Nektarina Non Profit

Nektarina Non Profit was founded in 2009 in Zagreb, Croatia, with one broad idea in mind - highlighting issues that affect us all globally. Highlighting them by raising awareness and inspiring action but also by providing basic education about them.

So often we do not take action on certain issue because we are not sure what is it really about, it sounds remote, or it is happening in another country, and we choose to think it does not affect us.

The truth is, everything affects us, directly or indirectly, whether it is happening in India or in Argentina, or around our block.

Three main threads kept coming out on all of our initial brainstorming sessions - PEOPLE - ENVIRONMENT - EDUCATION - with three action verbs applicable to any and all of them - EDUCATE - CONNECT - INSPIRE.

Nektarina Non Profit is international non-profit organization dedicated to educating, connecting and inspiring people to care about their communities and their environment.