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L E S S O Nz

question tags Grammar: Cando:checkinformation

Grammar:any/every/n o/some Vocabulary:makingadiectivesfrom nouns C a nd o : e x p r e s sa g r e e m e n t / d i s a g r e e m e n t

futuresoverview Grammar: verbphrases aboutwork Vocabulary: Cando:talkaboutfutureplansandmake predictio ns

Grammar:FuturePerfectand FutureContinuous Vocabulary:'after work' activities C a nd o : d o a s u r v e ya n d r e p o r t h e r e s u l t s

narratlve tenses Grammar: timeexpressions Vocabutary: Cando:writea shortstory

G r a m m a ra: r t i c l e s Vocabulary:materials C a nd o : t a l k a b o u tm a t e r i a l sp, o s s e s s i o nasn d i n v e n t i no s

(r) if structures Grammar: Cando:rvritea diaryentry

G r a m m a re: x p r e s s i nogb l i g a t i o n Vocabulary:physicaImovements C a nd o : e x p l a i nh o wt o d o s o m e t h i n g

Grammar:usedto/getusedto/would V o c a b u t a r ya:p p e a r a n c e C a nd o : d e s c r i b ea p p e a r a n c e

Grammar:expressing ability C a nd o : t a l k a b o u tm e m o r i e s

G r a m m a rP: r e s e nPt e r f e cSt i m p l ea n d C o n t i un o u s Vocabutary:adjectiveswith -ed and -ing

Grammar: ouestions Vocabulary: weather Cando:askandanswer ouestions aboutunusual olaces

endings C a nd o : w r i t ea n i n f o r m ael m a i l

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G r a m m a rc: o u n t a b l e a n d u n c o u n t a b lneo u n s V o c a b u l a r yf o : o da n d c o o k i n g C a nd o : d e s c r i b eh o w t o p r e p a r ea n d c o o ka dish

Grammar: oassives Vocabulary: verbphrases aboutmoney Cando:writea forma[ letterof comolaint

Grammar: lt's time/lA rather/'d better g personality Vocabulary:describin C a nd o : d e s c r i b ed i f f e r e ntty p e so f p e o p l e

G r a m m a rr:e p o r t e ds p e e c h Vocabulary:adjectivesand intensifiers C a nd o : r e p o r ta n d d e s c r i b e w h a t p e o p l es a yt o y o u

devices.e.g.After+ -ing Grammar:past modalsof deductionmust/might/ Grammar:sequencing can'thovedone V o c a b u l a r yl a : wa n di n s u r a n c e Vocabulary:compound adjectives Cando: te[[ a funnystory C a nd o : s p e c u l a t a e b o u tp a s te v e n t s er o n o u n s G r a m m a rr:e f l e x i v p C a nd o : a s ka b o u ta n d g i v ey o u ro w n b e l i e f s a n do p i n l o n s

G r a m m a rg: e r u n d sa n d i n f i n i t i v e s g Vocabulary:advertisin w r i t e t h e C a nd o : a r g u m e n tfso r a n d a g a i n s at p o i n t of view

COMMUNICATION P h r a s avIe r b s (retationships)

Yourfamilyhistory Goodrelations

C o l l o c a t i o nwsi t h prepositions


Grammar: adjectives andadverbs Vocabulary: phrases verb withtake Cando:givea presentation abouta place

M a k i n gn o u n s

Lessons fromhistory Filmheroes

Grammar: emphasis Vocabulary: phrasal verbswithouf Cando:compare photographs andcontrast

D i s t a n c easn d dimensions

Takea risk

Grammar:olthoughtbuth owever/nevertheless Vocabulary: feelings Cando:talkaboutbooks

ldiomsdescribing Timecapsule people

H o m eR o a dM o v i e

Grammar: making comparisons Vocabutary: g/travettin g verbphrasesabout movin Cando:makecomparisons aboutplacesandpeople

Expressions withgo

Travelling companrons


Grammar: have/get somethingdone Vocabulary: animalexpressions Cando:talkaboutservices


C a nI h e l py o u ?


Grammar: hardandhardly Cando:writea reportof surveyfindings

P h r a s a l v e r bwsi t h three'parts

R a d i oo h o n e - i n

Secrets of success

Grammar: retative clauses Cando:writean article

Newspaper headlines

M i n db e n d e r s

B u l l i o nR o b b e r y

(z) Grammar: f structures Vocabulary: speaking Cando:talkaboutyourregrets andresolutions

Commonly misspelt Howdoesyourmind YesPrime Minister woros work?




Readthetextandmatchthe partsof speech a-[ belowto eachunderlined wordor phrase.

Complete the word mapswith words/ phrasesfrom the box below. do aerobics souvenir application form senseof humour tal<eup a hobby be promoted go sightseeingfather-in-law

ccordingto 1)the ancientGreekhistorian lt in the 7th centuryec Herodotus.


7 A I 7 -,\ the king of Egypt,Psamtik1, decided to conducta lt scientificexperiment.Usinghis absolutepower overhis subjects,a)he took two nex'bornbabiesand handedthem to a shepherd, u'ith instructionsthat theywereto be 5)brought qp in total isolarion.Most importantly,no-one \\-asto speakin the babies'presence. Psamtik s'antedto find out what languagethe children *'ould speakif left to themselves. He thoughtthat the languagethey producedwould be the 6)oldest in the world - the original languageof the human race.After two years,the shepherdheardthe two children7)repeatedlypronouncethe word'becos'. Thiswasidentifiedasmeaning8)'bread'inthe languageof the Phrygians,a peoplethen living in centralTurkey.From this experiment,Psamtik deducedthat the Phrygianlanguagee)must be the first everspoken.Nobodynow believesPsamtik's 10)conclusion- a few commentatorssuggestthat the infants11)wereimitatingthe soundof the shepherd's sheep,but no-onesince12)hashad any better successin discoveringwhat man'svery first spokenlanguagewaslike.

a) b) c) d) e)

PresentPerfect PastContinuous uncountable noun phrasaI verb article 0 preposition


s> !-)

noun countable superlative adjective adverb k) pronoun l) modalverb

d h) i) j)

Findthegrammar in eachsentence. mistake 1 2


6 7 8 9

They'vebeento Brazillastyear. Thiscathedrat buittin r59o. She'sthe personwhattoldme I shouldstudy economics at university. I wasreadingin my roomwhenI washearing a loudcrashdownstairs. My gradesthisyeararea lot worstthan[ast yearunfortunately. Youworkfor lBM,aren'tyou? paintmy bedroomthis lf I'11 havetime,l'11 weekend. CanI giveyou a smalladvice? He'salwayswantedto be teacher.

orts and

?: Underline themainstressin eachword/ phrase. * Addthreemorewordsto eachwordmap. 4

a Lookat the dictionary extractbelowfromthe Longman ActiveStudyDictionary. Whatdoesit grammar, tellyouabouteachof thefollowing: pronunciation andmeaning? adl t showing good judgement: /sensebel/ z a sensibledecision suitablefor a particular purpose,especiallya practicalone: senslb/eclothes - sensiblYadv


Complete the dictionary extracts belowby writinga definition foreachone. r

re.tirelrrtatelv[11 f'r! liitt: tr: st:ii:t l.rti-rtrt:i";;; ;j+


a.broad le'brctdl adv

_: Didyougo abroadfor yourlastholiday? 3 get on with sb phr v lTl I get on we[[with bothmy sisters. a pitch lptt[l nlC]

Theplayers ranoutontothepitch. yourdefinitions {.i Nowcompare withthe definitions in a dictionary. i.$Addthewords/phrases aboveto the word mapsin Ex.3a.

fu*m,d-$sb 3

Lookat the photos.Who arethe people?Howdo you thinkthey are connected?


r. Whatis the difference in meaningbetweenthe wordsin each pairbelow?Usea dictionaryif necessary. r step-sister/half-sister z colleague/acquaintance 3 soulmate/closefriend 4 partner/wife Readthe sentences. Whatdo the phrasesin italicsmean. I don'tthinkI madea verygoodfirstimpression on yourparents. Theydidn'tseemveryinterested in me. Thefirsttimewe met,wejust clicked.ltwasamazing. Westarted goingout soonafter. 3 Wehaveo lot in common.Of course,we bothworkfor the same company but we alsolikedoinglotsof the samekindsof things outsideof work. 4 My sisterand I don'treallyseeeyeto eyeon much.We'vealways argued- evenas chitdren. s Shethinksaboutthingsin the samewayas me.I reatlyfeelon the samewavelengthas her. Discuss. Whoarethe peopleyoufeelyou havemostin commonwith?Doyou alwaysfeelon the samewavetength? Why/Whynot?

Rea*ing 1

* Discuss. Whatarethreeimportant characteristics of a 'goodfriend'? fu Readthetext.Doesit referto youthoughtof? anycharacteristics

il! tlt*f;!'*tt$ 3fi3tvi€nds e&*ll$srs**? *:fig#$ ffi*? ffiH!*s:t3$ $nai.erage - $ili 0nlysitr*l tlt*E::sE$t l}Hts $t#fte$ Ei'E sarFiefr {ili#std$E &*$s-e$e -#€,** lrisfi$: *ssffift#$ tr surtjsy l0 litt$*lEtF€l:*t A friendshouldbe therefor you all the time,notjust whenthey wantto be.Theywill keepin toucheventhoughyou maybe far apart.Someof my closestfriendsliveabroadbut it doesn'treally makea lot of difference. Maciek,19, Poland whoyou havea lot in common To me a goodfriendis someone withthem.l'm very with.Youcanshareyourbeliefsandpassions luckyas I havethreeor four peoplelikethat but I'm stilllookingfor my soulmate. Haruki,25,Japan


to. whoyou cantrustandtell secrets I thinka goodfriendis somebody mine had of you. that a friend out found lf I ever Theywill neverlreto liedto me,I knowI couldn'tbe friendswiththemanymore. Emily,14, Britain

A goodfriend: r

whoyoucanfeelcompletely I thinkthata truefriendis someone with andyou don'thaveto makeyourselfintosomeone comfortable you'renot.Theyshouldacceptyou for whoyou areand not try to changeyou, Mercedes, 31,Spain

z 3 4

for agesfor themto be I don'tthinkyou needto haveknownsomeone a reallygoodfriend.ButI do thinkthattheyshouldbe therewhenyou you reallyneedthem. feeldownor whenever Rachel,L5,NewZealand

5 6

A goodfriendis someone who listensto you but,at the sametime, you say.Theyshoulddefinitely tell doesn'tjust agreewith everything you if theythinkyou'remakinga mistakealthoughthat canbe hard. Debbie,23, SouthAfrica will be a reallygoodfriendas soonasyou I thinkyou knowsomeone Then,the mostimportant meetthem.Youjust clickstraightaway. thingis trust.Youhaveto knowtheywill alwayslookout for you and be totallyloyalto you. Stefano,21, ltaly who It'ssomeone who is kind,hasa goodsenseof humour,someone I'm not veryniceto my bestfriendbut she forgiveseasily!Sometimes knowsI don'tmeanit, so shedoesn'tmindreally. Lanza,16, USA Forme to callsomeonea reallygoodfriend,we haveto seeeyeto eye on mostthings.I don'tneedto havecontactall the time but,whenI wantto feelwe'reon the samewavelength. do, I definitely Mick,35, lreland

Readthe text againand find who hasthe followingviews.

7 8


findsthesamethings funnythatyoudo is similarto you doesn'twantyouto be different doesn'talwayssaythat youareright youwhenyou supports feelmiserable or upset doesn'tontysupportyou whenit'sconvenient for them is atwayson yourside won'ttetlotherpeopte yoursecrets

Discuss. r

Whichviewsfromthe text do youhave? z Doyouthinkpeoptetook for differentthingsin friendsastheygetolder?lf so,whyandhow? 3 Haveyoueverfallenout witha goodfriend? What happened?

iting 4



Discuss. Whendo you writeor get notes/ messages?

st Listen to threeanswerphone messages. Whatis thepurpose of eachone? b Listenagainandmakenotesof the important information. Then,writea brief message to eachpersonusingyournotes.

a Lookat thesenotesand messages and d e c i d ew h i c ho n ei s :


Readthefollowing statements andtellother students whichonesyouagreewithandwhy. . lt'simportant to holdonto yourgoodfriends. . Having oneveryclosefriendisthemost important thing. . Newfriends willreplace oldfriends. . Family arealways moreimportant thanfriends.


Listen to HarryandFiona talkingabout theirideasof friendsandfriendship. Whichof theviewsfromEx.7 doesHarryhave?


Listenagain.Makenotesaboutthepeoplethey talkaboutandhowtheyaresignificant. - Fiono'sbestfriendat school Angelina

r makingan apology z enclosed withsomething else an appointment 3 tryingto rearrange someone to do something 4 reminding passing on message a fromsomebody else 5 h Readthem againand decidewho mighthave written eachone: a) wife, b) friend,c) flatmate, d) work colleague,e) brother.


lunch? Al i stoi r

Thisisthe 6ookl war lellingyov about *Hopeyou like if. (Mvm anADad AiA!)


mlTen? Reb lt som +a14edab,oqt temrte. !R'r,,aA*.^

= ak?llotzzd

623 625


1 0 Discuss. ls yoursituation withyourfriends morelikeHarry's or Fiona's? In whatways?

e Whichwords havebeenleftoutin the notes/messages above? Theyare marl<ed with*.

Lifelong learning

* Message E is a textmessage. What do theabbreviated words,e.g.'r' mean?

Whichof yourfriendsor familyspeakEnglish betterthanyoudo?Whatdid theydo to reach thislevelof English? Findoutandseeif anyof theirstrategies mighthelpyou.


tags ar: I question


1 3 e*,Complete the examples r-5 in theActive grammar box.

11 a Complete in theActive theexamptes grammar boxwiththe missing auxitiary verb,,don't, etc. Active grammar


Active grammar (2) t l'm too late,_ l? yourself you? z Help to a coffee,_ get Let's o h, sand we? 3 _ you? 4 Younevergo to the theotre,_ ng today,_ it7 5 Nothing went 6 Nobodyhas complained, they? _


you? Youhavea bestfriend,_ 2 Youhad o bestfriendat school,_ you? it? 3 That'sjust the waylife is,_ 4 Youcon't keepin touchwith everybody, 7



,i;i|irll :,::l:ll,

l:,r,rili,:l: lll::.rrii, il :.i}:,:ll:l:l

We usuallyput negativequestiontags afteraffirmative sentences and affirmative tagsafternegativesentences. lf the mainsentence hasan auxiliary verb,e.g. is,con,etc.,this is repeatedin the question tag. lf the mainsentence hasno auxiliary, the questiontag is a formof the verbdo. :::i:iill{ii::.:i-1iLjl1i:i:1:1ii}1i:i:al!lt1:a:ltiiltl1,l:1.!1r?ilii+!t


i: :

b Whichexamples doesRuleB apptyto and whichexamples doesRuleC applyto?

':i.:ii: il. l,l ,l lr;::l r:r.: rari riii .t;.1..1i.11 :: l i1::

,ll :ral.;, t, ,,:l:tl; ,. .:'::::t:'.l 'r,:ili,lli:,1 .l.' ..i.:li.lll i:,irr:1:,r:i

':: .i:I ri:.:ir .

,:rlLtl::,':' iil;::ri::i': ii:-l:i:l:i i 'i.4,;-::, :::.:,ir:.i,.


A Thequestiontag for I am is Afterimperatives we oftenusethe guestiontag _ to invitepeopleto do things. After[ef's we usethe questiontag After negativewordslike never,no, hordly,etc.we usea positive/negative questiontag. Afternothingwe useit/thev in question tags. F Afternobody,somebody,etc.we usej!/ thevinquestion tags. irr:i.







poge17 seeReference

r2 a

Readtheinterview belowbetween Simon andhisboss,Jo.Threeof thequestion tagsare incorrect. Findandcorrect them. you've So,Simon, beenwiththecompany Jo: for nearlya yearnow,aren'tyou? S i m o nYes, : that'sright. You worked International forThomson Jo: beforethen,didn'tyou? S i m o nYes, : for fiveyears. Andyoufeethappyherenow,don'tyou? Jo: S i m o nAbsotutely, : it's a greatjob andeveryone's beenreallyfriendly. Now,you'reclearaboutyourtargetsfor lo: thisyear,isn'tyou? Simon:Yes,I thinkso.Wehaveto increase last year'ssalesby t5%,don'twe? That'sright.lf thathappens theneveryone Jo: getsa zoolo bonuswhicheveryone wittbe veryhappyabout,won'tthey? Simon:Definitely. Now,on the subjectof yourpunctuality. Jo: good,wasit? Thathasn'tbeenparticularty S i m o nA : hy e s ,n o wI c a ne x p l a itnh a t . . .

b @

L i s t e na n dc h e c k v o u r a n s w e r s .

Es Refer to theexamples r-6 andcomplete the rulesA-Fin theActivegrammar box. pagerZ seeReference 14 a Complete thesentences. getting r She's veryta[[,_?. z Theydon'tseemto liketheirpresent, Youhaven'tbeenwaitinglong, Wecan'tleavethe partyearly, Let'sgo andseea film, Dosit down. ? 7 Nothingseemsto be goingright, 8 l'm beinga bit sitty,_?. 3 4 5 6



Listen andcheckyouranswers.

e Decide whether eachsentence is a) checking information, b) askingforagreement, c) asking someone to do something, d) makinganoffer or a suggestion.

Person to person 15 a Writeoneor twofactsyouthinkyouknow aboutthreeotherstudents in yourclass. yourfactsby askingtheperson, h Check using question anappropriate tag.

aa.Decide if eachexample sentence in the grammar Active boxis corrector not.


':|:jj:'li iii iiiiliiir:,:i :riirr:ri::i:ii.:ri':'ri: "l.i:::i:;,1:lr:i:l:::lliili,,ll::ilnl:::'lii:ilailil:iir'i :tt:i:artt::: :i,::::r1:]:

A Anybodycon learn to juggle. B Everybodycan learn to juggle.

r;-a::::l: '

:l'j ,'''

Active g'rammar


.,i],,,4,:,, :':'l:ii;.:r:

c Do you wantsomethingto eat?


you wantonythingto eat? :,,,,,--,,,D Do :jlr:|:r:il:

E I've lookedanywherefor my keys. F l've lookedeve erebut I can't find ::.::'.:::.:::. ::: '.::11.::: ' my keys. r:' ra:r.-::1:l:

::i:ll,l::, ::::,)l'::,1:

LS"steatizag 3

Discuss. r Doyouknowany[argefamilies? z Whatdo youthinkarethe goodandbadthings aboutbeingbroughtup as partof a large famity? 3 Howwouldyoufeelaboutworkingwitha memberof yourfamity?


Listento this extractfrom a radio ffi programme and answerthe questions. r Howbig is thisfamilynow? z Whatis soecialaboutthem? 3 Whattrip aretheyexcitedabout?

S, l

*. In pairs,look at the followingphrases/ expressions in the tapescripton page165.Say what you thinkthey mightmean. r to juggteseveraltasksat once(l.z) (t.9) 2 to getyourhandson sornething put your (t.zr) to mind to something 3 4 a bigfamilyman(1.24) (1.25) 5 to be onlytoo happyaboutsomething 6 to go fromstrengthto strength(1.28) (t.tS) Z to pickup on somethinS fu Summarise the information in the radio programme. Usethe phrasesabove.

G Shehosn't got an ing to do. H Shehasn'tgot nothingto do.


t Any/Everv looksat thingsoneat a time, separately. :::::,:r:,:, looksat all the things '...]..:. z Anv/Everv together. to meanit doesn't 3 Weuseanv/everv matterwhich,who,etc. meansnof + 4 Nothino/Somethinq anything. in questions whenwe 5 Weuseanv/some expectthe answer'Yes'.

fu Choosethe correctalternative for eachof the rulesr-5.

Listenagainand answerthesequestions. r Whydid LarryBoehmer startjuggling? z Howdid hischildren becomeinterested in iuggling? 3 Whenandwheredid the familyfirstjugglefor a publicaudience? aboutthe skittof + WhatdoesLarrybelieve iuggting?


l:,.ii :::::::i::,1: :l:.lL'.:a:'

see Referencepoge 1Z


Choosethe best alternative. r z I 4 5 5 7 8

I'mgoingto try andseemy boyfriendevery/ anyweekend. Everybody/Anybody wasthrilledto seeNaomi. Getme every/any soupyou doesn't matterwhatkind. | can'tget rid of this cold.Nothing/Anything seemsto help. Themarkethad flowersof every/anykind. ld tiketo go everywhere/somewhere hot for my hotiday. I needthe sun. Youcancomeevery/ony time after5p.m.I'll be at homea[[evening. | knowyou'reverybusyso I don'tsuppose you'vegotsome/any timeto hetpmetonight?

Reading 7

S " & Readthe text.Whichof the followingdoesit do? Saywhichtypeof childit is bestto be (i.e.firstborn,middleborn, [astborn,onlychild). 2 Giveadvice to parents aboutdealingwitheachtypeof child. the possible careerconsequences according to the 3 Describe youarebornin thefamily. position howto copewiththeirpositionin the famity. 4 Advisechitdren L

Discuss. r

Whatarethe advantages/ disadvantages of being bornfirst,middleor lastin a family? z Doyouthinkit is goodto be an onlychitd?Why/Why not?

e; Readthe text again.Are thesestatementstrue (T) or false (F)? 7

othtrr qrnilnq

first? cCIrnes

Younger chitdren tendto takemorerisksasa resultof theirparents' attitudetowardsthem. Onlychildren oftenprefermorephysical occupations.

,\ ;!* $ childs placein the familybirth order may play a role in the type of occupationsthat will interesthim or herasan adult,new research suggests. ln two related studies, researchers f o u n d t h a t o n l y c h i l d r e n- a n d t o a certain extent first-born children - were more interestedin intellectual, cognitive pursuits than were laterborn children.In contrast,later-born childrenwere more interestedin both artisticand outdoor-relatedcareers. These results fit into theories that say our place in family birth order w i l l i n f l u e n c eo u r p e r s o n a l i t ys, a i d FrederickT.L.Leong,co-authorof the study and professorof psychology at Ohio State University.'Parents rypically place different demands and have different expectationsof children depending on their birth o r d e r , ' L e o nsga i d . For example, parents may be extrernelyprotectiveof only children and rvorryabout their physicalsafety. That may be why only children are more likely to show interest in academic pursuits rather than physical or outdoor activities.Only children will tend to get more time and attention from their Darents t h a n c h i l d r e nw i t h s i b l i n g sT. h i s w i l l often make them feel special but the downsideis that they may suffer o c c a s i o n a lp a n g s o f j e a l o u s y a n d lonelinesswhen friends discusstheir brothersand sistersand familvlife.'

Parents usuallyexpectdifferent thingsfromtheirfirstandlast children. Ontychildren andfirst-born children oftenfo[lowsimitartypesof careerpath. Theresultsof thisresearch contradict existing research intothe effectsof birthorder. Theresearchers foundfirst-born children easierto analvse thanthe


Discuss. Whichof thepointsin thetextaretrueforyourfamilyor youknow? otherfamilies

The first-born is an only child until the second child comes along transforming them from being the centre of attention,to then sharing the care of parents.Parentswill also expect them to be responsibleand 'set an example'.The change from being the focus of a family may b e q u i t e a s h o c k a n d s o s h a p et h e first-born's subsequent outlook on life. Therefore first-borns may try to get back their parents'attentionand approval by achieving successand recognition in their has been noted that first-borns are significantly more often found as world politicalleadersthan any other birth order position. As they have more children,parents tend to become more open and relaxedand that may allow younger children to be more risk-taking,' Leong said.'lf the first-born or only child wants to be a poet, that may concern parents.But by the fourth child,parentsmay not mind as much.' Being the youngest in the family can sometimesbe a stifling and frustrating experience,especially if they're looking to be taken seriously and treated like an adult. The last-bornis more likely than the

other birth order positionsto take up d a n g e r o u s p o r t s . T h im s aybe a sign of the last-born'srebellious streak - a resultof being fed up with always being bossedabout by everyoneelse in the family. Middle children, however, have different issues. 'Middle child syndrome' can mean feeling sandwiched between two other 'more important' people - an older s i b l i n gw h o g e t s a l l t h e r i g h t sa n d i s treated like an adult and a younger sibling who gets all the privileges and is treated like a spoilt child. Middle-borns have to learn to get o n w i t h o l d e r a n d y o u n g e rc h i l d r e n , and this may contribute to them becoming good negotiators- of all the birth order positions they are most skilfulat dealingwith authority figures and those holding inferior positions. Leong said the biggest differences in the study were between only childrenand later-bornchildren.'Firstborn children are difficult to classify becausethey startout asonly children but latergive up that may be that the length of time a firstb o r n c h i l d i s a n o n l y c h i l d m a k e sa differencein his or her personality.'I

!.* &. Listento the conversation. Whatarethe two peopletalkingabout?

1O Comptete thetable. NOUN

b Listenagain.Whichof the expressions fromthe How to boxdo youhear?Which word(s)is/arestressed?


intellect art jealous

L 8 a Discuss the foltowing

[onely responsibility

successful importance skill frustration

11 Complete the fotlowingsentences with the mostappropriate word from the table. r Doyou realisethe_ of theseexams? Theywilt decidewhich you cango to. university 2 My sisteris very_ . Shecanpaintwel[andwritespoetry. tryingto phonemy bank.Youhaveto waitfor hours 3 lt'sso _ beforea realpersonwillanswerthe phone. be _ of Bob.He'snot mytype! 4 Youshouldn't 5 He'sliveda]onefor agesbut he sayshe neverfeels 6 There'sa lot of _ involvedin juggting. wouldtake 7 I wishsomeone 8 Histastfilmwasan incredible Oscars.

for thetraincrash. . Apparently, it won five

That's absolutelyright. I completelyagreewith thot. I couldn'togreemore. That'sprobablytrue. I think there'ssometruth in that. g disagreement Expressin

l'm not sureif I agreewith that. I don't thinkthat's completely true. That'snot trueat all. I totallydisagree.

Reporting agreement/ disagreement

Weollfelt prettymuchthesame aboutthisquestion. Therewerea numberof differences of opinionin thegroup. Oneor twopeoplehadquite strongviewsaboutthis.

statements. Useexpressions fromthe Howto boxas appropriate. o Parents tendto bemore strictwiththeirfirst-born children. . Middte children havethe worsttime. . Youngest children are usually spoilt. Onlychildren tendto be self-sufficient and not need manyfriends. Weareattractedto people whoarebornin the same position withinthe family. Ourpositionin the family

affects thekindof career wecnoose. b Reportyourgroup's discussion backto therest of theclass.

lrrrs'{qr, \xfixflE fir @l5 uf ms;biiiifr l]fttr,E luP:tuim|[rfiE

Discuss. r Doyouhavea mobile phone? Howmuchdovouuseit?


Whatdo youuseit for?

z Doyouknowanyonewhodoesn'thavea mobitephone? why don't theyhaveone? 3 Doyouthinkmobitephonesaregeneralry a goodor a badthing? (if Where anywhere) 4 areyounotallowedto usemobilephonesin yourcountry(e.9.the cinema)? Doyouthinkthereshoutdbe other placeswhereyoucan'tusemobilephones? s whatagedo youthinkis appropriate for chitdren to havea mobire phone? Whv? It t: it i Li 13t3; 'j

Readthe text.which of the foltowingsubjectsdoesit refer to? 1 i n e n u m b eor f y o u n gp e o p l e w h oh a v ea m o b i t e phone z ,,vhen thefirstmobitephonewasinvented s h yy o u n gp e o p l e 3 : r e ' e a s o nw w a n ta m o b i t ep h o n e 4 : 0 r \ p a r e n tfse e la b o u t h e i rc h i l d r ehna v i n g a m o b i t ep n o n e s n dn o i s ep o l l u t i o n 5 m o b i i ep h o n e a 6 the drr"rorr'rt of contactteenagers feertheyneedwiththeirfriends z the effectof mobitephoneson reading for pteasure 8 t h ef u t u r ed e s i g no f m o b i l ep h o n e s 9 t h eh e a l t hr i s k so f m o b i l ep h o n etso c h i l d r e n 1 0 s o m ep o s s i b leed u c a t i o nuasl e so f m o b i t e phones


Readthe text again.Makebriefnotesaboutthe subjects in Ex.3 it refersto.

T h e r e a r e g o o d r e a s o n st o b e w o r r i e d a b o u t c h i l d r e na n d m o b i l e p h o n e s ,r e p o r t s M i c h a e lF i t z p a t r i c k . S o c i o l o g i s t si n J a p a n ,w h e r e m o b i l e s h a v eb e e nc o m m o n a m o n g t h e young for sometime and offer s o p h i s t i c a t e ds e r v i c e s s, e e a n a l a r m i n gt r e n d . I n T o k y o , f o r e x a m p l e ,o n e - q u a r t e r o f a l l f o u r t o f i f t e e n - y e a r - o l d sh a s a m o b i l e p h o n e .W e l l o v e r h a l f o f J a p a n ' sh i g h s c h o o l s t u d e n t so w n o n e , m a n y o f t h e m I n t e r n e te n a b l e d . H a l f t h e c h i l d r e np o l l e d r e c e n t l y s a i d t h e i r l i f e s t y l e ' r e q u i r e dt h' e m t o h a v ea m o b i l ep h o n e ,w h i l e 4 1 . 5 p e r c e n ts a i d t h e i r p a r e n t s, f o r c e d ' t h e m t o h a v eo n e . A n i n f o r m a l s u r v e yc o n d u c t e do n the Tokyo streers by Japan Today m a g a z i n e ,h o w e v e r ,s u g g e s t s t h a t t h e n a t i o n s 't e e n s h a v e o t h e r r e a s o n sf o r k e e p i n gh o l d o f , t h e i r b e s t e l e c t r i cf r i e n d ' . ' l f I c a n ' t f i n d m y p h o n e I f e e l r e a l l yi s o l a t e df r o m

Discuss. r

Whichtwo factsin thetextdidvoufindmost interesting? Why? z H o wi m p o r t a ndto y o ut h i n km o b i t ep h o n e s arefor youngpeoplein yourcountry? s i l lc h a n g e 3 H o wd o y o ut h i n km o b i t ep h o n ew overthe next5 years?



Tel[otherstudents. Whatnoisesdo youtypicatty heareveryday?Whichonesdo youparticutarly lil<e/distil<e? tL Listenandmatchthewordsin theoox youhear. to thenoises ! I

flng scream creak bark snore crash

tu Whattypicallymakeseachof thesenoises? A: Well,obviously,phonesring.Anythingelse? B : And daorbells.




o , Q ,l 1 o ; o , o , o o o o ,

Q , o ,Q Q , o , , QQ

m y f r i e n d s , ' s a y s 1 6 - y e a r * o l dA s u k a M a e z a w a .E m i I n o u e ,s e v e n t e e na, g r e e s ,a d d i n g : ' l t ' s g r e a t f o r t a l k i n g t o f r i e n d s a b o u t g o s s i p I d o n ' t w a n t m y p a r e n t st o h e a r . ' A n o t h e rs u r v e ya l s o r e v e a l e dt h a t a b o u t 2 2 p e r c e n ts a i d t h e y t a l k e d a t l e a s tt e n t i m e s p e r d a y , w h i l e 4 5 p e r c e n ts a i dt h e y u s e dt h e i r m o b i l et o s e n d t e n o r m o r e t e x t m e s s a g e se a c h d a y . P a r e n t sw e r e a l s o s u r v e y e d w , ith more than a third f e e l i n gt h e i r c h i l d r e ns p e n tt o o m u c h t i m e o n t h e p h o n e ,w h i l e 2 3 p e r c e n ts a i dt h e m o b i l em a d e i t d i f f i c u l t f o r t h e m t o k e e p a c h e c ko n w h o t h e i r c h i l d r e n w e r e c o m m u n i c a t i n gw i t h . T o k y o p a r e n t sm a y h a v e g o o d r e a s o nt o b e w o r r i e d , s i n c e 2 6 p e r c e n to f t h e c h i l d r e ns a i d t h e y w e r e r e g u l a r l yc o r r e s p o n d i n gw i t h p e o p l et h e y h a d n e v e r m e t . S u c hd e n s i t yo f m o b i l eo w n e r s h i pe, s p e c i a l l ay m o n g t h e y o u n g , h a s l e a d t o a n e w t y p e o f n e u r o s i s ,s a y s o c i o l o g i s t sJ. a p a n e s et e e n s ,i n p a r t i c u l a r ,h a v e b e c o m ef a n a t i c a la b o u t b e i n g ' a l w a y sa v a i l a b l e ' . 'Teenagers can be seen taking advantageof every s p a r e m i n u t e t o t o u c h b a s ew i t h t h e i r f r i e n d s .l t i s n o t t h e c o n t e n t o f t h e c o m m u n i c a t i o nb u t t h e a c t o f s t a y i n gi n t o u c h t h a t m a t t e r s .I n d e e d ,m a n y b e c o m e e x t r e m e l yu n e a s yi f u n a b l et o c o n t a c tt h e i r p e e r s c o u n t l e s st i m e s e a c h d a y , f e a r i n gt h e y a r e b e c o m i n g s o c i a l l yi s o l a t e d , w ' r i t e s t h e s o c i o l o g i s tH i s a ol s h i i , t h e author of The SuperficialSocialLife of Japan'sMobile Phone Addicts.

Someof the noisesyou heardmal<epartof a story.Listento thesenoisesand with another studentdiscusshowto Iinl<themto mal<e a story. Usemoy,might, could, etc. Thecrashmight be the soundof someonebreoking inta the housethrough a dow. Thenthe dog barksbut moybethe burglargiveshim somemeat or somethingto keephim quiet.After that ... , Q , Q , , QO, , l , Q , O , O , O I O O O O O O O


t h i s t r e n d c o n t i n u e s , 'h e a d d s , ' t w o t h i n g s a r e l i k e l y t o h a p p e n .O n e i s m o b i l ep h o n ea d d i c t i o nw , here a p e r s o ni s i n c a p a b l eo f f o r m i n g a n d m a i n t a i n i n g r e l a t i o n s h i pws i t h o u tt h e h e l p o f m o b i l e s T . hesecond: C e n u i n ec o n v e r s a t i o nw i l l b e d r i v e n o u t b y s u p e r f i c i a l c o m m u n i c a t i o n ,i n w h i c h t h e a c t o f c o n t a c t i n go n e a n o t h e r i s a l l t h a t m a t t e r s ,l e a d i n gt o a d e t e r i o r a t i o ni n t h e q u a l i t y o f r e l a t i o n s h i p sI.n d e e d ,t h e v e r y f a b r i c o f s o c i e t ym a y b e t h r e a t e n e d . ' T h e s o c i o l o g i s t ,M s M a i k o S e k i ,h a s a l s o s u g g e s t e d 'Children that: r e a d b o o k s l e s sa n d l e s s a s t h e y a r e t o o b u s y p l a y i n gw i t h t h e i r t e c h n o l o g i c atlo o l s . ' A s w e l l a s t h i s i t m a y b e t h a t a c a d e m i cp e r f o r m a n c ei s b e i n g a f f e c t e d :6 8 p e r c e n to f c h i l d r e nw h o r e s p o n d e dt o t h e D o C o M os u r v e ya n d o w n e d a m o b i l e p h o n e s a i d t h e y g o t p o o r g r a d e sa t s c h o o l . I n a d d i t i o nt o t h i s , a r e c e n tU K g o v e r n m e n tr e p o r t h a s h i g h l i g h t e dt h e i n c r e a s e dh e a l t h r i s k s t o c h i l d r e n u n d e r s i x t e e nu s i n g m o b i l eh a n d s e t sa n d a c i r c u l a r s e n t t o s c h o o l ss u g g e s t st h a t c h i l d r e nb e l o w t h i s a g e s h o u l d b e a l l o w e dt o m a k e c a l l so n l y i n e m e r g e n c i e s . O n t h e o t h e r h a n d t h e r e a r e c l e a r b e n e f i t sf o r c h i l d r e n , p a r t i c u l a r l yi f t h e i r c o n n e c t i o ni s I n t e r n e te n a b l e d .O n e c o m p a n yh a s r e c e n t l yp r o d u c e da r e v i s i o n / m o c ke x a m q u e s t i o ns e r v i c ef o r d e l i v e r yv i a S M S ,a n d t e a c h e r s a r e a l r e a d yu s i n g t e x t i n g a n d m o b i l e e m a i l t o k e e p i n touch with pupils.

Gfammaf I

I modats of possibitity

and a llEl Listen to thephoneconversations matchthemto the sentences A-E in the Active grammarbox.

Active grammar n lt couldbe someonetalkingto hisboss. B He might need help finding his way. C Theweothercon't be verygood. D He must be late. E Theymoy go ta the cinemalater. r lt is possible z lt is not possible 3 lt is certain r:r:i:r::i:'r,r, ,

A-Ein theActive b Matchthesentences grammar r-3. Doeseach boxwiththe meanings onereferto the present or thefuture? e Makeothersentences usingmay/might/ Referto the could,must,can'f asappropriate. tapescript on page165if necessary. t Hemightbespeaking to hisgirlfriend.

Person to person 1 1 ;a Chooseeightof the followingpiecesof information and writethem on a pieceof paper. o !oUf father'sfirstname . the hourof the dayyou [ikebest . the nameof a petyouhavehador an animaI you Know films thetitteof oneof yourfavourite your favourite musicbands the nameof oneof a placeyou haveneverbeento butwould[ove to go to the firstnameof oneof the peopleyouadmire most the ptacewhereyouwereborn youmosttikethe soundof the language thetimeyougot up thismorning books thetitteof oneof yourfavourite the placewhereyouspentyourbestholiday youspeakthe best the foreignlanguage the firstnameof vourbestfriendat school


page17 seeReference

1 0 Complete so theyhave thesecond sentences Use thesamemeaning asthefirstsentences. may/might/could, mustor cen't. He'snever r I'msurethatTerry isstuckintraffic. normally late. Terrv stuckin traffic.He'snever norma[[y late. It'spossible thatwe'lIgo andvisitmy brother in Manchester. We_ andvisitmy brotherin Manchester. It'snot possibte thatJanewantsto go to Morocco thissummer. Shehateshotweather. thissummer. to go to Morocco Jane_ Shehateshotweather. There's a chance thatSusiewillcometo the p a r t vt o n i g h t . Susie_ to the partytonight. I haveno doubtthattherearebetterwaysof s o l v i n tgh i sp r o b [ e m . There_ betterwaysof solvingthis probtem. P e r h a pTsa r e w k i l lc h a n g h e i sm i n da b o u t l e n d i nygo uh i sc a r . T a r e _k h i sm i n da b o u tl e n d i n ygo uh i s car.

fo In pairs.Lookat your partner'swordsand saywhatyou think they mean.Usemight, must,cen't or could. A: ltalian- Thiscouldbe the languogeyou most like the soundof. B: Oh no, it isn't. A: Oh. Well,it must be the languageyou speak the best,then. B: Yes,that'sright,

PhrasaI verh Readandlistento Tim'sgirlfriend (Mandy) andhissister(Gitt)talking. Whoare thepeoplein thepicture? M: So..doyouthinkTimtakesafterhisdad? G: Well,I suppose so,in someways. G: Wel[,I mean,they'rebothverystubborn, aren't they! That'sfor runsin the family. ButyouknowTimreallylooksup to him.He alwayshas,rightfromwhenwe werekidsand whilewe weregrowingup. I remember he usedto alwaysbe showingoff to him,tryingto gethisattention, onewayor another. Andhowaboutyou? Oh,I supposeI wasalwayscloserto my mum. Shedidn'thavean easytime,bringingus up. Dadwasn'taroundmuch. Andhowdid youandTimget on? Oh reallywell...exceptwhenhed put spiders in my bed! ...Andhow'slifewith you now? Notbad.YouknowI'mgoingout with Kevin. Ohyes?But,it'snotso longsinceyousplitup with Max,is it? Hey... it'snearlysixmonths,andanyway, I've knownKevinfor ages,it'sjustthat it's never seemed to be the righttimebefore. And,how'sSally? Oh ... Satty. Well,we'vekindof fallenout. Reatty? Why?Whathappened? We[[,it'sa longstorybut,in a nutshelt, I told prettysensitive hersomething aboutmeand thingsgoingon at work. M:Yes...? G: AndthenI foundout she'dtalkedaboutit to someotherfriends. M : O hn o ! G: Yeah,I wasreatlyupsetaboutit. M: I canimagine. Doyouthinkyou'ltbe ableto makeit up? G: I'mrea[[ynotsure... B

a Workin pairs.Fromthe context,think about the meaningof eachphrasalverbin bold and writea shortdefinition. toke r - to look or behavelikesomeonein your family b Checkyour ideasin a dictionary.


Correct themistake in eachof thefollowing sentences. Howlonghaveyouandyourgirlfriend been goingoutwith? 2 Youdon'tgeton yourbossverywe[[,do you? 3 Wemadeit out afterwe bothagreedhowsilty we hadbeen. I thinkour parents did a greatjob of bringing up us with verylittlemoney. Davidreallylooksup to. Hethinksyou're amazing. Whodo youtakethemafterin yourfamity, yourmumor yourdad? I wishyouwouldgrownup andstartbehaving likean adult! fallenout hisbrotheragain.I thinkhis John's brotheroweshimsomemonev. 9 Whydid he tettus howmuchmoneyhe earns? I hateit whenpeopleshowon tikethat. ro Whydid youandLorraine sptitit up?| thought youwerequitehappytogether.

, 4t

Readthe fo[[owingstatements. Whichof them aretrue for you?Changethe othersso that they arealsotrue for you. . Of allthepeoplein myfamilyI probably geton bestwithmy dadbecause we'reso similar. . I takeaftermy grandmother in lotsof ways.We bothlovetraveIanddiscovering newplaces. . In my opinion,couptes shouldgo out for at leasttwo yearsbeforetheyget married. . lf I havechildren in thefuture,I'ttprobabty bringthemup in muchthe samewaythatmy parentsbroughtme up. . I reatlylookup to my grandfather. He's incredibly kindandalwaysreadyto listento you if youhavea problem.


to Morgan talking @ Listen to a friendabouthisfamily. Whoarethepeoplein the pictures? Listenagainandcomplete the famitytreebelow.

Cicely d.1972


a Drawa diagram of your familytree,goingbackto at parents. leastyourgrand b.1931

Alisorr b .r 9 5 1


E: Tellanother studentabout yourfamily. Whiletheylisten theyshouldtry anddraw yourfamilytree.


* Compare whattheyhave your drawnwith diagram.

b. 19s6 m .B e r n i e

aâ&#x201A;Ź Choose two of the people in yourfamitytreeandtell yourpartnermoreabout them.

I Morgan b. 1981

Esther b.1976

b. 1980

estion tags Usequestion tagsin speech andinformal writingto checkinformation or askforagreement. Weusuallyput negative questiontagsafter affirmative sentences andaffirmative tagsafter negative sentences. It's warmto isn't it? Hedoesn'tlikeme,daeshe? lf themainsentence hasan auxiliary verb,, con,etc.thisis repeated in thequestion tag. Yaucan'tplaytennisthisevening, canyou? lf themainsentence hasnoauxiliary, thequestion tag is a formof theverbdo. Theywentto AustralialastChristmas, didn't they? In speech, useintonation to showthemeaning of thequestion (we tag.lf thetagis a realquestion wantto knowsomething andarenotsureof the answer), usea risingintonation. lf thetagis not (wealready a realquestion thinkwe knowthe answer), usea fallingintonation. Thequestion tagforI om is aren'tl. l'm ng,aren't l? Afterimperatives we oftenusewon't you?to invite peopleto do things. Havea seot,won'tyou? After/ef's useshallwe? Let'swatrkalangthebeaeh,shallwe7 Afternegativewordslikenever,no, hordly,etc.we usean affirmative question tag. Youneverwantta ga aut to clubs,da yau? Afternothinqwe useif in question tags.

Anycanalsomean'lt doesn'tmatterwhichone'. A: ich bagshatlI bring?B: I don't mind.Anyof themarefine. Nothingmeansnot + anything. There'snothingweconda to changehismind. Someis usedin questions whenwe expectpeopleto answer'Yes'. Wouldyou likesomemorecaffee?

Usecould,moy or might to talk about presentor future possibility. A: Where'sJean?B; l'rn nat surebut shemight be in the go n. A: I think there will be an electionb year. * Youcould be right.

re the end of the

Useconto talk aboutmoregeneralor theoretical possibitity. Thesea conget roughherewith almostno warning. Usemusfto saythat you believesomethingis certai n. Youhaven't had anythingto eat all doy.Youmust be starving. Usecan'f to saythat you betievesomethingis not possible. Theycon't know manypeaple.They'veanly just nlavedhere.

Afternobody,somebody,everybody we usetheyin quesiion tags. Nabadywantsta ga auttonight,da they?

Family/Relationships step-sisterhalf-sisterco[[eagueacquaintance soulmate ctosefriend partner ex-wife to makea goodimpressionto click(withsomeone) to havea lot in common to seeeyeto eye(with someone)beonthesamewavelength

Any andeverycanbothbe usedto talk in general aboutallthemembers of a group.

Adjectives/ Nouns intellectua[/inte[[ect artistic/artjeatous/jeatousy lonely/[oneliness responsibte/responsibility successfu [/successimportant/im portance skilfut/skilt frustrated /frustration

in this street. Theyaredifferentin meaning, however. /ny looks at thingsoneat a meansthisor thator the other.Everylooksat thingstogether. lt meansall or thisand that ondthe other. Haven'tyauan ing ta da? There'senoughfoadfor eve ne.

Noises ring scream creak bang thud shout bark snore crash Phrasalverbs(relationships) to takeafter(someone)to lookup to (someone) to growup to showoff to bring(someone) up to geton (withsomeone)to go out (withsomeone) to sptitup (withsomeone)to fattout (with someone)to make(i0 up (withsomeone)

Matchthequestion tagsa-h withthe sentences r-8. Everything wi[[be ok, Havesomemoredessert, 3 I'mtatkingtoo much, Wedon'thavemuchtime, I 1

a) b) c) d)

movedthedesk, e) 5 Somebody's 6 That'sthe law, 0 There'shardlyanybread[eft, 8 Let'smakea fire, _!

g) h)

do we? is there? shallwe? haven't theY? isn'tit? won'tit? aren'tl? won'tyou?

Whichof the fo[[owingsentences are not correct?Correctthe oneswith mistakes. r Doyou haveeveryideahow I cangetto Croydon by pubtictransport? z Wouldyoulikesomething etseto eat? lt'samazing. 3 Thatdogwitteatanything. you give Every help can with the redecorating 4 wouldbe muchappreciated. in saythatyoucango anywhere 5 FlyFast Europe withthemfor underf5o! go somewhere nowso 6 Hotiday companies thereareno undiscovered olacesleft. the housework, Johndoesthe 7 As regards washing-up else. andI do everything 8 Everystudentneedsto takethetestbefore theycanjoina class. the party. 9 Anyonesaidhowmuchtheyenjoyed It wasa greatsuccess. ro Thereisn'tnothingelsewe cando today. Choosethe correctalternative. r z 3 4 5 5 7


Yourdadmight/canwantsometea.Wittyou a s kh i m ? getthe iob.You'reeasilythe Youmust/con't ,nostqualifiedperson. T^e)/can't/could Nobody win the nextelection. : ' - s : st h e ma n y m o r e . .^ s calmoy/can'f belongto the peopleat - - - : . ' r 3 . W h yd o n ' ty o ug o a n df i n do u t ? '': - - -s. cotilci be David.I'veheardsucha lot a t a- : , t - . ii'e -'_c.: 'r-,q:"eedsomehelpat the r,'teeKe:c. i"' .c-rce free? Youreaise.e :o -.c can'tbe lying.Areyou surehervantsto JoroyiVourcarto visithis grandm other? Shemust/can't be veryill if shedidn'tcometo r i s s es c h o o [ . s c h o otlo d a vS. h en e v e m

Comptete with one of the followingsentences the wordsfromthe Keyvocabulary on page1Z in the correctform. r




5 6

7 8

MikeandI stopped_ out wasaboutsomething I saidabouthissister.I apologised but he hasn'tspokento mesince. I geton verywellwithmy_ , Barbara, we'vebeendivorced for nearlyseven although years. | havea lot more in my newjob than peopleandhave I manage before. twenty-five a budgetof neartyfrmillion. I justboughtmy_ a reallynice engagement wasincredibly expensive though. | wonderwhynextdoor'sdogkeeps_ .. don'tthinktheylookafterhimverywe[[. Hereally afterhisdadyouknow.He's got an amazing senseof humourandhe's terribtygenerous. My dad_ so loudlythatit stopsmy mum sleeping at night. just is a work_ of mine.Weshare Janine an office.

Rewritethe sentences so that eachone ends question with a tag. I'dlikeyouto go to the shopssoon. Y*:; wili t'3 :ij tii{ sh*ps r,*iyt, '"ir*!}'! :";*;,:?

r I thinkherbrother's nameis lvan. z I suggestwe go for a swimthis afternoon. 3 I'mprettysurehe nevereatsmeat. makeyoursetf comfortable. 4 Please totdhimwe werehaving 5 | don'tthinkanybody a parry. 6 | thinkI'min timefor the startof thefilm. wastakenout of her 7 | don'tthinkanything bag. 8 | don'tthinkshecansingverywel[.



Discuss" r

W h i c ho f i h e f c l l o w i n gj o b s c a ny o u I \ O Ts e e i n t h e p h o t o s : j o u r n a i i s t c, i v i le n g i n e e rs, o c i a Ii , v o r l < enru, r s e r yn u r s e ,s Lrt g e o n


B r i e f l vw , h a i c l oy o u t h i n i (e a c ho f t h e j o b s i n v o l i i e s ?


W h i c ho f t l ' : ej o h , sr , v o u i dy o u m o s t / l e a s tl i i < et o d o ? V i l l - r . v i \ l Vnhoyi ?

L i s t e na n d m a t c he a eh p e r s o nw i t ht h e e o r r e cjio b . L i s t e na g a i na n de x p l a i ni h e r n e a n i ncgf t h e p h r a s e isn t h e b o x . a changeoi career a [abourof [ove a careerpath to takea yearout job saiisfaction


I n p a i r s t, h l n ! < c r a j o b w h i c hf i t se a c hc f t h e q u a [ i t i e isn t h e b o x beloui" be goodwitl:figLrresbe a peop[eperson be a good[istener havea 'canfiouattitude worl<lryeil in a team hairea:-reyeior eletaiI getthe bestout oi otherpeople be goodat usingyourorrvn initiative be ableto nreettightdeadlines l<eep catrniinderpressure W h i c he f t h e p h r a s e isn E x s .z b a n d3 d o y o ut h i n l <a p p l yt o y o u ? G i v ed e i a i L s .

futuresoverview t a l k a b o u tf u t u r ep l a n sa n d m a k ep r e d i c t i o n s

Reading '. :, - =--.:an youseein the -ow 2 do youthink'work'haschanged lastroooyears? In whatwaysdo you t h es a m e ? 'grind'in the titleof thetextis used r Thenoun 'something to mean that is hardwork,tiring andboring'.Whatdo youthinkthewholetitle

means? 2

Readthetextquickly. Whatdoesit saY question about z above?


L - *


the daily grind wejust can'tdo without

Workmaysometimes seemlikehell,but whenwe haven'tgot it,we missit.Wemissit,we wantit and perhaps we evenneed it. Everyone wantsto be valuedand a salaryis proofthat we matter. Not anyjob will do, however. and voluntarywork Housework tend to be seenas non-jobs. culture,a ln our work-centred 'properjob' meanspaid employment. Beingpaid for a job is betterfor our self-esteem. we wouldalsopreferwork Of course, to be usefulandinteresting, aswellaspaid.Butyoudon'thaveto enjoyyourjob to get psychological benefitsfrom it. According to someexperts, achieving unenjoyable tasksduringour work actually contributes to oursenseof well-being. The obligationto be in a particular placeat a particular time, workingas partof a teamtowardsa commongoal,givesus a senseof structure and purposethat we find difficultto impose on ourselves. Fora lot of us,the workplace hasalsotakenover fromthe community Formostof asthe placeof humancontact. us,rvorkoftenfunctions network, asa socialclub,an information an informaldatingagencyanda marriage bureau.

A l t h o u g hg e n u i n e workaholicsare u n c o m m o nm / any of us arejob addicts without realisingit. When we can't work for whateverreason,we show similarsignsto realaddictswho are deprivedof their'fix'- we becomeirritableand lethargic. Among newly-retiredmen,deathratesincreasesignificantly in the first six months after leavingemployment.Formost of their lives,theirpersonality,self-esteem and statushavebeen definedby work;without it,they losetheir appetitefor life. Life wasn't always so driven by employment, however.Work in the pre-industrialage was task-orientednot time-structured, focussingnot on money but on tasks necessaryfor survival. Whole communitiesworked togetherso there was lessdivision betweenwork and'freetimeiThe lndustrialRevolutionradically changed how people worked. Suddenly,work was no longer structuredby seasons,but by the clock.Work was separated from the rest of life,and began to provide money ratherthan food and goods. More recently,the revolution in InformationTechnologyhas again changed the nature of work and employment. The workplaceitselfmay becomeredundant.Twomillionemployees in the UK now work from home,keepingin touch via email and phone. Many employerssay that working'remotely'improves productivity,as workers are happier and waste less time commuting.Thereare downsidestoo, however,as workerslose touch with the workplaceand peoplethere. We will undoubtedly have to accept that the nature of work has changed and will continue to do so. After all, we were conditioned into acceptingthe nine-to-fiveworking day and there is no reasonwhy we can't be conditionedinto accepting somethingelse.Thisarticlewas written at home in the country during burstsof hardwork interspersed with periodsof inactivity. Perhapsthat'sthe naturalwork-rhvthmto which we will return?

m Readthe text againand decideifthese statementsare true (T)or false(F). r z 3 4

6 7 I 9


Beingpaidto workmakesmanypeoplefeel better. Non-paid workis justas goodas paidworkin termsof increasing self-esteem. Doingtasksyoudon'tenjoyat workis always badfor yourmentalheatth. Mostpeoplefindit difficultto finda purpose to the davwithoutwork. Thesocialaspectof workis veryimportant for the majority of people. People whoworktoo muchbecomeirritable. Whenpeopleretire,theysometimes feelless happythanwhentheyworked. Twomillionworkersin the UKwork'remotely'. Onedisadvantage of workingfromhomeis peoplefeelingisolated. Thewriteris convinced thatthework-rhythm of the futureis a nine-to-five workingday.


'.',,orking a .i<e flexitimebecauseI can a - : : s : : ^ e h o u r st o s u i tm e . b S - = : = : : . : ^ f , :t o b ea n u r s eb e c a u sseh e : : - ' . , ' , . " .- . :: . s ; i r l w o r k . 3 - s : - . - ' s ; ' : : ' s : ' < eu n t i l t h ue n i o n s b l ' r na t - : : :- a , ' , 3 : : ' s : < , , ^ r i l- u | L t t = :




: - - -


e c v ea t L e a s t

- - - - -

-==.-''a..,:; ::-3-: s:eating a H e y , z ossc : . : : nffirp pn


b l ' m g o i n gt o i e s ' c - : ' - - - , +,-.,^ll;-^ E^. ^ ..- - LrovtrllilrS rul 6 ,=c

R* Summarise the mainargumentof the text by completing this sentence. Althoughthe notureof work haschongedoverthe yeors,.,,


Discuss. Whydo youthinkthat beingpaidfor a job oftengivespeoptegreaterself-esteem than doingvoluntary workor lookingafterchitdren at home?Doyouthinkthatthisis alwaystrue? z In whatways(if any)doesyourjob increase yoursetf-esteem? Whatotherthings(apart fromwork)do youthinkareimportant for g people's increasin self-esteem? 3 ls it commonfor peopleto workfromhome in yourcountry? Whatdo youthinkthe advantages anddisadvantages of working fromhomeare?lf youdon'tworkfromhome, wouldyoutiketo?Why/Whynot? r

Complete the questionswith the correctform of the phrasesin Ex.5. Useeachphraseonce. r

for , e.g.gardening

z Forwhatreasons do peoptesometimes choose to insteadof fult-time? froma job to go andco 3 Haveyouever something comptetety different? a 9 you How would feelabout 4 working n i g h t sa n dw e e k e n d s ? W o u l dy o ue v e rc o n s i d e_r. e. ageof forty-fiveor fifty? F o rw h a tk i n d so f r e a s o ncsa r 3 € c : e a n dh a v et o l e a v er h e i r, ' o, ' < l W h i c hg r o u p so f l t , o r k e r s : a ^ ' , , . . , , / o i r ' . € C € r t L \W , ?h a tw e r e c o u n t r yh a v e_ t h e y a s k i n gf o r ?

In pairs,findthedifference between theverb phrases in italicsin thesentence pairs.Usea dictionary if necessary. r a I do voluntary workin a charity shoponcea

W h i c hd o V o ut f i n x i s t n e m o s tc o m m o n


b Sheworkedpart-timein a shopwhileshe wasstudying for herdegree. z a My unclewasverywealthyandtookearly retirement at the ageof fifty-two. b zoooworkersweremaderedundontatthe carfactorylastmonth.

Wouldyou[iketo _ old peopte?


reasonfor' i n y o u rc o u n t r (yb a c k a c h e , f l u ,e t c . ) ? W h i c hd o y o ut h i n ki s m o r ec o m m o n i ny o u r c o u n t r yw: o r k i n g n i n e - t o - f iov re_ ? A r et h e r ea n yp a r t i c u l ai nr d u s t r i ei ns y o u r c o u n t r iyn r e c e nyt e a r sw h i c hh a v ed e c t i n e d andworkershavebeen ?

Choose sixof thequestions in Ex.6 to askand answer witha partner.

I Gramm&f 8


I futuresorrerview

1-O Choosethe correctalternative. r

andanswer to fourconversations @ Listen thesequestions abouta)Julia,b) Simon, c) Franandd) Patrick. his/her work r Whydoeshe/she wantto change situation? plans? gotanydefinite Whatare z Hashe/she they?

z 3 4 5

r-5 in theActive examples a Complete grammar Then boxfrommemory. listenand checkyouranswers.

6 7

Active grammar to r That'sa eood idea!l think I the library now and do it there. workand go back z I've decidedI to college. themat rc o'clock tomorrow 3 l morning. Solly the job of I think theydepa ental manager.She'sreally good and she'sbeenthereages. assistantmanager.I Da heardhim talkingto lomesabout it. get thejob. lt's obvious. HeHe'sbeingfost-trackedfor it. to talkabout Usethe Present Continuous (whendetails, a futurearrangement e.g.abouttimeandplacehavebeen decided). Usegoingfo to talk abouta planor intention(butno detailshavebeen decided). based Usegoingfo to makepredictions on whatyoucansee/hearnow basedon Usewill to makepredictions whatyouknow/believe. Weoftenuse in this think,hope,believe,etc.with rarill

to l'vedecided.I'mdefinitelynot bound/going apptyfor thatjob. We'//meet/'remeetingafterwork at the caf6 on the corner. She3getting/'sboundto get thejob.She'sgot the rightexperience. look | boughta newspaper thismorning.I'll job. for/'mgoingto lookfora better-paid officer.I won'tgo/'m Oh,there'sthe personneI boundto go thenbecauseI needto talkto her. at l'll ploy/'mplayingtenniswith a colleague 5p.m.thisafternoon. He'sdoingshiftworkat the momentso he won't be/'sboundto be tiredtomorrow.

theHowto boxwiththewordsin the 1 1 Complete boxbelow. depends idea probabty sure thinking

talk about future plans a"i

Describp e l a n s ,i l'd like fo havea complete " break. ". I think /'11 do somevoluntary : worK. i t've decidedl'm going fo leave I work. " |m meeting them at to.oo I t o m o r r o wm o r n i n g . '" |m planning to retrain. 7 2

I'm_ aboutresigning. yetbut I l'mnot_ soon. thinkI'tt[eave rs fo do some One voluntary work. It_ on beingaccepted onthecourse.

going to start in 5 l'm September.


made Userziilto talkabouta decision at thetimeof speaking. Weoftenuse I thinkwith willin thiscase. Usebe boundfo to express certainty a b o u t h ef u t u r e . b Matchthe rulesA-Fwith the correct examolesr-5. plge 31 seeReference

Person to person 1 P * T e l l y o upr a r t n earb o u t y o u r w o r k / s t u d y / lifeplansforthefutureusingthe Howto box above. WhenI'vetaken I'd liketo troinosan ostranaut. my exomsI'llprobablymoveto thecity. b Areanyof yourplansverydifferentfrom yourpartner's plans?

FuturePerfect andFuture Continuous do a surveyandreporttheresults

Liste:ai:ag :"

*a Lookat the photos.With a partner,write two questionsyou'dlike answeredaboutwhat you cansee. 2a Listento a radiojournalisttatking aboutNekChandand the RockGardens. As you listen: r checkif yourquestions areanswered. z decidewhichis the bestheadline for the story: A Nearlyfiftyyearsworkin oneman's[ife. B 5ooopeopleworkto createuniquegardens. C Amazing RockGardens nowclosedto tourists.


Listen againandcomplete thenotes. Chand's appearance: Hispersonality: (r) job: Hisfather's (z)

Chand's firstiob (rgS8)'


Discuss. r a W h adt oy o ut h i n ko f N e kC h a n d ? Wouldyou tiketo visitthe RockGardens of Chandigarh? Why/Whynot? Doyouknowanyonewithan unusual tatent,hobbyor job?

Inspiration for hisgardens:

(+) Reason for his secrecv:

G) Materials used:



you issuesconcern a WhichenvironmentaI


yearsof work: Aftereighteen (t) Afteroneyearof paidwork: (8)

Numberof visitorsperday:

(s) HowChandfeelsabouthiswork: (ro)

Whattypesof materials andthingscanbe recycled? Whatarethe arguments for andagainst recycling? Howmuchrecycling of rubbishhappens in yourarea?Doyouthinkit'senough?


pollution most(e.g.recycling, fromcars, over-fishing, deforestation, etc.)? yourlifestyle Wouldyouconsider to be 'environ mentalty-friend ly'?Why/Whynot? Whatcouldyouchange?

Gra,mma,r 4

I ruturePerfect andContinuous Person to person

a Matchthe examptes r-4 in theActive grammar boxwiththe correcttense.



Active grammar someas he's doing today. holfa Soon,Chand centuryworkingon thisgarden. time? He the time he retires.



- a description of B FutureContinuous somethingin progressat a definitetime in the future

present future Form FuturePerfect: will/won't+ have+ FutureContinuous: will/won't+ be +

b Completethe rulesof form with the correct partof speech. see Referencepoge 31 5

Completethe sentenceswith the FuturePerfect or Continuousform of the verbsin brackets. (finish)his r Bythistime nextweek,he project. Art (ptay)footbatt z I'msorryI can'tcome.| tomorrowafternoon. 3 My bosswon'tbe at workat 5.3op.m.She Go) homealready. 4 Betweenro.ooandrz.ootomorrow| (have)a meetingso l'[[ phoneyou afterthat. (finish)makingdinnerby 5 | hopeyouthe time I get home. we 6 | can'twait!Thistime nextFriday, (lie)on a beachin Australia! 7 Thisarticlesaysthat whenyou're50,you(spend)a totalof t6.7yearsasleep. 8 Don'tphonebetween7.ooand7.3obecauseI (have)my pianolesson.

Whatdo youthinkyouwittbe doing... a 2.oop.m. thisSaturday? b ...exactlyonemonthfromnow? c ...thistime nextyear? d ...whenyou'resixty-five?

z Whatdo youhopeyouwil[havedone... a this time nextweek? b the endof thisyear? c ...withinthe nextfiveyears? d the timeyou retire?

the gorden by

of FuturePerfect- a description witl be completed something which beforea definitetime in the future

Ask and answerthesequestionswith a partner.


A withthemost a Matcheachverbin column wordsin cotumnB to maketen appropriate verbphrases. t do research on thelnternet A rdo z visit

B a) up to datewith (your email,yourdiary,...) kitchen,...) b) the (bedroom,

3 study 4 work

c) an eveningclass

5 spend 6 keep

e) late at the office

d) chatrooms

f) with friends ...) 7 redecorate g) for a ([aw,business, qualification online h) qualitytimewith (your 8 socialise family,...) children,

to the b Addthreemore'afterwork'activities yourideaswith a partner. tableabove.Compare



a Complete thesentences withthe correctformof the phrase mostappropriate fromEx.7. Ona typicalweekday e v e n i n lg_ I've takenon a lot of extra responsibility andI often don'tleaveuntilafter9p.m. I love_ in my free time.l'vemadeloadsof friendswithouthavingto evengo out! My eveningsareverybusy. OnMondays,l_in pottery,on Wednesdays, it'sSpanish andon Thursdays, I doiazzdance. I wantto makethe living roomlookniceandI can't affordto paysomeoneelse to do it so at the moment I'mspending myweekends I'm at the moment. I'mdoingthe nextleveIin my accountancy training andit'sa greatcoursethat I cando at home. Whenever I'mnotworking I try to with my growing children. They're up so fast. I'vebeenwritinga diary sinceI wastwelve.I try to with it so I writea bit everyday. 8 _ is a bigpartof my life,eitherhavingdinner partiesat homeor going ouI.


Listening and speaking 'work,rtife balance'survey. 1O Thequestionsbelowarefroma Whatdo you thinkthe resultsof the surveywere? t I think that lessthanhalf thegroup often i,rarkslote at the office. z I thinkthat hardlyonyonehaseverdonecny voiuntorywork. r Doyoueverwork/study lateeitherat the officescl.ootorat home? z Haveyou everdoneanyvoluntarywork? classes do youdo?Whichone,s'? 3 Howmanyevening in the evenings? 4 Doyouusuallyswitchon yourcomputer you find it easyto switchoff afterwork/school? 5 Do is? 5 Howgooddo youthinkyour'work/life balance' 11 a

Listento the resultsand seeif you wereright.

Tryto completethe sentencesin the Howto box from b memory.Thenlistenand checkyouranswers.

report the results of a survey Reportexact i nine(r) of twentypeoplestayat worklateat leastthreetimesa week. results z5%of thegrouphaddonesomevoluntary work. (z) -said thata goodwayof relaxing was watching TV. Nobodytikeddoingthiseveryevening. Report halfthegroupregularly workslateat the ; (f) , office. approximate resutts H a r d t y( 4 ) o f t h e mt h o u g h t h i s w a s a b a d thing. M a n yp e o p l ea r ed o i n gs o m ek i n do f o n l i n ec o u r s e . O n l ya f e w p e o p l es a i dt h e y s w i t c h e dt h e i rc o m p u t e r o n e v e r ye v e n r n g . The (vast)(S)_ say they do at leastone evening Ltd55.

Ontya (small)(6) _ would like to do more eveningclasses,however.

First,underline LZ a, Writesomequestions fora survey. thepartsof in thatyoucanuse,e.g.Dovouever...? thequestions

Listenand check b youranswers.

whichsurvey to do:theInternet b ln pairs,choose in people's people's livesor theArtsin lives.Writesix+ightquestions foryour survey.


to as manystudents asyoucanandmakea e Askyourquestions noteof theiranswers.


Whichof the sentences in Ex.8aremost/least like you? z Doyouthinkyouspend yoursparetimewisely?

theresults 13 a In pairs,cotlect of yoursurveyandprepare to report themto therestoftheclass.Usethe Howto boxto helpyou. theresults b Report of yoursurvey to theclass. of anyof thesurveys c Weretheresults surprising?

,n case write a formal letter of application

Reading 1

a Lookat the bookcoverand answerthe questions. r Wheredo youthinkthestoryis set? z Whatdo youthinkthe maincharacter does? b Readextractr and checkvourideas.

* Readextractr againand explaineachofthese linesin yourown words. lt wasalwaysmoredifficutt thanyouthoughtit woutdbe.(t.6) (t.g) possibte. z lt wasmorethanshehadimagined (l.rS) 3 | am goingto haveto startfromscratch. r


a Beforeyoureadextractz, discussthese questions. r Whatkindsofthings witlsheneedto doto set upherbusiness? z Whatproblems doyouthinkshemighthave? fu Readextract z andcheckvourideas.

Readextractz againand answerthesequestions. r Whatequipment did shegetfor heroffice? andfurniture z Whodid sheemployandhow? Whydo youthinkthisis? 3 Weretheybusywhentheyfirstopened?


a Beforeyoureadextract3, discussthesequestions. r DoyouthinkMmaRamotswe's business is likelyto dowell? Why/Why not? getanyclients z Doyouthinkthey onthefirstdayof business? Why/Why not?


h Readextract3 on pager45 andcheckyourideas.

questions. I wantto p orewellfor theinte w in casethe interuiewer asksmed ult questions.

e Readextract3 againandwriteonesentence to summarise each of thefollowing: r Yourimpression of MmaMakutsi z MmaRamotswe's feelings aboutnewbusiness feelings aboutheremployee 3 MmaRamotswe's feelings asshe'hurtled through thedoor' 4 MmaMakutsi's



I alwayswrite/'thingsto do' Iists/forget/something important. I usuallyleave/more time thanI need/getto work/the traffic/bebad. I alwaystake/glassof water to bed/l/bethirsty/inthe night. I usuallytake/firstaid kit on hotiday/just. l/giveyou/phone number/ you/getlost. Hetook/umbretta/j ust/ rain/onthe wayto the interview. l/buy/extrafood/the children/behungry/after thefootballmatch. Youshouldwrite/address/ yoursuitcase/it get[ost. l/not go out/thisevening/ just/Daniela/phone. Theywantedme/entermy emaiIaddress twice/lmake a mistake/the firsttime.

Discuss. Haveyoueverstarted/thought ofstartingyourown business? Why/Whynot?


fl,f I rncose Choose the correctalternatives for the rulesr-4 in theActive grammar box.

Active gra^rrrmar She stayed behind in the office in casethe telephone mng. a I phoned my boss ogain in caseshe hadn't got my message. . l'll stay herein caseany clientscome in. o I might leaveeorly t in casethere are problemson the trains. a

r a Wecanusein caseto talk aboutpastsituations, to explainwhvsomebodvdid somethina" ',vthinqscould have been different. b Whentalkingaboutthe past,the verbthat followsin case canbe PastSimpleor PastPerfect. z a Wecanalso usein caseto talk aboutfuturesituations, to talk aboutcertainties(things that will definitely happen)/UeSSlljol5 fthings we do in order to be ready for o possiblefuture situation). b Whentalkingaboutthe future,the verbthat followsrn caseis normallyin the present.Wecanusethe present, futureor a modalverbin the otherclause. We canuse justin caselo makern cosea little more 3 emphatic/polite. 4 We can useiusf in casein the middle/at the end of a sentence to talk aboutprecautions in general(ratherthan specificsituations). see Referencepage 31

Writesentences usingthe promptsandin ccse.You mayneedto change theverb tensesandto addwords.

Person to person I

a Lookat sentences r-4 in Ex.7.Tellyourpartnerif they aretruefor you. b Write4 moresentences aboutyou using(just)in case aboutthepastor thefuture. Onesentence shouldbe false. I'm goingto buya ne oper assaonas I leavethe classjust in e theyrunout later. e Guess whichof your partner's sentences is false.

I MarioRuggiero 22WoodLane London,N6 2RR

Writing I

R e a dt h e i o b a d v e r a t n dt h e l e t t e ro f a p p l i c a t i oann d a n s w etrh e s eq u e s t i o n s .

10 HattonClose London,N2 2NX Tel:07745 346229 9th January2006

DearMr Ruggiero,


Whatretevant experience a n dq u a t i t i edso e sH e l e n a have? z Whatis heraimfor the future? 3 Doyouthinkit'sa good Why/ letterof apptication? Whynot?

ru m

I am writingto applyfor thejob of AssistantManagerof yournew pizzarestaurant you adverlisedin thisweek,sHighgateTimes.

As you can seefrommy enclosedCV I haveworkedas a waitress in a pizzaand pastarestaurant for the lastninemonths,and my jobsincludeworkingas a waitress previous in a smallFrench cafelpatisserie anda busylunchtime sandwich barin thecltycentre. I believethat I havegainedvaluableexperience in the restaurant business andnowfeerit is timeto moveintothe management side of things.I feelthat I wouldbe suitablefor thejob as I am verykeen andhard-working. I am sociable andeasyto geton with,as wellas passionate aboutworkingin the cateringindustry.

Assistant Manager

restaurant requiredfor new Przza to

I am particularly interested in thisjob becausel'd liketo be involved withthesettingup of a newbusiness. Ultimately I wouldliketo set up my own restaurant businessbut I obviouslyneedto get more experience first.

Manager Weiretookngfor an Assistant

n9u't"Y:"-:'-X[*;, n""r n-'u :' ffilT"ffi month.The successrt sociable'

and haro-working enthusiastic, experienc-e-would Previousmanagement or exper'tenc-e although anJ o"'n"iptr'' desirabte' is #n''"n t" restaurants/caf6s it is notessential'


I can be contactedon the phonenumberabove.I lookforwardto hearingfromyou. Yourssincerely, | /. / '



Write to:

NO2RR 22 WoodLane'London' MarioRuggiero' 'l3thJanuarY' bY CV' PleaseencloseYour



{tulw' /


1O a Readthe letteragain.Whichparagraph: 1 sayshowyoucanbe contacted yourexperience andwhyyouwould z describes be suitablefor thejob youthinkis anyextrainformation 3 inctudes important for andwhere 4 sayswhichjob youareapptying andwhenyousawit advertised b Complete the box belowwith the expressions fromthe letter.

1 1 Lookat the job advertson pager5r. Decide whichjob to applyfor.Thenwritea formalletter of application.

Life3r*:t g lear:a$":ag Englishfor workondstudy r In whatwaysmightyouneedto useEnglish for worl<or studying? r to socialise withclients



. to understand writtenin English textbooks

D e a rM a r i o ,

r DearMr Ruggiero,


J u s ta q u i c kn o t eb e c a u s e I ' dt i k et h e i o b .


I reckonI'vegot a lot of g o o de x p e r i e n c e .


I t h i n kI ' db e g o o da t t h ei o b . I r e a l l yw a n tt h i sj o b .


Phoneme on 07745346229. 5 H o p et o h e a rf r o my o us o o n . 7 Bestwishes,


wayscouldyouimprove In whatspecific yourEnglish forworl< or studying? goto a website whichcanhelpyouwith youmightneedin a worl< language situation, findoutwhereyoucoulddo an EAP (English purposes) course foracademic

CoItocations with prepositions 1

Complete the sentences usingthe correctpreposition whichcollocates with the adjectivesin bold. r





6 7





Complete the sentences withthe correctpreposition fromthe box whichcollocates withtheverbsin botd. about of for (xl)

l'm interested _(of/ in/about)trainingto be an architect. NekChandis verymodest (offor/about) his _ achievement. A tot of peopleareafraid losing _(of/attor) theirjobs. I'mreallyworried my _(oboutlfrom/on) interviewtomorrow. l'm keen_(about/on/ 3 rn)doingsomevoluntary workin a prisonif possibte. Thisjob is verysimilar_ (oftforfto)my last one. Youlookdifferent_ (tolfrom/ofl your sister, don'tyou? Marcis reallygood_ (obout/ n/at) tennis. He alwaysbeatsme. (of/about/ l'm proud_ passing all my exams for) thisyear. My unclehasbeen passionate _(about/ oflfor)iazzatt his tife.


from in (xz) on (xz)

r Areyou goingto apply_ that job at the localcaf6? z Heresigned_ hisjob lastmonthto travelroundthe world. payingfor the wholemeal. insisted_ 3 My colleague you prepare yourinterviewproperly. 4 Youmustmakesure _ you Do believe things like astrology and horoscopes? 5 _ 6 Wouldyou complain_ stowservicein a restaurant? pay | usually things by creditcard. _ 7 8 I'mnot surewhatwe'[ do depends_ the weather. you job succeeded yet? findinga 9 Have _ ro Theinterviewprocedure consisted a seriesof grouptasks.

a Matchthe sentence halvesr-ro witha-j. A r I'mafraid

B a) at drawing.

z Shebelieves

b) for the party. consisted c) from herjob afteronlytwo months. 3 Theaudience 4 I'vepreparedeverything d) of a lot of noisychildren. s lt looksdifferent 6 My brother'sverygood


e) in ghosts. f) aboutSpanish dancing.

7 | alwaysinsist 8 Yourshoesaresimilar

g) on gettinga receipt.

9 Sheresigned ro Anais passionate

i) fromlasttime I washere.

h) to mine. i) of flying.


Complete thequestions withthecorrect prepositions. job r Whatkindof wouldyoutiketo appty _? 2

3 4 5 6


Whatmusicareyoumostkeen_? DoyoufeeIpassionate anything? _ In yourfamity, whoareyousimilar andwhoareyou different ? Whatsportsareyougood_ ? Didyourparents insist_ a particular bedtimewhenyouwere young? Whenyoudecidewhereto go on holiday, whatdoesit depend

8 Howdo you usuallypay_ thingsin shops? you person Are the kind of who is oftenworried 9 ro Whatareyou mostproud in yourtife?



fiveof the questions Choose in Ex.4 to askyourpartner.



Discuss.Howdo you feel about interviews?Do you get nervous?Why/Whynot?

Thenlistenand the interviewer's sentences. Complete b checkyouranswers. fortheiobandcoming to theinterview r Thankyoufor

a Lookat the list belowof thingsthat can happenat job/universityinterviews. Whichof them do you think are positive?

today. yourexperience. z I'd liketo askyou before.Tel[me aboutthat. 3 Yousayyou'veworkedin an you today. Manning I'll be Peter and l'm _ 4 for applyingfor the 5 CanI startby askingyou aboutyourcourse? for the future? 6 Whatareyour

r z 3 4


I wasstightlylatefor the interview I worefairlycasualclothes | panicked andcouldn't thinkclearly | showedthemthat I was enioying talkingabout myself | wasn'tverywe[[prepared for the interviewer's questions

eyecontact 6 | maintained with the interviewer 7 ltalkedquitenegatively aboutmy previous experience 8 | didn'thaveanyquestions to askthe interviewer 9 | let myselfvisiblyrelax ro I remembered to switchoff my mobilephone u I didn'tfind out exactly whatthejob/course involved rz I couldn'tremember I wroteon my everything application b Haveyou experienced any of the situationsabove? 3

a @ Listento parts of interviewswith four different candidates(Karen,Jenny,Liz and Linda)and answerthese questions. ls eachinterviewfor a iob or for a placeon a university course? z Whichof thethingsin Ex.r applyto each (Theremaybe candidate. morethanonefor each.)



Chooseone of the advertson page45 and prepareto roleplayan interviewwith a partner.Followthe instructionsbelow. shouldpreparefor the interviewby makingnotes Interviewees about: o you'vegot andqualifications anyrelevantexperience O qualities thatmakeyoua suitablepersonfor the course/iob o yourplansfor the future o you'dliketo ask anyfurtherquestions shouldpreparefor the interviewby makingnotes Interviewers about: a howto startthe interview o questions andqualifications to askaboutrelevant experience a qualities questions that makethe candidate to askaboutpersonal a suitablepersonfor the course/iob a questions to askaboutplansfor the future o howto finishthe interview


a In pairs,roleplay the interview. roles.Prepare andthenroleplayanotherinterview. b Change onthe Wouldyougiveyourinterviewee theiob/place e Discuss. Why/Whynot? course?


Futures overvie Forplansandintentions: Usewillto talkabouta decision madeat thetimeof (including speaking offersandpromises). I shopping afterlunch. I anythingto eat, going Use fo to tatkabouta planor intention(butno detailshavebeendecided). I' low,butl'm notsurewhereyet. Usethe Present Continuous to talkabouta future (whendetails, arrangement e.g.abouttimeand placehavebeendecided). Forpredictions: Usewillto makepredictions basedonwhatyou know/betieve. Weoftenusethink,hope,believe, etc.withwll in thiscase. I thinkBenwillbe thenewSchoolPresident. Usegoingfo to makepredictions basedon whatyou cansee/hear now. Becareful!You' off thatchairif youleon backlikethat!

Future Continuous and

Future Per ct Usethe Future Continuous to talkaboutsomething in progress at a definite timein thefuture. participle Formwill+ be+ present Don'tphonemetonight.I' thefootball. Wecanusethe Future Continuous to askabout plans,especially someone's if youwantsomething or youwantthemto do something. Usethe Future Perfect to talkaboutsomething whichwill becompleted beforea definite timein the future. Formwill + have+ postparticiple Weoftenusethe FuturePerfect withtimephrases with by, e.g.bythot time,by this timenextweek,by tomorrow,by then,by the end of the trip, etc.

In case to Wecanusein caseto talkaboutpastsituations, Whentatking exptainwhysomebody did something. aboutthe past,theverbthatfotlowsin casecanbe PastSimpleor PastPerfect.

Wecanalsousein caseto talkaboutfuture Whentalking situations or to talkaboutprecautions. aboutthe future,theverbthatfollowsin caseis normally in the present. Wecanusethe present, futureor a modalverbin theotherclause. it. Wecanuseiusfin caseto makein casea littlemore emphatic. l'm goingto apologise ogain she'sstill ongrywithme. Wecanuseiusfin coseat theendof a sentence (rather to talkaboutprecautions in general than specific situations). l'll takesomeextramoneywithme

Key voc


Jobs/Phrasesabout jobs j o u r n a l i s t c i v i le n g i n e e r s o c i a w I orker n u r s e r yn u r s e s u r g e o n a c h a n g eo f c a r e e r a l a b o u ro f l o v e a c a r e e rp a t h t o t a k ea y e a ro u t i o b s a t i s f a c t i o n P e r s o n a l i t yt r a i t s f o r j o b s b e g o o dw i t h f i g u r e s b e a p e o p l ep e r s o n b e a g o o d[ i s t e n e r h a v ea ' c a n d o ' a t t i t u d e w o r kw e [ [i n a t e a m h a v ea n e y ef o r d e t a i I g e t t h e b e s to u t o f o t h e rp e o p l e be good at usingyour own initiative b e a b l et o m e e tt i g h td e a d l i n e s k e e pc a l mu n d e rp r e s s u r e Verb phrasesabout work to do voluntarywork to work part-time t o t a k ee a r l yr e t i r e m e n t t o b e m a d er e d u n d a n t to be sacked to resignfromyour job to be on strike to be on sicl<leave to work flexitime to do shift work 'After work'activities d o a n e v e n i n gc l a s s v i s i tc h a tr o o m s s t u d yf o r a ( l a w ,b u s i n e s s.,. . )q u a l i f i c a t i oonn l i n e work late at the office s p e n dq u a l i t yt i m ew i t h ( y o u rc h i l d r e nf,a m i l y.,. . ) , k e e pu p t o d a t ew i t h ( y o u re m a i [ y, o u rd i a r y ., . . ) , redecorate the (bedroom,kitchen,...) s o c i a l i sw e ithfriends Collocationswith prepositions interestedin modestabout keenon passionate about good at proudof afraidof worriedabout similarto differentfrom appl,1for iesiq- "oin co-:la insiso t n p r e p a r feo r b e l i e v e ":0.: p a yf o r d e p e n do n s u c c e e di n c o r s s : : , '

Choose the correctalternative. Whyhaveyaugat yaurtuwet? I'll wash r


Complete the sentences usingthewordsin the box.Threeofthewordscannotbe used.

my hair

retirementdeadlines surgeon career figures voluntary resigft redundant pressure quality detail initiative

A Whyareyou turningon the TV? B l'll watch/mgoing to watch the football.


A Whatwouldyou liketo eat? B I think I'll have/mhavinga cheese









B 7 A B

8 A B 2

Hefound hisjab yeryrst from it lasf rnorfh"

sandwich. Wow!Lookat thosebtackcloudsl Yes,I think it'll rain/sgoing to rain. Didyou getthe bread? Oh no! Sorry,I forgot.l'll go ond get/m going to get it now. Haveyou seenJohnrecently? No,but l'll meet/mmeetinghimat 7p.m. Whereis Eva? Oh, she'llbe/s beinglate...she alwaysis! Whereareyou goingon holidaythis year? We'vedecidedwe'll have/regoing to have a skiingholidaybut I'mnot sureexactly where. Canyoucomeon Thursday evening? No,sorry.I'll play/m playingvotteyball.



I don'tthinkld be a goodarchitect because you needan eyefor ld loveto be ableto takeearly_ and painting. spendmytime Tobe a successful vet,you haveto be goodat usingyourown My fatherregretsnot spendingmore timewith my sisterand me whenwe were young. My cousinlsabella is the bestheart_ at thathospital. In my sparetimeI do a lot of _ work with deafpeople. Thirtypeopteweremade in our office lastweekbecause thereisn'tenoughworkfor themnow. As a journalist,I'malwayshavingto meetvery tight_ .

Insertthe verb phrasesin the box in the correct placesin the emait. 'llbe waiting won't going '[[ be be revising 'il haveleft '[thave been rtl-havef,n+shed

l **d decided{s


Complete the sentences withonewordfrom boxA andonewordfromboxB.Youwitl sometimes needto changethe formof theverb. A prepare depend succeed complain â&#x201A;Źeftsist worried modest

Hi Antonio, afternoon'/'/l I can hardlybelieveit but by next Friday I'm completely have finishedall my exams!Untilthen' the wholeof exams my I for revision' up to'my eyes in get next and then every spare minute I ttris weet<enO out of the way' week.I reallycan't wait to get them all bookeda holiday l'm reallyexcitedthough,becauseI've next week' I for for immldiatelyafter. ln fact, this time we've both my flight to Crete' I'm goingwith Daniel.this holiday'we Ou"nit't"r" before and loved it' After I'm writing really' there four times! Anyway,that's why job by then' lf you I just wantedto know if you your know it's short have, why don't you come with us? | come' you could if great notice,but it would be emailme or Let me know as soon as you can' Either I've got because tonight early phoneanytime'I to bed so much to do. Reallyhope you can come' Gianni

; Theftatconslsfsof a kitchen,a largelivingroom andthreebedrooms. 1 My flatmatealways the noisewhen I'mlistening to music. z Whyareyouso_ her?She'[[phoneif there'sa problem. passing that| _ my 3 I'mso pleased drivingtestfirsttime! 4 l'mnotsureif I whattimeI finishwork. I haven't my testtomorrow.I'msure going I'm to fait. She'sso herexamresults.Shenever tellspeoptehowwe[[she'sdone.




gr- 'J

Di s c u s s , r

W h ad t o y o uk n o wa b o u tt h ep l a c ens t h ep h o i o s ? \ i , ' ah rae:t h e y c a l l e dH ? a v ey o uv i s i t e d a n yo f t h e m ?1 fs o ,w h a tu , e r et h e vi i k e ?

z W h e nd o y o ut h i n kt h e yw e r eb u i l t ? .

a b o u t 2 0 0 0A D


a b o u t 1 9 6 0A D

o a b o u t 4 4 oB c o about3ooo BC

Threeof theundertined adjectives in thequestions beloware wrong.Correct themusingthetableanda dictionary. PLACES B U I L D I N G S THINGS ancient otd/new mooern mooern

rew: . *,.? $... .':' "



* !+




otd/young etderty s e c o n d - h a n dtraditional(vatues) moqern

old-fashioned trendy

a n t i qu e



f a s h i o nbal e s e c o n d - hnad

r Doyou preferancientor modernfurniture? Why? z Areyouinterested in wearingfashionabte clothes? Why/Whynot? your countryhavetraditionaI dress?lf so,whatis it? 3 Does you Do live in an elderlv buitding? 4 s W h a td o y o ut h i n ka b o u tu s i n gs e c o n d - h atnhdi n g s ? 5 Arethereanyinteresting antiqueplacesnearwhereyou [ive? Whoarethey? 7 Arethereanyeldertvpeoptein yourfamity? Ask and answerthe questionswith a partner.

nanativetenses write a short story

,b Readthe text againand decideif thesestatements are true (T)or false (F). r z



5 Doyouhavea favourite heroor heroine froma storyor fitm?What makeshim/herheroicin youropinion? Doyouknowwhothe heroesarein theancientGreekstoryof Troy (madeinto a film in 2oo4)? *

a Lookat the pictures andreadthetextaboutthestoryof the Trojan War.Thenanswer thesequestions. r Which characters inthestory? arementioned Whataretherelationships ,,t, between them? z Whois/aredescribed asthe hero(es) in the story?


Homer'sstoryis mostly aboutwar. Thepurposeofthe party wasfor KingMenelaus to declare victoryoverKing Priam. ParisandHelenteftthe partywithouttetling anyone. Onereasonwhy Agamemnon wentto war wasto win the cityof Troy. Achiltes wantedto help Agamemnon as to become powerful as possible.

Nowreadthefitmreviewon page146quickty andanswer thequestions.


Readthetexton page46 againandcomplete thesenotes. r Mainfocusof thebookThe lliad:

r Readthe storyof Hannibalandchoosethe corect alternative.

Mainfocusof the film Troy:_ Twomaincharacters in the film: Numberof extras: Filmreviewer's favouritecharacter: Reviewer's favouritemomentin the film: Maincriticism of the fi[m: Reviewer's overallooinion:


3 4 5 6 7 8



Discuss. lf you'veseenthe film,do you agreewith the reviewer's opinions? Why/Whynot?lf you haven'tseenit, doesthe reviewmakeyou wantto seeit?Why/Whynot? Doyouthinkit mattersif a fitmis not exactly the sameasthe book?Why/Whynot?


a Matchthe underlined verbsin theActive grammar boxto the listof narrative tensesA-D.

Active grammar into ruins. the feast,ParisondHelen ethen


A PastSimple B PastContinuous



D PastPerfectContinuous t


to talkabout

completedactionsin the past. z Use to talk about completed actionsthat happenedbefore anotheractionin the past. I


to talk about

actions in progress at a particular timein thepast. to talk about 4 Use actions orsituations whichcontinued up to thepastmoment wearetalking about. b Complete eachexplanation r-4 by writing the nameof the correctnarrative tenseA-D. e Lookat paragraphs r andz ofthe textin Ex.z. Findmoreexamples of narrative tenses. seeReference poge45

b E



a Workin groups.StudentAs look atpaget47 andstudentBslookat pager48. Usethe notes to practise teltingyourpartof thestory. b Nowworkin pairs(oneA andoneB)and taketurnsto tellthestoryof Romeo andJuliet together.

itilrg a Lookat theunderlined expressions in the box.Dotheytalkabout a) a timebefore,b) a timeafter,c) a specific timeor d) actionsat the sametime? At thattime Fromthat pointon Sincethen ln zr8 ac Upuntilthatpoint EricBanais brilliantthroughout the film. Duringthewar, tradedeclined. Untitthe 3rdcenturyec Forthe previousfew centuries. Afterthat ln the 8th centuryec Whitethe guestswere enjoyingthemselves, Parisand Helenleft the party. you know b Add other appropriateexpressions to the box above.


Choosethe correctatternative. t z 3

4 5 6

7 8 9


While/During the summerwe travelledaround sevenEuropean countries. I changedschoolswhenI wastwelve.From that point on/fhroughouf,I lovedschoo[. | movedhouselast week.ForlWhilethe previousfew months,l'd beenlivingwith my parents. TheGreatFireof Londonhappened at/int666. Shewas chattingthroughout/since then the wholemathslesson. A cinemaopenedin my town[astyear.Upuntil thatpoint/Atthat time,the nearestone had been4o km away. | metJameslast year.After that$incethen we'vebeenseeingeachothera [ot. the Chinawasruledby Emperors untilhvhile beginning ofthe zothcentury. Af | hada greattimewhenI wasat university. that time/fhroughout,I wassharinga flat with fourfriends. WhilepuringI waswaitingfor you,| finished my book.

1 1 a Completethe sentencesaboutyou. Throughout mostof lastyear| _. Previously, | _. z Thebestyearof my wholechildhood was . A t t h a tt i m e ,l _ | couldn't believe it when . Fromthat 3 p o i n t o nl _, . thingsto happento 4 Oneof the mostimportant mewas . . Afterthat,I _ r

yoursentences b Compare in pairs.Givemore detailsaboutone or two of yoursentences.

L 2 Discuss. Doyouthinkanygroupsof peoplewhodo jobsaremodern-day particular heroes, e.g. firefighters, aid workers,nurses,etc.?Why? z Canyouthinkof anyotherfamouspeopleor jobsthatyouthinkareheroic? particular Give reasons.


LA a

Youare goingto write a short story about a heroor heroine.Chooseone fromthis list:

a a famousmodern-day hero/heroine, e.g. Princess Diana,Gandhi, TigerWoods. b a hero/heroine froma storyor film c Achi[[es, Hector, Hannibal, Romeoor Juliet b Writebriefnotesaboutthe eventsand the charactersin the story. c Divideyour notesinto threeparagraphs: r

Whathappens at the beginning of the story andeventsleadingup to thattime z Themaineventsof thestory nearor at the endof the story 3 Whathappens

L4 a Writeyourstoryusingyournotes.Don't writethe nameof the hero;justwritehe/she (orappropriate nouns). Usenarrative tenses andtimeexpressions. b Readanotherstudent's story.Doyouknow theheroor heroine in his/herstory?

s, Describe theitemsin thephotosusingthewordsin thebox. leather porcelain denim bronze silk iron Lycra wool gotd rubber cotton silver


Howdo youpronounce andcheck. thewords?Listen

m Addfourmorematerials to theboxabove. Thinkof fivethingsyouown.Describe usedin each thematerials oneusingwordsfromEx.r. m Matchtheadjectives r-8 withthedefinitions a-h.

Listening and speaking 3 shiny 4 smooth 5 rough 6 furry


7 slippery e itchy

lil<efur 1 c) feets/tool<s to wearbecauseit { d) feelsuncomfortable irritatesyoursl<in i e) isn'thardor firm,but is easyto press


i f) is stightlyelastic g) hasa brightsurface

T* Listenagainand answer theseouestionsfor each dialogue.

i h) is wet or difficuttto hold/walkon


tu Completethe sentenceswith the mostappropriateadjective. 1, 2

3 4 5 6 7 8

s&, Listento five minidialoguesand writedown whichobjectsand materials are mentionedin eachone.

BecarefuI on the'svery I reatlytikesitkbecause it feetsso_ on yourskin. I'vegotsomenewwinterbootswith insides. I can'twearwoolbecause for my skin. it'stoo Forthe interview leathershoes. I worea suitandmy new you gym moveeasily. Wearsomething for ctass so can the _ journey It wasa veryuncomfortable because the roadwas so Thisbedis too_ for me.I needa mattress thatsupportsmy backmore.

Thinl< of anobjectyouhaveusedtoday.In pairs,tryto guesseach questions. which other'sobjectby asking Askquestions Yes/No contain thematerials in Exs.r and3. or adjectives

Whatis thewoman's problem?

z Whatdoesthewoman[ike aboutherjeans? r Whatis thewoman's oroblem? What kindof toysdoesthe 4 woman[ike? 5 Whatdoesthewomansay aboutherfriend? 6

Discuss. Haveyou got a favourite itemof ctothing? Whydo you [ikeit? z Whatdo youthinkabout wearing fur? 3 Doyouhaveanyatlergies? r

* Discuss. Whatthingsdo youassociate with a) modern-day Chinaand b) ancient China? fu Listen to theradio programme. Dothespeakers mention anyof thethingsyou tatkedabout? Listenagain.Decide if these (T), statements false aretrue (F)or we don'tknow(DK). r China hasover3oooyears of history. z China hasbeena major power worldeconomic for centuries. wasmadein China in 3 Paper a r o u n d1 o o 5A D . 4

I articies I-* Comptete theActivegrammar boxwiththeundertined examptes in thetapescript on page168.

The first paper was made of

silkwasteproducts. Thewheelbarrow was invented by oneperson. Gunsweredeveloped by the Chinese in aroundthe roth century. Theinvention of castiron hada hugeimpacton people's lives. Agricultu re accountsfor about5o%of China's economy. Rice,tea,cottonandfish arethe majoragricultural exports. ro lronproduction in Chinais a rapidtyexpanding business. u T h ep o p u l a t i oonf S h a n g h a i is growingby zzo/o a year. rz Production of goodstike toys,clothesandcars account for morethan5o% of China's economy. *

Active g'rammar ',:

Thedefinitearticlefhe is used: Withinventions andspecies of animal groups (when WithnationaI described as onewholenation) Whenthereis onlyoneof something Withrivers,oceans,seas Withsuperlatives Withparticutar nounswhenit is clear whatwe arereferringto Withpreviously mentioned nouns

Theindefinitearticleo/on is used: Withjobs Withsingutar countable nouns (mentioned for the firsttimeor when it doesn'tmatterwhichone) No articte(thezeroarticle)is used: Withmoststreets,villages,towns, cities,countries, [al<es, mountains

Discuss. ''


Hasanyof the information in the programme madeyou changeyourideasabout modern-day or ancient China? z Wouldyouliketo visit China? Why/Whynot?

:'l :,,,,',,r,,


pluraIandabstract Withuncountable, nounsusedin theirgeneral sense

,-;,l:r;r,;.:' . ,. . irr i :l:li: .i

see R

rencepage 45



(z) the Maan the Fq Qeean

G)_ (+)l've gat a red arnbretla and e btaekane. I

i a seienfi''sf



oMaunt f. Forcountries andgroupsof islands in the pluraIwe use 'the' - the United () _, breltss

Person 18a 7 2

3 4 5 6


Prepare to talk aboutone of thesetopics. a countryor cityyou[ike yousupport a footballclub a species of animaIyou'reinterested in a makeof caryoulike a job you'dlike the mostexciting thingyou'veeverdone

b ln pairs,taketurnsto talk aboutyourtopic.

18 a

Listento two peopletalkingand answerthesequestions.

r Whataretheytryingto decide? z Whatdo theyagreeon?

1 1 Complete thesesentences usingfhe,o/anor thezero article(-).

h Listenagainand completethe questionsin the Howto box.

giantpandamostlylives _ communicate interactively in _ bambooforestshigh Askingfor someone's i r Whatdo you in the mountains. generalopinion i" z What _you? Yangtze Riveris 538o _ What_ do you think is importont? _3 kilometres [ is thethird that ...? Askingfor someone's Doyou_ longestriverin _ world. you_ specific opinion How do about...? Chinacovers area Isn't it that...? of almostsixmillionsouare kilometres andis most populous countryon Earth, in theboxanddecide whichthreeyou havingmorethanonebitlion 14 a Lookat the inventions yourreasons. most important. think are the Write brief notes about peopre. C h i n e sm e a i n l ys p e a k _ thetelevision thewheel thetelephone the lightbulb Mandarin butthereareover paper the car the Internet gunpowderthe computer r5o otherlanguages and dialects spokenthroughout b Withotherstudents, try to agreeonthethreemostimportant country. _ inventions. Use the language in the Howto boxto helpyou. I'vegotthreeChinese silk dresses: redoneandtwo blackones.I thinkl'il wear Lifelong learning _ redonefor my party. AmyTanis _ Usingtechnology famous Chinese-American novelist. Howmuchdo youusetechnology to helpwithyourlearning? In 1989shewrote_ book r Doyoudo thesethings:often,sometimes or never?Why? catledlhe loy LuckCIub. bookhasnowbecome z Whichoneswouldyouliketo do more? a best-seller. o do exercises on CD-Rom umbrella wasinvented o watchEnglish-speaking around45oADto protect filmsor TVprogrammes peoplefromsunand _ o listento songsin English rain. ' Z o n g Z i ' i s d i s hm a d eo f o emailpeople in English _ riceandbambooleaves . access English websites or takepartin onlinechatin English andis traditionally eaten o listento English radio duringthe Dragon festivat.

adiectives andadverbs givea presentation abouta place

Reading Discuss. In whatwaysdo youthinkthings nowadays arethe sameasor differentfrom twentyyearsago?Thinkaboutfood,clothes, music,etc.


Readtheextract froma newspaper article you belowDoesthewritermention anything talkedabout?

to stay?Is every ls the uniformity of globalisation here same?l:j:: ur! D4 ue the LU be dooT" world ooomâ&#x201A;Źtr the worto in the street in high street high and taking languages nigfrrf, hnguage ki[ing other what he on orr"". tfr" *orUi Oliver Hughes rePorts of the good found in Europe and laments the passing

samethings' I found towns with the

countrYI was in'


Divideinto groups.


StudentsA: readthe texton paget47 andchoosethe bestsummary sentence betow(A,B or C). Students B: readthe texton pager48 andchoosethe bestsummary sentence betow(A,B or C).


A 0ne majoradvantage of globalisation is the meltingpot of cultures andthe creation of newthings. B Themostdamaging aspectof globalisation is that peoplelosetheir senseof national identity. C Theincredible choicewe havenowadays is muchpreferable to the limitedavaitability of theotddays.


StudentsA: Readyourtext againand answerthe questionsbelow. r Doesthewritermostlyagreeor disagree withOliverHughes? 'the z Whatdoeshe meanby tyrannyof geography'? 3 Whatis the mainpointhe makesabouthisownhighstreet? n r a n d [si k eZ a r aa n dM u j i ? 4 W h yd o e sh e m e n t i o b 'we increasingly defineourselves'? 5 Whatdoeshe meanby StudentsB: Readyourtext againand answerthe questionsbelow. r Doesthewritermostlyagreeor disagree withOliverHughes? z W h a ti s t h em a i np o i n th e m a k e sa b o u ft o o d ? aboutmusic? 3 Doeshe agreewithOliverHughes What does he mean by'a new type of Engtish hasbeencreated'? 4 'single' he makesbetween a language anda 5 Whatis the distinction 'common' [anguage?

Workin pairswith one s t u d e nA t a n do n es t u d e n B t . Tellyourpartnerabout yourtextusingyour answersfromEx.4. trhewrifer"offfre leffer I rc*# drs*greessfrongfy wifft *firrer'ffughes"tr,he er s$ysfAoff$e divsrsffy*nd r&*rre fr ffus lrydern warldis ... z In whatwaysarethe opinionsin thetwo letters a.)the sameand b) different? Whichof the two lettersis closestto yourpointof view?


Discuss. Do you thinkthe otd daysreallywere'the good old days'?

ffi,T I adi*rtiv*candadverbs

#Wm V


aaChoose thecorrectalternatives for rulesr andz in theActivegrammar box.Findexamples of adjectives in thetextson pages47 and48 to helpyouif necessary.

r z 3 4 5

Active grammar Adjectives r Adjectives areusedto modifynounsl verbs z Position of adjectives: usuallydirectly beforelafterthenoun Adverbs are 3 Adverbs(andadverbialphrases) usedto modifyverbs,adjectives and otheradverbs of adverbs: + Position At beginningof a sentence (whichjoina clause A Connecting adverbs to whatcamebefore),e.g.Nevertheless, Then,_ (if the adverbis notthe B Timeadverbs mainfocusof the message), e.g. Tomorrow, Lostyear, In the middleof a sentence(beforethe mainverb) C Adverbs of certainty andcompleteness, e.g.probobly,neorly, ,_ D Adverbsof indefinitefrequency, e.g. often,sometimes,_ E Adverbsof comment, e.g.stupidly, ignorantly, F Someadverbs of manner(if the adverb is notthe mainfocusof the message), e.g.quickly,rudely, At the end of a sentence G Adverbsof manner(alsoseeF above), e.g.slowly, H Adverbsof place,e.g.upstoirs,in the corner, I Adverbsof time (alsoseeB above),e.g. this morning,o whileogo,_

E* Lookat the underlined adverbsand adverbialphrasesin the textson pages147 and r48.Writethem in the correctplacein the Activegrammarbox A-1. :l'i:


i' r.lit(li: .;,)

F o re a c hs e n t e n c ed,e c i d ei f t h e u n d e r l i n e d wordsare adjectives or adverbs.

6 7 g

Sheiivesl'r a io,relv villagebut it'squitea l o n e t vp l a c e . He'sa liveL,r child5ut canbe a bit siltv sometirnes. A: Howareyou? B: 'n fine.'!hanks. -helr're Don'teatthosemushroo'ns. deadlv. H ec a nj u m pr e a l l yh i g h .r ' l rs r , r ef e ' 1d1o w e t [ i n t h ec o m p e t i t i o n . | got up veryeartvandcarJgr::-eea'1,, I.ain. He'sa rea[[yfriendtv dogbut c-i:e -q.'.']

Writethe missingadverbor adverbialphrasein bold in the correctptacein the sentences.llrryo differentpositionsmay be possible. r z I 4 5 6

I wantto try the locatfoodwhenI'rn]n Thailand. definitely I spiltmy coffeeall overmy newjacket. accidentally I workin a realtymodernbuitding. on the 19th floor | wenton a tourof sixcapitalcitiesin Europe. last month My grandmother hasbeenon an aeroptane in herwholelife.never Thenewbuildingis designed to be both practical. attractive and expertly

Person to person 1O a Choosethe correctalternatives for eachoair of sentences. complete/completely 1 a Doyouusually finisha bookbefore startinga newone? b Howdo youfeelaboutworkingwhenyour d e s ki s a mess? definite/definitely 2 a l s t h e r ea n y t h i nygo u_ t h i sw e e k e n d ? b Haveyougot any_ n e x th o l i d a y ?

w a n tt o d o ptansfor your

late/lately 3 a Areyouthe kindof personwho is often forthings? b HaveyouboughtanynewCDs ?

b Askandanswer theouestions witha oartner.


I verbphrases withrafte

1 1 Matchthe underlined verbphraseswith the definitionsa-h. r Wetakeit for grantedthat we havehuge choicenowadays. z ls English takingovertheworld? Thailand's unspoiltbeautytookmv breath 3

atvey. of peopletookpartin a 4 Thousands demonstration to savetheold townhal[. in my citybeganto takeoff aboutro 5 Tourism yearsago. 6 | foundit hardto takein whatthe touristguide wassaying. in 7 He'salwaysverycalmandtakeseverything hisstride. 8 TheltalianpeopleI metwerereallyfriendty. I tookto themimmediately. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h)

to startto increase/improve to startto likesomeone or something to understand whatyousee,reador hear to takecontroIof or takeresponsibility for something to do something withotherpeople together to believe thatsomething is truewithout makingsure to copecalmlywiththingswithoutmakinga fuss to be verysurprised is very because something beautiful or exciting

L$ Discuss. r z 3 4 5

Whenwasthe lasttimeyoutookpartin a race or a competition? Areyouthetypeof personwho usuatly takes thingsin yourstride? ls thereanyonethatyousometimes takefor granted? Wastherea pointwhenyoufeltyourEnglish reallystartedto takeoff?lf so,whenandwhy? Canyouthinkof something thathastaken yourbreathawayrecently?

eaking 14 a Givea shortpresentation abouta city you know First,mal<enotesaboutthe following. . maineventsin its history . ahVrecentchanges . mainpositive features of the place . anydifficulties problems or the placehas . maintouristattractions . liketyfuturesituation/changes/probtems

12 Comptete the sentences with the correctform o f t h e p h r a s e isn E x . 1 1 . I didn't the pianoat first,but nowI loveit. z Don't that l'il cookfor Vou.Youshould check. the racebecause r 3 | decidednotto hurtmy ankle. 4 He'squiteotdnowso hissonis goingto the business. Theviewof the mountains will . lt's absolutely amazing. Shehadn'tdoneverywellbeforebut her career whenshejoinedthiscompany. Therewill be a lot of changes in the department. Weneedsomeone whowi[[ andnot needtoo muchsupport. It washardto _ everything thatwas happening in the fitmbecause it wasa very complicated story. r

givingyourpresentation b Practise to your partner. Whenyoulistento yourpartner's presentation, canyougiveanyadvice to improve it?Lookat thesequestions to helpyou giveadvice. r Wastheinformation organised ctearly? z Didhe/she speak slowly, toudly, clearty enough?

1fi Giveyourpresentation to theclass. Whichof youheardaboutwouldyoumostlike theplaces to visit?

#l*kingRo*ns a, Readtherulesaboutmakingnouns.


of yourown. b Lookat theexamples andwritesomemoreexamples RULES


-er/-oris usedto makenounsfromverbs (oftenfor a personwho doesan activityor job) for a thingwhichdoesa particular -isfis oftenusedto makenounsfromnouns (oftenfor jobs,for peoplewho playmusical instruments andfor holdersof oarticular betiefs) -(t)ion/-sion is onewayof makingnounsfrom

r in lsnt1 inventar apen* ba -apenef


la sl-, iaumalist p 6 -r pramlbf saeial-+sseia{lsf


inventq inventisn pollute< pallutian verbs -nessis onewayof makingnounsfromadiectives k-r wegkn

mother< moth



is very Careerdevelopment important to me. My longestandmost important friendship startedin my childhood. Thereis a lot of pollutionin my neighbourhood. Oneof my biggest weaknesses is forgetfulness. | thinkscientists shouldbe oaidmorethanmusicians. is Goodcommunication in a successful essential relationship.

Complete the sentences with the correctnounform usingtheword in botd. 1 My bossreallyis the best I'veeverhad.employ in Scotland. chitd z Shespentmostof her_ . happy 3 Lotsof moneydoesn'talwaysleadto Wait know what to do.supervise until the arrives. She'[[ 4 in termsof workinghours.flexible 5 Thejob offersa lot of _ 5 Weneedto improve between departments. communicate . violin 7 My cousinis a verytalented 8 Therehasbeena in the numberof trainsin service. reduce growth Fresh and vegetables are important for a child's . 9 develop ro Therehasbeena bigincrease in the of the golfclub. member




othercommonendingsfor nounsarel.-ment,-ity, -hood,-ship


which * In pairs,decidL,e you words think firave the mainstressin eachof these sentences.

a Onenounin eachgroupis wrong.Findthe incorrectword and correctit. producement, r involvement, replacement arrangement, partnership, z friendship, membership, enjoyship manhood, neighbourhood employhood, 3 brotherhood, pianist, physicist, typewritist, scientist + modernness readiness, forgiveness, 5 forgetfulness, 6 alteration, donaiion, develoption, admission Listento all the correctnounsin the groupsaboveand b underlinethe mainstressin eachword. invol


Listenandcheck b yourideas. * Thinkabouthowfareach of thestatements aboveis you. truefor yourreactions d Compare to thestatements withanother student.

Lessons fromhist*ry


Readthesixquotesabout historybelowandmatch twoofthemto eachofthese explanations. A Learning history is a waste of time Learning aboutthe pastis important for thefuture It is difficutt but essential to learnfromh,lstory

Discuss. r Whatwasyourmost/least favourite subjectat school? Why? z Whichdo youthinkarethethreemostimportant subjects to study at schoot? Why? 3 Arethereanysubjectsyou hadto giveup beforeyouwantedto?

whv? youwishyou'dstudiedharderin?Why? 4 Arethereanysubjects you Do think it's important to do vocational subjects at school, 5 e.g.mechanics, metalwork, cookery? Why/Whynot? 6 Doyouthinkit'simportant for students to do sport,musicand dramaat schoo[? Why/Whynot? a crl Listento two friends,Martinand Debbie,and answer thesequestions. r Howdid Martinfeelaboutmathswhenhe wasat schoo[? z Whatis he studying now?Why? 'one What is of the biggestlessons' thatMartinhaslearned? 3 b T h i n ka b o u ty o u rs c h o odl a y sa n dc o m p l e t e o n eo f t h e sentences belowto makeit true for you. r Looking back,I wishI'd... z NowI'molderandwiser,I reatise ... that I'verealised ... 3 lt'sonlywiththe benefitof hindsight One of the biggest lessons I've learned in Iife is... 4 * Compareand discussthe sentence you completedwith another student.

'History teaches everything including the future.' Lam)bltine 'History is a useless heap of facts.' Lord Chesterfield 'To be ignorant

of the past is to remain a child.' Cicero 'History is more or less bunk. It's tradition. We don't want tradition.' Henry Ford 'Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past.' Mactriavelli

'Learning history is easy; Iearning its lessons seems almost impossibly difficult.' Nicholas



Choose oneofthequotesin Ex.3. Discuss thequotewith otherstudents. Doyouhave thesameopinions?

arrative tenses Usethe PastSimpleto tall<aboutcompleted actions in thepast. Wegot up earlyundaaughtthen o'clocktrain. Usethe PastContinuous to talkaboutactions in progress past. at a particular timein the Formuvcs re + presentparticiple I waswalkingtCIworkwhenI trippedandfell, Usethe PastPerfect Simple to talkaboutcompleted actions thathappened beforeanother actionin the past. Formhad+ pastparticiple I'd justftnishedmvlunchwhenthedoarbellrang. Usethe PastPerfect Continuous to talkabout actions or situations whichcontinued up to thepast moment we aretatkingabout. participle Formhad+ been+ present Beforetheymovedto thiscountrytheyhadbeenliving in Australia.

Articles Usethedefinitearticlethe: Withinventions andspecies of animal:Thegiant pundais an endongered species. Withnationalgroups: the British, theAncientGreeks Whenthereis onlyoneof something: thesun Withrivers,oceans, seas:fheMediterronean Sea Withsuperlatives: Chinois the mostinteresting plaeeI've been. Withparticular nounswhenit is clearwhatwe are referringto: Ccnyou turnaff the light,please? Withpreviously mentioned nouns: uldyou likean applear a banana?Thebananais veryripe. Specifuing whichonewe mean: at did voudo rafiththe bookI lentyou? Usethe indefinite articlea/an: Withjobs:a teacher, an engineer Withsingular countable nouns(mentioned forthe firsttimeor whenit doesn'tmatterwhichone):/'d like an apple. Useno article(thezeroarticle): Withmoststreets, villages, towns,cities,countries, lakes,mountains: Italy,Mount i (Forcountries andgroupsof islands/mountains in 'the': the pluralwe use fheNetherlands.) plurat Withuncountabte, nounsused andabstract in theirgeneralsense:Accommodation is difficultto find.

Adjectives areusedto describe nouns.Theyusually comedirectly before thenoun. I livein a reallybeautifulcity. (andadverbial Adverbs phrases) areusedto modify verbs,adjectives andotheradverbs. Thepositionof adverbs in a sentence canvary,depending onthe mainfocusof themessage. Position of adverbs: At the beginning of a sentence Connecting adverbs andTimeadverbs(if the adverb is notthe mainfocusof the message) (beforethe mainverb) In the middleof a sentence Adverbs of certainty andcompteteness, Adverbs of indefinite frequency, Adverbs of comment, some (iftheadverbis notthemain Adverbs of manner focusof the message) At theendof a sentence (seeabove), Adverbs of manner Adverbs of place, TimeAdverbs(seeabove) Manyadverbs endin -y,butsomewordsendingin -y areadjectives notadverbs. e.g.friendly, lively, lonely,silly Therearealsomanyadverbs whichdo notendin -y. e.g.late,fast,fine,hord,high,well Sometimes the adjective andadverbhavethe same form:fost, hard,fine, early,doily Heworkedreallyhard. Thischairis toohard.

Key voc


Age modern ancient antique traditional second-hand elderly old-fmhiqnedtrendy fashionabte Timeexpressions while during throughoutat thattime in (zr8ec) in the (8thcenturyac) fromthatpointon sincethen afterthat up untiIthatpoint untilthe$rd century ac) (fewcenturies) for the previous Materials leather porcelaindenim bronze silk iron lycra wool gold rubber cotton silver Describing objects soft stretchy shiny smooth rough furry stippery itchy Verbphraseswith fake takeoff taketo takein takepartin takeover takemybreathaway takeit for granted takeit in one'sstride

Fiveof the sentences havea missingword.Find the sentences and writethe word in the correct place. r z 3 4 5 6 7


Wehadwalkingfor twentyminuteswhenit startedto rain. Youremember to bringthat bookyesterday? WhenI gotto the party,Jackalreadygone home. | wentbackto my hometownafterfifteenyears andfoundthatit hadchanged a [ot. W h i l eC r i s t i nsai t t i n go n t h eb u s ,s o m e o n e stoteherwallet. ThedoorbellrangandI hadn'tevengot dressed ! Someone finallyanswered the phoneafterI'd waitingfor ten minutes.

Complete the sentences by writingthe correct form of the verbsin brackets. :r ':,:'

, ., : ,

.','',.1, .1..:.



, :'i

.l-. , ..: :.,

Complete the pairsof sentences withthe correctadjective andadverb. quiet/quietly ietirir: *ir*

rif #e iTfirfi #;il:;;iJ fi:* ex':;.trj

?br'.'e -+;:e*fiir:q fu:* *;;i*iJ::. i, {.!?i:'i i:**t f**.


bad/badty a I feltandhurtmysetfquite_ . pollution b The is very in thispartof town.

z careful/carefully a Don'tworry.He'sa very_ driver. b Youreallyneedto do yourhomework more 3 perfect/perfectly a Yourpronunciation is absotutety _ b PetraspeaksEngtish almost_

. now.

Choosethe correctalternatives. i t'n-':St?t:it;'Sii+i',liv'

i,;if i',' fr":,:ii:* :!t;S:;.

r (work)on the reportfor five 1 |_ (not/be) dayswhenshetoldme it _ necessary. (you/do)whenI phoned? z What lt (be)verynoisy. (get)homethat I It wasn'tuntit| _ (steat). realised mywallet (do)at I canremember what| _ exactty midnightlastNewYear. I wasembarrassed because she (wrapup) her (arrive)before| _ birthdaypresent. (you/tearn) 6 _ the guitarfor a longtime beforeyou gaveup?

Thenewshopping centreis enormous/ enormously. z I couldn'tbelieveit. Theexamwasincredible/ incrediblyeasy. quick/quickly Hedrovefrighteningly alongthe motorway. I can'tgo out untill'vecomplete/completely finishedmy homework. I thoughtthe mealwoutdbe cheapbut it was surprising/surprising Iy expensive.

yougot 6 l'mabsolutely certoin/certainlythat theanswer right. Onewordis wrongin eachsentence. Findand correct it.

PUIa/an or the in thesesentencesif necessary.

il1'{itti;1i:!.:;iligriir*.s ;:; ;t ;';:.-,*'.' :.'i: ,-t::,'t,i':1; r,:l:l:/r". n14g:!;,,





6 7 8

Shelivesin Alexandra'snotfarfrom postoffice. People saythatBritisharereserved. I'mnot surebut lthink I'd[iketo be architect whenI growup. Don'tforgetyoursuncream. Sunis verystrong today. Leisure for mostpeoplein timeis increasing Eurooe. Westayedat verynicehotelin Barcelona. Thatwasoneof bestbooksI'vereadfor ages. Shal[we sit in gardenfor a while?

z 3 4 5 6

I d o n ' t u s u a l l yw e a rw o o I b e c a u s eI f i n d i t t o o stretchy. '' W h e n I f i r s tv i s i t e dR o m e ,i t t o o k m y h " 4

away. She'sgotall the mostfashionclothes. I'vedecided to takepartof a writing competition. I'vebeenworkingin a caf6whitethe summer. I tikegoingto secondtimeshopsandbuying otdclothes. There's too muchinformation to takeon at once. I brokemy leglastyear.Sincethat,I haven't playedfootbatl.


Discuss. In what waysdo you thinkthe peoplein the photosmight be 'tal<inga risl<'?


in eachof the sentences Whichalternative belowis not possible? r Movingabroadwithouta job canbe a bit of a risk/gomblehozord. z You'llneverget anotherluck/opportunity/chonce tikethisto travel. Therearea lot of lobsat stoketisk/gomble. 3 We needthis contract. is to go to the NorthPole. 4 My onerealambition/dreamhelief go quite lf don't back now we there's a big,.,Substantiafvast riskthat 5 w e ' l ls e tr a r r e hitn a s t o r m . 5 Forsomepeopledoingsomething thatno oneelsehaseverdone jnfatuationfull-consuming canbecomean obsession passion. hardly/amazingly/ncrediblybrave I think they're to walk acrossthat Z withouta safetynet.Whatif theylostconcentration tightrope for a s e c odn?


CE Listento this youngwomantalkingabouther attitudeto risk a n da n s w e trh e q u e s t i o n s . r W h a ta m a z i ntgh i n gd i dh e rb r o t h eor n c ed o ? z Whatadventure is sheconsidering?


Discuss. a b c d

youknow)lasttakea bigrisk? Whendid you (orsomeone Whatdid it involvedoing? Howdid you (orhe/she)feelbefore/during/afterwards? Wouldyou (orhe/she)do something tikethatagain?

ffstructures -:-:write a diaryentry

Reading Discuss. Doyou liketo spenda lot of timeon yourown?Why/Whynot? z Doyoupreferworkingin a groupor on yourown?Why? 3 Doyoupreferteamor solosports? r


Etlen MacArth has beenwelcomedhomeby hugecrowdsaftersailingsolo aroundthe worldin recordtime.(A)_ . 28-year-old MacArthurbattledstorms journey.She finally and highwindsfor muchof the 44,000-kilometre c o m p l e t ehde r v o y a g ei n 7 1 d a y s1 4 h o u r s1 8 m i n u t e sa n d 3 3 s e c o n d s beatingthe existingrecordby 33 hours. I met up with her the day afterher returnand we wentto see her boat 'She 'She talks,'saysEllenwith completesincerity. talksto me.'

Readthe text and tick (/) the topics mentioned.

This is why she riskedher lifeand sanityto becomethe fastestperson everto sailalonearoundthe world:not fameor monevor evenwi

r Ellen's achievement ! z Herattitudeto herboat ! 3 Hertovelife ! 4 Herboat'sfacilitiestr a solosailorneeds! 5 Thequatities 5 Thecostsofthe voyage! betweensailingin 7 Thedifferences and today 969 !

important thoughthatis to her.(B)_ Her boat,namedB&Q afterher sponsors,is 23m longand 15mwide, the cabinis no morethan2.5m by containsa bunk,a chart table,twin computerscreensand navigational equipment,a singlegas burnerand a sinkthe size of a largebowl.That'sit. No toilet(justa bucket),no shower,no comfortsexcepta cuddlytoy or two. (C) _ Did you everget lonely,I ask. 'No,'shesayswithouthesitation. She is 'Oftenyou alsodismissiveof fear. don'tknowwhat'sgoingto happen whenthere'sa big stormcomingso, whenyou'reactuallyin it, it's better.Thenyou can get on and do whatyou haveto do.' Apartfrom breakingthe time set by FrancisJoyonlastyear,MacArthur is onlythe secondpersoneverto sailsolo non-stoparoundthe world on a multi-hullboat.Six timesmorepeoplethanthat havestoodon the Moon.Morethan 1800haveclimbedEverest.And four men,all great sailors,havealreadytriedand failedto matchthe feat of Joyon. ( D )_ 'That's the commonmisconception, that it's all downto size and muscle,'saysSir RobinKnox-Johnston, the firstpersonto sailsolo non-stoparoundthe world.'Single-handed sailingis reallyall aboutthe mind.' Knox-Johnston,65, sailedintothe recordbooksin 1969when he becamethe firstpersonto sail non-stoparoundthe worldalonein his 10mwoodenyacht,Suhaili (E)_ . 'Youneedto be ableto focus, dealwith thingsaloneand haveincrediblelevelsof self-discipline. lf you don'thavean extremementaltoughness,you probablywon't survive,'he adds.

The technologyhas changedgreatlysinceKnox-Johnston's day.Now you can watchwhat happenson boardvia cameras,listento audio linksand communicate by email.(F)_ . He usedan old-fashioned sextantto work out his positionand madecrudeweatherpredictions with a barometertakenfrom a localoub. Today,sailorsuse GPS positioning for accurateplottingof theirexact locationand get highlyaccurateweatherforecastsfromtheirteam onshore.However,as the veteranyachtsmansays:'lf we'd had all the modernequipment,it wouldhavesavedus time but rescueis still not guaranteedand the hazardsremainthe same.I don'tthinkthe challengeis any less,it'sjust different. The courseis the same.'


Eachof the followingsentences comesfromthe text. Readit again and decidewhereeachone shouldgo. r Ellen,standing at justr.5mtall,is the firstto succeed. z Hefinishedin 3rz days. 3 Shetellsmeshewashedtwiceon the trip,oncein a rainstorm and onceusingsomeof herfreshdrinking water. to the earlydaysof single-handed 4 Thisis verydifferent sailing whenSirRobinKnox-Johnston lostthe useof hisradioand therefore all contactwiththeoutsideworld. 5 Whatmattersis livingas onewith herboatandthe sea. 6 Thisachievement establishes heras possibly the greatest sailor Britainhaseverproduced.


Discuss. Fromthe articlewhatis yourimpression of E[[enMacArthur? In whatwaysdo youthinkyouarelikeher? z Howwouldyoufeelaboutbeingaloneon a boatlikeEllen's for 7r days?Whatwouldyou missthe most? 3 DoyouagreewithSirRobinKnox-Johnston whenhe compares his voyagein ry69andEllen's andsays:'l don'tthinkthe chailenge is anyless,it'sjustdifferent. Thecourseis the same.'


Correctthe mistakein each of the followingsentences. r z







{Frg, S

&r I if struetures{rJ

;a Lookat thestructures A-Cin theActivegrammar boxand complete examptes r-3 withdon't, won,t, would,hoveor had.

D oy o up h o n em e i f goeswrong? anything Whatyou havedoneif a nearbyboathadn'tpicked up yourdistress cal[? Youhadfeela lot better aboutthingsif youtooka riskandleftyourjob. Whatyou [iketo do if you hadsomefreetimeand money? lf I didn'ttakea yearoff to cycleacrossAfrica,I wouldn'thavemetmv hu s b a n d . lf you'lIseeJohn,canyou askhimif he'sgoingto comeparachuting with us at the weekend? | wouldn'tsuggest you comeif I'd knownyou were afraidof heights.

Person to person

Active grammar the chonce? z lf we_ had all the modernequipment,it would savedus time. havean extremementaltoughness,you 3 lf you_ probably_ survive. A Usef + presenttense,+ razl/ to talk aboutfuturepossibility. (Oftencalledthe FirstConditional). B Uself + pasttense,+ wouldto talk aboutpresentor future unrealor imagined (Oftencalledthe Second situations. Conditional.) C Uself +PastPerfect, + wouldhovetotatkaboutunrealor imagined situations in the past.(OftencalledtheThird Conditional.) , , fu Now matchthe rulesA-C in the Activegrammarbox to eachof the examplesr-3. see Reference page Sg

lf I seeMatt, I'll ask him if he wantsto cometo my party at the weekend. fu lmagineyou had more time eachweekto do the thingsyou enjoy.Tel[another studenthow you would spendthat time. lf I had more e, first of all I think I wouldhavesomepiano Iessonsbecause... * T h i n ka b o u tm a j o r decisions you havemade in the past.lmagineif you had madea differentchoice. Explainto anotherstudent w h a ty o u t h i n ky o u m i g h t havedone. lf I hadn't had childrenin my zos, I wouldhavetravelled more.l've olwoyswantedto go to Braziland ...


diary.Whatis themain fromEllen's Readtheseextracts t h i n gs h ew r i t e sa b o u ot n Dayr, Day3 andDay4?

Day I leaving It was pretty a.rnaainâ&#x201A;Źfor me the emotion of dovrn the off me people wave the the dock and seeing all workin$ was I as night the Channel It frnally hit me duing I Globe' It Vend6e the on tJ:e computer: This is it I'm doing with it "' on hadn't really sunk in until then' So I'd bett'er Elet' Day I (a doctor) epproacning Spanish coast' Spoke to m5runcle wire hot burning a today, to ask him if I should' stick as it was pressure of through my fingernail to release abit last valve a black a,fter I trapped it while trying to open a leavin$ out' night. The answer was yes' The blood spurted still sore but less painfirly throbbing finger' I guess lhis is I'm not totally happy with the boat speed' carrying for the I'm partly due to the extra wei$ht of what next three months. Day 4 right on the Steep, savage seas,with forty-five-knot blasts I've spent toughest the Cape of NW Spain. Last ni$ht was onboard..Thewindwentfromfifteentoforty-fiveknotsin I couldn't stop thirty seconds.The seaswere just horrific' on to t'he her leaping over each wave and crashing dornm the stores which on shelving next. At one point, the carbon are stacked collapsed. Very tired' GIossarY yachtrace 1 Vendde = a round-the-wortd Globe


D i s c u sisn p a i r s . r

for do youthinkarethe mosttypicatreasons Whichof the fottowing k e e p i nag d i a r y ? . as a personal recordof experiences I as a wayof practising yourEnglish o as a wayof thinkingthingsthrough a sa w a yo f c o m m u n i c a t iwnigt hs o m e o neel s e youwhenyouarestudying as a wayof hetping a sa n e m o t i o n ao lu t l e t as a placeto putspecialprivatethoughts . as a ptaceto put ideasin caseyouwantto writea novel



1O ;: Readthe definitionbelow. Haveyou haveeverreador w r i t t e na ' b l o g ' ? A b l o g( o r w e b l o gi )s a d i a r y / j o u r n atlh a ti s a v a i l a bol en t h e of updatinga web.Theactivity ' b l o g g i n gs' ,o m e o nweh o b l o gi s 'blogger'. l<eeps a blogis a b R e a dt h e ' b l o g ' o np a g e1 5 o a n da n s w e trh e s eq u e s t i o n s . aregivento r Whatreasons explainwhysomepeopte write'btogs'? z W h yd o v o ut h i n kt h a t peoptw e rite'btogs'? to writea diarY 11 a Prepare t ecide e n t r yo r ' b l o g ' .F i r s d whatyou wouldlike to write aboute , .g. . whatyoudid tastnight/last weekend . howyouarefeeting . s o m e t h i ni g m p o r t a nt ht a t recently hashappened . w h a ty o ut h i n ka b o u t 'btogging' .

etse something

1* Writeyour diaryentryor 'blog'. (Writeat leastroo words).



Haveyoueverkepta diary?lf so,whenandfor how[ong?How oftendid youwritein it?Whatdid youwriteabout?Didyoumind in Whichof the reasons if otherpeoptesawit orwasit private? q u e s t i orna b o v ea p p t i e tdo y o u ? youwouldconsider lf youhaven'teverkepta diary,is it something n o t ? W h y / W h y doing? a diary'Whatdo you waysof keeping Therearemanydifferent 'style' What do younoticeabout diary? of Ellen's noticeaboutthe in herDay4 entry? of thefirstandlastsentences the grammar

Llf*lmeag Seeas'ru"ir:.g Keepinga diary Keeping a diarycanbea verygoodwayto practise Buya yourwritingin English. in write and bool< to special in try andwritesomething yourdiaryeveryday(evenif it is onlya fewwords).


Matchthedrawings to theverbsin thebox. leap swing land bend balance stretch flip tuck ro11 lean





3 A






a Lookat the drawingson page15oand read the descriptionof three movesinvolvedin free running.Completeeachone with verbsfrom Ex.r. jump: Bendthe kneesand (r) StandinglBasic the arms.Throwthe wholebodyfonarards andbringthe kneesup.(2) withbent kneesandro[[. TheParkourRoll:(l) the kneesand put yourhandson the ftoor.(+) acrossone shoulder,(S)_ the bodyand rolldiagonaily. Standup andcontinue running. Wallflip: Runand put yourfoot as highas possibteup the wall.Next, (6,)_ backand bringthe freelegthrough.Finally, (Z)_ ano land.(Hopetutty!)


b Howwould you feel abouttrying any of thesemoves?

=r'? l









t f \


@ Listenandfollowtheseinstructions to do a relaxation exercise.


a Workin pairs.Student A lookat thepictures andreadtheinstructions on pager48.Student B lookat thepictures andreadtheinstructions on page149. b Whenyouunderstand the move,tellyour partner whatto do.Checl< thattheydo it correctly.

Reading and ReadthearticlequicklY question. What this answer doesit sayyouneedto do to beableto do'freerunning' successfully?



$ Free

'Parkour' - or free running - is the world and to spread the PhilosoPhY,' he says.This philosophy is all about last-growingextreme sport that turns challenging and improving yourself, into landscaPes everyday urban maintaining a zenJike calm' while obstacle courses. Caroline Williams That's why there are no competitions meets the man who started it all. 'le in parkour, and definitely no world Loosely translated, Parkour' 'using every object in your path records. When asked what is the means highest he has ever jumPed, Foucan as an obstacle'.It beganin l9B7 in the 'I 7 replies: have no idea.' Paris suburbs, n'here bored teenagers There have been serious setbacks. Sebastien Foucan and David Belle 5 person died after trying some of One interesting. more decided to make Iife 'Interesting' involved climbing up the moves in the Yamakasi film. And since the rise of parkour's popularity buildings, swinging around lamp posts amongst the general public there have and vaulting arything that stayed still '\\'e were just kids more than a few broken bones. been for long enough. 'The key thing,' saysEz (pronounced who started playing a game, and we've 'ee-zee'), a founder member of the never really stopped,' savsFoucan' 'is movement, that you must learn how With six friends, they set uP 'Yamakasi' - a group rvhich later split to roll. It's very important becauseif moving for-wardswith a lot of you're when five of them opted to take work momentum and you don't roll, Your as theatre acrobats, but not before it legs take the shock. If You can roll had led to a 2001 film of the same - acrossyour shoulder, never on your name. Yet, despite all the splits and spine - it transfers the energy so you personal differences, what thev refer 'the don't get hurt. You land, You roll, You discipline'liveson. to as stand up and you keeP running.' Fifteen years later, it's a global 6 And if you are going to leaP from a phenomenon.TheUK-based Parkour building, or evenjust off the back tall website gets 10,000 visitors a daY. of your sofa, you should know how to Foucan is surprised to say the least. 'You might think you 'For me, it's amazing but it's my goal land properly. just bend your knees,but actually you to meet people from all over the


Readthe articleagainand decideif the fottowingstatementsare true (T) or fatse(F). in France. invented r 'Freerunning'was a wayof fightingboredom. z lt wasoriginally 'Yamakasi' andit 3 A groupof friendscreated still exists. thispoputar. knewit wouldbecome 4 Foucan


to ru,,a ;; ,;. ;;u or your root,

bend your knees in a certain waY and slap the floor with your hand. It takes the shock out of landing entirely.' It looks painful but he insistsit doesn't hurt nearly asmuch aswhen he landed flat on his heelsone time and couldn't walk for nine weeks. Once you've masteredthesemoves, you can create as manY jumPs and death-defying handstands off the edges of buildings as you like. But, as the clich6 goes, it's practice that makes perfect. And you have to be able to suppress any last-minute 'When you get scared, doubtsor fears. you become more rigid in Your movements, your muscles become tense and you're more likely to lose co-ordination,' says Professor Stuart 'The Biddle, a sports psychologist. mind plays a massivepart,' agreesEz. 'When you're standing at the edge of one buildingleaningto do a spotjump, you fall until the very last second and then jump. It's scarybecauseYou can see exactly how lar uP You are it might be eighteenor twenty metres.If the fear getsto you, it's all over, so you really have to have confidence in your training.'

whodo freerunningaren'tcompetitive' People thingsis to Ezsaysoneof the mostimportant be fit. whitefreerunning. 7 Hehasneverhurthimsetf 8 Fearhasa badeffecton vourco'ordination.

5 6





Findwordsin the text whichmean: r to jumpoversomething in onemove(para.z) z to chooseonethingoveranother(para.3) thathappens thatstopsyoufrom 3 a probtem (para.S) makingprogress + the forceor energythatmakesa moving obiectcontinue to move(para.5) thatis usedtoo oftenandno 5 an expression (para.) longerhasanyrealmeaning 6 stiffandnot movingor bending(para.7)

* Decideif thereareany differences behveenr eachpairof sentences. Explainwhatthey are. a b a b a b a b a b

Discuss. ls 'freerunning' a goodthingfor youngpeople to be involved in?Why/Whynot? z Whodo youthinkmightbe opposed to'free running'? Whymightthat be?


I muststopsmoking. I haveto stopsmoking. Youdon'thaveto weara tie. Youshoutdn't weara tie. Youshouldtell herhowyoufee[. Yououghtto telIherhowyoufeet. Youdidn'thaveto waitfor me. Youdidn'tneedto waitfor me. Wedidn'tneedto runfor the train. Weneedn'thaverunfor thetrain.

p{?gte -rer:Referer:{:e =s..!} L* * Thewordsin theboxaremissing fromthe textbelow.Notewhereeachoneshouldgo. J

#trf,i, g

&,ff I expressing rbligatlon


__.rr ____ supposed didn't _._.. _ i , ! shoutd to had(xz) j

*. Matcheachexample r-5 intheActive grammar boxwithoneofthemeanings A-E. Active g'rammar Present t YouShOuldknowhow to landproperly. z Youmust learnhow to roll. get permissionto run acrass 3 Yau certainbuildings. wearspecialclothes. 4 Yau do it in groups. 5 YoLt'

gave ut fome inttrvction before We,farfed off. We lo t,tearlifujackefr of courre bvtl was

A lt's not necessary for youto do it. B lt is expected. C Theobligation comesfrominside,e.g. howthe speaker feels. D lt's a goodideato do it. E Theobligation comesfromoutside, e.g. a [aw. Past 6 Vleshauld_

how to land

properly. 7 We

learnhow to roll. 8 We__* to get permissionto run dcrossrcrtain buildings. !l/e_ to wearspecial clofhes. rc We_ ta do it in groups.

* Complete theexamples 6-10to putthe sentences in thepast.


Nowlisten .n"rou";; ,;r-.r;. "rO

Ferson to persc:r tr j- Teltanotherstudentonething: o !ou shoulddo today r lou shouldhavedoneby now o lou mustdo thisweek o lou haveto do everyday o lou hadto do as a child r lou didn'thaveto do as a chitd o lou weresupposed (butdidn't) to do recently

emphasis andcontrast compare PhotograPhs

I emBhasis

Gr B



Workin groups. lf you knowthe storyof MillionDollarBoby, telttheotherstudentsin yourgroup(who in the restof haven'tseenit) whathappens thefitm. lf noneof youhaveseenit, saywhatshocking to that is referred thingmighthavehappened above.Thencheckyour in the conversation of the fitmon the synopsis ideasby reading page46.



Whichof Listento this conversation. b the filmsaretheytatkingabout? c Listenagainand answerthe questions. r Didbothpeoplelikethefitm? themeof the fitm? z Whatis oneimportant character 3 In whatwaydoesthe ClintEastwood nottakea riskin the fitm? In the beginning whydoestheClintEastwood notwantto traintheyoungwoman character boxer? doesn't Dowe discover whyClintEastwood havecontactwith hisdaughter? the between is suggested 6 Whatconnection youngwomanboxerandClintEastwood's daughter?

*:; .:a :; 'I *

Active grammar

betweenthe film a Whatis the connection you any of the films? know Do above? stills


r-4 in theActivegrammar Matchthe examples A-Dbelow. boxwiththewaysof emphasising




{ent the$?es tlzrougtzthe film"

3 Theresreso many


tf: .;l 1i


;i !r

A Userepetition.


word,,sLtch, B Addan emphasising



really,just, elc. Usethe structure:lt is/wos... which/ thot... formof do. Addan appropriate

:| il

il ,a:


see Referencepoge Sg


* Matchthe sentencehalvesr-7 with a-g. Add do, doesor did for emphasis.Changethe form of the verbswherenecessary. a) r Sheknows b) z I sent c) 3 Theytike d) He apologised 4 5 Yourealised e) f) 6 Sheneeds 7 I understand g)

for beingso [ate. somehelpwithherhomework. the fitmstartsat 7.3op.m. youa message thismorning. oysters. howyouarefeeling. didn'tyou? theyweremarried,



Matchthephrasalverbs in italics in these sentences to themeanings a-h. r Something hashappened whichwenever reallyfindoufabout. z Sheturnsoutto bea verygoodboxer. 3 ljust couldn'tworkout whyhisdaughter never repliedto his letters. We'verun ouf of milk.Wittyou go nextdoor andaskTildafor some? I'vefallenouf with my bestfriend.Shewon't speakto meat the moment. Couldyougiveout oneofthesepapersto each student,please? It tookthemseveral hoursto put outthe fireat the hotel. There's beena mistake withthe bittbut they've saidthey'llsortit out as soonas possible.


b) c) d) e)

& Listen to thesentences below. Underline thewords/phrases whichyouhear emphasised. Shehadalwayswantedthisjob. 2 I wentandsawmy doctoryesterday. I to askif I couldborrowhisnew 3 decided Mercedes. Shereallydoesn'tlikethewordsto theirnew song. Hewantsto studysociology or psychology at university. Hebrokethe kitchenwindowwhilehewas playingwitha balt. L

fo Now,givespecial emphasis to theparts of thesentences youhaveunderlined by beginning eachonewith/f. It wastltisjob thatshehadalwayswanted. *

Nowlistenandchecl< vouranswers.

Person to person 6

{*,Talkaboutoneof thefotlowing: r a riskyouhavetaken 2 anactoryoureally tike place you a love 3 whoisveryimportant to yot, 4 a person Makea fewnotesaboutwhatyouwantto sayaboutit/them.Decide whatpointsyou particularly wantto emphasise. E: Teltanother studentaboutit/them.

f) g) h)


giveto eachperson stopbeingfriends become, happenin a particular way extinguish, stopa fireor cigarette fromburning discover, getinformation aboutsomething or S0meone put something in order,correcta mistake useall of something so thereis noneleft calculate, finda solutionto a problem

ar Complete the sentences with one of the verbsfrom Ex.7 in the correctform. r

Haveyoueverhadto out a fire?Whar happened? z Whenyouwantto _ out abouta piece (e.9.whereyoucango bungeeof information jumping), whatdo younormally do? you 3 Have everbeenin a carwhichhas out of petrol? Whathappened? Have anyfriendsofyourseverdoneanything 4 strange andyoucouldn't out whythey haddoneit? Haveyouevermetsomeone who_ out to be verydifferentto whatyou imagined theyweretikeat first?In whatwaywerethey different? Haveyouever_ outwitha goodfriend? lf so,why?Whathappened?

tu In pairs,ask and answerthe questions.



$peaking g

and comparing to someone Listen ld thetwo photos.Howwouldshefeel contrasting aboutbeingin eachsituation?

from sentences 1O a Lookat theseincomplete words/phrases what in Ex.9. Say thetapescript eachsentence. youthinkcomPlete 7 2


6 7 8

9 ro

ironing. They're a Young picture, |In the first .'. t-shirt of brown manironingsomefixedbetween Butthe ironingboardis the sidesof a ravine... he got there. I can't more Thesecondpictureis of a situation. ordinary be out at work. Hiswife hischildren. Heis also more picture Theguy in the first relaxedthanthe manin the secondpicture, thoughit mustbe verydangerous. | am scaredof heights... situationl I wouldn'ttiketo be in -

fo Listenagainand checkyour ideas.

compare and contrast photos Usecomparingi also,os wellas,both words/phrases ; on the otherhand,but, Use however, whereas,while contrasting words/phrasesMind you ...

Speculate aboutthe situation

His wifemight/may/could/must be at work. to be Hedoesn'tseem/appear enjoyinghimselfmuch.

Giveyour own reaction

I wouldn'tlike to be in either situation! Youwouldn'tget me up therein a millionyears! It putsmeoff havingkids! It makesme wantto giveup my job andgo travelling.

As lookat thetwo 1 1 a Workin pairs.Student photoson page149.Student Bslookat the photoson pager45.Prepare to talkaboutthem to yourpartner. yourtwo photos b Showyourpartner themusingthe andcontrast andcompare in the Howto boxabove. suggestions

D i s t a n c easn dd i m e n s i o n s a Check youknowthewordsin thetablebelow. Then,complete it withthemissing partsof speech. Usea dictionary if necessary.









(r) -




















We'dlike to expand/ heightenour business andstartproducing differentkindsof kitchen equipment. z We havegrown/extended the houseat the back andnowwe havea much biggerkitchen. beach. 3 lt'sa wonderfuI It stretches/exponds for miles. lt's quite a distancellength to the nextpetrolstation. lf the city keepsstretching/ spreading, our locaIforest wi[[disappear. Theyhad a broadllengthy conversation aboutthe problems in the company. Youknowthat metal controcts/shorfens when it becomes cooler, don'tyou? Thisjumperseemsto have shrunk/reduced in the wash!

Listenand checkyouranswers.

Complete the followingsentences with the correctform of one of the wordsfrom the table. r I knowthe lengthof thisrugbut I don'tknowthe z Thepoolis quiteshallowat thisendbut do youknowthe_ at the otherend? thisroadandmakeit fourlanesinsteadof 3 Theyintendto _ three. a bit. 4 Thisskirt'stoo needs_ myjourneyby s lf I go by carto workinsteadof by train,it _ aboutfifteenminuteswhichis great. 6 Thisbedis very . lt'salmostlikesleeping on the floor! quite shoulders andis muscular. 7 Hehasvery_


Choosethe correct alternatives.Usea dictionary if necessary.

a Workwith anotherstudentand discussthe difference between: r a [ow-riskstrategy/ahigh-riskstrategy plan/ashort-term z a long-term plan phone phonecall call/along-distance 3 a local longwayround 4 a shortcutto somewhere/a person/anarrow-minded person 5 a broad-minded person 6 sayinga personis skinny/saying is slim a a personis deep 7 sayinga personis shallow/saying h Describe a situationor a person.Canyour partnerdecidewhich word or phraseaboveyou are illustrating? At I havea nd wha hasa veryfixed view of the world. He thinks just lrkehis parentsand isn'tp aredto seeotherpeople\ viewpoints. He wan't try d rentfoadsar ga aut ta newplaces.Heb reolly... ? B: Nanow-minded!


Discuss. Whatdo you thinkthe followingexpressions mean? r to makea deepimpression on someone z to be thrownin at the deeoend t to be deepin thought 4 to go off at the deepend rundeep I stitlwaters


& Workwithanother student. Prepare to tella storyto otherstudents. The storymustinvolvesomeone takinga riskof somekind andincludeat leastfiveof thewords/phrases fromExs. t , 3 , 4 a n d5 . b Tetlyourstoryandthen listento otherstories. Which storyinvolved the biggest risk?




.l l l

rngâ&#x201A;Ź lLr1 anfL

'['i'ii:i' li;]:1 liln t,:;'iirlil



t,i,: i



'f ,fu

Usethe FirstConditional to talkabouta possible situation in thefuture. Simple/Present Continuous/Present f+ Present Perfect, Future/Present Continuous/|mperative + verb The'if clause' cancomefirstor second. Whenthe'f clause'is first,we needa commaat theendof the clause. lf yeaneedhelp,askme, We'rego ta get verywetif it roins" UsetheSecond Conditional to talkaboutunlikely or imagined situations in thepresent/future. lf + PastSimple/Past Continuous, would(or'd) + infinitive lf I livedin theeeuntryt'd da a lat rnarewatk Whenwe arelesscertain,we canusemightinstead of would. geveFne lf sameone a lataf maney, t *tight takea year affwark. Also,usetheSecond Conditional to giveadvice. UsetheThirdConditional to talkaboutpast situations thatdid nothappen. wouldhave+ pastparticiple f + PastPerfect, lf shehod answered *tt the questions, she p ed the exem,

I mastga ta bedeprtytanight. Usehaveto/havelgot fo to tall<aboutpresentand futurestrongobtJgations thatoftencomefrom outsidethespea[er. Wehaveta weerdpnifonns at eur aal.

t haveto,'don't needto or needn'fto tall<

abouta lacl< of obtighJion in thepresent or future.

Wedan't needta eheek in untitan hourb re the planetea Useshould(oroughtfo) to talk aboutobligations anddutiesin thefuture,present or past,andto give advice.

Useshould+ have+ pastparticiple your to criticise ownor otherpeople's behaviour in the past. I shou 't havespokento Brianlikethat. Usesupposed toto talkaboutwhatpeoptehaveto do according to rulesor aboutwhatis expected to happen. Yau'res osedto wesra tieat wark. Usehadfo to tall<aboutpastandreported obligations. teeeher camein.

Userepetition. She'ss veryverynicepersoft" Addan emphasising word,,such,really,just, etc. I so pteased ta meetyaur sister. Theyare sueha nieeceuple. Theconcertwasiustfan tic.Yaumastgo. Usethe structure: lt is/wos... which/that ... If's fhe kitchenthat I pa

tarty like abaut that house.

Add>nappropriate formof do. I da h yaueouldsteya bit tonger"

Risk/Achievement risl< gamble opportunitychance stal<e ambitiondream biS substantial PhysicaI movements leap swing land bend balancestretch ftip tucl< roll lean Partsof the body elbows chest shouldersshoulder btades chin forearm hands thumbs indexfinger tittlefinger palms fingertips Phrasalverbswith out findout runout(of) turnout worl< out fattout giveout putout sortout Distances anddimensions tong/tength n short/shorten /[engthe wide/width/widen broad/breadth/broaden high/ height/heighten pth/deepe deep/de n low/lower

Matchthe sentencehalves r-8 with a-h.


r lf the chequearrivestoday, z lf I hadmoretime, 3 lf I hadheardtheweather forecast, a lf I did moreexercise, 5 lf anyonespoketo me like that, 6 lf I hadn'tfallenin the race, 7 lf I cometo the party, 8 lf I getmy bonusat Christmas, angry. a) | wouldbe extremely gone have b) | wouldn't watkingin the mountains. c) l'il buya newcar. d) | wouldliketo do a pottery class. e) | wouldprobabtystart losingweight. f) I'msureI wouldhavewon it. g) I'tl put it straightin the bank. h) wittyou get thema present frombothof us?

have You... z TherulessayI haveto takesomelD. supposed t...

for meto getup earlythismorning. 3 lt wasn'tnecessary need for us to be in ourseatsat thetheatreby 7.3op.m. It'snecessary got We... birthday. It wasn'ta goodideato forgetJanine's should You... Wereyou obligedto do militaryservicewhenyou werer8? have D i d. . .


with Complete the sentences form of the the appropriate verbs. r z 3 4 s


7 e

Rewritethe first sentenceusingthe wordsin botd so that the meaningstaysthe same. r Therewasno needfor vouto wait for me.

Whatwil[we do ifltaxi/not come/time? lf l/beenborn/year earlier,/ m I done/military service. Whatwoutdyoudo iflyou/ offer/betteriob? lf l/not home/rrp.m./my dad/be/reatty angry. l / n o t / h i r e d lcaa r l i fl l going known/expensive/it/ to be. lfshe/work/hard/between now/theexams,/she/ probably pass. if We/gone/the cinemai we/able/find/babysitter. hotiday. lf l/you,/l/go/long

wordin sixof the linesbelow. Findthe extraandunnecessary r

My friendJaneit is probablyone of the peopteI admirethe most.


She'sa journalistand travelsattoverthe world,oftento so incrediblydangerous


ptaces.Herjob is just very importantto's probablythe thingwhich


drivesher the mostin tife.Shethinksit's vitalvitalthat peopteknowwhat'sgoing


about her iob she'sa wonderful on in the world.As wetlas beingvery passionate


friend.She'sso thoughtfutand sucha caringpersonthat everyonewho meets


her doeslovesher.She'smarriedwith two chitdren.Herhusband,Tony,is


suchincredibtysupportivebut he doesmissher sometimes,I know.He'svery'


very goodwith the chitdrenand looksafterthem whenJaneis awayfor work.

Unjumbleeachof the words in italicsbelow. lt'sverystrange. r I can'tkwro outwhyTimleft so suddenly. lt reallyhurts. z I bangedmy bweloon the cardoorthismorning. 3 Mostchildrenhavea aremdof whattheywouldliketo do whenthey growup. 4 lt'sveryimportanttotthcesrproperlybeforeyou playfootbalt' takelifequiteso man.Heshouldn't 5 Bobis a verystnneeiyoung seriously. publicawareness of the problemof poverty 6 Thisfi[mhasdeeehhgitn in our bigcities. z Don'tsit with's not goodfor you. is a marvellous two goldmedalsat the Olympics 8 Winning teeemvhcnai.



.€ .*

-a*{, .,':::tllai*












\ l V h e rnj ni i o i jt h i n l (e a c hp h o t ow a st a l ( e n r: y 4 o s l l g 5 o s l t g 6 o s l rr;8ers,? you thinl<this? lri/hatdeteilsmal<e ine s;en'tq:ne l\,i1ai"r:,n es to the photos. rr i g{:-'r. r-r:;iirr ,rostaii"qie whenI seescmeof the otdTVadsthat I used lo' a: a cl'rik:i. r- !lc,i,o,tLl leL.nemrber our hollday:at the seaside? YouaLways usedto i:i rr-r:-,; hacil< a sc.r ilr,,,^n i i". :, 'i;_,. ltinlrrnrlt nle,vul'lich COmpany did Vouworl<'fr,:r backthen?


' . , . : , , i : ,i t r l l t : i h a v e b e e ni ' . t h e r r t - z c 9 ' . r - r n t elt ihmi nel,< " rlli i,


' .:-iii :,,[]'nnelTiilr':-,1,,ii,,,,€ litite SOng. !'1'l:_;

i \ / i 1 ' r -; r 1 : : 1 " r;:1 , : 1 1 ' :;1: r- : : ' i i1r ' r i " : i , ' i =t flgeIs e d a y s b U t S h g l i k e St O . . : : : ; t ' , :r . r l l i , i C L i C l a W y Se h a d W h e nW e W e r eC h i L d r e n "


li"ri,ari:. .

,' :iir rnrcrds in botdaboveareverbs,adjectives

{t i"l-lrlr,j r'!:i :.,Jt', .:,.t.j.{i.rla i n t h ei f m ean in gS?

l i a r r ; 1 , ,i'',.'rul ; , r l n ie<a c ho f t h e w o r d si s p r o n o u n c e W d . h e r ei s l i r e r n a i i s' r[ r € s si l e a eh w o r d ? u i s f :nea n t lr h e c l l. r c u ri d e a s " lJrii,ile-sentr:nres that aretrue for you usingthe wordsin bold ifOr-r'i l',r1,XtJ Ai36-ro,i*",

illsr:i.ts:'. tlVhaIis tfie nn6strnernorable eveningor day you havehad lNrl'itetrisi;rlear?if$hntnnadeit speeia[?

usedto/getusedto/would describe appearance

in thepictures? Discuss. Whatis happening you is about? thinkTheTerminol Whatdo


thesequestions. Readthearticleandanswer r WhoisAtfred? dailyroutine? z WhatdowelearnaboutAlfred's his 3 WhatdoesAlfredhopeabout future? Alfred? towards attitude 4 Whatis thejournalist's

collectionof newspaperand magazine I first saw him, manyyearsago nou hisdrycleaning; a staringout with an intensegazefrom reportsabouthimself; pages of McDonald's straws and the of a newspaper. Seatedalone largecollection on a bench,he had a slight,balding a diarywhichrecordsin extraordinary appearance, withamazing darkeyebrows detaileverydayof hisstrangeexistence at Terminal One. anda small,neatmoustache. Strangely sincehefirstappeared I noble,heseemed immune to theendless Fromthemomentsatdownnextto himI felttheforceof hisdignity. Alfredseemed him. motionof theairoortaround (3)_ withinhimself. HisnamewasMerhan KarimiNasseri totallycontent 'SirAlfred'and Everything in Alfred'slifewasconducted thoughhe calledhimself hewaslostin a bureaucratic nightmare. on hisownterms.Insomesensehewas Thatis to say he livedon a benchin a freermanthanmost. Despiteoutwardappearances, Alfred TerminalOne of Charlesde Gaulle and International Airport.He hadbeenthere livesa life of total self-sufficiency He keeps himself meticulously since1988. For a seriesof insanely order. using andgroomed, a nearby airport complicated reasons,the lranian-bornclean (4)_ He alwayseatsa refugee wasnowa manwithouta country. bathroom. Thatwas the eggandbaconcroissant for quitecontent.(6) Alfredcouldn't leaveFrance he McDonald's because papers; McDonald's anda fishsandwich onlythingthatmattered to himanymore. did not have he couldn'tenter breakfast Healwaysleavesa tip, nothispastor France Nothisfamilyor friends, because he didnothavepapers. for dinner. (1)_ Alfredhadfourbrothers andtwosisters, future- onlythearticles abouthislifeat Whichhe hasdone- for the people wholived the airportanda posteradvertising lhe last sixteenyears. Recently,he was allof themmiddle-class proudly exceptfor onesisterwhowas Terminal which he hung from catapultedinto stardomas the result in Tehran, Therelative he a suitcasenextto the bench.'Lifeis of StevenSpielberg's film Ihe Terminal a dentistin Luxembourg. wenttheHollywood slogan. whichtellsa heavilyadaptedversionof was closestto was his brother,Cyrus, waiting,' Alfredwas thrilledaboutThe Terminal, his story.But whatis the realityof his who was two yearsolder.'Weusedto dailylife? be very closeandwe usuallyhadthe thoughhe wouldneverget the chance Wehada goodlife.I liked to seeit. Apparently he hadreceived a He actuallylives in the basement samefriends. andMerhan usedto playtable cheouefor severalhundredthousand mallof Terminal shopping One.Alfred's swimming He red benchis the onlyanchorin hislife. tennis,He was very good at it,' Alfred dollarsfor his lifestory.(7)_ (2)_ just thatthe lt is aboutwideenough hadlivedwithCyrusandMinafor a time wasnowunderthe impression 'He film company, DreamWorks, was going in the 1970s.(5)_ to sleepon if hekeepshishandstucked in London Hespentallhistime to get hima passport andtakehimto underthe pillowbut he neversleeps wasan intellectual. wouldcome booksandlistening California; Steven Spielberg studying andreading during theday, would visithim TomHanks Stackedaroundthe backof the bench to theradio.Hetalkedallthetimeabout to hisrescue; yet. I lt wasveryimportant to him.' at the hasn'thappened are boxes,suitcases and plasticbags politics. wonderhowlongAlfredwillhaveto wait LastweekI flewto meetAlfred,three containingeverythingAlfred owns in thistime. the world.This includes: an extensive yearssinceI lastsawhim.Heseemed


Readthe text againand decidewherethe sentences belong. A ButAlfredhadnevercaredmuchaboutmoney. B Thepicturetheypaintedof himwasvery differentfromthe Atfredof today. C lt is hisbed,livingroomandoffice. D Theauthorities totdhimto waitin the airport loungewhiletheysortedthe problemout. E 'l am famousnow,'wasthe firstthinghe said. F Hehangshisfreshlydry-cleaned clothesfrom the handleof a suitcase nextto hisbench. G Hedid notaimto pleaseor playon your sympathy.



,E Exptain to another student whateachsentence means. Itke


Thereis onewordmissing fromeachof these sentences. Decide whatit is andaddit. r I usedplaya lotof rugbyat school. 2

3 4 5

Discuss. Howdo you feelabouta) Alfred's situationand b) the way the film company behaved?

but now shedoes.


I can'tusedto my newboss.She'snotvery friend[y. Youuseto be so closeto vourbrotherwhen youwerechildren? OnChristmas Evewe alwaysgo to church. Weslowlygettingusedto tivingin the country but sometimes it feelsa bit isolated. Weuseto be vegetarian. lt'sontysomething we'vestarteddoingin the lastcoupleof months.

€eMatchexamples r-4 in theActivegrammar boxto themeanings A-D. {*ii{i;litji1i,111i:1{ia$i$1ti.:1r$-trH€&i*Sii1€*n$

Active grammar He d to sleepan a bench, Hels ge usedta sleeplngon a beneh. 3 Hels usedta sleeplngon E bench. 4 Hewouldsleep0n o benctt, 7



Heis familiar withsleeping ona bench. It is notstrange or difficultforhim. Sleeping ona bench is becoming less difficutt forhim. Sleeping on a benchwaspartof his typicatday/behaviour. In the past,he regularly slepton a bench but nowhe doesn't. a:--€'s=se€

b Whichexample aboveis trueforAtfred? poge73 seeReference

p S

Discussin pairs. r

Nametwo or threethingsyouusedto enjoy doingwhenyouwereyoungerbut no longer do.Whydid youstopdoingthem? z Howwouldyoutypicatty spendyoursummer holidays whenyouwerea child? oneor two bigchanges in your 3 Describe life,e.g.movinghouse/schootijob, getting married, etc.Whatwerethe mostdifficutt thingsto get usedto?

e & .Choosethe correctalternative. I didn't use/uosn'tusedto like iazzvery much. 2 l'm gettingusedto work/ttrorkinq from home. l'm used/used fo livingon my own. 3 usedto alwaysgo to the 4 My famitywouldT{uere sameplacefor theirsummerholiday. 5 He would/usedto havea beard. 6 Wecan'tget/gettingusedto the noise. 7

Language learningat school Didyoulearnanylanguages at school? Did youuseto haveanyspecialor effective ways of learning vocabulary or grammar? Whatwere thebestthingsthatyourteachers usedto do whichhetped youlearn? Tryto remember and seeif youcanuseanyof themnow.

columns in 1O putthewords/phrases fromtheboxin theappropriate thetable. '-!.'':'' JF-EV4+/"'

i straisht good-tookingscruffy muscular a bit overweight , l e l e g a n t s t i m w r i n k t e s c l e a n - s h a v ecnu r l y c h u b b y w a v y l ' stocky dyed goinga bit batd mousy round tanned spiky l HAIR




stroight in eachone. 1 1 Readthesedescriptions. Correctthe mistal<e r He'sgotshort,blackhairsanda smallmoustache. She'squitea skinnynow. z She'slosta lot of weightrecently. I thinkit givesyourfacemore 3 I likehavinga fewof wrinkles. character. 4 She'sgot spiked,blondhairandstrikingblueeyes.Youcan'tmiss ner. in the lastfewyears.He'sgoinga bit batdingnow. changed 5 Simon's outfits. andontywearsthe bestdesigner 6 She'sa terriblyetegant 7 Hishairusedto be verycurtedwhenhe wasa baby. I thinkhe spendsa lot of time 8 Healwayslookstanedandheatthy. i n t h eC a r i b b e a n . 1 2 Chooseone of the categories belowand describea famousperson to otherstudents.Seehow quicklythey canwork out who you are describing. popstar politician sportspersonTVpersonalityactor ; A: So, what doeshe or she look like? B : Well,he usedto be one of the mostfamouspoliticiansin the world

but he's moreor lessretirednow.He'spretty tall and now hasgrey hoirbut he's not goingbaldat oll. He'sin his late5osI think.He's quite well-builtbut certoinlynot overweight.Healwaysseemsto hoveo greatsmileand hos veryclearblue eyes.His is also quitea well-knownpoliticion. ls it BillClinton?

Writing 13 Readthisextract fromanemail.Then[ool< at thepictures and d e c i dw e h i c hp e r s o ins b e i n gd e s c r i b e d .

14 ;a In pairs,describe the people in as otherthree muchdetailasyoucan.

I t , s r e a | | y n i c e o f y o u t o m e e t m e a t t h e a i r p o r t e v e n t h o u g h?:; . .Nowimagine youhave we'venevermet!Jo'stold me so muchaboutyouthat I metoneof theotherpeople at a party.Yougoton rea[[y wellandarehopingto see themagain.Writea brief emailto a friendtellingthem whathe/shelooks[ike.

expressing ability talkaboutmemories


a Lookat thetapescript on page169.Work in pairsandfindthefotlowing words/phrases. Discuss whatyouthinktheymightmean. (1.8) r rambling ([.rr) 2 prettymuchto ourselves changed a bit (t.rf) 3 haven't 4 messaround(1.32) 5 a modelchild(t.rZ) 6 reasonabty wett(1.+S) (1.+6) 7 apparentty (1.48) 8 Shame reatly. b Usethreeofthe words/phrases above to describe something in yourpast,e.g.a friendship or yourchildhood.


Listening Lookat the photo and then readthe sentences. Whichof the sentencesaccuratelydescribesthe photo?Changethe othersto makethem true. r

They'resittingon a lawnwhichis probablyin a garden. z Thewomanis lookinga bit anxious. catjust in frontof the child. 3 There'sa Siamese 4 Thewomanis wearingsmartleatherbootsand a floraldress. 5 lt's probablyearlysummer. 6 Thechildlooksas if he'dtiketo playwith the batl. 7 Thegardenseemswell lookedafter. 8 Thewomanis probablyin her latezos. 9 Youcanjust makeout a wall in the background.


Listento the conversation between Simonand his friendCamillaand answerthese questions. r

Whatis the relationship of the womanto the child? z Whatkindof childdoesSimonsayhe was?


Listenagain.Writequestionsthat are appropriatefor theseanswers. SouthLondonere wosSimonbroughtup? r Justonefloor. z Because shewasn'tverywell. f Untilhe wasalmostseven. 4 Verygoodfun. S Ninemonths. 6 Four.


Workwith anotherstudent.Eitherreferto a photothatyouhaveor chooseone favourite photos of the below.Prepare to describe the photoandexplainhowit makesyoufeel.(lf you havechosenoneofthe photosbelow,make up a storyto explaina) whereit is, b) whothe peopleareandc) whyit is oneof yourfavourite photos.)

ability fl,f I expressing

Gra 6


r-5 sentences a Cornplete eachof theexample andrulesA-D with can,could,able,monage(d) or succeed(ed).

Findthe mistakein eachof the following sentences and correctit. r z

Active grammar t 2

I was^ walkby tenmonths, playsimpletunesan thepiano /-*"by theageof four. to find thephotosyou Didyou"-"-"""*."-werelookinEfor? Willyoub'e*to cometo $om's birthdaydinneron Sunday? youreadthewritingon thotsign at theendof theroad? We**___ in findingtheperfectpresent for my sister. or Use_ to talkaboutpresent 'generat'abitity. Usewillbe abitity.

5 5 7 8


to talkaboutfuture

wi]l be freeif I can'tto te[[you whenMr Fozard know. I don't I wasabledriveSamandMartato the airport mv uncle[entme hiscar. because TomandI manage to movethe pianointothe livingroomthismorning. Wewon'tableto playtennisthisweekend unfortunatetv. Hesaidhe knewhowto sailingbut he'snever actually beenout on a boat! in climbto Veryfewpeoplehavesucceeded theverytop of thatmountain. Wehaven'tableto finda weddingringthatwe bothlike. I'vealwaysbeenterribleto remembering names.

Complete the sentences usingthe word(s)in form and one of the bracketsin the correct verbsfrom the box. find drive meet get clean spend beat swim

to talk c Use or was/were abitity. aboutpastor'general' D Usewas/were ol , -to rn to talk aboutabilityon a particular occasion.

You_ the nighthereif you tike.The spareroom'sfree.(can) |_ unti[| wasnearly3o.I justnevergot roundto takingmy test.(couldnot) at yourbank throughto someone andtellthemthatyourcreditcardhadbeen stolen?(youmanage) ld tiketo _ holding but I haveproblems my breathunderwater.(able)

fu Decidewhichof the sentences belowmean approximately the same. r Shecanski. z Shecouldski rea[[ywellas a child. 3 She'sableto ski quitewell. + Sheknowshowto ski. 5 She'sprettygoodat skiing. 6 She'sterribleat skiing. 7 She'snot verygoodat skiing. 8 Shewasgreatat skiingwhenshewasa chitd. 9 Shecan'tskiat allwetl.

Wegot lostandso we _ the restaurant youtold us aboutbutwe did endup goingto anotheronewhichwasrealtygood.(coutdnot) I wassurprised that Chris_ Steveat tennis.Steveis a verygoodplayer.(able) Thesalesteamhave all theirtargets willgeta bonus. thismonthandso everyone (succeed)

see Refetentep{tgeZ7

Fortunately, we _ up the houseafterthe partybeforeour parentsgot home.(manage)


the different Listento Camilladescribing thingsthat she and her brotherwereableto do as childrenand morerecently.Makenotesfor a) Camillaand b) her brother. CAMILLA


Couldridea bikeon hisownat five.

Listening 11

Listen to Simontalkingaboutthephotobelow. Whichof the followingdifferences withthe firstphoto(page5S)doeshe mention? r howhefeelsaboutsomeof thepeople z howhefeelsabouttheplace 3 howhefeelsabouttheanimals 4 howhefeelsabouttheweather

Person to person 1O Discussin pairs. r

youcould ls thereanything do we[[as a childbut you can'tdo so wellnow?lf so. whatis it? Haveyou evermanaged to do something thatyou reallydidn'tthinkyou wouldbe ableto do?lf so. whatwasit? you ls thereanything you hope witlbe ableto do by thistime nextyear, whichyoucan'tdo at the moment? lf so,whatis it? Nameonethingyouthink you'reprettygoodat, one thingyou'renotverygood at andonethingyou're terribleat. Findout if thereis anything that you knowhowto do whichno oneelsein your classknowshowto do.

12 tistenagainand then readthe summarybetow.Whatthree mistakesdo you notice? Bothof the photosshowSimonas a child.Thisphotoshowshimwith his parentsandtwo friendsof theirs.Theyarestayingat theirfriends' hotelin the northof England. Simonenioyed stayingtherebecause therewaslotsto do whereas he got boredin thesummerwhenhe just stayedat home.Thereweredogsat the hotelwhichhe tiked.They similarto hiscatat home.In general, wereveryfriendly, he hada good timeandlikedgoingon holidaythere. 13 Workwith otherstudents. oneor two of yourearliestmemories r Describe of childhood. the kindsof thingsyou remember. z Compare Whydo youthinkyou canremember somethingsbut not otherthings?

althoughh uth owever/nevertheIess talkaboutbooks aboutsellinghis ftatquickty.He'shad lotsof people Sam'scometo seeit sinceit wentup for salelastweek. with me becauseI borrowedherfavouriteiacket My sister's her. withoutasking WhenI was learningto ski shegaveme so manydifferentpiecesof advicethat I just endedup totally is serious groupsarethat the government Environmental the problemof gtobatwarming. abouttackling to knowwhy Sarahgot the job of Marketing I'mvery She'sonlybeenin the companya few months. Director. Theya[[seem in politicsandpoliticians. I'mafraidI'mfairly to saythe samethingsthesedaYs. Thefactthat he didn'twantto answerthe policeofficer'squestions madethem whentheytold hertheyweregoing Julie'smotherwasquite to get marriedin June.They'veonlybeentogethersinceNovember.


Voea,buTary I feetinss * Lookat thewomanin the picture. Howdo youthink shemightbefeeling? Listento these b peopledescribing howthey feeling. Match oneof the are wordsin the boxbelowto eachperson. confused suspicious uneasy curious annoyed excited uninterested sceptical optimistic shocked relieved


Reading 4

a Lookat thecoverof the bookTheMemoryBoxanddiscusswith whatyouthinkit mightbeabout. otherstudents and Charlotte !r Readthe extractanddecidewhoSusannah, are. Catherine

5 f t . Readthe extractagainand answerthesequestions.

'susannahwasapparently perfect,as the deadso oftenbecome.' (t.r)Whatdo youthinkthismeans? feelaboutwhatpeoplesaidabouthermother? Howdid Catherine 2 'Theexistence of the memoryboxmayhavetroubledmy father 3 ( youthinkthis mighthavebeen? fromthe beginning.' to the memory thinksshewouldhavereacteddifferently Catherine boxagedten or fifteen.Doyou thinkthis is likety?lf so,why? didn'twantto thinkaboutherreal 5 Whydo youthinkCatherine motheras shewasgrowingup? felt whenshefirstcameacrossthe 6 Howdo youthinkCatherine memorybox?


Completeeachof the followingsentenceswith the most appropriateword from Ex.r. She'svery that the policehavedroppedallthe chargesagainsther. Ourchildrenaregetting aboutour trip verynextmonth. to Disneyworld Theykeepaskingwhen we'regoing. Mostof the people saidtheyfett interviewed aboutthe ideaof livingneara nuclearpower station.

the lasttime sixof thefeelingsfromEx.r. Tryto remember Choose studentaboutwhyyouhad youhadeachofthem.Tellanother thesefeelings.

h Findexamplesin the extractof five of the feelingsreferredto in Ex.r. Explainwho has the feelingsand what causesthem.


Discuss. mighthaveleft in the Whatkindsof thingsdo youthinkSusannah 'memorybox'for Catherine? z Whatdo youthinkthe pointof the memoryboxwas? 3 Howwouldyou feelaboutmakingor beinggivena memorybox?



usannahwas apparentlyperfect,as the deadso often become.Shewas,it seemed, perfectiybeautiful,perfectlygood,and perfectly h"ppy during her comparativelyshort life. They said she met life with open arms, everpositive and optimistic. I do not believea word of this. How, after all, could she be happy,knowing she was likely to die soon,when shewas a mere thirty-one years old and I, her baby,was hardly six months old?


I havea feelingthat the existenceof the memory box may have troubled my father from the beginning. He didn't give it to me until my twenty-first birthday eventhough it had been in our house all that time. Charlotteknew about :5 it, of course,but neither shenor my father could bring themselvesto mention it. I think they were both afraid of its significance.Also, I was a highly imaginative child and they simply didn't know how to introducethis memory box 20 into mv life.


Now, however,their nervousnessmakesme curious.What exactlywere they afraid of? Did they think I might be shocked, and if so why? At any rate, both of them were visibly on edge, almost guilty, when finally on the morning of my twenty-first birthday they told me about it. It was clearthey were relievedwhen I showedlittle interest in it. I said I didn't want to open it, or evenseeit.

This was a lie, and yet not a lie. The box did, in fact, make me curious evenif I found i wanted to suppressthe feeling.Aged ten, I don't think I would havebeen ableto. I'm sure I would havebeen too excitedat the thought that it might contain all sorts of treasures;and then around fifteen I d havefound it irresistiblyromantic and 3o would havebeen readyto weep on discoveringdried rosespressedbetweenthe pagesof meaningfulpoems.But at twenty-one I was very self-centred;my currositywas only slight and I could more easilydeny it. In fact, I felt a kind of nausea,at the notion of a dying woman choosingwhat to put in a box for me. Nevertheless,there was no doubt that it forcedme to think of Susannah.Grorvrngup, I could hardiy have thought of her less,wanting Charlotteto be my only mother. I rt'asalrvaysfunous if anyonereferredto her as my stepmother.However,Charlotteherselfwould try to calm me by pointing out that, whether I liked it or not, that was exactly what she was.


After Charlottedied, the hardestthing I had to do was go backinto our old home. For a whole month, I was obligedto go there day after day until everybit of furniture, everyobject,everybook and picture, everypieceof clothing, everylast curtain and cushionwas sorted out and readyto be collectedby all manner of people.This was, of course,how I found the box, eventhough I very nearlymissedit. My attention might not havebeen caughtif it had not been for an odd-lookingpink label attachedto the parcel.On the label,written ";i::t

I afthaugh/but/however/nevertheless

Gfa 7

box.l n e a c h in theActivegrammar Lookat the pairsof sentences pair,onesentence which is not. Decide one is is correct andone notcorrectandwhy.

eaking 1 O a T h i n k a b o u tbao o k / f i l m thatyouhaveread/seen quite thatyoucanremember wel[. b Makesomenotesabout: a


a He didn't give it to me until my zst birthdoy.Although b

2 a b 3 a


4 a


it had beenin our houseall that time. He didn't give it to me until my 2$t birthday,although it had beenin our houseall that time. Theink on the labelhad fadedhut you could still read my name. Theink on the lobelhad fadedbut, you could still read my name. HoweverI was alwaysfurious if anyonereferredto Chorlotteas my stepmother,she wouldalwayspoint out that that was exactlywhat she was. I was al furious if anyonereferredto Charlotteas my stepmother.However,she would alwoyspoint out that that was exactlywhat she wos. g womanputting things in a special Theidea of a box far me was verystrange.Neve eless,it forced me to think obouther. g womonputting things in a speciol Theidea of a box for me was verystrangeneve elessit forcedme to think abouthen

see Referenceplge Z3


Choosethe correctalternative. r z 3

4 5 6


Shereallylikedthe shoesbut/nevertheless theywerejust too expensive. jacketwasquitecheap,it wasn'texactlythe Although/lloweverlhe cotourshewanted. lt is truethatMr Billingham leftthe shopwithoutpayingfor the camera.Nevertheless/Although, he hasbeenundera lot of stressat workrecently. We ranto catchthe 8.r5a.m.Irainbut/although we arrivedjust after it hadgone. Theydecidedto get a doghowever/although theydidn'thavea garden. Hepromisedthat he woutdtry andfindthe file.Butft'lowever,he knewthat it hadbeendestroved.

a Completeeachof the sentences belowin a logicalway. good.However, r Thefoodin the restaurant wasextremely ... z I likeJaneverymuchbuf she... for manyyears. thatyou haveworkedfor thiscompany 3 I realise Nevertheless, ... 4 Wedecidedto buythe housealthough... b Nowwrite the sentencesagainusinga differentexpressionof contra:;t.


the basicplot thingsyou particularly likedaboutit youhadof it anycriticisms

TheMe^orgTlaT< Plot

A' ^e^o t'9 r^er'lircavenr Catl^eri brV' lt( bg l"cn,cal ^other'

Tl"i"4sIl;kel Trtt-rertidl iolu (ar a rtarg Criticirtus A b i t s l u wa l l i m s

e Listen to someone tatkingaboutIhe Memory Boxandwhattheythought of it. Weretheygenerally positiveor negative? d Now,tellotherstudents you aboutthebook/fitm chose. Refer to theplot, thingsyoulikedand anycriticisms. Usethe expressions fromEx.9 where appropriate.



Gradedreaders Didyouknowthatyoucan readmanyfamous and classicnovelsin a simplified versionsuitablefor your (Seewww. levelof Engtish? for moreinformation.)

a Matchthe underlined expressions r-g withthe correctmeaning a-h. b Whichpicturedoeseachexpression relateto? r He'sa bit of a coldfish. z 3 4 5 6 7 8


a) a verykindpersonwho hasthe right feelings aboutsomething important She'sas hardas nails. b) veryannoying, a nuisance He'sa painin the neck. c) someonewho behavesas if thev knoweverything Herheart'sin the rightplace. d) someonewho is extremety successful in theiriob or in school He'san awkwardcustomer. e) someonewho prefersto be on their own She'sa realknow-a[[. f) unfriendlypersonwho seemsto haveno strongfeelings He'sa high-flver. g) a difficuttpersonto deaIwith She'sa bit of a loner. h) verytoughor notcaringaboutthe effectsof youractionson other people

Complete thefollowingsentences. Trynotto referto Ex.r. r shelovedanswering allthequestions in class. shethought shewas

so clever.Shewasa real z Hedidn'tlikegoingout withfriendsandhe spentmostof thetime at homein hisroomon the computer or reading. Hewasa bit of a really. _ 3 Theysayhe'tlbe a partnerof the firm by the time he'sthirty.He'sa real wouldstopcomingintomy roomandborrowing 4 lwish Caroline my clothes. She'sa pain_ . Brian'sbeenaskingaboutgettingan increase in his satary. Wittyou talkto himaboutit?Onthe subjectof moneyhe'sa bit of an_ . I knowSteveis a bit loudand insensitive at timesbut honestly, his heart's Shehadto go out to workfromthe ageof fifteenand hashadquite a difficultlife.As a resultshe'sas hard Heneverseemedto get excitedaboutanything. All in alt,he wasa bit of a cold


a Thinkaboutpeople youknowwhoyoucould describe withfiveof the expressions in Ex.r. b Describe the peopleto otherstudents. Sayhowyou knowthemandwhatthey are[ike.Theotherstudents shouldsaywhichexpression fromEx.r is appropriate for eachperson.


Discuss. Whichof the expressions do youhave in yourlanguage? Doyou haveexpressions whichare differentbut containthe sameidea?


HIS ORY! lmagine someone

- a child' a future

u,"ri"-"orosi.t l: :-'Hi"]::lffff;,.,

t'.''."8J "r:::""","i'l$ ff ;; ;;srromnow . " " sensatio" "-'r C onr' n s ro"' o e tthe .o ::1tjl :':":^il; rroa the 21st::l,uru Ancient ^ " " i - o u nartefactr d c a p s u t e t' i n b u r i e dt i m e your people wrll study These future a crumbling t'"* tn" pasta F chosen obiects coin' a birthday oho]o' a newspaper' a â&#x201A;Ź learn - and they will ? oiece - tecnnotogy Prvv- of about us' I + little bit more

on the tuture' LeaveYourmark Be a part of history' BurYa time caPsule'

Whatarethe andadvert. Lookat thepicture peopleputtingin thegroundandwhy? tatkingaboutwhat to someone Listen p u t c a p s u lien 9 7 7 . M a l <ae she inatime shegives pieces of advice noteof fivegeneral a time whowantto prepare to otherpeopte c ap s ul e . fivethingsto putin , Workin groups. Choose betowor Usetheexamples yourtimecapsule. of your each to reasons otherideas.Give iustify ideas. a globeof thewarldsa I thinkweshouldinclude that theyknowhow the worldis divided' ln my apinian,we oughtto put o typicalpiece of dothing likeieansso thot theyknowhow we clress. so that they Whatabautputtingin o newspoper in hoppening are knowthe importontthingsthot the world tadav?


to othergroups. yourchoices Exptain Whichgroupdoyouatlthinkhadthebesttime Why? capsule?




Useusedfo to talkaboutpasthabitsandstatesthat do nothappen now. I usedto catchthebusto workbutnowI go by bike. I usedto haveblondhair. Shedidn't useto benearlyso ombitious. Didyou useto enjoytravelling for yourjob? In the negative andquestionformsusedoesnot finishwitha'd'. Usewouldto alsotalk aboutpasthabitsbut not paststates. Whenwe werelittle, wewoulddressup andpretendto bekingsandqueens. (Not Weusedto livein Manchester. ) Usegef usedto to describe the process of becoming accustomed to a newsituation. We'regettingusedto livingin a smallvillogein the countrybut it's stilla littlestrange. Usebe usedto to saywhenyouhavebecome accustomed to a newsituation. She'susedto beingherownboss. Withbe/getusedto, the spetlingis alwaysusedwith a'd'.


ressing ability

Neuertheless Useall of theselinkingwordsto showthat whatyou aresayingis surprisingor unexpected in relationto you somethingelse knowto be true. torm Although+ clause,clause. Althoughshe washalf an hour late, they decidedto wait o bit longer. Formclause,+ although+ clause. Theydecidedto woit a bit longer,althoughshe wos half an hour late. (Thoughcan be usedas a shortenedform of although.ltis morecommonin informalspeech.) Useeventhoughto emphasisea contrast. Eventhough I was very angry with him, I didn't say anything. Formsentence.+ Howeve evertheless, + clause. (Nevertheless is formal.) Shewoshalf an hour late. However,theydecidedto woit o bit longer. Yourworkhas not beenof a veryhigh stondard recently.Nevertheless, I am stiilgoing to give you a percent pay increase. five F o r mc t a u s e+ b u t + c l a u s e(.B u ti s n o t u s u a [ [ yu s e d t o b e g i na s e n t e n c e . ) She washalf an hour late but theydecidedto woit o bit longer.

Usecanto talk aboutpresentor'general'ability. Shecanspeak Russionquite well. Canyou play any musicalinstruments? Usewill be able fo to talk about futureability. She'll be able to run rcom in underu secondsby the end of the year. Usecould or was/wereable to to talk about past or 'general' ability. Theycould both ski quite well by the time they were sevenor eightyearsold. She wasable to communicateeffectivelyin Arabicafter workingin Egyptfor o year. Use was/wereable to or manoged to or succeeded in (+ -ing) to say what someonecoulddo on a particularoccasion. Theywereable to get into the hauseby forcing open the backdoor. Shemanagedto pay off all her debt5 by working in the eveningsond at weekends. Useknow how to andgood/bad at, describe differentlevelsof ability. Sheknowshow to countto ten in Japonese. He's not verygood at speokingin public.

Key vocabulary Memory remember memorysouvenirmemorable remind reminiscenostalgic forgetful Appearance Hair:straight curly wavy goinga bit batd mousy spiky dyed Face: wrinkles clean-shaven chubby round Build:muscularstocky a bit overweightslim good-[ookingscruffy elegant tanned General: Feelings confusedsuspiciousunâ&#x201A;Źasy curious annoyed excited uninterestedscepticaIoptimistic shocked relieved people ldiomsdescribing a coldfish ashardasnails a oainin theneck (someone's) heartis in the rightplace an awkward customer a realknow-att a high-flyer a bitof a loner

Complete the followingtextwith usedto or get usedto andthecorrectformof a verbfromthe box. (r) rsc# t* tes#t



Complete thesecond sentence withtheword in boldso thatit means thesameasthefirst sentence. 5ht ls t:*le t* play thr. pi*;tt: verv we!!" {$f?

have be finish teach not understand a

Sf,e mn play ihe pirsn* v*rv v,'*ll"

Doyouthinkit wittbe possible for youto finish the presentation by Friday? able Doyouthinkyou finishthe presentation by Friday?

CairowhereI I recentlywent backto tn asa foreignlanguage English (1) area A lot had changed'The 1gBOs' ,n" "*,t verYquietbut,it's whereI lived(2) aremoremodern muchbusiernow'There rvhen and biggerroads'I remember buildings a while to (3r--- I firstarrivedthat it took asthe)'rverein \rabic mostof the shopsigns' too' Eren in English Now a lot of themare at 9 3Op'm' our classes eveningwe (4) had a nearbrclubrrhich andthenall go out to ior the club but sadly l'r1"", discolI looked placeand I marvellous it hadgone'Cairois a camebackto Britain' reall','missedit rvhenI a very different (5)---It took me agesto


Theyfinattysucceeded in gettingthe carout of t h em u d . managed Theyfinalty the carout of the mud. I wasquitegoodat drawingas a child. could q u i t ew e l [a sa c h i l d . I_ Hefaitedto persuade the otheremptoyees to go on strike. able persuade He_ the otheremployees to go on strike. Shecouldn'tmakehiscamera work. know She makehiscamera work.

stvleof life.


6 Wereyouableto speakto Brianbeforehe wenthome? manage Did_ speakto Brianbeforehe went home?

Rewrite with correct the pairsof sentences punctuation, in the usingthewordsin brackets place. correct It r*ined. * ksf"W*h*rj a rpnllvqfr*dtine" {':lt!ii:,;r;l;} &iii:*ur;lt it"rcinerj* lst. we h*d * r**lljt g**i tims. I managed to geta fewhours'sleep. Theparty in the ftat upstairswasverynoisy.(however) z I wouldsaythatCharlotte is my bestfriend. I'veonlyknownherfor a few months. (atthough)


3 | wantedto havea partythisweekend.My parents weren'thappyaboutthe idea.(but) 4 Sheseemsto be in lovewithhim.Heis very (nevertheless) unreliable. 5 Sandrais a verygoodstudent.Shewill need to worka bit harderif shewantsto passher exams.(however). qualifications. 6 | hadall the necessary I didn't getthe job. (although) thefitm.Someof the actingwas 7 | enioyed awfut.(but)


Complete the sentences with one of the words/ phrasesfrom the Keyvocabularysectionon page73. 5he nev*r saysn:u*: rsndrtfw*yskeepsherselfto I'r*rs*l{.\tue's * hit *i r z 3

4 5


Wewerea[]very_ whenshearrived homesafelyat midnight. What'shappened to yourbeard?I'venever seenyou before. My sisterwasalways . Evenas a child, sheneverseemed veryinterested in having friends. in hisarmsand lim hasbecomequite_ legssincehe startedgoingto the gym. My littlebrotheris a real . Hekeeps comingintomy roomanddisturbing mewhen I'mtryingto study. My fathersaidI shouldgo to university but my brothertold me it wasa wasteof timeso I was quite_ aboutwhatto do.

Lead-in 1

Discuss. r Whatcanyouseein the photos? z Whichof the ptaces wouldyoumostliketo exptore? Why?


Listenand answerthesequestions. r Whatgavethe speaker the ideato travel? z W h yd i ds h eg o t o S p a i n ? 3 Howdid shefeelwhenshefirstgotto Guatemala? Whv? 4 Howdid shefeellater?

s+ Listenagainandcomplete theexpressions. r I beganto have to leavework. feetandwanted

Y -,.",.-.

z I wasa bit worriedaboutgoing into uncharted 3 | wentos an _traveller, on mv own. aroundthe town. 4 | spenta month | was bitten by the travel 5 andwantedto exotorelotsof otherplaces. 6 Thefirsttwo monthsweredifficultandI experienced real shock. fu Checkthe meanings of the expressions usinga dictionary. Discuss. r Whydo youthinkpeoplearebittenby thetravetbug? z Hasit everhappened to you? 3 Doyoueverhaveitchyfeet? :t.',7

Present Perfect SimpleandContinuous writean informal email

h' the i s*ten Sandfties,sweatbees,eightg-metre higntrees...Hettfor mostof us,ues,but alt in a dag3workfor chartotte uhtenbroek. Shemoves as eteganttg throughthe loungeof London,s savogHotetas sheooes jungle.Butwhiteshetovesthe adventure. throughthe Amazon she grad is atso to be backin'civitisation" at teastfor the moment. She'sjust finishedfitminga TVseriescattedJungte- a gruetting job that invotvedher exptoringthe densejungtes nineteen-week of the congqthe AmazonandBorneo. shesausthat it wasfascinating, but daunting as whatwasher mostchattenging experience? 'Definitetg ctimbingan eightg-metre hightree in Borneo, when[m petrifiedof heightslI had to xeepgoingup and up,whena voice 'Down!Down!-I kept Insrde mewassaging, thinkingthe ropeswere goingto breakand sendmeptummeting downbetow., And'downbetow,waswherethe bugswere_ ctinging, stinging, sucking beasts. Apartfromthe usuatmosquitoes, in the Am;zon rainforest, shewasptagued bg sandftg bites.,t,vehadsome horriblebitesbut thesereattuarethe itchiestbitest,veeverhad. At onestage,I countedseventg biteson onearm,'she sags.lust as annoging werethe sweatbeesin the congo. Theutru to drinK the sweaton uourfaceandeventhe tearsfromgoureues.The mostdisgusting thing,though,wasrging to puttthe stimgteecnes off uourskin.ThemoreI putted, the morethegstretched andtne tightertheirjawsctungto mgteg.I keptshoutinq, "Getthemoff!" .tusta minute andthe fitmcrewkeptsaUing, ...thismakesa reattU goodshot!"' journegintothe heartof the wortd,s chartotte's mostsignificant ,Therainforest rainforests wasan inspiring experience. ieatfgis tikea citg.Eachtreeis tikean urbantowerbtockwithhundreds of residents. tf uouknockit oown,goucausejust as muchdisruption anddamageas if thoseresidents werehuman. Thejungteis extraordinarg because atthough it ontgcoversaboutsixpercent 0f the wortd,it contains overfiftgpercentof attknownanimat and ptantspecies, ptustotsmorethat areunknown, too., Backin London, whathasshebeenenjoging sinceher returnto 'civitisation'? 't'vebeen havingt0tsof nice,tongshowers,, shesags. 'ln the C0ng0 | wasatwaus worriedahoutusingup attour water suppties. AndI findthat whenl,vebeenin hot,uncomfortabte conditions for a white,the thingsI tookforwardto morethan anuthing etsearebeingwithmgfamitgandenjoging mgfavourite mea[.'

Reading 1

Charlotte Uhlenbroek spent overfourmonthsin the jungle.Beforeyouread these abouther,discuss questions. r Which things doyouthink youwouldfinddifficutt in thejungle? z Which thingsdoyouthink youwouldmostliketo dowhenyoureturned to 'civilisation'?


: .


in Ex.r aboutCharlotte. Readthetextandanswerthequestions


Readthe text againand decideif the statementsare true (T),false (F)or we don't know (DK). r Charlotte looksandfeels'out of place'in the SavoyHotel.



I'vebeento the Brazilian rainforest in zoo3. z She'sboughtalreadyher planetickets. I'vebeenvisitingftiendsin Italythreetimesthis yearWhatyou beendoingsince | lastspoketo you? Haveyou yet seenthat film, Sahara? 6 Hejust hasspokento the tourguideaboutit. I'vebeenlearning Spanish sincetwo months. Haveyou beenknowing eachotherlong?

z Shehadto ctimbtalttreeswithoutthe useof ropes. I Themosquitobitesshehadwerethe worstbitesshe'severhad. + Shecriedbecauseshecouldn'tstandthe sweatbeeson herface. s Thefilm crewhelpedherto getthe leechesoff her leg. 6 Shecompares d treewith a towerblockbecause thereareso many livingthingsin eachtree. z Thewatersheusedin the Congowasusuallydirty. 8 Whenshegetshome,shelovesdoingthe cookingfor herfamily. 4

Discuss.Wouldyou tiketo go on a jungleexpedition?Why/Whynot?

Gfa 5

Perfect &f I Present Simple andContinuous Match theexamples r-4 withthecorrect rulesA-DintheActive grammar box.

7 Active grarnmar 'lungle' (ond is filming a TVseriescalled 'civilisation'). glad to be back in l've had somehorriblebitesbut theseare the itchiestbites l've everhod. in junglesfor a total of nineteenweeksand l'm going hometo '

Usethe PresentPerfectSimpteto talk aboutan actionor experience in the pastwhenthe time is not importantor not known.

Alreadyshowsthat somethinghappened soonerthan usuallycomesbetweenhaslhoveand the past participleor at the endofthe sentence. Yefshowsthat the speakerexpectedsomething to happen is usedat the endof negatives andquestions. see Referencepoge 87

Complete the sentences by usingthe promptsin brackets. Usethe Present Perfect Simple,Present Perfect Continuous or Past Simple. (you/go/ever) to a jungte? (you/decide) whereto go for yournext hotiday? (you/ Howlong_ study)English? Whatdo youwantto do (you/ todaythat_ not do/yet)? Where _ (you/go) your for lasthotiday? Howmuchcoffee (you/have/already) today? (you/have/ever) a badinsectbite? Where _ (you/tive) for the lastyear?

lots of nice, Iong showers'.

Usethe PresentPerfectSimpleto describean actionthat startedin the pastand continuesin the present,whenyou're focussing on the finishedaction(or on the numberof times the actionhasbeencompteted up to the time of speaking). Usethe PresentPerfectContinuous to describean action that startedin the pastand continuesin the present,when you'refocussingon the activityitself.We often usefor (lengthof time)/since(startingpoint)to talk aboutthe durationof the activity. Usethe PresentPerfectSimpleto describean actionthat happenedin the pastbut hasthe resultin the present.We often usejust, yet or alreadyin this case. /usf meansa shorttime usuallycomesbetweenhas/ hove andthe past participle.

Correctthe mistakein each sentence.

Person to person A

a, In pairs,askandanswer thequestions in Ex.7. b Choose oneofthe questions youaskedandask yourpartnermoredetails aboutit.

A: Howdo you feelabouteatingfoodyou'venever


triedbefore? B : I don'tusuallymindnewvegetables andthings but I'mnot verykeenon eatingmeatI'venever triedbefore.Actually, the otherday,a friendof minepersuaded meto try snails.I was he didn'ttel[me with himbecause G) _ whattheywere.Hepretended theywerebits of chicken. Well,whenI foundout,lwas nearly ! sick!Theywerereally(6)_ Howwouldyou fee[abouta iob that involved workingwithanimals? B : I'veiust spentthe summerholidays workingat and I lovedit. Youmight a monkeysanctuary not thinkmonkeysareveryinteresting but () you getto knowthem. they're _when Somethingsweredifficult- likecatchingthem to givethemmedicinewaspretty(8)_, but it wasallveryrewarding.

a Findtheseadjectivesin the text on page75. In pairs,discusswhatyou thinkthey mean.Use the sentencesaroundthe word to help you. (para.z) r fascinating z daunting(para.z) (para.z) 3 challenging (para. petrified z) 4 (para. annoying 5 l) 6 disgusting(para.t) 7 inspiring(para.4) I worried(para.S) b Lookat the wordsand their contextin the text againand choosethe correctalternatives for theserules. r Useadjectives endingin -ed/-ingto describe someone's feelings. z Useadjectives endingin -ed/-ingto describea situation. e Writesentenceswith adjectivesfrom Ex.9a.

Pronunciation 10

Listenand markthe mainstressfor each adjective. r fascinated, fascinating z daunted, daunting challenged,challenging 3 4 petrified,petrifiTing annoying 5 annoyed, 6 disgusted,disgusting inspiring 7 inspired, 8 worried,worrying

11 a Completethe dialogueswith the most appropriateadjectivefrom A: Doyou likecamping? B: I canhonestlysayI hateit! | spenta week camping onceandeverynightI was becauseit wasso darkand I kept O hearing animals. I evenfoundputtingup my tentquite(z)_. lt'squiteold andone or two of the bitsweremissing. A: Areyou scaredof heights? B: Wel[,no actually.I tikebeinghighup. I went up in a smallaeroplane a fewyearsago.I was a littte(f) _ at firstbecauseit wasa bit bumpy.Butin the endI foundthe whote . lt mademe experience reatty(+) wantto do otherthings- perhaps evengo parachuting oneday.

b t2


thequestions in with a Askandanswer otherstudents. Usethe adjectives in b Whohasthemostsimilarfeelings to you?

iting 13 Readtheemailin theWritingbankon page16z anddo theexercises. 14 Choose oneof thesituations in Ex.rra and writeanemailtoa friendtetlinghim/herabout yourexperience. UseMaisie's emailandthe paragraph planbelowto helpyou. Paragraph r: explain whereyouareandwhy,and howyoufeel Paragraph z: describe whatyou'vebeendoing you Paragraph 3: sayhow feelaboutfinishing

questions questions places askandanswer aboutunusual

Readingg L

:s Lool< at the photoof Bhutanand discuss. r Whatdo youthinktifeis likethere? z Whydo youthinkfewtouristsgo to thiscountry? your ideas. !-: Readthe text quicl<ly and checl<

Nil t-l I'Al\[ isa country of about 750,000peoplein the easternHimalayas. Visitors maybe surprisedhow much culture.traditionand nature areall flourishing in Lhisvery privatecountry.The Bhutanese peoplebelievethat all forms of life,humanand non-human,are preciousand sacred.Because of this attitude,they livein harmonywith natureand their


Readthe text again.Then,with a partner,summarise the text's mainpointsabouta) importantbeliefsof Bhutanese people,b) n a t u r ei n B h u t a na n dc ) t o u r i s mi n B h u t a n .


Discuss. Wouldyou liketo visit Bhutan?Why/Whynot?Doyou t h i n kB h u t a n e spee o p l ew o u l de x p e r i e n cceu t t u r es h o c l i<f t h e y visitedyourcountry?ln whatways?


#iffi Listenand deeide whichof thesequestionseachof the three p e o p l ea r et a t k i n ga b o u t :

environmentremainspristine, with an astonishingvarietyof animals,birdsand plants.The peoplelive in harmonywith each othertoo. with no discrimination of any kind. In orderto safeguardthis rich naturalenvironment and peacefulculture,Bhutan hasadopteda cautiousand

A : W h a t ' tsh eu , i e a t hIei kr e n y o u rc o u n t r y ? yourfavourite B: \A/hat's typeof weather?

controlledapproachto tourism. In 2003.there werefewerthan 6000 touristsandthis numberis not expectedto increasegreatly. \o independenttravellersare permittedin Bhutan;all tourists


Lookat the tapescripton pageqt andwritethe underlined w o r d si n t h e c o r r e cpt l a c ei n t h e t a b l eb e t o w . COLD W A R M / H O T RAIN ta0!





mustgo on a pre-planned, prepaid,guided,packagetour. However,if you makethe effort and manageto get a visaand

::.:lp Oultt,explainthe differences in meaningbetweenthe words in eachcolumnin the table.Usea dictionaryif necessary.

arrangea trip, you will certainly

,:: Lookat the wordsagainand decide:

havea Iife-changing experience

r if eachoneis a noun,adjective or verb,e.g.breeze= n{lun z whatotherformsthereare,e.g.breeze(n),breezy(adj)

in this magicalkingdom.

Matchoneof thewordsfrom Ex.5 on pageTgto eachof thesentences. tt wasperfectweather for kites. flying isn't in lreland r Theweather very hot or very usually cold. soaked z I gotcompletely onlYa it was eventhough walk. five-minute


Wehadto sit in the shade untilquitelatein the afternoon. Theskywasfull of clouds andthe sundidn'tcome out all day. 8 a lf youweregoingon hotidayto Bhutanwhatsortof thingswould It onlyrainedfor aboutten e.g.the weather? youliketo knowaboutin advance, minutesandthenit was withan experton fine. b l!!t Listento a questionandanswersession a trip but ; lt waswarmin the daY Bhutanandsomepeoptewhoareconsidering there.In what jacket I wasgladI'dtakena orderdo theytatkaboutthethingsin the box? for the evenings. the idealtime of Yearto visit! ' I like heavyrainbut I can't specialevents/festivals ! whattotake! organisedtrips! *haitodoth;n tooal standit whenit rainsgentlY for hoursandhours. I Wewerefreezingwhen the notesbelow. Listenagainandcomplete I desPite we wentcamPing sleePing having extra-thick bags. needsuncreamand You'tl I W H E N T OG O : ,: Youneverknow a raincoat. togo bwtsusors tlu arc aatann any' fipfug I whatthe weatherwilt be vtntetbeunse tn A), ionigo like. (z)insttwtubeuase oon't-go ro lt wasa lovetyplace- blue It ACTIVITIES: skiesandthe lightwas (t) diffetent of lot a anl' k fafttastk anazingvinvs reallygoodfor taking TrekLhS photographs.




t x



Discuss. Howwouldyou describe the weatherin yourarea/ country? Howwouldyou likethe weatherwhereyou live to be different? Howdo youthinkthis wouldimproveyourlife? Doesthe weatheraffect yourmood?In whatwaYs?

ii nf foWta h ke:u in gur1n/'sud (+) Also, fortfu snn:alut anl'(s) , , (7)-forfiekkittg DonTbrittg @ -ot


nainingwdkn96edk (e) FESTIVALS:

to (e) k forpeopb ik" *io urrouforfesttuals nfottluflagsk foryeoPba(to)

trekkingtrips Woutdyoutiketo go on theorganised 1O Discuss. youbeento any Have not? Why/Why in listening? described the whichyou or abroad your country in or celebrations festivats Givedetails. enioyed? particularly


fi,f I questions


1 1 Comptete the questions in theActivegrammar box.Then,lookat thetapescript on pagetTtandcheckyouranswers.

Directquestions Therearetwomaintypesof directquestions: A Yes/No questions G) _ to corryall ourequipment? (z) _ provideaguide? B Wh-questions

at octivities(9 _ ? (q) When _ thebest e to go?

Subjectquestionsareusedwhenthe questionword (e.g.who) refersto the subjectof the sentence. Whena wh- wordreplaces the subjectin a questionwe do not usethe auxiliaryverb. Who(il with the trekkinggroup? Indirectquestions: Useindirectquestionswhenyouwantto be polite(e.g.when you don'tknowsomeone). Therearedifferentwaysof starting indirectquestions(e.g.Doyou know...,Canyou tell me ...). Usethe wordorderof positivestatements. Usef or whetherfor indirectYes /t'lo questions. Canyou tell me what (6) _ ? CouldI askyou what () _ likel Do you know (8) _ any interestingfestivalsat that e? l'd like to know (g) _ to take an ing special. see Referencepage 87

1 g a Correctthe mistakein eachquestion. Yougo on holiday everyyear? Do you go on holidayeveryyear? r Whereyou arelivingat the moment? z Hehaseverbeentrekkingbefore? 3 Whodid giveyou thoselovelyflowers? 4 Whattime you be heretomorrow? 5 Youhavinga holidaysoon? 6 Whenthis companywasstarted? fu Changethe questionsaboveinto indirectquestionsstarting with the wordsgiven. CanI ask you if you go on holiday everyyeor? r Canyoutell me z Doyou know 3 CanI askyou r e 4 C a ny o ut e [ [ m 5 Doyou know 6 I'd tike liketo know kna

18 a Findoutabouttwoother typesof holiday. InA/B groupswritequestions using the notesbelowto helpyou. StudentAswritequestions aboutcameltripsin Egypt. StudentBswritequestions aboutbirdwatching in Mexico. Thinkaboutcost,location, whatthe areais like, accommodation, food, facilities, activities/ organised tours. & StudentAs readthe textaboutbirdwatchingin Mexicoon pager5o.prepare to answeryourpartnert questions. StudentBsreadthetext aboutcameltrips in Egypton page145.Prepare to answer yourpartner's questions. * Workin A/B pairs.Take turnsto askandanswer questions.


14 Discuss. Whichholiday wouldyourathergoon:bird watchingin Mexico, camel ridingin Egyptor trekkingin Bhutan? Why?


aboutmoving/travetting I verbphrases


4 a Discuss.DoYouthinkthe Workwithapartner.Matchtheunderlinedverbphrasesr-Swiththe foltowingstatementsare true (T) correctdefinitionsa-h. Usea dictionaryif necessary' or fatse(F)? to Australia' r My parentsareScottishbut theyemigrated A Overa mittionBritishPeoPle him much' z My brotherhastivedabroadfor ten yearsso I don'tsee emigrateeverYYearnewaddress' 3 I'veiust movedhouse.Here'smy destination B Spainis a PoPular in York' r8 andwentto university 4 My sisterleft homewhenshewas to for BritishPeoPte emigrate aroundthe countryside' roaming holidays of lot a iust | spent 5 to. expIoring. who emigratego C MostPeoPle we finatlyset off on our round-the-world 6 Afterweeksof planning, backhomeaftera Year. triP. b Readthe text quicklYand at the airport' 7 Weatl criedwhenwe wentto seeheroff checkyour answers. e I'n-offto the thereanythingyou need?

Readthe text againand match eachparagraPhwith the most appropriatesummarYA-G. Threeof the summarysentences cannotbe used' is A Theappealof manYPlaces better the priceof ProPertY' wagesandthe goodweather. who emigrate, B FormostPeoPle it'sthe bestthingtheY'veever done. findthat the C ManyPeoPte grassis not alwaYsas greenas 2ComptetethequestionswiththecorrectformofaphrasefromEx.r. theyhadhoPed. -? r At whatagedo youngpeoplein yourcountrytypicalty Thereis a trendin recenttimes (you)at the airport? z Doyou tikepeopteto comeand-of numbers for increasing whenyoulastwenton holiday? 3 Whattimedid youBritishpeoPleto emigrate. youlived-? 4 whichcountrywouldyoumoveto if It'sverydifficuttto get a work ? if countries permitfor PoPular 5 WhatwouldYoumiss Youyour tife? in you SPain. have and times many Australia like 6 How todaY? class (You) after to Where Somepeoplego abroadfor 7 place and new a to iust you went time aboutthreeYearsin orderto last 8 Whenwasthe earnwe[[andsavemoneYto go withoutanYcleardirection? backwith. z. First, Ex' from questions the partner canbe your emigrating going ask Atthough to Youare 3 be' witl answers hard,it canalsoProvidePeoPle edictwhatyouthinkhis/her greateriob satisfaction. with yougetright? to [ivein a foreigncountry to leaveyourhouseandgo to livein anotherone to teaveyourcountryandgo to livein anothercountry to walkor travet,with no definitepurpose verysoon whenyou arereadyto go or you'regoingto go somewhere an important'excitingor to leaveat the startof a iourney(especiatly difficuttiourneY) g) whena youngpersonleaveshis/herparents'houseand goesto live else somewhere h) to go to an airport,trainstation,etc'to saygoodbyeto someone who is leaving

a) b) c) d) e) f)

Howmanydid b Askthequestions.


ON THE MOVE! Every day, thousands of PeoPleare on the move and,eithertemPorarilY or permanentlY, setting uP home abroad. Their move maY be ioborientated or PerhaPs theY think the grass is greener somewhere else. Whatever their reasons, it's clear that more and more PeoPle are stepping into the unknown and leaving their own country.ln Britain PeoPle make alone, over 4OO,OOO where do But the move each Year. theY'live do they go and whY? And happily ever after'? 3 Typicallya lot of people move abroad becauseof their jobs.Theymay find that their companyis moving them overseasbut manY PeoPle make their own decision,believing theY will have more successfulcareers abroad.PaulDerwinis a scientistwho used to be based at a Prestigious

weather especiallyduring the dark and cold winter months' Southern when Spainbecomesvery aPPealing sunshine of days you think of the 320 a year.Cheaperproperty is another reasongivenfor moving abroad'The costof livingin America,for example' istwenty percentlowerthan in Britain and often salariesare slightlyhigher' it'snot surprising Forallthesereasons, that the toP five most regularlY chosen destinations for Britons to emigrateto are: the USA,Australia' New Zealand,Canadaand SPain'The The most PoPular reason for fact that most of these are Englishemigrating,however,is the desirefor speakingcountriesis obviouslyalso a better quality of life' Destinations a major factor for Britishpeople'Sue that placea greatervalue on leisure Riddell,a thirty-year-oldnurse from and have a more laid-backlifestyle Birmingham,wants to emigrate to were the most PoPular'PeoPlealso Australiawith a group of friends"We're look for placesthat will give them a fed up of the conditionswe work and sunnierclimateand generallyhotter live in,' she says.'lwent travellingto weather.Britainis famousfor its bad Australiaafter I left schooland I loved freshair,thesense it - the beaches,the of space.lf I can,l'm going'And I don't know if l'll comeback.'

Hewasdissatisfied' Londonuniversity. however,with the level of funding and recognitionhe was getting and decided to explorethe possibilities 'Emigration California had to offer' is incrediblydifficult,emotionallyas he says''Butafter well as practically,' got a far nicer life ten yearshere,l've job and fantastic a than before.I have take People wanted' the recognitionI here' seriouslY my work much more It would be difficultto give that up now.'

Despitethe fact that so many Britons move abroad,however,most of them go backhome afteronlYabout three years.Often living overseasis not as attractiveas it first seems.Generally people emigrate because they think life is going to be better'They sometimeswant to do this because they get certainfeelingson holiday and theY romanticiseabout what it would be liketo livethere.Theytend to focuson the bestaspectsand think it will be like this all the time when ''.:::; often that is not the case'Making ':t& '* tiâ&#x201A;Ź;.. '1,.:4Ea:: enoughmoneyand gettingwork can be moredifficultabroadthan at home ;;':, and peoPle tend to find theY miss family,friendsand things they took for grantedbackhome.


Discuss. r

whattypeof persondo youthinkyouneedto be to emigrate or studvabroad?

I think you needto be an independentperson. z Haveyoueverlivedabroad? a lf so,wheredid yougo andwhatwasit like?Whatdid youmiss? b lf not,wouldyoueverconsider doingso?why/whynot?wherewouldvou tiketo go? 3 ls it commonfor peopleto emigrate fromyourcountry? lf so,wheredo theygo andwhataretheirreasons? you Do thinktheyfindwhattheyaretookingfor?



comparisons &,f I making

Comptetethe secondsentenceso that it means the sameas the first. Usebetweentwo and four words (includingthe word in botd).

box. the rulesin theActivegrammar Comptete

Spoin is sunnierthan Britain. isn't: Britoinisn't as sunnyas Spain.

Active graYnrnar


of andsupertative r A Thecomparative (e.g. cheop) one-syllableadiectives and adverbs(e.g.fasf) are generally madeby Exceptions: whichend in a vowel B Adjectives (e.9.hor).These plusa consonant are andsuperlatives comparatives madeby whichend in 'e (e.g.nrce). C Adjectives andsuperlatives Thesecomparatives are madeby andsuperlative z A Thecomparative adiectives of two andthree-syllabte (e.g.popular)and adverbs(e.g. carefully)are generaltYmadebY : Exception: endingin adiectives a Two-syllable -y (e.g.sunny).Thesecomparatives aremadebY andsuperlatives Youcanalsouse(not) to make comparisons. 3 A We use(nof) to compare (e.g.Often thingswhichare living overseasis not as attractiveas it first seems). B We useas...os to comparethings whichare - (e.g.ThelifestYle in NewZeolandis as laid-backas in Australia).


far more | find learningforeignlanguages difficultthanmy sister. much:My sisterlearnsforeignlanguages thanme. drierthanthis. prefer to livesomewhere I'd that wet: I'd preferto livesomewhere this. nowthan I wasten I'ma bit moreadventurous yearsago. I am now. slightty:Tenyearsago lwas At homemy tifewasa lot morecomplicated thanit is abroad. thanit wasat much:My lifeabroadis home. I don'tthinkI plannedmy timeon holiday carefullyenough. carefully:I think I should'veplannedmy time on holiday My lifestytein Canadanowis not betteror worsethanit wasin England. it as: My lifestyleherein Canadais wasin England.


Someadiectivesand adverbshave inegular forms: -r + A good/well-r better + the worst; B bad/badly) C much+ more+ most; D little + less+ least; E far + further+ furthest We can't usevery to modiff comparatives'

but: 5 A We can usea bit, o little andslightly

differences. to show B We can usefar, much and a lot lo differences. show page 87 see Reference

Ferson to person g

aboutyourselfusing a Writesixsentences Youcanusethe supertatives. and comparatives ideasin Ex.8to helpyou.Fourofthesentences shouldbetrueandtwo shouldbe false. thonI usedto be, I'm moreadventurous to anotherstudent.Can h Sayyoursentences he/sheguesswhichtwo arefalse?

Expressions with go Matchthe expressions with go in bold with the correctdefinitionsa-j. r We'regoingawayfor two weeksto staywith my cousin. z There'sa lot of shoutingnextdoor.I wonder what'sgoingon? 3 Whichcoursehaveyou decidedto go for? Shewouldnevergo 4 | totattytrustDanielle. backon herword. 5 Hewentdownwith terribleflu the daybefore his interview. 6 I'veneverbeenskiingbeforebut ld tiketo havea go. 7 He'sdecidedto makea go of the newbusiness for at leasta year. 8 I'vebeenon the go alt dayand I'mexhausted. 9 lt goeswithoutsayingthat we'lla[[support you.


Azto be clearwithoutbeingsaid B: it goes withoutsoying


to happen to catchan illness to takea lot of timeand effort to choosea particular thing to attemptto do something to be clearwithoutbeingsaid to be verybusyor workingall the time h) to not do whatyou'vepromisedor agreedto oo i) to makesomething (e.g.a business or a marriage) successful i) to leaveyourhomeandgo to anotherplacefor a fewdaysor weeks

Choosethe correctalternatives. r z 3 4 5 6

ro Theywentto greatlengthsto makethe partya succesS. a) b) c) d) e) f) g)

Work in pairs.Sayone of the definitionsin Ex.rYourpartnershouldsaythe correctexpression.

7 8 9 ro



WhenI'mabroadI alwaysmakelhove a go at speaking the [anguage. We'regoingaway/ouffor the weekend.Could you lookafterour cat? Don' goeswithoutsoyingltalkingthat l'il meetyou at the airport. There'ssomethinggoingdown/onin the city'sful[ of people. Atthoughtheyarguea lot, theywantto make/ havea go of theirmarriage. | promiseI won'tgo backwith/onwhatI've said. Canyou helpwith dinnerplease?l'vebeenon/ offthego allday. Yourteachercan'tbe heretoday.She'sgone offfiown with a bad cold. | couldn'tdecidewhichkittento go owaylfor. Theywereall gorgeous. Hewentto greatllonglengthsto makesurehe wastota[[ypreparedfor the interview. Listenand checkyouranswers.

b Listenagainand underlinethe partof the expressionwith go which hasthe main stress. Thenrepeatthe sentences. en l'm abroadI alwayshavea ge ot speoking the language. D

a In pairs,prepareto tell a story usingfive of the expressionsin Ex.r. Yourstory should includeone of the sentences below. Oneday I decidedthat t wonteda bit more adventurein my life. I'd alwaysbeenfascinatedby the a of loring caves. I'd neverconsideredmyselfmuchof an before.


b Listento otherstudents'stories. Whichdid you think was the most exciting?Howfar were the storiesbasedon true feelings/events?

c0mpaniCIns Travelting

' . t ' . - :. ',,.- 9 3 rj f e a l

Are you an intrepid adventurer

who loves sleeping

*hif:'*:: underthe starsor someone


to H[1il:*i*f:T#:T;:i"Til"'5H,ffi"' phoros appears inthe :''ffi;:ill'.'no,,ouu, youmost?Why? hell? i. everbeen trudvyou've z Whatis the besthotiday vuuvEEvE' ""' ril """ on? why?


Dothe quizwithas manydifferentstudentsas ,



etc) diving' scuba (eg skiing' 'o".li,.itities

out. Do the quiz and find



n t1


-l^rino irrnsle/t

Whenyou'reansweringihe questions,usethe ideasin the quiz and your own ideas.

your suitcase? ,,r;iwhat would you definitelypack in i novels l.ur,,r.uaing'novels serious d., T;ffi c:--+ kit aidt,i first^iA

*" Lookat the notesyoumadeaboutother


;;ffi; ,*;il

on page747. studentsand readthe descriptions



books study/work guideboot<s penknife s'leepingbag

on vou"l"ld.l^:::j:,.",evenins Howwourd in yourtent

personvou in the hotelrestaurant YJ:Hl..oi:f"llTl5each ii lilil:''ffi;;:ry','lgdifferentrood in variousbarsandnightclubs

do youthinkwouldbethe * Whichstudents

f.#i,'.?ilffi;il:'# il'il;rir'u' '--' -. '' *tL

-.r,li.ii.;"#iil;;'-'v v r r y :

tobe? horidavs do,.y',*:.n^::r rong ili' ffi now twoweeks T5.*or.thanaweek

Travellingis learning


time. timeis goodlearning Travelling ' tearning atlthewaysto continue Brainstorm whiletravelling.

+: r,I '\, :ii li


wourd what 1I""',:1:11,""T1'":5:'*?,TI independenttravel

watchEngtishfilmson a plane

.^L^^,. .nr ,.,,c o listento yourcoursebook bus on a CDs^n , peopte vou'Leet :ilt?jlr"sn'speaKrng


t: il


or four weeks open-ended at leastthree about your holiday?' What do you dread most friends/family TVprogrammesmissing favourite missing etc' mosquitoes' beingbored spiders., toilelsthat don'twork ProPerlY

of mynationality withonlypeople u"ingonu beach thelanguage ableto speak not "'" being :-' gettingrobbed

wr,atareyoui"":::y .o,^||':r"ll::t -tr*', ffi andperfume lotsof tntuptig"t*ts


airPort-, ti'+i ;;;;:"';n"mthe,;, andi"t"?:':']*ffi; locars bvthe made crafri ffi]*il;r;;

Present Perfeet Si Continuous

le and

Usethe Present Perfect Simpleto talkaboutan actionor experience in thepastwhenthetimeis not important or notknown. I've visitedseveralcauntriesin SouthAmerica. Usethe Present Perfect Simple to describe anaction thatstartedin thepastandcontinues in the present, whenyou'refocussing onthefinished actionor on thenumber of timestheactionhasbeencompleted upto thetimeof speaking. l've livedheresincelastJanuary. Contrast with Present Perfect Continuous. Usethe Present Perfect Continuous to describe anaction thatstartedin thepastandcontinues in thepresent, whenyou'refocussing on the activityitself. He'sbeenplayingtennisfor threehours. Usethe Present Perfect Simpleto describe an action thathappened in thepastbuthastheresultin the present. Theposthascome.There'sa letterfor you. just, yet andalready /asfmeansa usually comes between has/have andthe pastparticiple. l've justseenMariana. Alreadyshowsthatsomething happened sooner thanexpected. lt usuallycomesbetween hashave andthepastparticiple or at theendofthesentence. l've olreadydonetheshopping. Yefshowsthatthespeaker expected something to is usedat the endof negatives andquestions. Haveyoufinishedthat emoilyet? Shehasn't lied to theinvitationvet,

estions Directquestions: Therearetwo maintypesof directquestions: Yes/No questions Areyougoingto Donka'sportyon Saturday? !/h- questions Wheredid shelearnto speaksuchgoodSponish? Subject questions areusedwhenthequestion word (e.g.who)refersto the subjectof the sentence. Whena wh-wordreplaces thesubject in a question we do not usetheauxiliary verb. Theteachertold us to go. + o told youto go?

lndirectquestions: Useindirect questions whenyouwantto be polite (e.g.whenyoudon'tknowsomeone). Usethewordorderof positivestatements. Useif or whetherforindirectyes/Noquestions. Canyoutell mewherethenearestbankis? I'd like ta knowwhetherthisbusgoesto rd.

Add-erand-estto formthecomparatives and superlatives of: one-syllable adjectives andadverbs two-syllable adjectives andadverbs endingin y Usemoreandmostto formthe comparatives and superlatives of two or moresyllableadjectives and adverbs. Youcanalsouse(not)as...asto makecomparisons. I can'tplaythepionoas wellasMichael. Wecan'tuseveryto modifycomparatives, butwe canusethefollowing: - a bit, a little,stightly for a smalldifference - far,much,verymuch,o lot, for a largerdifference quitea lot I'm feelingquitea lot bettertodoy.

Key voc


Exploring to haveitchyfeet to be bittenbythetravelbug to goasan independent travellerto experience culture shock to go/betakenintouncharted territory to wander around Adjectives with -edand -ingendings fascinated /fascinating daunted/daunting challenged/cha[[e nging petrified/petrifuing annoyed isgusti /annoying disgusted/d ng inspired/inspiring worried/worrying Weather cool chitty subzero temperatures mild scorching to pour to drizzleldrizzleshower/ showery breezef breezy clear overcastbright changeable Verbphrasesaboutmoving/travelling to emigrate to liveabroad to movehouse to [eavehome to roamaround to setoff to seesomeone off to be off Expressions with go to go away to go on to go for to go backon to go downwith to havea go at to makea go of to beon thego to go withoutsaying to goto greatlengths


Choosethe correctatternatives.

l've writtenlvebeenwritingeightemailsatl morning. a realtyawfulfilmyesterday. l'veseenlSow 2 He'sbeentherefor/ is in France. My brother 3 sincea week. Io She'sverywetltravelled.She'sbeen/gone morethantwentycountries. met. 5 Bitly'sthe nicestpersonl've ever/alreody herefor 6 I livein a flat in London.l'velived/lived threeyears. He'sworkedheenworkingin the gardenfor hoursandhe'sexhausted.

questions forthe underlined Writeindirect wordsgivenand with the starting answers usingthewordsin brackeis.


l'veyet/iustmade 8 Woutdyoulikesomecoffee? some. Use usingthe prompts. Writesentences Simpleor Perfect Present the PastSimple, Continuous. , " , : . : i ' , , 1 ; ' ' i:a : : . ' : : ; ' ( . ,: ' : i : i : ; : ' i ' : . ' . ' 1 : ; : ,l-. ; - : ! , : , : 'al':::,1:la:.

me/threetimestoday. r He/already/phone weekslastsummer. z We/go/toIndia/three musica[. reatly fantastic l/justi see/a r news/yet? 4 You/hear/the livingroomiatlday. s l/decorate/the 6 l/know/mybestfriendiprimaryschoo[. Lordof the Rrngsbooks? 7 You/ever/read/the Howtong/you/study/Engtish? 8 Complete the directquestionsfor the underlined answers. :

:i: ai;.:ii:r., :.;,1i .,i_,.:i:'

? (thisshop) Can It ctosesat hatfpastfive. (canbuy/theatre I'd ticketshere) Yes,voucan. your ? (you/finish Would homework) finishii by rz.oo. I'ttdefinitety ? (themost 4 Can evervisit)? country/you interesting I'mnotsure- eitherJapanor Russia.


Choosethe correctalternatives. " | : . : . 1:'' 1' .,,":1';;i 1.t;aj l;ti.

heavierthanyours. My suitcaseis much/more mathsresultsin the 2 Taniagot the worse/uorsf wholeclass. Theexamwasn'tas difficultthan/asl'd expected. helpfutpersonI know. 4 You'rethe most/more quite/quiet a lot louderthan 5 Youneedto speak that. Peoplearefar morefriendlylfriendlierhere thanin my country. than Thisoneis a/thetitttemoreexpensive t h a to n e . Whichactoris the betterhesf:BradPittor DiCaorio? Leonardo

Findthe Onewordis wrongin eachsentence. wordandcorrectit.

vourmotorbike? I'vehadmy motorbike for a weekanda ha[f. at university? going at university. She's to studyengineering ? ta[[. I thinkI'maboutr metre7o centimetres thatboxon thetop shelffor me? No,sorry,I can'treachit. I canontyreachthe secondshelf.

3 4 5 6 7 8

We'l[needan alarmbecausewe'reputtingoff veryearlyin the morning. He'sgot realty to go travelting. He'sdesperate feet. scratchy ld reatlyloveto makea go withdramalessons. I thinkl'mgoingdownof a sorethroat. l'il giveyoua lift.Thatgoeswithoutspeaking. countryshockat firstandfound I experienced it hardto getusedto livingin a newplace. shewentbackto herword. I can'tbelieve having so manypeopleto seeme It waslovely awavat the station.


i 1 . 1 - : 1l r :


. t ' : l i i i r , . 1 r ii , f - , r q t i € fi ' t l i f i l : S ' i .; : I i r I 1 -r;r . ;1 -r,1 ' : . I j n - l ; i ' ; i e : : l t e d e S C f i i : e C ; a l

'.:t llr.:l,lits i.tfilctL,:thini<th*e [1.:ting.n ' t'rt i ii fl i.ri. r' '

: i.t:::ilia l : 1 i i L r -at \ , . i l e r ' C j lS: r b O i e ] '

: . ,,t: ,t :: -i :


: V

:t; jJ ri:it


&. -,...--



l, il

, , , i - i . i ' r i ! : - . , ' i - t i : t i i r i . ! ;r : . F e i i TO X t f e V A g a S , U j i ' r : i l r ; : i ; 1 i .l:; e E i l ! i - 1 x { ( - 5 s i \ / e ?

, : i : r , . r . i i i ;i ( j , , . , " , e 5 e - ,i1S"tiA n l ' , i i i l h e t i , . . 1 , : U i di L h e ? : r:' r'i.l . I i:Lf:ir.: 1_,, 1,; i 161;1!1 | n i f :at: i-li,ar1i3 J

, : ,, r . ' ; t r : , . r : a; [: t . , . r "; . , l . I t , l , j i i i \ l i i f i \ r l i l i r t n t [ - l : ' , ' . ,it i t : : 1 . ;r i . r L i r t . l r i r i . i : ; r " l i n f l i - h x i l ; yc t; - l u t l r * t , l e . h t t v a :


1 "r1' I I I i , 1 ,r L - , ' l : i - i if t -i r . - :nalI r rg ' l - C i I l S . . tj i - l t h e I : : a i


, n r : - i i:ri : : -r r i r , . , r -ir- t i i i . ; D e i - , t i l i n gS ; f i t " E riq, 1 i 1 1 . ; 3 : r . '

: . , i r ! : r : . .l i i . r : i 1 . .l ., l r i i l i t i llidIiai]ef. : ' t

. . :


. t


,'J[i$i t'it;,iil,,r.,;

a n d u n c o u n t a b lneo u n s countable d e s c r i b eh o w t o p r e p a r ea n d c o o ka d i s h

Reading 1

Lookat the photoand discuss. r Howdoesthe picturemakeYoufeel? z Doyoueat a lot of fastfood?Why/Whynot?Doyou thinkthatthe amountof fastfoodyoueatis healthy?


thisquestion. a Readthetextquicklyandanswer whatis themainmessage According to thefilm-makel of thefilm?




' T h e p l a y g r o u n d sa r e n ' t t h e r ej u s t h o r r i f y i n g .I n t h e f i r s t w e e k , h e T h r e e t r i p s t o M c D o n a l d ' sa d a Y for kids to come and play,'he put on 4.5 kilos in weight and bY might be every little boy's dream. ' Y o u ' r e o n l y a l l o w e di n t o t h e says. the end of the thirty dayshe had But the reality was a nightmare p l a y g r o u n dw h e n y o u ' v e b o u g h t a g a i n e dn e a r l y1 4 k i l o s ,b r i n g i n gh i s for Morgan Spurlockwhose 8 5 b u r g e ro r s o m e f r i e s o r a C o k e .l t ' s 4 5 t o t a l w e i g h t t o a m a s s i v e9 8 k 9 . film SuperSize Me documents an effectiveway of establishinga h i s o n e - m o n t h e x i s t e n c eo n W e i g h tg a i n w a s o n l y o n e o f p o s i t i v ea s s o c i a t i o ni n c h i l d r e n ' s fast food and its disastrous the negative effects, however. minds.' c o n s e q u e n c e s .S o , i f i t w a s s o W h e n a l l t h r e e d o c t o r ss a wt h e awful, why did he do it? And I t ' s t h e h u m o u r a b o v ea l l t h a t s e v e r ed a m a g et o h i s l i v e r ,t h e Y does it work as a film? m a k e st h i s f i l m w o r k . E v e nt o w a r d s s t o P P i n g t h e r e c o m m e n d e d 9 0 a l l 50 t he end of the month,when he daYs. twenty after experiment T h e m a i n b a s i so f t h e f i l m i s t h a t a d m i t t e dt o f e e l i n g l e t h a r g i c , f o l l o w t h e t o c o n t i n u e d Spurlock S p u r l o c kp r o m i s e st o e a t t h r e e d e p r e s s e da n d s m e l l y ,t h e h e w a n t e d b e c a u s e h o w e v e r , d i e t , M c D o n a l d ' sm e a l sa d a y , e v e r yd a Y , a u d i e n c er e m a i n e n t e r t a i n e db y h i s p e o p l e t h i s k i n d o f w h a t t o s h o w for a month. He must only eat food y o u y o u . s A n d b e g i n d o t o c a n d i e t 9 5 e n s eo f h u m o u ra n d u p b e a ts t Y l e . 55 f r o m M c D o n a l d ' sa n d e v e r yt i m e S p u r l o c ks a y st h a t h e h o P e st h a t a f i l m c o u l d b e t h e t h a t r e a l i s e t o a n e m p l o y e ea s k s i f h e w o u l d l i k e ' s u p e rs i z e 't h e m e a l ,h e m u s t your t h e f i l m i s e n t e r t a i n i n g ,b u t h e a l s o picture life: of fast-forward to ' S u p e rs i z i n g 'r e f e r st o t h e g e t h o p e st h a t i t e n c o u r a g e st h e m t o y o u w h a t t o s e e d a y s i n t h i r t y agree. . e y o u t a k e b e t t e rc a r eo f t h e m s e l v e sH o r o v e r t w e n t y t o y o u h a p p e n c o u l d fact that with this type of meal ' l ' d l o v e p e o p l et o w a l k o u t o f r o o s a y s , e o y e a r s c o n s u m p t i o n . o f o v e r p o r t i o n thirty g e t a c o n s i d e r a b l yl a r g e r of t h e m o v i e a n d s a y ," N e x t t i m e I ' m You'reon a path to heartdisease, e v e r y t h i n g .I n s t e a do f t h e n o r m a l 'supersize'.MaYbe p r e s s u r e , not going to h i g h b l o o d g e t f a i l u r e , liver b u r g e r ,f r i e s a n d a d r i n k , y o u I ' m n o t g o i n g t o g o t h e r ea t a l l . I ' m d i a b e t e s ,d e p r e s s i o na n d m o r e . a n e x t r a - l a r g eb u r g e r , e x t r a - l a r g e g oing to sit down and eat dinner f r i e s , a n d a n e x t r a - l a r g ed r i n k f o r ' l t h i n k w e n e e dt o t a k e w i r h m y k i d s ,w i t h t h e T V o f f , s o only a very small priceincrease. 6 5 r e s p o n s i b i l i t yf o r o u r s e l v e s , ' we can eat healthy food, talk that ' T h e r ea l s o h a s s a y sS p u r l o c k . S p u r l o c ka d m i t t e d t h a t t h e w h o l e a b o u t w h a t w e ' r e e a t i n ga n d h a v e on the to be some resPonsibilitY e x p e r i m e n it g n o r e da n y s e n s i b l e a r e l a t i o n s h i pw i t h e a c h o t h e r . " ' part of the fast food companies. eatingplan.He knewthat by eating J u d g i n g b y c r i t i c sa n d a u d i e n c e s M c D o n a l d ' sa l o n ef e e d s4 6 m i l l i o n 110 t h r e e M c D o n a l d ' sm e a l sa d a y , h e a l i k e ,t h e f i l m c e r t a i n l yd o e s s e e m w o u l d b e c o n s u m i n gm o r e c a l o r i e s z, o people every day. TheY have an t o w o r k . F o o df o r t h o u g h t i n d e e d . o b l i g a t i o nt o g i v e t h e i r c o n s u m e r s fat, saltand sugarper mealthan i n f o r m a t i o na b o u t e x a c t l Yw h a t h e n e e d e d .B e f o r eh e s t a r t e d ,t h r e e t h e y ' r e e a t i n g . 'S P u r l o c ka l s o d o c t o r s c e r t i f i e dt h a t S p u r l o c kw a s f o c u s s e so n t h e a d v e r t i s i n ga n d 1 8 3 c m t a l l , w e i g h e da b o u t 8 4 k g a n d w a s i n g o o d h e a l t h .A l t h o u g h 7 5 m a r k e t i n go f f a s t f o o d p r o d u c t s , . cDonald's e s p e c i a l l tyo c h i l d r e n M b o t h S p u r l o c ka n d h i s d o c t o r s m a r k e t st o c h i l d r e nt h r o u g h k n e w t h i s d i e t w a s u n h e a l t h y ,n o n e H a p p yM e a l s( a c h i l d r e n ' sm e a l o f t h e m w e r e q u i t e p r e p a r e df o r i n a b o x i n c l u d i n ga f r e e t o y ) a n d j u s t h o w u n h e a l t h yi t t u r n e d o u t t o b e . T h e c h a n g e si n h i s b o d Yw e r e 8 0 p l a y g r o u n d si n t h e r e s t a u r a n t s .

b Readthe text againand exptainwhat eachof these phrasesmeansin its context. r 'the realitywasa nightmare' (1.3) 'to z "supersize"the meal'(l.rZ) 'ignored anysensible 3 eatingptan'(1.27) 'justhow unhealthy 4 it turnedout to be' (1.39) 'recommended stopping 5 (t.5o) the experiment, 6 'a fast-forward pictureof yourtife:'(1.57) 'an obligation to givetheirconsumers 7 information' ([.7r) 8 'a positive association in children's minds'(t.gZ) 'hissense of humourandupbeatstyte,(1.95) 9 ro 'havea relationship with eachother'(l.rog) 3


Whatis thedifference in mean(ngbeNresn Br/ afewandlittle/alittle in thesesentences? 1 a He'slucky.He'sgot few problemsto worry about. b Thingsaren'tgoingwell.He'sgoto few problems. 2

trainleaves. b Stayand havea drink.We'vegota littte time beforethe showstarts.


Complete the sentences withthe correctword/ phrasefromthe box. much many a little a few lots lot some a greatdealof piece slice

Discuss. Haveyou seenthis film?Whatdid you think of it? Wouldyou like to see it? Why/Why not? t 2

Gfa 4

&f I countable anduncountable nouns 3

a Lookat theunderlined wordsin theexamples in theActivegrammar eachonecountable or uncountable?

4 5 6

b Oividethewordsin the boxintothreegroups: countable, uncountable andthosewhichcanbe both. c Forthewordsthatcanbe both,discusswhat thedifference in meaning is. Youconsoy'a coffee'whenyou,re talkingabouta cupofcoffeeandyoucansay,somecoffee,when

8 9

7 He ate threeMcDonold's a day, everyday,for a month. 2 He must only eot s. from McDonald, I'll have sausoge, 3 beansand o black pleose. lf I k coffeein the evenings,I can,t sleepproperly. food meal coffee diet burger meat sugar salt chicken bread chocolate fruit cake weather



Youhaven'teaten_ fries. I onlyhave sugarin my coffee nowa0ays. Thereis too _ trafficin the citycentre. Shegavemea _ of paperwith her addresswrittenon it. Hegaveme_ reallygoodadvice. I'vegot of bagsto carry.Canyou help me? He'svery[azy.Hespends time doing nothing. l'[[justhaveone of toastplease. Therewereonly_ shopsstillopenwhen I wentout. I'vespenta _ of timeworkingwith children.

Findthe mistakesin eightof the sentences and correctthem. r Doyouspendlot of timedoingexercise? z Haveyou givenanyonea goodadvicerecently? 3 Howmanysugardo you havein yourcoffee? 4 Whenwasthe lasttimeyouhadpieceof cake? 5 Howoftendo you watchthe newson TV? 6 Howmanyfruitsdo you usuallyeat everyday? 7 Doyou likea veryhot weather? e Doyou everusethe Internetto get information? When did you lastgo on an interesting 9 travel? ro Whendid you lastbuysomenewfurnitures?

Person to person 8

seeReference pagercl

a We mustgo.There'slittle time beforethe

Askandanswer thequestions in Ex.7 witha partner.

Voc I


I foodandcool<ing

a Putthesewordsintothe correctplacein t h e wordmapbelow. a saucepan an oven sweet to bake a cooker beef to scramble bitter a fryingpan salty to fry a peach to roast cabbage to boil sour a woodenspoon to grill savoury parsley a plate

Fronuneiation decidewhichsytlable 11 a @ Wittta partner, in eachof the wordsbelowhasthe mainstress. Thenlistenandcheckyourideas. cooker 1 saucepan 2 oven 3 vegetable 4 vegetarian s bitter 6 savoury 7 cattol 8 sugar

Waysof cooking

b Now decidewhich syllable(s)in eachof the wordsaboveyou think is pronouncedas a weak torm lal. Listenagainand checkyour ideas.


b What is the differencebetween: r a cook/acooker z a vegetable/a vegetarian recipe/a dish a 3 4 rare/raw s to stir/to beat 6 to slice/tochop/tograte c Work in pairs.Add at leasttwo morewords to eachgroupof wordsin the word map.

1 O a Choosethe correctalternatives. 7


3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ro

Sushiis a Japanese dishmadewithraw/rare fish. Beat/Stirthe mixtureslowlyeveryfive minutes. Ugh!Thissoupis muchtoo savoury/salty. First,youslice/chop the onioninto small squares. | findthem | don'teat manycakesandbiscuits. Ioo sweethour. Fitla largesaucepan with waterandbake/boil the pastafor ten minutes. Macaroni cheeseis my favouritedish/plate. hasbroken.I needto buya Thecook/cooker newone. it's traditionaltobake/ ln Britainat Christmas, roosta turkeyin the oven. Whichvegetableshallwe havetoday: cabbage/parsleyor broccoli?


Listen to someone tatkingabouta dinner. Doyou traditional BritishChristmas thinkyouwouldenjoythismea[?

1 3 a Choose oneof thethingsin thelistbelow. Thinkabouthowit is prepared andcooked. 1 yourfavourite dish z thelastmealyoumadeforvisitors dishinyourcountry 3 a traditional you 4 a dish usedto loveasa child whatthedishis andhow fu Tetlother students prepare/cook it. to * Whichof themealsyouheardaboutwould youliketo eatmost?

passrves writea forma[letterof complaint

Lictening 1

Discuss. Whatcanyousee photos? in the Howdoyou thinktheyareconnected?


Listenandcheckyour ideas.


Listenagainand decideif thesestatementsare true (T), false (F)or we don't know (DK). r z

3 4 5 5


8 9



A friendof Andressfound the bikiniin herattic. Andresssaidit wasa difficultdecisionto sellthe bikini. Someone boughtthe bikini for $6roo. Sixstormtrooper helmets wereauctioned in London. VOCabulary I verb phrasesabout money Theownermadea profitof nearly$z5,ooo. fi what is the differencein meaningbetweenthe verb phrasesrn italics Someone soldBritney in eachpairof sentences? Spears'chewing gumat a r a Lotsof peoplebid for the chewinggumon eBay. traditionaI auction. b Thatbagis veryexpensive. Whydon'tyoutry andhagglefor it? Thegumcamewitha z a Thesebootswereontyf3o. I thinkI got a bargain. guarantee to proveit was b ld tiketo buythisT-shirtbut it'sslighttymarked.CouldI get a real. discount? Thousands of peopleput in 3 a Youcanget a refundwithintwenty-eight daysif you arenot bidsfor the gum. completely satisfied. Onemanin Texasbought b Geta receiptjust in caseyouwantto takethe CDsback. presents hissonsChristmas t+ a l'd loveto get a newcamerabut I can,taffordit at the moment. on eBay. b lt'[[costfro to takea taxi- it'snot worth it. Let'swalk instead. Whenhe sotdthe presents again,he made$rooo 6 aa Readthesentences anddecidewhichof the phrases in Ex.5 you orofit.

Discuss. Doyouknowanyone who collectsthings(e.9. popmemorabilia, old magazines, stamps,etc.)? Whatdo youthinkof this kindof hobby? z Whatdo youthinkof what the Texanfatherdid? 3 Haveyou evervisitedeBay or a traditionaI auction? Whatdo youthinkof these waysof buyingandselling things? r

coulduseforeachone. r onemanoffered to payf5ooofora smallantique chairat anauction. z TenCDsforonlyf5o - that'sreallycheap!

3 I askedif I couldpayless,but the shopassistantsaidno. but I haven'tgot enoughmoney. 4 ld tiketo buya motorbike player brokeafteronlya week.ld likemy moneyback, 5 ThisDVD please. 6 I alwaystry and negotiate a lowerpricewith markettraders. 7 Therenton that tiny flat is muchtoo expensive. 8 Don'tforgetto keepthe papertheygiveyouwhenyou buy

something. fo Rewrite the sentences usingthe correctformof theverbphrase. *,



Gra,mrrr&f I passives 7

(pay)for highprices_ 6 Ridiculousty Simple useless items.(Future comptetely Passivewith wilf) (open)by the mayor. The newshop 7 (Futurewith going to) (buy). 8 lt seemsthatalmostanything (Modatsin the passive, e.g.can)

a Lookat the example in theActive sentences grammar questions. boxandanswerthese r Whichof theunderlined verbsareactiveand whicharepassive? z Foreachpairof sentences, whywouldwe passive (not choose to usethe theactive)? youranswers b Check by reading the rulesof m e a n i nAga n dB .

see Referenceplge rcl


active Complete the emailwithan appropriate or passiveform ofthe verbsin brackets.

Active g'rammar t a Thebikini for $6Looo. the bikinifor b Someone $6t,ooo. by the z a Thebikini American,RobertEarl,co-founderof PlanetHollywood. b TheAmerican,RobertEarl,co-founder the bikini. of PlanetHollywood, Meaning Usethe passivewhenyou want: A to talk aboutactions,eventsand processes whenwho or whatcauses the action,eventor processis unknown Thisis oftenthe casein or unimportant. writing(or moreformalspeech) B to put newinformation or longer expressions laterin the sentence Form verbfo be + pastparticiple

c Readthe rule of form in the box and completethe passivesentencesbelowusing the correctverb forms (in brackets). (buy) on eBay Thousondsofthings (Present Passive) everyday. Simple (ctean)at the moment. r Thecar_ (Present Passive) Continuous (find)by z Thestormtrooper helmet (Past Simple chance at a second-hand sale. Passive) (disptay) whenI arrived 3 Thepainting (Past Passive) at the auction. Continuous (buy) for Some items at auctions 4 (Present prices. PerfectSimple absurdlyhigh Passive) gumwhich It wasa pieceof chewing (spit)out by BritneySpears.(Past PerfectSimplePassive)

Hi John J u s t o q u i c k m e s s o g et o t e l t y o u c b o u t o n ouction f wos ( t o k e ) t o i n L o n d o nl o s t week. I (1) ------(persuode) to go by some friends of mine ond olthough I wosn,t very keen qt first, f ended up hoving o great t i m e . W h e nw e f i r s t g o t t h e r e w e (2) ------(give) o list of otl the items in the ouction ond then we (3) (hove) some time to look ot everything. Most of it was rock-ond-roll memorobilio qnd t h e r e w e r e s o m eo l d r e c o r d s o n d t h i n g s . I wqs o bit nervous obout bidding for things ot first, but soon got into it. Anywcy, to cut o long story short, I (4) ------(buy) o lorge jukebox. It,s reolly fontqstic - ond o reol borgoin I think. It (5) (deliver) next weeK. But con I csk you o huge fovour? you see, they soid it (6) (could/not/send) obrood to my house so I (Z) (give) them your oddress in London. I hope thot,s 0K! I (8) (orronge) for my uncle to pick it up from your ploce very soon, I promise. Then he,ll look ofter it until f,m i n L o n d o no g o i n i n t h e s u m m e r .D o n ' t w o r r y , when it orrives, you (9) (osk) to sign something but you won't hove to poy onything. Atl the poyment (10) _______ (sort) out olreody.

r ' 1 1 phone soon to let you know the exoct time of delivery. A11 the best Guiseppe

Speaking I


Discusswith a partnerwhatyou woulddo in eachof the situations belowand why. r Youhavejust beenserveda mealin a restaurant whichis coldand verylateto arrive. z Yourealisethat you boughtfourCDsin a shopyesterday but you werechargedfor five. You havejustarrivedat yourhotelon hotiday. Thebrochure said 3 pool therewasa swimming but it hasn'tbeenfinished. is brokenandsomewet clothesare 4 Yournewwashingmachine stuckinsideit.

1O a

Listento the conversation and answerthe questions.

r Whichof the situations in Ex.9is it? z Howdoesthe customer feel? What solution is offered? 3 b Listenagainand completethe Howto box.

complain in a shop, restaurant, hotel, etc Customer asksto i I'dliketo speakto the(i , please. speakto someone i Couldt speak to CustomerServices,please? . CanI help you? '. CanI be of any (z) _? (i) whot to be the problem? I -

Customer says whatproblemis

My woshingmachinehasstoppedcompletely and there'sa loadof woshingstuckinside. Yourcomputers weredownandI couldn'tget through. Wehavebeenwoitingfor overan hourfor our moincourse.

Manager/ Assistant apologisesand offersa solution

Oh,l'm verysorryaboutthat,madam. I canonly(+)_ . We'llprovideo (S)_ freeof anyextro charge. Wouldyou like a refund?

e Addonesentence to eachsection in the Howto box.

1 1 In pairs,chooseoneof thesituations in Ex.9.Doa roleplay in whichthecustomer complains aboutthesituation. Use thelanguage in theHowto boxto helpyou.

12 Readthe letterin the Writing bankon page163and do the exercises. 18 Chooseone of the situations in Ex.9 or one of yourown ideasand writea formal letterof complaint.Usethe paragraph planto helpyou. Paragraph 1: statebrieflywhat you'recomplaining about Paragraph z: givedetails your about complaint Paragraph 3: givefurther detailsaboutyourcomplaint (if necessary) Paragraph 4: saywhatyou wouldlikethemto do

bprtslnedfing *ioutsewices


Reading 1

Discuss. Doyou haveanypets?Didyou useto haveany petswhenyouwerea chitd?lf so,whichones? lf not,whynot? Whatdo youthinkarethe mainreasons why peoplekeeppets?Doyouthinkit is a good ideafor children to havepets?Why/Whynot? Whatcanyouseein the photos?


Readthe text quickly.Whichof the thingsin the photosare mentioned?

In some parts of Europeand the USA, many pet owners see their cat or dog as a member of the family.In the UK, owners spend an amazing€4 billion annuallyon keepingtherr petsfit,well and entertained.In one survey it was found that up to forty percentof owners said they boughtgiftsfor their pets,including Christmas and birthday presents. Owners happilypampertheir pets with increasinglylavish lifestyles,including toys,furniture,accessories and'gourmet' food. There are also pet psychologists for those with problems,pet passports for those who want to travel and a whole rangeof serviceson offer:There are hundreds of retail outlets offering owners a vast array of produds. But many pets have everythingthey could ever askfor (or bark for?).Thequestion for many owners now is:what do you give to the pet that has everything?We askedsome owners what their pet got for hisor her lastbirthdav.,, I

reallyexcitedabout:a necklacemade of 'She fake pearlswhich cost about €70. doesn't reallywear it becauseit seems to irritate her;but we took some great photos!'saysSylvia. Claudetteand PierreLeroiand'Mignon': Claudetteand Pierre live in Pariswith theirYorkshireterrier; Mignon.Because Mignon is a longhaireddog, Claudette saysthat it'snecessary to take her to the 'l hairdresserregularly take her to the ManionDowdeswelland'Pixie':Marion beautyoarlouronce a weekto haveher liveson her own in Edinburgh, UK with fur done.I dont think it'sa luxuryreallyl 'Pixie her dog, Pixie. really is my best Mignonhasit washedand brushedand friend,'saysMarion.'He'ssuch a lovely sometimes cut and even curled. On dog and my constantcompanion.I'd be specialoccasions,like her last birthday, lost without him, so I think I just treat for example,Mignon had the fur from him like I'd treat anyoneI lovel For his the top of the headpulledbackandtied last birthday,Marion bought Pixiea bed asa ponytail,whilethe restof her fur was costingover€300.Sheadmitsthat it was 'She cut short, looked so cute - like a too muchmoneyto spendon an animal. little Barbie dolljsays Claudette.Shegets 'l know it's a bit over-the-top,'she says, the dog anaesthetised to do thesethings 'but he does love it!' Marion saysshe so that she standsstill for long enough, doesn'tonly indulgehim on hisbirthday. but Claudettethinksit'sworth it. 'doggie Lastweek,shegot a set of boots' So,is all this pet indulgencegone mad? to keep Pixie'spawswarm and stop him Or is it simplyspoilinga valuedmember from slippingon wet ground.'Probably a of the family? luxury but why not occasionally?' Sylvia and Brad Phillips and family 'Beauty': The Phillipsfamily from and California,USA, acquired Beautythree yearsagowhen some friendsemigrated. 'We didn't reallyknow much about dogs then, and at first we didnt know how it would work out,'saysSylvia.'Butright from the start,she just made our family completeand the kidsadore her:They're alwaysfindingnew thingsto buy for her: She probably is spoilt but it's fun.' Last year:they got her a present they were

I fj


a Readthe first paragraph againand decideif thesestatements are true (T),false (F)or we don't know (DK).


r Britishownersspendâ&#x201A;Ź4 billionon theirpetseveryyear. z Onequarterof ownersbuytheirpetspresents. problems. 3 Morepetsthanbeforehavepsychological whatto buyfor theirpets. 4 Someownershavea problemknowing

r I'veneverhadmy hairdye. z I'vehadmy housebroken intoseveraltimes. 3 | nevermy househave - | do it myself. decorated 4 | haven'thadmy eyes testingfor ages. 5 I'vegot a lot of thingsto get doingby thisweekend. 5 | havedry-cleaned someof my clotheseverymonth. 7 I reallyneedto havemy t r a j c: u ts o o n . 'd 8 i:<eto getmy photo :ooKDva professional !"olographer.

fu Readthe restof the text.Whichof the followingapptyto which pet or pets(or noneofthem)? r his/herownerbuyshim/herclothes z his/herownerwantsto makehim/herlooknice friendty company for his/herowner 3 he/sheprovides holidays + his/herownertakeshim/heron expensive his/her owner knows he/she is overindulgent s 6 his/herownertakeshim/herto the hairdresser 7 his/herownerbuyshim/hertoysanddotls 8 his/herownerwasignorant aboutpetsinitiatly


ffira n

Discuss. Doyou think petsshouldbe treatedlike a memberof the family?In general,what is the attitudeto petsin yourcountry?

fl,T I have/getsomethingdone a Complete examples A-Cin theActivegrammar boxusinghad, haveandgefs.Thenlookat thetextagainto checkyouranswers.

Findthe mistakesin six of the sentences and correctthem.

Person to person /

utscussA ' Ea - " c t : r e s e n t e n c e s i - E r . .5 : . - e f o r y o t r ? -e. a - : : - e ' s t - c e n ta n d f -





C r





/i's :---â&#x201A;Źi ncven'thodmy A I take her to the beautyparlour to (i her fur done. B An her last birth Mignon (z) _ the fur from the tap of the headpulled back and tied as a pon il. C She (f) _ the dog anaesthetisedso that shestonds still ot the ha er. Formhave(orget) + object+ Meanings r ln examplesA-C,is this structure(withhaveor get) used to talkabouta) doingsomething ourselves or b) arranging for something to be doneby somebody else? Wecanalsousethis structure: z withhoveor get,to talkaboutthingsthat happento us,and 3 withget only(nothave),to mean'finishdoingsomething'. D I had my bag stolen on way homefrom work. E Shegot her ftngerscaughtin the car door. F As soon as I get this essay ten, l'il take the dog out.

F* Complete the ruleof formwiththe correctpartof speech. * Lookat ruler andanswer thequestion. d Lookat rulesz and3. Thenmatcheachrulewiththecorrect examples D-F. seeReferenrc pogefil

etes testedfor oges.I thinkI shouldhaveit done soonbecousemy eyeshurt whenluseocomputet. !t,ha:ii.l"gsdo youhave doneregularly? Why?What t h i n g sc a ny o uh a v ed o n ei n 'lourneighbourhood? I hovemy carcleaned insideand out oncea month!I know it's ertravagant but I hate doing it myself.


in thebox dividetheanimats a, Witha partner, belowintosixgroups. eagle,duck= birds eagfe horse dog whale spider butt fish bat fly duâ&#x201A;Źk cat bear

ananimalusingthewords c ln pairs,describe partner shouldguesswhich in thebox.Your a n i m ai lt i s . in hasfour A: Thisonimal'sbodyis covered pawsandit wagsitstail whenit's happy. B: A dog!

b Addat leastthreemorewordsto eachof yourgroups.


vowelsoundsin the b Whichof theunderlined wordsin theboxhavethesamesoundsaseach other?Listenagainandcheck.

in italicsby 1 0 a Comptete the expressions

in the a @ Labelthepartsof theanimals picturesusingthewordsin the box.Thenlisten andcheckyouranswers. fUf fgathers paws hqqves claws tail wlngs whjskers flns horns beak

writingthenameof oneanimalin each. r lt'strueshepaidoverf3ooforonepairof else I didn'tiusthearit fromsomeone shoes. - shetotdmeherself. ltwasstraight fromthe 'smouth. It'smyiob to telthimhe'sfailedhisexam.I've gotto tell himbut I fee[reallybadaboutit. I'll just haveto tokethe-by the hornsand do it. My eyesighthasgot muchworse.I can'tread for most thisprice[abeIat al[.I needglasses l'm as blindas o thingsnowadays. withoutthem! My bosswasin a bad moodwith everyone yesterday. Heshoutedat anyonewho went with o sore nearhim. He waslike o head.







mean? 1 1 a Whatdo youthinktheexpressions in pairs. Readthesentences againanddiscuss


r-4 in Ex.roawiththe b Matchthe expressions a-d below. correctdefinition a) to haveverybadeyesight irritable andextremety b) to bein a badtemper 'first fromtheoriginal hand'information c) source or dealwith a difficutt d) to confidently dangerous situation andtel[other c Choose twoof theexpressions using or situation students abouta person them. in your d Doyouhavesimilarexpressions language?

Prefixes a Listenandmatchthepeoplewith itemsA-D.Oneof themcannotbe used. A Someone annoying B Someone completely'over-the-top' C Something to beproudof D Somethingembarrassing b Listenagainandmakebriefnotesabout eachstory. c Retelleachstorywithyourpartner. 2


a Lookat the tapescripton paget72 and find a wordto matchwith eachdefinitionbelow.

a Complete thesentences belowwiththe mostappropriate wordfromthebox.Notallthe wordscanbe used. monologue monolingualbicycle biannual multimedia multipurpose overtired overworked undercooked underpaid ex-girlfriend ex-husband reheat rewrite extra-small extra-stronguncomfortableunnecessary

Storyr r to sleepmorethanyou hadintended z to thinkor guesssomething is lessthanit is 3 a formeremployer Storyz againandlearnnew + to go backto studying skills equatly well 5 to be ableto speaktwo languages 6 describing a company that hasoffices, factories, manvdifferentcountries

I alwaysfeel slightly unco wearinga hat. r z

Story3 7 not usua[or normal e verybig a wayof speaking thatsounds 9 describing uninterested because it'son onenote

3 4 5

h Lookat the wordsfrom and write the prefixesin the table. appropriate PREFIXES MEANINGS t mono 2

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

one/single twice/two/every two many morethan lessthan former again very not




e Readtheruleabouthyphens. Thenwriteone moreexample of yourownfor eachprefixin the tableabove. Hyphens: WeusehyphensO withsome prefixes, includingextra-andex-.Checkin a dictionary if youareunsure.



rtable and silly

Thecompany holdsa big_ conference, so the nextonewill be in sixmonths'time. Whenyougo camping, whatyou needis a good_ knifethat doeseverything. You'ilneedto usesome packaging so thatit doesn'tgettornin the post. BecarefuI thatthe foodis hotatltheway throughandnevereat_ meat. | thinknursesare_ especially considering the amounttheygetpaid. I'veonlystudiedEngtish in my owncountry wherethe classes area[[ Theteacherhasaskedmeto _ my essaybecause I misunderstood the question the firsttime. I stittget on wellwith my eventhough I don'tseehermuchnowadays. Listenand checkyouranswers.

a Workwitha partner. Choose something to talkaboutfromthe list in Ex.ra. Prepare to tell yourstoryusingasmanyof thewordsin and3aasyoucan. b Listen to otherstudents'stories. Whichof theitemsin thelistdo youthinkeachof the storiesyouheardwasabout?


a In pairs,complete the wordmapsfor eachof the placesin the pictures. Include as manywordsas youcanwhicharerelatedto eachplace.


a Whichof the sentenceswould you expectto hearin a) a restaurant,b) a shoeshop,c) a hairdresser? r ld liketo try theseon,please. z I'l[havethe griltedtuna,please. I Justa cut and blow-dry? 4 I'vegot btackin size38, but not in 39. 5 Rare,please.


6 I'dalsolikesomehighlightsdone. z A bottleof the housered,please. 8 Theylookreallyniceon you.Howdo theyfeel? 9 l'd liketo bookan appointment. ro We'reofferingall customers an Indianheadmassage. u Webookeda tablefor two in the nameof Morrison.


Listento three conversations b and numberthe sentencesin you hearthem. the order

clothesshop/ s h o e sh o p 3

a In pairs,choose oneof thesituations fromthetistening. Lookat page thetapescript on t7z andunderline anyimportantphrases. thesituation h Roleplay usingtheideasfromthelistening and yourownideas.


a Lookat thetableandnotedownsomemorethingsthat people complain aboutin thethreeplaces. RESTAURANT


yourwordswith b Compare otherstudents.


Foodis undercooked Shoesare dirty Seruiceis slow Button is missing


Cuttoo short Dyedwrongcolour

placeanddecideon oneor two b In pairs,choose a different thingsto complain about.Roleplay thesituation.

il nouns Countable nounsarewordslikebanana, hotel.They canusea singular or pluralformof theverb. That'so lovelyhotel! Uncountable nounsarewordslikefood,information, equipment. Theyusea singularformof theverb. Thereisn'tmuchfoodI Common uncountable nouns: accommodation, advice, behaviour, bread, equipment, food,furniture, health,information, knowledge, luggage, news,research, salt,spaghetti, traffic,travel,trouble,water,weather, work Common nounswhichcanbecountable or uncountable: chicken, chocolate, coffee,egg,glass,hair,iron, paper, room,space, time,wine Youcanuse:a/an,few,a few,some,any,many,a lot of, lotsof, beforecountable nouns. I haven'troastedanypotatoes. Youcanuse:liffle,a little,some,ony,much,a lot of, lotsof, beforeuncountable nouns. Therewasn'tmuchtrafficthismorning. few/afew andlittle/a littlel Fewandliffle (without'a') areusedto talk about negative ideas. got She's fewfriendsandis quitelonely. He'sgot littlemoneyandcon'tafforda newcar. A few anda littleareusedto talk aboutmore positiveideas. l've got a fewbiscuitsleft.Wouldyoulikeone? CouldI haveteawitho little milk,pleose?

Passives Wecanuseactiveconstructions whenthe subjectis theperson or thingthatdoestheaction. I boughta reallyfantasticpartydresson eBay. Wecanusepassive constructions: whenwhoor whatcauses theactionis unknown or unimportant whenwewantto putnewinformation or longer expressions laterin thesentence Weoftenusepassive constructions in writingor in moreformatspeech. Thepassive is common in news stories, scientific andacademic writing. Thedog wasfoundthreedoysafterit wentmissing. Alsousethe passive whenthe obiectof the active sentence is themainfocus.Usebyto saywhodid theaction.

A assopaintingwassoldby a wealthybusinessman Iastweek. Wecanusethepassive in anytenseandwithmodal verbs. Formverbto be + pastparticiple Wehoven'tbeengiventheexamresults yet.

Formhave(orget)+ object+ pastparticiple Usethe structureto have(orget)somethingdone: to talkaboutarranging for something to be doneby someone else I havemyhair d onceeverysixmonths. to talkaboutthingsthathappen to usor to describe an'experience' I hodmybikestolenlastweek. Thereis anotheruseof gef + object+ pastparticiple (NOThave)whichis usedto mean'finishdoing something'. I needto getmyhomework done. Key vocabulary Excess extravagantexcessivea luxury extra-large to spoiIsomeone overpricedfar-fetched to goon a spending spree Foodand cooking a saucepana fryingpan a wooden spoon anoven a cooker a cook a plate a dish a recipe sweet savoury bitter satty sour rare raw to bake to roast to scrambteto fry to gritt to boil to stir to beat to slice to chop to grate beef cabbage parsley a peach a vegetablea vegetarian Verbphrasesaboutmoney to bidfor somethingto hagglefor something to geta bargain to geta discount to geta refund to geta receipt to beableto affordsomethingto beworthit Animalsand animalexpressions dog cat butl horse bear bat fish whale duck eagle fly spider fur feathers paws hooves claws tait wings whiskers fin horns beak straightfromthe horse's mouth to beas blindasa bat to be tikea bearwitha sorehead to takethe bullbythe horns Prefixes oversleepundercookedex-boss retrain bitingualmultinationaI unusuaIextra-[arge monotonous

Choose thecorrect alternatives. .. .

Complete thesentences usingthecorrect tense of a verbfromthe boxin the passive form. catch charge deliver employ include open repair send

2 I 4 5 6 7 8

Service in the bittso Voudon'tneed to leavea tio. | _some flowersyesterday but I don't knowwho they'refrom. Thegoodsthatyouordered next _ Friday. My _ at the moment. Don'tusethe medicine if the packet atreadv. lt'suntikely thatthe robbers | wasannoyedbecause we _ for a bottle of winewe didn'thave. Shewassackedaftershe by that companyfor overfifteenyears.

Lookat part of Tilly'sdiaryand imaginethat todayis Tuesdayand it's r.3op.m.Write sentencesabout what shehod done,is having done and will have done. ":'.a

7 2

3 4 5 6 8


tt,t.,;,rt :,1.,,.,,rt,

Couldyou givemean/someinformation about traintimesplease? 2 l've got two largepiecesof luggage/uggoges. 3 Howmony/muchfurniturehaveyou got in your livingroom? 4 Thenewsis/arealwaysso depressing. research into global 5 He'sbeendoingo/some warming. Therewereonlyfew/afew peopletherewhenr arrived. l'd likeo/somesticeof toastwith iam andan orangeiuice,please. CanI giveyouan/someadviceaboutrevising for yourexam?




.',i|.': i,,,.1 !iri,:,.





?,, li, t

7*t**r3&7 Sar't^'t" Hariocuf (& highiights) X' I - befweeh i ooo''r) (1ivi'ng eafiel *i*eJs a*\)" ?:9"r"'* Norgefi e worfch fo repariv shop /our'f


i:, i:1, ,,. ':l

?: ti:,


Choosethe correctalternative. r z 3 4 5 6 7 8

I don'treally[ikecookedcarrots. I muchprefer them rare/row/roast. l've decidedto bid fromlfor/atthat table I told youabout. f6o is too muchfor that's reallynot vaIue/offord/u ort h it. | won'tbelievehe'sgotthejob untilI hearit straightfromthe cat'slbull'syhorse3 mouth. I'mtakingmy dogto thevet because he cut his hoof/paw/cloul on somebrokenglass. Thesoundon thisCDis reallystrange. Takeit backand geta discount/refund/receipt. Beforeyou roastpotatoes,you shoutdboke/ beathoilthemfor ten minutes. She'slike a batheorlbullwith a sorehead today.She'salreadyshoutedat metwice.

Complete the wordswith the mostappropriate prefix. r

Thechildren needan eartynight.Theyare tiredandratherirritable. z lt all tooka lot longerthanI expected. |_ estimated the timeby several hours. 3 Shetalksin sucha boringand_tonous voicethat I iustfetlasleep. 4 I'vebeena teacherfor ten yearsbut I've decided to _train as a computer technician. We'vedecided to havea schoolreunionevery two yearsandmakeit a _ennial event. Theclassrooms areextremely modernand havea[[the latest_media equipment. Whenyou_heat food,you needto make surethatyougetit hotenough. She'sgota very_usua[ name.I wonder whereit comesfrom.

Lead-in In pairs,describe thephotosandanswer thequestions. r Whatdoyouthinkthepeople allhavein common? z WhatdoyouthinktheVhadto doto achieve theirsuccess? L

a Complete thesentences withthewords/phrases fromtheboxin thecorrect form.Usea dictionarv if necessarv. best-sellersucceed go under havehadtheirday havea go giveup up to scratch r

lf the business doesn'tstartmakingmoneyby the endof theyear, it will probabty andhaveto close. _ z Hisbook'sbeenan instant _ . Everybody's talkingaboutit. you because failedthisexamdoesn'tmeanvoushould 3 Just Youcanalwaysre-takeit in October. I thinkthesereatityTVshows . Noone'sveryinterested in themanymore. - try,try,try Youknowwhattheysay:'lf at firstyou don't again!' I'mafraidtheworkyou'vedoneon the housereallvisn't You'l[haveto redoa lot of it. the carwilthetpstartit, but youcan_ 7 l'mnotsurethat pushing b


Listenand checkvour answers.

Tellanother studentaboutthelasttimeyoufeltyouachieved something special.


:'s time/'d rather/'d better d e s c r i b ed i f f e r e ntty p e so f p e o p l e

urscuSs. r

ls leadership a natural-born talentor a learned skitt? z Whatqualities leaderneed? doesa successfu[ do peopleneedto situations 3 In whatdifferent worktogetheras a group? Why/Whynot? 4 Doeseverygroupneeda leader? Readthe text quicklyand matchthe questions abovewith the correctparagraphs.

TheSuccessful LeadershipTrust- our company specialisesin training you to be a successful leaderfor whatever situationyou'rein"

Readthe text again.Arethesestatements true (T), false (F)or we don't l<now(DK). r z 3 a S 6

Beingableto workin a groupis oneof the most imoortant tifeskitts. generally Groupsof peopledoingsocialactivities don'tneedleaders. groupsoftenstopattending. Members of leadertess AntonioCarluccio thinkshe is a naturat-born leader. Goodleaders areoftenslightlyafraidof theirrole. Goodleaders shoulddo moreworkthanthe other g r o u pm e m b e r s .

or with weak Grouos withoutleaders leadersatmost alwaysbreak down. groupoften Members of a leadertess andfrustrated. beginto feeIdissatisfied Timeis wastedand the tasksare not achieved.Thereare often arguments peopteas there Atmostnothingwe do in this worlcjis andtensions between donein isolation. to keepthegoats At workor at p[ay, is nobody clear. Some you't[find yourself dominateand others in groups, working personatities with otherpeopte: yourteamat work, disappear. Oftengroupmembers begin a meetingwith co[[eagues. in orderto yourfamiLy, not to cometo meetinqs a hoLidaywith friends,a group of avoidmoredisharmony. students workingtogether, a day out walkingin the mountains, a groupof neighbours wantingto makechanges. Somepeop[eare naturalleaders. The It is nowrecognised ce[ebritychef,AntonioCartuccio says, that beingableto 'True worksuccessfuLLy [eadersare born and you can with otherpeopteis oneof the majorkeysto success, partly spotthemin kitchens. They'repeople because we needto do it so often. who combine toughness, fairness and humour.'ALthougha lot of peopte agreethat therearesomenatural-born :: In atmosteverysituationwhereyou're leaders,most peop[enow recognise in a group,you wi[[ needa skilted that leadership can also be taught. Leader. At[ groupsneedleaders and experienced staff anda[[ OurprofessionaI successfuI groupshavegood leaders. can trajn atmostanyonehow to be a

successfu[ leader.Goodleadersdon't makepeopledo things in a bossy, controttingway. You can learn how to involveeveryone, encouraging the wholegroupto worktowards a common goat. .-l

0ur training coursesuse activities andtechniques to develop a rangeof qualitieswhichare necessary to be a goodleader. Setf-confidence is vitaIand yourownfears beingabteto overcome aboutbeinga leader. Successfu[ leaders also needto be calmand intettigent. Theyneedto be ableto workout good strategies and makesoundjudgements under pressure. Lastly,and probabty good leadersneed most importantty, to be sensitive. sociableand be able to get on with a widerangeof people. Good leadershipis essentialtythe abitityto influenceothersand good leaders a[[owa[[ members of the group to contribute.


Discuss. Doyouagreewiththe quotes? Why/Whynot?


'Theartof leadership is sayingno,notyes,lt isvery easyto sayyes.'Tony Blair 'Themostimportant leadership successful thingabout Roosevelt howto getonwithpeople.'Teddy is knowing 'Don't tellpeople howto dothings, tellthemwhatto doand letthemsurprise youwiththeirresults'George S.patton


Listen to theworkappraisal interview anddecidewhichof thesentences bestsummarises points. themain r He'sdoingwellin hisroleof teamleader butwouldlikesomemore training z He'sfindinghisroleof teamleader difficutt andthinksheneeos sometraining in becoming a teamleader butwouldlikesome 3 He'sinterested training first


a Complete sentences r-4 in theActivegrammar box.Then listenandcheckyouranswers.

a Complete the dialogue. Use/f's time,'d ratheror 'd better and the correct form of the verb in brackets. Anna:Hi,Witt.Howdid your appraisalgo? Wilt:lt wentwell,thanks.My (have) bossthinks(r) _ moreresponsibitity andmaybe becamea teamleader. Anna:Ohthat'sgood.Howdo you,feeIaboutthat? Will: I'mpleasedbecauseI wasthinkingof lookingfor a betterjob in anothercompany, (stay)hereif but (z) I can. Anna:lt wouldbe greatif you wereour teamleader. (f) _ (be)in chargethan someone we don'tknow. Will:Thanks.Anyway, (+)_ (go)becauseI've got a meetingin fiveminutes. Seeyou later. b Listenand check your answers.

Person to person Active grammarf t I feel that it's _ I movedon now. z I think I _ you did the t course. I not wait 3 _ for two months. get your nameon the list imme 4 I_ A Formlt's time+ subject+ _



Meaningto talk aboutwhenyou shouldhavedone somethingalreadyor at leaststartedit B Formsubject+ wouldrather+ object+ _ (+ thon ..) Meaningto talk aboutwhatyou'dprefersomeoneelseto do C Formsubject+ wouldrather+ (+ than ..) Meaningto talk aboutwhatyou'dpreferto do D Formsubject+ had better+ Meaningto talk aboutsomething whenit is advisable to do it (in the presentor future)

b Complete the rulesof formby writingpasttenseor infinitive. c Lookat the sentences 1-4againandexplainwhateachone means. Readtherulesaboutmeaning to hetpyou. seeReference pagefi5

a Writethreesentences aboutyoustartingwith/f's time... It's timeI tidiedup theliving room. It's timeI got in touchwithmy brcther It's timeI chongedmyjob. b In pairs,compare your sentences withanother student.Askyourpartnerto tellyoumoredetailsabout his/hersentences. Tryand includel'd betterandl'd ratherin youranswers.

a Workin A/B groups. to find Usea dictionary outthemeanings of thefive andpronunciation in yourgroupbelow. adjectives GROUPA












tZ a Matchtheexpressions in theboxwiththe picture. correct In pairs,saywhatyouthink eachonemeans.

b Workin A/B pairs. t

Tel[eachotheraboutthe meaning and pronunciation of the fivewordsin yourgroup. Addsomeadiectives whichhavea) opposite meanings andb) similarmeanings to the onesin the box. open - reserued(opposite) heodstrong+ determined(simila4

c Compare youaddedwith the adiectives otherstudents.


Listento ten peopledescribing different peopletheyknow.Foreachonewritean adjective fromEx.9 whichyouthinkdescribes him/herbest. t easy-going a Thinkof threepeopleyouknowwhoyoucan describe usingsomeof the adjectives in Ex.9. b Tetlyourpartner giving abouteachperson, examples how of he/shebehaves whichshow whyyou'vechosenthoseadjectives. person.Shereally My sisteris a veryheodstrong wantedto traveloroundSouthAmericaon her own.Everyone triedto persuade hernot to becouse it wasdongerous butshedecidedto do it anywoyand.,, e Whichof thequalities fromEx.9do you people thinksuccessful usuallyhave,and whichcanstopyoubeingsuccessful? Give rea50ns. peoplearevery I thinkthatmostsuccessful determined andsingle-minded but if youoretoo go you heodstrong it could against becouse ...

be the centreof attention be a partyanimal be a completedoormat be down-to-earth be reallyhighmaintenance

b Doyouhaveanysimilarexpressions in your language?

1 3 a Talkaboutyourselfandthe differentsides of yourpersonality. First,thinkabouthowyou behave in different situations usingtheideasin theboxandyourownideas. leadinga discussion at workor school givinga presentation at work makinga complaint in a shopor restaurant talkingaboutyourselfin a iob interview performing on stage beingin a crowdof peopleat a party cookingfor a smallgroupof friends playinga teamgame(e.9.footbalt) organising a groupof children b Workin pairsand telleachotheraboutthe differentsidesof your personalityin different situations. I think l'm generallyon outgoingpersonin social situotionslike a party. I like being the centreof attentionand l'm quite witty some es! I con be shy too, though, especiallyot work if I have to speak in public or chair a meeting- I just clam up.

Listening 1

Discuss. r

Matcheachphotoabove withthe mostappropriate feelingin the boxbelow. Whatdo youthinkis happening/has happened in eachcase? completely ecstatic absolutelydevastated totallysingle-minded

z Canyou remember any sportingmoments that you'vewatched(orbeen involved in)whensomeone hasfelt in similarwavs?



a Lookat theunderlined adjectives in thetable.Whatis the difference in meaning gradable between andnon-gradable adjectives? Gradable adiectives

He is a

Listento part of a radio programme and answerthe questions.

He is a

Whatproportionof sportspeople usesports psychologists to helpthem withtheirmentaIattitude? z Whatarethe main purposes ofthe Hakawar danceusedby the New ZealandAttBlacksrugby team?

goal. successas a racing driver

b Matchthe gradable adjectives in r-4 withthe correctnongradable adjectives a-d. Usea dictionary if necessary. r happy a) starving z upset b) ecstatic 3 hungry c) exhausted zr tired d) devastated

6 Listenagainand write one sentence summarising the speaker'smain pointsabout eachof the following: r self-belief z negative thoughts 3 persona[[ucky'routines'



successas o racing driver

Non-gradable adjectives He misseda



He missedan

a Readthe rulesA andB.Thenlookat thesentences anddecideif oneor bothintensifiers arecorrect.

t 2

3 Discuss.Do you (or does anyoneyou know)havelucky routines,superstitionsor luckycharmsfor things like sport,exams,specialevents, travelling,etc.?

4 5 5



Wecanuse intensifiercvery reallyandextremelywith gradable adjectives to makethe meaningstronger. Wecanuse intensifiersreally andabsolutelywith non-gradabte adjectives to makethe meaningstronger. KellyHolmesmust be really/absolutely ecstaticabout her success. A(n)extremelyfoery big sportscentrenearherehasjust opened. ff you want to get to the top in athletics,its really/extremelyvitalto get yourselfa professional trainer. plays Wheneverhe football,he comesbackreally/absolutely filthy. Shewasabsolutely/extremely exhaustedat the end of the race. I loverunning.l'd be reallyfuery devastated if I hadto giveit up. Listenand checkyour answers.

Thinkof a truestoryaboutyouthat relatesto oneof the phrases in the boxin Ex.r. Tel[yourpartnerwhathappened. I couldn'tbelieveit whenI wonthep for bestactor.I was co letelyecstatic!

speech ar I reported

Gra I

Listenand completethe sentencesand questions.


Directspeech 1 to be the lastplayerontothe pitch. raceeasily. 2 _the to train 3 different. it by thinkingaboutsomething 4 -do so negative? 5 Why 6 -help-? b Comparethe reportedspeechin the Activegrammarbox with the directspeechabove.Findexamplesofthe changesr-6 and write them in the box.

Active grammar Reportedspeech Andy Colesoid (that) he pitch. Shesaid (that) she He told me (that) he I told him (thot) he rent. lasked him why he She askedme if I

to be the lastplayer onto the the raceeasily. to train that day. do it by thinking about something so negative. help her the following day.

r Tensechanges, e.g.go-r went: e.g.con+ could: z Modalverbchanges, e.g.I + he: f Subiectpronounchanges, hit + him: 4 Objectpronounchanges, + theni th changes, 5 Timereference + theYweregoingz qo thevgoing 6 Wordorderchanges,e.g.werethey

Rules A Wecanusethot afterbothsoyandfell,butit isn'tnecessary. B Wedon'tuseanobjectaftersay. C Wemustuseanobjectaftertell. Wh-questions. D Weusea guestion wordwhenreporting E Weuseif whenreportingYes/tloquestions. thetenseor F Wesometimes ignoretherulethatchanges is stilltrue, if thesituation modalverbback.Thiscanhappen or for dramatic effectwhentellinga story. see R

rencepage fi5.

Readthe rulesA-F in the box and decideifthese sentencesare corrector not. Correctthe oneswhich are wrong. aboutthe result. r Hesaidthat he wastotallydevastated z Shetold me that shecouldn'tcometo trainingthis evening. r Hetotd me he'strainingthreetimesa weekat the moment. the previousJanuary. 4 Shesaidhim shehadtakenup basketball

5 | totdthemI wasgoing to be lateandthat they shouldstartwithoutme. 6 | askedhershewantedto comeroundandwatchthe tennis. 7 Heaskedmewhy I wentto a sportspsychologist. 8 Shetold meshewants to moveawayfromsport andfurtherhercareer now. elsewhere 1O a Checkyouunderstand the meaningsof the verbsin botd in the sentencesbelow. Nobodyneededto remind him to focus on the goal. Sheadm d feeling totally out of control. He exploined that he wanted to competein the O pics. I promise to go swimmingat leost three times a week. I suggestedtalking to o sports psychologist. Theydecidedto buy tickets for the football match. My trainer wornedme thot the training would be very hard.

b Writetheverbsin bold fromEx.roa in the correct placein thetable. VERBS CONSTRUCTIONS


verb+ (fhot)




verb+ object+ infinitive verb+ infinitive verb+ gerund

1 1 Reportthesestatements startingwiththewords given. r 'l brokethewindowyesterday whenI kickeda ballthrough it bymistake.' Headmitted ... 'Whydon'twe try the new ltalianrestaurant go whenwe out on Friday?' Hesuggested ... 'l thinkI'lIstayin tonightbecause I'm completely exhausted.' Shedecided ... 'l'm goingto buy my girlfriendsomeflowersas a wayof sayingsorry.' Hetold ... 'Areyou going to bookticketsfor the cinemaor areyougoingto iustturnup?' Sheasked... 'You 6 reallymustn'tbe latefor yourinterview thisafternoon.' Shewarned... 'Please atlbringyourhomework to me by 9.oo 7 on Mondaymorning.' Theteacherreminded ... 'l'U payyou backaltthe moneyI oweyouby 8 tomorrow.' Hepromised...

Person to person 1P ChooseA or B belowand fotlowthe instructions. A r Writenotesaboutthreethingsthat you'veseen or heardin the newsin the [astweek.Make notesaboutwhenandwhereyousawor heard eachstoryanddetailsof eachstory. TVnews/lesterdoy/nterestrotes up by one percent... z Thentellyourpartnerdetailsof the news storiesyou'veseenor heard. 'Onthe newsyesterday, theysaid that interest going go roteswere to up by onepercent...' B t Writenotesaboutthreethingsthat three differentpeoplehavesaidto you in the last twenty-four hours.Makenotesaboutthetime, person the andhis/heractualwords. this morning/MariannelWhy don't wego out for lunchtodoy?' Thentellyourpartnerwhatthethreepeople said,givingdetails. 'At to.3o this morning,Marianne suggested going out for lunchtoday.'

eaking 1 3 *. Lookat thephotos.Discuss whatyouthink is happening in eachone. fo Thinkaboutsomeone whohashelpedyou to succeed in something. Makenotesusingthe questions belowto hetpyou. r Whatwereyoutryingto do?Andwhen? z Whohelped you? suggest hetped? thatreally 3 Whatdidhe/she 4 Whatdidyoulearnfromthisperson? 5 Howdidyoufeelwhenyousucceeded?

! 4 eaTetlotherstudents aboutthe person who helpedyousucceed. Makeshortnotesabout otherstudents' experiences. E* Reportbackto thectassaboutthemost interesting storyyouheardabout.



Successful language learning A successfuI language learneris generalty someone who: . is willingto makemistakes . wantsto gethis/hermessage across r findsas manyopportunities to practise as possibte o doesn'tworryaboutwordshe/shedoesn't understand r Whichof thecharacteristics aboveapplyto you? z Doyouknowanyone whois a verysuccessful language learner? Whatkindof person is he/ she?

Reading 1

Lookat the photo.Discuss. r At whatageshould children learnhowto use computers? z Howdoyoufeelabout howmuchchildren use computers in yourcountry?


Readthe article.Whatdoes Dr Rydethinktheadvantage of sending chitdren to his schootis?

pupilsfile r vsry week,a group of British turn on l- into classto start their lessons' followtheir andobediently computers L,f'"', Foran hour'theyaretaught instructions' teacher's keyboardskills'and reading 5 mousetechniques, (D)----. these However' andwriting,usingthe computer' the day' the ' ($ rs Whereastoddlersare tutoredduring hardlyoutof nappies' aretoddlers, untilas

'lt's never olderchildrenattendeitherin the evenings that idea the take they College At Ryde thereis an issue lateas9p'm' or at weekends'So' the indeed' seriously too young to start'very andclimbtrees .Since aboutwhenthey getto runaround a thousand than more 1982, in opened ,o college ' Last year parents like their friends. (E) ---earlier an at results exam pupiis have achieved whose son' Krishnan' +o Teeta and KaushikRadia' age. get a GCSEin than usual becamethe youngestchildeverto RonaldRyde' a agedjust six'complained lnformationTechnology, The collegewas founded by Dr childreninto aged seventy' that Ryde Collegepushedyoung former university lecturer' now sittingexamsfor the PublicitY' rs (B)--.Wordspreadaroundtheneighbourhood centre special a to move 'l to that and Dr Rydesoon had remainsunrepentant' would argue Ryde +s Dr the To services' his for demand the of with All ' (F) to cope it'sa crimeto holdchildrenback' in for seven-year-olds puts man who happily not publicity'' us herearecommittedto education' were classes Toddlers' tor the'Technology GCSEs, a hothousefor Dr Ryde seeshis collegenot as the from Aside ' (C) zo the next logicalstep' - he claimsthereisno greatsecretto their brilliance to get encouraged also are parents lessons, traditional actual otherthan smallclasssizesand 50 success home' at skills new their the childrento practise a way to make schoolingmethods but ratheras kids whiz statesecondary up for the time wastedin normal The parentsof theseyoung computer head a 'All in secondary years children their first schools' too often the haveno qualmsaboutgiving Piers' hisson' them getting all are lost yearsand teacherswaste zs start.KevinMills,forty-four'enrolled birthday'after level'' ayear ago, just before his second ss the childrenup to the same with a computer he showedan interestin playing at home.


a Eachofthe sentences r-6 comesfromthe article.Readthe articleagainand decidewhereeachone shouldgo. r 'Shecancountup to thirty,hasan excellent vocabulary andhas gainedso muchconfidence throughherclasses.' z Introduced lastyear,theyareaimedat givingthe eighteen-month pupilsa headstartin writing,reading to three-year-old and communication usingthe computer. of whythesechildren needto take 3 Thereis alsothe question additionat exams, especially at sucha youngage. in 4 Nextterm,theywill moveup a classto begininstruction computer science, months after have they celebrated their lust fourthbirthdays. is theirabilityto learn. 5 Theonlythingwe areexploiting 5 Hestartedofferinghomeclassesafterhe hetpedhis son,Mike to passa computer GCSE at the ageof fourteen, ratherthanthe normaIsixteen.


know say believe walk change have l'mverybusyat the moment. l_ anytimeto go to gym. the Areyou ok?You a wordduringdinner. Doesn'tTomlookamazing? He's at all sincewe wereat schoo[. I don'tunderstand whythat womanfromthe officewas so friendly.l_ her. Herlegis hurtinghera lot. Shesaysshecan at the moment. 6 | wasshockedwhenshe told me he hadleft.I could it.

b Readthe text againthroughfrom beginningto end,to check your answers. 4

Findthesewordsin the article.Writea shortdefinitionfor each one.To helpyou a) decideif they are nouns,verbsor adjectives, b) look at them in the contextof the wordsbeforeand afterthem. file (l.t) - verb: to walk in line r nappies(t.7) z former(1.r4) 3 spread(1.r5) + cope(l.rZ)


Gra 6

5 quatms(t.24) 6 headstart(t.24) z mood( e hothouse(t.+8)


Discuss. Whatarethe advantages and disadvantages of pushing chitdrento studyintensivety andtake examsearly?

I canhardtyhearyou.Could youspeakup,please? z Sheneedsto studyhard if sheis goingto passher exam. 3 He'seatenanythinghardly attday. 4 Wetriedveryhardto finish the reportbut therewasn't enoughtime. HardlyanybodyI knowis goingto Sarah'sparty. We'vegot hardanymilk left.

a Lookat examples r-3 intheboxanddecide if thewordsin bold areadjectives or adverbs. Active g'rammar z Thechil n are encouragedto work hard for their exams. out of noppies. 3 Thepupils in the collegeare ho

4 l'm very tired this morning.I hardly slept last night. 5 I havehardlyony money.I mustgo to the bank. 6 She hardly evercomesto visit us.Just onceor twice a year.

b Lookat examples4-6 in the box . Explainthe meaningof each one in otherwords (not usinghardly). see Referencepage fi5

Decideif eachof the sentences is correct.lf not, correctit. r

off | hard andhardly

Hardlymeansalmostnot or is oftenusedwith any(thing/one/where, etc.)and is not usedwith negative words(@.

Complete eachof these sentences with hardlyand a verbfromthe boxin the correctform.

Person to person I

Complete the sentences so they are true for you. Compare youranswersin pairs. r

ThelasttimeI studied h a r d. . . z At school/work, I hardty ever... I'vehardlybeento 3 Recently, any...


eaking 1O Readthe questionsbelowand makea noteof youranswers. r z 3 4 5 6


to do thingsthat helpchildren Whatarethe threemostimportant we[[at school? at Whichthreesubjects spendmosttimestudying shouldchildren schoo[? Whatarethe mostimportantqualitiesof a goodteacher? Whatarethe threemostimportantthingsthat hetppeopteto do wellat work? Whichthreethingsshouldpeopleget mosttrainingin for work? Whatarethe mostimportantqualitiesof a goodmanager?

a Lookat the Howto box.Addonemorewayof givingopinions andonemorewayof iustifying opinions.

Give your opinion Giveyouropinion

i I believesmallclosssizesarecrucial...

i #:zii;i'!,'oi:::':*

most maths isthe

youropinion ... becausetheteachercanspendmoretime Justifu with eachchild. ... for severalreasons;firstly,you needmoths for lots of thingsin everydaylife ... thenchildrenwill lf a teacheris approachable, feelobleto askquestions.

b Askotherstudents in and the questions notetheirresponses. usethe How Whenanswering, you. to boxto help c Makenotesof the mainfindingsof yoursurvey.


J J J d d

7 a gooAleacher I s-all classes ^oAern lechnologY 7 f\aths English I.T. caring knowleAgeable keePconlrol


1 {eeling aPPrecialeA gooAenvironmenf goodsalarY 5 ("


12 tookat thereportin the Writingbankon page164 anddo theexercises. 18 Discuss withotherstudents in whichwordsor phrases thereportmightbe usefulin othersimilarreports. 14 Writea reporton oneof the topicsin intzo-t4o words.Divideit intoseparate paragraphs.

Phrasal verhswith threeparts Matchthephrasalverbs in italics withthe correctmeanings a-j below. r We'11 nevercotchup withthem.They're toofar z 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ro



ahead. Theystolefrm andgot awaywith it. Don'twalkso fast!| can'tkeepup with you. They'reputtingherin for herGrade8 piano examthis year. Haveyoucomeup with anynewideasfor the advertising campaign? l'd tikeus to cuf downon the amountof TVwe watch. l'vealwayslookedup to my grandmother. She'san amazing person. l'm lookingforwardfo seeingmy sister'snew babyat theweekend. Howdo you put up with the noiseof the traffic outsideyourbedroom window? Wewantto makeup for a[[the time she wastedin herfirstyearat secondary school.

z 3

4 5


Youneedto howmuchsaltvouhavein yourfood. lf noneof us saysanythingto the police,we'll probably it. _ We'rereally_ movingbackto New Zealand. lt'tlbe especially greatto seeall our friends. | can't hisconstant criticism anymore. I'vedecidedto moveout. Theincrease in salaries isn't_ the risein the costof living.People's disposable incomeis gettinglessand less. She's a transferto the Londonofficeto be nearerherparents.

7 | thinkI've_ problem.

a rathergoodsolutionto our

8 Thedelicious foodmorethan the slow service. her.She'san amazing 9 Atlherstudents teacher. ro I hadto runto you.Youwalkincredibly fast!

a) b) c) d) e) f) g)

to thinkof, suggest to thinkyouwill enjoy to moveat the samesoeed to formally apptyto do something to tolerate to reduce to respect,admire h) to reachthe sameplace i) to compensate for j) to escapepunishment

a Complete the sentences with one of the phrasalverbsfrom Ex.r in the correctform.


Listenand checkyouranswers.

* Listenagainand decidewhichpart of each phrasalverbis stressed. *

e-aWhichof the followingsentencesare correct? r Youwon'tcatchup withthem. z Youwon'tcatchuo themwith. 3 Youwon'tcatchthemup with. 4 I'm lookingmy holidayforurard to. I'm looking foruardmy holidayto. 5 6 I'mlookingfonrrard to my holiday. b Whatdoesthis telt you aboutthe grammarof this kind of phrasalverb?


Discuss. r z 3

4 5

ls thereanything youarereallylookingforward to doingoverthe nextfewweeks?lf so,what? ls thereanything youaretryingto cutdownon at the moment? lf so,whatandwhy? Arethereanythingsin everyday lifethat you finddifficutt to put up with,e.g.mobilephones? lf so,what? ls thereanyonethatyoureallylookup to?lf so, whoandwhy? Arethereanykindsof crimethatyouthinkare easyto getawaywith?lf so,whichandwhy?



r Whatcanyouseein the pictureabove? z Howoftendo youlistento the radio? do kindsof radioprogrammes 3 Whatdifferent Voul<now? 3.

*. Listento the extractsfrom a radio phone-in. Whatis the reasonfor eachperson's ca[[? -fu Listenagainand decidewhat adviceyou wouldgiveeachcallerand why.

Discuss. Doyouever[istento thisl<indof radio programme? Why/Whynot? z Who/Where do you usuallygo to for advice a b o u tp r o b l e m s ?




. e c i d eo n s o m e = Worl< i n A / B g r o u p sD p r o b l e m s interesting f o r a r a d i op h o n e - i n . tz ln AIB pairs,tal<eit in turnsto roleplay p h o n i n ga r a d i op h o n e - i n p r o g r a m maen d for advice. asl<ing

R It's ti e ... Form/f's time+ subject+ pasttense Meaning'lt's timeI didsomething' is usedto mean 'l shouldhavedone something already or at least It's


e you did your homework.


Formsubject+ wouldrather+ object+ pasttense (+ than...) Meaning'l'd ratheryoudid/didn'tdo something' is usedto talkaboutwhatyou'dprefersomeone else to do. I'd ratheryou n' t smokein here. Formsubject+ wouldrather+ infinitive(+ than...) Meaning'l'd ratherdoinotdo something' is usedto talkaboutwhatyou'dpreferto do. l'd rathernotspendall daylyingon thebeach.

I'd better ... Formsubiect+ hadbetter+ infinitive Meaning'l'd betterdo/notdo something' is usedto talkaboutsomething whenit is advisable to do it (in the present or future). l'd bettermendthat dowassoonasI can.


orted speech

Use'reported'or'indirect'speech to tell people what somebodysaidor thought. Makethe tenseof the verb one 'step'further back into the past. ' I wont go to out.' + Shesaid (that)she wantedto go out. Modalverbsalsochange. 'Con you help me paint the kitchen?'+ Sheaskedme if I couldhelp herpaint the kitchen. Subjectand objectpronounschange. ' I will giveit you to soon.'- Hesaidhe wouldgiveit to me soon. References to particular timeschange,e.g. 'The bookswill be deliveredtomorrow.'- Shesaid the bookswouldbe deliveredthe next day. Wordorderchanges, e.g. ' at areyou doing at the weekend.'- He askedme what we weredoing at the weekend. Useif (or whether)when reportingYes/No questions, e.g. 'Did you e y the film?' + He askedme if I hod enjoyedthe film.

orting verbs

Sayandexplainarefollowedby verb+ (that). Iell is followedby verb+ object+ (that). Hetold us weneededto showiden ation. Ask,remindandwarnarefollowedby verb+ object + infinitive. Weremindedhimto post theletter. Promiseanddecidearefollowedby verb+ infinitive, e.g. Wedecidedto stayat homeandwatchTV. Admitandsuggestarefollowedby verb+ gerund. Headmittedlikinghera lot. Hordas an adjective meansfirmanddifficuttto cut or break. Themattressis quitehard. Theseplumsaretoo hardto eat. Hardas an adverbmeansusinga lot of effortor force,e.g. 9he'sbeenworkinghardoll day. Hardlyis an adverbwhichmean s almostnot or very little. I hardlyknowthepeoplein my closs. Hardlyis oftenusedwith ony(thing/onefivhere, etc.) andever. Wehardlyevergo outin theeventng. Key vocabulary Success best-sellersucceedgo r.0â&#x201A;Źr havea go h a v eh a dt h e i rd a v g i v e- o b eu pt o s c r a t c h Person aIity p r o a c t i v en e a d s t i ' o nogp i n i o n a t e m d anipulative selfish single.minded open easy-goingwitty outgoingto bethecentre of attention to bea partyanimal to bea complete doormat to be realtyhighmaintenanceto be down-to-earth Adjectives/ |ntensifi ers - vital big- huge happy- ecstaticimportant - starving upset- devastatedhungry tired- exhaustedvery really extremely absolutely Phrasalverbswith threeparts catchup with getawaywith keepup with putin for comeupwith cutdownon lookupto lookforwardto putup with makeup for

and Findthe mistakesin six of the sentences correctthem. . :,, : ,' : t,l,: ,::::i,!:{;!;t:i!{: l;t,;ey:!;*l ,:l::tyt; L;e!*;'t: ,.- | ;. 1 2

3 4

6 7 8


Completeeachof the followinggaps with hard or hardly. r

"-' ;iii,a

I d betterwentto the shopsbeforetheyclose. to your HadyouratherI didn'tsayanything boss? lsn'tit timeyoutold himhowyoureallyfeel? I'drathernot workingthisweekendif at atl possible. Woutdyou bettertakea raincoatin caseit rains? I'dratheryoupaidme backin cashthanby cheoueif that'sOK. What'sthatsmel[?| thinkit'stimeyougetthe cakeout ofthe oven. on the plane I'drathertookiusthandluggage thana largesuitcase.

usingthe past. Complete the sentences ,

iri-.,' lii?r iiiirJ li'iI

weekend. r Tony/ask/l tike/ptay/tennis/this z They/tett/best timeivisitEgypt/be/in January or February. time/firework know/what 3 Helen/say/not disptay/start. London 4 Heask/mewhen/lwant/go/see/the Eye. My boss/tett/t haveto/make/presentation/at 5 March. salesconference/in 6 Thenewspaper/say/one/ourathtetes/fait/ drugstest. Choosethe correctalternativein eachcase. 1

- . . : r

- . ; - , _

Shepromise d to do/doingatther homework beforeshewentout to seeherfriend. Canyou explainmeftome exactlyhowthis DVD recorder works? Theydecidedto sell/selling theirhouseand moveto the country. My doctorsuggestedtaking/tofake a weekoff WOTK.

Theywarnedusfrous that the weather conditions wouldmakewalkingin the quitedangerous. mountains Wittyouremindme to go/goingto the post officethis afternoon? Headmittedbeingfuewrongaboutthe timeof thetrain.

on my maths I'mgoingto workreally fromnowuntilthe endof term. We_ haveanytimeto seefriendsat the moment.Lifeis justtoo busy! I could believe it whenshesaidthey weregoingto getmarried! It wiltbe a long, climbto thetop of that hiil. anyonecameto openingnightof the restaurant. lt wasverydisappointing. lf youlook , youcanjustseeMichael on the othersideofthe caroark.

Unjumbleeachof the wordsin ifalrcsin the sentences betow. Shelovesbeingthe centreof nnaoiettt.She wantseveryone to betatkingabouther. Hereatlythinksthat z He'sterriblydoopitninae. hisownopinions arethe onlyoneswhichare worthlistening tol got in herfinalschoolexams.She's Tara allAs 3 absolutetyccttiaset. himto go in persuading Shefinattyducdecees to the oolice. We'rereallylookingrrwfdoato visitingmy brotherin'll be the firsttimewe've beenout there. My brother'sverygoginuto.Hereallyenjoys beingwithfriendsandmeetingnewpeople. He'sspenta lot of moneygettinghisnewcar up to hctsocrbeforethe big race. I told her not to takeherdrivingtest yet but and insistedon doing she'sverynarthesdog whatshewanted. r

.:'.'?'+ t


';;;'"- 4g$*


H o wa r et h e p h o t o sc o n n e c t et d o t h et o p i co f , c r i m e ' ? T h i n ko f w o r d sa n de x p r e s s i o cn os n n e c t ewdi t hc r i m ea n dt h e l a w .W r i t et h e mi n t h e a p p r o p r i a tceo t u m n s . LAWCOURT CRIME



a ludge


communtty servtce



Explain thesenewspaper headlines. Usea dictionary if necessary.


Local MP stoppedfor speeding

Gybercrime up by 50%.. Overcrowdedprisons slammedin new report Chaos in fraud case after witness intimidation . Suspendedsentencefor teacherin road rage incident


Keen cop gives out record number of finesl Doyouthinkcrimeis increasing or decreasing whereyou[ive?Are thereanyparticular typesof crimewhicharea speciat probtem in yourarea?

sequencing devices, e.g.After+ -ing tell a funnystory


I tawandinsurance

definitions a-i. r-ro to theappropriate Matchthewords/phrases 1 tnsurance

to file (a ctaim) 5 to sue (someone) 5 to guarantee

to convict (someone of) to sentence (someone to) 2

decidein a courtof lawthat officiatty is guittyof a crime. someone b) an amountof moneythatyoupayfor insurance moneyandthey whenyou paya company paythe costsif youarei[[,havea car etc. accident. to someone who is d) givea legalpunishment guittyof a crime makingsomething e) the crimeof deliberately a buitding burn,especiatty f) starta legaIprocessto get moneyfrom who hasharmedvou in somewav someone g) makean officialstatement that you aregoing in a court especially to do something, wit[happenor be thatsomething h) promise oone peopteto getmoney deceives i) whensomeone asksa highercourtto change whensomeone of a lowercourt the decision

from Ex.r in with the words/phrases a Complete the sentences the correctform. r Sheplansto the hospitalaftertheygaveherthewrong operation. z Baileywasto threeyearsin prisonfor hispartin the robbery. . We 3 Welostthe casethistimebutthere'sgoingto be an wi[[nevergiveup. hasgoneup again. 4 I'mafraidthatthe costofthe annualTheysayit'sbecause of the numberof claimslastyear. but tuckityhe doesn't hasbeen of shoptifting 5 My neighbour haveto go to prison. plancoverthingsthatarestolenfrommewhile 6 Doesthis_ I'mon holiday? lt's beforeChristmas? that thisTVwitt be detivered 7 Canyouveryimportant. Theythinkit was 8 Theydon'tthinkthe firewasan accident. for divorce.He'sveryupsetaboutit. 9 Ted'swife has I he ..Apparentlv, ..Apparently, ro He'sbeenarrested chareedwitharrestedandcharged pretended paintinghadbeenstolento getthe thatan expensive insurance money.




Discuss. r

buys lmagine someone a coffeein a fast food restaurant. Theythen spiltthe hot coffeeon themselves andare burned.Shouldtheysue the fastfoodcompany? z Whatdifferent thingsdo peopleinsure? Haveyou everheardaboutanvone insuring something strange? 3 Doyou knowanyfamous casesof fraud?lf so,what happened?





a, Youaregoingto listento a storyabout a crimeinvolving youlisten, cigars. Before suggestwhatthe storymightbe usingas many of thewordsin Ex.r as possible.

&f I sequencing devices a Lookat theexamptes in theActivegrammar box.Then,complete thestructures A andB by writingthecorrect partof speech for eachone.

b Listento thestoryandcompare your ideas.

Active grammar Havingcashedthe cheque,the Ia arrested. After cashingthe cheque,the la a ted.


r wos r wos


b Whichclause comesfirstin theorderof events?



Listenagain.Putthesesentences in the order in whichthey happenin the story. r Thelawyeris arrested. z Theinsurance company refuses to pay. the insurance 3 Hemakesa claimagainst company. to jail. 4 Thelawyeris sentenced 5 Hesmokesthe cigars. 6 Theinsurance paysthe lawyer. company He insures the cigars against fire. 7 8 Thelawyersuesthe insurance company. A lawyer buyssomerarecigars. 9 a Listento the storyagain.Whichof the followingexpressions do you hear? r G oo n . . . z Thewayit goesis that ... 3 Fancythat. + Fairenough. 5 Whaton earthfor? 5 Pultthe otherone. 7 You'rekidding! 8 Crossmy heart. b Findthe expressions in the tapescripton paget74. Discussin groupswhat you think eachexpression means.


Complete thesentences bywritingthecorrect formof a verbfromthe box. stay read promise do go win r

z 3





After to the banka numberof times, the robbers feltthevunderstood atlthe securitysystems. Having to pickhisfriendup fromthe policestation,Terrycompletely forgot. After extremely well in his firstyear exams, we wereverysurprised whenhe said he wantedto stopstudying[aw. Having someexcellent reviewsof the new P.D.Jamesmurdermystery, I wantedto geta copyto takeon holidaywithme. Havingsuccessfully hercaseagainst herold employer for wrongfuI dismissal, she decided to go out andcelebrate. After at the officeuntilmidnightto prepare herreportfor thejudge,shedecided to giveherselfthe nextdayoff.

a Thinkaboutthreethingsthat happenedto you lastweekand whatyou did aftereachone. b Tetlanotherstudentthe firstthing and see if they canguesswhatyou did next.Then,tell them if they wererightor not. A: After doing my Englishhomework... B; ... lou watcheda film on TV? A: No.I collapsedon the sofa and fell asleep!

,%g*e:*e,kiaag_a m:a# read ixagry forStoryr below. Aslookat thepictures 1# Workin pairs.Student pager5r.The pictures 2 on for Story Bslookat the Student pictures makea story.Withanotherstudent,workoutthe story.

yourideasby reading thestory. ? â&#x201A;Ź" Check (Storyr is on page149,Storyz is below).

a vast An ambitiousburglarbrokeinto BelAir' Los at rnunrionon millionaires'row ho,":,1:1T Angeles.He went throughth," ?]t tl,': n" value of roo"m,puttinganything ::: he'd.brolgnt seeand carryin the largebag , histrag'ne filled completely Having him. with decidedit wastime to leave' sureof the He startedto realisethat he wasn't a^larBe movedon quickly'throu,Eh *"V ""iUr, andthrougn dining-room,pastan tndoorgym By. parrots' room'filledwith exotic having Then', """rn?t no* n" was beginningto panic' a smallroom run througha largelibraryand desperate' full of art,he beganto getquite to what He ran up a smallcircularstaircase knocked He seemedto be a largebedroom' ownersof the on the door andwent in' The but satup househad beenasleepin bed burgtar in frightonly to find a traumatised mazeof th.e of a"rp3r",u to find his way out directions' t""tt. Aftergivinghim detailed arrivedminutes thevphon"dIh" polit"' who the relievedburglarto the i;;:;; "t.orted safetYof a nearbYPolicestation'

3 * "'*.Prepare to tell anotherstudentyourstory in the Howto box. usingtheexpressions

tell a funny story Checkyou remember". A lowyerboughtsome

alltheimportant information.

. He insured them against , ltre.

Checkyou know the ", cigar,to insure key vocabulary

thestory Introduce

Didyouheorthestory oboutthemonwhostole a parrot? Haveyouheardtheone abouttherobberwhofell asleep?

Keepthe funny part

... and so canyou believe

veryend. untitthe



i iail anda $z4,ooofine.

your B: InA/B pairs,showyourpartner pictures andtell himor herthestory.lnclude and Having+ pastparticiple the structures asappropriate. After+ presentparticiple

past modalsof deductionmust/might/can't have done speculateabout pastevents


Lookat thepictures. Whatdo youthinkthe personis doing?


Listento the conversation. Whatdo the peoplesayis happening in the photos?


Readtheexamples r-3 below,thencomplete the rulesA-C.

Active grammar He must havefixed up some kind of securitycamera. 2 He might have done it before. 3 He can't haverealisedhe wasbeina caughton cemero.


Use__ + pastparticipleto saythat you thinksomethingis possible in the past. Use__ + pastparticipleto saythatyouthinksomething is not possiblein the past. Use_ + pastparticipleto saythat you arecertainaboutsomething in the past.

a Complete the sentences usingmustlmightl can't haveandan appropriate verbfromthe box.



see Referencepoge eg 3 4

Choosethe correctalternativein eachsentence. r z 3



6 7


Theymustlfnight/can'f havegot into the house througha window.Theywereall locked. Hemust/might/can't havetold my parentsthat I wascaughtshoplifting but I hopehe didn't. Theiudgemust/might/con't havelikedyou. lt's unusual to onlygeta suspended sentence in this kindof case. Theymust/might/can'f havesackedhim becausehe was[azy.Hewasoneof the hardest workingpeoplein the company! Don'tbe negative.Shemust/might/can't have passedher Englishtest.Wewi[[onlyknow whenwe getthe results. Shemust/might/can'f haveleft veryquietly.I didn'thearhergo. Shemust/might/con'thave hada badmeeting with the MarketingDirector. She'sbeenin a terriblemoodeversince. Hemust/might/can't havearrivedyet because he promised to phoneus the minutethe plane landed.

4 5 6

z 8

Wedon'tknowwho took the money.There werelotsof peoplein the officeduringthe day andit _ anyof them. I wonderwhyPetedidn'tturnup to do his community service. He_ aboutit. I remindedhimyesterday. I'mnotsurewhereJois.She _ round to Sa[[y's. They'reworkingon a schoolproject together. Howdid you knowaboutthe surpriseparty? you! Someone _ You all yourbirthdaymoneyalready. Yougot nearlyfroo! |_ my keysat home.I remember feeling themin my jacketpocketwhenI got on the bus. She yet.Sheonly herhomework startedit at 9 o'clock. I'velostoneof my gloves.| _ it on the wayto work.

b Listenand checkyour answers.Pay attentionto the pronunciation of mustlmightl can' t have. How is have pronouncedeachtime? 6

Listento the extractfrom a radionews programme. Howdid the policefind the photos from Ex.r?


I compound adjectives

Combine A belowwitha word a wordfromcolumn fromcolumnB to makecompound adjectives. Check in a dictionary if necessary. t single-minded A r single2 oner middle4 left5 home6 last7 paft8 so9 timero brand-


B a) minute b) aged c) time d) called e) minded f) made g) new h) consuming i) way j) handed

with the compound a Completethe sentences adjectivesfrom Ex.7. Apparently, andTV shesaidthatthe computer that werestolenwere whenin factthey wereseveraIyearsold. z Theyarrested manfor joy-riding last a_ joy-riders'ssurprising because are usuallvin theirteens. In hisinterview for insoector he cameacrossas very_ whichis exactlywhatwe want.We needsomeone whowil[getthingsdone. just Hesaidhe wanteda _ticket to Alicante whichis whatmademea little suspicious. I'mdoingsomevoluntary workwithyoung offenders. I reallvtikeit but it's ouite It'stakingup mostof my weekends at the moment. It wasa decision to go to Parisbut I'm reattygladwe did.Afterall the hassteof the courtcasewe neededa break. Thefactthatthe thiefwas wasa vital cluethat hetpedthe policecatchhim.They foundsomespecially designed scissors in his ftat. The_ expertfor the defencewasvery vaguein hisanswers. I'mnotsureit wasreally hisspeciatist area. I'mstartingworkas a _community policeofficerin January. lt's Mondayand Friday mornings whichis perfectfor me. Youmusttry a pieceof this chocolate cake.Oneof the prisoners madeit in the cookery class.


Discuss. yourself Doyouconsider to be a single-minded person? Why/Whynot? 'middte-aged'do youthink? 2 Whenis someone particularly your What things in life are time3 consuming? Canyoudo anything aboutthis? Areyoua 'last-minute' kindof person? lf so, givesomeexamples. Haveyou everhada part-timejob?lf so,what wasit? Didyou enioyit? Doyouthinkhome-made cookingis alwaysthe best?

Reading 10 Workin pairs.Howmanydifferentwayscanyou thinkof to steal$ 11 Readthearticleandbrieflysummarise how D.B.Cooper managed to stea[$zoo,ooo.


t 2p.m. on 24th November 1971., a middle-aged man of average height, dressed in a dark suit, white shirt, dark glasses and a black tie, handed a $20 note to a clerk at the Portland airoort. asked for a oneway ticket and then boarded Flight 305 for Seattle. Identifying himself as Dan Cooper, he carried only a briefcase.Just before takeoff, he handed the flight attendant a note. Watching her put the note in her pocket, he 'Miss, said quietly, you'd better look at that note. I have a bomb.'The messagedemanded $200,000 and four parachutes - by 5p.m. To remove any final doubts, Cooper opened his briefcase and showed the flight attendant sticks of dynamite, attached to wire and a battery. As the plane circled over Seattle, the pilot, 'William Rataczak, quickly learned he was not dealing with an amateur. This man was totally single-minded.With

the confidence of

an army commander, Cooper told Rataczak that after the money and parachutes had been delivered, he wanted him to south from Seattle, fly no higher

head than

10,000 Get and leave the rear door open.

t 2 Readthearticleagainand answer thesequestions. r WhatdidD.B.Cooper take withhimontotheplane? z Whatdidhewant? Howdid Rataczak realise he wasnot dealingwithan amateur? At whattimedid the plane takeoff for the second time? At whattimedid D.B. jumpfromthe Cooper plane? Whycouldn'tthe fighter planesfoltowD.B.Cooper? Whotookpartin the officialsearchfor D.B. Cooper? Whatsinglecluedid they get? Whyhasthe caseof D.B. Cooper captured the popularimagination? Whatdifferentthings havebeendoneto commemorate whatD.B. Cooper did?

The planelandedin SeattleandbyTp.rn, it had refuelled and the parachutesand money were on board.The plane took off again a Gw minutes after 7.30p.rn. Then Cooper carefully collected all his cigarette ends, made sure he had all his handwritten notes and strapped the money bag to his body using cords he cut from one of the parachutes. At 8.12p.m,'we felt a little bump and the air pressure changed,' Rataczak said.And that wasthe lastfix on D. B. Cooper.The Air Force had sent up rwo F-106 fighter planesro chasethe Boeing 727 and try to keep Cooper's parachute in sight but they were too fast and had to keep making giant S-curvesin the sky.For the next few weeks, hundreds of federal agents,helped by Army troops, searchedaround the areaunder where Cooperjumped.A small submarine also searchednearby Lake Merwin. But they found nothing. In fact there was no concrete evidence of any kind until February 1980 when an Oklahoma boy, having a picnic with his family on the shoreof the Columbia River, cameacross a waterloggedbag containing 294 rnouldy g20 notes.The serial numbers matched those on the notes given to D.B. Cooper. This find got the FBII attention. Helicopters flew over the area, squadsof agents dug up the shore, searching for more notes, Cooper'sbody or parachutebut again,nothing. D.B.Cooper enteredthe history books asan authenticAmerican legend.'Theret a good reasonfor this,'saysLarry Goldfine, a Seattlelawyer who was sitting on Flight 305 that day.'ltwas rhe first skyjacking for money and then the skyjacker disappeared without atrace.No one washurt and it all happenedright under the nosesof the FBI'. Most people think D.B. gor awaywith it. The Cooper ofthe legendhasthe coolnessof a SteveMceueen or Clint Eastwood.In the end,no one haseverworked out just who he was - or is. In his enduring anonymiry he has inspired three books, a play,a film, a song and thousandsof D.B. Cooper bars and restaurants.Perhapsthe ultimate tribute is the annual 'D.B. Cooper Days' festival in the tiny Washington town over which Cooper was thoughr to have parachuted.Theret a D.B. Cooper look-alike contesr (lots of forry-ish men in dark suits and dark glasses),and half-a-dozet parachutistsmake a jump.


Findthreeexamplesof compoundadjectives in the text.


Discuss. Whatdo youthinkof what D . BC . o o p edr i d ? z Howdo youthinkhe got awaywith it? why 3 Doyouunderstand somepeopleadmirewhat h ed i d ? 4 Doyou knowanystories aboutfamouscriminals fromyourcountry? r

relativeclauses writean article

F,eading L

& Discusswith otherstudents. Whatdo you knowaboutSherlock Holmes? 2 Washe a realperson? 3 Whyandwhenwashe famous? 1

y3 Nowreadthe text and checkyour ideas.

WasSherlock Holmes a realperson? Notexactly, butDrJoseph Bell,the manwhoinspired of thecharacter Holmes, Sherlock shared many qualities withthefamous detective. ArthurConan Doyle, ihewriterand creator of Holmes, metDrBellin 1877at theUniversity of Edinburgh


Doyle Medical School. Conan was studying to bea doctorandBellwas oneof hisprofessors. yearsoldwhen thirty-nine Bellwas Doylefirstattended oneof his Con'an have He is said to walked lectures. Hisnoseandchin withgreatenergy. wereangular andhiseyestwinkled humour. Bell,whowas withintelligent a brilliant doctor,likedwritingpoetry, playing sportandbird-watching. Doyle's Bytheendof Conan second yearBellhadselected himto serve Beingona ward ashisassistant. withBell,wherehehadplenty of to observe, only opportunity increased Conan Doyle's admiration for thegreatdoctor.Amongst other DrBell's thingshewasableto witness to quickly remarkable ability deduce a greatdealaboutthepatient. thewaya person DrBellobserved moved. Thewalkof a sailor. who hadspentmanyyearsat sea,varied greatly fromthatof a soldier. lf he identified asa sailor, he a person

wouldlookfor anytattoos thatmight assisthiminknowing where their hadtakenthem.Hetrained travels himself for smalldifferences to listen patients' inhis accents to helphim identify where theywerefrom.Bell studied thehands of hispatients because calluses or othermarkscould helphimdetermine theiroccupation. published Doyle Conan thefirst Holmes storyin 1887.Hisinnovation increating a character thatwould appear overandoverina series of self-contained storiesmeantthat popularity grewwitheach Holmes's instalment. Soonthecharacter was so beloved thatpeoplerefused to person; believe hewasn't a real letters Holmes, addressed to 'Sherlock Consulting Detective' arrived dailyat BakerStreet Yard,each andScotland himto takeona realcase. begging

Readthetextagainandcomplete the notes. TheRealSherlockHolmes Personwho SherlockHolmeswasbasedonl.DrJosephBell Relationship to ConanDoyte:(r) Where/When metConanDoyte:(z) , (l) (+) poetry, Dr Bell'shobbies: -, G) ThingsDr Bel[observedaboutpatients:the waythey moved,(6)-, Datefirst Holmesstorypublished:(8) Lettersfor SherlockHolmessentto: (9)-





Readthe text againand find wordsthat mean: r to givesomeone (para.r) the ideafor something 2 verygood,intelligent, skilfut(para.z) 3 partof a hospitalwherepatientsstay(para.3) 4 newidea,method,etc.that is usedfor the firsttime (para.5) in an urgentor anxious way(para.5) 5 to askfor something


John'sbeenmy bestfriend sinceschool.He'shelping mestarta newbusiness. 2 My currentflat needs redecorating. I'vebeenin it for a coupleof years. goingto Australia 3 Tamsin's for thewinter.Herparents emigrated therelastyear. hasgivenme 4 My neighbour his otdcomputer. I'vealways tikedhim. Thefamilyat the endof the roadarethinkingof moving. Theirdog barksconstantly. Tina'scaris up for sale. She'shadit for years.

Discuss. r Whatnewinformation haveyoulearned aboutSherlock Holmes? z Doyouthinkyouareobservant you likeDr Belt?Woutd be a good witnessin a crimesituation? in beinga policedetective? Why/Whynot? I Wouldyoube interested

Gfa 5

&f I retativeclauses Readtheinformation in theActivegrammar boxanddecide which 'defining of theexamples r-5 contain relative clauses'and which contain'non-defining relative clauses'.


DrJosephBell was the man who inspiredthe characteraf SherlockHolmes" Bell, liked writing poetry playing sport and bird-wotching. Bell was thirty-nineyearsold

Non-defining relativeclauses Theunderlinedpartof the sentence givesus extrainformation. Thisclausecanbe removed withoutaffectingthe central meaning of the sentence. Usecommas at the beginning andendof theseclauses unless theyendthe sentence. Who and which cannotbe replacedby thot.

see Referencepage eg

Complete thesentences in a waythatmakessense. r Where arethejeans 2

3 4

Beingon a wardwith Bell, opportunitv to observe,only increasedConanDoyle's admirationfor the great doctor. ConanDoyle,whoseSherlockHolmesnovelswere died in ry3o. Defining relativeclauses partof the sentence Theunderlined is essential to the meaning of thesentence. Commasarenot usedto separate the clauses. Whoandwhich canboth be replacedby that.

Jointhesepairsof sentences to makeone sentence. Thepolicestillhaven'tfound the man.Hestolemy bag. Thepolice still haven't found the man wha stalemy bag.

6 7

which...? That'sthe popstarwho ... She'sthe titttegirlwhose... lU liketo finda place wnere... I thinkthat'sthe couple wnose... Wewentto a shopwhere... Wasn'tit yourfather who...? Sheboughtthe mobile phonewhich...

Person to penson I

Tellanotherstudentthree interesting thingsaboutyou. Beginlikethis: Libyais the place whereI was born.My mother an English teacherthere. r X is the olacewhere... z Y is the oersonwho ... 3 Zwasthetimewhen...


Listening American whose withanordinary a Listen to an interview 'Sherlock withanother student: nameis Holmes'. First,discuss r Whydoyouthinkhehasthisname?

12 Readtheartictein the Writingbankon page164 anddo theexercises.

z Whatdo youthinkarethe possible consequences of havinga nametikethis? b Listenand checkyour ideas. Listenagainand explainthe significance of the followingthingsin the interview: t

Thisis what the AmericanSherlockHolmes Iikesto be called.

r T h en a m e ' H o l m e s ' z TheoriginalConan Doylestories 3 A favouriteliteraryfigure 'Where's DrWatson?' 4 Thequestion 5 TVmagicians 6 Themotherof an old familvfriend t $7ooo glass e Historchandmagnifying Discuss. r

Howdo youfeelaboutyourname?Doesit meansomething? Wereyou namedaftersomeone in yourfamilyor someone famous? lf so,whoandwhy? Whatreasons theirnames? Doyou do peoplehavefor changing knowanyonewho haschanged his/hername?lf so,whydid he/ shedo it? In Britain, surname whenthey womenoftentaketheirhusband's getmarried? Whatdo youthinkaboutthis?


dl r,,.::r;;.


Youare goingto write an articleabouta famous crime. r


A, nA'-Zt of

ng,mes z 3 4


Listenand makenotes fromthisdescription of how NickLeesonbrokethe Baringsinvestment bank. Decide on the mainpoints for yourarticte. yourideasinto Organise paragraphs. Writeyourarticlein 1oo-15owords.(Checkthe pointsabout important writingarticlesfromEx. e.) Readyourarticlethrough. ls it interesting andeasyto read?Makeanynecessary changes.

'I.: l:":

Riddle of PM's missingdiary Discuss.



r DoyoueverreadEnglish newspapers? z Whatis the purpose of a headline? you Do problems ever have understanding 3 headlines? Why?


Interest rate cut boosts exports

a Matchthe wordsr-rz, with the meanings a-1.Usea dictionaryif necessary.


Prince and model to wed


Leading bank in sexdiscrimination case

A r aid 2 axe 3 bacl< + bid 5 blast 6 blaze 7 quit 8 clash 9 drama ro hit u key rz plea

B a) strongrequest b) affectbadly c) explosion d) leave,resign e) essential, vital f) cut,remove g) dispute,conflict h) attempt i) tensesituation j) support k) hetp t) seriousfire

+ Man.Utd.crashto defeatin Cupmatch

s MP spy drama o Riddteof 2ndVanGoghpainting

z Butler quits the Palace e CapeTownbidsfor Olympics s Bomb blast in northern India

b In pairs,discusswhatyou thinkthe two headlines abovemightmean.


Discuss. Wouldyoube interested in reading articles withthefollowing headlines? Why/Why not?Whatdoyouthinl< eachonemightbe about?

Choosethe mostlikelvalternative in each headline. t Key/Pleo witnessreceives deaththreat z IBMaxeshidstop managers 3 Guestsescapehotelclashhlaze back/quitteacher + Schoolgovernors 5 Chatshowhost fight dramolkey 6 Poticeandstudentscloshthit for UScommunications network I BTbids/pleas quits/oids 8 General top iob

10Votes scandal in Galifornia D

Discuss. Doyou readnewspaperslmagazines often?lf so,whichones?Whydo youlikethem? z Doyou readthe wholepaperlmagazine or just certainparts?lf so,whichparts? arethe bestwayof 3 Doyouthinknewspapers gettingthe newsin yourcountry? in 4 Whicharethe mostpopularnewspapers yourcountry? Whatarethe maindifferences between them? r


A policeofficerwas sittingon hismotorcgcle at a redtrafficlight whentwoteenagers in a sPortscardrovebg h i ma t 5 0 m p h H . ed i d n o tc h a s et h e mo rt r gt o a p p r e h e nt hde m . Whgnot?




A m a n r o d ei n t ot o w no n F r i d a g . H es t a g e df o r t h r e en i g h t sa n d then left on Fridag. H o wc o m e ?




r ' +

A m a nl e a v ehs o s o i t aaln d b e g i ntso w a l kh o m e0. n h i s journeg h ep a s s e a s p h o n eb o x w h i c hb e g i ntso r i n g I. n s t e a d o f a n s w e r i ni tgh ep u n c h etsh e a i ra n dr u n sa l lt h ew a gh o m e c h e e r i nW g .h g ?

A m a nw a s d r i v i n ga l o n ei n h i s c a rw h e nh e c a m eo f ' t h e r o a da t h i g hs p e e d H . ec r a s h e dt h r o u g ha f e n c e a n dw e n td o w na s t e e ps l o p eb e f o r et h e c a r p l u n g e c into a fast flowingriver.As the car slowlgsettledin t h e r i v e r t, h e m a n r e a l i s e d t h a t h i s a r mw a s b r o k e n a n dt h a t h e c o u l dn o t r e l e a s eh i s s e a tb e l ta n dg e t o u t o f t h e c a r .H ew a st r a p p e di n t h e c a r .R e s c u e r s a r r i v e dt w o h o u r sl a t e r ,g e tt h e gf o u n dh i m a l i v e . Howeome?

l i v e sw i t hh i sp a r e n tisn L o n d o nL.a s tw e e kw Bobbg , h i l eh i s p a r e n tw s e r eo u t ,B o b b g 'nse i g h b o u Sru s i ec a m er o u n dt o s p e n dt h ee v e n i n gA.t I o ' c l o cpk r e c i s e sl gh ew e n to u tt o b u u s o m ec i g a r e t t ef rso mt h ec o r n esr h o pf i v em i n u t ew s a l ka w a g . 0 n em i n u t ea f t e rs h el e f t t, w om e nb u r s it n t ot h eh o u s ea n d , i g n o r i nBg o b b gt o, o kt h eT Vs e t ,t h es t e r e oa n da c o m p u t e r . Bobbg h a dn e v esr e e nt h em e nb e f o r e a n dt h e gh a dn ol e g a l rightto remove the equipment gethedidnothingto stop them.Infact,hedidn'tevenactsurprised bgtheirbehaviour. Howcome?


l' o

s b o v eF T r ya n ds o l v et h e l a t e r atlh i n k i n gp r c b l e m a . o[[ow t h e s ei n s t r u c t i o n s : r

R e a de a c ho f t h e ma n dm a k ea n o i eo i a n vv c c a b u [ alrv' .hvi c hs t o p sy o u u n d e r s t a n d itnhge m . z A s ko t h e rs t u d e n tasn d / o rc h e c ki n a d i c t i o n a tr cr ii i r cc u rt:h em e a n i nogf the unknown vocabutary. W o r l w < i t h a n o t h esrt u d e n tD. i s c u si sd e a sy o uh a v et o e x p i a i en a c ho i t h e 3 problems.

Whena fire broke

o u tI na na r r p l a n a e, panicking passenge o rp e n e d t h ee m e r g e n chaa t c h a n dt h r e wh i m s e l f out,eventhoughhe h a dn op a r a c h u t e . Howwasit thatwhen the rescueservices foundhim,hewas aliveandwelland withoutinjurg?

N o wc h o o s et h e o n ey o u a r em o s ti n t e r e s t eidn a n d r e a dt h e e x p l a n a t i of no r i t . ( r p a g er 4 9 ; z p a g e1 4 5 ;3 p a g et 4 7 ; 4 p a g er 4 8 ; 5 p a g e1 . , o ; 6p a g e1 5 r ) . r

MakeIwo Yes/loquestions to askabouteachof the otherproblems. t : t i ; . : :i.i t t :

; : : , ) : : , . : r t : : ';t.f; ; 5 f . 1 9 ; : ; ' l ' i ' : r - l i l l :



z Askotherstudents your who knowthe explanations for the otherproblems questions. information, explanations for eachof the other suggest 3 Withthe additional problems. l:l:

: , : i : ' 1 . : : l ; : r : , ;: : ; i : . : i : : : ; , : , ; t - : . : t : , . : ; :i i l , t . : t : 1 . :a . , ' a , , ' : . , , i 1 : : , ' , ' . " '


Sequencing devices UseHaving+ past participleor After + present participleto showthe orderof eventswhentetlinga storyor describing a seriesof events. Havingdiscussedthe problemfor severalhours, we decidedto go out for somethingto eat. After lainingta her bosswhyshe neededa raise, she told him that she wos thinking of leoving the compony. Otherexampleswith a similarstructureinclude: Beforepainting the room,she had to s wallpaper.

off the old

On enteringthe raom,he noticedthat all the wereopen.


Whilecleaningthe room, shediscovereda locked diary.

Usemusfto saythat you believesomethingis certain. Usemight to say somethingis a possibitity. Usecan'f to saythat you believesomethingis not possibte. Forthe past,use must/might/can'thave+ past participle.This is the same for t/you/he/we/they. Youmust have enjoyedyaur holiday in Australia. I think I might have left my wallet in that shop. Shehasn'tphonedme so shecon't hovegot ny messoge. You can use moy insteadof might and couldn,t insteadof con't. Shemay havestoppedto get somepetro! any towels. May/mighthave+ past participlecan also referto the presentor future. l'll give him o call but he may haveleft by now" By this

e nextyeorI might havemovedto Brussels.

Relative cl Defining rel

ses ive clauses

Defining relative clauses defineor identify the person, thing,time,placeor reason. Theycannotbe leftout. is the teacherwhoI told youabout. That'sthestreetwhereI grewup. Nocommas areusedbeforeandafterthedefining relativeclause. Thatcanbe usedinsteadof whoor which.

Thewomanthat/who'lsharean officewithhasbeenin thecompony for years. pronoun Therelative canbeleftout if it is theobiect of theverbin therelative clause. Simonboughtthejacket(that/which) wesawwhenwe wentshoppinglastweekend.

Non-defining relative clauses Non-defining relativeclauses giveextrainformation whichcanbe leftout. Commas areusedbeforeandafternon-defining relative clauses unless theyenda sentence. Whoandwhichcannotbe replaced by that. I've lentmynewbike,whichI reallylike,to mybrother. Coiro,whereI livedfor severolyears,is o fascinoting city.

Key voc


Crime robbery thief fingerprintscommunity service speedingfraud witness intimidationroadrage Lawandinsurance premium fraud to fite(actaim) to sue(someone) to guaranteeappeal arson to convict(someone (someone of) to sentence to) Conversational expressions Goon ... Thewayit goesis that... Fancy that. Fairenough. Whaton earthfor? Putltheotherone. You're kidding! Cross myheart. Compound adjectives middte-aged one-waysingle-minded left-handedhome-madeIast-minutepart-time so-ca[[edtime-consuming brand-new Newspaper headlines aid axe back bid btast btaze quit ctash drama hit key plea



UseAfter Jointhe followingpairsof sentences. + presentparticiple or Having+ pastparticiple. Sheworkedhard at theofficeearlv. Shearrived

':. Addcommas to the sentences. as necessary is DavidGraywhowrotethesongWhiteLadder performing in Paris thisweekend.

a n df a s ta [ [m o r n i n g . a,i;:-:':::


z 3 4

5 6 7



I :

for hoursto getto thevi[[age. Shetravelled Shethoughtsheshouldstaytherefor at least a coupleof days. witha lot of Hesawhis neighbour struggling heavybags.Heofferedto helpher. exams.She Shecamefirstin heruniversity firm of lawyers. a top wasapproached by Shetook homean injuredcatshehadfound by the sideof the road.Shefettshehadto keeoit. Hesawa youngmantakea CDwithoutpaying. Hetotdthe securitystaff. Hespoketo hisfather.Hetotdhisbosshe wanteda raise. They Theygot a longletterfromtheircousin. decided to go andseehim.

so that they Complete the secondsentences meanthe sameas the first. Usemust/might/ can'f with the verbin brackets. I don'tbelieveshegot an 'A' in herexam. She_ r

. (get)

lt is possible he stayedlateat the office. (stay) He_ .

z There'sno chancethat I teftmy glovesin the car. |_ . (leave) 3 I'msureshe'sshownme herhotidayphotosat [easttentimes. She_ . (show) It'snot possible thatshe'sfinishedal[her homework already. She_ . (finish) I haveno doubtthattheywerereallypleased to winthe comoetition, They_ . (be) There'sa chancemy lettergot lostin the post. (Sot) My letter-.

r l'mafraid| lostthe bookwhichshe[entme. where z I'mgoingto spenda fewdaysin Sevilte I firstmetRaoue[. 3 Thesearethe appleswhichI pickedfromthe treein my garden. 4 Theyoungmanwho I spoketo haspromised to giveme a refund. Hotelwhich to stayat the Regina 5 Wedecided to us. somefriendshadrecommended job has a lot of travelling Tim whose invotves 6 offeredto let us usehis ftatfor a few weeks. and Findthe mistakesin four of the sentences correctthem. r z 3 4 5 6

makes Steveworksfor a sma[[company kitchenequipment. I thinkthe nameof the fitmthat I'dliketo see is Collaterol. Didyou hearexactly thathe said? hadbeengoingon for Thedemonstration, severaldays,is fina[[yover. lsn'tthatthe placewhereyougrewup? My sister, thatspeaksFrench andltalian fluently,wantsto be an interpreter.

with one of the words Complete the sentences fromthe Keyvocabulary sectionon page129. ' , , : . : . . ' : : i : : 1 . :. : t : , . . : ; ) . ; : , ! i : i l : : i , . ' : i ' : : t ; : . : ; i ; : r : :;;' 1 ; ; i . : . , i , : . , i


beingforcedto writewithmy right I remember handas a chitdeventhoughI wasobviously givesboostto troubled Government steeIindustry. TheysayI haveto paya finefor travelting withouta ticketbut I'mgoingto dealwith We'regoingto try andget a _ agent.Apparently therearesome a localtravel reaIbargains. A: lf youcometo my ptace,l'[[cookdinner. B: _ e n o u g hS. h a tIt b r i n gs o m ew i n e ? Canyou believeit?My DVDrecorderstops workingafterthirteenmonthsandthe is for oneyear! at chemicats factoryiniures Mystery Arsonsusoected. threeworkers.



4F :




Lead-in 1

Discuss. Whatis happening in eachphoto?Howaretheyconnected?


a In pairs,matchthe quotesbelowwith pictures r-3 andexplain whatyouthinkthe phrases in italics mean. 'Walking on hotcoalsis a question of mindovermatter.' 'Politicians oftenrelyonthepowerof persuasion to makepeople vote forthem.' 'l gaveupeatingallsweetthings gbulwillpower; usingnothin b In whatsituations haveyouuseda) mindovermatter,b) the powerof persuasion andc) willpower?


Listento sixpeopteanswering a, questions r-6. Makebrief notesabouttheiranswers. r Doyoueverhavepremonitions? Doyoutakethemseriously? z Haveyoueverhada feelingof ddjdvu?Whathappened? whois usually ableto trustyourintuition? 3 Areyousomeone you Do know anyone who uses hisfier sixthsensea lot? 4 Whathappened? 5 Haveyoueverbeenunconscious? 6 Doyouthinkyouhaveanysubconscious fears? b ln pairs,writea shortdefinition for eachof the phrases in italics in thequestions above. your Then,compare definitions withthe definitions in an English-English dictionary. e Askandanswer thequestions witha partner.

reflexiveDronouns ask about and giveyour own betiefsand opinions

Reading 1

a Discuss. helppeoplewith? Whatsortof problems do hypnotists b Readthe text quicktyand answerthe questions. in the text? r Whatproblems arementioned z Howdo youthinkthewriterfeelsaboutthe impressed, hypnotist PaulMcKenna: sceptica[, indifferent or nervous?

Their lives in his


McKennais more than just a hypnotist,however.He has becomea new-styleguruandmanyof hisclientsnowturn to Heis fascinated by himinsteadof theirdoctoror psychiatrist. phobiasandis constanttygettingclientswith problemsthat guru.The Heisa modern-day he sawa their doctorsjust can't do anythingabout.Recentty rich andfamousa[[ turn to into knives. were turning woman thought her fingernails who himwhentheyarein needof to do but loss to know what Her comptetety at a doctors were meets D'Souza hetp.Christa just session. one half-hour curedherwith amazingty McKenna the hypnotist Pau[McKenna, 'l canseewhy peoplecometo me,'he says.'lf youusethe with hiddenpowers. takessixmonths.' it sometimes traditionalapproach, in It is earlyin theafternoon Thisis howit works.Whenthe ctientgetsthere,McKenna WestLondonand the office Productions sitsthemin the chairI'm sittingin. Hewill then hypnotise of PaulMcKenna the clientby havinghimor herfix on a pointon the ceiting. with activity. is bustling After a while the 'naturalrelaxationof trance'setsin, the McKenna himsetfis a small,mousymanandwhenI arrivehe eyesctoseandMcKenna thentalksto the ctient.Oneexercise around is tatkinganimatedty on the phone.On the shelves 'motivation' 'smoking', themresistingpressure invotves that he useson sportspeople the office, I notice boxesmarked 'ftying' from hisarm.Youholdyourarm out straightandtry to keep eventuattyputs the and amongstothers.McKenna pushesit downwards. First,you do it there while McKenna phonedown,apotogises andthen, noticingme [ookingat the nasty(tikea bad day at it whitethinkingaboutsomething boxes,politelywonderswhetherI am frightenedof ftying. 'Yes,that'swhyI'm here,'ladmit.Already, nice the dentist)and then whitethinkingaboutsomething lfeel in aweof you nice (tike the had). Oddly, it's thinking a relaxing hotiday thisman. you it, it really I tried and thoughts makes stronger. that Pau[McKennahas an eclectic band of followers,who cometo him with a wide rangeof problemsand phobias, works.Thedifferencereallyis amazing. I askedMcKennato put me into a trance. lnitiatty I from fear of ftyingto depression. He hasworkedwith many famouspeopte,includingactors, rock stars, sportspeopte resistedandresisted,ratherasyoudojust beforebeinggiven a generalanaesthetic,but soonfound myself,not exactly and even royalty.He doesn'tchargehis clients for their 'under',but completely relaxed.Oneof his ctientssaidof treatment,but asksthemto makea donationto a charityof 'He hypnotisedme down the gave McKenna, he has them; hischoice.Besides, he doesn'tneedto charge me a realtygoodfeeting,like whenyou'vedonestrenuous like lhe hisincrediblysuccessful TVcareer,with programmes exercise andyoufeel great.'I knowexactlywhatshemeans. HypnoticWorldof Paul lvlcKenno. Histwo-yearcontractwith AndI'lldefinitetybe back. onetetevision stationis saidto be worthaboutt2.5 million.


a Readthe text againand decideif thesestatementsare true (T), false (F)or we don't know (DK). r Thewriteris frightened of ftying. specifies. give z Hisclients moneyto a charitythat McKenna everyweek. 3 Someclientsgo andtatkto McKenna peopleby lookingintotheireyes. 4 Hehypnotises by McKenna. The writer enjoyed beinghypnotised 5

of about b Writea paragraph the 75wordssummarising mainpointsfromthetext. e Readyourpartner's paragraph. the Didyouinclude samepoints?




r Whatis yourreaction to PaulMcKenna andwhathe does? you (or z Have hasanyoneyou know)hadanyexperience of being hypnotised? Givedetails. 3 Wouldyou liketo be hypnotised? Why/Whynot? whatwouldyou askfor help 4 lf youweregoingto be hypnotised, with?

Gra 4

1 |_ haveneverbeen hypnotised but I know peoplewho have. 2 My bestfriendand I often knowwhat are thinking. a 3 A friendgave_ bookaboutacupuncture for my birthday. 4 I'mso forgetful- I'm alwayslocking_ out of my house. 5 Peoplein Britainusually give_ presentsat Christmas. 6 I'd liketo speakto the doctor , not the receptionist. 7 Theteachertaught to meditate by thinkingaboutour breathing. 8 Thepeoplein my family talk to a lot.

pronouns I reflexive Complete pronouns thereflexive grammar r-6 intheActive box. Active grammar S U B J E CPTR O N O U N S REFLEXIVE PRONOU]tIS

Singular I





he she









(6) _

A commonuseof reflexivepronounsis to talk about actionswherethe subjectandobjectarethe sameperson. Thereflexivepronounis essentialto the grammarof the sentence. Hestarted to to be a hypnotist. Wecanalsousereflexivepronounsfor emphasis, when we mean'thatpersonor thing,andnobodyor nothingelse'. Thereflexivepronounis not essentialto the grammarof the sentence, but is addedfor emphasis.


a Matchthe examplesr-5 with the correctrule A or B in the Active grammarbox. r I cut myselfwhileI wascooking. z Emilyherselfsaidshe'snot verygoodat maths. for the accident. 3 Theyblamedthemselves 4 | spoketo the bosshimself. in my positionandtry to understand. 5 Youshouldput yourself 6 Shedidn'tgo to the hairdresser; shecut herhairherself. b Whichone of thesesentences is grammatically incorrectand what do the othertwo sentences mean? r Wetaughtourselves howto playtennis. z Wetaughteachotherhowto playtennis. 3 Wetaughtus howto playtennis. see Referenceon page U3

Complete thesesentences with each other, reflexive pronoun(myself, themselves,etc.) or object pronoun(him, us, etc.).

Person to person 7

a Do you agreewith these statements?Make brief notesabout your views. r Mostpeoplecancure themselves of a phobia (e.9.fearof spiders)or an addiction(e.g.smoking) withoutgettinghelpfroma professional. z Oneofthe bestwaysof learning is beingwithother students andteaching each other. shouldbe 3 Parents punished for persistent childtruancy,as wellas the childrenthemselves. b Compareyour viewswith otherstudents.Do you agree with eachother?

T,isfuning 8


@ Listento threepeopletalkingabout PautMcKenna Whichstatement andhypnosis. One opinion. bestsummarises eachperson's be statement cannot used. personally from r He/She hasbenefited hypnosis. forwhathehas z He/She McKenna admires achieved. is often thinksthatgoingto hypnotists r He/She a wasteof money. thinksit'sgoodbutdoesn't + He/She howit works. understand theseverb a Listenagainandcomplete phrases aboutbeliefandopinion. genuine myself. t I reckon he'sprobably justaccepting it if it worksfor z l'min -of you. I'vealways fhaf peoplelike Paul McKenna arejustgoodshowmen. muchhe can lhovemy -abouthow actualtydo for peoplein the [ong-term. l'm-fhaf hypnosishasanyeffectat att. peoplepayingfor a serviceand 6 l'm gettingnothingrea[in return. hypnosisactuallyworksfor anyone. I Ithat it wasthe hypnosisthat I l'm helpedme. g I| would'veleft my job by now. b Answerthe questionsaboutthe meaningof the verb phrases. mean:I feelalmost r Whichtwo verbphrases is true? certainthatsomething mean:I thinkthat z Whichthreeverbphrases to something maynot be trueor is unlikely happen? mean:I think 3 Whichtwoverbphrases something is trueor is tiketyto happen? + Whichoneverbphrasemeans:I agreewith andsupporta plan,ideaor system? with Which oneverbphrasemeans:I disagree 5 plan, ideaor system? andam opposed to a

Pronuneiation paying 1O Listenagainandrepeatthesentences of the specialattention to thepronunciation phrases in Ex.9a.

1 1 Rewritethe sentencesusingthe words in brackets. 1 Myviewhasalwaysbeenthat thereis life on otherplanets.(believed) z I thinkthat ghostsdon'treallyexistat all. (doubt) 3 | hada verystrongfeelingthat I knewwhat shewasthinking.(convinced) 4 | agreewith peopletryingall sortsof different (favour) treatments. s I thinkthatsomepeoplehavesupernatural powers.(reckon) of UFOs. 6 | am not sureaboutthe existence (doubts) for a serviceI with payingsomeone 7 | disagree (against) don't understand. thatanyonecanpredictthe 8 | thinkit'sunlikely (scepticaD future.

Speaking yourviewsaboutsomeof the 12 tn pairs,discuss topicsin the box.Usethe Howto boxandthe verbphrases in Ex.9. hypnosis vegetarianismmarriage militaryservice smokingin publicplaces ghosts telepathy Internetchatrooms

ask about other people's views Whatareyourviewson ,..? Whatdo youthinkof ...? Areyoufor or agoinst...? Howdo youfeelabout...? Doyouhaveanystrongfeelingsabout...?

13 a Choosea topic from Ex.rz. Prepareto talk for one minuteaboutyour views.Usethe notes belowto help you. you haveof the topic Saywhatexperience and/orwhy it interestsyou in favouror anypositivepoints z Sayarguments aboutthetopic againstor anynegativepoints 3 Sayarguments your and/orsummarise 4 Sayyourconclusion personaI views r

b Listento other studentsgivetheir talks. Whichof the viewsyou heardweresimilarto yours?

g e r u n d sa n d i n f i n i t i v e s write the argumentsfor and againsta point of view


Choosethe correct alternatives. r


Listening 1


Discuss. r Whatarethepeople in eachpicture doing? z Whatdoyouthinktheiraimis in eachcase? techniques 3 Whatdifferent aretheyusingto achieve theiraim?




Listento an extractfroma radioprogramme anddecioe whichtwoof thesethingsarebeingdiscussed: a) advertising, b) potiticians, c) supermarkets.



Listenagainandcomplete thenotes. Persuasion r Wherepersuasion takesplace:television,... z Largeamountsof moneyspenton:


Supermarkets 3 Twowaysto relaxcustomers: 4 Whyrewardcardsaregoodfor supermarkets:


Advertising 5 Twotypesof advert: 6 Advertsfor cleaning products: powerful Most adverts: z 8 Advertsfor luxurvcars: 9 Advertswhichusefamouspeople:


Discuss. r

Whatdo youthinkaboutthewaysthatsupermarkets persuade you to buy morethingsor visit morefrequently? z Howmuchdo youthinkyouareinfluenced by advertising? an advertthatyou particularly 3 Canyoudescribe tikeor thathas stuckin yourmind?Whydo youlikeit or whydo youthinkyou've remembered it?

Haveyou got any favouriteadvertising I advertisementsT Whatarethreeof the bestknowntargetmarketsl makesof clothingin your country? Wouldyou [iketo work in commercial breakl marketing? Doyouthinkyouwould be goodat thinkingup commercial breaksl slogans? Whatdo youusuallydo duringcommercialbreaksI marketingon TV? Haveyou everbought anythingthrougha target marketlclassifiedad? Whichfilm hashada lot of classifiedodslhype recently? Whatdo youthinkthe hypeltargetmarketis for eight-seater'peoplecarrier'vehicles?

Pronunciation 6

& Listento these threewordsandmarkwhere it on thesamesyllable or not? r advertising z advertisement 3 advert fo Choose fourofthe questions in Ex.5 to askand answerwith a partner.

Qfamrn8,f 7


I gerundsand infinitives

r-5 in theActivegrammar a Lookat theverbsin boldin sentences boxandchoosethe correctalternatives. b @


c Writetheverbsin botdin the correctplacein theActivegrammar box.

Active grammar 1 2

Theypersuade usbuying/tobuythingswe maynotwant. Wecarryon using/touserewardcardsat thesame supermarket. makeusfeelthat Advertsfor clothesoftenwantmaking/to webelong. clothes designer resisfbuyingexpensive I try resisting/to butit'sdifficult! leaveyourcreditcardat homeif Youcouldtry leaving/to youdon'twantto spendsomuch. verb+ gerund


verb+ infinitive verb+ object+ infinitive verb+ gerundORverb+ infinitive with a differentmeaning

a Check of theverbsin thebox.Then,writethem themeaning if box'Usea dictionary in thecorrectplacein theActivegrammar necessary. advise agree allow arrange avoid encourage hope practise regret remember stop suggest What is the differencein b Lookat these pairsof sentences. meaningbetweenthe underlinedpartsin eachpair? the r a TheTVremotecontro[wouldn'tworkso I triedchanging batteries. b I triedto changethe batteriesin the remotecontrolbut I couldn'topenit. whenyouwereout? to buvsomeshampoo z a Didyou remember but nowI can'tfindit. buvingsomemoreshampoo b I remember 3 a I regretto tell youthat you failedyourfinalexam. b I resrettellingherthat I faitedmy finalexam. 4 a Thenewswason but we stoppedwatchingwhenthe adverts cameon. b Wewerehavinglunchbut we stoppedto watchthe news. see Referencepoge U3

the second Comptete in sentence eachpair,so it hasthe samemeaningas the first. Usebetweentwo and fourwordsincludingthe word in botd. I gavethe As a rehearsal, front of a mirror. in speech practised the speech I practised g in front of a m r. r 'Whydon'twe go to the c i n e m a ? ' hsea i d . suggested to thecinema. He 'You reallyshouldget a iob z saidto in advertising,'she me. encouraged She-ajobin advertising. 3 | madean attemptto speak to heron the phonebut shewasout. tried I to heron the phonebut shewasout. '0K. l'll giveyou a lift to said. the airport,'he agreed mea lift to the He airport. I usedto comeherewhenI wasa child. remember herewhenI was I a child. 'lf I wereyou,lU seea doctor,'he said. advised seea doctor. He Wedrovethe longwayso we wouldn'tgetstuckin traffic. avoid Wedrovethe longwayto stuckin traffic. 'Goon!Buythe ieans andthe boots!They'reso saidto me. cheap,'she persuaded thejeansand Shethe boots.

Person to person 1O Tatkto differentstudentsin the classand find someonewho ... . ...wasallowedto watchas muchTVas heishewantedas a child . ...regretsnot [earning as a child to ptaya musicalinstrument . ...hasarranged to do something exciting thisweekend . ...hopesto travelto a differentcontinentnextyear o ...remembers 1999 whattheyweredoingon 3rst December . ...hastriedto giveup smoking

13 Choose a topicforyouressay usingoneof thestatements belowor something elseyou feeIstronglyabout.Write downarguments in favour yourstatement. andagainst


r teenagers shouldnot be atlowed to weardesigner clothesor shoesat school

11 m Discussthe statementin pairs.Do you agree?Why/Whynot? Advertisingon TVduringchildren'sprogrammesshouldnot be ollowed. fo Thesentences the in the boxaretakenfroman essay.Complete tablewith the correctparagraph numberr-4. - general Paragraph r: Introduction statement aboutthe issue

z smaIt,locaIshopsare betterfor the community thanlargesupermarkets

Paragraph z: Arguments in favourof the statement Paragraph Arguments against the statement 3: youropinion Paragraph 4: Conclusionbrieflysummarise Po


knowthat childrencanbe A Firstty, companies persuaded to wantthingsveryeasily. that many B Finalty, it is importantto remember and childrenenjoywatchingadvertisements findingout whatis availablein the shops. C ln conclusion, I think it is the parents' responsibility to controlhowmuchtelevisiontheir childrenwatch. D In this essay,I will considerthe questionof shouldbe allowedto whethercompanies advertise to childrenon television. E Onthe otherhand,it is not onlythe companies for whatchildrenwatch. who haveresponsibility should F On balance,I am convinced that companies be bannedfromadvertisingtochildren,especially on television. G Anotherreasonwhy theyshouldnot be allowed to advertise to childrenis that theyareusing childrento maketheirparentsspendmore. H Thisis an importantissueandtherearestrong feelingson bothsidesofthe argument.

musicandTV 3 background screens should bebanned public places, in e.g.caf6s, rooms, waiting shops, etc.

1 3 a Writean essayaboutyour statement. Usetheplanand in thetable thelanguage in Ex.nb andyournotesto helpyou. fu Readanotherstudent's essay.Doyouagreewith his/herfinalconclusion? Why/Whynot?

(z) ifstructures tatkaboutyourregrets andresolutions

Ileadieag "i

Readthe shorttext belowand answerthe qu e s t i o n s . r Whatis the matterwith Bernard Marx? z Whyis thisa problemfor himin hisworld?


Readthe extractand answerthis question:What a r et h e b a b i e sl e a r n i n w g h i l et h e ya r ea s l e e p ? r

whatdifferent typesof worktheycoutdchoose to do in the future z howto geton wetlwithotherchitdren 3 howto be happywiththeirfuturerolein society

Silence,silence,'whispereda loud speaker. 'Silence, silence,'repeatedother loudspeakers at intervals along the corridor. The students and eventhe Director himself, without thinking, obeyedthe voicesand walked on the tips of their toes. They were Alphas, of course, but evenAlphas have been well conditioned. 'Silence, silence.'Theair of the fourteenthfloor was heavywith the whispered command. The Director carefully openeda door. They entered a room where the light was very low. Eighty little beds stood in a row againstthe wall. All that could be heard was light regular breathing and a continuous hum like the sound ofvery faint voicesspeakingsoftly at a great distance.

A nurse stood up as they entered. 'What'sthe lesson this afternoon?'theDirector askedquietly. 'Elementary ClassConsciousness,'she answered. The Director walked slowly down the long line of beds. In each one lay a child asleep.Eighty little boys and girls with pink, healthy faceslay there softly breathing. There was a whisper under everybedcover.'Elementary ClassConsciousness,did you say?Let's have it repeateda little louder by the loudspeaker.' At the end of the room a loud speakerhung on the wall. The Director walked up to it and presseda switch. '... all wear green,' said a soft but very distinct voice,beginningin the middle of a sentence,'and Delta Children wear light brown. Oh no, I don't want to playwith Delta children. And Epsilons are evenworse. They're too stupid to be able to read or write. Besides they wear black, which is such an ugly colour. I'm so glad I'm a Beta.' There was a pause,then the voice began again. 'Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, becausethey're so clever. I'm really very glad I'm a Beta,becauseI don't work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammasand Deltas. Gammasare stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear light brown. Oh no, I don't want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are evenworse.' The Director pushed back the switch. The voice sank to the faintest of whispers which could just be heard from beneath the eighty bedcovers. 'They'll have that repeateda hundred and twenty times three times a week for thirty months while they are sleeping,then they go on to a more advancedlesson.Sleep-teachingis the most powerful force of all time in social education.The child's mind becomesthese suggestionsand the total of these suggestionsis the child's mind. And not only the child's mind. The adult's mind too, all his life long. The mind that thinks and desires and decides.But all thesesuggestionsare our suggestions!'TheDirector almost shoutedin his enthusiasm. 'Suggestions from the State. (Extractfrom:.BraueNeu,s Worldby NdousHuxley,PenguinReaders, Level6)


a Workin A/Bgroups. Lookat thewords/ phrases findthe in thetable.Usinga dictionary, pronunciation, following: b) the a)themeaning, c) an example sentence. GROUPA


to whisper

to mumble

to shriek

to interrupt

to blurtout

to speakyourmind

to be lost for words

to havea word with

fu InA/B pairs,telleachotherthemeaning, pronunciation foreach andexample sentence word/phrase. formof a Complete thequoteswiththecorrect fromEx.5. thewords/phrases 'l told a colleague that I d beenusingone

Readthe text againandwritethe question for eachof theseanswers. r

z 3 4

5 6 7 8 9

werewhispering Because the loudspeakers 'Silence'. Whywerethe students walking quietly along the corridor? andthe Theyheardchitdren breathing soundof quietvoicestalking. Theylookedheatthy with pinkfaces. to be able Because he wantedthe students weresaying to hearwhatthe loudspeakers to the children. Eosilons. Betas. 35otimes. Whenthey'rethirtymonthsold. It meansthatthe childlearnsto thinkin exactly thewayhe/sheis taught. Thefactthatthe suggestions area[[ controlted by himandthe State.

Discuss. Whatdo youthinkof the extract? How doesit makeyou feel? z Whatkindof worlddoesthe bookdescribe? Doyouknowof anyotherbooksor films thatdeoictfuturistic worlds? 3 Doyouthinkthat peoplein ourworldare conditioned to do certainthings? r

CDsto helpdealwithmy of thoseself-hetp with stress. Then,in the middteof a meeting he suddenly someothercolleagues, | l-everything I'dtold him.Honestly, I didn'tknowwhatto say.' wasso shocked 'l wentto the cinemalastweekend andthe peoplebehindmewere to eachother throughout thewhotefitm.Theydidn'tseemto else. everyone noticethattheywereannoying themandthey In the end,my friend stopped, but by thattimethe fitmwasnearly over.' 'My cousinhasbeenstaying with mefor the 3 quite irritating. lastweek.I mustsayshe's She'sreallyloudandeverytimeI sayanything Theotherthing withlaughter. she_ peoplewhen shedoesis constantly ldon't they'rein the middleof a conversation. meanto be horriblebut I'ttbe realtygladwhen shegoes!' 'l did my firstpresentation at workyesterday + andit wasOK.Butat theendoneof my colleagues told methat I hadbeenandhe couldn'treallyhearme.He'sthe kindof personwhoisn'tafraidto andI wasa it'susefulfeedback bit upsetat first.I suppose though.' b

Listenand checkyour answers.

from Choosethreeof the words/phrases Ex.5a.Te[[your partneraboutdifferent situationsin whichyou or someoneelsespoke in eachoftheseways.

Grammar 8

(z) | rystructures

a Matchthe examples r-3 withthe correctusesA-Cin theActive grammar box. t lf porentsolwoysspeoktwolonguoges to theirchildren,they becomebilinguol.

1O Wtrattype of conditionat is eachsentence? Correctthe grammarmistakein each one. r z

3 lf I wono lot of money,l'd giveup myjob. k Nowmatchexamples D-F. 4-6 withthe correctmeanings a lf shehodstudiedharde\shewouldbe ot universitynow, 5 lf she n't studyoshardosshedoes,shewouldhavefailedthe t. 6 lf he hodmemorised his verbs,he wouldn'thavefailedthetest.






Active g'rammar Uses A Firstconditional: to talk aboutfuturepossibitity B Secondconditional: to talkaboutpresentor futureunrealor imagined situations c Zeroconditional: to talkaboutthingsthatalwayshappen D Thirdconditional: to talkaboutpastunrealsituations with a pastresult A mixedconditional: with an 'f clause',referringto the past anda mainclausereferringto the present/future F A mixedconditional: with an 'f clause',referringto the

Person to person

present/future and a mainclausereferringto the past

1 1 W h i c ho f t h es e n t e n c ei ns applyto youor do you thinkaretrue?Tella partner.

Modalverbs(con,could,might,etc.)canbe usedin First, Second, Thirdand mixedconditionals insteadof will andwould. Form: a) b) c)

participle d) e)


= f+ PresentSimple, nzil/+infinitive = lf + PastSimple,would+ infinitive = f+ PastPerfect,wouldhave+ past = f + Present Simple,Present Simpte = lf + PastPerfect,would+ infinitiveORf +

l f I h a dm o r et i m e ,I ' l l g o andstudyEngtish abroad. parents lf shoutedat their children, theybecome aggressive. | speakEngtish fluently nowif I'd learnedit as a chitd. | usuallyremember providedI'll vocabulary, writeit down. lf you'llrepeata word enoughtimes,you'il probabty remember it. lf l'd attendedmore lessons, I wouldpassedmy exams. I d havea betterjob if I passedmy exam. lf a studentreadsbooksin English, his/hervocabulary improved.

eaking I

LZ a" Lookat thesentences in themcould be: 1 regrets z resolutions

r"'*:l:::: .*,.!"i,:1_!:\:::;::::::,::l1'*,,''*'*,*,.*,,::...*,,', fo Thinkaboutyour

a Lookat the rulesof forma-e in theActivegrammar boxand writethecorrect typeof conditional nextto eachone. b Lookat the examples andchoosethe correctalternatives from rulesrandzbelow. lf youtalk to babiesa lot, theywill leornto speakquickly. Providedyoutolk to bobieso lot, theywill learnto speokquickly. youtalkto babiesa lot, theywon't leornto speakquickly. Unless t unless/provided hasa similarmeaning to f. z unless/provided meansif not. pogeq3 seeReference


language learning or your school/work [ife.Makea noteof oneor twoof your regrets andyourresolutions usingffstructures. *: Compare yourlistswith a partner. Haveyougot anyof thesameresolutions?


misspe[twords Ccmnqsnly *" Discussthesequestions. 7


Howmanybasicspelling rulesdo youthink therearein Engtish? a twenty-five b sixty c ninety Howmanydifferent waysdo youthinkthere arefor spelling thesoundi i:/? a at leastfive b at leasteight c at leasttwelve Whatdo you thinktheSpellingSocietyin Britainwantsto do? English a simptify spetling b encourage correctspetting go rules c backto old spelling

mistakes in the spetling a Findther8 common e m a i l a n cdo r r e ct ht e m . Deor Emine ! 1 , H o wo r e y o u ? I , n h o v i n g o g r o t e t i m e . A11 the people l,ve met hove been verv genrous. 0f course, I,m sti11 o forieier here ond it felt wierd ot first, but I'm b e g i n i n g t o f e e l m o r e o t h o m en o w . T h e wether is definotely very changoble _ ana it roins o 1oil So thot feels like homel I ' v e n o w g o t m y o c c o m o d o t i o ns o r t e d o u t .

there cor. f'm going to send o seperote emoil to Mum and Dad. But soy ,hi' to Murot from me. I'11 write ogoin soon.

Readthe text and checkyour answers.

Lots of 1ove, Meliso

in Thereareninetybasicspellingrules

* Comparewith a partner.Do you agree? 4 he,keY,ski, debris,quaY'

Listenand saywhichof these ia questionsthe studentdoesN0Ttalk about. r Whyis it important to spetlaccurately? z Whyis it difficutt in Engtish? to spetlaccurately you particularty tike Are there any words that 3 or dislikethe spelting of? 4 Whataresomeof thewaysyouuseto remember howto spetlwords? fu Discussthe questionswith otherstudents.


Choosethe correctspellingfor eachpairof words? beleive/believe intetligen ce/inte[[iga nce subconscious/ subconsious psych pyscho o[ogist/ togist dout/doubt existan ce/existence successfu [/successfulI responsabitity/responsibitity

Life1*rzg Learmimg Spellingtest Canyouaddanymoretipsto this[ist? . usea dictionary to checkspelting . keepa notebook of wordsyoufinddifficult to spell . choosetenwordsto learnhowto spellevery week.Aska friendto testyou. . usea computer spell-check

oe5 yourmindwork?

Discuss. r Whatdoyouknowabouteachof thepeople in theohotos? z Whose approach to tifedoyouthinkis most yours? similar to Inwhatways?


4 Whenyou'rein a group,whichoneof theseare youmosttiketyto do? wonderwhatotherpeoplearethinking be the 'entertainer'who keepsthe moodhigh speakon behatfofthe group takecontrolof anymoneyor numberissues keepthe groupfocussedon reachingits goal

a Dothequizandmakenotesaboutyourown answers. Usetheideasin theboxesandyour ownideas.

you?lf describe 5 Doanyof thesestatements not,writeonewhichdoes.

b Nowdo thequizwithyourpartner andmake a noteof his/heranswers. r Whatwouldyoumostliketo spend yourtime doingwhenyou're onhotiday?

I enjoydancing. I tiketryingto figurepeopleout. I tiketellingstories. I'm interested in science. I enjoya gooddiscussion.

playingsports doingnothing readinga goodbook doinga puzzlebook talkingto localpeople

6 Whichof thesejobswouldyou [iketo do most?

z Whenyou'relearning whichof a [anguage, theseappeals to youmost? grammaticaI analysing rules speaking withoutworryingaboutmistakes yourself immersing totallyin the country wherethe languageis spoken r

Whichoneof thesewouldyoube mostkeen on doingas partof yourwork? workingtogetherin a team writinga storyor poem doingscientifi c research practicat beingoutdoors doingsomething

politician artist iournalist lawyer psychologistteacher astronaut nurse


yournoteswiththedescriptions Compare on page15o.Thendiscuss thesequestions. r Which description doyouthinkyouaremost tike? Whichdescription do youthinkyourpartner most[ike? Doyouandyourpartnerthink/learn in a similaror a different wav?


e pronouns

Singular: myself/yourself/himself/h erseIftrtself Ptural: ourselves /yourselves/th emselves pronouns to tatkaboutactions Weusereflexive andobiectarethesameperson. wherethesubiect of to the grammar pronounis essential Thereftexive andwouldnotmakesensewithoutit. thesentence I cutmyselfwhileI wascooking. pronouns for emphasis, Wecanalsousereflexive or thing,andnobodyor whenwe mean'thatperson pronoun is else'.Inthiscase,thereflexive nothing but of thesentence, is to thegrammar notessentiat addedfor emphasis. Theybuilt thathousethemselves.

Gerunds and infinitives structures. Someverbsarefollowedby particular common most the of verbsaresome Thefollowing onesfor eachstructure. consider, enioy,avoid,imagine, Verb+ gerund: carryon,suggest invotve, finish,miss,practise, Doesthejob involveworkingin theevenings? hope, want,seem,offer,decide, Verb+ infinitive: promise, refuse,manage afford,agree,arrange, Heofferedto givemeo lift into town. persuade, convince, Verb+ object+ infinitive: advise allow, encourage, herto workashardasshecould. I encouraged - with a different Verb+ gerundORverb+ infinitive go on stop, try, regret, remember, meaning: I stoppedtolkingto Sam.(l wostalkingto Samand thenI stopped) I stoppedto tolk to Sam.(l stoppedwhatI wosdoing ondstartedtalkingto Sam)

generally have sentences or conditional f structures 'if or second. first cancome The ctause' two clauses. Whenthe 'if clause'is first,we needa commaat the endof theclause. to talkaboutfuture UsetheFirstConditional or Present Continuous Simpleor Present f + Present i n g o ht ay Perfect,will/couId/shouId/mi /m /g g to + or lmperative Continuous verbor Present l'll seeyou lf you'regoingto thepartytomorrow, there. or to talkaboutpresent Conditional UsetheSecond situations. or imagined futureunreaI would/could/ Continuous, f + PastSimpte/Past + infinitive should/mighf

He'd be much morehealthyif he ddn' : s'll!a{â&#x201A;ŹUsethe Third Conditiona[to talk about past umefl, situationswith a pastresult. f + Past Perfect,would hove/couldhovehlpt# hove/mighthave + past particiPle tf you hodn't beenso rude,he wouldn't have walkd out. to talk aboutthingsthat Usethe ZeroConditional happen. always f + PresentSimpte,PresentSimPte lf you heat ice,it melts. UseMixedConditionals: with an 'f clause'referringto the pastand a main clausereferringto the present/future 'A + infinitive f + PastPerfect,would (or lf we hadn't missedthe plane,we'd be in Spainnow. with an 'if clause'referringto the present/futureand a mainclausereferringto the Past lf you didn' t want to cometo the theatretomorrow,I wouldn't hovebotheredgettingyou a ticket. We can use modalsin the First,Second,Thirdand MixedConditionals. lf you seeJames,you should invite him to the party. lf t had studied harder,I might havepossedmy exam.

Key voc


Thepowerof the mind the powerof mindovermatter, wittpower, to havea feeling persuasion, to havea premonition, your to of d6ii vu,to trustyourintuition, sixthsense, (fears) subconscious beunconscious, Beliefandopinion to doubt,to haveyourdoubts to suspect, to reckon, that,to havealwaysbelieved about,to be scepticaI to bein favourof,to beagainst that,to beconvinced, Advertising break' ad,commerciaI classified advertisement, make, slogan, targetmarket, marketing, advertising, hype Speaking to blurtout,to to mumble, to shriek, to whisper, to speakyourmind,to havea wordwith,to interrupt, be lostforwords misspeltwords Common[y changeab[e, betieve, beginning, accommodation, great/ foreigner, friend, doubt,existence, definitely, g, gence, n [i brary' interesti grate,generous, i nte[[i responsibility' psychologist, occasiona[[y, necessary, successful, subconscious, separate, restaurants, weird,weather/whether usuatly, there/their/they're,



ril: ,:,t:".:

Complete eachsentenceusingthe correctform of a verbfromthe box.Usea reflexiveDronoun wnerenecessary.

(behave) Dogs_ verywell if you train themproperty. (bring)enoughmoney,I would lf | _ havepaidfor yourdinner. He'lImissthe beginning of the fitmif he (notarrive)soon. (press)that button,you get 5 lf you coldwater. (you/do)if youlostyour z What passport? (lie)on a beachnowif I'd booked 8 |_ that hotiday.

relax feel b{afie enjoy express meet r hurt concentrateburn They*re bl*rninq th*rasett;esf*r tl:e srddent, t:t:t it v'tr:sn'ttheirfault" r Don'ttouchthe iron.You'il 2 | _very disappointed whenI foundout I'dfaitedmy drivingtest. She's a goodspeaker. She_ very 3 clearly. 4 You'veworkedhardtoday.Youshoutdsit down and now. goneto the doctorbecause he 5 Jack's whilehe wasplayingfootballthis morning. 6 My bossandI aregoingto _ for lunch tomorrow. 7 Thankyou for the party.Wereatly 8 | as hardas I couldon the maths tesson, but I stittcouldn'tunderstand it. 6>


i hype dâ&#x201A;Źt+w premonition slogan make I interrupt shriek convince blurt intuition I mumble reckon f wassareI'd s*en h*r bef*re"! haCs str*fiq f**iit';E *f rid!* vu. r I'm that recycling is essentialfor hetping the environment. z Don'tbelieve all the aboutthat new good.'snot much 3 Canyoulet mefinishwhatI'msayingwithout meall thetime? |_ he knowssomething thathe'snot t e l l i n gu s . wasspoiltbecause he 5 Thesurprise out thewholeplanbeforeI couldstoohim. 6 Don'tworryaboutotherpeople. Trustyour anddo whatyouwant. I don'treallycarewhat_ of jeansI wear as longas they'recomfortable. I'mnotgoingin a cartoday.I hada aboutbeingin a caraccident.

Findthe mistakesin six of the sentences and correctthem. Them*nsger *grcrd giving rny ffianeybsrk. -a i{} {iiv*

Weencourage al[students doingsome voluntarywork. l'vearranged visitingmy grandparents on Saturday. I couldn'tavoidhittingthe dogas it ranout in frontof my car. I remember to go to the parkeverydayafter schoolwhenI wasa child. Hepersuaded mejoiningthe newgymwith ntm. 6 Myteachersuggested to learnten new spe[[ings everyweek. willyoustoptalkingfor a minute. 7 Please 8 Headvised to haveus an earlynightbeforethe exam.

Completethe sentences with the correctform of the wordsin the box.Threeof the words c a n n ob t eused.



Findthemisspelt wordsin sixof thesentences andcorrect them. 7 2


Complete the sentences with the correctform of the verbsin brackets. Thereis sometimes morethan one correctanswer. if we rian't ga cnd seeJan*,she {be}re*tiy ups*t"ior.".she nigfutbe .".) (notgo)to bedlatelastnight, r lf you youwouldn'tbe so tired. (do)more z You'dfeela lot betterif you exercise.

3 4 5 6 7 8

I'l[definately seeyoutomorrow evening. Finding cheapaccomodation in Londonis very difficult. Havingchildren is an enormous responsability. yesterday. Wewentto a greatnewrestaurant Couldyou putthe sandwiches in seperate bagsplease? Haveyouseentherenewhouse? I can'tbelievehowrudethewaiterwas! My sisteris an extremely sucessful designer.



',,.'.i. .


St u d e nBt


5160 per personper n ght

Dakha Oasisisabout85OkmfromCairoThehotelis situated at the top of pinkc1iffs wh ch surroundthe oasis belowWithinthe oasis, therearebeartifuif eldsand gardens fuilof grapes, ol ve trees,datepalms,figs,apricots andcitrusfruitsBeyondthe oass,therearethe incredible s a n dd u n e so f t h e S a h a rD aeserr

Dakhlahas32 aryeroomsal with privatebathroomsThe Tooms aTesimplybut tasteful/y furnished in the localstye Theyal havefansandalsoheaters for the coldwinter nightsSomeroomshavea terracewith spectacular v ews ofthe nearbymountainrangeTherestaurant serves d e i c i o u so c a f o o dl n c l u d i ntgh et r a d i t i o n a l ' f a l a f e l l

a ' i ' : : i . , ' . ' . a .t .. , 1 a : , . , ; - j ' i : _ ' .

Explanation T h ea i r p l a nw e a so n t h eg r o u n dw h e nh e l e a p t .

lherearecame tripsandwa kingtoursavailable from halfa dayto 3-plusdaysThesego across the sanddunes o f t h e d e s e rat n da s o u p i n t ot h e m o u n t an s T h eg u i d e s wil helpyou setup the tentsand prepare a delrcious barbecue dinneron the campfire wlth homemadebread, b a k e di n t h e s a n d





* i [x" 4, page3o

Le*g{ ?3r#.n t' { "2. z"* a&*z 4 asthe Whois/aredescribed in the fitm? hero(es) positive generatly z ls the reviewer aboutthefilm? or negative


or Online Learning BSc Business Studies: Full-time,Part-time online a flexible mode of study which allowsyou to combine learning with university-basedstudy' candidatewho is We offer excellentfacilities and tuition to the full potentiai' committed to taking initiative and studying to his/her or'erseasstudents' Many placesavailablefor mature studentsand For more information and to apply'contact: Ms. A. Owen, London Centre for BusinessStudies, 22 ()ower Road, London, NW3

nurse. Half the course is classroomor privatestudy and the remainingtime is practice-basedRight from the start, students will be working with patients,with appropriate support,and this will involveworkingsome evenings,nights and weekends.The trainingwill be demanding.However,the potentialpersonalrewardscan also be great. You will neredto haveschool-leaving qualifications and to be at least17 yearsold at the startof the course.

Lesmosa4.* i [x. z, page54

:i!Ej,i.,n{F}-d ffi&ffiY }}#-â&#x201A;Ź-}","4.E:A

a reviewby AndrewMansfield in 2004,was ThefilmTroy,made lliad,an epicwork inspiredby Homer's ago. writtenover28 centuries originally horrors and the lliaddescribes Homer's film, brutalityof war.In thismodern-day directorWolfgangPetersen however, takesa differentlookat the story - throughthe eyesofthe realpeople experience. caughtup in a terrifying suchrealism, ln orderto achieve choseto focuson the people, Petersen (playedby the ragingAchilles especially Hector the honourable BradPitt)and (EricBana).There is muchhistorical of Troy recreations detail,impressive andthe woodenhorseandmore arealsosome than2,000'extras'.There but the story battlescenes spectacular e n dh u m a n . r e m a i nisn t i m a t a and Peter BothBradPittasAchilles asKingPriamhavehuge O'Toole presence on the screenbut it is EricBanaasHectorwho isbrilliant throughoutthe film.Withhisnobility Banaisfar more andgentleauthority, andfar moreheroicthan convincing anyoneelse.Hisfinalconfrontation isoneof the film'smost with Achilles importantmoments- the mostthrilling fightof all. Thefilm islongandit hashadits criticisms. Somepeopledon'tapprove betweenHomer's of the differences 'original'and whatisshownhere.Butto my mind,althoughHomerwrotestories basedon truth,we don'tknowthe real filmTroyisanotherlookat truth.The on the And by focussing thosestories. love story of this epic humanangleof has andwar,in my opinionPetersen film. craftedan impressive

himto helPherendit all.

S t a r r a t i n g*: ' & # ' # (Maximum *****)


"4l2ffi"*ezi*zi. #,xT;:#Ez*#

Lesson S.1 I Ex.s, page35


Student A


Place:Verona, ltaly (Juliet's Background: Caputets family)and (Romeo's Montagues famity)aretwo families with long-standing historyof fightingeachother Monday: RomeoandJulietgetmarried Wednesday: Romeofindsout aboutJulietandthinkssheis dead RomeokitlsParis Romeothendrinkssomepoisonandkittshimself

Youloveyourholidays butyou prefera touchof home yougo.Creature wherever comforts meana lot to you. Trelcking throughthe desertwitha camelfor company is probabty notyourideaof a greathotiday. Youprefera complete restandlotsof sun. Youlovea touchof adventure

H3?i##,6i#ffi # i'y-]..;;:t.t;..;u:i:6

You're a bit of an adventurer comoared to some holidaymakers. Youhatelyingaroundsunbathing, but prefer something different, suchas white-water rafting.However, youalsopreferto sleepin a nicebedin a goodhoteIaftera hardday'sadventure. Youloveto be independent



g | [x. z, pageras

3 Explanation Hewasridinga horsecalled"Friday"...

You're a trueindependent travetter who probably avoids package hotidays andis rarelyseenon a Greel< islandor the CostadelSot.Youloveexploring far-ftung countries and mixingwiththe locals. Andyou'veprobabty gotcupboards ful[of photosandinteresting souvenirs. You'rea realexplorer - a real Youhavethe spiritof a Stanley or Livingstone explorer wholovesto getlostin placeswhereno touristhas gonebefore. Youlovemeeting the locats, hatebumpinginto anyonw e h os p e a k ys o u rl a n g u a gaen dd o n ' tm i n ds l e e p i n g in the openwiththe tocaIwitdtifefor company.

Lesson S"B I Ex.3, page4o Student A


The good old days? In last week's edition, Oliver Hughes lamented the 'the good old days'. According to him' passing of we now have identical high streets worldwide, local cultures have been eroded and national identities have all but disappeared.I, personally,couldn't believe how negativehis article was' I strongly disagreewith almost everything he said. Far from the uniformity he was describing,we now live in a world of incredible diversity and that can only be good. In the o1ddays,we were far more stereotypedand more pigeon-holed by our nationality or where we lived' You were an Italian in Italy, you were expectedto be, like 'an Italiad. The beauty of the new and do things like it can free people from the that is view international tyftflrry of geography.Just because someone lives in Francedoesnot mean they can only speakFrench,eat French food and listen to French music.We can now take it for granted that a Frenchman'or an American, persontakesholidaysin Spainor Florida' or aJapanese eatssushior spaghettifor dinner and has friends from aroundthe world.

I see this diversity and availability as an extremely good thing. Look at things on a local level. Oliver Hughes may think that every high street is the same'I peoplefrom many differentcountriesmay disagree.Yes, recognisesome of the shopsbut I can now go down my high street and I have choicel I can chooseto eat many different typesoffood. I can alsobuy clothesfrom shops originally from many different places:we've got shops Llke Zara from Spain and Muji from Japan, as well as countlessbrands from all over the world. Far from havinglimited choice;the choiceis almostendless. There is no doubt that in some ways the world is becoming more uniform but the significance of this uniformity is often exaggerated.Different cultures remain and we can chooseto be the sameor different' The truth is that we increasinglydefine ourselvesrather than let othersde{ineus. Being Italian or American or Polish doesnot define who you are:it is part ofwho you are.It seemsto me that most peoplewant the best of both worlds - old and new. Admit it, Oliver Hughes! Most of us want to haveour cakeAND eat it, dodt we? And maybewe canl Paul Hodge, London E5

' ;r.r ...i,1.JV;1-ie';";


, - , t \ - - r i- : : - -

St u d e nBt


i : . . ; . . ' 1i :,a y ) *4 t :

I readOliver Hughes'article'Thegoodold days'lastweek with interest.Despite making some sensiblepoints' to my mind his argument is wildly oversimplified in saying that the old dayswere better.A1l too often nowadays,we heartheseblack and white opinionsabout'globalisation'' In my opinion, it's a gtey areaand there are important benefits aswell as someinevitable downsidesaswe move

curry from India, but for some, it's even better' Even brandedgoodsareoften changedto suit localtastes'with M.Donald's selling beer in France,lamb in India' and

of musical types.And alongsidethis incredible diversity now availableacrossthe world, in most countries' local artists still top the charts. So, local tastes are alive and well, AND evenmore variety is being created' Another point which Mr Hughes failed to convince me about was about English'taking over the world'as he put it. I dont think so! I agreethat huge numbersof people now speakEnglish:around380 million peoplespeakit as their first languageand another 250 million or so astheir second.However' in many cases'a new type of English has been created.Many people across the world now speaka'global English which facilitatescommunication in an *"r-shrinking' ever-more commercial world' People certainly dorit want a single world language,but global languagehas major advantagesfor u n.*.o*-on

chilli in Mexico. As far as I can see,the sameis true of music'According to Oliver Hughes, all we ever listen to now is bland American-influenced music. I know for a fact that the evidencedoes not back this up. Latin American salsa' createdall the time. Btaz1!\anlambada, and African music are all popular Mr. L. Bishop, Near Manchester throughout the wodd' as well as a massiveintermixing


* i 1x. 2. {iez*,1>^*

4 Exptanation Because Bobbywasonly9 monthsotd... 3-,*gg*g: ,4..X 1 t:'...;1,{:*gr: r,t

S t u d e nAt Torelaxandprevent in yourhandsandwrists. tensionbuitd-up firmtyfor r Withelbowsout,pushyourfingertips together.Keeppressing 10seconds. Relaxhandstogether andrepeat. z Tuckyourelbowsintoyoursides.Hotdyourhandsout in frontof you, p a t m sd o w n B . e g i n n i nwgi t ht h et h u m b sa n di n d e xf i n g e rtso u c h i n gf l,i c k eachfingerawayin turn.Thenreverse backfromthe titttefingers. your Keeping on yourdesk,fingerssoftandrelaxed. 3 Restyourforearms so Iitttefingersin contactwiththe desk,rollyourhandsoutwards t h a t b o t hp a t m sf a c et h ec e i l i n gT.h e nr o t l t h eh a n d si n w a r d s .

'1,, L*sfri*;-l {:*., .:t 1 /:.2.'*, y:;:7;* StudentB Sunday: fatherpromises thatJuliet Juliet's (the will marryParis sonof the Prince ofVerona) RomeoandJulietmeet,fa[[in love anddecideto marry Tuesday: Jutietis totdshewitlmarryParisthe nextday 'sleeping potion'to Jutiettakesa pretendto be dead Thursday: Julietwakesup fromthe effectsof t h e ' s l e e p i npgo t i o n ' Romeois deadand Shediscovers kittshersetf Thetwo families findtheirtwo peacewith children deadandmal<e eachother




tessclr l e.* 1[x.4,page5r StudentB Dothissittingor standing. lt'sgreatfor stiffshoulders andnecks.

a smalloetrolstationin Vancouver. After Iockingthe attendantin the toilets,they made theirgetawaywith a few hundreddollars. Comingfrom Edmonton, theydidn'tknow theirway aroundVancouverand twenty minuteslatertheydroveup at the samepetrol stationto askdirections. Theattendant, Mr. KarnailDhillon,having justescapedfrom the toilets,wasalarmed to seethe two robberscominginto the shop again."Theywantedme to tell themthe way to PortMoody,"he said."l guessthey didn't recognise me or the petrolstation." He wasjustcallingthe policewhenthe pair camebackagainto saythatthey couldn'tget theircar to start.While theywerewaitingfor a mechanic to helpthem,the policearrived and arrested them.

Siton the edgeof yourchair,feetparallel, flaton theftoorandabout30 cm apart. Putyourlefthandbehindyourback,palmoutwards. Makeit go as highup between yourshoutder btades asyoucan(useyourotherarmto hetpit up). Breathe in andraiseyourrighthandup to the ceiling. Thenrelaxa[[of yourrightsideasyou breatheout. in andstretchtowardsthe ceiling. 4 Breathe Breathe out anddropyourrighthanddownbehind 5 you to takehotdof the waitingleft fingers.Keep shoulders andelbowsback. Hotdfor two breaths, release handsandrepeaton the opposite side. Tip:lf youfindthatyoucannotreach,holda tie or belt or scarfin thetop handandlet it hangdownso that the lowerhandcancatchho]dof it. Trymovinghands closertogetherusingit andyoushoutdimprove the looseness of vourshoulders.

Lesson +.4 |, page55 Student A

Cc r

umicmticm S i Ex.z, pagerz*

Explanation Theteenagers weretravelting on the roadthat crossed the roadthatthe policeofficerwason.They drovethrougha greenlight.


zzvzies,tzrsn aetivities

L*sscn 4.L | [x. tob,pageso

Less*r? &.* | [x" *.3b,pag*8i Student A

buthey,I'mnewto saidthatbefore, l'msuresomeone's theblogsoutthereand through this.I havebeenlooking thattherewere I knewtherewerelotsbutI didn'trealise hours lwasted lotsandlotsandlotsandlotsandlots. to, I meant hadn't todaygoingthroughsomeof them.I is thing gone. The justiradn'tnoticed howthetimehad to easy it's and blogs that mostof themhavelinksto other people out these all though, getcarried'scurious


andwriteit down.Butwhyputit up ontheweb?lt'shard seemto usethemasa thatone.Somepeople to answer or to stay up-to-date familylivingelsewhere wayof keeping just who me like buttherearemany in iouchwithfriends, who anyone for outintocyber-space throwtheirthoughts them.l'msurethatthisisa greattoptc feelslikereading whattheythink? I wonder everywhere; for psychoanalysts '10:37 pm l3th at February Sunday Posted:



r . , : , i ir t . : . ::.: - , S t a y i n a C O m f O r t a b l e bungalow with a vera,nda as well as bedroom, sltting room and bathroom. There are fans but no air conditioning. Mea,ls are served in our ma,in building - half board including tasty Mexican breakfast and 4-course ca,ndle-]it dinnen There is a lot ofdellcious fresh food and seafood available. There is also a bar, a games room and a swimming pool for you to enjoy. I

:r,:; : r.;; i-it' . rs A variety of tours are available irlcluding bird watching tours, trips to the famous caves j-rrthe a,rea and moonlight safaris. There is a,lso a sma,il Natural Hisbory Museum, offering an overaJl view ofthe flora and fauna sr:ffounding bhe hotel.

* I Ex..z, fiagetz&

5 Explanation Themanhadiustbeencuredof deafness, andthe ringingphoneis finalproofthatit hasbeena success.

Fr*get:n 4.*

|,page5r jump Standing/Basic



3"* I Y.x."3,{:*{,t:3.raz

Typesof thinl<ers/learners Linguistic: Theytiketo thinkin wordsandusecomptex ideas.Theyaresensitive to the different soundsand meanings of wordsandenjoythe process of learning a foreignlanguage.


Logical-mathematical: patterns Theytiketo understand andthe relationships between things.Theyaregood at thinkingcritically andprobtem-solving. Theyliketo anatyse andunderstand the rules. Interpersonal: Theytiketo thinkaboutotherpeopleand areoftenpeacemakers. Theyareawarethatdifferent peoplehavedifferentviewson lifeand probabtyhave [otsof friends.

Wallflip - NOTfor beginners

Existential: Theytiketo spendtimethinkingabout philosophicaI issuesanddon't[iketo be bothered with triviaIquestions. Theyarealwaysaskingquestions provoking discussions anddebates. Kinaesthetic: Theyliketo thinkin movements andfind it difficutt to sit stitIfor tong.Theyareinterested in fitnessandhealthandtheylearnbestwhentheyare physicatty involved.

Lesson 9.1 | Ex.rr, page12o



4 | Ex.r, page58

Lesson 23 | Ex.11,pagezB

Howto play r

Ptayin groupsof 3-5. Makea setof fifteenquestion cardsfor the gameusingthe topicsor grammar fromthis unit. Haw

uld you feel about doing

be in dangerT uld you bet a large amount of

Internetandcomputer expertwanted. you Can helpthisbusyInternet caf6? Areyougoodwithcomputers? Doyouknowaboutthelatestdevelopments in Internet technology? Canyoucommunicate wellwithall kindsof customers? lf youaretherightperson forus,wewillofferyou a goodsalaryandfreeuseof all facilities. Writeto:JennyKeaton, PepeNet Caf6, 2 Alexandra Cardens, Brighton, BNI gBC

Eachplayerputsa counteron the Start. Whenit'syourturn,takea question card andanswerthe question. lf youmanage to answerwe[[andkeepspeaking for at leastoneminute,throwthe diceandmove forward. lf not,leaveyourcounterin the sameplaceanddon'tmove.Afteryou throwthe diceandmove,if you [andon a go up it andif you [andon a rope, ladder, go downit. Thewinneris the playerwho reaches the Finishfirst.



I I Ex.z, pagerz8

z Explanation Thewaterin the riveronlycameup to the man'schest

for socialqctivities

person to for anenthusiastic is looking school language OurEnglish programme' activities social ourbusy helporganise and butyoudo needto be energetic Youdon'tneedexperience Youalsoneedto havea goodlevelof English. sociable. withhoursto suityou'Goodratesof payto be Thejob is part-time to the courses onourEnglish Wealsooffera discount negotiated. candidate. successful Schoolof English, Oakwood Writeto: TheSecreiary, M607TP 16 BridgeStreet,Manchester,


Dickens'third wasCharles wasfirst Nickleby Pubtished in 1839,Nicholas otherversions sincethen.Like madeintoa filmin 947 andtherehavebeenvarious Nickleby showshisoutrageat crueltyandsocial manyof Dickens'novels, Nicholos talentfor comicwriting. hisextraordinary injustice, butit alsoreveals Nickleby andhismotherandsister, are Following thedeathof hisfather,Nicholas is rich but very mean The film Ralph who and cruel. takenintothecareof hisuncle to survive. describes whathappens to Nicholas andhisfamilyastheystruggle

Lool< at thepictures andreadtheinformation Thenanswer above. thequestions. Haveyou readanybooksby Chartes Dickens? lf so.te[[otherstudents aboutthem. Whodo youthinkthe characters arein the pictures? is Whatdo youthinkthe connection between them? Watchthe film extractand answerthe questions. r z 3 4 5 6 7

Whatnewsis in the letterthatUncleRalph receives? WhodoesUncleRatphgo to see? WhatadvicedoesUncleRalphgiveto Mrs Nickteby? Whatdid MrsNickteby hopefor? WhatdoesRalphwantKateto do? Whatjob doesRatphpropose for Nicholas? gets WhatdoesRalphsayhe wittdo if Nicholas the position?

Worl<in pairs.Discusswhatyou thinl<happens nextin the film.Tellanotheroairof students your ideas.

Discuss. r

Whichof thewords/phrases in the boxbetowdo you jobs,andwhy? associate withthe following o a model . a photographer o a fashiondesigner creativeglamorous hardworl< highly-paid lonely pressurisedprivilegedself-disciplined self-motivated

z Doyouthinkyoumightenjoydoinganyof thesejobs? Why/Whynot? (thefashiondesignerin the : LindsayPressdee bottomphoto)hasbeenrunningherown business since1995.Watchthe film extractand put the things she mentionsin the correctorder. do a degreein fashion set up business on herown carrya notebool< around havelotsof Saturdayjobs showherdesignsat a tradeshow havea glamoroustifestyle earnlessmoneythanherfriends dealdirectlywith largedepartment stores makeclothesfor herCindydotts


tr T




W h i c ht h i n gd o e ss h e N O Tm e n t i o n ?

Discuss. Whatis yourimpression of howLindsay feelsabout beinga fashiondesigner? Lindsay says:'l feeIveryprivileged that I getto do whatI wantwithmy life.'What doesshemean?Have youeverfetttikethataboutyourjob or something you'vedone?Giveexamples. D oy o uo r d o e sa n y o n yeo uk n o wh a v ea ' d r e a m career'? Whatis it andwhatis so goodaboutit? l n w h i c ho t h e rj o b sd o y o ut h i n ki t m i g h tb e a n advantage to be young?

TheSeventhVoyageof Sinbodwas madein 1958,andtellsthestoryof Tosave thelegendary saitor, Sinbad. a princess froman evilwizard, Sinbad fight must severalfabulousmonsters, createdby specialeffectsexpertRay Harryhausen. Thefitmis regarded greatestworkand as Harryhausen's despitetheageof thefilm,thespecial effectsarestitlspectacular.

Ben-Hurwas madein ry59 andwasthe first filmeverto win elevenOscars. lt is based on a biblical Heston storyandstarsCharlton asthe Prince by a ofludea.Heis enslaved yearslater Roman friend,butthenreturns to seekrevenge. Theclimaxis a chariotrace whichis oneof the mostthrilling in scenes film history.

Lool< at the film postersand readthe information aboutthem.Then,discussthese questionswith otherstudents. Haveyouseenanyof thesefitms?lf so,what d i dy o ut h i n ko f t h e m ? z A[[threefilmsareadventure films.Canyou thinkof anyotheradventure films?Generalty, do youtikethiskindof fitm?Why/Whynot? 3 Doyou haveanyfavouritetypesof fitm?What arethey?Giveexamples. r

,tr,r'o,r'u{ffi,n *orto


Lookat the tistof people,scenesandquotes from TheSeventhVoyageof Sinbad and BenHur.Workin pairs.Whichfilm do you think each onecomesfrom? r ' K i l tK! i t t h i m ! ' z ' ...a shoutof freedom...'

TheLordof the Ringstrilogy(zoor-zoo3) is basedon the booksof J.R.R.Totkien and directed by PeterJackson. An ancientring, whichhadbeen[ost,is endsup in the possession of the Hobbit,Frodo, who journey go thenmust on a dangerous to destroy the ring.Theseareepicfilmswith incredible speciaI effects thathugelydeserve theirnumerous Oscars.

3 + s 6 7 8 9 ro

horsesandchariots a beautifuI womancaltedEsther t h ed a n c eo f t h e ' C o b r a - w o m a n ' a fire-breathing dragon t h u n d ear n dt i g h t n i n g mensittingon a raftin the sea menfightingon the deckof a ship slaveswalkingacrossa mountain

;3 Watchthe film trailersand checkyouranswers. .* J3

Discuss. r

Whichof thetwo filmsappeals to youmost?

whv? preferotdor newfitms?Why? z Doyougenerally 3 Doyoupreferto watchfilmsat the cinemaor Why? on TV/DVD? 4 Whatis the bestfitmyou'veseenrecently? Whydo youlikeit? filmof all time?Whydo s Whatis yourfavourite vou likeit so much?


Matcheachphototo one of the paragraphs r-4 below. r America's mostfamousflyergrewup in an environnrent of wealthandprivitege, thanksto hergrandfather, AtfredOtis. Amelia,knownas Mitty,wastenyearsoldwhenshesawher firstairplane at the lowaStateFair,andsaidof it: 'lt wasa thing of rustywireandwoodandnotat all interesting ...' passionate z Ellen's retationship withsailingbeganwhenshe waseightandsteppedaboardheraunt'sboatto go saiting on the EastCoast.Fora smallchildgrowingup in [and-locked - andit would Derbyshire, it wasan exciting newexperience turnintoa lifelong obsession. Overthe nextfewyears,Etlen savedas muchmoneyas shecoutdto buyherfirstboat,a 2.5-metre dinghy. 3 Hewasbornin t9t9 andgrewup in Auckland, NewZealand. It washerethathe became interested in mountain ctimbing. Atthough he madehistivingas a beekeeper, he ctimbed m o u n t a i ni n s N e wZ e a l a n dt h, e ni n t h eA l p s a , n df i n a l t iyn the Himalayas, wherehe climbedelevendifferent peaksof over6ooometres.Bythistime,hewasreadvto confront the world'shighestmountain. 4 Bornon August5, t93oon hisgrandparents'farm in Ohio,he wasthe eldestof threechildren. Hefellin lovewithairolanes at the ageof sixwhenhe tookhisfirstflight.Heworkedat jobsaroundtownandat the nearbyairportso he numerous coutdstarttakingflyinglessons at the ageof fifteenandon hissixteenth birthdayhe wasissueda pilot's[icence. Lool< at the photosagainand discussthesequestionswith otherstudents. r Whoarethe people? z Whatmadethemfamous? whichyeardid eachpersondo the thing 3 In approximately thatmadethemmostfamous? Watchthe film extractaboutEllenMacArthur. Whatis the significance of the foIlowing: 1 seventytwo days z Kingfisher Ocean I the Southern andtwentyvitaminpilts 4 6ooocalories fifteen minutes 5 Discuss. Whatdo youthinkdrivesEltento breakthesesaiting records? z lf youweregoingon a longsolosaitingtripandyoucould takeonespeciaI book,onespecialCDandonespecial thing to eat- whatwouldthevbe?




Lookat the picturesand discussthe questions. Haveyouseenanyof the fitms?lf so,what do youknowaboutthem? z DoyouknowanyothercomPuterfilms?Dovoulikethiskindof animated filmin general?



Watchthe extractfrom HomeRoadMovie below. and completethe sentences r Dadwasan experton -. z Dadboughta carbecause -. by carwere- . destinations hotiday Their 3 4 Daddrovethe carat - mPh. s WhenDadforgotto changegear,the children usedto - . 6 AfterDadretired,he wouldspenda lot of time lefthometo - or - . 7 Thechildren I Dad'slastiourneywason - . Summarisewhat HomeRoadMovieis Then,compareyour aboutin one sentence. to otherstudents'sentences. sentence Tellotherstudentsaboutyourfamity summerholidayswhenyou werea chitd. Werethey the sameeveryyearor were they different?

Michael Palinstartedhiscareer in TVaspartof theteambehindthecomedy seriesMontyPython.variousothercomedyprogrammes andfilmsfottowed including thefilm,A Fishcalledwando.Morerecentty he hasbecome well-known for his BBCtravelprogrammes. Theseinclude Aroundthe worldin go doys,pole to Pole,saharoandHimalaya. In this latestproject,hetravelsthe fu[ length of the Himalaya fromthePakistan-Afghan frontier throughIndia,Nepal, Tibet andYunnan to china,beforere-crossing themountains to Assam, Bhutanand Bangladesh. Thewholejourney tooksixmonthsof hardtravelling andheeven metthe DalaiLamain Tibetwhorecognised himfromhisMontypythondaysr.

Lookat the photosand readthe information above. r Areyou interested in watchingtravelprogrammes on TV? Why/Whynot? z A r ey o us u r p r i s et dh a tM i c h a e l P a lbi ne c a mae t r a v e l s h o w oresenter? 3 Whatdo youthinkmakesa goodtravelshowpresenter? t>

Howmuchdo you knowaboutBhutan?In pairschoosethe correctalternatives to completethe sentences. r Bhutanis situatedbetween: A C h i n a n dI n d i a B C h i n a n dR u s s i a peoplewear: z MostBhutanese A westernclothes B Bhutannational costume isabout: 3 T h ep o p u l a t i oonf B h u t a n A onemitlion B fivemillion Parkcoversabout: 4 NationaI A 25o/o of the country

B 45okof thecountry The Kingof Bhutansaysthe mostimportant thingis: 5 A GrossNational Product B 'GrossNational Happiness' 6 Bhutanhasmanyareasandbuildings devoted to: A Hinduism B Buddhism in Bhutanhaveto paya minimumof: 7 Tourists n $75a day B gzooa oay 8 Themainlinkbetween the eastandthewestis: A a road B a river

A FishCatted Wanda

on Bhutan's climateandcuttureis: 9 Themaininfluence A the riversandsea B the mountains Watchthe film extractand checkyouranswers. {$

Discuss. r Didyouenjoywatching thisextract? Why/Whynot?Doesit makeyouwantto watchmoreof thisseries? z DoyouthinkMichaet Palinis a goodtravelshow presenter? Why/Whynot? in makingtravelprogrammes I Wouldyou liketo be invotved [ike t h i so n e ? to travelforsixmonthsas partof a travel 4 lf youhadthe chance programme likethis,wherewouldyougo andwhy?


yearsagoandcamefromDenmark, TheVikings Norway livedoveronethousand and Sweden. Theyweremostlyfarmers, butsomeworkedascraftsmen or traders. The Vil<ing Age- or DarkAgesastheywereknown- beganin Britainaboutrzooyears At thetimeof theinvasions, agoin theSthcentury Roandlastedfor3ooyears. Britainwasmostlyinhabited whowereterrifiedof thesefierce by theAnglo-Saxons people. Therearepeoplein Britaintoday(andin Europe andthe US)whoarefascinaldby theVikings andtheirwholewayof life.Manyof thesepeoplearemembers of 'Re-enactment Societies' andtheyspendtheirsparetimelivingexactly asthe Vikings did.Theygoto greatlengths to beasaccurate astheycanaboutevery detailincluding Although somepeoplemayregard clothes, foodandbattles. this 'Re-enactors' it is a fantastic typeof hobbyasexcessive, for the wayof spending theirfreetime.

Lool< at the picturesand discussthesequestionswith otherstudents. r Whatyou knowabouttheVikings? z Whatdo youthinka 'Re-enactment is? Society' â&#x201A;Ź3

Readthe information aboveand answerthesequestions. r Whatdid you learnabouttheVikingsthatyoudidn'tknowbefore? z Whatdo youthinkpeopleenjoyaboutbeingpartof a ' Re-enactment Society'?



Watchthe film extractand answerthe questions. r

Whichof the reasons belowfor doingthishobbyarementioned? it's fun to dressup it bringshistoryto life it'sveryfriendly it's a wayof mal<ing money it's goodexercise

z Dothe re-enactors try to hurteachotherwhentheyarefighting? Why/Whynot? for creating theVikingvillage? 3 Whatarethetwo mainreasons peopte man says One that he knows some who'... seemto takeit 4 give? bit far.'What a example doeshe getthe costumes Where do the re-enactors from? 5 6 Whatdoesthe blacksmith sayaboutthetoolshe makes? jobs What does film the mention thatsomeof thesepeoptedo in 7 their'real[ives'?


Discuss. Doyouthinkthat beinga memberof oneof thesesocieties is 'excessive'? Why/Whynot? periods z Manyother'Re-enactment Societies'exist for different in history(e.g.WortdWarl, TheAmerican CivilWar, TheRoman of Britain). Invasion lf youweregoingto ioin(orstartup)a 'Re-enactment Society', whichonewouldit be?Why?



Whichof the jobs in the box beloware represented in the photos? a milliner a webconsultant a quantitysurveyor a cardmal<er streetperformers an Indiantakeaway owner an Internet entrepreneur Discuss. r Whatarethe biggestchallenges of startingup yourownbusiness? z lf youhadthe chance to startup yourownbusiness, whatwoutdit be?Why? Watchthe film and numberthe followingquotesin the orderyou hearthem. I did somemarl<et research on it. l'vean annualturnover of f7o,ooo. Alwaysbelievein yourself. l'mverypassionate aboutmy work. LastyearI decided to set up my ownbusiness. We'vebeenveryIuckyandverysuccessfu[. We'vebeengoingfor two anda halfyearsnow.


Havingwatchedthe fitm,canyou rememberthe sevensecretsof success? comptetethe sentences belowusingthe wordsin the box. boss give hetp idea customer partner passionate r Stay_ z G e ts o m e 3 Beyourown_ 4 Havea good_ your_ 5 Choose 6 K n o wy o u r_ 7 D o n '_t u p Discuss. r Whichthreetipsabovedo youthinl<arethe mostimportant? z C a ny o ua d do n eo t h e r ? anddisadvantages of workingfor yourself 3 Whatarethe advantages ratherthanworking for someone else?Whichwouldyouratherdo?Why?

TheLavender HittMob

Lool< at the pictures.Haveyou seenanyof thesefilms?Whichwe[[-l<nown actorsare in t h e m ?W h a ti s t h e c o n n e c t i obne t w e e n them att? Watchthe film extractfrom TheLavenderHill Mob anddecideif the followingstatements are true (T)or fatse(F).


r Thereare2tr barsof goldin thevan. z Mr Holland sayshe is goingto Parison hotiday. 3 M r H o l l a nsdt o p st h ev a nb e c a u shee s a y s he is worriedaboutanothercar. Themanon the bicycle tetlsthevandriver t h a to n eo f h i st i g h t si s b r o k e n . T h ep a v e m e natr t i s jtu m p si n t h ev a na n d pushesthevandriverout. Therobbery takesplacenearQueen Etizabeth Street. 7 M r H o l t a nids p a r to f t h ec r i m i n a l g a n g . y o u a r eM r H o l l a n dT. e l la n o t h e r lmagine studentthe wholestoryfromyour point of view. Discuss. r Doyouknowof anyfamousrobberies? z W h a th a p p e n e d ? 3 Whyaretheyfamous? evercaught? 4 Werethoseresponsible

ta il

il ll tl 7


Yes,PrimeMinisterandSpittinglmogearetwo of Britain'smostwell-knownpolitical satiricatTV series.In different waystheybothmakefunof keypoliticatcharacters and politicaI the system. ln Yes,PrimeMinister,JimHacker(newelectedPrimeMinister)attemptsto make variousboldchanges butthesegenerally cometo nothing, thanksto the manoeuvring of hismanipulative cabinetsecretary, sir Humphrey, whoopposes actionor changeof anysort. ln Spittinglmoge,famouscharacters in Britishand internationat tifewerere-created in theformof latexpuppets, which- in the mannerof newspaper potitical cartoons - grosslyexaggerated that person's mostobviousfacialor personality characteristic.

Lool< at thepictures andreadtheinformation above. Then,discuss these questions withotherstudents. r Doyouhaveanypoliticat programmes satiricalrV inyourcountry? Doyoufind themfunny? Why/Why not? z Doyouthinkprogrammes [ikethisarea goodthing? Why/Why not? watchthe extractfromYes,PrimeMinisfer. what doestheTVproducer, Godfrey, sayaboutthefollowing:




"o',eA eyes


Discuss withotherstudents. r Whatadvice wouldyougiveto a politician whowasmaking a potitical broadcast? youseenanyTVdebates z Have politicians? between whodidwett? whodidn't? whv?

Lesson 6.1 | Ex.t3,page78 1

Name,dateandemailaddress areincluded at thetop, part so don'twritethemin the main of the email

Readthe email.Whichof the followingbestsummarises Maisie'sexperience? r

She'saboutto finishan interesting course. z She'snearlyat theendof an excitinghotiday. She'scomingto the endof hertime at university. She'saboutto leavea job she'sbeendoingfor a long time.

From:MaisieRyland D a t e :0 7 . 1 2 . 0 51 9 : 3 4 Usean informal greetingwith or without the person's name

To: Subject:elephantorphanage (285 KB) Attach:elephantZ.JPG

iting skill I punctuation 2

a Lookat the emailagainand find examplesof the following: r an exclamation mark z a question mark 3 an apostrophe + a dash 5 a full-stop 6 a comma

Useinformal tanguage, including contractions (e.g.l've), informal wordsand exclamation MATKS

Hi Leila Wow!Wheredo I start? Did I tell you about this amazingprojectI'm doingbeforeI go to university?I've beenon holidayin Sri Lankafor three monthsworkingin an elephantorphanage! It's the first time I've beenanywherelikethis - and althoughI was a bit dauntedat first, now I love it! We don't work all the time - there'splentyof time to havea realholidaytoo. lt's beengreat to exoerience a differentcultureand to see the placesl've only readabout in books.The best bit is meetingso manyfriendlypeopleand it's fascinatingbeingso closeto the elephants.I'm attachinga photo of me washingone of the babies!

b Matchthe punctuation (r-6) abovewith the correct explanations(A-F)betow.

I've only got ten moredaysto go. I'm looking forwardto seeingyou all, but I don't want to leavethis place.

A Usedto showthe endof a sentence B Usedat the endof a sentence, to showit is a ouestion C Usedat the endof a sentence, oftento show excitement, surprise or other strongemotions D Usedin writingto show pausesin speechespecially in lists,betweenadjectives and aroundclauses E Usedto showmissingletters in contractions andwiththe Dossessive's' F Usedin informal writing,to addan extrathoughtor idea to a sentence

Seeyou soon! Lots of love, Maisie

Useful phrases Openingphrases

news Giving

photos Attaching

I ui teilo/uelloLeilo/Hi/Hello/Dear Leila

i f,:,{*:,,}{:,T#:f,t;;l

i ;n::::'ri;;tlll"if,][;,...

phrases, crosing ;;'''"r fiif!:!#,::;';'i'l""1{n!?i

55,Chestnut Avenue Bristol, BSBlJH 15thFebruary 2006

Lesson 7.2 |, page95 Readtheletterandanswer the questions. r Whatarethethreeproblems thecustomer is complaining about? z Whatdoesshewant? UseDearSir/Modamif you don't knowthe nameofthe personyou arewritingto. UseDeorMr/Mrs Smithif you knowthe name.Put a comma(,)afterthe name,nota coton(J

UseYoursfaithfullyif you don'tknowthe nameof the personyouarewritingto. UseYourssincerelyif you knowthe name.

Customerservices Film Express Lane 214,Nightingale London,WC12A{

Writethe datehere.

DearSir,/Madam I amwritingto complainabouthvoDVDsI boughtrecentlyfromyourcompanyon the InternetandabouthowI wastreatedby a memberof staffwhenI phonedto complain. Firstly,I orderedthemon 6thJanuaryandI waspromisedtheywouldarrivein three daysbut theyweren'tsentto mefor overh.voweeks.Then,whentheyarrivedandI openedthebox,I wasshocked to seethatoneof themwasbroken.asthevclearlv hadn'tbeenpackaged properly Secondly, whenI phonedto complain,I wasverydisappointed by thewayin whichI wastreated.The memberof staJlwhoI spoketo wasextremely rudeanddid not offer meanyform of refundor replacement. I wouldbe gratefulif you couldsendme a replacement DVD (Kill Biil !) assoonas possible, or if thisis not possible, I wouldlikea fu]l refundof my money.Thankvoufor yourhelpwith thismatter. Yoursfaithfully Dmma

Jopres - customer DianaJones number:FE342BB90/3 :::r:al::t:r.l,::iiiir::i:tia:tr:,r,4.::::1:,arr:::::::.:.:i:,,::::.i::::r:tii:iit,::::::::it.iai::r::

iting 2


skill I formaland informal language

Lookat the the tanguage usedformalorinformal? Givetwo examples from the letter. Markthe sentences formal(F)or informat(l). r lt wouldbe greatto hearfromyousoon. z I wouldbe gratefulif a futtrefundcould be sentas soonas possible. 3 | tookforwardto hearingfromyou at yourearliest convenience. 4 Love, Jenny I'm writing to tellyouaboutsomething 5 I boughtrecently. 6 DearMs.Harrison, to the serviceI 7 | am writingwith reference received at yourrestaurant lastweek. 8 DearAnna, 9 YouknowhowI feelaboutall this.don't you? ro Yourssincerely, JulioManzanares u I amsurethatyouwill understand why I feelso annoyed aboutthissituation. rz Couldyougivemethe moneybackplease?

Includeanyrelevantreference numbers andemaiIaddresses at the endofthe letter

Useful phrases Firstlines

I om writing with referenceto ... I am witing to comploinabout ... I am writing in order to ...

Waysof complaining I wospromisedthat...but ... I wosshockedto see/findthat... I wasverydisappointedby ... Thegoodsclearlyhadn'tbeen packagedproperlyand were damaged. TheserviceI receivedwasnot of thestondordI wouldexpectfrom yourcompany. Lastlines

I wouldbe grotefulif you couldsendmea full refund/o replacement ossoonospossible. I wouldlike a full refund/a replacement. I look forwardto hearingfromyou at yourearliestconvenience. Thanksyoufor yourhelpwith this motter. Thankyouin odvance.

Reports Lesson 1

8.3 | Ex.rz, page112

Readthereport. Whichof thetopics in, page112is it about?

riting 2

Divideyourreportinto paragraphs. appropriate

Whatis thepurpose of each paragraph in thereport? Can yougivethema shortheading?

ii1 ' i4 i"!r

iir rii



Reporting " Approximotely 7o%of results " oll thosewhotookpart ' in thesurvey...


ru: L!:t:sai!:aiflirlislrri:4i6i51e1

i:) ll,l


Thinkof an interesting titte.

' Sher lock TheAmer ican Holmes'

9.3 | Ex.12,page126

Skill I referencing words

eaFindtheseundertined in words thetextandsaywhattheyreferto. r there(1.3) + it ( z they(1.7) s she(t.rt) (t.g) 6 them(t.r8) r this '* Howcanusingreferencing words lil<ethoseaboveimorovea text? -..',.,..=:::ill*rid1irlif#,#ffi.:, ffiffi

Usefulphrases your lnterest reader

Fromthis smallsurveyit is clearthat there is strong feelingthat primaryschoolteachersneedto be carefullyselectedfor their caringattitudesand creativeteaching a bi lity.

li ii

Findfivedifferentoiecesof information betweenthe articteand the interviewin Ex.9, pagen6.


Statefacts. Don'tgive personaI o p i ni o n s u n t i tl h e conclusion.


Articles Lesson

Approximately70o/o of allthose who took part in the surveysaidthat they thought the most important thing was that theseteachersshouldcareabout the children.607o also referredto the need for classesto be variedand interestingin order to keepthe childrens' interest.20%o mentionedthe importanceof good discioline.

Useformal ranguage

E itl

Conclusion i Fromthis surveyit is i cleorthar ...


significantfor any child.Consequently, the quality and attitudesof their teacherare of extremeimoortance. This report givesthe resultsof an informalsurveyinto the necessaryqualitiesofteachersofyoung children.

: ,

fntroductioni Thisreportgives i theresultsof .../is ._ intendedto ...


Thefirstfewyears in school arepossibly themost



Skill I parasraphs

Useful ptrrases



.ili#ffi PiiHSi*,


". Oddlyenough... + ... + I Tomysurprise '" Unbelievablv ... i:

DeeprntheheartoftheUnited States ofAmerica, farfromBakerStreet in livesa mancalled'Sherlock London, Holmes'. InMayofthisyear,ltracked : himdownthereandhadthechance toaskhima fewquestions thatl'd wondering about. been Givesomebackground or contextto thetitte. 'Sherlock' parents prefers (he out that Holmes's Itturns to becalled byhis - weregreailovers friends andfamily) oftheworkof Conan Doyle. Hehas memoriesfromhisear|iestchi|dhoodofhowtheyusedtoreadthesto to him.Andapparently, theyalways knewthatif theyweregoingto havea give Theywanted boy,theywould himthisname. himtofeelspecial. Useinformal language. people's Early onHolmes usedtogetquiteangry about reactions to his namebuthesayshe'smorerelaxed about!! now.Therewasa timeinSan whena shopassistant Francisco looked athisl.D.cardandthought he mustbethereal,original Sherlock Holmes. Shelooked likeshe'd seena ghost. yourreader. Giveexamples of the pointsyoumaketo interest Holmes enough, lookto himsometimes Oddly saysthatpeople to solve problems or mysteries, Luckily, he'sdonesomemagichimself, sohe howsomeofthetricksonTVaredone.Ononeoccasion understands himto helpthemoutwitha casetheycouldn't thepolice called solve. hewasableto findsomecluesona computer Fortunately, whichhelped to person. workoutwhathadhappened toihemissing 'Sherlock Meeting theAmerican Holmes' wasquiteanexperience, I'mnot person surethatI would wantto benamed aftersucha famous butfrom whatI sawhehascoped withit extremely well.AsfarasI'mconcerned, parents needtothinklongandhardabouttheconsequences ofthenames fortheirfuture lives! theygivetheirchildren youropinion. Express

Unit 1 Recording


K=KeithT=TihaS=Sara K:OhhiAlison.lust Keithabouttonight. Umm ...youknowthatjackie andSteveweTe coming aloigtoo...wellapparently theycan'tmakeit now...something aboutSteve's Dadnotbeing welLor something... Anway,justwondering ii youstilluranted to go tothefilmor wecould dosorerhing e 9e.. reallydor'tnild. DerhaD5 givene a ring?Begtto getmeon mynooileac I'moutandaboutformost oftheday.Allright ...Talksoon...Bye. T:Thisis a message fora l\41lames Stevensor fromtheCustorner Servjces department of HSBC. Weneedto corfirma largepayment fiom hiscreditcardbeforewecango ahead andmaketheappropriate authorization. Coutd heplease callTina on (o1303) 813843 Jenkins assoonaspossible? you. Thank S: 0h hello...umm...message forBrianlarvis. ...I'mjustringirgin response to last week's HackneyAdveftiser. I understard that youhavea 4-yearold VWGolfforsale and ...umm...lwoulddeflnitely beinterested in coming roundto seeit .. if thatwasok.Perhaps yo! couldgivemea callsometime ...Thebest number iormeduringthedayis ae73 443 myworknumber... andyoujust 750,That's haveto askforSarah Shiali. HopethatSok. Thankyo!.

F:But,hangon,that'snothowit'salways been foryou,is it?| meanyouhada bestfriendat school, didn'tyou? H:Yeah, I didhavea bestfiiendat school ... Nigel...butwekindof losttouchwhenwe bothleftschooland weft offtocollege. F:Andyouhardly everseehimnow,do you? H: No,thafs_ighr. A-d s rcetl'e_it s , beenlikethis...a fewclosefuierds... F:,.,butnotthesameonesalways .,. H:No...people havecomeandgorefor various reasons ...butthatbok...youdrift apart... Thafsjustthewaylifeis,isn'tit?| rnear,youcan'tkeepin toLrch wiih everybody, canyou? yourfriends F:5o,doyoureckon areas impoftantto youasyourfamily? H:Hmm,that'sa hardone... Unit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 Recording 4 gettingverytall, She's isf'tshe? Theydon'tseemto liketheirpresent, do lhey? Youhaven'tbeenwaitinglong,haveyou? Wecan'tleavethe partyearly,canwe? Letl goandseea filrn,shallwe? Dositdown,won'tyou? Nothing seems to begoingright,doesit? I'mbeinga bit silly,aren'tl?

Unit Unit

1 Recording

1 Recording



F:So,wouldyousaythatyou haveanyone who is a particu larlyclosefflendat the moment? H: Hrnmm .,.that'sa trickyone.Jdon'ithinkso ...really. lsuppose it'smorelikeI havea Few people thatI getonreallywellwithandhave lots - comnonwith...Brt youhavea kindo 'bestfriend', don'tyou? F:Well,yes,Argelina...deflnitely. I raear wewerebestFtiends at school,., andit'sneve. reallychanged. H:50,whatmakes hersospecial know.., different to anyone else? F :l s u p p o si e t sp a r t l y t h a l cta nt e l l h e r anything ...however awful...butthenalsothat Itellherpretiymucheverythingihat's going on withme.I mean,wetexteachotherall the time! H:Yeah...I thinkthats what'sa bitdifferent [or me.I mean,youknowmyclosestfriends, ...probabLy iamie,Paula Alex...butthey?eall verydilferent andI usually talkto themabout difierent things. F:Whatdoyoumean? H:Well...larnie's knownmeforever... andhe knowsmyparents andmywholeFamily whenever thingsaregoingonthere,he,sthe persorI goro ,,.butthenPau.a a-d I haveon _ reallygotclosein thelastcouple ofyears... but we'vebothbeenthrough somequitedijfcult relationship bitsandpieces andtalkeda lot aboutthat, youtalktoaboutallyourlove F:...that'swho lifestuffl H: Exactly... F:...andAlex... H:Yes,... Alex...well,lsuppose she'smore likemycareers adviseT really.Whenever, I haveto makesensible decisions aboutwork ...or practical things...shealways hasgood 5Uggestions.

P: Beirgin a largefamilyusually means learning to iuggle several tasksat once - makjng dinn€r whilehelpirgchildren with homework, bandaging a knee,keepirganeye onihegames o!tside,andlendlng a caring ear. However, in addition to normalfamily life,the juggleclubs,rings,torches, Boehmers balls, andanythirg elsetheycangettheirhands allstafted 22yearsagowhenLarry jobasa pipeliieworker Boehmer's tookhim awayfromhiswife,ludy,andhis4 children, andhehada lotofsparetime onhishands. Adamwasin thefirstgrade,ludy says.He canlehomeand5aidth€rewasa circus at school. Adamwantedto knowwhathisdad coulddo. ThiswasalLthemotivation Larryneeded and hedecided to occupy hisevenings in hismotel juggle. roomcorstructively, by learningto And hereis a manwho,orceheputshismindto something.. heusually finishes it.Then,at home,wherhischildren sawhimpractising, theywanted to joinin.Larryis a bigFamily man so hewasonlytoohappyaboutthat. gavetheirfirst Larryandthreeofthechildren familypedormance at anamusement parkin 1989.Fromthereit allwentFrom strength to strength. Andtodaytheyareth€largest family ofjugglers in theworld.At thenomentthey have4 boysand7 girlsbutihey?e hopingfor more, Asiudyputsit: wedidn'tp[anonthisall happening. Wherthekidssaweachother, theypicked upondifferent things. 0newould do rings,another woulddo clubs,acrobatics ortheunicycle, Beforewe knewit,wehad everybody doingsomething. Larryinsists thechildren's talents aren't inherited; it'ssimplya matterofpractice and

persistence. ltl notii thegenes. this is a skill thatbasically anybody people car do.lMost whotry to learnjuggljng giveuptoosoon,but alnostanvbody canlea- , _arry says,fveryo-e hdsa coecalirvbuitheyall haveto pracLise .. a lotlIntheendthough, doingtheshowsis tne funpart.Theyallloveit. We?eallveryexcited because we'vejustbeenasked to periomat theVatican in Rome ...a 13of uslWeplanto goin April.

Unit 1 Recording 6 M=ManW=Woman lM:So,do youlf:nk i! makes anydifierence ... whereyou're bornin thefamily? W: Deflnitely, lthinkthefirstbornchildren always havea harder timethantheothers. Parents havelotsmorerulesth€n.,.and expect so muchmore.,. M: ltotallydisagree. In myfamily, andjn othersI knou the parentswerereallycarefut to treatallihekidsthesame. Youcan'tbea verygoodparentiFyoutr€atallthechjldren difierently. W: No,that'snottrueat all.Youcanbean parentbut onceyo!'vebeef through excellent theexperienc€ of having one...well,things change ...youwillbedifferent... approach thingsdifferently. M: Thatsprobably parefts,maybe getbetterandbetter...themorechildren they have? W: thinkthere's sometruthlnthat...well ihatbcertainly whatmyold€stsistersaysl Unit

1 Recording


DiaLogue 1 M=ManW=Woman M: Hi,it'sme.Look,I'mreallysofiybutI had thismeeting andweranover.[{y bosswert on a n do n , , a . n y w a y , Io' m u t o f i tn o w a n ldw o n ' r belongI promise W:Howmuchlonger doyouthink? lvl:Halfanhourmax...lpromise. lknowwe saldI o'clock butreallytherewasnothing I couto00 ,,, Dialogue2 W :S o . . h . o w si t a l l g o i n g ? lll: Fine, fine...weteallhaving a reallygood ttme. youhaven't W: But suppose beenableto gej outmuch, M: Well,no,true...butit'sa lovely oldhouse andthereareLotsofgames andihingsto do inside...andthekidsloveexploring upin the atticandsoonsothat'sbeenok W:Thevsavit shoJldr.aarupa bil in rhelert fewdays. M:Yes,I hopeso...wereallywantto do somewalks..,thecountryside around hereis supposed to beamazing. Dialogue 3 W:So,whatdoyoufancydoirg? i!l: Well,I n€edto finishoff thisessaybeforeI comeout. W:Ok,butthen? M: I don'tknow...Doyoufancygetting something to eator,,,? W:Well,therearea couple oifilmslwouldn't m i n ds e e i n g . . . M: Onaround here? WiYeah...Wouldyoubeupforthat?

Tapescripts M r P e r h a p sr,t d e p e n d sw h i c ho n e sb e c a u s e. . D i a l o g u e4 M r S o , w e ' v en o w r e a r r a n g etdo m e e tu p o n ifiday. W r O k . . a n d w h a t e x a c t l yw e n t w r o r g t o d a y . M : W e 1 l , t h o u g h tw e h a d i t a l l a n a n g e d but apparentlh y e w a s e x p e c tn g a n e m a I conflrrnation,, W : S o ,y o u d i d n ' ts e n dh m o n e M : W e l l ,n o , I m e a ny o u s e e ,a s f a r a s I w a s D i a l o g u e5 L , l :H i . . l e n n y ? W : Y e p. . . o h h l , M i c k .W h e r ea r e y o u ?Y o u ? e v e r yl a t e r / 1 1A: h y e s ,w e l l . . d i d s e t o f f q u i t e l a t e a n d ' v e h a d o n e o r t w o . . s h a l l w es a y interesting d i v e r so n s a l o n gt h e w a y W: Are you alright? M : Y e a h y, e a h. F l n e n o w . . .y o u d i d s a yy o u w e r ei n S t a n h o p eR o a d d , i d n ' ty o u ? W : N o . . n o t S t a n h o p eR o a d. S t a n h o p e S t r e € tW , h e r ee x a c t Layr e y o u ? M : I ' r nn o i e n t i r e l ys u r eb u t I ' m i n v e r yb u s y s h o p p i n gs t r € e t t h i n k ' m n e a rW i l l e s d e n . W : W i l l e s d e nB ? u t t h a t ' sm i l e sa w a y . w h a t a r ey o u d o i n gi h e r e ?

Unit 1 Recording


M=MorganF=Friend M : S o , h a v ey o u c o m ea c r o s sG , e n e sR e u n r t e d onthe web? F : c e n € sw h a t ? M : Y o uk n o w ,I ( e F r€ n d sR e u n i t e d o n l yt h i s i s a w e b s i t ew h e r ey o u c a nt r y a n d f i n d o l d r e L a t i v easn d b u i l da f a m L yt r e € . 've F : 0 h r e a L L. y. . a l [ , a y st h o u g h tI ' d l i k et o k n o w a b i t m o r ea b o u tr n yf a m i l yi n t h e p a s t M : W e L lt,h i s i s j u s t t h e t h i n g .h ' s g r e a t .I ' v e s t a f t e dp u t t i n gt o g e t h e rm y o w n f a m i l yt r e e . F : S o , h o w f a r b a c kd o y o u k n o w ? M : W e L lI,' m p r e t t yc o n n d e nat b o u ta s F a rb a c k t si ,c e l ya n dJ o h n . a s r . y g r € a t - g r a n d p a r e nC F : Y o ud i d n ' ta c t u a L lkyn o w t h e m ,d i d y o u ? l l l : N o , u n f o r t u n a t e l yt h, € yd € d i n t h € 1 9 7 o s . B y a l I a c c o u n t tsh e y w e r ea n a r n a z i n g couple, d e v o t e dt o e a c ho t h e r, , a n d o f c o u r s et h e y ' d b e e nt h r o u g ht w o W o r l dW a r s . n e n t t h r o u g hs u c h F :Y e s. . t h a t g e n e r a t i o w a l o t . . D o y o u k n o ww h e nt h e y$ ' e r ea c t u a l l y born? F : F u n n i l ye n o u g hI d o . b e c a u s €' n y g r e a t g r a n d f a t h eJr ,o h n w , a s b o r nr i g h to n t h e t u r n o f t h e c e n t u r yi n 1 9 o o . . a n d m y g r e a t g r a n d m o t h eC r ,i c e Ljyu s t a y e a rb e f o r et h a t r n 1899 F : W o \ r .y. S o d i d t h e y h a v ec h i l d f e n . M : Y e p ,t h e y h a d t w o c h i l d r € nL a u r aa n d B e n , b o t ha r o u r d1 9 j o l t h l n k F : S o , L a u r a ' ys o u r g r a n d m o t h e rs, n ' t s h e ? ' v e h e a r dy o u i a l k a b o u i h e r ,h a v e n ' tl ? M : Y e s ,t h a t ' sr i g h t . g o a n dv i s i th e r a b o u t o n c ea r n o n t h. u p i n L e e d s , F : L sh e r h u s b a n ds t l l a l i v e ? M : l u l i a n ?N o , h e d i e d a c o u p l eo f y € a r sa g o . S o , s h € ' so n h e r o w n n o w F : S o , o b v o u s l yL a u r ai s y o u r M : . . m y r . u m ' sm o t h e r t a u r a a n dj u l i a nh a d 3 k i d s :m y m u m A l i s o na n d m y a u n t sS u ea n d Deborah. F : G o s h , 3g l r l s l l : Y e p . b u t a l l v e r yd i l i e r e n ti n c h a r a c t e r r

F:Really? l M :0 h y e s . . . h a v eI n e v e rt o l d y o u a b o u tA u n t Sue? F : d o n ' tt h i n k s o . M r W e l l s h €w a s s . . a n a n t h r o p o l o g i sat , k i n d o f a d v € n t u r er e a l L yS h e ' ss p e r t m o s t o f h e r l i f e i n a n d a r o u n dB o r n e os, t u d y i n gt h e c u t t u r er, e l i g l o na n d s o o n - S h e ' sq u i t €a n e x p e f ta p p a r € n t L y , F :A n d w a s n ' tt h e r es o m es t o r ya b o u ty o u r g r a n d m o t h e i sb r o t h € r . y o u k n o w ,B e n ? M r 0 h y e s .W e l l ,t h a t ' sa l l a b i i m y s t e r i o u s . N o o n ew l l t a l k a b o u th i m .A p p a r e n t l yh,e iLrsw t e n t o f f n h i s e a r l y2 o s a n d n o - o r ee v e r h e a r df r o mh m a g a i n .I ' m s u r es o m e t h i n gb i g h a p p e n e db u i I ' v en e v e rb e e na b l et o f i n d o u t e x a c t Lw y hat. F :W e i r d l l l l : S o , t h e nr n ym u m a n d d a d h a dj u s t m e . . . F : G r e a tb e l n ga n o n l y c h i L di s n ' ti t l ill: Sometimes F :A n d y o u ' v eg o l s o m ec o u s i n sh, a v e n ' ty o u , M i Y e s ,m y a u n t D e b o r a hh a d a s o n a n d a s y e a ro r d a u g h t e rL, e o na n d E s t h e LE s t h e r ' a ' m a f e wy e a r s s o o l d e rt h a n m e , , , a n d older thanLeonW . e a c t u a l l ya l l g o t o n r e a l l yw e l l .I u s e dt o s e et h e m q u i t ea l o t a s a k i d b e c a u s e D e b o r a ha n d h e r h u s b a n ds p l t u p w h e nt h e k i d sw e r €q u i t es m a [ . . a f d t h € yu s € dt o c o m e r o u n dt o u s n t h e h o l i d a y sa l o t l \ 4 :W € l lE s t h e rm e t a d o c t o ri n N e wZ e a l a n d w'l":h-was rd\ell gJrou-d -h- yF.-off . . a n d L e o nd v d e s h i s t i m e b e t w e e nb e n g a d i v i n gi n s t r u c i o irn t h e s u m m e r sm a i n l ya r o u n d E g y p ta n dT u r k e y a n d a s k r n g l n s t r u c t oirn In€ wtnrers, F : H a r dl i f e l M :Y € a h , l k n o w . .

Unit 2 Recording


1 R e c e n t l yI ',v er e a l i s e dt h a t i n v e s t i g a t i nagr d w r i t i n ga b o u ti m p o r t a n its s ! e si s $ r h a t r e a l l yh r a n t o d o , s o I ' m n o w c o n s i d e r i nag 'd c h a n g eo f c a r e e r . l i k et o g e t a j o b w i t h a n " w s p a p e .o . p e - l - d p 5a . p F , i a , . r a g a z i - e . 2 Y o uc o u l dc a l l m y J o ba l a b o u ro f l o v e s u p p o s e . d o n ' tg e t p a i d m u c ha n d L t ' sv e r y h a r dw o r k b u t r e a l l yl o v ew o r k i n gw i t h c h l d r e na n d r e a l l yw o u l d n ' tw a n t t o d o a n y t h i i ge l s e . 3 There'sa pretty strict careerpath for my f e l d o f w o r k .A f t e rt h e b a s c f l v ey e a r t r a i n i n gy, o u h a v et o w o r k i n v a r i o u s d f f e r e n th o s p i t a l d e p a f t m e n t o s b u i l du p e x p e r i e n c eT.h a t ' sw h a t I ' m d o i n gn o w b u t e v e n t u a l l yI ' d l i k e t o s p e c i a l i s len h e a f t 4 I ' v ef i n i s h e dm y t r a i n i n gn o w a n d I ' m g o i n g t o t a k ea y e a ro u t b e f o r eI a p p l yl o r a i o b . W n a r w a n r i o d o i 5 w o - l i n h . f l e l do l r o a d b u i l d i n ga n d t o w n p l a n n i n gb u t l ' d l i k et o f . d v e .b e l o r e g F . 9 u ' L i n o h p w l " o l ev r o r l , r nr n g 5 W h a t I r e a l l yl i k e a b o u tr n yj o b i s b e i n ga b t e t o h e l pp e o p l e .I r n e a nI g e t a g r e a td € a l o f j o b s a t i s f a c t j ofni o m k n o w i n gt h a t I ' v e h e [ p e dr n d i v ] d u a [asn d i a m i t i e sw ] t h s o m e p r e t t ys e r i o u sp r o b l e m s l j k € h a v i n g n o w h e r et o l i v e ,


2 Recording


i U = N l a r kJ = , u t i a N l : H i J u l i aW . h a ts t h e m a i t e r ?Y o ul o o ka b i t upset. 'm so fedup withwork l: 0h I doi't know a t t h e m o m e n t t ' s s o s t r e s s f uhl e r ea n d L ' m w o r k i n gl o n g e ra n d l o n g e rh o u r s .I ' r nn o t b e l n g p a i dt o d o a L L t h i s e x t r aa d m i n B a sc a l l y ,r t s goi to the stagewhere I'r. totally overworked andund€rpaidl M : I k n o w t b b e e na w f u lf o r a g e s ,h a s n ' ti t ? l : I ' m t h n k i n ga b o u tr e sg n n g a c t u a l l yI ' d l i k e t o h a v ea c o m p l e t eb r e a ( . . y o u l ( n o w M : T h a t ' sa g o o d i d e a .T h a t w o u l db e g r e a i . H a v ey o u g o t a n y p L a n s ? l : I ' m n o t s u r ey e t b u t I t h i r ( l ' l l l e a v es o o n m a y b e n t h e n e x tt w o m o n t h s ,I c a n u s et h e t i r n et o t h i n k a b o u tw h a t t o d o n e x t- . .p € r h a p s ' l l d o s o m ev o l u n t a r yw o r k o r s o r n e t h i n gO n e 've i d e ai s t o d o s o m ev o l u n t a r yw o r k a b r o a d s € e na n a d r e c e n t l ya f d I ' n g o i n gt o g e t s o m e r n o r ei n f o r m a t i o n about t. l M :Y o uc o u l dr e s e a r c h s o m es t u f f o n t h e Internet,., J : Y e s T h a t ' sa g o o d i d e a rI t h i n kI ' l l C ot o t h e l i b r a r yn o w a n dd o l t t h e r e .l t ' s m y l u n c hb r e a k a n d I ' v eg o t a t l e a s th a l l a n h o u t M : G o o di d e a lL e tm e k n o w h o w y o u g e t o n . . . l = J a n eS = S i m o n l : H o wa r e y o u ,S i m o r ?W h a t h a v ey o u b e e n doing? S : 0 h ' m f i n e ' v e b e e nm a k n g p l a n s lI ' m r e a l l ye x c i t e d . ? h a t ' sg o i r g o n ? l : 0 h ? R e a l l yW s : I ' v ed e c i d e dI ' m g o i n gt o l € a v ew o r k a n d g o b a c kt o c o l l € g €I.' m p l a n n i n gt o r e t r a i na n d d o s o m e t h i n gc o m p l e t e l dy i f f e r e tf ? e a l l yW ? h a ta r € y o u g o l n g t o d o l i : R e t r a l nR S: Well, I've alwayswanted to be a vet .. And l i i e ' st o o s h o r t , , y o u k n o w , l w a n t t o g e t o n a n d d o i t n o w rI k n o w i t ' sg o i n gt o b e h a r d w o r k b u t I ' v ed e c i d e dI ' mj u s t g o i n gt o d o i t J : W o w ,t h a t ' sg r e a t .W h e na r e y o u g o i n gt o start? S : W e l l ,i t d e p e n d so n b e i n ga c c e p t e do n t h e c o u r s et h i s y e a r I h a v €t o t a k e a n e x a mf i r s t , b u t i f a l l g o e st o p l a n ,l ' m p f o b a b l yg o i n gt o s t a f ti n S e p t e m b e r . H : H i , F r a n .D o y o u i a n c yc o m i n go u t f o r a m e a l tonightl F: Well, 'd love to but I can't l'm afraid. I'm h a v i n ga n i n t e r v i € wt o m o r r o ws o I ' m g o i n gt o l r a v ea n e a r l yn g h t . H : A n i n t e r v i e wW ? h a tf o r ? t h o u g h ty o u l l k € d w o r k i n gl o r y o u r s e l f r o mh o m e F :W e l l , t ' s b e e nO K ,a n d I s u p p o s eI l i k et h e f l e x i b l eh o u r sa n d n o t h a v l n g t oc o m m u t e a n d s t u f f ,b u 1t o b e h o n e s t ,I ' n rf e e l i n ga b i t isolated. H : Y e s , k n o ww h a t y o u m e a n . F ; l r e a l l ym i s sh a v i n gc o l l e a g u e sy,o u k n o w 5 0 'o'd l v e a p p i e d f o r t h i , o b L ' ,1 o , , , \ , o r l , s n d f i r m o f a r c h i t e c t sl t ' s a s m a l lo p e n p l a no f f i c e a n dt h e y s e e mr e a l l yf r i e n d l yo n t h e p h o n e .I ' n r m e e t i n gt h e r na t 1 0o ' c t o c kt o m o r r o wr n o r n i n g a n dt h e n h a v i n gt h € n t e r v i e wi n t h e a f t e r n o o n H : 0 h , w e l l G o o dl u c k I h o p ey o u g e t i t p=patrick,=lohn P : t h i n k ' m g o i n gi o t r y a n d l o o kl o r a n o t h e r J :W h y ?D o n ' ty o u L i k ew h e r ey o u a r e ?

Th.pescripts P:Ye9,;t's O( BurIwa t to Dep.oroteoano takeonmoreresponsibllity. I reallywanta moreseniorposition nowandtherearelots of otherpeople whoI workwithwhowillg€t thosejobsbefore me. i: Oh,youdon'tknowthat P : W e lIl d , o . t r ' n kL h e y ' . . o f5i F a l, l y r l e _ o b o t depaftmertalmanager. She'sreallygoodand she'sbeenthereages, JrOK...butwhataboutassista|t manager? P:No,Davidsgoirgtobeassistant manager He'sa bitola risingstar, isn'the?Hebbound t0 getthejob. t's obvious.He'sbeingfast, tracked Fort...youcantell...I heardhim talking to lam€saboutit. justbecause J:That's hewantsthejob. . you don'tknowif he'llgetit.

Unit 2 Recording 3 1 T h a t ' sa g o o d i d e a l t h i n k I ' l l g o t o t h e l i b r a r yi o w a n dd o i t t h e r e . 2 I ' v ed e c i d e dl ' m g o i n gt o l e a v ew o r k a n d g o b a c kt o c o l l e g € . 3 I ' m m e e t i n gt h e m a t 1 0 o ' r l o c kt o m o r r o w raorning. 4 | t h i n k t h e y ' l lo f f e rS a l l yt h e j o b o f d e p a r t m e n t aml a n a g e rS h e ' sr e a l l yg o o d a n d s h e ' sb e e nh e r €a g e s t a n a g e rI 5 D a v i di s g o i n gt o b e a s s i s t a nm h e a r dh i m t a l k i f g t o l a m e sa b o u ti t 6 H e ' sb o u n dt o g e t t h e j o b . t t ' so b v i o u s H . e\ being fast,trackedior it.


2 Recording


P:I'mstanding in theextraordinary Rock Gardens olChandigarh ir IndLa. Ard I'vespent themorning talking to NekChand, India's most visionary aftistandcteator of thesegardens. Heis a small,elderly manwitha wrinkled face and9ilvery ha'r,and,se,(Lrerely mooest aboLl hiswork I'vebeertryingto findoutwhathas drivenhimto create thesegardens, buthe toldrne,simply, OredayI started, andthenI continLred, Hismodest manner, howevet, hides anincredible story. NekChafdwasthesonofa poorlarmerand In1958hestaft€d workasa Government road insoector. A. rharrime,l- s .ity,Lha-digar' wa9 be ngdesigned andbLrilt bya famous Swiss Architeci. Chand wasiascirated bytheprocess ofdesign andconstructlon usingconcrete, and decided to buildhisown'kingdom'. Hestarted to collect rocksandoth€rbits of'rubbish, fromtheburlding sites.Secretly, hetookthese thirgsto a forestareaoutsid€ thecityand beganto buildhisgarden.t hadto bedoneir secret because hewasbuilding onlandwhich belonged to th€Government. At frst,hespeftthetimemaking wallsand pathsandbuildings. Andthenhemoved on to thesecond phase, creating over5,ooo sculptures, These provide sculptures an incredible arrayof ditferent people, figures: animals, birdsandmanyotherstrange and wonderfulcreatures, Eachoneis different and theyareallmadeofmaterialthat hadbeen thrownaway. Chand fecycles anything hecan find;oldbicycles, bricks, lumpsoiconcrete, plates, broken plugs, oldsinks,electric pebbles... thelistgoeson For18years, Chand workedon hissecret garden, everydayafterworkandevery

w e e k e n dE . v e r ym i n u t eo f h i s f r e et l r n ew a s f i l l e dw i t h w o r k i n go n t h i s h u g ep r o j e c t h a t n o b o d ye l s ek n e wa b o u t .T h e na f t e r1 8y e a r s t h e g a r d e nw a s d i s c o v e r e bd y a c c i d e n tA. t f i r ; t , C h a n dw a s a f r a i dt h a t i t w o u l d b e d e s k o y e da 5 h e h a d b u i l t i t i l l e g a l l yo n c o v e r n m e n t - o w n e d l a n d -B u t q u i c k l yp, e o p l eb e c a r n et n t e r e s t e d In i t a n dt h e G o v e r n m e nr e t a l s e dt h a t t h e g a r d e n c o u l db e c o m ea t o u r i s ta t t r a c t i o nT h e yp a i d C h a n da s m a l ls a l a r yt o w o r k o n t h e p r o j e c t f u l l t i m e a n d o n ey e a rl a i e rt h e R o c( G a r d e r w a s o f f i c i a l l yo p e n e d N o w t i s n d i a ' ss e c o n dr n o s tp o p u l a rt o u r i s t a t t r a c to n , a f t e rt h e T a jM a h a l ,w i t h 5 , o o o v i s i t o r se v e r yd a y .H i sh u g ea c h i e v e m e n t d o e s n ' ts e e mt o h a v ec h a n g e dC h a n da t a l l , h o w e v e rH e t o l d m e , I a m j u s t d o i n gm y w o r l ( E v e r y o n he a 5w o r kt h e y d o . T h i si s m i n e .H € s a y sh i s l i F ei s u t t e r l yr e g u l a r - | e a t .l s l e e p I w o r k .T o m o r r o wm o r n i n g h, e w i l l b e d o i n gt h e s a m ea s h e ' sd o i n gt o d a y .A n dt h e d a y a f t e r , h e w i l l b e d o i n gt h e s a m e .H es a y si t m a k e s h i m h a p p y ,i u s t d o i n gi t . W h i c hi s a g o o d t h j n g , b e c a u s es o o n ,h e w i l l h a v es p e n th a l f a c e n t u r y i u s t d o i n gi t .

Unit 2 Recording 6 P:Aspartofourefforts to improve thework/ lifebalance ofthepeople whoworkhere, we'vedonea smallsurvey of twenty of our employees 0neofthethingswewanted to findoutwashowp€ople spendtheirtime whenthey're notworkiig.Everyone in the surveywas agedbetween 21and3oandthese aretlreresults. Firstly, nearly hallthegroupregularly works lat€at theoffice. in fact,9 outof 20people stayatwork lateat leastthree t mesevery week.However, hardlyanyofthenrthought thiswasa badthing.Only3 ofthenrin fact. 25%of thegrouphaddon€voluntaTy workat sometirnerf theirlives,butonly1o7o were doingit now. Next,aboutevening classesr thegroupas a wholewaskeenondoingextraclasses or activities. Thevastmajority saytheydo at least oneevening cLass, mostlyeithersomekind ofsportor artclass.0nly a smallminority of questroned thepeople wouldliketo do nrore evening classes, however. t'snotsurprising tooperhaps, thatmanypeople aredoing,or havedone,somekindof onlin€course, mostly prospects to improve therrcareer byg€tting fLrft herqualiflcations. [ve'vone,did rhala goodwavot rela,ing !.rd\ watching TVor a DVD,butnobody likeddoing thiseveryevening. Orlya fewp€ople saidthe, switch€d theircomputer on everyevening, with visiting chatroorns beingthemostpopular Themajority ofthegrouppreferred being withfii€nds or familyratherthanb€irgon theirownasa wayof relaxing 50%saidthey ioundit easyto switchoffafterworkbutthe vastrnaiority oipeoplesaidtheywouldlike to change theirwork/life balance. lt/osisaid th€ywantto worklessandmakemoretimefor IIem5eLVes,

Unit 2 Recording' I Dialogue 1 l=lnterviewer K=Karen l: lt'sKaren Goodman, isn'tit? K: Err...yes... l: HelloGren.Pleased to meetyou,Mynarne's Michael Hafiison. Comeandsitdown. K:Tharkyou l: So,thankyouforapplying forthejoband comingtothe interviewtoday. First, td l;keto askyouaboutyourexperience. Inyourlettet yousayyouveworkedin anofficebelore, Tell rneabouttftat,,, K:0h well,it wasagesagoactually l: 0K...well,whatdidyoudo there? K: Nothing muchreally.. wasiustan assistant ,,,Youknou ans\rering thephone andstuff.. Dialogue 2 l=lnterviewerl=lenny I: Ah . thereyouare... l: 0h dear.I'msosorry.. l: Let'ssee...Youarelenny, aren'tyou?Jenny Scott? j: Yes,that'sright. 'm Peterlvlanning, l: Well,comein Jenny. Headof theEcononics departnent ard I'lIbe youtoday, interviewirg Veryniceto seeyou, Thankyouforcoming verysorry. I thought Ji I'mreaLly it wouldbea journey. muchquicker Thetraificwasterrible ard ihenI coutdn't findthebuilding. l: 0K...canI startthenbyasking youabout yourreasons forapplying forthecourse? Whatdoyouthinkyoud getfiomstudying jenny? Economics in thisparticular university, Dialogue 3 I=lnteruiewer L=Liz l: OK .. let'smoveon,Liz.You've talkedabout yourexperience to date.Now,'d liketo know aboutyourpLans forthefutLrre. Whatareyour ola'<b'lle lu-ure,er'ssavfo. L e .ve ypac iollowing thecourse? L:Oh,umm.. well,I'dreallyliketo dothisand then,rnaybe stayin thesamebusiness fora whilewherl'vefinshedmydegree ...umm.. I'nrnotreally surewhat wanttodoafterthat really. / mean,l! loveto studyher€.I think 'd geta lotoutof it as wellashaving a lotto offer,but.. er...afterthat,well,I don'tkrow at themoment. I haven't reallythought about that l: Doyouseecatering asa Long-tetm thingr yourlifeofjustfortheshort-terrn? L: 'mjustthirkingshorttermatthemornent .. reallyhaven't thought aboutthefuture... don'tknowhowl'mgoingto feel.I suppose should thinka bitfurther aheadbut .. Dialogue 4 l=lnterviewer L=Linda l: Well,thankyouverymuchfortalking to me today, Linda. We?€comingto theendofthe interview now ls thereanythingthatyoud like to askme? L:Yes,do havea question, ifthat'sOK. l: Ofcourse, Fireaway, L:Well,I waswondering aboutprornotion prospects. Obviously I'mkeenonstayngin th€ joLrrnalism busnessandI'dliketo knowwhat klid olopportunities theremightbe. l: That's a goodquestior. Wearevery interested in theprofessionaL development

Tapescripts o f o u r s t a f fa n d o f f e rm a n yo p p o r t u n i € t s for f u r t h e rt r a i n l n ga n d p r o r n o t i o nw r t hn t h € c o m p a n yTrh er l g h tp e r s o nc a n b e p r o m o t e d t o a p o s i t i o ns u c ha s s e n i o re d i t o ra f d w e a r e a l w a y sl o o( i n g l o r p e o p l et o r a a n a g ec o r n p l e t e l y n e w m a g a z i n e sA n y t h i n ge l s e ? L : C o u l dy o u t e l l m e w h e ny o u ' r eg o i n gt o m a k e y o u rd e c i s i o n ? l : I ' v eg o t s o m eo t h e rc a r d i d a t e sw h o ' l l b e i n t e r ve ! . r i n gt h s a f t e r n o o nb, u t w e ' I l e t y o u k n o w b y t o m o r r o wa f t e r n o o n L : T h a n ky o u v € r ym u c h Unit

2 Recording


l r T h a n ky o u f o r a p p l y l n gf o r t h e j o b a n d c o m i n g t o t h e i n t e r v i € wt o d a y . I ' d l l k e t o a s ky o u a b o ! t y o u re x p e r i e n c e Y o us a y y o ! ' v e w o r k e di n a n o l F i c eb e f o r e T e l l m e a b o u tt h a t . 'nr P e t e rl \ 4 a n n i nagn d ' l l b e i n t e r v i e w i nygo u to0ay. C a nI s t a r tb y a s k i n gy o u a b o L ryt o u r r e a s o n sf o r a p p l yn g f o r t h e c o u r s e l W h a ta r ey o u r p l a n sf o r t h e f u t u r e ? Unit

3 Recording


P : l J n t i l t h e3 r d c e n t u r yB c ,C a r t h a g eh a d b e e na p o w e r i u cl i t yw h i c hc o n t r o l l e dr n o s t o i t h e l \ 4 e d i t e r r a n eS an e a F o r t h ep r e v i o u s f e w h u n d r e dy e a r s ,t h e C a r t h a gn i a n s h a d b e e nt r a d i n gw i t h p e o p l ei n l n d i aa n d t h e l v l e d i t e r r a n e a nr e a .f h e r e h a d b e € n r n a n yb a t t l e sb e t w e e nt h e R o m a n sa n d t h e C a r t h a g i n i a nt os t r y t o c o n t r o lt h € a r e a A l t h o u g hC , a r t h a g eh a dt a k e nc o n t r o l o f r n a n y m p o r t a n tp l a c e st,h e y h a d n ' tm a n a g € dt o t a k e S i c l y ,t h e i s l a n do r t h e i rd o o r s t e pS . o ,w h e n t h e R o m a n s w o nt o t a l c o n t r o l o i S l c i l yC, a r t h a g e d e c i d e dt o a t t a c kR o m e . T h e l e a d e ro i t h e a i t a c kw a s a b r i l la n t y o u n g g e n e r acLa l l e dH a n n i b a lH . e h a d4 0 w a r e l e p h a n t st,r a i n e dt o c h a r g ea t t h e e n e m yA s H a n n i b a l 'as r r n yw a s m a r c h i n gn o t h w a r d s t o w a r d st h € A l p s ,s o l d i e r sF r o mS p a i na r d o t h e r a r e a sl o i n e dt h e m T h ei c y m o u n t a i n sw e r e d i f f c u l t t o c r o s s ,h o w e v e ra, n d b y t h e t i m e t h e , r e a c h e dl t a L yn 2 1 8B c ,m a n yo f h i s s o l d i e r sa n d e l e p h a n t sh a d d L e dT. h e yf a m o u s l yw o n t h r e e b a r - l " sb - l i n l h e F n d L le R o n a " w e r e\ l ' o - g e ' a n d t h e y t o o k t h e c i t yo f C a f t h a g e

Unit 3 Recording


D i a l o g u el W = W o m a nl V = M a n W : B m . . i i ' s r e a l l yc o l dt o d a y ,i s n ' ti t ? [ 4 : Y e a h, , d o y o u w a n t t o b o r r o wm y j u m p e r ? W : W e l l ,I d o n ' tt h i n k w i l l , t h a n k s T . r o u b l ei s I c a n ' tw e a rw o o I b e c a u s ei t m a k e sm y s k i n r r c n y_ . M : O h d e a r d o e si t ?W e l l ,l ' v eg o t a c o t t o n j a c k e ti n t h e b a c ko f m y c a r . . D i a l o g u e2 W 1 :H e y ,I l i k ey o u rj e a n s . . W 2 : T h a n k st h e y ? eI c e , a r e n ' tl h e y ?| b o u g h t t h e my € s t e r d a y , , W 1 :T h e yr e a l l ys u i t y o u . W 2 : M m m . . t h i n kt h e d e n i m ' sg o t L y c r ai n i i , s o t h e y f e e Lq u l t es t r € t c h ya n dv e r yc o m i o r i a b L e D i a l o g u e3

M: What's thematter? W:0h . it'sa realpain.I gotthes€loveLy buti thinkI'mallergic earrings forrnyb rthday, to themLook,myeafshavegoneredafd s0I€,,,

y a i n f u lY o um u s t n ' t M : 0 h y e s , t h e yl o o k r e a l L p W : N o , I r l ' - | . d n o l v , ^ e " r r e . l g o r do s i e i e w € l l e r y. . t h e ys e e mt o b e 0 K . D i a l o g u e4 W : I b o u g h tm y n e p h e wa r € a l l yn i c et o y t r a i n m a d eo f w o o d f o r h i s b i r t h d a y . .b u t l d o n ' t t h i r k h e e v e rp l a y sw i t h i t . . N l :0 h ? R e a l l y W ? h yn o t ? W r o h I d o n ' t k n o w . . l o v ew o o d e f t o y s b u t t h i n k m o s tk i d sp r e f e rp l a s t i co n e s . y o ! k n o l , \trh, e a d u l t sl i k ew o o d ,b L r tl h e c h i l d r e n w a n t p l a s t i c l O rb e t t e rs t L l lc, o m p L l t €gra m e s, D i a l o g u e5 W : Y o uk n o w m y f r r e n dS y L v i aS?h € ' sa v€getarian,, M r 0 h , y e s. . m e t h e ra t y o u r p a r t y , t h i n k W : Y e s ,t h a t ' sr l g h t .W e l l ,s h e w a st e l l i n gm e . . o b v i o u s l ys h e d o e s n ' ta g r e eh , i t he a t i n g a n i m a l sb, L l ts h e a l s ow o n ' t w € a ra n l m a l pr0dLrcts l $ i 0 h . . r i g h t N o f u r c o a t st h e n l W : N o , c e r t a i n l yn o t i u r , b u t s h e w o n ' t u s e r _ / h i n gr a d e o l l e . . l ^ p re l " " r s h o e s ,b a g s , coats nothing.

Unit 3 Recording 4 P=Presenter E=Expert

t h i n g st h a tw e t a k ef o r g r a n t e dt o d a y ,l i k e s i l k , p o r c e l a i nt,h e k i l e a n de v e nt h e u m b r e l l a l P : A n d w e h a v et h e C h f e s e t o t h a n kf o r f r e w o r G , d o n ' tw e ? E r Y e st,h a t ' sr i g h t l n t h e 8 t h c e n t u r yt,h e C h i n e s ed i s c o v e r e gd u n p o w d e rA. n d b y t h e l o t h c e n t u r yi,i w a s b e i n gu s e dt o m a k e I r e w o r k s ,t h e g u n ,t h e r o c k e ta r d t h e b o r n b , , ,s o i t e v e n t u a l l yh a d a h u g e n f l u e n c eo n t h e w h o l ew o r l do f c o u r s eA . n o t h e rm a j o r f v e f t i o n w a s a m a c h i n ef o r m a k i f g c a s tl t o f , w h i c ht h e yf i r s td e v e l o p e di n t h e 6 t h c e n t u r y BC P rW o w T h a tr e a l l yi s a l o n gt i m e a g o lT h a t m u s t h a v €m a d ea b i g d i f f e r e n cteo p e o p l e ' s LtveS r00 E : T h a t ' sr i g h t A l o t o l i r o n w a s u s e di o r n asIncreased a g r i c u l t u r at o l o l s ,s o p r o d u c t r o w h u g e l y . w h i c hb r i n g sn r eq u i t en i c e l yt o t h e p r - " s e nrte a l l y . . t. o t h e ' N o w ' . . .t o p r e s e n i - d a y China.. P : s a g r i c u l i u r apLr o d u c to n b i g i n C h i n an o w ? E : W € l l ,y e s ,t h e r e ' sa l o t o f a g r i c u l t u r e. . a b o u t 1 5 %o f t h e e c o n o m yi s b a s e do n a g r l c u l t u r e . Y o uk n o w ,t h n g s l i k e r i c € ,t e a ,c o t t o na f d [ s h . , B u t i t ' s c e r t a i n l yn o t l u s t c o u r t r y s i d ea n d a g r i c ! l i u r eT, h e r ea r e s o r a eh u g e ,m o d e r n c i t i e sl i ( e S h a n g h aai n d i n d u s t r yi s h u g e i n C h i n an o w ,a n d € x p a n d i n ga l l t h e t i m e P r o d u c t r oonf i r o n i s g r o w i n ga t a r a t eo f a b o u l 2 2 7 oa y e a r n C h n a a t t h e m o m e n t P rT h a t ' sc e f t a i n l ya b o o m i n gi n d u s t r y. . 5 o w h a t o t h e r n d u s t r i e sa r € l m p o r t a n ti n C h i n a

P : H e l l o ,w e l c o m et o t o d a y ' se d i t i o no i l h e , d n d f i o w T o d a yw e ? €t a l k i n ga b o u ta n incredible c o u n t r yw , t h a f a s c i n a t i n cgu l t u r e a n d a l o n gh i s t o r yg o i n gb a c( o v e l S o o oy e a T s . . e f u q l s h u s e t yr i c hi n a r t a n d c u [ t u r €a, n d i t s l o o d a n dt r a d t o n s a r ew e l l k n o w na r o u f d t h e w o r l d B u t t w o a s p e c t so f C h i n aa r e p p r l ' . p , l € .. e _ \ . o w n . f \ l v h i ) v o .r c o u - r r y h a s a l o n g h i s i o r yo f i n v e n t i n gt h i n g sa n d s € c o n d l yn , r e c e n ty e a r sh a ss t a r t e dt o f L o u r j s h y ithultra. a s a n i n r p o r t a ngt l o b a l € c o n o mw m o d e r nc i t i e sa n d m a n yb o o mn g n d u s t f i e s , T o d a yw e ' v eg o t C h i n ae x p e r tS a n d r aB e n n i n g h e r et o t e I u s a l La b o u tt h i s f l o u r i s h i n s' L a n d o f i n v e n t i o n 'H e l l oS a n d r a . E :H e l L o P i W e l Lt,h l s p r o g r a n r mi€s c a l l e dT h e na n d 'Then' N o w . . ,s o l e t ' ss t a r tw i t h . . .C h i r a ' s 'land h i s t o r ya, n d t h i s i d e ao f a o l i n v e n t i o n.'. k n e w t h a t t h e C h i n e s ei n v e n t e dp a p e r ,b u t I m u s t a d r n i t ,I d i d n ' tk n o wt h a t t h e y f v e n t e d s o m a n yo t h e ri m p o r t a n t h i n g s .B e f o r ew € ' . l l d b o - tl L o s " . , | " n v o " T i n d : . b o L ': 1 9 lqy or paper? E : Y e s .l t w a s i n 1 0 5A Dt h a t p a p e r n r a k i nwga s p e r f e c t e di n C h i n aT h ef i r s l p a p e rw a s r n a d e o f s i l k .W e l l ,i t w a s r € a l l yt h e w a s t ef t o m s i l k m a k i n gw , h l c ht h e y p u L p e du p t o m a k ep i p g l P : 0 f c o u r s e p, a p e rh a d a n e n o r m o u si m p a c t o n C h i n ad , i d n ' ti t ? , n d t h e np r i n t i n g i,t m e a n t E : Y e s ,w i t h p a p e r a p e o p l ec o u l dg e t n f o r m a t i o nm u c hm o r e eas Ly, P : S o ,w h a t e l s ed d t h e C h i n e s ei n v e n t ? E : W € l l ,q u i t €a f e w s i m p l eb u t i m p o r t a n t l l i n q s . . I f l - r o n a o f L h er i T p l : - L r \ o r l o n < wa. r'e \rh"elbo\FnLpd rourd-2o rD,

E : W e l l ,s o r n a n yo f t h e t h i n g sw e b u y a r e r n a d e i n C h i n aa , r e n ' t h e y ?I n d u s t r i apl r o d u c i i o n a c c o u n t sl o f o v e rh a l l o f C h i n a ' se c o n o m i c w e a l . l - i, n c l - d i n g, - . h . o - . u r e r i e n , d , l o y , , c l o t h e ss, h o e s ,c a r sa n d e l e c t r o n igc o o d s ,a s w e l l a s t h e h e a v i e lrn d u s t r i apl r o d u c t sl i k e iron.

w h i c hr n e a n ti h a t e n o r r n o u sl o a d sc o u l db e c a r r i € db y j u s t o n e p € r s o n- . .A s w e l La s o t h e r

D : 0 h ? A r ey o L vr e r yb u s ya t t h e m o m e n t ? [ 4 : W e l Ly, e s . . d i d n ' tI t e l l y o u l ' m d o i n ga

Unit 3 Recording W=Woman M=Man


W : S o ,w h a t d o y o u t h i n k ? M : W e L l ,t h i n kt h e f i r s to n e j s € a s y .I m e a n , n e f r \ e l o d o . d p o n _ h 6 l L - F n6 o q ' r p o l J n , i n v e n t i o ne s v e r, , S o , i o r t h e f i r s to n e ,d o y o u a g r e et h a t t h e c o m p u t e irs d e f i n i t e l yt h e m o s t irnportant? W : W e l l ,m a y b e. . .b u t l s n ' i i t t r u et h a t w e w o u l d n ' th a v ec o m p u t e r w s i t h o u te l e c t r i c i t y ? 5 0 , r e a L l lyt h i n k t h a t t h e i n v e n t i o no f t h e l i g h t b u l b a n d d i s c o v e r i negl e c t rc t y i s i n c r e d i b l y ; m p o r i a n iW . h a ta b o u ty o u ? M : l \ , \ m m s u p p o s ey o u ? er i g h t . . H o wd o y o u f e e l a b o u tt h e t e l e vs i o nt h e n ? W : t ' s s i m i l a rt o t h e c o m p u t e r e a L l yLr n e a n , a g a l n ,w e w o u l d n ' th a v et h e t e l € v i s i o n withou e l e c t r i c i i yw, o u l dw e ? M : O K ,s o s h a l I w ed e c i d eo n t h e l i g h tb u l b f o r the f rstone? W : Y e s ,f i n € A n dw h a t e l s ed o y o u t h i n kl s important?

Unit 3 Recording a D = D e b b i eM = M a d i n D : H i l ] , 4 a l t i nH o w ' si t g o i n g ? l M :0 h h i .Y € a h ,I ' n rf i n e b u t a b i t t r e d ,y o u

Tapescripts c o u r s e ?M o s t l yo f l i n e , a n da l s oo n e d a y a w e e k i n c o l l e g el.t ' s r e a l l yh a r dw o r k . D : N o .I d i d r ' t k n o w .W h a t s i t ? M : l t ' s a l o n gs t o r y ,b u t w h a t I ' m d o i n gi s t r y i f i g t o g e t a b a s i cq u a l i f i c a t i oinn m a t h s . . D : i v l a t h sB ? u t l t h o u g h i y o u h a t e dm a t h s l l l : W e l l ,y e s . t w a s d e f i n i t e l ym y w o r s ts u b l e c t a ' s , h o o l ,| ' e a l v r d _ e ai Lt - e n , I r a d a n a w - u . t e a c h e ra n d I d i d n ' tu n d e r s t a n d a thingl D:Sowhy do youwantto do it now? M i I d o n ' tw a n tt o . . .b u t I n e e dt o L o o k i n g b a c k ,I w i s h l d s t u d i e dh a r d e ra t s c h o o la n d j u s t d o n e i t , b e c a u s eI r e a L Lnye e di t n o w .I w a n t t o r e t r a i nt o b e a t e a c h e r , D : A m a t h st e a c h e r ? l M : N o rI w a n tt o b e a h i s t o r yt e a c h e rb, u t i n t h e u K , y o u h a v et o h a v ea b a s r cm a t h s q L r a l i f l c a t i ot on t r a i nt o b e a n y k i n do l t e a c h e r D : R e a l l yT ? h a td o e s n ' ts e e mf a i r M : W e l l ,t h a t ' st h e r u l e s lN o w I ' m o l d e r a n d w i s e r l- | r e a l i s et h a t s t u d y i n gh a r da r d p a s s i n ge x a m sg i v e sy o u m o r ec h o t c ei n l i f e , T h a t ' so n e o f t h e b j g g e s tl e s s o n sl , v el e a r n e d D : I s u p p o s ey o u t e r i g h t .B u t i t ' s o n l yw i t h t h e b e n e f i to l h i n d s i g htth a t y o u r e a l i s et h e s e t h i n g s. . W h e ny o u t e y o u n g ,y o u o f t e nc a n ' t s e et h e p o r n to f s o r . e t h i n g s , , ,I m e a n ,i t S d i f f i c L rtl oi s e et h e p o t n to f i t r e a l l y. . H o ww e r e y o u t o k n o wt h a t d o i n gw e l l i r m a t h st h e n , w o J l d h e l oy o u b e ( o T e a h i s t o y t e a L l - enr o w .

Unit 4 Recording


W: 'mverydifferent to rnybrother I think... I m notverygoodattaking risks whereas he l o v e si t . T h e m a d d e s t h i n gI t h l f k h e ' sd o n e w a sj u s t a f t e rh e f i n i s h e du n i v e r s i t yH. e a n d a k i e d o e c i o e dl o g o D Vl r o r o . o i k ef r o n r h p t o p o l A f r i . a l o t ' l e o o t t o - r .- o . y o a r ci t - a o o e F na k i n d o f o b s e s s i o nw i t h h i m ,s o m e t h i n gh e j u s t f a d o d o . . . a n o h e o i d l . I T e a n , r n , a s nt a l , p l a i ns a l i n g b u t t h e y m a d ei t o n e p i e c ea n d h a d ) o 1 1 ea l r a l i n g a d v e - t L . e sa l o q t h e w a y . d o ' h i - \ h e s n , r " d o l vb r a v eA. c r u ay , v e j u s r b e e no f f e r € da c h a n r et o b e p a f t o f a s a i l i n g e x p e d i t r o rt o t h e G a l a p a g olss l a n d sl., v e a l w a y sh a d a d r e a mo f d o i r g s o m e t h i n gt i k e i h i 5 b u t n e v e rt h o u g h ti t m i g h tr e a l l yh a p p e n . I t w i l l m e a ng i v i n gu p r n yl o b a n d ' m n o t s u r e w h a t I ' L l d ow h e nI g e t b a c kb u t ' m s u r ei t w o u L db e a n a m a z i n ge x p e t i e n c e .

Unit 4 Recording 2 W:.. andnowhere's oneforallofyouin offices working at desksor computers Basically it relieves tension in theneck,back andshouLders andit alsoircreases lung capacity. Firstplaceyourfingertrps or yourshoulders w t " e l b o wI rg - t 1 + 6 1 o r y o _| e n , o r e a t - F Inceeply, Now,whilebreathing out,dropyourchinonto yourchestard bringyourelbows together in frontofyourbody. Finally, whilebreathing out,liftyourheadup andbdcl,d awi g yourelbow5 oa. . a5tl-oJgh theywantto touchbehind yourback. Repeat thistentimes.

Unit 4 Recording 3 M : O n eo f t h e b e s t t h i n g sw e d i d o n h o l i d a y was to go whitewater rafting, However, was a b i t n € w o u sa t f r s t w h e nt h e yt o l d u s w e i a d t o 5 i g ns o n e t l " - g w h i ,h b . s i c a l l ys a i dw e w o u L d n 'ht o l d t h e c o r n p a n yr e s p o n s i b lief w e q o r i n i . . e d o . d i . d l A r v w d v ,t r e g r v i n . - a r g e o f o u r b o a tg a v eu s s o m ei n s t r u c t i o n beiore we started off. we had to wear lifejac(ets of c o u r s eb u t I w a s q u i t es u r p r i s e dt h a t w e d i d n ' t h a v et o w e a ra n y k r n do l c r a s hh e l r n e tW , e w e r ea l s os u p p o s e dt o w e a r t r a i n e r sb u t l d f o r g o t t e nn r i n es o I h a d t o w e a rm y s a n d a l s , F j i a l l y ,w e g o t g o i n ga n dt h e h r h o l et h j n gw a s f a n t a s t i c . T h e rwee r e8 o f u s i n a b o a ta f d t ' F r e e a y w a sa l o t o f ' w h p w " t e r ' . I w a s a b i r l i l \ eb e i l g o - d r o l l e r c o a s r ear- o | - e a - y f c I i n a t o n e p o i n t .T h eo n et h i n g I ' m s o r r ya b o u t s t h a t d i d n ' tg e t a n y p h o t o s l s h o u l d h a v e t a ( e n m y c a m e r ab u t l w a s a f r a i d w o u l dd r o p it in the water

Unit 4 Recording M=Man W=Woman


M : S o . . .d i d y o u g o a n d s e ei t i n t h e e n d ? W : Y e a h y, e a h. . I s a i dI w o u l d ,d i d r ' t ? I V IY: o uo f t e ns a yy o u ' l ld o t h i n g sb u t . . W : O k ,o k . . w e t l t h i st i m e Ld r d . . . W : Y o uw e r er i g h t . . .i t w a s p r e t t yg o o d M : P r e t t yg o o d l ?C o m eo n . . . i t w a s m u c h , m u c hb e t t e rt h a nt h a t . t h i n k i t ' s t h e f i l m w h i c h ' v e e n l o y e dm o s tt h i s y e a r . W : R e a t l y l?d o l i k e C l i n tE a s t w o o db u t I s u p p o s eI ' v en e v e rr e a l l yb e e nt h a t i n t o f i l m s aboLrtboxing. M : 0 k . . b u t i t ' s n o t r e a l l ya b o u tb o x i n gi s i t ? W: sn't it? .lmear oneofthe main c h a r a c t e rrsu n sa b o x i n gg y m , , , a n dt h e o t h e r w a n t st o b e a b o x i n gc h a m p i o n , M : T h a t ' sa l l t r u e b u t t h e r e ' sa l o t m o r et o i t t h a nt h a t .T h e r ea r es o m a n yd i f f e r e ntth e m e s r u n n i n gt h r o u g ht h e F l l m . W : S u c ha s ? M i W e l l ,r i s k ,i o r o n e . W : W h a td o y o u m e a n ? l \ 4 :W e l l y o uk n o wa t t h e b e g i n n l n go l t h e i l m , o n e o [ C n [ f d ' . w o o d s r o s r p o r s i n gb o r e r s l e a v e sh i m j u s t a s h e h a sa c h a n c et o r n a k et h e bigtime. W : 0 h y e s ,t h a t ' sr i g h t . . .d o e s n ' th e g o o f f w i t h a n o t h e rp r o m o t e ro r s o m e t h i n g , . M : Y " D a f t e ' y e d r so l r a i n i n gi n . h eg y r w i . h t h e C l i n tE a s t w o o dc h a r a c t e A r .n d a c t u a l l yt,t ' s b e c a u s eC l i n tw o n ' tt a k e a r i s kw i t h h i m . W : H ew o n ' t p u t h i m u p f o r a b t g c h a m p i o n s h i p r ill ... f l g h t. . . a n dt h e o t h e rp r o m o t e w M : E x a c t l yT.h eC l i n tc h a r a c t epr l a y ss a f e H e ' s j u s t t o o c a u t i o u sA. n dt h e n t h i s y o u n gw o m a n h o p e f u l t u r n su p - . . W : S h e ' db e e nw o r k i n gi n a c a F 6b e f o r es h e w e n t t o t h e g y r n . b u t d r e a m l n go f b e i f g a c h a r n p i o nb o x e r , W : B L r It t h o u g h th e d i d n ' tw a n t t o t a k eh e r o n b e c a u s es h e w a sa w o r n a no r a ' g i r le ' a s h e p u t s i t , , n o t b e c a u s et w a s a ' r i s k ' , , . M : W e l l ,a t f i r s ty e s . . . b u t w h e ns h e a c t u a l l y t u r n so u t t o b e r e a l l yg o o d . . . t h e n h e l a c e s a n o t h e rr i s k , W : Y o um e a n ,h e ' l l t r a i nh e r u p a n dt h e n s h e ' l l l e a v eh i m

M : E x a c t l y . .a. n dt h a t n e a r l yd o e sh a p p e n , d o e s n ' tl t ? W : 0 h y e s ,t h a t l r i g h t . . b u t s h e s t i c k sw i t h C l i r t i n t h e e n d . . . t h a n kg o o d n e s s l l v l :T h e nt h e r e ' sa k i n do f e m o t i o n arLi s k h e t a K e st o o . , . W : Y o um e a i a b o u tg e t t i n gt o o i n v o l v e dw t h her? l l l : W e l l ,y e s . . .y o u r e m e m b ehr o w h e k e e p s w r i t i n gt o h i s d a u g h t e ra n d n e v e rg e t t i n ga n y replies... W : Y e s ,I n e v e r w o r k e do u t w h a t t h a t w a s a l l a b o u t . , .I m e a n ,t h e r e ' so b v i o u s l ys o m es t o r y . . s o m e t h i n gh a s h a p p e n e dw h i c hw e n e v e r r e a l l yf i n d o L r a t bout. M : Y e s. . .w e l l . . . i n t h e f i l m . . . l t h i n k t h e r e ' sa g r o w i n ge m o t i o n acl o n n e c t i o b n e t w e e nt h e m . , .a d q i v e n w ' a lh a o p e n ewo t l -" 5 o d u g r r e r . . .i h a t s a b i g r l s k t h a t s h e l t a k i n g t o o . . W : I s e ew h a I v o u r e a n . I h a d n \ r e a . l yl o o k e o a t r t L i k et h a t b e f o r e. . . b u t n o w y o u s a y i t . . . l l l : n e a n o b vo - s y h e r e s l o r s o l o L h e . s l u l t o o . . . w e r e n ' ty o u s h o c k e db y w h a t h a p p e n e d L nh e r b i g c h a m p i o n s h ifpi g h t ? W : 0 h w o w y e s . . I c o u l d n ' tb e l i e v ei i . . .

Unit 4 Recording 7 W i W e l l. . . o b v i o u s l yb o t h p h o t o sa r e o f s o m e o n ed o i n gt h e s a m et h i n g b u t i n v e r y d i f f e r e nst i t u a t i o r s l I. g u e s st h e f i r s tg u y i s o n e o f t h o s e p e o p l ew h o s er e a l L iyn t o r i s k - t a k i n g . . . y o u k n o w ,e x t r e m es p o r t sa n d s t u f f !N o t l i k e t h e s e c o n dg u y l S o . . .t h e y l e b o t h i r o n i n g I. n t h e f i r s tp i c t u r e , I c a ns e e a y o u n gm a n i r o n i n gs o m €k i n do f l r r o w nt - s h i r to r s w e a t s h i rot r s o m e t h i n gB, u t t h e i r o n i n gb o a r di s s o r n e h o wf i x e db e t w e e n t h e s i d e so F a r a v r n eI. c a n ' ti m a g i i eh o w h e g o t t h e r ew i t h t h e r r o n i n gb o a r d . a n d h o w h e m a n a g e st o s t a yt h e r eh i m s e l l t ' s a r n a z i n g , O n t h e o t h e rh a n d ,t h e s e c o n dp i c t u r ei s o f a r n u c hm o r eo r d i n a r ys i t u a t i o nA. m i d d l e a g e dm a f i s d o i n gt h e | l o n i n gi n h i s k i t c h e r h i s w i f e m i g h tb e o u t a t w o r k .H e i s a l s o l o o k i n ga f t e rh i s c h i l d r e n. . . b u t n o t v e r y w e l l lS t r a n g e l yt h, e g u y i n t h e f l r s t p i c t u r e l o o k sm o r er e l a x e dt h a n t h e m a n i r t h e s e c o n dp i c t u r e e, v e nt h o u g hi t m u s tb e v e r y d a n g e r o u s . l \ , l a yibt be b e c a u s eh e d o e s n ' t h a v es o m u c hi r o f i n g t o d o . , , a n d h e d o e s n ' t h a v et o l o o ka f t e ra n y c h i l d r e n|l ( n o w I h a t e i r o n i n gb u t I a m a l s os c a r e do l h e i g h t sa n d c l i r n b i n g . .s. o w o u l d n ' tl i k et o b e i n e i t h e r situatronl

Unit 4 Recording


P : l o - g ,l e - g - h .p n q t h er q L o n ,s h o r t e - . w i d e , w i d t h ,w i d e n ;b r o a d ,b r e a d t h b , r o a d e n h; i g h , h e r g h t h, e i g h t e nd; e e p ,d e p t h ,d e e p e n ;l o w ,

Unit 5 Recording


5=5imonC=Camilla 5: 0h ...ld iorgotten aboutthisphoto.cosh.. thisbringsbacka fewmemories C:Really . . sowhois this?lt'snotyourmurn rsit?Andwhereis it?lsthatwhenyoulivedin southLondon? S:Yes...that'sright.That's wherernyparents livedforyearsandwhereI wasbrought up.

Tapescripts t w a st h l s h u g er a m b l i n go l d h o u s e A . ctually w e j u s t r e n t e do n e f l o o ro f i t . b u t a l o t o f t h e r e s to i i t w a sj u s t e m p t y . . a n d w € h a d t h s e n 0 f m o u sg a r d e np, r e t t ym u c ht o o u r s e l v e s , C:So isthai you in thegarden 5 : Y e p . h a v e n ' tc h a n g e da b i t h a v € ? T h a t ' s a c t u a l l yM u r i e lI ' mw i t h . ' v e i o l d y o u a b o u t r5 h e r ,h a v e n ' tl ? C:umm . maybe remlndrne 5 : W e L lb, a s i c a L Lmyy, m u m w a s n ' tv e r yw e l l w d s b o r - J 1 d < o\ h e "h"r " T p o l e d l \ 4 u ' e l. o c o m e n a n d l o o ka f t e rm e a l o t o f t h e d a y .S h e w a s a t r a n € dc h i l d r e n ' n s a n n yT. h ei d e aw a s t e a r o u n df o r a f e w m o n t h s. . thai shedjLrsb b u i i n t h e e n d s h e s t a y e du n t i l w a s n e a r l y7 . S h ew a s r e a l L iyr n p o r t a ntto m e . a n d ' m s t i l l l n t o u c hw i t h h e r a n d h e r l a m i l y 25 C :W o w . . .t h a l ' sb r i l L i a n t . S i Y e a h. . n f a c t t h i n k t h i s i s o n e o f m y i a v o u r i t €p h o t o so i a l l . 5 h e w a s a n a r n a z i n g p e r s o na n d p a r t t yb e c a u s eo f h e r I h a v er e a l l y g r € a tm e m o r i e so f m y c h i l d h o o dI m € a n . s h e w a s r e a l l yg o o d f u n . W e h , e r ea l w a y sd o i n g interesn t g l h n g s b u t a t t h e s a m et m e y o u c o u l d n ' tm e s sa r o u n dw i t h h e r .W h e r s h e t o l d y o ui o d o s o m e t h i n yg o, u d i d i t N o a r g u i n g.. t h a tw a s f o r s ur e l 35 C : S h es o u n d sg r e a t . S o ,w h a t k i n d o l c h i l d w e r ey o u I b e t y o u w e r €n a u g h t y S : I t 4 e ?N ? o l w a s a m o d € l c h i l dA c t u a L l yI d , d a l o t o f t h i n g sv e r yq u i c k l yi o r m y a g €. C : L i k ew h a t ? S : W e l l ,m y n r u mt e l l sm e I s a i dm y f i r s t f e w w o r d sb y t h e t i m e w a s n i n em o n t h sa n d I w a s a b L et o w a l k ,m o r eo r l e s s ,b y 1 0 r a o n t h s C :G o s h . . . S : T h e nl a t e rl w a s q u r t em u s i c a.l . I c o u l dp l a y s i m p l et u n e so n i h e p i a n or € a s o n a b lw y e l lb y t h e a g eo i 4 w h i c ha p p a r e n t Li sy q u i t ee a r l y . C : S o w h e r ed l d i t a l Lg o w r o n g ? S : Y e a h , k n o w S h a m er e a L L y. .

Unit 5 Recording


C=Camilla C : M y b r o t h e rC , L i v ea,n d w e r ea L w a y ps f e t t y c o n r p e t i t i veev e na s q u i t ey o u n gc h i l d r e nI. r e m e m b ew r e b o t h g o t b i k e so n eC h r i s t m a s a n d h e c o u l dr i d e h i s o n h i s o w n b e f o r em e . l w a s r e a l l yc r o s s H l ew a so n l y5 l t h i n k . S w i m m i n gw a s g o o dt h o L r g hH e ' sa l w a y sb e e n q u l p n e ' v o . ,a b o u rb F i g - l " F \ d r e rb - r l v F a l w a y sL o v e di t . w a s a b L et o s w i mw e l l b y t h e a g eo f 8 b u t e v e nn o w h e ' sq u i t e t e n t a t L V Ie m e a nh e c a ns w i m b u t h € d o e s nt r e a L l lyi k e i t . W h a te l s e ?0 h y € s ,o u r g r a n d d a dw a s a g r e a t c h e s sp l a y e rs, o w e g o t i n t o t h a t a t o n e p o i n t I t h i n k w e w e r ea b o u t1 3 o r 1 4 .A n V W a y , w a s r e a l l yg o o da t i t . s o g o o d i n f a c t t h a t h e n e v € rr n a n a g e tdo b e a t m e . . n o i e v e no f c e H e h a t e dt h a t a n d s a i dh e ' dn e v e rp l a y m e a g a i n A n d h e n e v e rd i d l I ! 4 o r er e c e n t l y , w e ' v et a k € nu p s k i i n g .C l i v el o v e si t a n d h e ' s g r e a ta t t a r e a l n a t u r a lI ' m o k . . l r n e a n I ' m i m p r o v i n g n f a c t ,l a s t t i m e I s u c c e e d e d i n c o r n i n gd o w nr n y f i r s tb L a c ks l o p ew i t h o u t falLing o v e r . . w h i c h w a s r e a L Lpyf o u do f l

Unit 5 Recording


S = S i m o nC = C a m i l l a 5 : - . a n d t h i n k t h l s p h o t om u s th a v eb e e n t a k e na l e w y e a r sl a t e r C : S o ,w h o a r ea l l t h e s ep e o p l e ?Y o r r ? ei n b o t h t h e p h o t o st h o u g h ,a r e n ' ty o u ?l n t h s o n e i t ' s

y o u o n t h e g r o u n dw , lththe dogs . r ght? s : Y € p ,a s u s u a l. . A n d ,o n t h e l e f t i s r n yf a t h e r . r F l r y r n . . A r r h e ; rr i q h t i i A . - r l o a r s h e w a s m y f a t h e r ' so l d e fs i s t e r . . a n d n e x t t o h e r ,h e r h u s b a n dt,l n c l eJ a c kT . h i sp h o i o ' s a c t u a L Lt ayk e no u t s i d et h e h o t e l t h a tm y a u n t a n d u n c l eh a d . . d o w ni n t h e s o u t h - w e sot f E n g l a n dW - e u s e dt o g o a n d s t a yw l t h t h e n ri n t h e s u m m e rq u i t eo f t e n , C : S o , d i d y o u l i k e b e l n gd o w nt h e r e ? S : O h ,t h e h o t e l w a sg r e a t A s a k i d I i o u n d i t r e a L l ey x c i ti g . l j s u a l L yi n, t h e s u m m e ra t 'd h o m e g e t q u i t e b o r e d .T h e r ew a s n ' tm u c h t o d o w h e r e a sa t t h e h o t e lt h € r ew a s n o e n d o f p o s s i b i L i t l eIsu s e dt o g o r o u f d e v e r y w h e r e e x p l o r i n g. . T h e yh a dt e n n i sc o u f t sa n d a w o o d a t t h e b a c k A n d s o m e tr n € sl r e m e m b e r l d g o i n t h e k i t c h e n sa n dt h e c h e f w o u l dl € t m e t r y s o r n eo f t h e d e s s e r t s l T h awt a s u n t i l a t e s o m u c no l t n e c h o - o l d r em o , s s €o n € i r n . t h a t I t h r e wu p l B u t n o , o v e r a l ll,t w a s b r i L L i a i t . m u c hm o r €f u n t h a nl u s t h a n gn g a r o u n da t C :A n d h o w d l d y o u g e t o n w i t h t h e d o g s ? , y cat S r O h t h e yw e r ea l o t o i f u n S a m m ym y o u k n o w ,i n t h i s p i c t u f e - . h e \ r ' a sj u s t s o . . h o wc a nI p u t i t ? . s u p € r i o r a n d i n d e p e n d e n t . y .n d h e w a s n ' t L i k ea l l S i a r n e s .ea t s p r o b a b L A v € r yi n t e r e s t € dr k i d s d o n ' tt h i n k .0 n t h e o t h e rh a i d , t h e s et w o d o g sw e r el u s t s o f r i e n d l y t h i n k t h e yj u s t l i k € dt h e a t t e n t i o r . . b u t t h e yb e c a m el i k € m y b e s tf r i e n d sT. h e y u s e dt o c o r n ee x p l o r i n gw i t h r n e I w a s a l w a y s r e a l l ys a d t o L e a v e t h € mw h e nw e h a d t o g o home

Unit 5 Recording


1 T h i sy e a rh a s n ' tb e € ng r e a tb u t l ' m s u r e b e b e t t € rn e x ty € a r t h i n g sw i L L 2 s a wt h i s g r e a tf r L ml a s t n i g h t O hy e a h . . . w h a ty o u ' r e 3 b u t I d o n ' t r e a l l yu n d e r s i a n d sayingD . o y o u m e a nt h a t . 4 K a i €. . K a t e . t h a n kg o o d n € s sy o u l e h o m e . . I ' v e b e e ns o w o r r i e d 5 L i s t e n. . i h i n k w e l e l o s i . . . a n d w e s h o u l d n ' ib e w a l k i n gr o u n dh e r el a t e a t n i g h t . . I ' r nn o t s u r et h a t i t ' s s a f ey o u k n o w S o , g o o n , w h y e x a c t l yd i d y o u a g r e et o g o o u t o n a d a t ew i t h h m ? W e L lo, f c o u r s e h, e s a i dt h a t w a sw h y h € h , a sl a t e h o r n eb u t y o u d o n ' t b e l i e v eh i r n ,d o you? c a n ' lb € l e v e i t W € ? ef l y l n go f f t o A u s t r a l i a f o r a m o n t ho n l l l o n d a yt o s e e m y t w i n s i s t e rl c a n ' tw a i t , , 9 Y o u t €a l w a y sl a t e . . w h y c a n ' ty o u b e o n t i m e f o f o n c ei n y o u r l i i e ? 1 0 C a ny o u s e e t h a t y o u n gg u y - . s t a n d i n g. . l o o k i n gi n t o t h a t c a r ?W h a to n e a r t hd o y o u t h i n k h e ' sd o i n g ? 1 1 5 h e s a i d . w h a t ? ? lI c a n ' tb e l i e v ei t . T h a t ' s terrible,.,

Unit 5 Recording


W:WelL . . $,here shallstart? Well.. the b a s i cs t o r yi s t h a t a g i r l ,C a t h e r i n ei s, L e f a t b o x b y h e r m o t h e rw h o d i e d w h € ns h e w a s a b a b y .C a t h € r j ndei s c o v e r tsh e b o xw h e ns h es 1 1 ,t h e s a r n ea g ea s w h e n h e r m o t h e rd l e d n s i d et h e b o x a r e 1 1o b j e c i s ,l i k ea r e d h a t ,

a r n a po f p a r to [ E n g l a n da n d s o o n . . a l l o f t h € m m e a n i n g l e sast f i r s t ,b u t w h € nC a t h e r i n e b e g n s t o e x a r nn e e a c ho b j e c t ,s h e f i n d sn e w t r u t h sn o t o n l ya b o u th e r m o t h e rb u t a l s o a b o u th e r s e l fT h r o u g ht h e s eo b j e c t sC a t h e r i n e f i n d st h a t h e r m o t h e rw a s n o t t h e s w e e t t o m a nt h a t e v e r y o n el i k e si o a n d i n n o c e nw S o ,w h a td d l t h n ( o f t ?W e l l . . o v e r a l .L l r e a l l ye n j o y e di t - l t s a r e a l l yi n t e r e s t i n g i d e af o r a s t o r y a n d t h o u g h ti i w a sv e r y w e L l w r i t t e i -N o t o n l yt h a t b u t t h e f e a r e l o t s o f a s p e c t so f C a t h e r i n e 'lsf e t h a t l c a n t o t a l l y r e l a t et o - d i f f e r € net v e n t s i, e e l i n g sa n d t h o u g h t sw h i c hs o a c c u r a t e lm y i r r o rr n yo w n l i f e t h a t l l o u n dm y s e l l c o n s t a n t l y u n d e r L i n i n g p a r t so f t h e t e x t . H o w e v e rs,o m e t i m e sI f o u n di t a b i t s l o w l w a n t e d t o k n o wa b o u tt h € o b j e c t sa n d i t s e e m e dt o t a l ( ea g e st o w o r k o u t w h a t t h e y w e r ea l l a b o u t .S t i l l a p a r t f r o mt h a t o n e s m a l l t h i n g. . r t w a sv e r ye a s yt o r e a da n d ' d c e d a i n l yr e c o m m e n d it


5 Recording


W:Wellf_rst of allit'sveryimportant to make surethatyourtimecapsule container is going to lastfora verylofg time. . obviouslyrSo, it rnustn't rust,t mustn'tleakandit mustbe veryhard-wearing, Weweretoldto avod any klndsol plasiics andgo fora material like alumiium or starnLess steeL. Weputin various books, newspapers and photographs... aLloiwhich I stillthinkwere a goodidea.Withbooksandpapers, itl important to makesuretheyteprinted on qualitypaper- soth€ydont thehighest det€riorate anyfaster thanabsolutely Onemistake wemadewasto putrncolour photographs I mean,photographs arevery goodinformatjon carriers across timeand cuLtures. butappar€ntly, blackandwhiie photographs aremuchmorestableard long-Lastlng thancolourprints.,.so that's someth ngworthbearing in nrind. F o I F r t L g w l _ i , w e , o L l dh d v e ' lo - q h t a b o u tw a s t h a ts o m €k i n d so l t e c h n o l o g y b e c o m er e d u n d a n tW . eput in an oldvideo t a p e a n dt h e y p r o b a b l yw o n ' t b e a b l et o v i e w t h a t h r h e i t h e c a p s u [ ef i n a l l yg e t so p e n e d S o , i t ' s p r o b a b l yb e s t n o t t o i n c l u d €a n y i t € m st h a t r e q u i r ea n y t e c h n o l o g oy r e q u i p r a e ntto u s e , , o t h e rt h a ne y ea n d h a n d . F i n a l l ya, n d a g a L np, r e t t yo b v o u s L y g u e s s , d o m a k es u r et h a t t h e o u t s i d eo i t h e c a p s u l e i s c l e a r l yl a b e l l e du s i n ga p e r m a n e nrtn a r k e r p e n . . s a y n g w h a t r t i s a n d a n yn e c e s s a r y t n s t T u cot n 5

Unit 6 Recording


W : w a s a b o u t2 5 a n d l d b e e nw o r k i n ga t t h e s a m ec o m p a n yf o r f i v ey e a r s A f r e n d s h o h r e d m e h i s p h o t o so f a n a m a z l n gh o l i d a yh e ' dh a d i n C e n t r a l A m e r i cO a n ep h o t o i n p a d i c u l a r r e a l l ys t r u c km e , t w a s w h e nh e w e n t d v i n g a n d s a w t h e m o s t b e a u t i f u l f l s hy o u ' v ee v e r s e e n l b e g a nt o h a v ei t c h yf e e ta n d w a n t e d t o l e a v ew o r k a n d d o s o m e t h j n ge x c i t i n gl.' d n e v e rb e e no u t o f E u r o p eb e f o r et h e na n d I w a s a b i t w o r r i e da b o ut g o r n gS t r ag h t i r t o

Tapescripts uncharted tefiitoryl I mean,didn'tknow anythirg aboutcountries sodillerent and farawayfrommine.So,I decided to goto Spainfirst,to learna bitoFSpanish andget usedto beingaway fromhome.I wentasan independert travellet on myown,because l reallywanted to do it all bymyself. I spenta monthwandering around thetownwhereI was livingandlearring Spanish afd lovingevery minutel I wasbittenbythetravelbugthenand wantedto explore lotsol otherp[aces. About sixmonths latet,aftersaving upsomemoney, lwert offto Guatemala, fe€lingvery confldent a-d pleased w tl-nyset. lhe firi wo ronths weredifficult andI experienced realculture shock, I thlnk lt seemed thateverything was different. Lotsoi things wentwrongtoo,like I wasrobbed twice,I couLdn't findanywhere to liveandlwasreallyhomeslck andmissed rnylamilylikemadlSoI hada bitofa bumpy rideto startwith,butaftera while,I founda jobteaching English, madesomefriends and startedto reallyenioymyself.In fact,I grewto loveit so muchI stayedthereforthreeyearsl

Unit 6 necording 5 1 l h e s u - n m e i 5 q e _ e r avl o t a n dv e v l - - m i a a n d q J i e - n , o n l o , r a b . F .l t s o f l e n o v p r . a c L t o o a n dt h e r ei s n o b r e e z et o c o o l t h i n g s d o w n .l t ' sv e r yd i t f e r e n itn t h e w i n t e r ,w h e n ii's lgqland the sky is clear. 2 I ' m n o t s o k e e n o n m i l d w e a t h e r - \ r h e nL t ' s n o t r e a l l yh o t o r c o l d .I m u c hp r e f e ri t w h e n t h e w e a t h e ri s q u j t ed r a m a t i cL. k e w h e n yougetscorching d a y sa n d t h e ni t s u d d e n l y plqlq for hours. 0r when its hot in the day a n dt h e n y o u g e t s u b z e r ot e m p e r a t u r east nlgnt. 3 T h ew e a i h e ri s v e r yc h a n g e a b l eI n. t h e s u r n m e rt ,h e d a y sa r e o f t e nb r i g h tb u t c a n b e s h o w e r ya n dt h e n i g h t sa r e s o m e t i r n e s q[i!]y but not very cold ln the winter, it s e e m s t od r i z z Lae l o t a n dt h e s k y i s o f t e n grey.

Unit 6 Recording 6 P=Presenter J=jamieW=WomanM=[tan e. | .hin,, P:Helloeveryor we'l ma\ea sral a5 jamie.He's ii's/.3o already. Letmeintroduce our'Bhutan expert' .,,He'sspenta substantial arnount oftirnein thisamazing country andL'm surehe'llbeableto helpyouwithwhatever queflesyoumaynave. you.Well,I'lldo mybest.. Thank Ji Hello. PLease feelfree to askwhatever youwantand il I can'tanswer anythrng . Well,I'llsaysotl ... So,fireaway.., W:Err..yes.. whenis thebesttimeto go? l: Well,in thewinterit canbe upto about 15cin thedaytime butyouoftengetsubzero temperatLtes at night.Thereis a lotoisnow in winter, whlchcanmaketravelLing dimcult. It'shotin thesummer, sorneiinres really scorching, butit'soflenverywettoo ln my experience, thebestseasons tovisitarespring andaLrtumn. Spring is beautiFuLwith wonderful flowers andlovely sunnydays.Andautumn is fantastic toowithmildweather andclearviews of theHimalayas ...Yes? M:Whatactivities doyourecommend? l: Oneofthemostpopular activities forvisitors to Bhutan is to gotrekking in theHimalayas. Thehighmountains anddeepvalleys aretrirly

s p e c t a c u l aarn d y o u c a n s o r n e t i m ew s alkfor s e v e r adl a y sb e f o r ec o m i f g t o t h e n e x tv i l l a g e Y o u ' l ls e e a h u g ev a r i e t yo f p l a r t l i f e r a n g i n g i r o m d e n s ef o r e s t o t i n y m o u n t a i nf l o w e r s I, ' v e b e e r n a n v I n F c . . .Y o - v l o n l b e d i s a p p on t e L . c a n a s s u r ey o u l M : T h a n ky o u . W : E x c u s em e . . .I ' d l i k et o k n o ww h e t h e rw e n € e dt o t a k e a n y t h i n gs p e c i a l . J : A h y e s ,g o o d q u e s t r o nT h ec h a r g e a b l e c l i r n a t em € a n si h a t y o u w i l l n e e da n a s s o r t m e not f c l o t h e s ,i l ] c l u d i n gr a i n g e a r a n d g o o d w a l k i n gb o o t s .T h es u n c a n b e v e r y s l r o - g e s o e r ' a l l v ui no. h e n o - n i a i n 5 , s o y o L . - e e d a h a i a n d c - n q l a c s e sl .d d l s or e ,o m . r e n o w a r m c l o t h e sf o r t h e e v e n i n g s , .i t c a n g e t p r e t t yc h i l l y e, v e ni n s u r n m e r . M : W o u l dw e n e e dt o c a r r ya l l o L r e r quipmeft on a trek? l : N o .T r e k k i n gi s d o n e i n o r g a n i s e tdr i p s a n d t h e yp r o v i d ey a k st o c a r r yy o u r l u g g a g eT. h e y a l s oc a r r yt h e f o o da n d c a m p i n ge q u i p m e n t , w h i c hi s a l l p r o v r d e dI ' v ea l w a y sf o u n dt h e m v e r yw e l l - e q up p e da n d h e l p i u l . i / l : a n dw h o g o e sw i t h t h e t r e k k i n gg r o u p ? m e a nd o t h e yp r o v i d ea g u i d e ? -fere s a l w a v sa g - i d e w f o s p e a\ , J : 0 h v e s. . . E n g l i s ha n d a c o o ka n d o t h e ra s s i s t a n ttso h e l p m a k et h e t r e k r u n s m o o t h l yT. h e y ' r ea l l v e r y f r i e n d l y. . y o u r e a l l yd o n ' t n e e dt o w o r r ya b o u t g e t t i n gl o s t o r a n y t h i n g. W : C o u l dl a s k y o u w h a t t h e f o o d i s l i k e ? , : M m m . . .j n t e r e s t i n gy,e s .T h e B h u t a n e s e a t a l o t o l m e a t , d a i r yf o o d s ,v e g e t a b l eas n d r i c e . T h en a t i o r a l d i s hl s a f a b u l o u sc h i [ i p e p p e r a n d c h e e s es t e w c a l l e dE m a d a t s eI n . fact, c h i l u sa r ev e r yc o m m o ni n B h u t a na n dy o u ' l l f l n d t h a t a l o t o F t h e i rd i s h e sa r e f l a v o u r e dw i t h s p i c v . h i l l io e o p es . I l o v el h e l o o d ,I 1 1 U sst a y . M : l ' - nr h i n l . i - go _ g o - g : n t h e a u r u r r '. D o y o _ k n o w i f t h e r e a r e a n y i n t e r e s t i n fge s t i v a l sa t thattime? J :W e L Ly ,e s ,t h i sy e a rt h e r ea r e ,a L t h o u g h i h e d a t e so f f e s t i v a l vs a r ya c c o r dn g t o t h e m o o n ,T h em o s t p o p u l a ro n e f o r t o u r i s t si s h e l di n f h i m p h u ,t h e c a p i t a L a n d t h i sy e a ri t ' s i n O c t o b e rP. e o p l ed r e s si n t h e i rc o l o u r i u l , t r a d i t i o n acl l o t h e sa n dt h e r ei s a l o t o f m u s i c a n d d a n c i n gi,n c l L r d i nt g h e m a s k e ds w o r d d a n c e sA . l l t l ' e l a s tv a s d r ei n p o r t a t . e t i g i o t r s e v e n t sf o r t h e p e o p l et o o f f e rt h a n k st o i h e i r gods. M : I ' v es e e np i c t u r e so f s t r i n g so l f l a g s l n t h e m o u n t a i n sc, a n y o u t e l l r n ew h a t t h e ya r e ? l : Y e s ,t h e y a r e p r a y e rf l a g s .A s s a i d ,t h e p e o p l ea r e v e r yr e L i g i o uasn dt h e y Bhutanese u s e t h e f l a g sa s a w a y o f c o m r n u n i c a t i n$gr i t h the heavens..

Unit 6 Recording 7 r When l'rnabroad I always have a goat 2 3 4 5 6 7

s p e a k i n gt h e l a n g u a g e . W e ? eg o i n ga w a yf o r t h e w e e k e n dC . ould y o u [ o o ka f t e ro u r c a t ? D o n ' tw o r r y .l t g o e sw i t h o u ts a y i n gi h a t l ' l l rneet |/0u at the airport, T h e r e ' s o m e t h r r gg o i n go n i n t h e c i t y c e n t r e .t ' s f u l l o f p e o p l e . A l t h o u g ht h e y a r g u ea l o t , t h e yw a n t t o m a k e a go oftheir marriage. | p r o m i s eI w o n ' tg o b a c ko r w h a t I ' v es a i d . C a ny o u h e l pw i t h d i n n e rp l e a s e ?' v e b e e n onthe go allday.

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Unit 7 Recording I 1 S h a r o nO s b o r n eh a s r e p o d e d l ys p e n to v e r € 1 8 o , o o oo n c o s m e t i cs u r g e r ya n d s h e s a y s i t w a s w o r t he v e r yp e n r y .H e rw e i g h tf e l l F r o m1 o 2t o 5 4 k i l o s ,a f t e rs u r g e o n s d r a m a t i c a l lrye d u c e dt h e s i z eo f h e r s t o m a c hl,o r c i n gh e r t o e a t m u c hl e s st h a n beforeS . h et h e n h a d m u l t i p l eo p e m t i o n s to rernoveexcessflesh Frornhet face, neck, s t o m a c ha n d o t h e ra r e a so f h e r b o d y , 2 C r a i gF l a t m a ni s a t e e r a g e r k n o w nt o h i s f r j e n d sa s ' l a m B o y ' .S i n c ee a r l yc h i l d h o o d , h e h a s r e f u s e dt o e a t a n y f o r mo l m e a t , f i s h ,F r e s hf i u i t o r v e g e t a b l e sI .n s t e a df,o r t h e l a s t l l y e a r s , h e h a s h a d f i v er o u n d so f j a m s a n d w i c h eas d a y ,p l u s1 l i t r eo f m i l k . Doctorsare conlused, however,as h€ is over r . 8 n e r r e cl al l . w e i g h sa h p al h / / o r i l o s. - o h a s n o f i l l i n g sn h i s t e e i h . 3 5 i r C h r i s t o p h ecre n t w a s t h e b o s so f t h e m o b i l ep h o n ee r n p i r eV o d a f o n eF o r1 7 y e a r s W h i l ei n t h e j o b , h i s s a l a r yi n c r e a s e h du g e L y , r i s i n gt o a m a s s i v ef 2 . g m i l l i o ni n h i s l a s t y e a r .N o w ,h e L i v e so f f h i s V o d a i o n ep e n s i o n w h i c ht o t a l sf l o . 4 m ; l l i o n- m e a n i n gt h a t h e c a ne x p e c ta n a n n u a L p e n s i o no f a r o u n d f 5 6 2 , o o oi o r t h e d u r a t l o no f h l s r e t i r e m e n t .

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Unit 7 Recording


P:Androw,news ofmore celebrity items and f i l m m e m o r a b i l igao i n gu n d e rt h e h a r n m e T.. I n t h e l a s t l e w y e a r s ,s o r n ei t e m sh a v eh l t t h e h e a d I n e sa s t h e y h a v eb e e ns o l d a t a u c t l o n s f o r a b s u r d l yh i g hp r i c e s . Y o u ' l lp r o b a b l yr e m e m b etrh a t b a c ki n 2 o o 1 , t h e w h i t e b l k i n iw o r n b y U r s u l aA n d r e s si n t h e l a r n € sB o n df i l m D r N o w a s p u t u p f o r a u c t i o n . -'e a . l ' e s \ r e p o r l e dy c e c d " a t o s e . l t h et w o p ; e c ea f l e rs h e d i s c o v e r e ldt n t h e a t t i ca i h e r h o m e .A n d r e s si s n o w i n h e r s i x t i e sb, u t s h e s h o tt o f a r n ew h e ns h e p l a y e dt h e f i r s t ' B o n d g i r l ' n t h e F l r s t j a m eB s o n di l m i n 1 9 5 2 . T h e b i k i n iw a s b o u g h tf o r a h u g e$ 6 1 , o o ob y t h e

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Unit 7 Recording


1 0 n e n r a nb d f 5 , o o o f o r a s m a l la n t i q u e cnaT. 2 T e nC D sf o r o n l yf 5 o - t h a f s a b a r g a i n l 3 | a s k e df o r a d i s c o u n tb, u t t h e s h o p a s s i s t a nst a i dn o 4 l d l i k et o b u y a r n o t o r b i k eb u t c a n ' ta f f o r d

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W :H e l l o . R i H e l L oF o ra l l h i - f i ,i e l e v i s i o nD , V Da n dv i d e o p l a y e rf a u l t s ,p r e s sl F o ra L l k t c h e na p p l i a n c e s f a u l t s ,p r e s s2 . F o ra l l . . M : H e L l oC, u s t o m €S r e r v i c e sK i t c h e n s ark a p p L i a n c eR s e p a i r sa n d r e p l a c e r n € n tM s p e a k i n gH o w m a y h e L py o u ? W : o h , h e l l o .I ' d l i k et o s p e a kt o t h e m a n a g e r M : W e t l ,t h i s l s C u s t o m eSr e r u i c e sC. a nI b e ? h a ts e e m st o b e t h e o i a n y a s s i s t a n c eW problem? W : W e L lL, b o u g h ta w a s h i n gm a c h i n ef r o my o u a b o u tt h r e ew € e k sa g o a n dt h e r eh a v eb e e n p r o b l e m sw i t h i t e v e rs r n c e f i r s tu s e di t . . an l l l : 0 h , 1 ' mv e r ys o f i y a b o u tt h a t , m a d a r nC t a k ey o u r c u s t o m e n r L r m b epr l e a s e ? W : 0 h , y e s .l t ' s 4 5 o o 2 3 1 5 . L 4 :. T h a n ky o u . . O K .A L i s o nB e n t l e yi,s i t ? W: Yes That's right. / M :S o ,y o u ' v eh a d p r o b L e r nwsi t h y o u rw a s h i n g m a c h l n eW . h a ts o r t o f p r o b l e m s ? W : W e l l ,i t o f t € f s t o p sf o r n o r e a s o ni n t h e m i d d l eo i a c y c l ea n d t h e ns t a r t sa g a j n ,b u t i t ' e e p ) n o i n qc l ' d n g e- o ' e \ N o w l ( < . o p p p o ' qs u c L L o 1 1 p F " V " l dh e p s a o o do l W a c n i n s i d € . I p h o n e dt o m a k ea n a p p o i n t m e nfto r o n € o f y o u r e n g i n e e r tso c o m ea n d l o o l (a t i t y e s t e r d a yb,u t y o u r c o r n p u t e rw s e r ed o w na n d I c o u l d r ' tg e t t h r o u g h .N o w i t ' s r e a l l yu r g e n t . l v l :W e d i d i n d e e dh a v et e c h n i c a l p r o b l e m s y e s t e r d a yI .c a no n l ya p o l o g i s ei o r t h e d i " . r l r i e cy ' o re \ p e r i p " d i n q " . t - g t ' o - q ' r . W o u l dy o u l i k e t o m a k ea n a p p o i n t m e nnt o w ? W t Y e s ,p l e a s e I n e e da n e n g i n e e ur r g e n t l y N l :J u s tb e a rw i t h m e a n d l ' l l s e e i l w e ' v e g o i a n y a p p o i n t m e n tasv a i l a b l e . . t. l o o k sl i k e t h e e a r l i e s at p p o i n t m e nwt e ' v eg o t i s F r i d a y r n o r n i n gb e t w e e n8 a n d 1 . S h a l lI b o o kt h a t i n W : F r i d a ym o r n r n g T ? h a t ' st h r e ed a y st m e l W h a t a m I s u p p o s e dt o d o a b o u tt h e c l o t h e s s t u c kl n s i d et h e r n a c hn e ?T h e y ' LbLe r u i n e d H a v e n 'yt o u g o t a n y t h i n gs o o n e r ? M : . . . ' m a f r a i dn o t f y o u h a dt h e 3 s t a r S e r v i c eP l a n ,y o u c o u l d ' v eg o t a p r i o r i t y a p p o i n t m e not n t h e s a m ed a y .B u t y o u ' v e g o t t h e b a s i cg u a r a n t e ew h i c hs a y st h a i w e ' l l w t h n a w e e ki l w € c a n . r e p a i ry o u r a p p l i a n c e A n d i f n o t , w e ' l l p r o vd € a r e p l a c e m e rftr e eo f a n y e x t r ac h a r g eS - h a L l l b o o (a n a p p o i n i m e n t W : W e L.l . l s u p p o s eI ' l l h a v et o . [ 4 : . . .0 K T h a t ' sl - n e T h a t ' sa l l b o o k e di o r y o u A n e n g j n e ew r i l l b e w i t h y o u F rd a y b e t w e e n 8 a n d 1 s t h e r ea n y t h i n ge l s eI c a n h e l py o L r with?

l i k e a r e f u n dp l e a s e . 6 l a l w a y st r y a n d h a g g l ew t h m a r k e tt r a d e r s 7 T h er e n to n t h a t t i n y f L a ti s n ' tw o t h t . 8 D o n ' ti o r g e tt o k e e pt h e r e c ep t .

Unit 7 Recording A feathers B wlngs

Unit 7 Recording

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W=Woman R=Recordedmessage l\4=lllarl( W : H e L L o' d L i k et o s p e a k . . . R : H e l l o W e l c o n r teo F D S . n o r d e rt o d e a l w j t h y o u rc a l le i f l c i e n t l yp,l e a s eI s t € nt o t h e f o l o ! , v i no p p t o . f ) o u l e p n o n i n qr o o - q e " a d e l i v e r yd a t e ,p r e s sl l f y o u ' r ep h o n l n g t o c h a n g eo r c a n c e a l n € x s t i n ga p p o i n t m e n t , p r e s s2 . f y o u ' r ep h o n i n ga b o u ta f a u l t y m a c h l n ep,r e s sj l f y o u l e . .

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Unit 7 Recording


1 'd forgottento set the alarm clock that day s o Lo v e r s l e pat n d w o k e u p t h r e eh o u r sl a t e r t h a n w a s s u p p o s e dt o , , -T h e n ,l d s e r i o u s l y u n d e r e sm t a t e dt h e t i m e l t w o u l dt a k e n r ei o g e t i h e r e .0 n t h e w a y ,i t s t a r t e dp o u r i n gw i t h r a i na n d I g o t c o m p l € t e l sy o a k e dt o t h e s k i n . I n t h e e n d ,i t t o o k m e n e a r l yt w o h o t r r sw h r c h r n e a n t h a t Lw a s r e a l l yr, e a l l yl a t e .W h e n d i d f l n a l l ya r r i v e- w e t t h r o u g h I w a l k e di n t o t h e i n t e r v i e wr o o ma n dw h o w a s s i t t n g t h e r e , w a i t i n gt o i n t € r v j e wm e , b u t m y e x - b o s sf r o m r y p r F v i o u .j o b . r f e r . o a w ' L b e . a L s e| _ o w 'd f o r a f a c tt h a t h e h a t e sr n ea n d r n a d €s u c ha 2 A c o u p l eo f y e a r sa g o l d e c i d e dt o h a v e a c h a n g eo f c a r e e rH , a v i n gb e e na S p a n i s h [ e o c ' e r ' o _e o _y / o y e a 5 . d p i d F d. o e l a i n a s a t r a n s l a t oar n d i n t e r p r e t e rf s a r e a L l y d i f f i c u l jt o b a n d I f o u n dt h e i r a i n i n gv e r yh a r d w o r k ,b u i I ' m r e a l l yp l e a s e dw i t h m y s e l ff o r h a v n g d o n ei t . I w a s b r o u g h tu p b l L i n g u a l s o t h e L a n g u a giet s e l f w a s n ' d t i F f c u l ft o r m e , b u t y o u h a v et o l e a r nc o m p l e i € l yd i F l e r e nstk i l l s I n o ww o r k l o r a h u g em u l i i n a t i o n aht o l i d a y c o m p a n ys p e c i a l i s i nign o r g a n i s e d t r i p sa r o u n d S o u t hA r n e r i c a n d I r e a l l yl o v e t l l t ' s t h e b e s t j o b I ' v ee v e rh a d 've 3 | c a n ' tb e l i e v et h e t r o u b L e h a do v e rt h i s 'J.ler l o d e r e do f f - h eh r o - e f , l w a s u - - r - d . 've b e c a u s e o r d e r e ds t u l f f r o mt h e s a m e c o m p a n yb e f o r ea n d n e v e rh a do n e s i n g l e p r o o l " n B u l l i s I 1 1 eI.o r d e o o a w a l e r p ' o o ' r a i nj a c k e ta n dw h e r i t c a m ei t w a s a n e x t r a 'd l a r g ee v e nt h o u g h o r d e r e dm e d i u m W . hen b a c k , :a-t t r h a : a ' n pt F - S h a p p ", e 6 . 1 . " - , ' b a c ka b o u tt h r e eo r f o u r t i m e s S o , e v e n t u a l l y I p h o n e dt h € c u s t o m e5r e t u i c e sd e p a r t m e n t b u t t h e m a i I s p o k et o w a s s o r u d e I c o u l d n ' t b e L i e v iet . l h r o L r g h o ut th e w h o l ec o n v e r s a t i o n , h e s p o k et o m e l n a s o r t o f b o r e d ,m o n o t o n o u s v o i c ea n d c t e a r l yw a s n ' ti n t e r e s t e d in my p r o b l € ma t a l l H e d d n ' t e v e na p o l o gs e l

Unit 7 Recording


D i a l o g u e1 W=Waikess lM=lManC=Womancustomer W : L o o d e \ e r " g . H . \ e y o - q o I a e s e ' v o Io n . M r Y e s ,w e b o o k e da t a b t ef o r t w o i n t h e n a m e W : I M a d i s o n. . I d o n ' t t h i n kw e ' v eg o t a b o o k l n g M: Er . no, it's l!,lorrison. W : S o r r y , I \ 4 o r r i s o na.h. , y e s . f y o u ' d l i k e t o M : T h a n ky o u W r C a nI g e t y o u s o m ed r i n k s ? M : Y e s ,p l e a s eA. b o t t l eo l t h e h o L r s e r e da n d l a t e rp l e a s e , 5 o m €m i n e r aw W : S o r r y . D i dy o u s a ya b o t t l eo r a g l a s so f red? l l 4 :A b o t t l e . . o f t h e h o u s er e d W : C e r t a i n l yS, i r . W : A r e y o u r e a d y t oo r d e r ? M r Y e s. I t h i n k s o . W: I!4adam? 'llhave C: i h e s t e a kp l e a s e W : H o w w o u l dy o u l i k e i t ? C : R a r ep l e a s e W : R a r eT . h a n ky o u A n d f o r y o u ,S i r ? M : l ' l l h a v et h e g r i l l e dt u n a ,p l e a s e . W : S o r r yt,h e t u n a ' sf i n i s h e d

Tapescripts M : 0 h r W e l l ,I ' l l h a v et h e s w o r d f i s ht h e n . W i M n r m, , .I ' mv € r ys o r r yb u t t h e r e ' sn o s w o r d f i s he i t h e r M : O h l l l s t h e r ea n y f i s h o n t h e m e n ut o d a y ? W : Y e s ,w e h a v et h e g r i l l e ds e a b a s s . l M :I ' l l h a v et h a t t h e r p l e a s eA . n d , l l h a v en e \ p o t a t o e sw i t h i t , p l e a s e . W i I ' m t e r r i b l ys o r r yb u t w e ' v er u n o u t o f n e w p o t a t o e sb u t y o l rc a n h a v ei t w i t h r i c e . M : W e l l ,O l (. . .b u t I ' m n o t v e r yh a p p ya b o u ta rnrS,, D i a l o g u e2 A = A s s i s t a n tC = C u s t o m e r A : C a nI h e l py o u ? c : 0 h , y e s . . ' d l i k e t o t r y t h e s eo r , p l e a s e . A : Y e so f c o u r s e W h a ts z e a r ey o u ? C : L J m m. . w e l l ,u s u a l l ya j 8 b u t s o m e t i m e sa 3 9 . P e r h a p sI c o u l di r y b o t h . . . A : Y e s ,t h a t ' sf i i e I ' l l b r i n gb o t h f o r y o u .I w o f ' t be a minuteW . a si t b l a c ky o u w a n t e d ? Ci Yes A : O K f i n e W o u l dy o u l i k e t o t a k ea s e a to v e r there? O I ( . ' v e g o t b l a c ki n s i z e1 8 , b u t n o t i n j 9 . l , v e b r o u g h tb r o w ni n s i z e3 9 f o r y o u t o i r y . C :T h a n k s I. ' l l t r y t h e l 8 f i r s t A : 0 h , i h e y l o o k r e a l l yn i c eo n y o u . H o wd o t h e yl e e l ? C : I r e a l l yl i k et h e m b u t t h e y f e e la b i t t i g h t a c t L r a t lIyt.h i n k I ' l l t r y t h e 3 9 s ,t h o u g hI d o n ' t l i k eb r o w n . C :A h ,y e s . . I e 5 ea p b e t l e . . ,r,r - r r T - e I 9 c f i t m u c hb e t t e r ,b u t r e a l l yd o n ' t l i k et h e c o l o u L A r e y o u s u r €y o u l r a v e n 'gt o t b l a c ki n l 9 ? A : I ' l l j u s t m a k es u r ej f y o u l i k e . C :Y e s ,p l e a s e I. r e a l l yp r e i e rb l a c k . A : N o , I ' ms o f i y _ . o. n l yb r o w ni n 1 9 . C r 0 h l C a ny o u p h o n ey o u r o t h e rb r a n c ha n d s e e i f t h e y ' v eg o t t h e m I d o n ' t l i k e b r o w n. . t l r e y d o f ' t g o w i t ha f y o f m y c l o t h e s . . . D i a l o g u e3 C=Customer R=Receptionist C j G o o dm o r n i n g I. ' d l i k et o b o o k a n a p p o i n t m e ntto h a v em y h a i rd o n e p l e a s e . R :Y e s ,o f c o u r s e .W h e nw o u l dy o u l i k et o come? C : H a v ey o u g o t a n y t h i n gl o r t o r n o r r o wm o r n i r r s b e f o r e1 2 . o o ? Ri Umm. yes,there's10.3o,1t,75ot 1t,45? C i O h , 1 0l o p l e a s e R : F i n e ,1 0 . 3 o . l h a t ' sw i t h T i n a .A n d w h a t w o u l d y o u l i k et o h a v ed o n e ?l u s t a c u t a n d b l o w , d r y ? C :W e l l ,a c u t a n d b l o w , d r yy e s . . .b u t ' d a l s oL i k es o m eh i g h l i g h t sd o n e .I n f a c t ,l w a s t h i n k i i g o f h a v r n gm u l t i c o l o u r ehdi g h l i g h t tsh i s t i m e .W o u l dt h a t b e p o s s i b l e ? R : 0 o o h y e s .T h a ts o u n d sf u n .T h e r e ' sa l s oa s p e c i a l o i f eo r n t o r n o r r o wW . e l e o f f e r t n ga l l c u s t o m e r sa n n d i a nh e a dm a s s a g e ,, m s u r e y o u ' l il i k e i t . t ' s v e r yr e l a x i n g . C : 0 h , y e s p l e a s eT h a tw o u l db e g r e a t . R : L o v e l yW . e ' l l s e ey o u t o m o f i o wa t 1 o . 3 o C i T h a n ky o u . B y e .

Unit 8 Recording 2 B=Boss E=Employee B : S o ,g e n e r a l l iyh i n g sa r eg o i n gf i n e .W e ' v e t a l k e da b o u ty o u ra t t i t L i d et o w o r k ,w h i c hi s v e r yg o o d ,O v e rt h e t h r e ey e a r st h a t y o u , v e w o r k e dh e r e ,y o u ' v es h o w na c o n s i s t e n t l y p r o f e s s i o n aalp p r o a c ht o y o u rw o r k

E : T h a n ky o u . . I m u s ts a yt h a t I ' v ee n j o y e di t v e r ym u c h ,T e s t i n gc o m p u t e g r a m e si s g t e a t f u n . . a n d m y c o l l e a g u easr e v e r yh e l p f u l a n d s u p p o r tv e , B : S o ,t h e r e x t p a d o l t h i s a p p r a i s aiIs t o t h i n k a b o u tt h e f u t u r e W h a td o y o u s e ey o u r s e l i d o i n gn e x t ? E: Well, as say,I've reaLlyenjoyedthe games t e s t i n gw o r kt h a t ' v e b e e nd o i n g ,b u t I i e e Lt h a t i t ' st i m e I m o v e do n n o w . . . m e a nI t h i r k l d l i k e t o h a v ea b i t m o r e r e s p o n s i b i l i t y . B : Y e s ,I t h i n kw e n e e dt o t h i n ka b o u tt h a t . Y o u ' v es h o w ns o m eg o o d l e a d e r s h rspk i l l s a n d w o n d e rh o w y o u w o u l d f e e la b o u t b e c o m i n ga t e a ml e a d e rY o uk n o w ,t h e n y o ud b e s u p e r v i s l n g at e a m o f g a m e s t e s t e r sa n d m a k i n gs u r ee v e r y t h i n g e t sd o n e p r o p e r l y . E : O h ,y e s . . .1 d l i k e t o v e r ym L r c h. t h o r r g hl ' m n o t s u r et h a t ' v e g o t a l l t h e n e c e s s a r y s k i l tl so b e h o n e s t I. m e a n ,l d l i k et h e r e s p o n s i b i l i t y , b u i e r r , , ,w o u l dt h e r eb e a n y m a n a g e m e n t trarnrng? B : Y e s ,o f c o u r s e W e r u n s o m ee x c e l l e nitn h o u s ec o u r s e sw h r c hI t h i n kw o u l dg r v ey o u , o n r d e n c eT , h e r e ' so _ p c o T i n g u p . r e \ .w e e . a n dt h e n a r o t h e ri n 2 m o n t h s ' t i m eA . ndI think l ' d r a t h e ry o u d i d t h e f i r s to n e ,s o t h a t w e d o n ' t h r a s t ea n y m o r et i m e .W h a td o y o u t h i n k ? E : W e l l ,y e s .I ' d b e v e r yi n t e r e s t e d t w o u l db e g r e a tt o g e t s o m et r a i n i n gu n d e r l l a ya s s o o n a s p o s s i b l eI. m e a n ,I ' d r a t h e rn o t w a i t l o r t w o m o n i h s ,i i t h a i ' s 0 K w i t h y o u l d l i k et o b e a s p r e p a r € ca s r c a n , B : 0 K . G r e a t l n t h a t c a s e ,l ' d b e t t e rg e t y o u r n a m eo n t h e L i s ft o r t h e o n e n e x tw e e k i m m e d i a t e l yI .h o p ei t ' s n o t i u l l u p a l r e a d y d o n ' tt h i n k i t w i l l b e . P e r h a p sj ' t l j u s t c h e c k w i h ' e a n n i en o w E x c J , er e j L s t o n e n i n u l e . , , 0 h , h e l l oJ e a n n i eI.j u s t w a n i e dt o c h e c ki F y o u ' v es t i l l g o t p l a c e so n t h e M a n a g e m e n t S k i l l sc o u r s ef o r n e x tw e e k , , ,a h , y o u h a v e, , . g r e a t. . C o u l dI p u t W i l l S c o t t ' sn a m ed o w n p l e a s e ? .Y - e s ,S - C - 0 - d o u b L Te- . .

Unit 8 Recording


1 | f e e l t h a ti t ' s t i n r eI m o v e do n n o w 2 | t h i n k I ' d r a t h e ry o u d l d t h e f i r s tc o u r s e . 3 l d r a t h e Tn o t w a i t f o r t w o m o n t h s , ' d b e t t e rg e t y o u r n a r a eo n t h e l i s t 4 immediately.

Unit 8 Recording I 2 3 4 5 6


S h e i s n ' tv e r ys t r i c ta n d s h e h a r d l ye v e rg e t s u p s e to r w o r i e d H e ' st h e k i n do f p e r s o nw h o h a so n e a i m a n d w o r k sh a r dt o a c h i € v ei t , d o e s n ' th e ? S h es d e t e r m i n e d t o d o w h a t s h e w a n t sa n d w o n ' t l i s t e nt o a d v i c ef r o r na n y o n e , H e u s e sw o r d si n a f u n n y ,i n t e l L r g e a nn td I n t e r e s t r nw ga y . S h er e a l l ye n j o y sm e e t i n ga n dt a l k i n gt o peopled , o e s n ' ts h e ? H e ' so n e o f t h o s ep e o p l ew h o i s a L w a y s h o n e s ta n d d o e s i ' t k e e ps e c r e t sf r o m

7 H e h a sv e r y s t r o n g v i e w sa b o u ta l o t o F t h i n g si n a w a y t h a t a n n o y sa l o t o f p e o p l e . 8 S h e ' st h e k i n do f p e r s o nw h o c a r e so n l y a b o u th e r s e l fr a t h e rt h a n o t h e rp e o p l e . 9 H e ' sg o o da t m a k i n gt h i n g sh a p p e na n d c h a n g eH e d o e s n ' tj u s t r e a c tt o e v e n t s , d o e sh e ? 1 0 S h e ' so f e o f t h o s ep e o p l ew h o i s g o o da t

secretly people controlling ortricking to g€t whatshewants,

Unit 8 Recording 6 P=PresenterT=TonyGreenwood P: Todayor SportsAlive we are looking at s L r c c e sasn d a c h i e v e m e ni nt s p o r t W h o a r e t h e m o s ts u c c e s s f uslp o r t s p e o p ljen t h e w o r l da n d j u s t h o w d o t h e ya c h i e v et h e i r s u c c e s sT?h e r e i c d l - - g e s o o r ' sp 5 v L h o l o giyn o - . L r vw o r l .- p w i t h a l m o s ta l l a t h l e t e st h e s ed a y s .B L i td o e s it work? s rt all really necessary?We'vegot s p o r t sp s y c h o L o g i sTto, n yc r e e n w o o dh e r et o h e l p u s a n s w e rt h e s eq u e s t i o n sH , e l l o ,T o n y , W e L c o mteo t h e p r o g r a m m e T :H e l l o . . . P : S o , f i r s to f a l l , T o n y , l e t 'tsh i n k a b o u t t h a t q u e s to n . l s s p o r t sp s y c h o l o grye a l l y n e c e s s a r ysl o n e o e o o l pw o l d s a yl h a t y o Ur , F e r t h e rg o t t h e d e t e r m i n a t i otno s u c c e e do r y o u h a v e n ' tW h a td o y o u t h i n k ? T : W e l l ,I s u p p o s et h a t ' ss o r n e t i m etsr u e . T h e r ea r e e x a m p l e so f s p o r t sp e o p l e w h oa r e e x t r e m e Lsyu c c e s s f ualn d h a v en e v e rn e e d e d a n y h e l pw i t h t h e l r m e n t a t d e t e r m i n a t i o n \ 4 o ' a n e d A l w a s p o D d b . yL l - en o . t t a n o u s o f a l l . H e h a d c o m p l e t es e l f , b e l i e l t h aht e w a s t h € b e s ta n d a b s o l u i e l yu n b e a t a b l e . P : T h a t s r i g h t .N o b o d yn e e d e dt o r e m j n dh i m t o l o c u so n t h e g o a l l T : N o , , ,a n d t h e r ea r e o t h e re x a m p l e s ofsportspeopl€ w h o s e e mt o b e t o t a l l y L o m r ' r e d t o [ L e i ro w r s L ,c e s , t l e - a i s p l a y p r B j o r nB o r g ,r a ri n g o ' v e ' J M i I a e l S L h J n a - r e r a . d b d 5 \ e l b a l l p l a y FIr! , l i c h a e J o r d a nL on a r c a f e w .B u t t h e s ep e o p l ea r e a c t u a l l yq u i t e r a r e . , ,m o s ts p o r t s p e o p ldeo a l o t o f w o r k o n m e n t a lp r e p a r a t i oar n d g e t a l o t o f h e t pw i t h s t a y i n gF o c u s s eodn w i n n i n g . P : 0 K . . . s o w h a i d o t h e s p o r t sp s y c h o l o g i s t s d o ?H o wd o y o u h e l p p € o p l et o s u c c e e d ? T : w e l l , o u r b a s r cj o b i s t o p r e p a r et h e m i n d a n dw e c a nd o t h i s i n d i f f e r e nw t a y sd e p e n d i n g o n w h o w e ? ew o r k i n gw i t h , O n eo f t h e m o s t i m p o r t a nt h i n g sw e d o i s t o h e l pp e o p l e c h a n g en e g a t i v ei h o u g h t si n t o p o s i t i v eo n e s . d i d s o m ew o r kw i t h a f o o t b a l l er e c e n t l yH e m s s e da r e a l l yi m p o d a n tg o a la n ds t a r t e d t h i n k l n g t h a th e c o u l d n ' td o i t a n y m o r e . t o l d h r mh e c o u l dd o i t b y t h i n k i n ga b o u t sorn€thing d i f f e r e n tn, o t o n m i s s i n gt h e g o a l . A 1 p ' o r a c t i s i n gr h . - i n g h" w.y rheba.. "Douw a sl - r n i n qi n s l € a d h , i c w l - o l eg a r e m p . o v e o dramaiically. P : K e l L yH o l m e si s a g o o d e x a r n p l e ofthat too, i s nt s h e ? I Y e s ,t h a t ' sr i g h t .F o rm L r c ho f h e r c a r e e r , s h ew a s c o n s t a n t l g y e t t i r g i n j u r e da n d t h e i w o r r y i n gt h a t i t w o u l d h a p p e na g a i n . r e m e r n b € r t h asth e a d m i t t e df e e t i n gt o t a l l y o u t o f c o n t r o l w h e ns h e g o t i n i u r e da l l t h e time But the fact is, athletes haveto get over t l r a ta n ds t a r t t o t a k e c o n t r o lm e n t a l l yT. h a t ' s e x a c t l y w h ast h e d i d - a n d t h e no l c o u r s eh r o r 'wo gold r e o a l c d t t _ e A h p - s O l y r p i c s ,w f c l w a s a [ a n t a s t i ca c h ] e v e m e n t l P : Y e s ,s h e w a s r e a l l yb r i l l i a n t l T : T h e r ea r e o t h e rt h i n g sw e c a nd o t o h e l p w i t h r n € n t a pl r e p a r a t i otno o .T h i n g sl i k e r o u t i n e st o g e t t h e p L a y e rfso c u s s e da n d w o r k i r g a s a t e a mc a nr e a L l h y elp. P : R o u t i n e sW ? h a td o y o u m e a i ? T : W e l l ,r r e \ F w / e a l d n dA . l B a ( ( 9 r u g b yr e a n



d o t h e i rH a k aw a r d a n c et o i o c u st h e m s e l v e s a n d t o t r y a n dw o r r yt h e o t h e rt e a m T h e n t h e r ea r e p e o p l ew h o h a v €t h e i r o w n p e r s o n a l l u c( y r o u t i n e sF. o o t b a l l eAr n d yC o l es a i dh e a l w a y sw a n t e dt o b e t h e L a s p t l a y e ro n t o t h e o i . h . I r ' g ' l s e e n a b i q 1 , ,o, i i f i . , . "r'o

Unit I Recording


1 ( e l l yH o L m em s u s t b e r e a l l ye c s t a tc a b o u t h e rs u c c e s s K e l l yH o L r n em s u s t b e a b s o l u t e Leyc s t a t i c a b o u th e r s u c c e s s 2 l h e s p o r t sp s y c h o l o g i swth o $ , o r k e dw i t h K e l l yH o L m em s u s t b e r e a L l ey c s t a t i ca b o u t T h es p o r t sp s y c h o l o g i swt h o w o r k e dw l t h K e l l yH o L m em s u s t b e a b s o l u t e l ye c s t a t l c a D 0 u tn e Ts u c c e s s . 3 A n e x l r e m e l yb i g s p o r t sc e I t r e n e a rh e r eh a s



6 /

A v e r yb i g s p o r t sc e n t r €n e a rw h e r eh e r eh a s justopened. l f y o u \ ( ' a n t o g e t t o t h et o p i n a t h l e t i c s , i t ' s r e a l Lvyi t a l t o g e t y o u r s e Laf p r o f e s s i o n a l trainer W e n e v e- a p d l : o o r o a , F o r e 5 o a l . w th realLyfilthy. \ / l e e v e - F p d y 5r o o ' b a,l l ' F o r F , o a , a b s o l u t e l yf i l t h y . S h €w a s a b s o l u t e l ye x h a u s t e da t t h e e n d o f tne Tace. I l o v er u n n i n g l.d b e r e a l l yd e v a s t a t e idf h a d t o g i v ei i u p .

Unit I Recording


1 I w a i t t o b € t h e l a s t p l a y e ro n t o t h e p i t c h . 2 l \ d o n t h e r a c e€ a s i l y . 'm notgo ng t o t r a i nt o d a y . 3 4 Y o uc a n d o i t b y t hi n ( i n g a b o uI s o m e t h i n g different. 5 W h y a r ey o u f e € L i n sgo n e g a t i v e ? 6 W i l l y o u h e l pm e t o m o r o w ?

Unit 8 Recording


D i a t o g u e1 H=HostJ=,utie H : a n d o u r n € x tc a l l e ri s J u l i e S . o ,w h a t ' so n y o u r m n d ,j u l i e ? l : . . W e l l. . g u y sb a s l c a l l yc,h r s . H : A h h - n o ww h e r eh a v e h e a r dt h a t b e i o r e ? j : k n o w ,I k n o r ' . . b u t i i f e e l sl i k e I ' v et r i e d € v € r y t l r i nagn d I ' mj u s t n o t g e t t i n ga n y w h € r e . H : S o . . w h a t e x a c t l yd o y o u m e a nw h e ny o L t s a y y o u ' v e ' t r i e de v e r y t h i n g ' ? . l e r o w a c t r i ( g u ,Lr ! e a J : W e l .l I n " d a c o u p l eo i r n o n t h sa g o a t w o r l ( . - W e u s e d t o h a v ea b i t o f a l a u g ha n d a j o k ea r o u n dt h e o " . e . d d l - " dl - - c h , o g ph - d r e w ' i r F r I a , e e n e c r o b e g o - g p r e l y n , pl . , d . e ' t ' l i r n o w a n d t h e n . . b u t t h e n h e s e e m e dt o j u s t s t a r ta v o i d i n gr n e. H i W h a t . . l i k eo v e r ng h t ? j : W e l l. . d o n ' tk n o w a b o u ti h a t . b u t t w a s prerrystrange H : A n d n o t h i n gh a d r e a t l yc h a n g e d ? l : N o . . w e l l . . I ( e l s a i dl h a db e e nt e x t i n g h i n rq u i t ea b i t . . H:What (indof things? J : o h n o t h n g m L r c h. . . s i l l yt h i n g s. . .t e L l i n g h i m t h o u g h th e w a s r e a l l yc u t e. y o u k n o w H : A n y t h i n ge l s € ? J rW e t l . . I d i d s e n dh i m t h e o d d c a r d. . a n d a

b i g c a k eo n h i s b i r t h d a y . t o t h e o f f c e . . H :T ot h e o f f i c € ? J : Y € a h . w e l L. m a y b et h a t w a sa b i t o v e rt h e top . D i a l o g u e2 H=HostM=Martina H : S o M a d i n a . a p p a r € n t l y o u ' r es o m ek i n d o f s p o r t s p e r s o r. . i s t h a t r i g h t ? M: Yeahw , e l l ,I d o a l o t o f l o n g - d i s t a n c e r u f f i n g y o u k n o w m a r a t h o r sa n d s t u f l H : 0 h y e a h . s o w h a t e x a c t l yw e r ey o u p h o ni n g a b o u i ? l I : W e l l ,j u s t r e c e n t l yI ,h a d t h i s r a c e. . y o u k n o w ,a r e a l l yb i So n e ,t e l e v j s e d and e v e r y t h i n ga n d. . . w e l l ,h o w c a f p u t i t , , y o u k n o w , j u s t c o u l d n ' td o i t 'couLdn't H : W h a td o y o u m e a n . do it'? M : W p l l ,i i w r . r e a l l , fro r . b . r r b o - t q d - w a y , w a s l o s i n gt o u c hw i t h t h e l e a d e r sa n d l j u s t h a d t o s t o p w h i c h s r e a l l yu r u s u a l f o rm e . . . a n d t h e n I j u s t c o u l d n ' tg e t g o i n ga g a i n. . a n d l u s r g a v eu p M : A n d s i c e t h e i , ' v e l o s ta l l m y c o n f i d e n c e . I ' m t h i n k i n gI m a yh a v et o g i v eu p f u n n i n g a l t o g e i h e r. B u t r e a l L yi t,' s b e e nm y l i l e u n t i l H rT \ d l . o - n d . e a l l y d i' c r l . . F a \ , ey o u L oP e d t o a n y o n ea b o u th o w y o u t e f e e l i n g L 4 :Y € s ,w € l l , w o r k w i t h a s p o r t sp s y c h o l o g j s l b u t s h e ' sl u s t t e l l i g m e t o . . D i a l o g u e3 H = H o s tT = T i m H : S o w h a t ' sy o u r s s u et o d a yT i m ? T: myjob I suppose H r A n dw h a t d o y o u s L r p p o saeb o u ti t ? T r W e l l ' v e b € e ni n r n yc o m p a n yf o r q u i t e e now, d i . , - , , ,w " I . . l s e e rI " t o h a v eg o t a b i i s t u c kl t h n k . . H:Stuck? T : Y € a hw e l l . O t h € rp e o p L e whostarted a r o u n dt h e s a m et i r n eh a v eg o t p r o m o t e da n d m o v e du p a n d I ' m s t i l l d o i n ge x a c t l yt h e s a m ej o b a s w h e nI s t a r t e d. . H : A i d y o u f e e lI k e y o u ' v eb e e nd o j n gy o u r c u r r e n jt o b o k ? T : L J m m. . w e l l I s u p p o s et h e r eh a v eb e e n o n e o r t w o p r o b l € m sI m € a nI d d n ' t r e a L l g y €t o n w t h o n e o f m y b i g g e s ct l i e n t s. . . b u t t h a t w a s n ' ta l l m y f a u l ta s t h € yw e r €r e a l l ya n n o yn g I p y d d n l ' F n e $trh e . o n r ' o . l . b.l, "ry^"i. w i t h u s s o I g o t i n t o a b i t o f t r o u b l €a b o u tt h a t . . .a r d t h e n h a v eb e e nt o l d o f f a f € w t i m e s a b o u tb e i n gL a t e. H : 5 0 , a r e y o u L a t ef o r w o r k o f t e n ? T : Y e a h , , ! e l L ,g u e s ss o . H r J u s th o w o f t e n ,T i m ? T : W e l l ,m a y b ea c o u p l eo f t i m e s a w e e k . . H : W h a t . € v e r yw e e k ? T : P r Fl v r L l s L o p o c e. . t ' c . r . . h a ' s e 6 p - F al y w " | . . a n d n F v e ' F a r n y d r d r n . . o . k I ' v et r i e d d f f e r e n t y p e sb u t i t d o € s n ' ts e e mt o m a ( ea n yd i f f e r e n c e , ,

Unit I Recording


M=Man W=Woman M : D i d I t e L yl o u a b o u tt h i s r e a l l yf u n n yl a w y e r s t o r yt h a t a i r i e n do f m i n es e n t m e o n e r n a i l t h e o t h e rd a y ? W : N o ,g o o n M : W e l l . . .t h e ! , r a yi t g o e si s t h a t . t h e r e ' s t h i s l a w y e ri n t h e U S A . . .N o r t hC a r o l l n ao r

s o r n e w h e r.e. . a n d h e b u y st h i s b o x o f r e a L L y rar€ and very,very expensivecigars .. W :0 k . . i l l : A n d b e c a u s et h e y l e s o e x p e n s l v e he d e . d e c o i n ) . F . h er s t l i r ea r o - g . , | "sa o t l r e rt h i n g s W : F a i re n o u g h . M : Y e s . e x c e p t h a t ,w i t h i na m o n t h ,h a v n g s m o k e dh i s c o m p L € tceo l l e c t i o ro f t h e s e f a n t a s t i c i g a r sa n d w i t h o u th a v i n gm a d ee v e n p o L i c yt ,h e h i s f i r s tp a y r n e nito r t h e i n s u r a n c e l a w y e rm a d €a c l a i ma g a i n s t h e i n s u r a n c e W : W h a to n e a r t hf o r l l v l :W e l l ,i n h i s c l a i m ,t h e L a w y esrt a t e dt h a t t h e c i g a r sw e r el o s t i r a s e r i e so f s r n a l l i r e s W : H o wr i d i c u l o u s l 1 , 4A: n d n s L _ p ' , i g l y .I ' F - . u r a - . e r o n p " n , r e f u s e dt o p a y f o r t h e o b v i o u sr e a s o nt h a t t h e m a n h a ds m o k e dt h e c i g a r si n t h e n o r m a l w a y .B u t t h e n ,t h e l a w y e rs u e dt h e r s u r a n c e c o m p a n y. a n dw o n l W h e nh e g a v eh s d e c s i o . 1r.h e j - d g " a g "ed w t tl e i. sura ce c o m p a n yt h a t i h e c l a i n ra p p e a r e dr d i c u l o u s B U Tc o n c l u d e d t h a t t h e l a w y e rh a d a p o [ i c y f r o n rt h e c o m p a n yi n w h i c hi t g u a r a n t e etdh e y c o u l db e n s u r € da g a i n s ft i r e ,w i t h o u td e f i n l n g e k c t y n , h a dl d o r d d n o c o . - l a , l " ' A n o s o t l r ec o m p a n yw o u L dh a v ei o p a yt h e c l a i n r W : N o l Y o u ? ek i d d i n g [ 1 : B u t t h a l t n o t a l l Y o us e e ,r a t h e rt h a n g o i n g t h r o u g ha l o n ga n d e x p e n s i v e a p p e a l t, h e i n , - d n c e . o n p a n Jy , . " p l F d h - d e c i 'o - " p a i d$ 1 5 , o o oi o t h e l a w y e r f o rh s l o s so f t h e v a l u a b l ec i g a r si n t h € ' f i r e s ' B u t n o w c o m e s t h e b e s tp a l t l W : G o o n I c a n ' tw a i t . . l l l : T h e n a f t e rc a s h i n gt h e c h e q u et,h e l a w y e rw a s a r r e s t e dTl h e n s u r a n c e company ' h i r . h a g e d ^ i h 2 a ' o ur . , o ' d . \ o n lW i . l . "d h i s o w n i n s u r a n c cel a m a n d e v i d e n c ei r o m t h e p r e v i o u sc a s eb e i n gu s e da g a i n s th i m ,t h e l a w y e r w a sc o n v i c t € d o f d e l i b e r a t e lbyu r n i n g h i s i n s u r e dp r o p e r t ya n d s o c a ny o u b e l i e v e i t ? h e w a s s e n t e f c e dt o 2 4 m o n t h si n j a i l a n d a $ 2 4 , o o of n e , W : N o l l s t h a t r € a l l yt r u e ? lll: Crossmy heartl l\4yftiend said he goi it f r o ma r e a l n e w s p a p e r W : H o wa m a z i n g .

Unit I Recording


W = W o m a nM = l l l a n W : D i dy o u s e e t h e s ep h o t o si n t h e p a p e r l t s a y st h e y ? eo f s o m e o n ew h o w a s i r t h e m i d d L eo f s t € a l i n gc o m p u t e e r q u i p m e n ft r o m someone'slrouse,, M : R e a l L yS?o , h o w d i d t h e y m a n a g et o d o ihat? W : I ' m n o t s u r e , s u p p o s et h € ym u s t h a v ef i x e d u p s o m ek i n do f s e c u r i t yc a r n e r a . M : W h a t . . .i n s i d et h e i r o w n h o u s e ? W : Y e a hT . h a tw o u l d b e p r e t t yu n u s u a l D o y o u t h i n kt h e t h i e fr e a l i s € dh e w a s b e i n gc a u g h t on cameTa? l v l :H e c a n ' th a v ed o n e ,c a i h e ?O t h e r w i s eh, e d h a v et a k e nt h e c a m e r at o o l

Unit I Recording


P i . . a n d n n a l l yt o d a y ,a h o u s eb u r g l a rw a s g i v e na n 1 1 - m o n t p h r i s o ns e n t e n c et o d a y

Thpescripts a f t e ra d m i t t i n gb r e a k i n gi n t o a l o c a l h o u s e a n ds t e a l i n gt h o u s a n d so f p o u n d sw o r t h o f c 0 r n p u r eer q u r p m e n t , T h eh o u s e h o l d eD r , u n c a nG r i s b yw, h o h a d b e e nb u r g l e do n a p r e v i o u so c c a s i o ns, e t u p a w e b c a mw h i c hw o u l ds t a r t r e c o r d i n a gs soon a s i t d e t e c t e dr n o v € r n e ni nt t h e r o o m B u t t h e p a r t r c u l a r lcyl e v e rt h i n gw a s t h a t e v e nt h o L r g h t h e b u r g l a rs t o l et h e c o m p u t e a r ndwebcam, t h e i m a g e sh a da l r e a d yb e e ns e r t v i a t h e I n t e r n € to a p r i v a t ee m a i t a d d r e s s . T h ep o l i c eo m c e ri n c h a r g eo f t h e c a s e , c o m m e n t e da f t e rt h e t r i a l :A f t e r t h eb r e a k - i n w a s d i s c o v e r e d[ 4, r G r i s b ys i m p l yg a v eu s t h e e m a i l a d d r e sa s n dw e w e r ea b l et o w a t c h s e v e r a l m i n u t eosf f o o t a g ea n d i d e n t i f y t h e t h j e f w h o l s q u i t ew e l l k n o w nt o u s .W h e nh e i n i t i a l l yd e n i e db r e a k i n gi n i o i h e p r o p e r t yw e w e r es i m p l ya b l et o s h o w h i m t h e f o o t a g e T h ew e b . a r n a d e o - r i o o r F al v e a s y ,l l w a c a p l e a s u r et o s h o w h i r nt h e p i c t u r e sa n d s e e h i s e x p r e s s r own h e nw e i n t e r v i e w e h di m

Unit I Recording 6 l=lnterviewer 5.H.=Sherlock Hotmes l: lMr. Sherlock Holmes, I rnust askyouflrst . . .H o w i s i t t h a t y o L rh a v et h e s a m en a m ea s S h e r l o c kH o l m e st,h e g r e a td e t e c t i v el r o m London? S . H :P l e a s ec, a l lm e H o l m e s t h a t ' sw h a t r n y l r i e n d sa n df a m i l yc a l l m e w e l l ,y o u s e e , m y p a r e n t sw e r eg r e a tf a n so f t h e o r i g i n a l Cona. Doylestories. Both parents,my father, e s p e c i a l l yw,o u l ds p e n dh o u r sr e a d i n gt h e a d v e n t u r etso m e e v e na s a c h i l d , l: Reallyr? S . H :Y e s. . . a n dw h e n l w a s b o r n ,t h e y d i s c u s s e da n u m b e ro l f i r s tn a m e s T , hey w a n t e dt o g i v et h e i rs o n a n a m et h a t w a s u n c o m m o n- b u t a l s ot h a t r e p r e s e n t e d s o m e t h i n gs p e c i a lT. h e yd i d n ' tt a k el o n gi o d e c i d eo n S h e r L o cHk o l m e sa s h e w a st h e i r f a v o u r i t el i t e r a r yf i g u r e a r d t h e y k n e wn o o n e w o u l d f o r g e tm e o n c et h e y ' dh e a r dm y n a m e , A n d b o y ,w e r et h e yr i g h t l l r S o , h o w d o p e o p l ei n g e n e r arl e a c tw h e ny o u i r t r o d u c ey o u r s e ltfo t h e m ? 5 . H :W e l l ,I g e t a l l k i n d so f r e a c t i o n rse a l l y e v e r y t h i n fgr o mt h e u s u a l' W h e r e ' sD r W a t s o n ' t y p ec o m m e n t st o p e o p l ej u s t t h i r k i n g I ' n b e i n gf u n n y . l : c a r i m a g i n e .. A n d d o y o u r n n d ? S . H :N o , n o t a t a l l . I n e v e rh a v ed o n e I t h i n k , t l r eb e s tr e a c t i o nw a s w h e nI w a s i n S a n F t a n c i s coon e t i m e .I w e n t i n t o a n e l € c t r o n i c -V, s l o r F. o b J y a l r F r e r k o e ' ] i n dr h e , o u n . e w a s a y o l l n gl a d ya b o u t1 8 o r s o w h e n s h e s a wt h e n a r n eo n r n yc r e d i tc a r ds h e s t a r e da t i t f o r a b o u t1 0 f u l l s e c o n d sS. h es l o w l yl i f t e dh € r 'ace lool [o a - m p a n a J e , a i o , i . r a l l s n c e .t y . I d i d n ' t k n o wy o u w e r e r e a l lW a i t' t i l I t e l l m y f r i e n d sI s a wt h e r e a lS h e r l o c kH o l m e s l l: No! 5 . H :Y e c lY o - c o u d f a v e k n o L ( e dn e r o v e rw i r r l a f e a t h e rT, h ee x p r e s s i oor n h e r f a c ew a s a s i f s l r e d s € e na g h o s t l t w a s v e r y a r n u s i n g . l : G i v e ny o u r n a m e ,d o y o u l e e l t h a ty o u h a v e a n y s p e c i a l t a l e not r a b i l i t yt o s o l v em y s t e r i e s in everyday[ife? S . H rW e l l ,I w i l l s a yt h a t h a v i n gs u c ha n a m e d o e sm e a nt h a t p e o p l eo f t e nt u r n t o m e i f a n y t h i n gu n u s u aI h a p p e n sF. o re x a m p l ei,f I ' m w a t c h i n g T Vw i t h a F r i e n d o r f a m i l ym e m b e r

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Unit I Recording 7 P : N i c kL e e s o n 'lsi f es t a r t e da s a c l a s s i cr a g s t o r i c h e ss t o r y .H e w a s b o r n i n t o a w o r k i n g c l a s sf a m i l ya n d l e f t s c h o o lw i t h a [ m o s tn o q u d l i - ' a r i o s , \ o - e r h e l e 5 5 i,n . h €e a ' v t 9 8 o s , h e g o t a s e r i e so F c l e r i c a l j o bw s i t hd i f f e r e n t b a n k s ,e n d i n gu p w i t h B a r i n g sa, w e l l k n o w n i n v e s t m e nbt a n k ,w h e r eh e d i d w e l l a n d receivedrapid promotion, B e l o r el o n g ,h e w a s n r a k i r gm i l l i o n sf o r B a r i n g sb y b e t i i n go n t h e f u t u r ed i r e c t i o no f . h e l a p d n e s es t o c ( e ^ c h a _ g eF. i q b o s 9 e 5b a c k i r L o n d oi w e ' e d e l g \ t e d w i r h h i \ l a g e p r o n L s a n d p u t m o r ea n d m o r et r u s t i i h i m .B y t h e e n d 0 1 1 9 9 3h, e h a d m a d em o r et h a nf l o m - a b o u t1 0 %o f t h e t o t a l p r o f i to f i h e b a n k f o r t h a t y e a r H o w e v e rw, h a t t h e b a n kd i d n ' tk n o w w a st h a t L e e s o nh a d a s p e c i a al c c o u nw t here h e w a sh d i n gh i s l o s s € s . B y D e c e r n b e r ' 9 t4h e l o s s e sh i d d e ni n t h a t a c c o u n t o t a l l e d$ 5 1 2m i l l i o n A . st h e l o s s e s grew, Leesonrequestedextra funds to c o n t i n u et r a d i n g ,h o p i n gt o g e t h i m s e l fo u t o f t h e m e s sb y m o r ed e a l s .I n t h e e n d ,L e e s o n m a n a g e dt o l o s et h e b a n k$ 1 . 3b i l t i o na n d pffa.tiva



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h e w a s e i i e c t i v e l yh o m e l e s sa n d w i t h o u ta j o b . L e e s o nt h o u g h ,h a s m a n a g e dt o b o u n c e b a c ka n d m a k et h e m o s t o l h i s e x p e r i e n c e s , H e h a s m a d ea n e s t i m a t e df 5 o , o o o F r o m h i s b o o k ,a n dt h e f e e f o r s e l l i n gh i s s t o r y t o t h e n e w s p a p e riss r e p o f t e dt o b e a b o u t t h r e et i m e st h a t a m o u n t .l h e s t o r yh a s a l s o b e e nt u r n e di n t o a F l l mc a l l e d' R o g u eT r a d e r ' , s t a f i i n gE w a nl M c G r e g o r

Unit 10 Recording 1 1 O r c e h a da p r e m o r i t i o nt h a t s o m e t h i n g a w f u l w a sg o i n gt o h a p p e nt o a n o l d s c h o o lf r i e n do f m i n e ,C a r o l aw , h o ' dm o v e d t o A u s t r a l i aa n d I h a d n ' ts e e ni o r a g e s , s o m e h o wk n e ws o m e t h j n gw a s g o i n gt o h a p p e fa n d t h e n l a t e rt h a t d a y ,a n o t h e rf r i e n d o f m i n ep h o i e d t o s a yt h a t C a r o l ah a d h a d a n a c c i d e nat n dw a s i n h o s p i t a lA. f e w o t h e r t h i n g sl i k et h a t h a v eh a p p e n € dr e c e r t l ys, o n o h r a d a y st a k em y p r e m o n i t i o nas b i t m o r e s e r i o u s l yt h a n I u s e dt o l 2 l t w a s r e a l l yw e i r dt h e o t h e rd a y b e c a u s e w a s a t m y b r o t h e r ' s3 o t h b r t h d a yp a r t ya n d w a s t a l k i n gt o s o m ep e o p l et h e r e. . . A n d t h e n i n t h e m i d d l eo f t h e c o n v e r s a t r o Ins, u d d e n l y h a d a r e a l l y s t r o n gl e e l i n g o F d 6 j a vu ljustfel t h a tt h e w h o l et h i n g. . .y o u k n o w ,t h e p l a c e , t i r ep e o p l e ,t h e e x a c tc o n v e r s a t i o nh,a d a l l h a p p e n e db e f o r ei n e x a c t l yt h e s a m ew a y . t m a d em e f e e lq u i t es t r a n g ef o r a c o u p l eo f minutes, n dm o ' ei n r r y l e . . | - \ I v e . e a r n e o 3 l \ , , l oar F t o t r u s t m y i n t u i t i o n. . . t c o u l db e a n y t h i n g r e a l l y , l i k ed e c i d r f g w h i c hj o b t o a p p l yf o r ,o r k n o w i n g w h i c hr o a dt o t a k ei l l g e t l o s t ,o r h a v i r ga f e e L i ntgh a t s o m e o n e ' lsy i n gt o m e l f i n d i f l s t a r ta n a l y sn g t h l n g sa n dt r y i n g t o w o r k i t o u t , I g e t c o n f u s e dB. u t i f I g o w i t h m y g u t f e e l i n gw , i t h o u tt h i n l ( i n ga b o u tt h i n g st o o m u c h , t ' s f u n n yb u t f i n d I ' r nu s u a l l yr i g h t . 4 I!4ycousinsare twins and th€y have always b e e ni n c r e d i b l cy l o s e .N o wt h e y a r e o l d e r , t h e y s t i l l h a v ea n a m a z i n g s i x t h s e n s ea b o u t e a c ho t h e r T h e ya l w a y ss e e mt o k n o ww h e n s o m e t h i n gh a p p e n st o t h e o t h e ro n e ,e v e n i f t h e y ? er n i l € sa p a r t .0 n e o f t h e m k n o w si l s o m e t h i n gi m p o r t a n h t a s h a p p e n e dt o t h € o t h e ro n e ,e s p e c i a l liyf t h e y ? ei n t r o u b l eo r h u r t i n s o m ew a y . 5 I ' v eo n l yb e e nL l n c o n s c i o uosn c ei n m y l i f e a n d t h a t w a sw h e nI w a s p l a y i n gf o o t b a t l w r t hs o r n ef r i e n d sW . e u s e dt o p l a ye v e r y S u n d a ya n d I r e a l l ye n j o y e di t , b u t I o f t e ng o t i n j u r e dO l n ed a y , w a s k n o c k e du r c o n s c i o u s b y s o m e o n e. . I s t i l l d o n ' tr e a l l yk n o w h o w i t h a p p e n e d. . I j u s t r e m e m b ew r a k i n gu p , l y i n g o r t h e g r a s sl o o k i n gu p a t a g r o u po f a b o u t t w e n t yp e o p l ea l l s t a r i n gd o w na t m e , a n d I h a d n ' tg o t a c l u ew h a t w a s g o i n go n 5 | t h i n k i h a t I ' r na v e r ys i n g l e - r n i n d epde r s o n - m e a n ,I r e a l l yd r i v em y s e l fh a r dt o s u c c e e d a t e v e r y t h i n gd o . . .T h eo t h e rd a y ,I w a s w o n d e r i n gw h y I l e t m y s e l f w o r ks o h a r da n d g e t s o s t r e s s e da b o u it h i n g s ,a n d I t h i n k i t ' s m a y b eb e c a u s eI h a v ea s u b c o n s c i o ufse a ro f f a i l u r e I. t h i n k t h a t d e e pd o w n ,w i t h o u tr e a l l y b e i n ga w a r eo f i t m o s to f t h e t i m e , I ' m r e a l l y s c a r e do f n o t s u c c e e d i nign e v e r y t h l n gd o . M a y b er t ' st o d o w i t h m y p a r e n t sT. h e ya l w a y s e x p e c t e dm e t o b e t h e b e s ta t s c h o o l

Tapescripts Unit 10 Recording


D i a l o g u e1 l = l n t e r v i e w e rW = W o m a nM = M a n l : H o wd o y o u i e e l a b o u tP a u LM c K e n n a ? W : W p l l .I p c l o I p _ o b a by g - . i r p n y : e . t . "s t s o u n d sa s i f h i s c l i e n t sg o a w a ys a t s f i e d S o e v e n f w e d o n ' t r e a l l yu n d e r s t a n d howhedoes i t , i f y o ! a s k m e , i t d o e s n ' tr e a L l m y atterHe m u s t b e d o i n gs o m e t hn g r i g h t lS o m ep € o p L € wa-l to ( ow I o{,.\e /t ngwo.,c, bur '-r in f a v o u ro i j u s t a c c e p t i n gi t f i t w o r k s l o r y o u , a n d n o t a n a l y sn g t h i n g st o o m u c h l D i a l o g u e2 1 :W h a ta r ey o u rv i e w so f h y p n o s i s ? D oy o u h a v ea n y s t r o n gf e e l i n g sa b o u i i i ? / \ 4Y : e s , d o l ' v ea l w a y sb e l i e v e dt h a t p e o p l e l i k e P a u l l M c K € n naar e j u s t g o o ds h o w m e n T 0m y m i n d ,i t ' s a L lr u b b i s h- h e ' sl u s t g o o da t b € i n gn r c et o p e o p L es,o t h e y ? ea b i t h a p p i e r a t t h e t i m e B u t ,I h a v em y d o u b t sa b o u th o w n r u c hh e c a na c t u a l l yd o f o r p e o p L € rn the l o n g - t e r m ' m s c e p tc a l t h a t h y p n o ss h a s a n y e l f € c ta t a l l a n d ' m a g a i n s p t e o p l ep a y i n gf o r a s e r v l c ea n d g e t t i n gn o i h i n gr € a li n r e t u r n I r n e a n , d o u b t h y p n o s i sa c t L r a LwLoyr k sf o r D i a l o g u e3 l r W h a td o y o u t h i i k o f h y p n o s i s ? M r F f o mm y p o i n to f v i e w ,I h a v et o s a yt h a t w h e n w e n t f o r a s e s s i o nt o a h y p n o t i s ii,t w a s f a f t a s t i c .l t s a v e dm e n y j o b . m e a n ,I w a s a b L et o d e a lw i t h t h e s t r € s so i m y j o b m u c h b e t t e ra f t e rt h a t a n d ' m c o n v i n c e dt h a i i i w a s l l F l - \ o n o s ' s l ^ " 1h e l p e or e . f a ,t , i l ^ o a r ' l g 0 n et o t h e s e s s i o f , s u s p e c tl w o u l d ' v eL e f t m y j o bb y n o w

Unit 10 Recording 3 l = l n t e r v i e w e rE = E x p e r t l:Welcane ta ll|adern World Orthe p r o g r a m m teo d a y ,w e ' r et a l k n g t o j o C a r l s o n a b o u tt h e p o w e ro f p e r s u a s i o nA l l a r o u n du s , t h e r ea r e i m a g e so n t e l e v r s i o nj l,n g l e so n t h e r a d i o ,a d v € r t si n r n a g a z i r e ss,o u n db i t e so n t h e n € w s ,o f f e r si n t h e s h o p s T h e y ? ea l l h a r d a t w o r ( t r y i n gt o m a ( € u s b e l i e v es o m e t h i n g o r p e r s u a d r nugs t o b u y s o m e t h i n gF, e a rn o t , h o w e v e rJ,oC a r l s o nl s h e r et o r e v e a l t h e i r s e c r e i sa f d s h o w u s h o w t o r e s i s ta l l t h i s p e r s u a s i o nHl e L L joo,. E:Hello. g € o p l ei s b l g b L r sn € s s , l : F i I s t ,p e r s u a d i n p i s n ' ti t ? m e a n ,s u p e r r n a r k e tasn d p o l i t i c i a n s , a d v e r t i s e rasn d s a l e s p e o p Lteh,€ ya l l t a k e i t v e r ys e r j o u s l yd, o f ' t t h e y ? E : Y e s T h e ys p e n da l o t o f r n o n e yo n w o r k i n g o L r t h e b e s t p s y c h o l o g i ctarli c k st o g u a r a n t e e t h a t e v e nt h e m o s tc a u t i o U sa m o n gu s a T e o p e nt 0 m a n i p u l aot n l : L e t ' st a k es u p e r m a r ( e ttsh e n . H o wd o t h e y m a k eu s b u y t h i n g sw e d o n t n e c e s s a r i lwy a n i ? W h a ta r e s o m eo f t h e i r f i c k s ? E : W e l l ,f i r s t l y t, h e yt r y t o r e l a xu s b y p l a y i n g m u s i ca n d b y p u m p i n gt h e s m e l lo f f r e s h l y b a ( e d b r e a di n t o t h e s t o r e .S t u d i e sh a v e s h o w r t h a t t h e s m e Lm L a k € sp e o p l eb u y m o r € . l : I k n o wl ' v ed o n e t h a tw i t h o u te v e nt h i n ( i n g a b 0 u tr t E : E x a c t l y . r n o s io f t h e t i m e ,w e a r e c o m p l e t e l yu n a w a r eo f ! . / h a t ' sh a p p € n i n gl.t ' s s u o c o n s co u s p e T s u a s t o. n l : A n dw h a t a b o u t' r e w a r dc' a r d s ?

E:Ahyes Well,fromthesuperr.arket's point Unit 10 F,ecording 7 o l v" w , e w " , l " d , . e a J q e s u . . F s s ( o r / , S=Student Ascustoraers, wethinkwe'rebeingrewarded S : i c a n ' tb e l i e v et h a t s p e l l i n gi s s o d i f f i c u l t iorshopping at thatparticular sup€rrnarket. i n E n g l i s hI.n S p a n i s hi,t ' s s o e a s y r T h e raer e What's reaLly happenirg, hou,ever, is thatthe s o m a n y€ x c e p t i o n isn E n g l i s ht h a t e v e r yt i m e , . o r es b d , . a l/ o -o v e n p i n ou 5r os f o p 've L e r " d q d ; , b - l d l s og e r l g r : t a .i n o I d Lo r l a b o u tw h a t w e ? eb u y i n g . l : l l l o r ei n f o r m a t i o n t o h e l p t h e mw o r k o u t h o w t o p € r s u a d €u s t o b u y e v e nr n o r et h i n g s E : T h a t ' sr i g h t l E : S o ,w h a t a b o u tt h e a d v e . t i s i n g industry? W h a i s e c r e t sc a ny o u r e v € a l a b o u t h a t ? l n w h a tw a y sd o e sl t p e r s L l a dues t o b L l y p a r t i c u l apr r o d u c t s ? E : W e L l. . t h e r e ' ss o m u c h .A n d n o m a t t e r h o w m u c hw € t h r n kw e k n o wa b o u tw h a tt h e a d v e r t i s e rasr e d o r n g . t h e y s t i l l t e n dt o w n l W e s t i l l i a l l f o r t h e a d v e r ta n d e n d u p b u y i n g the product l: Yes E : B a s i c a L ltyh,e r ea r et w o t y p e so i a d s . . t h o s e t h a t a p p e a l t ot h e t h i n k i n gp a r t o f o u r b r a i n a n d t h o s et h a t a p p e a l t ot h e e r n o t i o n apLa r t . l : S o ,f o r w h a t t y p eo f p r o d u c t sw o u l d t h e y a d v € r t i s eb y a p p e a l i n gt o t h e t h r n k i n gp a r to f our braln? E rW e l Lt,h e y a r € r n o s t l yu s e df o r t h i n g s w h i c hh a v el i t t l ee m o t o n a l a p p e a Lf o ,r e x a m p l ec, l e a n i n gp r o d u c t sT h e yg i v eu s information a b o u tt h e p r o d u c ta n d t r y t o i n f l u e n c eu s t h a t w a y H o w e v e ra, d v e r t s w h ; c hg o f o r o u r e m o i i o n sa r e u s u a l l ym u c h m o r es u c c e s s f uIl n. u s i n ge m o t i o n a , dverts e x p L o ipt s y c h o a n a L y t i ichael o r € s a b o u ti h e s u b c o n s c i o u Is m e a n ,t h e y k n o wt h a t i m a g e s c a f r e a c ho u Te m o t l o n sa l a l e v e l t h a tw e a r e n o . o , ^ d r eo I d _ d \ o e r u c ' 1 1 o r ep o w e . ' - l : " persuadinu gs to do things l : S o ,w h a t k i n d so f e m o t i o n sa r e u s e d ? t : W " , d d r " l . f o d i f r e " I o r d n o \ o ' r o tF 5 o f i e nw a r r l o - 1 d Le . c F e .t a l ^ e b e l o n g -, o e x a m p l eb y s h o w i n gu s h o w t o b u y t h e r i g h t c L o t h e tso f i t i n w t h o u r f r i e n d sA n d a d v e t s p l a yo n o u r n e e dt o f € e ls a f e . ior insurance F o re x a r n p l et h e ym i g h ts h o wa i a m i l yh a p p i l y s p € n d i n gt h e i r i n s u r a n c e m o n e yb u y i n gn e w t h i i g s w h e nt h e r h o u s eh a s b e e nb u r g l e d . SelFesteem r s a n i m p o r i a n io n e t o o .l M a n ya d s f o r l u x u r yp r o d u c t sl i k € e x p e n s i v cea r s ,w o r k o n m a( i n g u s f e e lg o o da b o u to u r s e l v e a s nd t h e l i f e s i y l e st h a t w e c o u l dh a v e l : C e L e b r i l i easr e L r s e da L o tt o o ,a r € n ' tt h e y ? E : Y e s ,t h a t s v e r yp o p u l a rC e l e b r i t i easr eo f t € n u s e da s a q u i c l (w a y o f g e t t i n gt h e m e s s a g e a c r o s sT, h e i rs u c c e s sa n d f a m i l i a f l t ym a k e s t h e m f e e L s a f €i n , t e r e s i i n gc,o o l , . . w h a t e v e r p o p s t a r d r i n k i n ga . . .W e s e e o u r f a v o u r r t e p a r t i c u l afri z z yd r i n ka r d w e ? ei m r n € d i a t e l y p e r s u a d e tdo b u y i t l

Unit 10 Recording 5 persuade 1 They usto buythings wemaynot 2 W e c a r r yo n u s i n gr e w a r dc a r d sa t t h € s a m e supermari(et 3 A d v e r t si o r c l o t h e so f t e nw a n t t o m a k eu s f e e Lt h a tw e b e l o n g . 4 l t r y t o r e s i s tb u y i n ge x p e i s i v ed e s i g n e f c t o t h e sb u t i t ' s d i i f i c u l t l 5 Y o uc o u l dt r y l e a v i n gy o u r c r e d i tc a f da t h o m € f y o u d o n ' tw a n t t o s p e n ds o m u c h

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Total English - Upper Intermediate  

An English student book

Total English - Upper Intermediate  

An English student book