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Overview The Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) is the governing student body that represents all students in the Faculty of Science at McGill University. With eight executives, three senators, three SSMU representatives, over 100 committee members, and hundreds of volunteers, SUS is well-equipped to serve the 4400+ B.Sc. and B.A.Sc. students at McGill. We provide a myriad of events, activities, and services to enrich the lives of students. Spanning the gamut from frosh and carnival to charity fair and academia week, SUS has earned recognition and respect as an organization that promotes academic excellence within the context of a fun-filled, socially-active community. We encourage all B.Sc. and B.A.Sc. students, regardless of year, availability, or major, to attempt to get involved with the Science Undergraduate Society. Elections for executive, senator, and SSMU rep positions take place in mid-March (to serve in the following academic year). Most appointed position applications and interviews take place after elections in April, and eventspecific committee and volunteer position applications are accepted year-round. This booklet is your guide to the dedicated and hard-working individuals working within the SUS for the 2008-2009 academic year. Every individual named within is deserving of praise and commendation for their desire to serve their fellow students. This booklet is also to help you familiarize yourself with the SUS and discover the many ways you can get involved. We, the executive, hope to meet each and every single science student and believe that everyone that gets involved with the SUS will have a rewarding experience!

From left to right: Ayman Ashraf (VP Academic), Kristen Raffensperger (Executive Administrator), Ken Sun (CEO), Marilyn Spencer (VP Communications), Juliene Hwang (VP External), Jordan Doherty (VP Finance), Neil Issar (President), Chris Saunders (VP Internal), Martin Grant (Dean of Science)




The SUS President is responsible for the co-ordination and supervision of the society's affairs, such as chairing and presiding over SUS executive meetings and overseeing the organization of social, cultural, and other activities for the members of SUS. In addition to this, the President is the official spokesperson of the society, and has the responsibility of representing the views of the Science student body to the Faculty of Science. Presidential Affairs Committee (PAC) The members of the Presidential Affairs Committee (PAC) assist the President in the endeavours of the presidential portfolio. Members of this committee meet regularly but may also be required to work independently on assigned tasks. Some of the tasks on the agenda for 2008-2009 include peer advising, undergraduate research opportunities, student space improvements, increased collaboration with faculty, departmental, and student groups on campus, charity-based initiatives, and more. -

Neil Issar Alastair Crow Johnson Fung Jonathan Gregory


Angie King David Obert David Sanders

Environmental Policy Commissioner (EPC) The SUS Environmental Policy Commissioner (EPC) works on the pledge for sustainability in education in coordination with the SUS President and VP External. The EPC also works on maintaining purchasing policies which favour environmentally-benign, postconsumer, bio-degradable, and/or non-toxic products wherever possible. Moreover, she is responsible for environmental audits, “greening� the internal operations of SUS, and coordinating activities with the Environmental Outreach Commissioner (under the portfolio of the SUS VP External). Finally, she attends SSMU Environment Committee meetings. -

Asma Hamdane

Speaker of Council The SUS Speaker of Council is responsible for presiding over all meetings of General Council (which occur on a bi-weekly basis throughout the year) in a fair and impartial manner, enforcing the rules of Council, and presiding over any General Assemblies of the Society. -

Ritu Modi

Chief Returning Officers (CROs) The CRO is in charge of the SUS electoral process. The CRO runs and regulates two elections over the course of the year (one in October, one in March) and is involved in constitutional affairs relating to elections. The position of CRO is demanding during elections, and he/she is required to report to General Council on a bi-monthly basis. -

Ana-Maria Iancu Varun Jain


Medical Direction (M.D.) A new undergraduate program to enhance the medical experience of interested students. M.D. provides opportunities to shadow doctors in their working environments, experience speakers and informative events, and maintains a mentorship program with current medical students at McGill. For more information, visit

Executives - Program Directors: Neil Issar, Kristen Raffensperger (SUS Exec Admin), Victoria Lin - VP External: Harald Gjerde - VP Internal: Eugene Lee - VP Academic: Heather Johnson - VP Communications: Brian Beckett - GMT Organizer: Estee Fagen - Philanthropy Chair: Lisa Teitelbaum - Shadowing Chair: Dara Djafarian

Fundraising Committee: - Lisa Teitelbaum - Elise Antoniak - Berson Augustin - Nabila Azad - Benji Finestone - Cherry Gao - Amy Gough - Bill Hamm - Sang Han - Vivian Hirsch - Paul Ju - Arjun Kirpalani - Talia Klein - Candice Lee Kit - Chloe O'Sullivan - Emilia Peleva - Rauvynne Sangara - Tracey Schwartz - Faisal Shoaib - Erica Tice - Omar Vieux - Billi Wun

Academic Committee: - Heather Johnson - Berson Augustin - Nabila Azad - Se-In Choe - Paolo De Luca - Rui Gong - Seungbeom (Bill) Hamm - Alexandra Haw - Joanna Mancini - Mitran Mehta - Emma Thompson - Rehan Umar - Alainna Wen

McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal (mSURJ) Executives A competitive, peer-review academic journal which exists to encourage, publish, and promote undergraduate research from all scientific disciplines at McGill. Effective communication of findings is an integral part of scientific research and literacy skills are highly relevant to a scientific career. As such, mSURJ is a superb opportunity to spark scientific inquiry and inspire student involvement in academic writing. Keep an eye out for submission deadlines and available editorial positions in the fall. For more information, visit -

Editors-in-Chief: Adrian J. Ebsary, Sushmita Shivkumar Managing Editor: Marzieh Ghiasi Assistant Editor: Neil Issar Editorial Board: - Shaima Al-Khabouri - Nadine Shatilla - Eric Eckbo - Vimarsha Swami - Xin Feng - Daniel Ting - Emily Weizel - Daniel Friedlander - Maya Kaczorowski - Marnie Wilson - Pinky Langat - Lisa Zhang




The SUS Vice-President of Academic Affairs is responsible for the educational and curricular concerns of the Society, and responsible for representation of the Society at Faculty and Academic Committees meetings. The VP Academic runs events such as Academia Week, the Graduate Education and Professional Schools Fair, medical and graduate school symposiums, and various speaker series. Academic Portfolio Directors The Academic Directors are appointed by the SUS VP Academic and help in assisting the VP Academic with the organization of events and advertising. The directors may also attend meetings on behalf of the VP Academic and chair committee meetings if he/she cannot attend. Finally, Academic Directors may aid in implementing a past-exam database and other initiatives and/or events within the VP Academic Portfolio. The positions require a year-round time commitment, preferably starting in the summer. -

Amberene Chunara Leonie Hum


Vakar Khan Arthur Lau


Mercedes Pilkington

Academia Week Coordinators SUS organizes an annual week-long Academia Week at the beginning of the second semester, which includes lecture series, workshops, information sessions, and seminars to educate science students about future opportunities available to them upon graduation. The Coordinators are responsible for finding speakers and overall aid in organizing the entire event. Time commitment is from the beginning of the first semester to the end of the event. -

Amberene Chunara (director) Alix Dudley James Holden Leonie Hum


Tahmina Qurbani Mercedes Pilkington Mamie Shum


Gloria To Shuwie Wang Selina Yim

Graduate Education and Professional Schools Fair Coordinators In the first semester, SUS invites various graduate schools from across the world to come set up booths for a whole day in order to promote their programs and recruit students. Members of this committee are responsible for inviting graduate and professional schools, help set up booths, and overall aid in organizing the entire event. Time commitment is from the beginning of the first semester to the end of the event, with some work over the summer via e-mail. -

Leonie Hum (director) Mercedes Pilkington (director) Selina Yim (director) Elham Afzal


Sarah Amrani Sohail Hooda Dekun Kong Hicham Mahboubi


Tahmina Qurbani Mashrur Rahman Jing Xu Trip Yang

Health Sciences Info Committee The Health Sciences Information Committee is responsible for organizing MCAT/DAT info sessions, mock MCAT tests, and Medical School Symposiums, as well as inviting medical school admissions officers, medical school students etc. Time commitment for members is the entire year starting from the fall semester. -

Arthur Lau (director) Mathew Cherian Catherine Lin


Mamie Shum Selina Yim


Academic Events Committee The Academic Events Committee is responsible for organizing information sessions and other events for internships, GRE, LSAT, research opportunities, and most importantly, alternative science careers. Time commitment for members is the entire year starting from the fall semester. -

Selina Yim (director) Mathew Cherian


Arthur Lau Thomas Law


Shruti Syal

RedBooks Committee The Redbooks Committee works to maintain and expand the existing Redbooks project, an online resource devoted to providing information for students interested in applying to professional and graduate school programs. The Redbooks contain general information, entrance requirements, and contact information for graduate and medical schools worldwide. The Redbooks are available online at -

Vakar Khan (director) Nina Antonov Gregory Cohen


Sonia Hussain In-Ting Ho Jamie Holden


Heather Johnson Eugene Lee Isaac Miao


Trip Yang Selina Yim

Peer Tutoring Coordinators SUS Peer Tutoring is a free, volunteer-based tutoring service. In addition to matching tutor and tutee, the service also organizes group tutorials and review sessions. -

Susanna Yim (director)


Matt McIntosh (VP Communications)


William Carroll (Tutor Coordinator)

Faculty of Science Committee Representatives This committee (the highest governing body within the faculty) considers proposals for all new and updated policies in the Faculty of Science. Members of this committee include the Dean of Science, the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, all of the faculty within science as well as 18 student members (among which seats are reserved for the SUS President, VP Academic, and Senators). This committee meets on Tuesdays, once a month, from 3:00-5:00pm. -

Neil Issar Ayman Ashraf Andrew Ling Matt McIntosh


Ryan Luther Harald Gjerde Christina Payne Nahid Punjani


Tiffany Huynh Fahima Dossa Meghan Brown Julian Harrison


Mike Angelopoulos Eric Bolo Muhammad Smaoui Jan Florjanczyk


Ken Sun Lorelle Binnion Katherine Shortreed

Academic Committee Representatives This committee, a subcommittee of the Faculty of Science Committee, considers proposals for new and revised courses, programs and academic policies in the Faculty of Science. It is composed of the Dean of Science, the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, faculty representatives from each department and 7 student members (one seat is reserved for the SUS VP Academic). This committee meets once a month from 3:00pm – 5:00pm on Tuesdays. -

Nina Antonov Ayman Ashraf William Carroll


Juliene Hwang Vakar Khan


Kristen Raffensperger Mohamed Smaoui

Committee on Student Standing Representatives This committee, a sub-committee of the Faculty of Science Committee, considers appeals of decisions made by the Associate Dean (of Student Affairs) to requests from students. There are eight faculty members and four student members on this committee. Student representation on this committee is very important because of the nature of the issues that arise for discussion and decision. The committee meets once a month from 3:00-5:00pm on Thursdays. Attendance at all meetings is mandatory. -

Arhan Bezbora Harald Gjerde


Maya Kaczorowski Tiffany Tien

Leo Yaffe and Principal’s Prize Committee This committee recommends a professor teaching Science courses for the Leo Yaffe Award for Excellence in Teaching and recommends nominations from the Faculty for the Principal's Prizes for Excellence in Teaching. These awards are given out for excellence in teaching and training of undergraduates in the Faculty of Science. The committee is composed of select members of the faculty and one student member with seven alternate members (a student is disqualified from participating in this committee if they have been taught by any of the candidates). This committee meets once towards the end of the academic year. -

Hayat Ahmedhashim Amberene Chunara


Jamie Holden Maya Kaczorowski


Arthur Lau Stephanie Rankin


Thu Trong Valerie Vinette




The SUS Vice-President of Internal Affairs is responsible for the organization of social, cultural, and other activities for the members of the SUS (e.g. Frosh, Carnival etc.). The VP Internal also maintains relations between the departments and the Executive Committee, arbitrates disputes between departments, and ensures equal representation of departments under the SUS.

Frosh Coordinators Frosh is a three-day orientation event occurring in August all across campus and Montreal; it is usually bookended by Discover McGill and SSMU Frosh. Frosh Coordinators are responsible for the organization and implementation of Frosh, including designing summer mail-out packages (for all new students), obtaining sponsorship for Frosh, and selecting O-Staff and Frosh Team Leaders (selections occur at the end of the second semester of the previous academic year). Time commitment is the entire summer. -

Chris Saunders Chris Bates Zoe Brown RJ Doonan Harald Gjerde Tushare Jinadasa Laura Kerrigan


Carnival Coordinators Carnival is four days of alcohol-induced competition and mayhem; occurring in January, it involves hundreds of students (not restricted to the faculty of science) and even includes teams from universities across Canada. Carnival Coordinators are responsible for the organization and implementation of Carnival (which occurs in January), including obtaining sponsorship for Carnival and selecting O-Staff. Coordinators are selected toward the end of first semester, and time commitment is from selection to the end of Carnival. -

Chris Saunders Meghan Brown RJ Doonan Harald Gjerde Justin Im Varun Jain Tushare Jinadasa Jason Liu Laura Maharaj Katie McGarragle




The SUS Vice-President of External Affairs is responsible for representation of the Society to outside bodies, including student organizations at the provincial, federal and international level and other science student societies. The VP External is also responsible for the organization of activities for members of the Society outside the Society (e.g. Charity Week, Green Week, Red and White etc.). Environmental Outreach Commissioner (EOC) The Environmental Outreach Commissioner (EOC) is responsible for attending SSMU Environment Committee meetings, creating and coordinating ongoing environmental education campaigns, and directing Green Week 2009. The position is a year-round time commitment, starting in the summer. -

Philippe Brunet

External Affairs Committee Members of the External Affairs Committee are responsible for exploring new networking opportunities with other faculties and other universities, greatly expanding the Volunteer Database, and participating in endeavours, new and old, of the VP External Portfolio. Time commitment is flexible but year-round, and members work both in a team and individually. -

Juliene Hwang Nick Avdimiretz Serena Banh Jeff Chan Harald Gjerde Hayat Hashim Abhishek Jaywant

Charity Coordinators This year, the SUS was looking to take its annual charity fundraiser to new heights. Having supported A World of Dreams and Share the Warmth in the past, this year we are raising money for Leucan, a local organization supporting families with children afflicted by cancer. Charity coordinators, along with the VP External, are responsible for all aspects of the event, which occurs in first semester (usually mid to late October). Time commitment for members is most intense directly leading up to the event; small amounts of work begin over the summer, but can be done via email. -

Juliene Hwang Meghan Brown Jessie Chai Jeff Chan Nazia Darvesh Khortnal Delvecchio


Vanessa Evans Hayat Hashim Irene Lam Rohan Verma Selina Yim


Red and White Coordinators Red and White is the annual graduation ball, organized jointly by the AUS and SUS, occurring towards the end of the second semester. Coordinators are responsible for the organization and implementation of the event. Time commitment is from selection in first semester to the end of the event. -

Directors: Juliene Hwang, Marisa Leon-Carlyle Director of Sponsorship: Meghan Brown Director of Promotions: Christina Meng Theme & Decor: Lauren dalBello, Jack Creasy Director of Logistics: Christine Sykas Director of Finance: Ritu Modi Volunteer Recruitment: Kathleen Lorenzo, Maia Freiser

Blood Drive Coordinators The SUS-EUS Annual Blood Drive occurs late in second term and its coordinators, chosen in second semester, are responsible for its organization and implementation. -

Juliene Hwang TBA

Green Week Coordinators Green Week Coordinators are responsible for the organization and implementation of SUS’ annual second-semester event to raise awareness about environmental and sustainability issues. Green Week 2009 will include a myriad of workshops, various volunteering opportunities, informational lectures, a traditional BBQ, and a huge party finale. Green Week is directed by the Environmental Outreach Commissioner (EOC), and he or she selects the Green Week Coordinators towards the end of first semester. -

Director: Philippe Brunet Events Coordinator: Natalie Chepurniy, ManLi Q Workshop Coordinator: Julia Herndon, Zinquon Ngan Sponsorship Coordinator: Nicole Lajeunesse, Zinquon Ngan, Sarah Xu Advertising Coordinator: Tanha Nunna, Nicolle Germanakos Group Outreach Coordinator: Marine Moulin Venue Coordinator: Nisha Gupta Speaker Events Coordinator: Sam Young ECouture Director: Amanda Frehr-Smith




The SUS Vice-President Finance is responsible for informing SUS council on all financial matters of the Society, including the preparation of the Society's budget, audit and tax forms. In addition, the VP Finance is responsible for proper accounts and records as stipulated in SUS bylaws, preparation of a year-end financial statement at the end of the term, and all tax and insurance matters.

Finance Committee Members of the Finance Committee assist the VP Finance in overseeing the general financial matters within SUS. Responsibilities may include budgeting, accounting, and bookkeeping for SUS and its 17 constituent departments. Other duties may include filing taxes, recording minutes of departmental VP Finance meetings, departmental audit and equalization analyses, as well as Special Project Funds applications review. Strong organizational skills and finance-related experiences are preferred. The committee requires a year-round time commitment, starting at the beginning of the fall semester. -

Jordan Doherty Leona Finestone Eugene Lee



The SUS Vice-President Communications is responsible for the publicity of and volunteers for Societal services and events, overall maintenance of the SUS website, and the coordination and distribution of societal publications.


Promotions Committee Do you like to talk in lectures? Are you an outgoing individual who isn't afraid of speaking in front of large groups? Members of the Promotions Committee advertise exciting science events across campus! Members of this committee must have creative advertising ideas, enjoy making class announcements, and making science more visible at McGill. Time commitment is flexible but requires a full-year presence, starting at the beginning of the fall semester. -

Joseph D'Antuono Amrit Kirpalani Stanley Kwan Roger Lis Alexander Shapeton

SUStenance Editors (discontinued) Discontinued at the end of 2008 due to a lack of interest, SUStenance was a monthly newsletter which included interviews with science professors and students, science articles, and general musings. Its editors were responsible for coordination of writers, editing of articles, and the newsletter’s design and layout. -

Shruti Syal Samantha Man

Web Designer The web designer maintains and regularly updates the SUS website, as well as any related SUS websites under the Executives’ portfolios. The position requires a year-round time commitment, starting at the beginning of the fall semester. Some work over the summer may be required, but this can be done via email if necessary. -

Johnson Fung

SUS Agenda Team The agenda coordinator is responsible for both designing the yearly SUS agenda and obtaining sponsorships from local businesses to fund its creation. The position requires extensive summer work to be completed by September. Hiring of cover artists, designers, or other aid, is up to the discretion of the coordinator. -

Coordinator: Eva Monson Cover Art: Komal Ali




The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is primarily responsible for SUS sponsorship, and creates ties between SUS and the business community. This position also entails constitutional affairs, which consists of modifying and reworking the constitution if such need arises. The CEO is a voting member of the Executive, and a nonvoting member of General Council. Strong background in business and communications is a bonus. Committee on Corporate and Public Relations Members of the Committee on Corporate and Public Relations assist the CEO in establishing business ties, obtaining sponsorship for various SUS events, and are responsible for the organization and implementation of a Careers and Networking Fair in first semester. -

Ken Sun Michael Chan Charles Garfinkle Jeremy Gross


Feria Ladha Michael Trevisonno Trip Yang Sam Young


KRISTEN RAFFENSPERGER The Executive Administrator is in charge of the administrative affairs of the office (maintenance of office equipment, upkeep of the office, keys, supplies etc.). The Exec Admin is also responsible for drafting SUS documents, communication between department councils, General Council members and the SUS, and organization and documentation of General Council meetings. The Exec Admin is a voting member of the Executive, and a non-voting member of General Council. Strong organizational and communication skills are an asset. 13


The SSMU Representative serves as an advocate for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science to the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Council. In addition to membership on SSMU council, the SSMU Rep. will also hold a seat on the SUS General Council in order to update and inform Science constituents on SSMU deliberations. A motivation to promote issues relevant to Science students and a knowledgeable understanding of SSMU operations are critical for this position. SSMU Reps are elected during the regular SUS election period in March, to serve in the following academic year.

Gloria To

Flora Golyardi

Marleigh Austin

SENATORS Senate is a large governing body that handles the policies and guidelines governing most of the University’s activities. It is an essential forum for information and consultation. Senators represent their faculties in discussions with each other and represent the entire undergraduate student body as a whole at Senate and in committees. Senators are elected during the regular SSMU election period in March, to serve in the following academic year.

Andrew Ling

Ryan Luther

Matt McIntosh


QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, or CONCERNS? Email, visit, or drop by the SUS office, located in Burnside Hall, Room 1B21

Guide to the SUS 2008-2009  

Your guide to the dedicated and hard-working individuals working within the SUS for the 2008-2009 academic year