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Nelson Mezerhane Miami

Has Extensive Business Experience

About Nelson Mezerhane

Nelson Mezerhane Miami leads a group that has been successfully building Venezuela for 90 years.Throughout these years, he has shown enough examples of being a man of integrity and courage. He is recognized for his excellent entrepreneurial skills and undying attitude to achieve success. lelly building Venezuela for 90 years.eads a group that has been

In the ‘70s, he slowly and relentlessly began his individual history to acquire a majority stake in a small group of companies that later became one of the largest banking organizations in the Venezuelan financial system. He made significant efforts to make important investments in renewable natural resource of the great land, its people and natural landscapes. Nelson Mezerhane said that he was fortunate to lead a group of companies.

In his career, Nelson Mezerhane Venezuela has always shown an unwavering conviction to continue on and incorporate new investment with a view towards social, ethical and professional and personal perseverance.

Nelson Mezerhane Miami is an experienced entrepreneur with many years of experience under his belt. He has been granted recognition as "Entrepreneur of the Year" as part of the Annual Assembly LXIV Fedecamaras, which is held in Maracaibo. He dedicated this prestigious award to his father, Mashud Mezerhane.

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Nelson Mezerhane Miami Has Extensive Business Experience