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The golden goose This is Simpleton. He 'lives with his mother, father and his brother John in a little house in the forest. The boys' father is a woodcutter. John, go to the forest. You must cut the big tree.


You are silly, you are a simpleton. ' Please give me some food. -..\.'-".Jnu. I'm very hungry.

John is in the forest. He is hungry. He takes out some bread and cheese and a bottle of milk. Suddenly he sees a little man in a green coat and a green hat.


John starts to cut down the tree. The axe breaks and he hurts his hand.

On the next day ....

Father, I can cut the big tree.

No, he can't. He is so silly.


Srmpleton is very happy. He goes in the forest. Simpleton is in the forest by the big tree. The little green man comes again.

Please give me some food. I'm hungry.

You are a good boy. Cut down the tree now! There is a nice surprise for you.

Si'mpleton cuts the tree. Look! A goose! It's a golden goose. It's for you.

Simpleton walks a long way. But night comes and he stops at a small inn.

The innkeeper has three daughters, Kate, Bess and Meg. Have some

bread and milk.



He has a golden goose.

Let's take s.ome feathers

Then we can be rich.

Then Bess comes in.

Simpleton is asleep in his room.

Tr th

What are you doing Kater

Oh, no! I can't take a feather. I'm stuck to the goose.



Oh, what can we do?

The three sisters make a big noise and Simpleton wakes up.

4\ W

He picks up the goose and when he moves, the sisters move, too. He walks to the market with the sisters.

Oh no! I'm stuck!



\ soldier hears them and puts lis ha,nd o~ Meg's ar~m. Oh no! I'm stuck!

A farmer's wife touches the police officer, too ...


"hat day the King and his beautiful daughter, he Princess, are outside their castle. I'm very sad. Nobody can make me laugh.

k. =.lo l

~ The Princess sees the line. Simpleton looks at the Princess and smiles.

And she smiles, too. Suddenly everyone is free.

You can make the Princess laugh. You are a clever boy. You can mar m daughter. So they marry. They are happy with the golden goose.

The Golden Goose  

An adapted tale for 3rd grade.

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