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Little Stars Playgroup

Nawton and Crawshaw Healthy Living Projects Project Background


Western Stars

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Western Community News

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Residents Feedback

Hard Surfaced Recreation Area

in our community.

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Our vision Thriving, Vibrant, Healthy and self reliant communities.

Funders Thanks

Our Mission is To create opportunities and provide support that enhances the holistic well-being of the people


2012 - 2013 Funders

Thank You!

DV Bryant Trust Sky City Gallagher Charitable trust Donny Trust Norah Howell Charitable Trust Corrections Dept. Tindall Foundation Karamu Trust Talking Tech Foundation Tidd Foundation Sport NZ First Credit Union


Nga mihi nui ki a koutou, welcome everyone to the 2013 Annual General Meeting. I take this opportunity to submit the following Annual Report. On behalf of the WCA Board, Neil and staff, it is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to our residents, funders, our local Members of Parliament, Hamilton City Councillors, our volunteers, community groups and support agencies that are present this evening and to those that are absent.



I would like to acknowledge once again the brilliant effort by Neil and the team including our two Hamilton City Council staff Ioana and Ani. To our many volunteers like always you are amazing. The success of the Centre can be attributed to the skills and strengths of our team and their experience in community work. Please accept on behalf of the WCA Board our utmost gratitude to you all for your enormous efforts and contributions, thank you. With trying economic times we are very grateful for all the funding received this financial year. I am pleased to say that due to the WCC team (WCA Board included) we have managed respectively those highs and lows that were forecast in 2012-2013. To our Funders, your continued financial contributions trust and support is evident in the services we provide. Your funding is important to us and enables us to continue providing that quality professional service to our community, sometimes words are never enough but they are deeply felt by us all. Thank you. We acknowledge and value continuously the community partnership and the ongoing support from Hamilton City Council, for their recognition of our valued facility and the many families and children to whom we support. Thank you. With the 10th year celebration of our Western newspaper we proudly featured and show cased 10 years’ worth of memorabilia. Our local families, their children, their achievements, our local schools, sports clubs, local businesses and the changes that have occurred during this time it was awesome. On the political front I welcome milk and breakfast delivery for our children in schools and will encourage our WCA Board to support this concept for the future. In closing, I would like to thank and acknowledge the Board for their contributions and voluntary time away from their families I wish you all the best in future community work. I believe our community owned facility is fantastic and we shall continue to maintain for you a high level of accountability, transparency and responsibility. I pledge my continued support to the WCA Board. Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa.


Kindest Regards Jamie Toko JP WCA Chairperson

Board members

Back Row Blaine Tai Rakena, Raymond Mills Dave Macpherson, (Vice-Chairperson) Bill Rees Jamie Toko, (Chairperson) Shanti Ralm Front Row Pare Ruha, (Secretary) Moses Cherrington, (Treasurer)

Centre Staff

april 2012 - march 2013

Anita Ram receptionist Aileen Rangi-Whaikawa-Mills services co-ordinator Margaret Higgins family support worker Neil Tolan manager James Shepherd financial administrator Joan Marshall funding co-ordinator Danielle Sinclair western stars co-ordinator resigned feb Rinaira Watene after school care co-ordinator resigned feb Francea Hansen after school care supervisor Trish Terry after school care supervisor Ilaisaane Mills cleaner extraordinaire Anaru Terry youth worker Western Stars Holiday programme staff Each holiday period we employ between 6 – 8 people

Hamilton City Council collaborative relationship Community Advisor HCC – Ioana Manu, Community Advisor HCC – Ani Nock

Centre Volunteers

We have an amazing team of volunteers who assist the centre in a wide range of roles. we couldn’t do what we do without them! thank you!


Celebrate Good Times! It has been an amazing 12 months and as I look back over the year our team has achieved many life changing outcomes for our residents and people throughout Hamilton. We are contributing greatly to our communities health and wellbeing and assisting towards improving the lives of our people.



The Nawton and Crawshaw Healthy Living Project delivering a range of significant healthy initiatives to our community has been one of the highlights of my 20 years involvement in Community Development. I was able to visit a majority of the homes that received fruit trees and the response, engagement and feedback from our community has been incredible. Reading through the large amount of written feedback it is clear the project particularly fruit trees in homes has made a valuable contribution and significant investment in the homes of many families. 212 homes now have fruit trees! Reuben Place in the Crawshaw area is a street with 19 homes, 73 fruit trees were planted in 14 of the homes. The trees have brought about a commonality and opportunity for residents to connect with each other. The street has a large number of children and were planted predominately by themselves. Elliott Park now has 134 fruit trees planted. It is great to know that this investment will provide an abundance of fruit for the many users of the park and wider community. We are constantly receiving positive feedback from our community around the fruit tree planting in the park. Many of our community enjoyed the fruit and vegetables planted around our centre over the summer period. Thank you to Geoffery Walker for your hard work. The basketball and netball court has been a requested and identified need from the Nawton and Crawshaw Community for at least a decade. The new court has become a positive focal point for the community and will continue to be a valuable treasured resource for decades. Thank you to Andrea Timmings Neighbourhood Sport & Recreation Coordinator Hamilton City Council for her role in coordinating this aspect of the project. We celebrated 10 years of the Western Community News! 60 issues, 960 pages produced and close to 1 million copies in mailboxes each containing a positive snapshot of information to our community. Thanks to Ioana Manu, Ani Nock, Dave Macpherson Tim Atkinson at Fraser High School and Jan Plumley our proof reader for your commitment and hard work in assisting towards the bi monthly production. We would not be able to produce the newspaper without our advertisers, your support is appreciated. Our Western Stars Sports programme based at Crawshaw Park also celebrated it’s 10 year birthday, hundreds of children have attended this programme over the decade. Our venues both at Hyde Ave and 108 Grandview Road continue to grow with increased bookings and increased foot traffic. As you can see from the middle pages of this report we have had a busy year! We could not do what we do without our funders, thank you for partnering with us to deliver the services and programmes that we believe are making a positive difference. Thank you to our board members I appreciate your shared vision for the centre and your support, advice and guidance throughout the year.


A Huge Thank You to our awesome team of staff and volunteers it has been a great year! Neil Tolan

What a great year this has been, full of activities and lots of fun. Thank you to all our fabulous support persons with our yummy mummies, seniors shopping, bus trips, luncheons and Tai Chi. We have accomplished some great memory building for our tender aged. Our newly formed partnership with Ministry of Education for the little stars playgroup is choice, and so it is the same with the Department of Corrections. I enjoy being part of the building team for this community.

Services Coordinator


Aileen Rangi- Whaikawa- Mills

Senior Monthly Luncheons



Senior Shopping Shopping transport to PakNSave Mill Street

143 participants Tai Chi Tai Chi takes place 2 days per week

1525 participants Community Service Workers

35 people completed 2705 hours


Family Support Worker


Wow, has it been twelve months already? The year has flown by; I guess that means I must have been busy. And yes I have! I have had the wonderful opportunity yet again to meet some pretty awesome people. That is what I love about my job I have the privilege of working with and alongside some amazing individuals. Budgeting assistance has been the greatest need and generally that is because what is going out of the budget exceeds that which comes in, and this is due mainly to debt, but also to the cost of simply living! Our counselling service is readily available and has been accessed by members of the community with the some satisfying and gratifying results. I have also been able to offer social support to a few people. Our community members have benefited greatly from the generous Waikato District Health Board funding putting fruit trees into home gardens, parks and schools in the area. This will bring relief to our families giving them nutritious fresh fruit. So all in all it has been another great year! Margaret Higgins


People and their families were assisted.


nsel ling Budge ting a dvice Advocac y

Social Support



Social Support


Parenting Advice


Budgeting Advice



Feedback “Margaret I really appreciate the assistance given by your budgeting service. I have been able to get on top of mot of my spending and am able to easily use the budget as set out on the week-by-week budget plan. I still have a way to go but with your help am confident I can achieve being better off and able to work my budget for myself in the future.”

“Its actually quite exciting being able to pay everything…”

“You’ve put a smile on my face...”

“This (budget plan) has helped me be disciplined – I keep it on my fridge where I can see it every day. I have been able to manage even when unexpected things crop up.”


As the doors open each day at the Western Community Centre I look forward to meeting and greeting everyone who arrives with whatever they have on their mind or needs they may have. The Centre has certainly been busy with a lot going on such as cat desexing, JP signing, free legal advice, photocopying, free phone, faxing, table and chair hire-age and much, much more.




thanks to the team of Fruit and Veggie Packers, Shoneree, Shanti,

Carl, Shontelle, Natasha, Rob, Harry, Kristina, Lance and Dave and to our fantastic Rob who volunteers at Reception. Thanks to all board members for supporting us during this hard year and to all staff that help take care of my area while I am away. Thank you to everyone that I have met at reception. I look forward to another year filled with whatever ups and downs may arrive. Anita Ram


visits have been made to our centre


5030 4333

3849 4076 4022 4104



4457 3330 2468

Apr 12





1584 10





Jan 13


Fruit and veggie packs were sold.


Fundng Coordinator


As Funding Co-ordinator I wish to take this opportunity of thanking all who have supported the Centre either by way of grants from Trusts and Foundations through to donations left in the donation box at the counter. All are really appreciated and allow the Centre to provide services and events for the community assisting in creating the vibrant community of West Hamilton. Although the recession has impacted on funds available to not-for profit organisation our funders have shown their faith and support of the Centre and my thanks and appreciation to each and every one that has partnered Western Community Association in the last 12 months.

Joan Marshall

I am pleased to be able to report that the finances of the Centre are a considerable improvement on the previous years. The level and spread of funding the Centre received is an acknowledgement of the value of the services and programmes we provide across the community. The collaboration with other parties increased and augurs well for the future. The highly successful Healthy Eating Healthy Action fruit trees project demonstrated our ability to manage a major project and may hopefully lead on to other initiatives.

Financial Administrator


Building on the changes introduced last year I have, with the support of the manager and staff, continued with the programme of incremental improvements focussing on the after school care and holiday programmes. These changes are designed to improve efficiency and make the work of staff easier. The amount of finance available dictates how far we are able to go in this area. It is pleasing to note that in the coming year the level of service funding is to remain the same. Unfortunately this does apply to OSCAR funding which is reduced in the 2013–2014 year and will continue to reduce over the next two years. This will affect the after school care and holiday programmes. I wish to place on record my thanks for the assistance I have received from our Treasurer, Manager and staff in the day-to-day operation of the department and from our accountant and auditor who are generous with assistance when I require it. James Shepherd



days of after school care

taff S l o o h c S After




Hey guys My names Francea Hansen. I have been involved with the community centre, particularly the after school care and Holiday programmes going on the past 3 years now. I enjoy interacting  with the children and watching them grow and develop. I think these programmes are a great service.


weeks of holiday programmes

Hey guys I’m Reegan I’m 18 and I’m at my last year of high school. I love after school care and working at the Western Community centre, there are so many opportunities. At after school care I love colouring in and baking.

Heya My name is Trish I’m 26 years, I have an amazing husband and 3 beautiful daughters. The thing I enjoy the most is the family environment and the relationships built with all these young kids and the families.


parks provided with children s sports activities

Keira “I like the arts and crafts and the baking.” Te Horinga “It’s cool as, this is my favorite place.’ Shivali “I love the playground.”


Isabella “I like the food and playing.”

Youth Worker


The Elav8 programme has been running for nearly 2 ½ years where male students from Fraser High attend every Tuesday afternoon. Each session starts at 3.15pm where the participants are introduced to the session outline that varies depending on the term’s focus. The group is made up of 13–16 year old students that focus on building life skills, gaining an identity and their part in the community, which also integrates with our 8 core principles. The participants have been involved in many activities; the “Tree Planting” project, community events such as “Inflatables in the Park and “Treats in the Park”. The program caters for each individual by allowing the facilitator to have one on one sessions where they can discuss matters they are more comfortable speaking about alone while also assessing to see how they are coping at both school and home levels. Highlights for Elav8 so far have been the end of year “Surfing Trip” where we had one of the students dad drive us out which was “cool” for the young student. Another highlight was being involved in the “Tree Planting” project where the Elav8 students participated in going into the homes of the Western community and planting the trees. However the major highlight would have to be “Inflatables in the Park” where Elav8 organised, planned and facilitated the community event. All Elav8 participants were interviewed and had their name put into the Hamilton Press, which brought great excitement and pride among the group where the Fraser High Board of Trustees acknowledged their participation in the event by awarding each student some movie vouchers. There is currently a core of 10 students, which are currently doing a project called “My identity” and how they can connect with major landmarks in the Western area where the purpose is to see how each individual sees themselves in their own community.

Unlocking youth opportunities

Anaru Terry



Hamilton City Council Community advisors

Ioana based at the centre 1 day per week


ANI based at the centre 3 day per week

Western Community News Celebrates 10 Years! 60 Issues 960 pages produced close to 1,000,000 copies


Our Income from all Sources

Grants 65% $364,670 Participant Fees 11% $62,904


Venue Hire 11% $61,363



Advertising 3% $18,817 11% 11%


Donations 6% $35,296 Other 4% $23,479

28.84 5 , 6 6 5 come Total In


Income contracts Grants Government 22% Hamilton City Council 26% Private + Regional Trusts 10 % NZ Lottery Grants Board 10 % Community Gaming Trusts 5 % waikato DHB 19 % Trust Waikato 8%

Our Expenses Communications $33,303

Staffing $283,638

Community Support $14,482

(Wages, Training, Supervision, Facilitation, Tutor Fees)

(Fruit and Veggie co- op)

Vehicles $5,557

Building Operations $41,918

(Advertising & Marketing, Computers, Phones, Newspaper Production and Delivery)

(Security, Cleaning, R&M, Insurance, Electricity)

Professional Fees $16,553



(Bank Fees, Eftpos, Accountants & Auditor Fees, Licences)

3% 3%

oPerating Costs $17,664



(Admin Support, Photocopying, Postage)

1% 5%


Nawton and Crawshaw Projects

$75,364 36



pe Total Ex


Programme Delivery $85,937 (Entertainment, Bus & Vehicle Hire, Resources, Consumables, Venue Hire, 108 Rent, General)

Our Venue Users April 2012 - March 2013

Weekly Users

English Lanuage Partners 4 bookings per week Vision College 4 bookings per week Senior Tai Chi 2 bookings per week After School care 5 bookings per week Agriculture NZ up to 5 bookings per week Go Dairying AG. NZ 2 bookings per week Samoan Unity Christian Church 2 bookings per week Elav8 Youth programme Plunket Floral Lessons Westside Church Church of Christ 2 bookings per week Yummy Mummys Midwife-Gillian Curtis Midwife-Katrina Woodham Midwife-Courtney Butler Te Ataarangi classes Western City Sports Kotahi Playgroup Niemand Peebles Hoult - Legal Advice Waikato Family Homebased Childcare 2 bookings per week Little Stars Playgroup Iloha Club- Japanese Playgroup Mainly Music

Monthly Users

Senior Luncheons WCC Board Meetings West Network Meeting School Attendance Services Fraser Tech Rugby Western Stars Holiday programme 4 weeks


rs al UpsCe ference Casu n o amily Grou

gs CYFS F ns 21 bookin g o ti c n u F te a Priv bookin ity Council 3 C n to il m a ings H stics 2 book e m o D te lu Abso ookings Arthritis 2 b 10 bookings i o s a R ’s ti e Shan ance Class D tt u B r u o e2 Get off y nting Cours re a P e m o s Awe okings Course 6 bo y e n o M p a C e 7 bookings las Health Nurs yC Photograph in rt a M m o T st 1 booking Linkage Tru e 4 bookings Health Nurs bookings Haka Hiva 5 okings bo SBS Bank 5 nce Services nda School Atte ok Pe a ce 2 b o e th f o e c ti s Ju gs ika 4 bookin K’aute Pasif ire Safety C nF Frank Burto op ling Worksh Holistic Hea s B 2 booking Waikato DH gs in k are 3 boo Spectrum C use Networ Ho Community booking Reelworld 1 3 rk Meeting o tw e N ty fe Sa Local Group Practitioners i ome 3 book c In d n a rk Wo 1 booking Link House rs 1 booking Toastmaste IHC TAKROK g Timebankin g Christm in iv L L o w C o st Education Ministry Of Robyn Jack Naturopath gency Gro Pacific Intera nselling Cou Pregnancy sent Event Past to Pre shop Figjam Work unity N mm Western Co s Region Cheapskate to Sport Waika n’s Welf e Maori Wom the Par Inflatables in ark eP Splash in th Park Chill in the e Park Treats in th Family Start rua ADHD Roto tiona rna Goldco Inte O Kiri Te Runanga a Hak Nawton Kap

es 42 bookin



es 10 bookin


2 bookings s

ing sses 4 book


s 1 booking


ooking Courses 2 b

rk meetings


2 bookings

3 bookings p 1 booking ings

mas Expo

kson oup g t

ration a News Celeb o mp nal Skate C

n nd Exhibitio


fare League rk

al ikiriroa ka

Skate Park

Throughout the year the centre supports and facilitates a number of community events at Elliott Park. These involve hundreds of volunteers all willing to contribute to their community. Over three decades the Western Community Centre has seen the value in bringing our residents together and making this community a great place for our Kids!

Inflatables in the Park 1300 children registered, Total 2000 people attended. (based around large inflatable rides) May

Chill in the Park Total 500 people attended. July

(snow dump, activities, sports)

Treats in the Park

2000 children registered, Total 4500 people attended. (held in the week of Halloween, treat stations, entertainment,skate comp, sports, rides) October

splash in the Park Total 350 people attended. (water rides and activities) December


Volunteers don't just do the work ~ they make it work. Carol Pettit

Matthew Here is our awesome volunteer Matty! He has been volunteering at the centre since 2000 thats 13 years! Matty drops in every wednesday afternoon to help us out with a few jobs that need to be done around the place. He is always busy helping at our community events at Elliott Park; he is usually the first to turn up and last to leave. Matthew says he remembers shifting from the 108 Grandview road site to Hyde Ave. The Western Community Centre is a place he calls home away from home and he will continue to be involved for many years to come.

Harry Harry has been volunteering at the centre for two years and assists in any way he can. He is part of the team that packs the fruit and veggie orders each week. Harry was born in Wanganui and has lived most of his life in Hamilton having worked 22 years at Fonterra. He has 4 children and 6 grandchildren. He loves coming to the centre and says it has a great atmosphere and he feels he can do more for the community here.


Every child is a different kind of little f lower, and all together they make this world a beautiful garden.

i g n a r Kai Hi my name is Kairangi Mills. When last I volunteered for the center I was involved with the Yummy Mummy group. Now I co-ordinate the Little Stars Playgroup which is a great place to foster good relationships with children and to nuture their development in providing opportunities for basic preschool skills. Progress is such an emminent part of good living and now, my eldest son Victor Tyson is 3 years old with Adam Mangakahia being 2 and last but not least our daughter Sariah Kairangi is 7 months young. I have a passion for working with children and adults. I enjoy reading, sewing and family type activities. I invite all adults with littlies to come along to our Little Stars Playgroup on Tuesdays to meet up with those of the same mind. See you all there‌


Nawton and Crawshaw Healthy Living Projects

Thank You

s t h g i l h g i Project H 23

The aim of the Projec t is to establish sustainabl e and community driven healthy eating and heal thy action initiatives for the Nawton and Crawshaw Communities in Hamilton.

Eating-Healthy y h lt a e H ’s t n e The Governm Kai - Oranga Pumau (HEHA) Action: Orangay the Ministry of Health Strategy led b nutrition, increase aims to improve y and achieve healthy physical activit w Zealanders. Ne weight for all

Our Local Plan

Priority Areas Community

Community He althy

Lifestyle i a K a r a a M Gardens Programme Edible

and Resource s




Communication Education Resources Collaboration

ed develop n e e b s tegy ha sing burden of a r t S e Th rea or s the inc rom obesity, po s e r d d a f e to esulting al inactivity. Th r s e s a e ic dis ys sed n and ph y Centre acces nd io it r t u n rovide a Communit Western rom the DHB to p s that will e funding f e local initiativ A grant was t . coordina er the strategy awton and N iv help del to focus on the provided areas. w Crawsha

In February 2012 over 30 people from our local community groups, churches, organsiations and residents met together to input into the development of this plan. The day produced a large number of great Ideas and Initiatives, these were compiled together and form the basis of the project moving forward.

Key Themes

Page 6


Kai MaleaGarrda ens Edib

2 9 16

Page 7


Maara Kai ens Edible Gard

Fruit Trees planted Trees

Fruit Trees Homes




Passion Fruit

















13 17








212 21




Number of H ouseholds

planted in



Fruit Tr 6 ees per 7 Home8

10 0



5 10

Residents Feedback 25% of households returned Evaluation Forms

96% 55%


stated the project had

stated the project had

improved their families homelife.

motivated them to grow veggies.

stated they would like to see more fruit trees planted in their community.

We asked residents to describe the project

in one






























Residents Feedback I was really excited to hear that an opportunity arose that would contribute to the wellbeing of our whanau. I never thought our family would have fruit trees on our property. But thanks to the community centre an opportunity enabled this dream to come true. Thank you for the fruit trees we really appreciate that this generous offer was extended to our whanau The project has transformed the way we view healthy living and eating. It has taught us to care for our community and the Earth. We have begun to grow a veggie garden this year and love watching the development of our lovely fruit trees and our new veggie patch. I am so grateful and thankful regarding this project- this will help Nawton communities thrive toward wanting to live healthy and become a way of life Awesome to see our youth involved with awareness in how a community should work together to benefit everyone in our community. Thank you everyone that took part in all the work, it was an awesome benefit for us and was professionally done. Our families that visited us recon we were Loved by our community An excellent project that in time will bring the abundance of nature into the community and will provide a nucleus for healthy living Thanks to the project and sponsors for starting me out in fruit It was lovely getting our trees and it’s lovely when walking in the area seeing all the trees that are planted. How blessed it is to receive such a range of fruit trees. I had been wanting to get some fruit trees but the budget just never seemed to fit any extra expense. I can’t wait to get our first crop My wife was motivated to plant a vege garden due to this ingenious initiative for our community Not only did this project provide free fruit trees which otherwise be expensive but they were planted with all the bells and whistles to help ensure they take off. It is nice watching the trees grow and change as the weeks go by We were truly excited about being given this opportunity. The cost of living just keeps rising and personally for our family we had a few tough months prior to this as my husband had a work injury and was unable to hold his job. So this came at a wonderful time for us and was a wonderful boost to be offered this I think this is a really great initiative, one unexpected benefit is that the neighbours in my street have found something in common and talk to each other about. That is fruit trees and gardening. we shared a big pile of mulch so it has helped bring about community spirit instead of each of us staying more separate My children have totally caught the gardening bug as a result and it’s re- ignited in my husband his love of gardening. The kids have gained valuable knowledge from helping with planting and the other day they taught their Dad all the steps of prepping the ground.It was great to see I am so grateful for the beautiful fruit trees I’ve been given, thank you so muchly and for all the rest of our community too We are so pleased to receive these fruit trees they are a huge saving and will be benefited by many people


Residents Feedback I’m so grateful for everything and honestly cannot wait for fruit to start growing and they make me want to tidy up my section a lot more as well. I will be sharing my trees with underprivileged kids on our street What a wonderful forward thinking project that will benefit so many people in future years. The Kaupapa to use fruit for ourselves and share with our neighbours is win, win, win This was such a great project to try to introduce more and more families to changing the way they eat in terms of what is healthy and also gives themselves gratitude and satisfaction at seeing fruit grow in their own backyard and so much more this project promotes so much more about healthy balance and lifestyle We are so most appreciative of the initiative and organisation of the Western Community Centre, sponsors and volunteers who made the Nawton and Crawshaw Healthy Living Project go so well from start to finish People in my street are absolutely wrapped even though they maybe 2-3 years away from reaping the rewards Thank you so much for sharing this with me and my family Felt it was run very efficiently and was easy to organise and communicate with people delivering and planting I feel Nawton and Crawshaw are really improving as a community. I can see the new trees which have been planted and it brings jot to my heart to think of the benefits to the families in this area It is an awesome initiative to improve peoples diets via fresh fruit which have become so expensive. It also reminds us what is appropriate snack foods and can’t beat home grown Thank you so much for this fantastic initiative. We have always wanted to have fruit trees but there was never enough extra money for them. We are very grateful. We had no trees and found it costly buying lots of fruit which my kids love to eat. This project gave us 9 trees which we would have never had bought. We also had no idea how to plant them or have the tools to do so. This project provided this which made the decision to have trees more easier to make.We now want to plant a small garden to grow veggies. This project is a long term initiative that will continue to benefit this community with healthy fresh fruit for families in a low socio economic area. It also gives a sense of belonging and connection to the memories of seeing the trees planted. It made my children understand that they can create their own fresh fruit and veggie through looking after nature. They watered the plants daily for the first 21 days. They loved watching new leaves growing and flower buds on the apple tree. It is truly awesome


400 Fruit Trees


Public Maara Kai Spaces


Elliott Park

ens Edible Gard

Grandview Kindergarten Nawton Playgroup Samoan Methodist Church E Tu Puritia Te Kohanga Reo Nawton Community Police Station Grandview Community Garden Crawshaw School Fraser High School



76 Fe arin 33 Mand nfruit 10 Passio 6 Apple 4 Plum e 4 Orang 1 Lime

Nawton Crawshaw Healthy Living Projects

Elliott Park

nted Fruit Treijoeas Pla


Community Champions

Page 26

Over 200 Volunteers participated in the Project! Loved planting trees, feel real good about helping the community. Awesome work guys! What a fab day. Good to help in the community and meet people. willing to help whenever Awesome idea! Great team effort! Fun time, Good Food Great participation from everyone who helped and turned up. Food and kai thanks heaps for the community support. meeting new people over week, was nice to meet them Thanks for letting me help was great to get out of the office and visit our community It's a good opportunity for him to work in the community. It gives him a bit of self esteem and he gets to meet other people in the community. It's a chance to get out and about learn a new skill, (quote from youth worker who brought a young person to assist) Every home I went to to plant trees were positive and welcoming, it was a great feeling to give service.


Hard Surfaced Recreation Area

lin Od

Crawshaw Park


o sh




nt ce es Cr

Crawshaw Park

Basketball and Netball Court Community Healthy

Additional Funding for this project was received from Sport NZ, Hamilton City, Council, First Credit Union, Talking Tech Foundation.


Lifestyle Programme

and Resources

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Nawton and Crawshaw Healthy Living Projects

Page 19

MONDAY 10th SEPTEMBER 2012 10.30AM All welcome

Community Healthy

Lifestyle Programme

and Resources




Page 20 Community Hea lthy

Lifestyle Programme

and Resources

Page 21

Grand Opening Ceremony

Community Healthy

Lifestyle Programme

and Resources

Western Community Centre Annual Report 2012 - 13  
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