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There was a boy and a man. There was a lighthouse. The girls were building a sand castle.

There was a man who was wind surfing. And a mother who was paddling with her child.

There was a man on a yacht. And a lady was reading a book. A 5 year old girl was swimming on a plastic duck.

A 3 year old boy was swimming with his sister. There were many people swimming.

The man was wind surfing . A man was on a boat. Two children were playing with a ball. There was a funny crab. Two other children were building a sand castle. It was a big one.

A boy was sunbathing . The other woman was his mum.

The End

The big battle

Story by Cherise Liam

Once there were two aliens called Jimmy and Timmy.

They were not friends. They were enemies.

The two friends came .And they were called Cherise and Liam. They joined the battle

Everyone came to join the battle.

Everyone left but Cherise and Liam stayed. And the captains said “go home or I will arrest you for a year.

Cherise and Liam put the fire off.

The End

The Miracle Game Between Malta v England

Story by Ritianne, Tristan and Ethan

One day we went to see the Football Game between Malta and England. It was at 17:00 O’clock .

We supported Malta and they scored a goal.

An England player made a foul and the referee showed a yellow card to the England player

Malta had a penalty and they scored. Now they were Malta 2 – 0 England

And now it was half time.

Now they began the second half and England were powerful.

And England scored. Now the score was 2 – 1. And the second half ended and the winners were Malta

The End

The Pirate Adventure Pascal and Kayleigh

One day there were three Pirates. They were looking for a treasure.

They saw another ship. It’s name was Germany Pirates.

Germany Pirates anchored their ship on the island.

The Pirates that were on the Germany ship, got off and they were going to steal the treasure.

The other Pirates saw them.

The other Pirates were going to share the treasure.

The other Pirates went back to the ship.


Under the sea By Mikela, Josef, Jean Claude

One day there was a boy named Josef who went diving.

There were many fish under the water. There was a red fish, a green, fish a yellow fish and a dolphin.

There was a very big blue whale and two crabs.

There was an octopus and a red star fish.

The boy took many photos of a hammer shark and a shrimp.

There were a puffer fish and two snails.

There was so many grass and fish.

The End

Liverpool vs Fulham

One day there were two teams.

The teams’ name was Fulham and Liverpool.

Than Fulham scored two goals.

In the half time Liverpool scored one goal.

Fulham scored 3 goals.

The referee sent two players out and Liverpool had a penalty

Fulham scored 1 goal.

The End

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Our Creative Stories  

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