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Parris wants to let others coming into the industry, that it’s not what it’s caked up to be. “If you’re not smart, you’re greedy, and you get caught up in the glamour of it all, you won’t succeed in the long run. “Loyalty is everything, I don’t gat caught up in titles, I don’t need nobody managing my cake. If you my man ad my manager you’ll get my man percent and my manager percent. That don’t even matter to me. Politics in the game is just like the streets. I learned that from being in the streets. You can’t trust nobody. On the street it’s robbing you, in the industry it’s finagling your budget. They’ll give you a budget that you automatically owe. They looking at it like these young black dudes is stupid, we’ll give them this money and they’ll spend it back with us. All they gonna do is put 10 ki’s on the street, all his friends gonna eat and we gonna lock them up. It’s like a setup.” He has learned from his first time around and says it won’t happen to him. “At the end of the day all you’re left with is a bugger tissue, it’s enough to wipe your nose with, but that’s about it. I’ll try to keep it positive all the way around, but push comes to shove, I’ll have to keep it negative. I’ll have to take that budget and gat a couple of them things. I wouldn’t want to but if I gotta eat I gotta eat. I’m gonna keep it real.” Keep it real is exactly what he does. He doesn’t hold back and he refuses to change for any amount of money or let somebody “muscle his cake”. It’s all about staying true and loyal to himself and his family. He gives shouts out to his brothers, Lette, the sister he never had, his father, Jimbo, Bubsy, Gangsta, Everybody in R.F.A, an Jule. “Those my niggas.” No matter what happens, rapping opening businesses, or acting, Parris sees himself “caking, just caking for the next couple of years.” He says his swagger is what makes him and that’s what’s gonna take him far. “If you naturally born with a swagger then it don’t really matter, I’m naturally born with one, I didn’t develop it.” He doesn’t care about what people think because it’s just opinions and letdowns only make him stronger. He real makes music that people can relate to and for others to follow. “My music is sort of like a movement, you’ll have to judge it for yourself.”

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Enemy Lines - Sharp, MoneyRay, and Nas The Verdict - Duirty - Parris The Verdict - Me Being Me - Meeno The Verdict - Git Cho Gunz - Sheek an...

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