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Getting readyÂť Newsletter issue # 2

Dear Friends, It's just about 5 weeks until October 10th – A global day of doing! We are amazed at the reponse we've had after our first newsletter , and we welcome any and all who joined us, and are continuing to join us in an attempt to mark 10:10:10 – October 10th 2010, and commit to cut carbon 10% a year, starting in 2010. It's back to school time, and we have some great updates from our hub!

Have you signed up yet? Over 120,000 people signed up so far – making a decision to do their best in cutting carbon. Join us, if you haven’t yet, and become a part of this growing group of think-a-likes! Simply visit, and sign up, or e-mail us your details (name, town & country) to, and we’ll sign you up. As Alina from Russia says: “I signed up a month ago, and I am having so much fun with cutting carbon – had I known it would be this easy and this much fun, I would have signed up months ago!”

So, how simple is this cutting carbon thing? Worried that you are not up to the task? Worry no more – anyone can do it, because, as our friends 10:10 US once wrote – it’s as simple as 1,2,3! Here are some simple yet effective tips of what you can do every day to help cut carbon: - eat less meat, instead, choose vegetables & fruit that are in season – plums, apples, sweet red peppers , and much more of delicious scents, colors and tastes! Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver – just take your pick, get into the kitchen and enjoy the natural produces! - reduce, reuse, recycle! – the famous three Rs work every time, and the cut carbon like a charm  - use less energy! You don’t really need to have TV and PC and a radio switched on at the same time, do you? - walk and cycle – who needs the car! Enjoy the crisp fresh air and walk to work if you can, or take a bike! - going on a trip? Take a train instead of a plane, and enjoy all the colors of the autumn! Want to do more? For great sign up stories and cutting carbon experiences in your country visit, find your country’s flag and read on!

Join us in Krapina, Croatia, on September 9th, 2010!

It's Back To School time! Visit our 10:10 stand in Krapina, on September 9th, during the Kajkavijana Festival Week, sign up for 10:10 and you can win a 10:10 tag! Also, get your own 10:10 check list, and get a picture for our 10:10 photo wall! See you next week!

Tree Planting Challenge This year, as a part of 10:10 campaign, we are organizing a Tree Planting Challenge, through which we will work with over 10,000 schools in 24 countries in an amazing attempt to plant 101010 trees across three continents.

And it is not just for schools! Anyone can join us and plant a tree! You can plant it in your garden, in your local park, or even in a pot on your balcony! Share your tree planting photos and stories with us – e-mail us at! We are lining up some great surprises for best tree planters!

Cutting Carbon Visual Essay

How would you like to win this super cool 10:10 tag made from a recycled boing 747? 

We've prepared ten 10:10 tags for best Cutting Carbon Visual Essay , all you have to do is send us your: • • • • • • •

Drawings Paintings Photographs Visuals of any kind Videos Graphics And any other visual form really

...that will show us how are you cutting carbon this fall. Need some ideas? Recycling, reusing, cycling, taking a train, avoiding the usage of plastic shopping bags, composting...these are all ways to cut carbon – why not doing a visual essay on one of them? Do add a short explanation & your name, age & contact details, and e-mail us to Closing date is October 10th 2010 , and you can send as many visuals as you like!

We have more fun stuff lined up for 10:10:10! Have more ideas for 10:10:10 events? Drops us a line to, or register your own event on Stay tuned for more news in a weeks time! In the meantime – cut carbon and carry on  Yours truly, Sandra & 24 country hub

101010 newsletter issue 2  

101010 newsletter issue 2

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