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Taking control of your life through good nutrition

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very now and then you meet someone who inspires you to live life with new passion - to taste it and enjoy it completely. This story is about such a person a young woman named Hope. Some people think she is a fanatic because she thinks carefully about what she eats. She is always trying to learn more about healthy living. But she believes that looking after her body helps her to get the most out of life. Read the story and decide for yourself if she is right. Making choices about the kind of life we want to live is not always easy. Before we can make a choice, we need to know exactly what it is we want. Then we need information about the choice we are trying to make. This is especially true about choosing what we eat. Very few people realise that what we eat effects the way we think and feel. Good nutrition means eating in ways that keep us feeling good throughout our lives. Eating well is an easy skill to practice because we do it every day. Getting the most out of life does take some knowledge and skill. We hope that this story will help you learn some of these skills, and give you the gift of hope.

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Nutrition: 355-3328/9 Š 1997, AIDSLINK

A pilot project developed by AIDSLINK and the Gauteng Department of Health, in conjunction with the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council. Designed and produced by The Storyteller Group. THE STORYTELLER TEAM Project co-ordination & art direction: Neil Napper. Research and script: Andre Croucamp. Storyboard: Andre Croucamp, Alistair Findlay and Neil Napper. Inking and colouring: Justin Wells. 1


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Hope, I don’t know how you do it. I just want to give up when I see how good you are.

I enjoy it. Being fit feels good and I can think clearly. Come on, Coco, one more!

All I can think of is deep fried chicken and chips.

Now the junk-food junkie is lying, because I know you are thinking about Zack in No. 72.

That would be a dream come true. I first saw him a year ago. He’s lost a bit of weight, but that beard            oh wow!

I’m not in the shape of the 90’s!

What do you mean?

I often see him waiting in the passage when you come in. Do you think he plans          it?

He spends all day and night in that flat. I don’t No! He’ll think I’ve ever seen him think I’m used go outside. Why don’t to it. He’ll think you ask him on a I’m easy. date?

Come on. He might be waiting for you now. Speak to him. I’m taking the stairs.


Come on. This is the 90’s!

The next day …

There’s I’ll show another you how to AIDS case. do it right!

Hi Hope. Sorry I’m late.

You like him because he’s a health fanatic like you!

Well, do I look healthy or what?

My grandfather phoned to invite us to his 75th birthday party.

You look great. I’m always amazed how you manage to look so good when you have          HIV.

Ag, voetsek man. I’m here to fetch a friend!

Oupa! Oh, I love that old man.

HIV is not a death sentence you know. Since I found out I was HIV positive I’ve been eating properly and exercising, and now I look a lot better than some HIV negative people I know. Hey that’s Zack ... I didn’t know he          came here ...              Zack!

Stop teasing. What’s that?

Oh, it’s vitamins.

Um ...Hi.

Are you still working at the bank?

Me too. So how do you manage with the price of food these days?

It’s a struggle. Everything is so expensive.

No. I’m looking for a job. 3

Shop sharp! That’s what I say. We’re really good at finding the best buys and saving money. Why don’t you come shopping with us sometime.

Yeah, maybe.

That afternoon …

Ma, come and see the garden. You won’t believe your eyes!

This used to be nothing but bare ground. I restored the soil by digging dead grass, leaves, kitchen scrap and strips of newspaper into the soil.

I dug some ditches to stop the water running away and planted vegetables near these ditches. Today it looks like Paradise.

Come, I have a surprise for you.

You see, we must first heal the soil before it can produce food for us.

What dreams are you filling his head with?

That’s my boy.

Aah, Oupa, feel that energy! Plants get energy from the sun, and we get energy from the plants.

The trick is to plant many different types of plants together.


Different plants help each other, you know. Here my beans are putting nutrients into the soil to feed my carrots and potatoes.

And here Pip’s pumpkins help keep the weeds away from my mielies.

It is amazing. Good nutrition also means eating many different foods. Different foods help each other heal and build your body.

Coco, your friend is right. Pip’s health has improved. His school work is excellent. All because he has been eating a large variety of food.

I’ll buy some beans and spinach.

Another fanatic! I’m going inside.

And look, here are my marigolds. They protect the garden from insects.


Here is a gift. It is a parsley plant.


It’s been hard work, but now we have more than we need and we’re selling.

Coco, you can give this to Zack! He can grow it on his balcony. Don’t be silly!

If you care for your environment, your environment will care for you.

Nutrie that yo nts are the g energy ur body use ood things i , of your and heal itses to build its n food el lf e nutrien ating habits . By taking cof, get and ge ts you tting al ntrol need, y improv lt o e the q uality ou can greatlyhe f your life. If you care for your body, your body will care for you. Your body needs nutrients.

WHAT ARE GOOD EATING HABITS? The most important principle to remember is: This includes:


Foods that y d build the bo

Foods th give you en at ergy

Fish is very good for people with HIV.

ntils, beans, peas, le icken, sh, ch eggs, meat, fi peanut butter milk, cheese, opane worms. and cooked m

☛ Like

☛ Like

Foods that boost the immune system and help protect you from disease

the starch bread, maize y foods: mealie rice), p(pap, samp, potatoes, past otatoes, sweet oats, millet, soa, wheat, rice, rghum and cereals

☛ The

sweet foo sugar and jamds:

☛ The

...and spinach!

☛ Like

fruit and vegetables...

    Remember that people with   HIV need more nutrients than healthy people, because their bodies are using them up faster to fight disease.


fatty food sunflower oil, s: oil found in tinmargarine, animal fat, lik ned fish; butter; peanutse bacon and and avocado

☛ Increase

More advic e for people with HIV:

the n fresh fruits an umber of you eat. Thesed vegetables boosting food immune s contain vitamins and m which heal an inerals, bodies. Tr y to d protect our green leafy ve eat a dark spinach or mogetable (like yellow vegeta rogo), a pumpkin), andble (like or fruit that ha a vegetable (like orange, gs vitamin C lemon, naartji rapefruit, mango and p e, guava, every day. otatoes)

☛ Be

careful with Too much drin alcohol. HIV infection wking makes orse. ☛ Cook all anim completely. al foods

☛ Eat

less refine example, use d foods. For flour and buy wholewheat instead of whitbrown bread e bread. ☛ Eat food that is its natural state as close to as possible. ☛ Avoid

fr ying fo grill, steam or ods. Rather boil.

☛ Eat

as few pro preserved, colocessed, artificially flavo ured and ured foods as possible.

☛ Eat

whole gra samp, brown ins like oats, mabela bread, mielie rice. and ☛ Drink less caff coffee and co eine (in las).

☛ Stop

smoking. makes HIV infeSmoking ction wors


AT WHAT STAGE OF INFECTION DOES HIV BEGIN TO AFFECT NUTRITION NEGATIVELY? From the moment a person is infected, HIV starts to affect nutrition negatively. Even if no symptoms are present, a person with HIV is using up energy as their body attempts to attack the virus. As a result, the body building, energy, and healing needs of a person with HIV are much higher than those of healthy people without HIV.

, YOUR APPETITE LOSE AND l il l fee eginning to to: If you are b nd it useful you might fi soups. ☛ Eat more not drinking ☛ If you are get milk, you can ting more a e y b calcium getables dark green ve hards. and tinned pilc sensitive to ☛ If you are tr y milk products s and a a m , yoghurt . yellow cheese uent smaller ☛ Eat freq meals.

See page 18 for more information on using nutrition to deal with symptoms. 7

The next week … Ciao!

I’ve got your shopping.

Hi Zack.

I’m sorry I couldn’t come. I really feel nauseous.

Leave it alone! Leave me alone! I don’t need your help!

Don’t do that!

A piece of dry bread is good for nausea. I’m sorry. I just hate being dependent on other people.

This little space is all I have left. Please just let me … be.

Sorry! I know I can get carried away sometimes. Hey! Is that a …?

It is! It’s a parsley plant.

Is this the beginning of your vegetable garden? Coco gave it to me.


What was that?!!

You’re right. That’s why we should at least control everything we can.

Jees man, things are totally out of control!

I wish I could stop getting sick.

Well, we have to start by keeping all the germs out of our bodies. Here, let me show you.

Animal foods carry the most germs, so cook everything well - until there is no pink inside.

Come and see what I’ve bought.

No, the bleach evaporates.

Food carries germs, so wash all fruit and vegetables in a mixture of bleach and water.

It must taste awful!

What about eggs. I like my eggs soft so the yellow runs out.

No more soft eggs for you, my man. Some sacrifices must be made. And wash all eggs before breaking them!

And remember: river and borehole water should be boiled before drinking. Thank God I’ve got tap water!


Oh, here’s your change.

You bought all of that and I still get change! How did you do it?

Well … you don’t need to eat meat every day.

At my support group I learnt that maas or yoghurt are great for digestion.

Right. Let’s make some real food!

Remember to keep the pumpkin seeds. We can dry them. They make a great snack!

Dried beans and lentils are good substitutes. You can even mix them with a little mince to make the meat go further.

You really know your subject.

And don’t leave leftovers standing around to pick up germs. Cook only as much as you need.

Yes, don’t throw away any skins or leaves. You can use them in soup.

Any more orders?



Now I see how you saved money. You expect me to live on compost!

I didn’t see any Achaar.

Ja, I tried the parsley. It’s quite nice. Coco said it comes from her grandfather’s garden.

Why do you think she gave me the plant?

You should come to our support group.

You should speak to her.

Strong spicy foods or chillies make digestion difficult when HIV is making you ill. Try using cooking herbs, like parsley and garlic, to flavour food instead.

These things never work out.

I think she likes you.

There seem to be so many new things I have to learn.

You won’t know ‘till you try.


She never gave me a living thing!

It is so difficult having relationships when you are HIV positive.

Tell Coco thanks for the plant.

... and don’t forget to watch the soup!

HOW TO AVOID INFECTION We must remember the

simple principle that we

are trying to keep germs

out of our body. Food can carry germs. For this

reason we should prepare and store food safely.

ain germs in There are cert ods that raw animal fos can human being t. For normally figh onella is a example, salm meat and germ found ins. It is dairy product icken, eggs, common in ch ented cheese. milk and fermlmonella Germs like san, tasted or People with HIV, however, cannot be seet destroys cannot protect themselves a e H . d smelle s e o d against these germs so d n a them, . bleach

FOOD SAFELY STORING AND PREPARING OR les F RULES t and vegetab of ☛ Wash frui re

frigerator, you have no reh food for ug ts cook only eno animal produc Cook ☛ Cook all e. n o l. d l el one mea completely - we is no pink er th til un t ftovers mea u are eating le g point, to yo  If ☛ ft. le oilin heat them to b that might s m l a er g im y kill an raw an ☛ Avoid all have got in. . ts uc d pro and hands before nd blue a ur s yo se sh ee a ch  W ft ☛ ☛ Avoid so g food or s. after preparin veined cheese eating food. re o ef b s g eg ☛ Wash all kitchen and s . Do not use ☛ Keep your breaking them as clean a cooking area cracked eggs. possible. s been a h t a th ilk m k rd ☛ Only drin ur cutting boaden all harmful ☛ Wash yo o o w treated to kill r the word g in well. Avoid us germs (look fo s. rd a o b g n ” tti cu “pasteurised on the carton). rate cleaning d ☛ Use sepa e tchen an th n materials for ki ell by” date o ☛ Check “s bathroom. food you buy. t od ossible, eat frui ave cooked fo m ☛ Where p r ei th in ☛ Do not le s d at roo and vegetable is rich standing aroun . skins. The skin temperature in nutrients. e th in d zen foo ☛ Thaw fro clean tor or a cool, a er ig refr area. they ds as soon as ☛ Cook foo wed. have been tha sh and frozen ked ☛ Frozen fi n be coo vegetables ca g. in without thaw a ked foods for in the ☛ Keep coo ys a d e re maximum of thd 30 days in refrigerator an the freezer. ☛ If


a mixtu thoroughly in ater. The bleach w d bleach an erms. The can kill most gaporate so do bleach will ev fruit not wipe your st let it air dry. afterwards, ju ste the bleach. You will not ta ep the bleach g ☛ Always ke for washin mixture ready ls, cutting cooking utensilates, just boards and p em. Let them before using th not dry with a all air dry. Do cloth. a not know hows ☛ If you do a h d o fo salad, or otherd, you must re a p re p been self whether decide for yourred to take the you are prepait. risk of eating

Mix one teaspoon of bleach with one litre of water.



☛ Get

together w in a similar situith some people who are vegetable gard ation and plant a en. ☛ Plan befo re yo foods that are u go shopping. Buy the give you energgoing to build your body, system first, be y and help your immune luxuries such a fore spending money on cigarettes... s alcohol, sweets,


ith the milk powder w n. Real Dair y sig mers on coffee creasive y e n o m d n e expen ☛ Do not sp milk. They are. d se n e d n co r o nutrient value and offer little ☛ Bulk buy bone. ing can save a meat with less y u  B ☛ lo t of money. You do not want fo uy ensive meat b is p x e a group of frie od to go off, so plan with g in y u b f o nds to share.. ☛ Instead fish (tinned fish . beans, lentils, ey), chicken, eggs, d e ri d ☛ Do not le n t food go off. d value for molike heart, brains, liver o o g U se make soup. leftovers to ats and organ me s. y e and kidn ☛ Avoid b uying takeeats are ☛ Organ m aways when y , high in protein on, and in a hurr y. Ra ou are FOR TIPS SAVING MONEY ir th d e n r a buy vitamins fruit, or carr y er than p e a n u ts re often cheap a with you as a snack. FOODS THAT GIVE YOU ENERGY other meat. ed beans or ☛ Cook dri ☛ Buy wholewheat flour and buy brown or of meat. lentils instead meat to whole wheat bread. to Or add them her. rt fu make it go ☛ Eat cooked porridge instead of cereals. ☛ Use

☛ Use

samp, pearled wheat or mielie rice.

☛ Avoid

cake, biscuits, rusks, sweets, potato chips and cooldrinks.




SYSTEM IMMUNE s in egetable is way YOUR v r u o y k Th oo

fruit FOODS THAT Eat more vegetabele. s if ☛ siv re expen o m d is n a it u buy fruat are in sweet ☛ If yo th otatoes, are p s , le n b in a k ta p th e s g m ts s o ve ☛ Pu and carr ou pay le season y for those which potatoes e for money. you will f season. good valu o sweet are out otatoes, ts in p e r t a e p e e ☛ Pr carro by str toes and fruit sold ood quality ta o p ☛ The is g . hawkers eaper than that in their skin h c y the and is . row awa your th p t o o h s n e o th ☛ D kin of and ves and sUse them in a s le le b ta e s. use veg ickly, only vegetabletews. ☛ Beca u q ff s o r o few fruit g soup o gh for a u o n e y u b days. 13

le water. only a litt erals and fewer minare lost. This vitamins n be used for it. water ca stews - or drink soups or , an plantss, e b f o s e leav tatoe ☛ The sweet poe eaten , s in k p m b pu etc. can beetroot, ver y nutritious. and are

☛ C

Zack! I’m going to my support group. Would you like to come?

The following week …

You should try oats porridge. That could help. It’s no good. I’ve got awful diarrhoea. I’ll be running out every five minutes! Very funny. You need to experiment and find out what foods make your diarrhoea worse.

I could really do with a brandy!

If the diarrhoea doesn’t improve, cut out fat.

Cut out one type of food at a time. Stop drinking milk, for example.

You’ll just dehydrate yourself more. Drink lots of fluids. If you cook rice, drink the water you cooked it in.

Oh yes, you can eat hard boiled eggs. Remember: avoid frying anything. Boil or steam your food.

Can I use it as a cork?

What can I eat?

I depend on you for so much …


And if there is still no improvement, cut out coffee.

Here I’ll give you a recipe for a great bean soup.

Well, you never know when I’ll be needing you!

At the support group ...

Hello everybody. It is good to see you all again.

Today we are going to discuss boosting our immune systems through the way we eat. For the immune system to protect and heal the body it needs vitamins and minerals.

We need to eat more beans, spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and fruits. These foods contain most of the important vitamins and minerals needed by the immune system.

Glen, I love deep fried chicken. I can’t live without it!

We should avoid deep fried foods. But it’s okay to break the rules now and then!

I read that coffee is stress producing, but I can’t wake up in the morning without it.

Glen, sometimes I don’t feel like eating at all!

Try swapping coffee for a nice hot cup of rooibos tea it’s a great way to start the day!


Vegetable soups are a good way of getting nutrients when our appetites are low or we are feeling nauseous. And drink lots of fluids!

Glen, what about fruit juice?

Make sure it is fresh fruit juice and not the kind you have to mix with water. If you are suffering from thrush in the mouth, see if cutting down on fruit makes a difference. How do we combat tiredness? Eat breakfast!

Make sure you are getting enough rest. Regular exercise, in which we use our limbs, also helps us build resistance against fatigue.

Glen, what else can we eat to boost our immune systems?

Eat whole grains, like samp, maize rice, oats and mabela. Increase your fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of you can’t drink milk, but yoghurt and maas are good dairy products.

Yes, I agree. Remember any use of energy by the body is going to affect your immune system. So make sure you have food to ‘burn’.

If you are not getting calcium from drinking milk, you can get calcium from tinned pilchards and dark green leafy vegetables.

Here, take your friend this comic book. It has got some good ideas on how to eat to help treat certain symptoms, including diarrhoea.

I have a friend who has HIV. He is suffering from diarrhoea. But I think his real problem is accepting my help.


Meanwhile, back at the flat …

Zack! Zack! Are you there?

Zack! It’s Coco! I want to ...

Yes, I’m coming!

I’m coming. Don’t leave!

She can’t hear me. Please, please, please, please let it stop!


You always seem to catch me in the most awkward situations.

Where were you? I’ve brought some      useful information            for you.

You know I’ve always admired you … wanted to speak to you … That was when I had a job, and a life.

It’s not your money I want!

Hope and I would like you to come over for supper.

I know all about HIV and how to play safe.

That is very kind. But since my wife died of AIDS, I have found it impossible to get close to anyone.

It’s not that simple. 17

Thanks for the book. It’s difficult to accept help from people when you are used to people letting you down.

Please let me know if the information was useful.

Remember: if you have stomach complaints that won’t stop, go to your nearest clinic.

USING NUTRITION TO TREAT SYMPTOMS This advice is for people who are experiencing problems with eating and digestion.

rink ately. D r r a p e s hou ods quid fo ls, about one li d n a WITH STOMACH dr y mea ☛ Eat etween eaten. b DEALING s d i u liq , to ave d garlic r you h n e t a . f ls y a a le e s par ng er m bs, like an using stro or nt small r e e n i u h a q h e p s r h f fre . ies. ther t e you ☛ Eat ☛ Use ill caus ch in any way vour ras curr y or chill w la f t a d h t d a a s ha tant id foodthroat or stom ces, suc s impord out at i i f p t i s e ☛ Avo k t r li n i u t pla fin ges burn yo rd to di only avoid ach comerent foods too not. a m h o t e s r a y f d f n nee that With a riment: tr y di u and which d d foodsemember, you hich you are i o e v o p y  A x ☛ to e with in w lk. R and mi uring periods h complaints. h agree c i h w them d ncing stomac experie


Here is some advice on specific complaints that you can combine with the advice above:


eating fu for any event n. Get together with other that sparks an p interest in eati eople ng. ☛ Light exe rcise, like walk ing increases the appetite. ☛ When y ou feel like co oking, prepare amount and fr a la feel like cooki eeze for those times you dorge ng. not ☛ Choose

food w likely to eat m hich you enjoy because yo give you energore. But also tr y to eat food u are s which y.

Eat as many d ifferent foods as possible. ☛ Keep a supply yoghurts, etc. of snacks - fruits, peanuts, ☛ If you ca n mix fruit wit h yoghurt - gre at! ☛


One of the most common problems experienced by people with HIV is diarrhoea.


ake you weak. m ill w is Th s. ody fluid you will lose bdrink, even small sips. a e o h rr ia d ve rtant to If you ha It is very impo ge, such as cabba s d o fo g in rm as fo . ☛ Avoid g nd fizzy drinks a s n a e b s, n io on MORE OF g” WHAT TO EAT s or “cleansin a m e n e s a m o k fr n ay ration Dri ☛ Stay aw s. Sip a Rehyd a Rehydration id u fl f es. o in ts ic o d e  L ☛ m le. To make en often as possibe litre of water that has be Drink, take onlitre cooldrink bottle as a ar OTHER SUGGESTIONS boiled (use a to this 8 teaspoons of sug soup, like ill tr y drinking . g lin e fe n e measure), add l teaspoon of salt. h ☛ W r lentil soup and half a leve icken, meat, o ch e you les. r body and giv u o y ild u it and vegetab b u t fr a th w s ra d o te o  F ra ☛ ☛ G energy. grape r, peach, and for a e p , le p p  A ☛ best juices juices are the diarrhoea. HEARTBURN that will at contain fibre s a ☛ Foods th the gut, such WHAT TO AVOID bind fluids in nd grated apple, d a n a d le d e e ke ll coo oats, p and lentils (we ☛ Avoid ripe banana, greasy, fried , very spicy ). d pepper. mashe foods and s, g g e boiled rd a h s a ch ☛ Avoid ods, su lain aspirin, alco ☛ Other fo out fat, and p ith starchy h it w t a e m c d a rb w r o e cooke n th ated drinks, hol, coffee, cigarettes, e ten tog a e sh fi r o . n p ly eppermints free chicke , can be eaten chocolates. and foods like rice WHAT TO AVOID s make out what foodne type of d n fi to t n e m ut o ☛ Experi a worse. Cut o your diarrhoe . You may need to eat less y food at a time u may want to eat less fatt dair y foods. Yofoods high in foods, or less lewheat bread, bran-type fibre (like whother wholewheat products, cold cereal, o getables, sweetcorn, nuts, green ve skin of fruits. peas, and the ohol. ffeine and alc ☛ Avoid ca



antacid 30 minutes afte r eating. ☛ As wit h nausea, a llow an hou after a mea r or your head el before you go to bed two supported wlevated and your back with ith a flatter pillow. ☛ Eat sm all, regular meals.



☛ Stay

away fro that makes yo m foods that have a smell u feel sick. ☛ Eat less fatty foods.

☛ Eat

slowly in a rela xed atmosphe re. ☛ Ask you r doctor to pre scribe an anti emetic medica ti o n a n d take you start feelin g nauseous - it as soon as don’t wait. ☛ Do not lie dow your meal. Allon immediately after eating meal before y w an hour or two after a to bed lie withou go to bed. When you g your back sup your head elevated and o ported with a flatter pillow. ☛ If you are rece small meal at iving chemotherapy eat a treatment. Youleast two hours before favourite food should also save your well so that yos for when you are feeling favourite food u do not learn to link your s with nausea in your mind.

☛ Eat

less sweet or sp icy foods.

☛ Avoid


gas forming

WHAT TO EAT MORE OF ☛ Eat food s that temperature. are cold or at room ☛ Eat

soft foods, like rice, mashed fo eggs. ods and

☛ Eat

dry salty food s like wholewh eat toast. ☛ Drink co ld or icy beve rages: lemon, lime or gingera le.

th or throat u o m e th in s ) - Sore THRUSH (CANDIDA SUGGESTIONS OTHER

and pe with mouthdida), it is co to g in y tr n e n (ca ☛ Wh . ns like thrush throat infectio et help as soon as possiblele g b important to thrush (candida) is availa Treatment for ic. from your clin a to swallow, use rd a h it g in d n fi ☛ If you are . w stra g ake swallowin m to ck a b d a he ☛ Tilt your r. e si ea sing with th clean by rin u o m r u o y p e ☛ Ke salty water.

WHAT TO AVOID eds, (chips, nuts, se rd a h y, ic sp t t a (peanu ☛ Do not e s), salty, sticky raw vegetable and sour foods (pickles, butter, sweets) d juices). citrus fruits an easty alcohol and y ey r, a g su id vo th ☛ A ad, because foods like bre th of germs. help the grow MORE OF WHAT TO EAT the ods that build fo f o ts lo t a  E ☛ body. at. grains are gre d n a s n a e  B ☛ s. perature food m te m o ro r o ☛ Eat cold e ft and moist, lik so re a t a th s eggs, ☛ Eat food es, scrambled mashed potatoard, ice-cream, shakes, puddings, custnanas, peaches, pears). ripe fruits (ba til soft. Cook foods un

plenty of liquids.

☛ Drink


If you avoid certain foods when you are ill, remember to eat them again once the symptoms have disappeared.



oid cauliflogas forming sprouts wer, brocco foods, like o carbon , beans, beali, cabbage, nions, ated d rinks inn sprouts, brussels cluding OTHER beer. SUGGESTIONS ☛ Ch ew we ll. Ten times a mouthf ul!


sed foods. refined and proces tives or any g enemas or laxa ☛ Avoid usin ines. “cleansing” medic

☛ Avoid

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You may even want to eat an extra meal for a few days.

After experiencing a period of illness you should increase your food intake to help the body heal, repair the gut, rebuild the muscles and help replace the nutrients that have been lost. 21

A few weeks later:


Coco, it’s Zack!

I’ve learnt that it is very important to increase muscle as much as possible. HIV interferes with our body’s process of building muscle.

I came to thank you for the comic book. I’ve started following the guidelines in it.

Zack. Come in.

Coco could do with some more muscle!


Coco, I’ll make you a deal.

If you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, I’ll train with you in the trim park.

It doesn’t help cooking balanced meals in this house. She eats the meat and potatoes. I’m left with the vegetables!

Uh ... uh ... Okay!


Tomorrow at 4 o’clock.


Mmm ... nice ironing, Coco!

But you get to be close to that sexy beard!

Wait a minute. What kind of deal was that? Now I have to eat vegetables and exercise! 22

Well, all this nutrition and exercise better be good for youknow-what!

4 o’clock the next afternoon: Here goes. A new life!

So, you like the comic book?

I never knew there was so much to learn about food.

Hope keeps giving me more information. I can’t remember it all!

It’s heavy!

I keep forgetting to wash my vegetables.

enjoying Are you hange in all this ctyle? lifes             What I enjoy most is being in control of my life.

I think good nutrition is going to take some practice.

I need a chocolate. Now!

I don’t believe it! We’ll have to take the stairs.

Now that you are both eating better and exercising, I need to find a new project.

What crazy idea is this? 23

So, I’ve decided to plant a roof garden!

A few months later:

I’ll give you some vitamins. But this doesn’t mean you can eat badly! Good food is still the best way to get the nutrients you need.

It has taken me a long time to get here Glen, but I’m feeling much better now that I’m taking responsibility for my health.

Your body uses up nutrients every time it fights an infection.

It’s important to treat infections as soon as you become aware of them.

Today must be my special day. I have had my first counselling session, and now I’ve met you buying fruit!

I thought you just like giving me a hard time!

I would very much like it if you and Pip and Hope could come and have supper at my flat on Thursday.

On one condition.

What is that? 24

I’m allowed to bring a cake!

That Thursday afternoon: These beans are from Hope’s roof garden.

This is delicious!

The roof garden! My nerves. Pip has been up there planting vegetables all day.

But mother, your face is glowing. You’re right. I actually do feel better, even after only a few months of exercise and good eating.

Let’s face it. Hope’s madness has brought sanity to our lives.

While we are well, we need to live fully and with joy!

I’m just sad for my friends who have died. I’m wondering what will happen to us.

This is my man!

I am my own man, thank you very much.

What’s wrong Hope?

Is this the man who wouldn’t leave his flat in daylight?

But you can have me now and then.


What a beautiful evening!




A HEALTHY Become aware of trition u N d your body and take o ☛ Go iene good care of it. ☛ Hyg cise nt ☛ Exerss Managemef Infections ☛ Stre y Treatment o ☛ Earl

Exercise combats depression and stress... and it helps the immune system!

Wash your hands regularly, and especially before eating. Muscle stores more nutrition than fat does.

Exercise three to five times a week for at least thirty minutes at a time.

Share what you are feeling with someone you can trust.

Relax more and do the things you enjoy.

Most infections are easy to treat if they are recognised early.


GET THE INFORMATION! Gauteng Department of Health Nutrition: (011) 355-3329 AIDSLINK: (011) 725-6202 AIDS Hotline: (011) 725-6710 Johannesburg Metropolitan Council Nutrition: (011) 407-7141

Hungry for information? Take a bite! Call one of the organisations above.

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Eating with Hope Comic Book  
Eating with Hope Comic Book  

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