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Earth Day Network Status: Partner

Date: March 8th 2012

Project: Billion Acts of Green Start of the project: Status:

April 20th 2011 Ongoing

NB / data for some countries pending


To honor the 41st Earth Day organizers launched a web campaign that invites the public to pledge to take small yet significant action towards sustainability. The “Billion Acts of Green” homepage asks site visitors to “pledge an act, save our planet.” Users can either pledge to a previouslycreated act or initiate a new one themselves. There’s a wide variety of acts on the site, ranging from eating local food to raising awareness about Earth Day. The Earth Day Network website says the campaign “inspires and rewards simple individual acts and larger organizational initiatives that further the goal of measurably reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainability.” In other words, the site operates under the principle that action on an individual level will translate into large-scale change. The site keeps a running tally entitled “Acts of Green and Counting” that notes the number of actions registered. Earth Day Network’s goal is to register one billion actions by the Earth Summit in Rio in 2012, a United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

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Nektarina Non Profit participates as a partner.

What was our objective?

 To raise awareness about environmental issues - climate change, raising GHG levels (including pollution and carbon footprint), sea corrosion,  To create a platform (a place online) for people to get informed, share ideas and find inspiration to start acting towards a more green and sustainable future  To target general population, but focus on youth and young people, encouraging them to act and interact  To create and provide free downloadable educational materials (newsletters, brochures and such)  To include as many entities as possible (local community groups, volunteer groups, volunteer centers, schools, civil society organizations)  To improve the quality of life in local communities by inspiring people to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle (including recycling, tree planting, eating more vegetarian / vegan diet, buying local produces, reusing, opting for low carbon transport – doing acts of green)  To create media partnerships and online communities that would both help us spread the word and widen the reach of the project

What did we do?

 For the countries of the Western Balkans we launched Facebook Page “Moja Planeta” (My Planet) to raise awareness and share ideas. The page has over 3,380 friends and over 580 subscribers. Page visitors have shared over 280 photographs and over 100 stories and suggestions.  We organized “Forest Biodiversity Blogathon” to inspire people to share their ideas, actions and stories (particularly for tree planting)  We organized “My Design for My Planet” contest, where we invited young designers from the region to inspire youth and general population to do their acts of green. We received amazing designs, and some very creative videos too.  We partnered with local media.  We worked together with a network of over 10,000 schools across 30+ countries. To help them get ideas and information, we send them our monthly newsletter for schools “My School :: My Planet” (the first issue was sent out in October 2011, and since then we send out a new issue each month)  We organized a photo exhibition in November 2011, in Belgrade Serbia, during and International Environmental Film Festival “Green Screen Fest”  We organized local communities and volunteer centers and helped them plant over 200,000 trees  Besides Facebook, we shared photos on My Planet and Me Flickr account too


Region / County / Town

# of trees planted


Albania Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Bulgaria Bosnia & Herzegovina Cyprus Croatia Czech Estonia Egypt Greece Hungary Kosovo Latvia Lithuania Malta Moldova Macedonia (FYROM) Montenegro Poland Russia Serbia Slovakia Turkey Ukraine

Tirana metropolitan

1,500 100

Local community & Volunteer center local communities

across country Sofia & Burgas metropolitan areas central Bosnia

32,650 12,100 23,000

volunteer centers and local community groups Sofia & Burgas volunteers central Bosnia volunteers

Istria county, NorthWest Croatia county Prague metropolitan area

17,000 10,900

county volunteer groups Community Volunteer center

Athens metropolitan area across country

100 9,300

Athens volunteers local communities in association with Budapest volunteers

Warsaw & Gdansk metropolitan area Moscow Wide Area

29,300 69,400

Warsaw and Gdansk volunteer groups Moscow volunteers & Nektarina Russia Working Group



My Planet and Me in numbers:

      

Number of volunteers involved in the project - 340 Number of countries involved – 31 Total budget for 10 months – 30,000 euro Number of volunteer hours from Nektarina Non Profit’s staff – 640 Number of schools involved – 4,300 Number of youth reached – 92,000 Number of planted trees - 205,350

Nektarina Non Profit would like to thank local communities, schools, volunteers, volunteer centers, teachers, parents, youth and children, local councils , civil society organizations and community groups that helped us carry out this project across so many countries and regions.

Besides raising awareness on the environment, climate change, carbon footprint and biodiversity, this project helped bring together different groups and people coming from different backgrounds – cultural, religious, economic and ethnic - providing them a platform to work together towards a joint goal (Billion Acts of Green) while exercising tolerance and compassion.

Project My Planet and Me (as a part of Billion Acts of Green) has been carried out as a volunteer project. Total project cost (for 30+ countries, and for the duration of 10 months) has been 30,000 euros, where all of it was spent on outside services – promotion / community management (15,000 euro) , branding and design (10,000 euro) , printing (5,000 euro) and travel cost (5,000 euro). Nektarina Non Profit staff volunteered on this project.

We would also like to thank our partners Earth Day Network, for all their support and help during this project.

For any additional information, please email

/ all photos used in this report were received from people and communities involved in the project /

My Planet and Me _ Billion Acts of Green  

My Planet and Me / Billion Acts of Green March report

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