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What hood do you rep? Forest Projects, The Bronx Age 28 Years of conviction (Years in the game)? On and off for 10 years Have you been to jail? No Today, the Hip Hop arena has been saturated with mindless music that has no meaning. The culture as a whole is on a decline. What once was an art form has changed to a talentless showcase of grill showing, money spending, car chasing, shoulder popping, finger snapping, chain hanging monotony. There was a time when real artists would take pride in their work and have meaning behind the words that they used. Hip Hop was an outlet that urban youths used to speak about politics, society, and overall real feelings. Now I ask you, where have all the real MC’s gone? Shelved by record labels, hidden by A&Rs? A real MC is now an endangered species. The days of true Hip Hop pioneers are long gone. Tupac, The Notorious BIG, Big L, NWA, Public Enemy, EPMD, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Jay-Z, and Nas are all artists that meant something to the game. I, for one, have grown weary and am tired of it. I went out and composed a group of today’s hottest unsigned talent from all across the U.S. Whether you’ve heard of them or not, they are Americas Most Wanted. Real hip hop, real artistry, real period!



You’re unsigned. What steps have you taken to break into the game? Well, thankfully, the cats up in FELON just helped me take another step. Along with this, my producer Lord Mazeg and I finished my own indie album, "Artistry", I actually ran out of copies, and got a little buzz going. It touched down South and in Europe. I'm trying to touch everywhere right now. I've been to Germany, France and a few other places, and Hip Hop is so respected all over. There's also the myspace site ( bxdodds) and that helped get a little more attention, shout to the NIN hotline for helping the cause. I'm getting a lot of love from the site, and opportunity to work with other artists and producers as well. Also, I've done a few shows, but there's always room for more, so keep a lookout. The same with mixtapes, I've done a few, and there's more on the way. I did one notably with Pat Riot and his Black Angels movement. My side projects are The Forest Project, Veratek Fytur, as well as others in the works with my Brother Boddyker, so like I said,

keep a lookout. Justify your existence in the game? Why should your voice be heard? I hate to sound like a cliché, but I represent the truth, honesty. Not everyone in the hood was a drug czar, or a player and all this other bullshit that’s considered a prerequisite for being a rapper nowadays. Some of us were just living, and glad to be, just trying to survive everything going on around us, and not fall victim to the pitfalls. All the while, you going through your own shit, and as a whole it can all be overwhelming at times. I was just that growing up, I had my own problems like everybody else, my environment didn’t make it easier, but it’s all good, I got some stories to tell. Plus, I’m nice. A lot of the times new artists, claim to have new hot shit, but all they bring is the same old stink. How are you different? Instead of coming out in their own lanes, a lot of cats come out with the same styles, for quick bandwagon fame, no creativity whatsoever. With most being trash out the gate, you have that "Same old stink" feeling. I’m different because I’m me. Again, a cliché’, but there’s not a lot out that speak from the heart. Many will tell you what they assume you want to hear, or think you should hear, or just plain force feed, rather just kick some game to you, and let you decide. I’m just kickin it with niggas. Plus, I’m nice What changes need to be done in order to save Hip Hop? Let us be ourselves! Back in the day, everybody had their own lane, their own platform and was loved and respected for it. From every spectrum, we listened. We had on suits like Slick Rick, as well as jeans and kicks like RUN-DMC, and it was love. Music wise, if it was b-boy shit like EPMD, partying and having fun like Kid N’ Play, or some gangsta shit like Kool G. Rap, we listened and gave love to everybody for the most part. Just let us be us. What is the message do you want to send the game through your music? I don’t know if I have a message, more so that I’m glad to have this opportunity. Recording is like therapy for me, to get some shit off my chest, and to be given the plateau to do so is a great feeling, real emcees understand this. I guess if I had a message, it would be to just be yourself, there’s nobody better at it. Chances are, your favorite rapper isn’t, and he or she desperately wants to be.

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Felon Magazine Issue #12 p.64-65  

Felon Magazine Issue #12 America's Most Wanted