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C ucaro Sidyon



ekrašaitė Justina


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Has anyone of you ever accidentally destroyed a work of `art` ? I have, God how am I goiing to explain this, ok here goes nothing;

1. was still in my hand, it happened too quickly too realise: the screen print was now covered in Chocomel, ah well; can be nice too.

1994, at school accidentally managed to get someones drawing to get stuck in between one of the drawers, which caused it to tear apart, only because I was busy looking for my own work. Result; Detention for the whole class whereby the teacher said; Who has done this? Everyone pointed at me, yet I said nothing.

3. 2006. Someone put ceramic eggs on the floor, I accidentally stepped on them; So you shouldn’t place ceramic eggs on the floor.



2002. At the Rietveld academy fragment about the Chocomel; (drink extra additives) on a screen print; this student from Israel insisted me on showing his screenprint. I remember something about it beiing very sensitive about his broken relationship. I bent over to have a look, completely forgetting the fact that the Chocomel

Yesterday: a bit drunk, sat next to someone for a talk while forgetting there was this Art-thing behind me, yet it looked very comfortable; It was kind of a big square mountain of Inflated plastic bags for sandwiches or something; I leaned back, when the whole thing plunged like a pudding and fell of its foundation... I tried to get the thing back into place by bending it, but the one half was just deflated, now it looked like sort of a big Tom Poes (a dutch delicatesse, sweet dessert consisting of two square cooking with a filling of vanilla like pudding) of wich the filling was squeezed out on one side, maybe it had become better this way. page 3

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I understood you have little time but I would like to invite you , come over when you have time , let me know

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self-published Amsterdam 2013

page 1 J. Nekrašaitė, photocopy page 2 S. Cucaro, drawings, J. Nekrašaitė print of 8 mm video still page 3 S. Cucaro, drawings, etching, text page 4 S. Cucaro, drawings, text page 5 J. Nekrašaitė, digital photography page 6 J. Nekrašaitė, digital photography page 7 S. Cucaro, etching page 8 S.Cucaro, ink, text

Issue No 1  

together with Sidyon Cucaro. edition of 20 self-published Amsterdam 2013

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