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pable beast especially after his comrade in war Ice was tattooed by a gun - shot wound to the head. Lakey the kid declared open season on anyone. Which was the cause for him catching an attempt murder charge from shooting an enemy in the stomach left to meet his maker slow death. The b**** made n**** never stood to oath of the streets. This created a hidden agenda formed by the devils in blue suits (NYPD police) to conduct a man hunt for Lakey the kid. This led up to a pending case $10,000 bail that Lakey the kid posted and bailed out on. Once back on the asphalt his N.I.N.A once again done all the talking it seem jail became attracted to him cause again he was captured and held under bondage on another ransom $3,500 that he posted the next day stemming from tampering with a witness. Prone to violence and on the run camouflaging himself by staying hotel to hotel. He was recaptured and was headed for Hell Bound in the year of 92. 18 years of age Lakey the Kid was exposed to another form of slavery that was inducted by White America “The Prison System” 7 years of Lakey the Kid life was given to the belly of the beast. First stop! Rikers Island. Lakey was then moved around like a pawn to dungeons like the springs, mod9 & 2 upper. While Lakey resided in the stomach of White America. Lakey the kid caught an attempt murder charge on Rikers Island for slashing the jugular vein of the next prisoner. While Lakey & his comrade of struggle Spank (R.I.P) ruled the outside nothing changed in prison- telephones was controlled & housing units were governed by Lakey the Kid. Shackled behind enemy lines the scenery changed adorned with a ball head & baby face and branded with a barcode & flossing state greens & black boots and a long bus ride from the slave-driver to your next plantation. Lakey the Kid places of physical slavery were Coxsackie’s Comstock & Green where another fatal episode of life or death arrived, Lakey the kid escaped the Grim Reaper once again after he was stabbed in his sleep by a hand made shank possessed by a coward. Results Lakey had a punctured lung and then went to Albany medical center where he was surrounded with support by his mother and sister by his bedside where he lied handcuffed. While Lakey recovered reality of liberty began to sank in mentally after visualizing a music video of childhood soldier Nas (Escobar). Then being in keeplock in Wendy. Also moving onto Attica, Orleans, and Arthur kill. During his stay at Attica Correctional Facility he baptized himself psychologically, spiritually, and physically educating himself by reading books like Art Of War, Soledad Brothers Blood in my eye, Attila the Hun, 48 laws of power etc. and abusing himself with extreme body workouts. Throughout Lakeys redevelopment he still had demons haunting him& his comrade in struggle spank rode for him loyalty by slashing three enemies on Lakeys behalf. Inside a cell 9x10 resurrecting into a new life form loyalty was distributed by Nas through his music, through his influence & leadership traits Lakey the Kid began networking behind the wall with other generals while the parole board hit him four times before with his release. 99 was the year of a new life. Released was a general with a new focus. However, Lakey the kid could not avoid misfortune. In the concrete jungle Lake road dog Spank was murdered in the streets where he arose from the concrete. Even though homage was given upon his arrival Lakey took full responsibility of organizing his man funeral while not having the money. This dart of a lost soul scarred him for life & allowed him to put on his armor of military grind and focus hard and put it down on a legitimate level beginning with black owned. He traveled with Nas on tour around the world. Has done videos, wears encrusted diamond bucket platinum headed Jesus piece, drives a EClass 320 Benz, put basketball tournaments together in the hood for underprivileged children of the ghetto in the summers, and feed the blocks with cook outs. So you readers of Felon Magazine are still not familiar with this ghetto don. A thug, gentleman, the kizasosa of the music industry. Yeah he owns Lakes Entertainment and dropped a album (41st side) on September 11, 2001 with numerous guest appearances by Nas, Tragedy, Capone & Noreaga, Mobb Deep, and Mega & Nature. Now stop acting like y’all don’t possess the album. Its in your stash!! Lakey the Kid thought for once he had abolished all demons, but somewhere they came back to haunt him in 2001when giving a tournament a shoot out occurred & he was apprehended for allegedly committing attempted murder on police a life that has gone bad to good now has an unpredicted future. Facing life while detained in G.R.V.C. (Beacon). This cannot be his life from the cradle to his multiple flesh wounds. He lived in hell being a hell raised and change his entire life becoming a black entrepreneur. Now is it that his ghost- the ghost of living by the codes of the streets wont release him to a new life after all his selfless sacrifices or is it White America fear the rise of another influential leader who will unveil there injustice against the masses of people of color. Well take a look into the belly of the beast where the stench of 48 a men accompany one another on daily basis while awaiting their fate. An analyze kiza-sosa of Q.B. (Lakey the Kid) give us answers out questions regarding his life of affliction, continuous struggle of emancipation & the real inside scoop on who’s the president of the 696 & what its like to keep to the code of the streets as a gangsta during his every day life. Lets go! Pe. Jay: Is Lakey the Kid loved, feared, or respected? Lakey: All three Pe. Jay: Which one do you prefer out of those three? Lakey: Respect cause someone could love me but still disrespect me. However, if they respected me before loving me they would be conscious of they deal with you. Pe. Jay: While conducting this interview I analyze that you’re known as a notorious gunslinga. Where throughout your life have you acquired an insatiable hunger for guns? Lakey: I had to step my game up. I wanted to be in the big leagues therefore I had to get big guns. Once I did that it was a rap. Pe. Jay: How do you feel whenever you hear songs of some hip hop asrtist self professing that they are dons of Q.B. & the most notorious when actually you are the top general of the 696?



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