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«Getting ready» Newsletter issue #1

Dear Friends, In only six weeks the World will witness the largest single day of climate related actions taking place across the Globe, from individuals to families, youth groups to businesses – people

are signing up to take positive action and reduce their carbon emissions on 10/10/10 through real climate solutions. The actions taken will improve people’s homes, their communities and their workplaces and we want you to be part of it. What: 10/10/10 – Global Day of Climate Action When: 10th October 2010 Where: Globally Why: To highlight that individuals, businesses, local authorities etc. can take positive action and implement positive solutions to tackle climate change. Getting Involved We are using today, six weeks in advance of the 10th October 2010, as an opportunity to ask all of our partners, allies and friends to join this Global Day of Doing which some are calling the Global Work Party and others a Global Day of Action! Three months ago we became a 10:10 hub for 24 countries, and we have some amazing achievements thus far! We signed up over 27,000 individuals and over 3,000 businesses and organizations, coming to a whopping total of 30,000 sign ups! Having in mind that individuals are part of their families and circle of friends, and that businesses and organizations consist of many people, who are again part of their families and circle of friends, just imagine the total reach of this 30,000 number! Check out this simple table for country sign ups, and for great sign up stories and cutting carbon experiences in your country visit, find your country’s flag and read on!

10:10 sign ups / split by country

Please bear in mind that these sign ups are on paper, and we are now organizing a group of volunteers to enter all details into 10:10 sign up tool on Haven’t signed up yet? Do it today, and commit to cut carbon 10% a year! Visit, or send us your details to

How is our hub going to celebrate 10:10:10? And yes, it will be a celebration as absolutely amazing number of people will help highlight climate change issues, carbon emissions in particular. We are preparing a number of activities across all 24 countries, and we ask you to join us! Let us mark this day together, let us bring the message to high powered people – change is necessary and the time to act is now. What will be done? Ten hospitals from Balkan and Adriatic Region will have Reuse, Reduce, Recycle workshops to educate their employees on possibilities and ways of cutting carbon in everyday hospital operations. Twenty five towns from Mediterranean Region will organize “Clean me up” day – and invite citizens to help clean up parks and playgrounds. One hundred farms from Central and Eastern Europe region will meet up on e-conference and explore further carbon cutting on a family farm, from composting to using solar and wind energy. One thousand small and medium enterprises from Russia will organize outdoor workshops for their employees, to educate them on ways of cutting carbon in the office, and to offer incentives for the best “carbon cutters”. And we have over 10,000 schools helping us with our biggest 10:10:10 project – planting 101010 trees!

Tree Planting Challenge This year, as a part of 10:10 campaign, we are organizing a Tree Planting Challenge, through which we will work with over 10,000 schools in 24 countries in an amazing attempt to plant 101010 trees across three continents.

And it is not just for schools! Anyone can join us and plant a tree! You can plant it in your garden, in your local park, or even in a pot on your balcony! Share your tree planting photos and stories with us – e-mail us at! We have more fun stuff lined up for 10:10:10! Have more ideas for 10:10:10 events? Drops us a line to, or register your own event on

Cutting Carbon Visual Essay In January 2010 Nektarina non profit organized a Visual Essay Contest, and one of the topics was the environment and the climate change. The project included 14 countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Croatia, but there was no limits for participants from any other country in the world to enter the contest, thus we got one great video from India as well! We received some amazing works – you can check them out on This october we invite you to participate in Cutting Carbon Visual Essay and send us your: • • • • • • •

Drawings Paintings Photographs Visuals of any kind Videos Graphics And any other visual form really

...that will show us how are you cutting carbon this fall. Need some ideas? Recycling, reusing, cycling, taking a train, avoiding the usage of plastic shopping bags, composting...these are all ways to cut carbon – why not doing a visual essay on one of them? Do add a short explanation & your name, age & contact details, and e-mail us to Anyone can participate and the authors of the most inspiring visual essays will receive this super cool 10:10 tag made from a recycled boing 747!

And more! Please consider your environmental responsibility before flying. Take a train.

Come October, we are joining forces with some major railway stations as we help them promote train travel as a carbon cutting tool (compared to airplane travel). Going somewhere on October 10th? Cancel those plane tickets, hop on a train and enjoy the landscapes! Stay tuned for more news in a weeks time! In the meantime – cut carbon and carry on ď Š Your truly, Sandra & 24 country hub

101010 newsletter issue 1  

updates on 10:10 campaign from a 24 country hub, and news re 101010 plans

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