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Last First and First Last By Neil Dembeck Scripture: Luke 13:30 And behold, some are last who will be first and some are first who will be last. (NASB) There he stood at the end of the line. We were handing out lunches for the men’s conference, and I happened to notice a young man who was at the back of the line. I could tell he had not eaten in days. He was alone and in need of a shower. As he got to where the lunches were handed out, I offered him two. He accepted them graciously and began to walk way. That’s when one of the pastors who sponsored the event noticed what I had done. He saw the young man and took things a step further. He offered his house to him for a shower, shave, and some place to stay until he got on his feet. Today’s verse speaks of the last being first and the first will be last. Although the man was the last to eat, he was the first to be welcomed into the pastor’s home. God wants to do that to us. The world may say we are last, but in God’s

eyes, each of us is first. No matter what you face from the world, God wants to bring you to the front of the line! Accept His invitation today.

Last First and First Last By Neil Dembeck