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Nickname: Sunny Country: India Official title @Electrolux: HR Project Specialist Joined Electrolux in: July, 2011 Joined AIESEC in: August, 2004 Last position held @ AIESEC: MCP AIESEC Slovakia

Your best time saving trick/method: Stay calm and relaxed under pressure. You will feel you have more time get things done. What were your reasons to join AIESEC and subsequently choosing Electrolux for an internship? Joined AIESEC for no specific reason, just though it would be interesting to try out based on what I had heard about it. Why I stayed, was it gave me a set of opportunities that helped me explore and discover myself as a person and professional. It also helped me ground what I want to do in life. Electrolux was one of those opportunities that came along that fit my need in the context of post AIESEC starting point. It ticked the boxes that I wanted out of the next step of a flexible work environment, creative freedom & intense learning environment amongst others. Most importantly, Electrolux gives you the opportunity to prove your worth and take on bigger responsibility if you do, which is why I'm still with the company.

Describe yourself with one word: Positive What is was the main challenge you faced while working for Electrolux? Electrolux is an intense, fluid and complex organization with a interestingly unique culture. One of the main challenges for me was to understand how it works and find/make my place in it as a young professions working in a space with vastly

experienced senior professionals. It was important to have your ears and eyes open in the beginning and connect the dots to make sense of how and why something is done.

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