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Longevity Welding Introduces The Tigweld 250 Ex – A 250 Amp Acdc Tig/Stick Pulse Welder LONGEVITY offers portable and reliable TIG welders which use IGBT inverter technology. Their latest model, the TIGWELD 250 EX, is a 250 AMP ACDC TIG WELDER capable of welding aluminium and other exotic metals. This is a perfect product for a hobbyist or a professional by meeting all the technological and welding demands. For the past ten years, Longevity has studied the demands of customers to make the best TIG welder by implementing a wide variety of features, including high quality TIG torches, and enabling ACDC Pulse Welding features. PFC technology allows for Longevity Welders to be operational at any location with 110v or 220v outlets and adds value to their portability. Longevity also has a variety of DC TIG and STICK welders and also AC TIG Welders. On the quality of products, a spokesperson from LONGEVITY mentions, “With our ACDC TIG welders, we enable the welder to have full control of their welding parameters. Whether you are TIG welding, with AC or DC function, you will be able to control your arc shape, width, and timing for pulse. ” If you are looking for well priced TIG welders, Longevity has the best solution for all of your welding needs. The company showcases a huge stock of TIG welders, MIG welders, ARC welders, and plasma cutters as well as other products such as welding masks, welding hoods, auto-darkening welding helmets that prove to be very helpful in protecting the eyes, face and possesses the benefits of giving fastest response rates.

About LONGEVITYLONGEVITY is recognized worldwide for providing reliable Welding, cutting, and power generating equipment. Since our start 2001, LONGEVITY has earned our slogan, "The Power to Last" through innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry leading production. Their objective is to become the leader of the welding industry through innovation and customer satisfaction. Also, their engineering team works together with the dealers and customers to develop the best equipment on the market. Their driving force is not their competitor's success, but the customers that are loyal to LONGEVITY. For more information, please visit-

Contact Information: Longevity Global, Inc. 23591 Foley St, Hayward CA 94545

Longevity welding introduces the tigweld 250 ex a 250 amp acdc tig stick pulse welder