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Kevlar™ SP Leech Construction A lightweight and ultra strong leech construction using Kevlar X-Ply for stability and durability applied specifically in the areas where monofilm directly meets the leech.

Integrated Mini Leech Composite Battens Flat aerodynamic composite mini battens sewn directly into the upper sections of the sail for added stability and durability to the leech without a significant increase in weight.

Batwing Leech Technology Leech design cutting away excess material to reduce unnecessary leech flutter.

Multi Position Clew Multiple clew positions to allow tuning for a variety of conditions and sailor heights.

Microlite Batcams A lightweight aerodynamic batten tensioning system.

Leech Chafe Protection Buttons Buttons strategically placed in the leech area to reduce the wear and tear associated with rigging on rough surfaces.

Chain Lock Patch Construction A unique construction technique designed to increase strength and save weight by using load line specific reinforcing. By replacing the traditional 5 layers of material with reinforced load

lines, the areas of the clew that take the strain when under pressure, and then cutting out the excess material between them, we’ve actually managed to increase the strength of the clew while reducing its’ weight.

Flexible Aerodynamic Kevlar Foot Fairing Aerodynamic chafe and impact protection utilizing neoprene and Kevlar for durability and flexibility.

Triple Roller Tack Fitting Solid metal tack fitting with three rollers for ease of downhaul.

NeilPryde Technology 2003  

NeilPryde Technology 2003

NeilPryde Technology 2003  

NeilPryde Technology 2003