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Bomb that’s what I’m gonna do. If I can get one of them on my label—that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m not tryin’ to steal nobody artists but I’m just tryin’ to have it and treat people with respect and get the same in return. FELON: I hear your have a studio in Las Vegas? FM: Philthy Rich House. Everybody that comes in that house we plan on makin’ them Philthy Rich. That’s my goal. My goal ain’t just for me to eat. I’m eatin’ good already! I’ll tell you the truth. I got the Bentley outside—I got the 740LI outside—I got the Hummer outside—I got the 500 outside—I got the Corvette—I got the Lexus. I got 3-4 Benzs—2-3 Rolexs—Bentleys. FELON: How many cars do you have total and which is your favorite? FM: To be honest—10-13 cars. I’m not sure. My Geo Prism is my favorite. FELON: Why? FM: My dad was a hustler so he always had paper.harder. My mother always struggled so she never really had too much money and she raised my two sisters by herself. My oldest sister always drove the Geo Prism and that’s one of the cars in my family that I will not get rid of. Every time I train—when I come home I look at that car. Anything I do—before I go fight I look at that car and I don’t’ wanna go back to driving those type of cars—it motivates me to work harder.

To To be be honest—10-13 honest—10-13 cars. cars. I’m I’m not not sure. sure. My My Geo Geo Prism Prism is is my my favorite. favorite. FELON: Was your father a gangsta in Grand Rapids? FM: Yeah. My dad was a gangsta. Me and my daddy don’t have the greatest relationship but I’m gonna always have love for my daddy. I’m gonna always respect my daddy because it takes two to bring somebody into this world. My dad is a helluva a trainer. FELON: They say your dad and your Uncle Roger are the best trainers in boxing. FM: My Uncle Roger…he’s the best. If you go with my dad or Uncle Roger you can’t go wrong. FELON: Why is the relationship between you and your father sour? FM: My dad left me—he got locked up when I was sixteen. He came back in my life when I was twenty-one or twenty-two. Things change. I’m a man now. I’ve been on my own six years. That’s something he had to respect. No, I didn’t ever have the father/son relationship I would have liked us to have. My daddy is a straight gangsta. My daddy don’t go for no bulls***. My daddy get busy and that’s the same way I am—I don’t go for no bulls***. These rappers out here beefin’ on tape—talkin’ bout I’ll do this—do that. You f*** with me and I’m gonna come for ya ass. I ain’t with all that talkin’. ‘Yeah. I’m gonna pop you.’ I don’t play all that shit. If I see you and, you come on my turf I’m knockin’ you out—straight up. We gonna stomp ya ass out because we don’t go for the bulls***.



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