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Nemco Launch On-line Legionella Awareness Training Most cases of Legionnaires Disease can be directly linked back to poor communication, inadequate management and a lack of training or awareness. Nemco have long understood the important role that training takes in the management of legionella. Case Study: A maintenance engineer at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary had been asked to carry out the routine testing of fire hoses (which he did every 6 months). Usually he ran the water into a drain as he had been instructed to do. On one occasion he got to a top floor hose and the drain he normally used was blocked so he ran the hose out of a window creating a fine water mist of stagnant water. The mist was contaminated with legionella bacteria and the aerosol blew in through a window lower down the hospital infecting a lady who was recovering from a routine operation. The patient died quite unnecessarily within a matter of days. The maintenance engineer had been told what to do but crucially he had not been told WHY. He had never been formally trained and was not aware that a slight variation in his working could have saved someone’s life. Nemco offer a range of Legionella Awareness Training courses that can be attended at the training centre in Suffolk or on the client’s own premises. On-line Legionella Awareness Training: In September 2010, Nemco launched their On-line Legionella Awareness Training course targeted towards those actively involved in Legionella control and monitoring such as site managers, caretakers and maintenance staff as well as those responsible for the management of the control programme including facilities / building managers and staff supervisors. The on-line option allows delegates to complete the course at a time convenient to themselves at the comfort of their own desk. Individuals can work at their own pace and learning reviews are undertaken at the end of each module. Once the course has been successfully completed, the delegate may download an attendance certificate. For multi site organisations the On-line Legionella Awareness Training option can prove to be a cost efficient and effective method of delivery. Credits can be purchased so that user codes may be distributed internally and Nemco would provide reports of attendance and completion. The course aims:     


Raise awareness of Legionnaires Disease Provide basic information on assessing and managing the risks Promote understanding and ownership Inform individuals of their responsibilities Equip delegates with the necessary information to carry out their role For more information about Risk Assessments or managing the risks, please contact Nemco Utilities at

Nemco Launch On-line Legionella Awareness Training On-line Legionella Awareness Training content

Laerning Reviews

Background to Legionella & Legionnaires Disease

Law & responsibility

Personal Safety

Recording & reporting

Risk areas / risk management

Water testing practical

Water testing theory

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For more information about Risk Assessments or managing the risks, please contact Nemco Utilities at

Nemco Launch On-line Legionella Awareness Training  

Legionella is the name given to the group of bacteria which give rise a number of illnesses, including Legionnaires' disease – a potentially...