dreaming our Other Self. Florinda Donner Grau : Being In Dreaming


Synopsis of Gazing Procedure Physiological Alignment – The Stance of Power and Grace. Internal Gazing 1 : Elemental Configurations A Candle flame – A drop of crystalline water – A feather gently dancing in the breeze – A shard of crystal. Intermediary Stage : The shard of crystal [ above ] turns and a facet opens. A reflection which becomes each of the landscapes [ below ] in turn. Attention is shifted from one to the other by returning to the crystal, its turning and the opening of the next facet – reflection – landscape. Internal gazing 2 : Internal Landscapes – Mountain country. Peaks capped with snow. Tree line of conifers. Crystal blue sky. Sun warm, gentle breeze. Wild flowers spread amongst the grasses. A willow sways beside a mountain stream. Night. Seashore. Waves crashing against rocks. Spume caught upon a howling wind, carries taste and smell of ozone. Dark clouds course across the face of the Moon. A solitary figure walks across an endless desert waste. Dunes etched into waves. Grains of sand caught upon the breeze. A relentless Sun beats down. On he walks, on and ever onward. A cave far beneath the earth. Cathedral proportions. Sulphur glows in rocky recesses. Moisture drips from rock

walls. Cavern opens upon a lake, vast, ink black and still is its surface. Standing upon a precipice. Below - an infinite drop. A valley spread far below. An endless uninterrupted view ahead. Horizon, a golden red sun sinks into night. The last of its rays reach out and bless the eyes. Night descends. A Moon, silver and lambent sends arrows of silven light, pierces eyes and skin, promotes dreams. Internal Gazing 3 : Opening The Energetic Matrix Sweep Attention to the breath passing in and out of the body. Attention is placed in the eyes, then the left and then the right then to the forehead. Attention is placed in the ears, left and right then the base of the skull. Attention is placed at the base of the spine, the sex centre, the throat and the forehead. Attention is placed in the Gateway of Assemblage [ the navel ] In conjunction with the left eye and palm, opens the left side of the Energetic Matrix. In conjunction with the right eye and palm, opens the right side of the Energetic Matrix. Places Attention back at the gate then travels to the surface of the skin and outwards to the surface of the energetic skin. Intends a bunch of luminous fibres to emerge from the gate. Places Attention into the palms, catches fibres between them. Pulls outwards – upwards – opens and draws downwards, etching the outline of the energetic cocoon. Arms held in tension, fingers rigidly pointing downwards. Slightly leaning forward as if into a breeze. [ The stance of Intent ] Invokation : Calls forth the Great Spirit to witness the acts performed. The Silent Witness to know the acts performed and Intent itself to empower the acts performed.

Calls forth Intent into, and with the eyes. Calls forth, vocally, Intent 3 times as a series of vibrations using the voice. Two Rings of Power rise upwards [ 1 at each foot ] meet two Rings of Power rise upwards [ 1 in each palm ] meet One Ring of Power. [ The Mind – The Heart – The Energetic Cocoon ] each in turn calls forth Intent. The latter in Silence. Pauses. Seals the gate of assemblage with the left palm, the forehead with the right. Draws the right palm downwards to cover the left. Pauses. Acknowledges the Great Spirit – The Silent Witness – and Intent. Removes the palms from the gate. Opens the eyes. Sits. External Gazing : Upon sitting re - opens the Energetic Matrix. Opens the eyes and Gazes at a series of external objects, 5 to 6 in number. [ These items vary at each session and consist of things found during the day ] Internal Gazing 4 : Rings of Power - The Perceptual Worlds Closes the eyes. Internally opens the left eye which opens the left Ring of Power within the left palm – A Perceptual World. Enters and explores. Shifts Attention to the right eye which opens the Ring of Power in the right palm – A Perceptual World. Enters and explores. Shifts Attention to above the head and opens the third Ring of Power – A Perceptual World. Mystery unfolds. Enters and explores. Shifts Attention to the Gateway of Assemblage and acutely senses the Triangulation of Rings of Power / Perceptual Worlds. Note … During the foregoing there is a vast amount of spontaneous improvisation. The steps are simply in place as a set of Rules – A Sorcery term – For the Attentions – Both 1st and 2nd to hook onto.

Closure : The entire practice is ended by sweeping the Gaze to the left, opening the eyes. Then to the right, turning the palms. Again to the left, assembling the Attention. Again to the right, entering the moment. Finally looking directly ahead, pausing for a moment prior to rising and continuing with the rest of the evening. In conversation with La Gorda, Castaneda discovers that a female Sorcerer can directly access ‘The Crack Between The Worlds’ because she has a womb, the primary function of which is Dreaming. During the two days prior to menstruation a woman becomes even more sensitised and at this time can access the ‘Crack’ directly. Male Sorcerers by contrast have to make the ‘Crack.’ The Energetic Matrix – 3 and its supportive hypothesis - The pressure waves created by the existence of eight Perceptual Worlds creates a Nexus at the point of their meeting, out of this point, as an emergent quality arises the ‘Crack.’ It seems I am indeed creating the means of ingress and egress between the worlds. Between the worlds being the only place a Sorcerer can live. See The Energetic Matrix

 The Second Attention is like an ocean and the Dreaming Attention is like a river flowing into it. The Second Attention is the condition of being aware of total worlds, total like our world is total, while the Dreaming Attention is the condition of being aware of the items of our dreams.


Setting Up Dreaming Accessing the Third Gate Operating Premise : Along the continuum between being ‘awake’ and being ‘asleep’ there is a critical point at which, if sufficient consciousness is present acceleration into Dreaming takes place. The alternative is de-acceleration into normal sleep and dreams. Accelerating into, and entering Dreaming. Awake Falling asleep and entering dreams. Critical Point The following methodology is designed to maintain Conscious Attention, up to and inclusive of the critical point of transference from one mode of consciousness to another. Preparations Month 1 Study the structure of Practice. Month 2 In the world study a short journey [ there and back ] Go over it again and again, noticing as much detail as possible. Commit it thoroughly to memory. The more detail you can recall the better. [ Over the period of a month, it is possible to evolve a strategy whereby the journey can be divided into sections for convenience. ] Month 3 Ensure that the structure of practice is in place. Ensure that the study of the journey is complete. Ensure that the Gazing practice has been maintained prior to the Dreaming practice and that it is continued during the practice.

Technique 1. From the point of leaving the room - house etc. Using memory and imagination travel the route of your journey [ If the journey has been set up at night make it so etc. ] Travel your journey step by step, as if you were walking it in your body in the world. Upon arriving at your destination turn around and return. Entering the house room you are situated in, integrate the imaginary body you have been travelling with the physical. [ It is most important that this is done as an act of Intent ] 2. Continuing the above methodology. After some time, and familiarity with the journey arises, place at a specific point a visual marker or symbol. At another location place a specific sound or word that you hear. At another location touch something and feel it. Do the same with a specific smell and a specific taste at other locations.

 Not Doing is Performed by the body Set up by Gazing and is a method of storing Personal Power. Sorcery is the Cunning of the 1st Attention and serves as the interface. Gazing is the Cunning of the 2nd Attention and facilitates Active Dreaming. Setting Up Dreaming is the Cunning of the Double. It lures the one to flesh the other. Which one does what is open to conjecture, for it is a matter of the Dreamer and the Dreamed.


Comment concerning Setting Up Dreaming In the early hours of this morning at approximately 2 – 3 am I had an experience that approximates what occurred over 25 years ago when I first Set Up Dreaming. The memory of this mornings experience is clear and yet being the nature of dream it contains irrationalities that are appropriate to this context. What follows is as precise a description as I can manage at this time. I awoke to see light coming through the curtains and after some struggle managed to rise and walk towards the window movement was disjointed, yet after an indefinite time I managed to arrive at the window. I had the distinct impression that I was Dreaming and as such sought to leave the room. Again, after an effort I succeeded in entering the corridor with the intention of travelling to the next room. The corridor itself was constantly changing, yet I managed to stabilise it whilst pulling myself along one wall. Eventually I entered the other room and took hold of my colleagues hand, and upon doing so sought to produce sound. The sound that came out was guttural and took a lot of effort. Once produced it propelled me back to my sleeping position, whereupon I awoke with an elated feeling of having taken the first step in Setting Up Dreaming. I rose entered the bathroom, returned and then heard my colleague do much the same. It would have been interesting to have had a conversation, yet I chose not to disturb her further. After some time spent re-orientating myself I entered sleep and awoke this morning with the

distinct impression that the experience had occurred twice. I am uncertain of the truth of this as it is simply an impression. I consider that sufficient Dreaming Attention was present to initiate this first step and can only conclude that the Personal Power I am accumulating is now sufficient to initiating this process. I have been actively engaged in this practice for : 3 months of preparation and 4 months plus of actual exercise. The important thing to note is that I continue to maintain the attitude of Indifference, even in the light of such an experience and as such I continue.

 I am going to speak to you about Not Doing, in spite of the fact that there is no way to talk about it, because it is the body that does it. Take that rock for instance. To look at it is Doing, but to See it is Not Doing. The world is the world because you know the Doing involved in making it so. If you didn’t know its Doing, the world would be different. You are making this into a pebble because you know the Doing involved in it. Now, in order to Stop The World you must stop Doing. As I have said before, a Warrior doesn’t need to believe, because as long as he keeps on acting without believing he is Not Doing. Dreaming is the Not Doing of dreams. From now on and for a period of eight days lie to yourself. Instead of telling yourself the truth that you are as you are, tell yourself the opposite, knowing that you are lying and absolutely beyond hope. This may hook you to another doing and then you may realise that both doings are lies, unreal, and that to hinge yourself to either one is a waste of time, because the only thing that is real is the being in you that is going to die. To arrive at that being is the Not Doing of the self. The trick is in what is emphasised. We either make ourselves weak or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. Don Juan Matus


Comments concerning dreams Two dreams occurred, the first Tuesday night, the second on Wednesday night. In both instances the dreams were lucid and pertained to that aspect of dreaming. In the first I was contained within a circle of women. All known to me yet their appearance was very different. In the world they are all Neuro Linguistic Trainers. The very best on offer world wide. No apparently important words or communication was passed between us, only their energetic presence was marked. Contained within their circle was an interesting and challenging experience. This dream has some significance for one reason only. Damian was conceived on June 9th 1997. He spent nine months gestating, a form of Magickal hibernation. The question arises : Who was the mother? I Have my thoughts on this and they will remain within the realm of speculation. What is of importance is that in the instance of a Mother it presupposes a Father. In this instance, in conversation prior to the 9th I stated emphatically to a curious and interested party that indeed there was no father. For the fact was that the process was purely female. Here the dream takes on specific value as can be clearly seen. The second dream relates in an interesting way. To be brief, I dreamed that I met someone who had just been born. Like myself fully formed, articulate and aware. On approaching I realised that in truth I was approaching myself, a hand

was extended and we melded. The interesting element here was that the form [ the I ] was female. What is of interest is that some months ago as Damian I wrote Songs in Solitude. The very first tale written was ‘Pax Nobilis – A Noble Peace’ the central character of the story is Damiana also happens to be the female form of Damian. Her tale like all good fiction is part biography and part phantasy. Again I repeat these dreams are considered to be an aspect of dreaming I spell with a small d. The distinction is important. I record them solely to be accurate in recording phenomena that arises which may at the time seem insignificant, yet at a future date turns out to be of importance. A night of interesting lucid dream activity. In one section whilst travelling with a group of people I found myself exploring an interesting world. I encountered something that was not animal or vegetable but a combination of both. It began as a phosphorescent green patch on the bark of a tree, which when examined detached a section of itself and took on the form of a small elephant. Whilst observing this two creatures wandered out of the surrounding jungle, fox like in appearance. They approached and transformed into two humanoid forms, what was originally beige fur transformed into hair and eye colouring. They were elegant, lithe and had exquisite features. The male of the two taught me how to fly. Movement without moving was the key. The night before last found me again in an unusual place. Something about projecting breath outwards. A pair of arms were wrapped around me which gave emphasis to the lower diaphragm. It was an unusual sensation projecting the breath in this way.

Attributes of a Warrior Control


Forbearance Timing


& The Petty Tyrant

I Introduction During the year long period of practice three sets of principles pertaining to Sorcery have been highlighted. The first two sets : The Four Moods of Stalking and The Four Enemies of a Man or Woman of Knowledge have been applied and commented upon in a number of ways. At this time it is appropriate to pass comment upon the third set : The Attributes of a Warrior. In outlining the role of a Petty Tyrant and The Attributes of a Warrior Don Juan tells Carlos a story about his benefactors strategy for dealing with a man who had shot and left for dead Don Juan when he worked as a mill labourer. See The Fire From Within – Carlos Castaneda – Pages 26 – 46. Recognising the context in which the lesson of The Attributes of a Warrior were communicated to Carlos, I shall now, in the light of these words explore the attributes equal to my own current understanding.

II The Attributes of a Warrior Control – In the light of all that transpires whilst pursuing the path of Sorcery one remains sober. This demonstrates the Inaccessibility that the Sorcerer strives for and results from having Lost Self Importance and Self Reflection, having Erased Personal History and having ultimately become a Formless Warrior by Losing The Human Form. Discipline – Unbending Intent is what ensures that irrespective of what unfolds one remains constant within the practice. This clearly demonstrates that the Warrior is rehearsing Impeccability which derives from making ones decisions final acts. Forbearance – Otherwise known as Patience. The ability to remain indifferent in the light of all that transpires. This is brought about by recognising ‘the equality of all things’ and with this attitude in place one enters Freedom whilst pursuing the path itself. Timing – The essence of Acting appropriately. Knowing when to do so and when not to, for in some instances the best form of action is to wait for sufficient information in respect of a specific context. Will – A Warrior waits, knowing what it is they are waiting for. An emergent property that arises out of applying the previous attributes. The Petty Tyrant – The foregoing attributes are internal whilst the sixth – The Petty Tyrant is external and relates to the world and those within it.

III The Principles of Sorcery Four Prerequisites of Stalking

Four Enemies of a Man of Knowledge

Attributes of a Warrior











Old Age

Timing Will The Petty Tyrant

This section of the essay will serve as a brief exploration of the relationships that exist between each set of principles and for the purpose of maintaining simplicity I will select one set only, knowing full well that any combination would serve as useful given this brief analysis.

The Principles of Sorcery Relationships Self Importance

Ruthlessness Cunning Patience








Old Age


Will The Petty Tyrant Ruthlessness … Fear … Control The first trinity of Principles bears a striking linguistic accuracy. Bearing in mind the general meaning of Ruthlessness which is ‘discarding all that is not necessary’ it follows that Fear consumes a vast amount of Personal Power, for it is through the masks of Fear that the apprentice

and Sorcerer alike meet their challenges. When performing a Sorcerers Strategic Inventory one of the very first items addressed is ones perceived Fears, arising, as they do from what is the current description we hold of the world. It takes Ruthlessness to even contemplate unearthing our vulnerabilities, yet alone addressing them face on. It becomes necessary to be Ruthless with oneself, the primary territory for The Stalker. For in the light of ones Fear or Fears one moves on. To do this congruently takes Control, for in the light of whatever takes place, one becomes Indifferent and proceeds. This when in the grip of ones Fear takes both Ruthlessness and Control, for in one sense the two terms and what they imply are interchangeable. Cunning … Clarity … Discipline In order to practice Cunning one requires Clarity which grants us insight into knowing the appropriateness of a specific behaviour. And conversely in order to have Clarity it is necessary to practice sufficient Cunning in order to circumnavigate the tendencies we have in our thinking as human beings. As can be seen the relationship between Cunning and Clarity is self evident. To practice and apply these principles in order to hone them into tools and skills of true usefulness takes Discipline. Patience … Power … Forbearance Patience and Forbearance again are interchangeable terms and in dealing with the onslaughts of Power are invaluable for they serve to temper the Warrior and as a result enable them to acquire true Sobriety. And yet to practice and apply these Principles takes Power.

Sweetness … Old Age … Timing It is primarily the Sweetness of blending and appearing ordinary that effectively allows for Old Age in its sense of the accumulation of years. Timing in this instance has two specific relational points. First there is the timing of acts, often spoken of and then there is the deliberate acts the Warrior undertakes throughout their lives. The Sorcerers Strategic Inventory permits the life of a Warrior to be one of deliberation, which allows for the acts of youth being timed appropriately whilst those of advancing years are likewise timed appropriately. To the outside eye this permits the Sweetness of concealing ones true power to take place. Will An emergent property. Within the text it is stated that a Warrior waits and knows what it is they are waiting for. The practice of Patience facilitates the emergence of the Will. The Will which is described as being a specific bundle of fibres that is located at the point of the navel, a gap situated either above or below this point out of which the Will emerges in order to ‘grab’ things. A physical sense of touching what is ‘out there’ with something that is ‘in here.’ It is the Will that permits the Warrior to perform extraordinary acts and to live a life where extraordinary things take place. The Will finally emerges when the previous attributes of Control, Discipline, Forbearance and timing have been applied consistently and congruently, only then is the Warrior prepared for the emergence of the inexplicable – The Will.

The Petty Tyrant All the preceding Principles of Sorcery are internal, whether they be The Four Moods of Stalking which are strategies for dealing with the world and with those within it. The Four Enemies which, whilst arising from without take on the characteristics, the responses of the Warrior him or herself, for even Old Age is an attitude. Finally the previous attributes are attitudes and skills developed in order to remain congruently aligned to the path of Sorcery. The Petty Tyrant exists externally and is invariably a person or situation that has, to one degree or another power over the Warrior. It is how the Warrior, specifically the Stalker examines and responds to The Petty Tyrant that determines whether one is successful or not in over throwing their influence, thereby demonstrating the flexibility and the quality of being inaccessible. It is also true that one can be or become ones own worst enemy or Petty Tyrant and in respect of this the other Principles of Sorcery stand one in good stead. Self Importance Though not listed as either a Mood, an Enemy or and attribute, I feel that this Principle, as described by Don Juan, specifically in connection to The Old Seers is the Principle without equal that the Warrior attends to throughout their pursuit of Sorcery. It is my contention that properly speaking Self Importance is an Enemy of a Man or Woman of Knowledge and rightly belongs in this category. It operates at a higher logical level and as such all Four Enemies are dependant upon its presence in order to succeed in overthrowing the Warrior. Conversely and appropriately it is only in the light of the Loss of Self Importance and its

attendant lack of Self Reflection that the Warrior succeeds in not succumbing to the Enemies themselves. Self Importance is how we tend to value one thing above another, not because of the things intrinsic value but how we value ourselves in the process of valuing. In this respect the Sorcerers predilection of Stalking is worth considering closely, specifically the component of equality. Not the equality of a social or political persuasion but rather that nothing counts, as a result of all things being equal. In this way the Sorcerer is freed to pursue Freedom unencumbered by so called truth and meaning. The component that emphasises this clearly is the concept of ‘Controlled Folly.’ All actions being equal, all is folly, our Self Importance seduces us into accepting the value of something which in principle is valueless. A Sorcerer likewise acts with folly, there is no other choice. The distinction is one of degree. A Sorcerer knows this and as such is free to act knowing the unimportance of the act, yet rejoicing in its performance. All this is geared to Seeing in respect of one simple thing, whilst we ‘Look’ at things we code them for value criteria. When we See, it is into the heart of a thing that our Attention travels.

A Toltec Witness Section 3  

A Toltec Witness The New Mood Of Sorcery

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