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October 2013


Meetings Tuesdays at 7:00 pm in the Masonic Memorial Temple 2200 West Mesquite Ave. (Rancho & US-95) Las Vegas, Nevada 89106 (702)387-0046

Dispensation: November 10, 1962 Chartered November 12, 1963 Volume 50 Issue No. 8 NELLIS LODGE NO. 46 F. & A.M. Printed 9 times a year

Most Worshipful

Richard M. “Mike” Hoaglin Grand Master of Masons in Nevada PAST GRAND LODGE OFFICERS Most Worshipful Donald G. Hines* Past Grand Master of Masons in Nevada Most Worshipful William B. Berk Past Grand Master of Masons in Nevada Right Worshipful Dale K. Dean Sr. Past Junior Grand Warden, Grand Lodge of Nevada * Signifies a Deceased Brother

2013 Nellis Lodge Trustees 3 Year Scott Keiser, P.M.


2 Year Michael J. Clark, P.M.

1 Year Arcangelo O. Cocco, P.M.

2013 Officer Line W. Bro. Jeff Byrne, P.M.

Worshipful Master 702)525-4395

Harold Scalzo, Jr. (Janet)

Senior Warden (702)336-8461

Miguel Zavala (Nichole)

Junior Warden (702)578-1945

W. Bro. John Feustel, PM (Paula)

Treasurer (702) 379-2992

W. Bro. James T. Greely, PM (Alice)

Secretary (702) 604-5542

Jason Turner (Jennifer)

Senior Deacon 702)845-8768

Dennis Tyson

Junior Deacon (702)254-5998

R. Darce Wilson

Chaplain (702)595-0713

Daniel Kaelin

Marshall (847)757-7210

Michael Riitano

Senior Steward (702)455-2007

Michael Griffin

Junior Steward (702)425-0634

Joseph Wines

Tyler (702)513-4205

Barry Mainardi

Master of Ceremonies (702)523-3052

Bill Mowery

Master of Ceremonies (708)285-4376

Dennis Tyson

Master of Ceremonies (702)254-5998

Jason Cunningham

Master of Ceremonies (702)768-8116

Travis Lindsey (Jacquelin) Michael J. Clark, P.M.

Historian (702)334-0254 Deputy Grand Lecturer (702)592-9249


Nellis Lodge Past Masters

Albert Schouten Donald G. Hines* Albert W. Cutler* Joseph Bureski* Virgil M. Babbs* Ivan H. Joyce, Sr.* Herbert T. Edgar* Robert P. Braner* Woodrow W. Thompson* William B. Berk Robert E. Broughton Donald L. Vines Stuart E. Pirie* Richard C. Ehrensing* Walter T. Jones* Charles R. Rinehart* William J. Schoenholzer* Gerald H. McCorkle Robert B. Riggs Dale K. Dean Sr. Stephen M. Thompson Billy R. Huffman* John C. Richardson Theodore M. West* John W. Startt, III

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Alan J. Clark* Harold R. Hamilton John Kiehlbaugh Gerry Cunningham* Bart Bonar Michael Holmstrom Craig Johnson Fred Barr Jeff Byrne Scutter Newton John Messana Andrew D. Craig Terry Robertson David Swallow John Feustel Sam Ruiz Franklin E. Merica Ray Troche James T. Greely John Gjonola Michael J. Clark Bjorn E. Sundquist Arcangelo O. Cocco Michael J. Clark Scott Keiser

* Signifies a Deceased Brother Past Masters by Affiliation Franklin E. Merica Shibli Sawalha Frank Fiedler David Lublin Frank Heyer Mike F. Gorman


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Dear Brothers, According to the calendar, Fall is upon us, Football is back on TV, the temps should be falling, the days are getting shorter and my time in the East is nearly over. I have certainly enjoyed presiding over the 50th Anniversary year of our Lodge. At this time I will start to shift some of the responsibilities of the Lodge to the SW so he may understand a little more about “Running” the Lodge and prepare his self for the ensuing Masonic Year. Just a couple of quick notes:

Jeff Byrne Worshipful Master 2013

“You only get out of an organization what you put in”. No truer words have ever been spoken. I keep hearing comments like “I’ve completed my Master Mason Proficiency, I’m Done!” Done with what? Your Masonic Life has just started; it’s time for you to give back what you have learned to the next Brother going through the Degrees. It’s time to learn a part or parts and be able to participate in the presentation of a degree. All degree parts are open to any brother wishing to perform them, same with the Lectures and Charges; Monday’s Practice is also open to all who wish to attend. And Lastly: I hear comments like, “I didn’t know that was going on” or “No one told me” or words to that effect. In our fast paced electronic communication society there is no reason why Brothers should say these things, between the Trestle Board being sent out (Both Electronically and by USPS), the Calendar on our web page (, and the Grand Lodge Event Calendar, if you are still not sure about what’s going on at Lodge, you can call me, I’d be glad to hear from you. Please remember as Dues Notices are starting to coming out; Please write your e-mail address on the inside of the flap of the return Dues Envelope to make sure we have it for distribution of the Trestle Board and other lodge announcements. It is your responsibility to inform the Lodge of any change of address, either in email or postal. Sincerely and Fraternally Jeff


We had a busy month with Master Mason degrees 9/10 and 9/21. Congratulations to all the new Master Mason. We also had EA degree on 9/17. Congratulations to our new brother. October 11, 1911, Franklin D. Roosevelt (U.S. President 1933-1945) received his 1st degree in Holland Lodge #8, New York City. October 14, 1989, the Grand Lodge of Connecticut recognized the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Connecticut. This was the first U.S. recognition of Prince Hall Masonry that remained in force, and led to similar actions by more than 2/3 of all U.S. Grand Lodges. October 18, 1911 – Corner Stone laid in the Construction of the Scottish Rite SJ house of the Temple in Washington.

Senior Warden Harold Scalzo, Jr.

October 20, 1920 – The Order of Job’s Daughters, founded in Omaha, Nebraska. October 30, 1771 – Thomas Smith Webb, d. July 6, 1819 author of Freemason’s Monitor or Illustrations of Masonry, the foundational text of the York Rite American system of Freemasonry and the Founding Father of the York or American Rite. I am working on the Nevada Masonic Orientation Course. I have encouraged the Officers for next year to complete this course also. The main purpose of this course is to teach the Masonic Code. If you are interested in the course, please come to me and I will give you the information. I think you will find it very enlightening. Congratulations all my brothers who are celebrating birthday in October On the level Fraternally Yours Harold Scalzo Jr. Senior Warden


The 149th annual communication of

Grand Lodge Free & Accepted Masons of Nevada Will be November 11 & 12 2013 at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. If you are interested in attending please contact the secretary. Pre-Registrations must me made no later than October 28, 2012


October 2

In the Forefront Spread Sunday






7 8 Oasis & Daylite Fellowcraft Degree Lodges Stated Communications

Degree Practice 13




Past Master’s Degree Practice

15 50 year Mason & Honored Ladies Dinner

Dark Zelzah Shrine


Trustee Meeting 27



Past Master’s Degree Practice

Master Mason Degree




ding Light for 50 years


Board eting

Thursday 2

Scottish Rite Feast of Tishri

Friday 3

Saturday 4

5 Child ID at Steward & Las Vegas Blvd. Health Fair














31 Happy Haunting Master’s & Wardens Meeting


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Nellis Lodge No. 46 Bikes for Books Program Help encourage elementary school children to read! For more information contact W. Michael Clark, P.M. (702) 592-9249

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THE MASONIC MEMORIAL TEMPLE IS NOW OFFERING RENTAL STORAGE SPACE!! Conveniently located at the MMT this will be a first come first served opportunity for any Mason that needs a storage unit. Time is limited because when they’re gone THEY’RE GONE! Remember there is limited availability. If you are interested contact: TERRY ROBERTSON at 702-499-2242 10’ X 13’ $60 per month 7’ X 13’ $45 per month 7’ X 16’ $100 per month 14’ X 13’ $120 per month Other units also available


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Albert “Al” Schouten 8987 King John Court Las Vegas, NV 89149-3221 702-395-7580 AL104@JUNO.COM


Nellis Lodge #46 2013 Committees Cognizance: W. David Swallow PM. 499-4899 W John Gjonola PM. W. Scott Keiser PM. Delinquency: W. James T. Greely III PM. 604-5542 W. Ray Troche PM. W. AL Schouten PM. Sickness and Distress: Bro. Harold Scalzo Jr. SW 775-336-8461 Education: W. Jerry McCorkle PM: 277-7775 Charity: W. John Gjonola PM: 743-7836 Bro. Harold “Hap” Hendrix Trestle Board Publication: W. James T. Greely PM: 604-5542 Bro. Harold Scalzo Jr. SW W. Arcangelo Cocco, PM Telephone/Communication: W. Jeff Byrne PM: 525-4395 Nellis Officers Finance: W. Terry Robertson PM: 499-2242 W. John Feustel PM. Fundraising: Bro. Harold Scalzo Jr. SW: 775-336-8461 Ritual and Degree: W. Jeff Byrne PM: 525-4395 W. Mike Clark PM. DDGL Refreshments: Miguel Zavala JW: 578-1945



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