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JARIN Amy is filled with optimism on anything and everything in life. Her smile is a constant reminder that everything doesn’t have to be taken seriously. Having experienced rough times during high school, she didn’t allow these obstacles to hinder her from doing things that she really loved, one of which is her passion for music. She stood up for what she believed in and did not let people bring her down. She believed that these problems were given to make her a stronger, better and more improved version of herself. Aside from this admirable trait of hers, she’s one person who has a big heart that will accept anyone and everyone. She can be a friend to all and is willing to help anyone in need. She has so much more to experience and she will do great things, guaranteed.

LAYOS Olivia, is the other half of the Layos twins in our batch. She’s a quiet, shy lady who prefers to hang out with her close group of friends rather than go out and party all night long. Though she’s mostly reserved, her friends can attest that she is one of the sweetest persons you will ever meet. She doesn’t fail to make you laugh and forget your worries even for only a few minutes.She’s one jolly girl who can always make your day.

MANASAN Honestly, Ella’s too awesome for words. She excels in academics, does baking, cooking, sewing, painting and she runs like a cheetah raging through the field. Having an insane amount of energy, which no one knows where it comes from, she can finish all her assignments and all the stuffed toys people request from her. Aside from these abilities, Ella is a really sweet girl who has helped people through the ups and downs of life. Meeting her would be a pleasure because she has affected people lives greatly and helped them be what they are now.

MAROKET There’s no one quite like Marj She’s got a heart that’s extra large She’s smart, funny and gorgeous, too To herself she is always true There’s never a dull moment when you’re with her As a friend she will always care Marj is always full of happiness and cheer She goes through life without an ounce of fear As a cheerleader, she’s strong and tough Face her problem with a hearty laugh Underestimate her and she’ll prove you wrong A bright future is where she belongs

SANTOS Being happy most of the time is one trait that not many of us acquires, but is instilled in Jaica’s personality. She’s a funny person, who makes everyone laugh with her one-liners and jokes. Though a little impatient, she’s striving to be different, especially with kids. This artist, who draws really good caricatures and portraits, is quiet most of the time but her smile reminds you that she’s always happy. When you see her, you can’t help but smile too and wonder how she’s able to do that- to make people realize they should still smile though they’re troubled by problems.

SORIANO Performing with great adroitness, Marj is one versatile lady who can do many things! She can sing, dance and act! Yes, you read that right, she can do all of these. She always wears a smile that can cheer you up. She has her own charm and can get along with everyone. She has a strong personality - showing what she really likes and wants in life. Most of all, she is a friend that you can rely on even in your darkest moments, a true friend that’s one in a million.

MACALINO Extraordinarily talented, Nina will astonish you with her voice’s beauty and grace. Her discipline from continuous swimming of laps, trotting of horses and volleying of the ball definitely shows in her school work. She’s the all-around girl who can do sports, perform in front of people and blow you away with her thoughts. With her faith in God and blessings from Him, she’ll leave you amazed with the things she can accomplish.

MAGSUMBOL Celynn, a fun and adventurous girl, is known for her passion in sports especially in basketball. She has a gleeful personality that without a doubt, makes everyone around her completely jolly and at ease. Her carefree and lighthearted attitude makes her even more loveable. Celynn is the person to turn to when you need a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on. Although she is known for her bubbly personality, she can be quite serious when it comes to her studies. She makes sure that she balances her studies and her co-curricular activities. Despite all her trials in life, she never forgets to call on God and give thanks for all the blessings she has received. Celynn Magsumbol will always be remembered as the free and easygoing MVP of the batch.

MALANGEN A quiet and shy individual might be your first impression of Jeanine. But once you become close, you’ll discover that she’s the exact opposite. She has a lot of stories to tell and there is never a dull moment with her. Jeanine is a GREAT friend. She sticks with you through whatever and whenever. She will always be there to listen to your problems and rants. Lastly, she possesses beauty that goes beyond the physical aspect.

ONG Samantha: a budding photographer, a kid at heart and a real dreamer. Sam is a great friend. You’ll discover a great deal from her bubbling personality when you know her well. Sam is very artistic: a fact. She can make great things out of the simplest ideas. She’s cool: an understatement. When you get to know her, you’ll be amazed with her wit and charm. Sam is awesome: a definition. She’s the extraordinary and dynamic girl. She is Sam.

TARAPE Marah is an extraordinary person. She has a lot of interests that allow her to communicate to a lot of people. She’s a great artist. Her style is sophisticated and mature, which is somewhat opposite to her character, which is random and fun. She’s also one of the nicest and easiest people whom you can just talk to. In short, Marah is one cool artist who’s nice, helpful and fun, and someone whom you can talk to about anything.


AGUILAR Beautiful, strong, ambitious. Those are the words that many would use to describe Bea, and rightfully so, too. Because of these impressions, most mistake her for a snob or someone who will bring you down. But the truth is Bea is actually kind and always willing to help out classmates in need. She’ll listen to your problems and will offer solutions to them. She’s outspoken and not afraid to say what’s on her mind. She has determination, creativity, passion, and strength, and we all expect great things from this girl.

ASUNCION Though Lia may be a shy and quiet girl, she has a smile for everyone. An enthusiastic girl who paints smiles on everyone’s faces, she will always make you laugh with her crazy antics. Expect her round eyes to turn into slits at the sound of the corniest jokes and her genuine offer to help in times of need. These, paired with her loyalty and open personality, make her a true diamond in the rough.





GALLEVO Jona is a simple but one-of-a-kind girl. She possesses a soft voice that touches not only your ears, but also your heart. She has a smile that lifts up everyone’s mood. She’s a friend that offers a helping hand and is willing to accompany you anywhere. She’s a hardworking and enthusiastic student. You’ll never have to think twice about giving her a task for she will always follow through wholeheartedly. Jona never fails to serve God. Her gratitude and faith to the Lord inspires many. She is truly a role model to the youth.






QUIZON Everyone calls her Maqui. You’d think she’s shy, quiet, and not very outspoken, but the truth is, she’s actually stronger than you think. She faces all her challenges with courage, and she is always prepared to do whatever it takes. Figuring out the answers to the hardest problems quicker than anyone else, Maqui is extremely intelligent. To add to that, she’s a compassionate person who’s always willing to lend a helping hand. Fiercely intelligent, loyal and hardworking, Maqui is a good friend to all who are lucky enough to have her as one. Mara Quizon, ladies and gentlemen, is a force to be reckoned with.








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