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Arti stComments Arti s mywayofli fe. ican notlookatsomethi ng wi thoutpi cturi ng how i tmi ght havebeen desi gned or whatthei dea was behi nd i t. Observi ng,researchi ng,desi gni ng,i ti s alli n mynature. wherever igo,whatever ido,isubconsci ousl ystart desi gni ng i n mymi nd. Iloveart,ilovedesi gni ng and thati s whyiwantto grow i n theworld. I n thenextfew pages you wi llseea vari etyofworks ihavedonei n thepast. Iam qui tedi versei n styles,si mpleor complex,inever denyanytype ofchallengethati s putbeforeme.



Talesof. . .

Bi oshock

Comi x


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CounterStri ke

Pri son 3D

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Fant asyMoon

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Shi eld CS

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Technologi c

Comi xNejasu

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3 GyxGami ng


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Sleepi ng Couple

Mai n Menu

Sunshi ne


Di o & theworld

Nejasu Webpage

Ti t an

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Tales of. .


I magecreated upon i nspi rati on from tales ofseri es created bybandai Namco. desi gned to beused as wallpaper. Thecoupleon thelefti s hand drawn, theresti s purel ydi gi tall ycreated.


Comi cstyleworkthatihavedonefor myselffor my hobby. myhobbyi s li vestreami ng ofvi deogames. Thereason ichoseacomi cbookstylei s becauseof thefactthatiloveartand draw alotduri ng myfree ti me.

Comi x

Counter Stri ke


Counter Stri kewallpaper created upon greatamount ofrequests from people. Igoti nspi red when iresearched afew army pi ctures and di d someresearch for weapon textures.



Desi gn created for thededi cated fans ofthe Fi nalFantasyseri es. Thi s was areall ygreatpi eceto createas i twas mostl y i nspi red byspacefantasyfor thebackground and key characters from thefi nalfantasyseri es.

Technologi c


Iloveto playaround on photoshopalot i n myfreeti me. i ti s justawayfor meto pass myti me when ido notknow whatto do. When thathappens iusuall ytryoutsome new thi ngs and somestyles ihaveseen around on bi llboards,justto broaden my hori zons and to refi nemyski lls. igoti nspi red for creati ng thi s when iwas travelli ng bytrai n and saw an adverti si ng thatwas usi ng asi mi lar i deaofstyle. ofcourse,as an arti stmyself,ifound thi s averyi nteresti ng concept,so iappli ed i tto somethi ng ofmyown and added afew morefeatures.

Bi oshock


Bi oshockwallpaper desi gn for acontest. Everyonegotthesamestarti magewi ch i s thebackground wi th thetower. Itookadvantageofmylargescaleknowledgeofthi s seri es and added avari etyofelements to thei mage to bei n theTop5 desi gns.



I nspi red bybi oware’ s mass effectspaceshi p,the Normandy,icreated myown versi on i n 3D and made thi s pi eceofartwi th theactual3D render. Thi si s currentl yonl yavai lableto meand not publi cl yreleased.

11 3D render ofapri son thatwas created for amobi levi deo game called overworld. Thevi deo gamei s currentl ysti lli n developement. Myi nspi rati on on thi s pi ecehas mai nl ybeen medi evaldungeons.

Pri son 3D

Shi eld CS


Thi s logo has been created for counter stri ke players thatreall yenjoyed thedesi gn behi nd thewallpaper icreated ( seepg. 6) . As imenti oned on thecounter stri kewallpaper i havebeen heavi l yi nspi red bytextures and army pi ctures and thi s onei s notany di fferent. Gi vi ng theedges ametalli clookand theLetter holes has gi ven thedesi gn ali ttleextraMi li tary feeli ng.

Comi xNejasu


Logo created to go wi th myComi xpage( seepg. 5). I nspi rati on onceagai n comi ng from acomi cstyle. Thi s ti megoi ng towards thei nspi rati on ofthe LooneyTunes " That' s allFolk' s"Slogan.

GyxGami ng


Logo desi gn for GyxGami ng Belgi um. Thi s was created whi lebrai nstormi ng wi th themanager ofthegami ng team and after ashortti meweboth came to and agreementaboutthi s typeof logo. Upti lltodaythelogo has changed buttheletters stylehas remai ned unchanged.



Commi si oned logo desi gn for thestore " GameGear"i n Belgi um. Icreated severalcolor desi gns,becausetheowner was notsurewhatstylehewanted to go for. Thedesi gn thatwas chosen i s thelasti magei n the column. TheDesi gn i s somewhatbased upon thei r older desi gn,wi ch weretwo letter G’ s overlappi ng each other. Ideci ded to takethatdesi gn abi tfurther.

Mai n Menu


Logo created for Mai n Menu. atwi tch. tvli vestream team. Bei ng gi ven freerei gn ofthedesi gn, Itooki nspi rati on from older cartoons.


GyxGami ng Webpagedesi gn thati si nspi red upon the games thattheyplayprofessi onall y.


Nejasu Webpage


Currentl ysti llunder constructi on,thi si s asmall previ ew ofmyown webpageto come. ideci ded to go for aclean look wi th aheader ofmyown art.


idraw qui tefrequentl ywi th penci ls,i nkor di gi tall y. Heavi l yi nspi red bythejapaneseartstyle, thi s pi ecei s parti cularl yi nspi red bythehi storyof Japan,duri ng theageofthesamurai . thi s drawi ng was completel ydonewi th chi nesei nk.


Sleepi ng Couple

20 Thi s pi ece,as mypri vatedrawi ngs tend to,i s based on emoti ons For thi s drawi ng,iused several di fferentpenci ls and fi ni shed i tof wi th ali ttleenhanci ng on thelevels i n photoshop.

21 Drawi ng i nspi red bythefeeli ngs ofa couplegetti ng close. Usi ng textureand shadi ng to createa senseofrealemoti on.

Sunshi ne

Di o & TheWorld

22 Thi s drawi ng i si nspi red by aseri es called “Jojo’ s Bi zarreadventure. ” Created to practi ce character desi gn. Drawi ng has been madewi th penci ls onl y.

Ti tan


Drawi ng based on ascenefrom theseri es called “Attackon Ti tan�. Thi s scenehas been drawn wi th penci ls and sli ghtl y enhanced wi th photoshopon thelevels ofthei mage.

Jeroendsm@gmai l. com

Portfolio NejasuArt  
Portfolio NejasuArt  

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