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IMPERIAL If you are looking for a person who is an example of determination, discipline, focus, and dedication, then you can include Raiza in your list. Raiza knows she what she wants and strives hard to achieve it. She is also a person who is able to balance her time with her studies and at the same time have fun with her friends. She values her family and friends and is always there to lend a hand especially if it involves mathematical computations. Raiza can also be funny with her corny jokes but knows to get serious when important matters are at hand.







QUIZON Everyone calls her Maqui. You’d think she’s shy, quiet, and not very outspoken, but the truth is, she’s actually stronger than you think. She faces all her challenges with courage, and she is always prepared to do whatever it takes. Figuring out the answers to the hardest problems quicker than anyone else, Maqui is extremely intelligent. To add to that, she’s a compassionate person who’s always willing to lend a helping hand. Fiercely intelligent, loyal and hardworking, Maqui is a good friend to all who are lucky enough to have her as one. Mara Quizon, ladies and gentlemen, is a force to be reckoned with.




Profile 2011 | Pages 195-219  
Profile 2011 | Pages 195-219  

Prefinal Yearbook (Pages 195-219) | Sandiwa - PArt 2