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Neil Dhillon: Communications Expert

Neil Dhillon: Managing Director Neil Dhillon has proudly served as the Managing Director of two successful Washington D.C.based firms. As the Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Government Relations for the MSL Group, Neil Dhillon oversaw a large company staff, budget forecasts, business development and client management

Neil Dhillon was formerly the U.S. Director of Public Affairs for Financial Dynamics. As Director, Neil Dhillon provided strategic communications to the firm’s many global clients, which included many CEOs, executive officials and nonprofit organization leaders. Neil Dhillon represented many clients’ communications interests before House and Senate Committees from 2004-2006. He was dedicated to client service and was valued for his communications skill. Neil Dhillon: Community Leader Neil Dhillon is considered by many to be a leader of the Indian American community. As a representative of Indian Americans throughout the country, Neil Dhillon serves as an example of professional integrity and success while serving as the highest ranking Indian American to serve President Clinton. Neil Dhillon enjoys serving as a professional role model and works to inspire young and aspiring professionals to work hard and remain dedicated to their professional goals. He is an inspiration to many young Americans.


Neil Dhillon: Role Model Neil Dhillon is a Washington D.C. professional and role model to the Indian American community. As a successful professional working for a consulting firm, Neil Dhillon continues to provide aspiring Indian American professionals with inspiration. Neil Dhillon is a leader in the Indian American community because of his demonstrated ability and willingness to work hard and to consistently achieve his goals.

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Neil Dhillon is considered an expert in strategic and corporate communications. Sought-after for his communications experience and expertise...

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