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How to keep your tile as good as new Â

Regularly do tile cleaning to maintain the smooth and clean appearance of your tiles.

Process of cleaning tiles • Apply commercial grade cleanser • Work cleanser into grout lines with brushes. • Steam the tile and grout clean with concentrated steam and suction. • Dry the floor well. • Seal the clean grout with commercial grade, penetrating sealer that offers strength and durability.

Know your surface In order to clean a tile floor you must first be aware of the type of tile you have.

Only use products intended for the type of tile you have. Not all tiles are the same, and some tile cleaners will mar or dull tiles

Tile Cleaning Mistakes • Using Bleach and Ammonia Based Cleaners • Scrubbing Tile and Grout • Letting Spills Sit • Not Protecting from Furniture • Not Caulking and Sealing • Using Oil Based Cleaners on Glazed Tile • Forgetting Door Mats • Over-Wetting the Tile

Why I need To Seal My Tile • sealed grout is much easier to keep clean • Sealing is done to strengthen tile or grout's defences against dirt, spills, and erosion of grout.

How to keep tiles clean as long as possible after cleaning While mopping use the following tips: • Start mopping in the least dirty areas fist, so water is cleaner longer • After moping initially, go over area again with clean water to rinse • Use Steam mops as they tend not to leave excess moisture behind.

Why Cyclone pro Cleaners? • All our work is performed with powerful truck mount systems and equipment. • Affordable price.

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How to keep your tile as good as new  

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