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Grand Lodge November 11-12-13, 2012 Meetings Tuesdays at 7:00 pm in the Masonic Memorial Temple 2200 West Mesquite Ave. (Rancho & US-95) Las Vegas, Nevada 89106 (702)387-0046

Dispensation: November 10, 1962 Chartered November 12, 1963 Volume 49 Issue No. 9 NELLIS LODGE NO. 46 F. & A.M. Printed 9 times a year

Most Worshipful

Hans J. Scheurer Grand Master of Masons in Nevada

PAST GRAND LODGE OFFICERS Most Worshipful Donald G. Hines* Past Grand Master of Masons in Nevada Most Worshipful William B. Berk Past Grand Master of Masons in Nevada Right Worshipful Dale K. Dean Sr. Past Junior Grand Warden, Grand Lodge of Nevada * Signifies a Deceased Brother

2011 Nellis Lodge Trustees

3 Year Michael J. Clark, P.M.


2 Year Arcangelo O. Cocco, P.M.

1 Year Gerald McCorkle, P.M.

2012 Officer Line Scott Keiser (Kelly)

Worshipful Master (702) 465-8633

W. Bro. Jeff Byrne, P.M.

Senior Warden (702)525-4395

Harold Scalzo, Jr. (Janet)

Junior Warden (702)336-8461

W. Bro. John Feustel, PM (Paula)

Treasurer (702) 379-2992

W. Bro. James T. Greely, PM (Alice)

Secretary (702) 604-5542

Miguel Zavala (Nichole)

Senior Deacon (702)578-1945

Jason Turner (Jennifer)

Junior Deacon (702)845-8768

W. Bro. Arcangelo Cocco, P.M. (Pam)

Chaplain (702)339-5477

Christopher Rothwell (Mui)

Marshall (702)809-9616

Joseph Wines

Senior Steward (702)513-4205

W. Bro. David Lublin, P.M.

Junior Steward (702)858-1448

Frank Joseph (Wanda)

Tyler (702) 656-4564

Grant Jay

Master of Ceremonies (702)210-6822

Kevin Lopez

Master of Ceremonies (480)323-8081

Travis Lindsey W. Bro. R. Samuel Ruiz, P.M.

Historian (702)334-0254 Deputy Grand Lecturer (702)325-8075


Nellis Lodge Past Masters

Albert Schouten Donald G. Hines* Albert W. Cutler* Joseph Bureski* Virgil M. Babbs* Ivan H. Joyce, Sr.* Herbert T. Edgar* Robert P. Braner* Woodrow W. Thompson* William B. Berk Robert E. Broughton Donald L. Vines Stuart E. Pirie* Richard C. Ehrensing* Walter T. Jones* Charles R. Rinehart* William J. Schoenholzer* Gerald H. McCorkle Robert B. Riggs Dale K. Dean Sr. Stephen M. Thompson Billy R. Huffman* John C. Richardson Theodore M. West* John W. Startt, III

1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987

Alan J. Clark Harold R. Hamilton John Kiehlbaugh Gerry Cunningham* Bart Bonar Michael Holmstrom Craig Johnson Fred Barr Jeff Byrne Scutter Newton John Messana Andrew D. Craig Terry Robertson David Swallow John Feustel Sam Ruiz Franklin E. Merica Ray Troche James T. Greely John Gjonola Michael J. Clark Bjorn E. Sundquist Arcangelo O. Cocco Michael J. Clark

* Signifies a Deceased Brother Past Masters by Affiliation Albert Fischer Franklin E. Merica Shibli Sawalha Frank Fiedler David Lublin Frank Heyer


1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

The end of the year is almost here. We still have work to do - there are degrees to perform and planning to do for next years 50th. 2013 should be a very exciting year. The incoming Master will need as much help as he can get. I must say it has been an honor to serve Nellis this year. I'm so very proud that my brethren chose me to serve. I can honestly tell you that being Master of Nellis has been an experience of a lifetime. It has been Scott Keiser many things I expected and many things I did not. Most Worshipful of all being Master has taught me what brotherly love is Master 2012 about. Men, brothers, doing -not just saying, the tenets of Freemasonry. These brothers have proved by their actions that their words have meaning and power, what a wonderful thing to partake in. Also, there have been times when I have made decisions that some have not agreed with but, regardless they have stood by my side, knowing that any decisions I have made were what I believed were in the best interest of Masonry and especially Nellis. I can tell you the Past Masters have have stepped up all year long and have been an invaluable recourse not only volunteering but for advice without expecting anything in return. There are many many brothers who deserve thanks and my eternal gratitude, especially my officers and those who have always stepped up to take on parts in degrees and those brothers who have set up lodge and helped our wonderful Junior Warden Harold Scalzo with preparing our meals. My brothers thank you so much. CONTINUED ON PAGE 13


Brethren – I’m pleased to say that the objectives we set for the remainder of this year are finally being met as evidenced by the EA Degree we did on October 16th. As you all know Grand Lodge is coming up and this will mean that we may only get one more degree in by the end of the year. I Senior Warden want to remind all of the upcoming officers W. Bro. Jeff Byrne, P.M. to be proficient in their parts as we have so much work ahead of us. Next year is Nellis Lodge’s Golden anniversary and we have a lot planned. If anyone has any suggestions for this prestigious landmark event, please let Jim or I know and we will see if it is something we could consider doing. I'll close with this thought: "Remember, if you need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm ....As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others”. Fraternally,

Jeff Byrne, P.M. Senior Warden


Brethren, Wow, the end of the year is rapidly approaching! I would like once again to thank all who have supported me this year. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. I just wanted each of you to know that you are appreciated and a mere "Thank You" doesn't quite seem to be enough sometimes. I would also like to thank all the members who have been coming out to see and participate in all of the degrees. If you haven’t seen the fine work all of your officers are doing, then you owe it to yourself to come on down. Support your Lodge in all of its activities.

Junior Warden Harold Scalzo, Jr.

November will start our Holiday Season with the celebration of Thanksgiving. We as Americans have so much to be thankful for. We are allowed the freedom to love whom we wish, pray when and where we desire, celebrate whatever we like, live and be buried where we choose. During this upcoming Holiday Season, pause and remember those who place their lives in peril in order that we may have these freedoms. Remember those who have come home, those who are still over there and the ones who have given the ultimate sacrifice for us. Congratulations to all the many candidates that have received your degrees. This year Fraternally Harold Junior Warden 7

November & Dec In the Forefront Sunday



5 Stated

6 Communication


11 Grand Lodge


12 Grand Lodge

13 Grand Lodge







Dark—27 Degree if Necessary

3 Stated

4 Communication Election of Officers


Installation 11 Of Officers 2013

The 148th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge, F. 201 8

cember 2012 Spreading Light





Scottish Rite 1




























. & A. M. of Nevada will be held on November 11-12-13, 12


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Nellis Lodge No. 46 Bikes for Books Program Help encourage elementary school children to read! For more information contact W. Michael Clark, P.M. (702) 592-9249

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10’ X 13’ $60 per month 7’ X 13’ $45 per month 7’ X 16’ $100 per month 14’ X 13’ $120 per month Other units also available


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5 There are a couple of Masons though, that I would like to point to directly and give special thanks: Worshipful Jeff Byrnes and Worshipful Jim Greely. I can't begin to list all things they have done to assist me and more importantly serve Nellis. Both of them have work diligently and hard without care for recognition or reward. Please be sure to thank yourselves, brothers of Nellis, and the Officers of Nellis for their serves and great care they have given to our fraternity and Nellis in 2012 year. Gratitude completes the circle of giving. My brethren be Well, God Bless, and Thank you All. Scott Keiser Worshipful Master

If you would like your Trestleboard mailed to you please contact the Lodge at (702) 387-0046 and leave a message with your address. 13

Thanksgiving for Masons

Thanksgiving time is once more here, time to get together and check the score, maybe even drink some beer. Lucky for us this year we had no bombs falling on our homes. Sadly we did have some attacks on our troops. Our floods were small and our earthquakes inconsequential. We were not particularly thirsty, though it was extremely hot. It did not appear that we particularly hungry, although some of god’s creatures certainly were. Some were made ill by medicines intended to cure, but our health was mostly good and our homes were secure. We had no dictator dispensing the cure or wantonly invading our private liquor’, well, almost. Money was tight and jobs were slight. There are many outside who will need a helping hand. It is right that we recognize this and help as much as we can. Sadly, one only need look to see hardship these days. Thank god for our families and our friends our homes and our jobs. We are set apart in this country, where people are free. We blessed few will continue to dwell together in unity and enjoy all of the richness and happiness of our fraternity.


Christmas for Masons

It is time again to take out your wallet and buy some gear. Time again to spend like there is no tomorrow. The kids will most appreciate your Christmas spirit (about ten minutes), feel your goodwill and see your good cheer. You may be embarrassed to think what amount you might spend, and should try to forget about it as soon as you can. You will probably feel better when it is over and just before you get the bill in the mail. It will be a wonderful time when Santa comes down the chimney this year But the presents will be wrapped and under the tree. There will be cookies and milk on the mantle, just in case for Santa. The tree will sparkle and glow. The air will be crisp and as sharp as a knife. The morning will wait and hang like a long frost. It will take forever for the sun to come up. The children will not sleep! Any small noise must be investigated. After all, someone could be trying to steal the presents! Or even worse it could be your brother trying to sneak a peek at your present! Oh my God! It is difficult for a person to fully appreciate the warmth and goodness a child feels when experiencing a Christmas like this, unless he or she has also had such an experience. We could each think of those who this Christmas, may not have much of an opportunity for such a wonderful day. Maybe we can make it happen.


BECOME A NELLIS TRESTLEBOARD SUPPORTER If you would like to contribute to the Trestleboard support fund , please call 702-387-0046 and leave us a message. Get your name out there and show your Brethren that you support the Lodge and this publication. Current Annual Rates: Full Page—$600 1/2 Page—$300 1/4 Page—$200 Business Card—$75 The Trestleboard displays a not-for-profit mailing permit. Nellis Lodge cannot advertise any banking or financial brokerage houses, sales offers, coupons or credit card ads. **ALL MONEYS MADE GO TO THE PRINTING AND MAILING OF THE TRESTLEBOARD

Albert “Al” Schouten 8987 King John Court Las Vegas, NV 89149-3221 702-395-7580 AL104@JUNO.COM




Daniel Bullard


James Dunnavant


Christian Fitzharris


Paul Gains


Mike Gorman


Michael Griffin


Dale Hetling


Roy Lynn Johnston


Michael Lane


Jimmie D. Lane


Jay Lao


Kenneth Lillestrand


Travis Lindsey


Jack Maggard


William Meacham


Jacob Mitro


Richard Olliges


Tony Otto


Edmond Raynor


Dennis Schultz


David Schuster


Steven Smith


John Startt


Joseph Wines


Elmer Wynn


Delbert Berry


David Belcher


Michael Cavaretta


Dale Curtis


John Feustel


Harold Hendrick


Angelo Infante


Clarence Ingram


Brian Kundinger


Chris Lee


David Lublin


Dennis Martin


Brandon McCoy


Alva Medbery


Clayton Ostrom


Ron Reyes


Harold Scalzo


Al Schouten


Kevin Smith


Bjorn Sundquist


Allen Taylor


Jeff Wells


Harvey Williams


Timothy Woods



2012 COMMITTEES COGNIZANCE W. Bro. Terry Robertson, W. Bro. David Swallow & W. Bro. John Gjonola DELINQUENCY W. Bro. James Greely, W. Bro. Scott Keiser, W. Bro. John Feustel, Bob Kinniburgh & W. Bro. Mike Clark. EDUCATION & INVESTIGATIONS W. Bro. Jerry McCorkle, Bro. Robert Kinniburgh TRESTLEBOARD Bro. Harold Scalzo, Jr., W. Bro. James Greely, TELEPHONE W. Bro Scott Keiser & All Line Officers FUNDRAISING W. Bro. David Lublin, W. Bro. Jeff Byrne & Harold Scalzo Jr. LONG RANGE PLANNING W. Bro. John Feustel HELLDORADO PARADE W. Bro. John Gjonola RUSTY NAIL & HIGH 12 CLUB W. Bro. David Swallow RITUAL & DEGREE W. Bro. Jeff Byrne, W. Bro. David Swallow, & W. Bro. Arcangelo Cocco


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Nellis Lodge

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