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Nelson Mezerhane Venezuela

Excellent Entrepreneurial Skills

Nelson Mezerhane Miami Vision-oriented professional with years of experience backing him. He has always remained optimistic, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. He was granted recognition as Entrepreneur of the Year as a part of the Annual Assembly LXIV Fedecamaras. On receiving this award, expressed his identification with the business association and the willingness to work.

Human Rights Watch Nelson Mezerhane Miami received the award for Entrepreneur of the Year as a part of the Annual Assembly LXIV Fedecamaras. Leading independent organization dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. Mr. Mezerhane said that he is fortunate to lead a group of companies and is the President of the Group of Companies Mezerhane and Federal Financial Group.

He works towards the social development of individual as well as collective behavior to lead the Venezuelan economy towards a better future. Nelson Mezerhane Venezuela continues to make effective efforts towards the real development and growth of the country by offering areas for more participation of different stakeholders in the Venezuelan economy and by making commitment towards protection of environment.

Seasoned Businessman He has been ranked as a hard working and visionary businessmen by his peers, friends as well as competitors. He always acts ethically and with perseverance uniting all efforts to advance the society. His areas of services include major investments in tourism and recreation, automotive, real estate, communication sector and others.

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Nelson Mezerhane Venezuela Has Excellent Entrepreneurial Skills