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Chapter 1 – In the Beginning 1. What were your parents and grandparents full names, dates of birth, places of birth Mom- Thelma Elizabeth Garibay-Menjivar, December 9, 1973 San Salvador, El Salvador Grandma-Carlotta Griseldina Valladares-Huezo, November 16, 1956, Santa Tecla, El Salvador Grandpa- Francisco Orlando Menjivar, April 2,1949 San Salvador, El Salvador Dad- Armando Garibay, July 26, 1970 Mexico Grandma-Mexico Grandpa-Mexico 2. What was the occupation of your parents? Father- Cook, Upholster, Painter, Plumber, Landscaper, Mechanic, Floor Installer, and Construction Worker Mother- Cashier, Customer Service, Secretary, Clerk 3. How many children were in your family? Where were you in the lineup? 2. First. 4. Generally Speaking, what was your childhood like? My childhood was fun I lived in an apartment complex and there were so many kids around my age we all got along and played many games like house, or teacher. Things of that sort. 5. What one or two stories do you remember most clearly about your childhood? I remember living in Anaheim, California. We lived in an apartment close to Disneyland so I would get to see the firework show every day. All the kids from the neighborhood would come out and watch the fireworks. 6. Are there any particularly happy, funny, sad or instructive lessons you learned while growing up? A sad story I learned is that not everyone is with you. Most people are almost always against you.

Chapter 2- In Your Neighborhood 1. What was it like where you grew up? Where I grew up was nice because there were so many kids my age that we all played when school was over until it was dark. 2. Describe your most important friendships: My most important friendship was with my cousin Karen from California we got along so well we were like sisters. Even though we were cousins we considered each other as best friends we would do everything together until I moved to Texas. 3. Where and how did "news of your neighborhood" usually flow? The news usually flowed with a nosey neighbor in our apartment complex she always somehow knew everything and would always gossip to everybody about others business.

CHAPTER 3 – School Days: 1.

Be sure to capture names and dates attended of grammar, and high school. Oak Creek Elementary School Wells Middle School Westfield High School Carl Wunsche High School


What are your earliest school day memories? Kindergarten, I remember crying on the second day of school instead of first day like a normal child.


Are there any teachers or subjects you particularly liked or disliked? I’ve always disliked math, I like English.


What did you learn in those first years of school that you would like to pass along to the next generation? I learned not to trust kids at school. Not everyone is truly your friend.


Were you involved in sports, music, drama, or other extra-curricular activities? No

CHAPTER 4 – 20 points Career Exploration 1. What do you want to be when you grow up? Describe the profession, what the job responsibilities are, patients who you will care for. Registered Nurse, Neonatal Nurse. The job responsibilities would involve taking care of newborns at hospitals. The patients I would care for would be newborns. 2. What hospital you would like to work for? Include the Name, History of Institution, Recognitions, Specialty, Philosophy and Vision, President and CEO, Medical Director for your future Department. Texas Children’s Hospital, This hospital was among 76 facilities ranked in one or more of the 10 pediatric specialties in the 2011-12 versions of Best Children's Hospitals, coveted Magnet nursing recognition, and voted one of Houston’s best places to work. Mark Wallace, 3. If you are going to be a physician, where do you plan to have your practice located? Do you plan to be in private practice, joint practice, or practice through one of the major universities? List how many people you plan to have working in your office, what their titles and educational background and training will be, and how much you plan to pay them.

CHAPTER 5 – 20 points College Exploration 1. Investigate various college options and select one college based your findings that you want to attend. Include the following: Background or History of College, Location, Demographics, Student to Instructor Ratio, Degree that will be obtained, Cost per class, Cost per semester, Room and Board Cost, Housing Options, Social Atmosphere, Percentage of Freshman that enter who actually graduate. Texas Women’s University, “Texas Woman's University was originally established in 1901. The TWU Institute of Health Sciences – Houston Center (TWUIHSH) is a state-of-the-art, 10-story, 202,000 square-foot “campus in one building.” We are a “Green Building” with passive sun-shading louvers with e-glazed double-paned gas filled windows; north-south building orientation with very limited exposure to the afternoon sun; open atriums; and high efficiency lighting and air-conditioning systems. Our utility costs are approximately 40% less than the previous campus on John Freeman Blvd.” Campus is located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world, Bachelor Degree, would have to attend orientation to find that out. 2.

Estimated income upon graduation. $30-$115 per hour

3. Medical School, Nursing School – Background or History of College, Demographics, Student to Instructor Ratio, Housing Options, Social Atmosphere, Percentage of students who graduate, Percentage of students who pass State Board Exams (Medicine/Nursing etc.) 4. Graduate School, Residency and Fellowship Placement – Where do you plan to complete these? Specialty?

CHAPTER 6 – 20 points Moving Day Choose where you are going to live for your new career. The students would choose a place to live. The students could get an idea of their local housing if they choose to live in the Houston Area. Otherwise, they could research, on the internet, cities where they would like to live. Now, they would need to research facts like crime rates in the area or city they choose to live, average lifespan or other health factors (cancer rate or heart related problems). The location they choose must also take into consideration the distance to their employment. Formulate a monthly expense plan including moving company cost for move, setting up their utilities, mail service, cable/satellite, gas to and from work, recreational activities (ie. Movies, shopping, hair and nails). Include a spreadsheet depicting monthly expenses. Be specific about where you are going to live, (apartment, home, if home list neighborhood, how much house is going to cost per month, house insurance, etc.) Make sure you include expenses for a car if you do not have one, car insurance, etc.) I will live here in Houston, Texas.

CHAPTER 7 – 10 points Triumph and Tragedy 1. What were some of the most joyous, fulfilling times of your life? The most joyous times of my life are when I spend time with my family. If we do something simple like go out to eat or watch a movie together it’s just to me it’s really valuable to spend time with the ones I love. 2. Any sad, tragic or difficult times you'd care to share such as losing a loved one, a job, or something you cared about? When I lost my favorite dog Cutie pie, she’s the only dog I have ever loved. 3. What lifelong lessons did you learn from these tough times? Joyous times? I learned that every second with loved ones is something you won’t ever forget. 4. Were there any moments you recall as true breakthroughs in any area of your life? Yes when something traumatic happened to me and I learned to forgive that person. 5. If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would that be? I would learn not to say certain things to people, such as secrets because someday they’ll use them against you.

CHAPTER 8 – Words of Wisdom 1.

What have you learned over your lifetime that you'd like to share with the younger generation? I’ve learned not to always trust everybody. Because people can be deceiving.

CHAPTER 9 – Funnybones 1. What are your family's favorite jokes or pranks? When we watch funny movies and we randomly quote them. 2.

Who is, or was, the family comedian? My dad

3. What's the funniest family story you remember? We don’t have stories we just have moments that are just hilarious and we are literally rolling on the floor.

CHAPTER 10 – Thank You 1. What are you most grateful for you your life? I’m grateful for having a roof over my head and 2 loving parents who feed me and clothe me and give me love. 2. How have you taught others to be grateful? By telling them to learn to appreciate at least being alive. 3. Are there items or places that mark special gratitude for the ones you love? What are they? What are their stories? No there aren’t any items but I do love my family very much and they love me. Love can’t be represented with an item.

CHAPTER 11 – Reflection Look back on what you have done to this point in your life regarding your education. After comparing what they have done to this point, to where they want to be, the student must figure out where to go from here now. They see where point A has taken them to point B in their life. They now must figure out how to move from point B to point C. How will you make the Big Dream come true? By following all of my goals to succeed and become the person I really want to be.

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