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Most Worshipful John M. Buffington Grand Master of Masons In Nevada

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Stated Meeting first Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 pm at the Masonic Memorial Temple 2200 West Mesquite Ave. (Rancho & US-95) Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

From the East


From The West

Brethren, This year has been busy and April will be no different. On April 1 at our Stated Meeting we will be voting on three petitions. On the 8th Brother Jeff Wells will be getting his Master Mason Degree, let’s all support him on this important night. April 12 we will be having our Outdoor Degree at Rainbow Canyon. Brother Michael Heiman will get his Master Mason Degree. As many of you know, the Rainbow Canyon Outdoor Degree is in an Old West setting where we dress in old west fashion including hats; We always enjoy this event, and of course, the more the merrier. All Lodges are invited but you must be a Master Mason. For those of you who would like to stay overnight, there are some rooms available but I need to know as soon as possible. On April 15 we will have an E/A degree and our Senior Warden Miguel Zavala will be conferring the degree. April 22 is our Trustee meeting and April 23 is our MMT meeting. April 24 is the Master’s and Warden’s meeting. The Scottish Rite Reunion is April 25 and 26. Any Mater masons that would like to join the Scottish rite still have time to get their petition in, I have petition. The Initiation fee is $255.00 and you need to present a copy of your dues & proficiency card. Tickets are on sale for two “Nellis Baseball Nights”, June 19 and August 23. June 19 is $1.00 beer night and August 23 is Jersey night. This is a great night to bring the whole family and friends. If you need any information or have questions, please let me know.

I send dues notices and other things to all the brothers each year and at times some of that mail is returned to the office without any forwarding information. This wouldn't be too unusual except this year there we had a curious number of somewhat active brothers mail returned. These Brothers have never been late nor have they shown any indication of wanting to leave the Craft. They not only have no forwarding addresses but their phone numbers are no longer active. Of these, I was able to find one through Facebook and another was found by the Master, Harold (still no response after trying to contact him). Since then I sent out late notices and yet another Bro. turned up MIA. All I can do is let their time expire and give them an NPD status. We as a Lodge do not want to do have to do this. Now, getting back to dues, as of this printing we still have 43 members in arrears, 7 of which owe for 2 years. This is just under 1/4 of the dues paying membership! As mentioned before late notices have been sent at the end of February and only received 2 payments and one Bro. that wants to pay on a payment plan.

By the square Harold Scalzo Jr. Worshipful Master

Fundraisers have Officially started by aid of Bro. Darce with the AMAZING Gun raffle! So to continue, I will be filling the Display Case with Masonic goodies that will be available to purchase before and after all meetings. Also the Baseball nights have been scheduled, Jun.19th & Aug. 23rd! I will also start recruiting for the Fireworks booth! This will be Nellis' Best year ever! If we do not beat previous years sales we will at least beat the Fun had at the Booth while selling! Its all about the Fellowship! Fraternally, SW. Miguel

Let us examine the impetus of initiation. It can be summed up in three distinct words: ask , seek, knock. These acts are important not only as a candidate but as a subtle and powerful lesson of action. Does the lodge seek candidates? No. It is the responsibility of the interested to take the initiative to ask to be a Mason, he then seeks admission and finally knocks on the door of the lodge. However, the process of asking, seeking and knocking does not apply only to the initiate. Asking. Have you asked to help lately? Have you sought ways to ease the burden of the lodge? Have you knocked on a door of opportunity? We are Masons because at one time we felt we had something to offer the Craft and ventured to apply for membership. Seeking. Are you seeking to make a difference in the lodge? In your life? In somebody else’s life? Masons have a wonderful history of seeking to make a difference no matter how small or large. Knocking. What doors or windows of opportunity have you passed lately? Knocking may be as easy as helping a new brother learn the unwritten ways of being a Mason. Or perhaps it is knocking on the door of a brother that is ill or in need of a helping hand.

I am inserting a list of the names of the brothers who are in danger of NPD status and the names of the brothers who have no forwarding information and possibly to together we can find a solution. Maybe someone knows what has happened or can fill me in on their whereabouts.

I look at these three steps as analogous to the three steps of Blue Lodge Masonry. The apprentice asks, the fellow seeks and the master knocks.

Thanks to all of you for your help and I will see you all Lodge

Dennis Tyson Junior Warden

By The Plumb,

Fraternally Jim Greely, PM

Happy birthday to all my brothers who are celebrating in April. I would appreciate any feedback you may have that would improve our Lodge and make it the best in Nevada.

“Initiation points the way, but only the studious walk therein.” – Anonymous


As most of you are aware, whenever I write something in the Trestleboard it usually has something to do with dues. In this case that’s partially correct.


Happy March Birthdays! Phillip Bowden 4/9 Arthur Clayton 4/25 Dale Dean, PJGW 4/26 Charles Gladden 4/12 George Grimsrud 4/15 Richard Hill 4/2 Jerry McCorkle PM, 4/28

Larry McMahan 4/15 John Miller 4/30 Eric Nelson 4/3 Merl Rees 4/11 Marc Roth 4/27 Wade Schneiderman, PM 4/27 Stephen Thompson, PM 4/16

Terry Thurow 4/8 Alexander Turner 4/17 Dennis Tyson 4/19

Most Worshipful *Donald G. Hines Past Grand Master of Masons in Nevada 1984 Most Worshipful William B. Berk Past Grand Master of Masons in Nevada 1990


Right Worshipful Dale K. Dean Sr. Past Junior Grand Warden, Grand Lodge of Nevada Worshipful John Feustel Grand Organist, Grand Lodge of Nevada





*Denotes Deceased



7 Degree Practice



Saturday 4





12 Master Mason Outdoor Degree At Rainbow Canyon




Scottish Rite Stated Communication

EA Degree



Official Visit to Oasis Lodge 41

DARK or Possible Degree




Fellowcraft Degree

24 Masters & Wardens

Hel encoura e elementar school children to read For more in ormation contact W. Michael Clark .M. (702) 92-92 9

Friday 3

Master Mason Degree

Degree Practice


Thursday 2

Nellis 46 Stated Communication

Worshipful Michael J. Clark Grand Bible Bearer, Grand Lodge of Nevada

Nellis Lodge No. 46 Bikes for Books Program

Wednesday 1

30 MMT Board of Directors



Scottish Rite Reunion

Scottish Rite Reunion




THE MASONIC MEMORIAL TEM LE IS OFFERING RENTAL STORAGE S ACE Conveniently located at the MMT this will be a first come first served opportunity for any Mason that needs a storage unit. Time is limited because when they’re gone THEY’RE GONE! Remember there is limited availability. If you are interested contact: TERRY ROBERTSON at 702-499-2242 10’ X 13’ $60 per month 7’ X 13’ $45 per month 7’ X 16’ $100 per month 14’ X 13’ $120 per month Other units also available

Masonic baseball ca s One size its all * Show our su ort or Nellis Lod e or the Square & Com asses alone Available in Black or White with a old Square & Com asses Order ours toda You can et ours b mail or at the Lod e. $15.00 at the Lod e or $20.00 b mail

____________________________________________ Name

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_________________________________________ City, State, Zip Make $20 checks payable to Nellis Lodge 46.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


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