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Snow White Once upon a time there lived a

queen and a king.

One winter day the queen hod a

baby girl.



What a beautiful baby girl! Her nome wil l b e Snow White.

Sadly, the queen was very ill and died the next day. The king married again. The new queen was beautiful, but she was not kind. She didn't like Snow White.

The new queen hod a magic mirror. She asked it every day. QUEEN M IRROR

Snow White grew up. She b ecom e a

beautiful girl.

O~e day t~e queen asked t he ma gic

mirror again.


Mirror, mirro r on the wall, Am I the fairest of all?


Oh no, poor queen, no more. Show Wh ite is th e fairest of all.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of all? You are fair, you are toll, you are the fairest of all.

The queen was ve ry angry. QUEEN


Servant, toke Snow White out into the forest an d kill her! Yes, Your M ajesty.

The servant too k Snow White out into the forest. SERVANT

Quickly! Run away, Snow White! I don't wont t o kill you.

Snow White was very afraid. She ron and ron, for into the forest . SNOW W HITE

W hat sha ll I do? W ho will help me?


Oh, w ha t a pretty little house! Knock, knock! Hello! Is anybody ho me?

Snow Whi t e slowly opened th e door and went in. SNOW WHITE

Oh, there are seven little b eds. I'm so tired. I' ll li e down for a m inut e.

She soon fell asleep. Suddenly, she o pen ed her eyes. SNOW WHITE 1ST D WARF




W ho are you? We're dwarfs and we live here. There are seven of us. Wh o a re you? My nome's Snow White . I ran from the horrible queen and I don't know where to go. Don't wo rry. Yo u can stay here. We go to work every day. You can help us with the housework. Oh , thank you. I can cook and clean and ma ke th e b eds. 11 m very happy. I am safe from the horrible queen.

On e day in the castle the queen again a sked the magic mirror. QUEE N


M irro r, mirror on the wall, Am I t he fa irest of all? Oh no, poor queen, far in the fo rest, Snow White is the fairest of all.

The q ueen dressed up as a poor woman. She we nt to th e little house. Pretty combs, pretty combs! Do you want to buy a pretty comb? WHITE Yes, a red comb, please .


But the co mb had p oison in it. Snow White

put it in her hair a nd fell to the floor.

The seven d warfs came home from work.


What happened?

Look, a comb in her hair.

Take it out!

Snow White quickly woke up.

The next day in the castle the queen again

asked the magic mirro r.


The q ueen dressed up again as a poor woma n an d went to the littl e house. QU EEN S NOW W

App les ! A pples! Lovely red, sweet apples! Buy my apples! HITE They are so lovely! I'll buy one.

Snow Wh ite ate the a pple and fell down . QUEEN

Ha ! Ha ! Ha! You ate the po ison ous apple! Now you a re dead. An d I am the fairest of all !



Mirror, mirror on th e wall, Am I the fairest of all? O h no, poor queen, far in the forest, Snow White is the fairest of all.

The seve n dwarfs came home from wo rk. 3RD DWARF 4TH DWARF 5TH DWARF 6TH DWARF

She's dead. But she's so beautif ul. Let's put her in a glass box near t he house. So, we can see her every day.

One day a handsome prince on a white horse cam e into the forest. P RI NCE

What a beautiful young woman! What can I do to help her?

The prince opened the glass box. He put his hand under her head. Suddenly, the poisonous apple fell from her mouth. Snow Wh ite o p ened her eyes. PRINCE

Sh e is not dead.

Everybod y was happy.


The prince married Snow W hite. They had a big party in his castle.

Everybod y ca me to the party except the horrible queen.

Snow White a nd the Prince lived happi ly ever after.

Snow White  

An adapted tale or 4th graders.

Snow White  

An adapted tale or 4th graders.