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Volume 3 No.8

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November 2015

OCCIDENTAL BRINGS ARTS SPACE TO YORK Occidental College is planning a new arts center, to be sited in Highland Park, at a location accessible not only to the college’s students and faculty, but to the Northeast Los Angeles public as well. The venue will occupy a renovated row of seven storefronts on York Boulevard at the corner of Armadale Avenue, which Occidental recently purchased. Dr. Amy Lyford, a Professor of Art and Associate Dean of Arts and Humanities at the college and one of the principals in the development of the project, told a recent meeting of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee that there will be three key spaces in the arts center--a gallery, a mixed-use space suitable for performances, and a smaller space for an office, a meeting room and a visiting artists’ area. All of the uses will be tied to the Occidental curriculum. The center will be part of the college’s arts initiative, “Oxy Arts,” in collaboration with the college’s new institute for the Study of Los Angeles, which will explore the City from historic and cultural perspectives. Lyford told the Land Use Committee that a variety of artistic programs, open to the public, could be held in the new spaces, among them film, music, readings by Oxy’s future art space. authors, community workshops, and presentations of coursework related to Northeast L.A. She presented as an example of artistic collaboration between the college and the community, the college’s recent role as a venue for the Highland Park Independent Film Festival. Occidental’s Vice President for Finance and Planning, Amos Himmelstein, told the Land Use Committee that one-third of the space at the new center will be reserved for retail uses. According to Himmelstein, no tenant has been signed yet, but the college is thinking about food--not fancy food, but fare that is affordable to college students and community members, perhaps served up in a residency situation by entrepreneurs in their first brick and mortar. The 1925 row of storefronts is part of the original architectural heritage of the York Valley area. “It has the fabric of the neighborhood,” says Himmelstein. While the interior of the building will be redesigned for educational purposes, the exterior of the building will maintain its character, and Himmelstein says that the feasibility of bring back the glass windows is being investigated. The building has a history in the arts. A number of local artists have maintained studios there, and it was once home to a NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Night venue, Sea and Space Explorations. Jim Tranquada, Director of Communications for Occidental, says that the college is hoping that renovation work will be completed by the summer of 2016, with arts programming beginning shortly thereafter.

SAVING NORTHEAST L.A.’s HILLSIDE CANYONS NELAGreenSpace, a community-driven effort to preserve four beautiful canyons in Glassell Park as open space, will celebrate its first anniversary Saturday, November 14 with a hike followed by an update and cake. The canyons are targeted for development with high-end housing. One canyon alone, Walnut Canyon, has a pending proposal for 32 houses. But Northeast L.A. residents have come forward in large numbers to demand that local green spaces be kept just that--green. The canyons are significant for several reasons: Many area residents chose to locate to the area due to the proximity to nature. Walnut Canyon(photo: The canyons are used by residents for exercise. NELAGreenspace) They provide habitat for wildlife in an urban environment where wildlife corridors are disappearing. They are home to endangered and protected varieties of plant life. Hiking in the canyons is an interesting way for children and adults to become acquainted with the beauty and importance of the nature that surrounds us. The four threatened spaces are: Walnut Canyon, a place of great biodiversity including three rare California Black Walnut Groves; Moss Canyon, a natural groundwater filtration & percolation basin; Barryknoll Canyon, a place of scenic urban vistas; and El Rosa Canyon, with walking paths, views and abundant plant life. Jennifer Campbell, an area resident who is one of the leaders of the fight to protect the canyons, points out significant features of the hillsides, many of which will be viewable on the hike. Hiking in the canyons of Glassell Park

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November 2015

Nelaart News Section A

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“First off,” says Campbell, “are our native Black Walnut trees, that are protected by the City of Los Angeles because of their scarcity. In the unique habitat that our hillsides provide they grow abundantly. They are not found anywhere else in the world! These trees are only found in very special growing situations and only in a few areas of Southern California.” Campbell and other residents point out owls, hawks, heron, squirrels, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, skunks, a wide variety of migrating birds and native plant life. The struggle to protect the canyons is not simply for the benefit of those who reside immediately adjacent to them. The area, which is walking distance from major streets, offers opportunities for the broader area. “Our canyons and hillsides are important to me because they are Northeast L.A.’s natural legacy,” says Glassell Park resident Tony Scudellari, “similar to what the beaches are to the Westside.”  Hiking in the canyons of Glassell Park (photo: NELAGreenspace) “This connection to nature is one the top reasons many people (including Native Americans) have moved here for centuries,” says Scudellari. “It is important to preserve this legacy for ALL residents of NELA. For me, it is vitally important that we preserve this open space for those who live in densely populated communities.” “We are under siege here in Glassell Park by the threat of unbridled development,” says Campbell. “We must make every effort to save what is left of these places in our city before they are all gone--one by one--until there are no urban wild spaces left due to ‘death by a thousand cuts’.” Glassell Park’s Walnut Canyon (photo: NELAGreenspace)

Saturday, November 14 1:30 p.m.--Meet at The Crestmoore Steps, Crestmoore Place and Verdugo Road. 2-4 p.m.--Self-guided hikes of the Canyons. 4 p.m.--Birthday cake, updates and music at El Rosa Canyon. Sponsored by NELAGreenspace


Shopping, Food, Fun on Small Business Saturday The big chain stores may have had their holiday decorations up since the Fourth of July, but don’t be deceived. The cool--and socially conscious-shopping experience begins after Thanksgiving, on Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is an event that Eagle Rock pulls out all the stops for. The retail boutique businesses on Eagle Rock and Colorado Boulevards welcome residents of Northeast Los Angeles and visitors to the area with a “We Heart Eagle Rock Block Party.” The Block Party provides a chance to shop for unusual gifts, including clothing, art, books, jewelry, food items and more, for children and adults. Stores and restaurants offer special promotions and festivities. This year, there will be a fun Family Zone hosted by The Green Been, We Heart Eagle Rock Co-Producers Traci Green of The Green Petpalooza hosted by Dave’s Chillin’-n-Grillin’ (thinking about adopting?), and a Bean and Leanna Lin of Leanna Lin’s Wonderland (Photo: Health and Fitness Zone hosted by Back Benders. Leanna Lin’s Wonderland) Perhaps best of all, the We Heart Eagle Rock Block Party, now in its fifth year, is an opportunity to gather with neighbors to celebrate the unique offerings of the Eagle Rock community. The event also serves as a reminder that there are many options when it comes to shopping local all year ‘round. “I started the We Heart Eagle Rock Block Party on Small Business Saturday to give the local community a chance to bring the family out and have fun supporting their local small shops!”, says event founder Leanna Lin of Leanna Lin’s Wonderland. 5th Annual We Heart Eagle Rock Block Party on Small Business Saturday: Nov. 28, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Maps will be available throughout the community.


Finally fall!

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The Santa Ana’s have arrived and feels more like fall, finally. Art season is in full swing and the holidays are upon us. Everyone’s schedule is filling up with shows and events and parties. Are you making your plans? If you look around the paper you’ll see a variety of shin digs and such. You’ll also see holiday sales. Like the Eagle Rock Block party, Enchanted Handmade, Space Art Center’s holiday sale. Go to these things. Buy handmade...and local. This way you get something cool for your family and friends and you support local artisans and allow them to continue living a creative life. Everyone wins! I do want to acknowledge Traci Green and her hard work in the community. She has been consistantly providing us with a calendar of kids events since we started the paper with her Green Bean section. She’s been missing from the paper the last couple of months due to not being well. Fortunately she’s on the road to recovery and we hope she rejoins our other wonderful contributors as soon as she can. Thanks, Cathi Milligan Executive Director NELAart, Inc.

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November 2015


Nelaart News Section A


November 2015

Nelaart News Section A

“Peeled & Raw”

A Solo Exhibition Featuring Artist Dani Dodge by Shoebox PR Rather than making objects, Los Angeles artist Dani Dodge seeks to create moments that elevate, enlighten and transform. With Peeled & Raw, she focuses on fear. ·         A 14-year-old Texas boy proudly brings a clock to school that he made himself. He wants to show his teacher. He is handcuffed and arrested. His name is Ahmed. ·         More than 100 adults and children are sickened by an outbreak of measles linked to visits to Disneyland. Nearly all are unimmunized. As President Franklin Roosevelt noted, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” With Peeled & Raw, Dodge allows participants to pick away at her installation, and in doing so shed their own fears. Dani Dodge at LA Artcore At first glance, the installation could be a normal living room. There’s a couple on the couch watching a DIY home show on TV. There are a few windows, and pictures hang on the walls. But everything is covered with wallpaper. Everything. Even the couple. And the program on the television? “How to Beautify Your Life with Wallpaper.”

Visitors enter the room and use their fingernails to pick off edges of the wallpaper, and peel off strips. Underneath the wallpaper, they find even more. Layers upon layers upon layers of attempts to hide imperfections. Each layer seems to lead to an older and older vintage of wallpaper. People write their fears onto the strips of wallpaper they have removed and leave them in a pile in the corner. At the end of the exhibit, Dodge sweeps up all the fears, puts them into a burn barrel, and torches them. Dodge is a former journalist. She was embedded with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Unit during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 when she realized that words did not give her enough tools to say everything she needed to say about the state of humanity. She became an artist so she could tell stories through abstraction, interaction and unique experiences. Her work is in three museum collections. LA Artore is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public benefit organization that has served LA for 36 years. LA Artcore helps develop the careers of visual artists of diverse cultural backgrounds, bringing innovative contemporary art to the public, and provides educational programs by professional artists for people of all ages. LA Artcore Brewery Annex 650A S. Avenue 21 Show runs December 2 to December 27, 2015 Reception 1 to 3 p.m. December 6, 2015



For updated information closer to the events of October 10, please visit NELA Art Gallery Night on Facebook. NELAart SECOND SATURDAY GALLERY NIGHT HIGHLIGHTS FOR NOVEMBER For updated information closer to the events of November 15, please visit NELA Art Gallery Night on Facebook. • Avenue 50 Studio will host The Arroyo Arts Collective’s 23rd Annual Discovery Tour Preview Party, featuring works by Tour artists. Also at Avenue 50 Studio: “Water: An Essential Conversation,” featuring abstract and representational works by 20 contemporary artists, working in painting, prints, video and photography, as well as historical posters from the Center for the Study of Political Graphics. • And Oscar Castillo. Since the late 1960s, Oscar Castillo has documented the Chicano community in Los Angeles, from major political events to cultural practices to the work of muralists and painters. In the Avenue 50 Studio complex: Casa Marengo, the gallery space of Val Echavarria and guests, and the studio and gallery of Pola Lopez. • The Avenue 50 Studio Satellite Gallery at MAN Insurance presents James Naish, a Los Angeles based designer and artist who works primarily in metal, from jewelry to gates. • Book Show and Madame Pamita’s Parlour of Wonders celebrates one year in Highland Park with music, food, and a raffle. Musical guests Rafael Bustamante, Yoel DeJesus. Donation-based Tarot Readings by Madame Pamita’s students. • At Cactus Gallery, “Liminal Space,” a solo show by Lacey Bryant, will present a new series of paintings based on memory and place. Cactus is also having its 10th annual “Tiny Treasures” show. The gallery will be exploding with small works. • At EklectoMania Gallery, Curator Dulce Stein presents “HOME”, featuring artists Malka Nedivi and Susan T. Kurland. Both artists are known for their re-purposing of materials to create delicate but intense artwork that fosters early memories of childhood and family. • Future Studio is in campaign mode. The “Bernie Sanders Portrait Show,” organized by Margaret Garcia, will showcase the presidential candidate, with proceeds going to him campaign. • The Market will host an evening of music, as Beating Lights presents Sacha, Kim Tillman, and Ramonda Hammer. • As always, the Spoke (N) Art Ride will be taking in the sights. Meet at the Bike Oven at 6. Roll at 6:30. Blinkie lights recommended. • In the tradition of Dia de los Muertos, Mi Vida will host an Altarwalk. •Antenna Studio will showcase Daryl Bibicoff’s “In Motion” series of paintings from walks around Los Angeles. Also, Rosana Aziernicki’s mixed media transfer collages on wood and exclusive wearable art. • Align Gallery is featuring B plus, Paul Chan, and Eric Coleman in a “Flow and Tell” exhibit. • Bob Taylor Properties presents a group show of local artists plus live music. • At the monthly Eagle Rock Block Party, O & M Leather will host photographer James T. Marx. Also on the Boulevard: Nina Savill Jewelry, Mila Hermanovski Designs, Mobile Fashion Boutiques Birdie and Wear on Wheels, plus food trucks. Two new arts venues are having grand openings in Frogtown. LAMakes, a collaboration of designers, makers and fabricators,will open at 2918 Denby Avenue from 6-10 p.m., with creative work, music and fundraising for Syrian refugees. The Erin Hanson Gallery will open at 2732 Gilroy Street from 5-10 p.m. with original art, wine tasting and live music.



November 2015

Nelaart News Section A

Northeast Los Angeles Arts Organization, Inc.

November 14, 2015 - 7pm - 10pm

(Individual Gallery Hours May Vary. CHECK Gallery web sites for individual information. Just because a gallery is listed does not mean it’s open this month)

1. Avenue 50 Studio 131 No. Avenue 50 323. 258.1435

21. The Market 1203 Avenue 50

2. Bike Oven/Flying Pigeon 3706 No Figueroa

22. Keystone Art Gallery 2558 N. San Fernando Rd.

3. Namaste Highland Park 5118 York Blvd.

23. Cactus Gallery @ Treeline Woodworks 3001 N. Coolidge Ave

4. Offbeat 6316 York Blvd

24. The York 5018 York Blvd.

5. Council District Office #1 Gil Cedillo 5577 N. Figueroa St. 6. Future Studio 5558 N Figueroa St. 323 254-4565 7. Slow Culture 5906 N Figueroa St. 8. Meridian 5007 1/2 York Blvd. 9. Vapegoat 5054 York Blvd. 323.963.VAPE 10. Bearded Beagle 5926 N. Figueroa St. 11. Shopclass 5215 York Blvd. 323.258.2500 12. Matters of Space 5005 York Blvd 323.743.3267

26. Handcraft and Hart Hair 4733 Eagle Rock Blvd. 27. Antenna Studio 1617 Colorado Blvd. 28. The Greyhound Highland Park Independant Film Festival 570 N. Figueroa St. 29. Urchin 5006 1/2 York Blvd. 30. Sawhorse 5110 York Blvd. 31. O & M Leather 5048 Eagle Rock Blvd 32. Vapeology 3714 N. Figueroa St. 323.222.0744 33. Pop-Hop 5002 York Blvd.

13. Mi Vida 5159 York Blvd.

34. Social Studies 5028.5 York Blvd.

14. deb3321 3321 Pasadena Ave.

35. Dotter 5027 York Blvd.

15. Antigua Coffee House 3400 N. Figueroa St. 16. Align Gallery 5045 York Blvd. 17. New Stone Age Mosaics 1754 Colorado Blvd. 18. Panorama Press House 4700 York Blvd. 19. Evil or Sacred Tattoos 4524 Eagle Rock Blvd. 20. Toros Pottery 4962 Eagle Rock Blvd 323.344.8330 8

25. Ball Clay Studio 4851 York Blvd.

On the Sec Elysian Val art and ea the update 42. Eklectomania 6152 York Blvd. 43. State Farm Insurance (Haggus Society) 5683 York Blvd. 44. The New Seed Ave 34 & Verdugo 45. The Slow Down Gallery @ Random Gallery 200 N. Ave 64 46. Curve Line 1577 Colorado Blvd. 47. The Glass Studio 5668 York Blvd. 48. Rock Rose Gallery 4108 N. Figueroa St. 323.635.9125 49. All Star Lanes 4459 N Eagle Rock Blvd. 323.254.2579 50. Casa Marengo 131 No. ave 50 51. Apiary Gallery at The Hive Highland Park 5670 York Blvd. 52. Bookshow 5503 Figueroa St. 53. Arroyo General 5028 York Blvd. 54. Rosie Bunny Bean 1309 N. Ave 51 55. co-Lab Gallery 5319 York Blvd. 56. The luxelust life Vintage Furniture 6095 York Blvd 57. Bob Taylor Properties 5526 N. Figueroa St. 323-257-1080

36. Leanna Lin’s Wonderland 5204 Eagle Rock Blvd.

58. MAN Insurance Ave 50 Satellite 1270 N. Ave 50 323.256.3151

37. Good Eye Gallery 4538 N. Eagle Rock Blvd.

59. Possession Vintage 5119 York Blvd.

38. Highland Cafe 5010 York Blvd. 323.259.1000

60. The Hunt Vintage 5317 York Blvd.

39. CucuArt Gallery 4704-06 Eagle Rocl Blvd. 323.202.0672

61. Two Tracks Pola Lopez, open studio. 131 North Avenue 50

40. Vintage Tattoo Art Parlor 5115 York Blvd. 41. The U Space 2626 N. Figueroa St., suite C

cond Saturday of every month galleries, businesses, and artists in Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Glassell Park, Cypress Park, lley, and Lincoln Heightsopen their doors a little later in the evening and welcome visitors. Use this map for locations of ateries, grab someone you love, get some dinner, and enjoy some art. Friend NELA Art Gallery Night on Facebook for ed last minute list.

Second Saturday Gallery Night map is sponsored by

27 31 36 20 267 49





37 19

25 18

35 12 8 16 54 21

4 29 34 9 583324 53 38

59 55 48 40 31 13 11



47 51

30 3

52 1 50 61

42 7











32 2 15



Visit us at


November 2015

Nelaart News Section A

Second Saturday october 2015

O+M Leather

Denise Bledsoe, Cactus Gallery Denise Bledsoe, “Look What I Found,” Cactus Gallery

Chenhung Chen at Antenna Studio


J. Michael Walker, Portrait of Congressman Ed Roybal, Align Gallery

Chicken Boy Museum, Future Studio

Carissa Louise Martin, “Identify Me,” Vapegoat

Stuart Rapeport, Cathi Milligan, “Dia de los Muertos de Mascotas,” Future Studio

Avenue 50 Studio Zombie Love Dolls by Michelle Mangione at Shopclass

Joe Bravo, Portrait of Congressman Ed Roybal, Align Gallery


November 2015

Nelaart News Section A

Thanks for What You Give by Brian Grillo

Just the way it’s supposed to this time of year, the sun hurries it’s way across the sky, the thick black velvet night curtains waiting in the wings, ready once again to take center stage. Today, more like a late Spring day outside than a November “early winter day”don’t let it fool you. The late afternoon hue of pink lights up the parched dry foothills- rose colored sleeping giants, wrapped in their scratchy dry brush blankets, it lights up the old oak tree leaves that that line the scenic, twist and turn dangerous 110 freeway and the concrete Arroyo Seco river basin. They cover the ground and camouflage the gopher holes in the park that sits empty behind the chain link fence. Then, the train flies by on the bridge overhead as it disappears into the hills and makes it’s way towards Pasadena. A lottery ticket gets caught up in a tiny breeze from where it’s been scratched and discarded on the sidewalk. It twirls in the air for a second before it settles, it’s bright orange “WIN” letters lying face up in the street. A good luck omen that things are gonna turn back around? Lazy barks of a hundred backyard dogs echo across the landscape. Sounds of cars I can’t see sound more like a slow Sunday drive than the last minute frenzy before the big holiday. The ice cream truck that sells illegal fireworks all throughout the summertime plays the song that works it’s way into our heads every night while we cook supper. The spindly maple trees in front of the library with their fire red leaves. Sounds of wooden bats and parents cheering their kids at the baseball field a little further on down the street, while the vendors , their carts set up with deep crimson Jamaica and golden pineapple drinks backlit by the setting sun, throwing shadows; watercolor paintings cast in Fall colors. Thankful I can get lost in walks, and words, and colors. Lived here for one year the day after tomorrow and I still look forward to coming home each day. Thankful someone once told me, “you always land on your feet” at tough times like these. Thankful for health. I’ve got some people whom I love very much, and who love me. Got a lot to be thankful for when I take the time to think about it…


The 50NYORK Gallery Presents

PUT SOMETHING BIZARRE IN YOUR FRONT YARD INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Find something bizarre, odd, strange or weird. 2. Put it in your front yard. 3. Take a picture and share it #50NYork


October 2015

Nelaart News Section A

Popol Vuh Popol Vuh: Heart of Heaven, the Mayan Creation Story. Presented in October by El Teatro Campesino in conjunction with Center Theatre Group at Downtown’s Grand Park. The towering puppets had several connections to Northeast Los Angeles. The Puppet Master was local puppeteer extraordinaire Beth Peterson. Resident up and coming comedian Vince Caldera was inside a 13-foot tall puppet. And local high school students worked on amazing details of puppet features.

art on the wall


䔀一⸀ 匀 䘀伀刀 圀伀䴀 䔀 匀 匀 䄀 䰀  䌀 ⨀ 䴀 ⴀ 䨀䄀 Ⰰ 夀伀䜀䄀Ⰰ ☀ 唀  䈀伀䐀夀 圀伀刀䬀伀唀吀⸀ 䄀 䈀 䴀 唀  娀 刀 䔀 䘀 䰀 圀䔀 一伀圀 伀䘀 唀吀䔀匀 夀伀唀 䜀䔀吀 䄀 吀伀吀䄀 伀䄀䌀䠀 䤀一 䠀 圀䤀吀䠀 䄀 䌀 㤀 倀䔀刀 䴀伀一吀 䤀一 䨀唀匀吀 ㌀  䴀 一䰀夀 ␀㔀 䠀 一 䘀䔀䔀 䄀一䐀 伀 䤀伀 吀 䤀吀䠀 䄀 䌀伀䄀䌀 䤀䄀 䤀吀  圀 ㈀ 一 ㄀  䤀  ␀ 吀 ␀㤀㤀 匀 唀  䨀 匀 䤀一唀吀䔀 䌀䰀䄀匀 伀刀 伀一䔀 ㌀ ⴀ䴀

一伀 䌀伀一吀刀䄀䌀吀匀⸀ 匀䔀䔀 䌀䰀䄀匀匀 匀䌀䠀䔀䐀唀䰀䔀 伀一䰀䤀一䔀⸀




一伀圀 伀倀䔀一 㘀㨀   䄀䴀 ⴀ 㤀㨀   倀䴀 䴀伀一䐀䄀夀匀 吀䠀刀伀唀䜀䠀 匀䄀吀唀刀䐀䄀夀匀


眀眀眀⸀昀愀挀攀戀漀漀欀⸀挀漀洀⼀挀甀爀瘀攀猀氀漀猀愀渀最攀氀攀猀挀愀攀愀最氀攀爀漀挀欀  5024 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041 323.550.1332



Rich Hinman vs Adam Levy NOVEMBER 8th

Double D Horns NOVEMBER 15th

The Elliott Caine Sextet NOVEMBER 22nd

The Gimme 5’s


Hot Club of Los Angeles NOVEMBER 14th “Move Your Feet” (A dance party) Feat. DJ Marion Hodges (KCRW) spinning vinyl for the monthly NELA Artwalk.

7:30-10pm every Sunday MORE INFORMATION @

NELAart News November 2015  

Read about arts and culture in Northeast Los Angeles.

NELAart News November 2015  

Read about arts and culture in Northeast Los Angeles.