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Greetings to each other, all our neighbours and everybody whose eye this leaflet meets

Church Membership Church membership is a very important part of a congregational church. We at Greenacres value the commitment that is expressed through church membership, devotion and service. If you would like more information about Church Membership, we have an information pack which you may find interesting and informative. Please ask our Minister or one of the Deacons for a copy.

Weekly Activities Sunday Morning Family Service 10.45 am Communion follows the morning service on the first Sunday in each month

Tuesday 8pm Ladies Tuesday Club (Alternate weeks) Tuesday 6.30pm Karate Class Thursday 8pm Choir practice 2

Mind Your Head When Rising Many years ago, there were cautionary signs on buses advising passengers to “Mind Your Head When Rising”. To ignore this advice would result in a painful bruise from bumping your head on the overhead baggage shelf. This often happened if you were tall or were distracted by conversation or loaded with shopping. Usually the word “rising” is associated with a lighter feeling or mood, hope expectancy and pleasure. To see the sun rising at dawn can be a spectacular occasion as is “The moon rising in clouded majesty”. Planes rising in the air after take off, remind us of holidays and travel, and awaken in us an awareness of the vastness and mysteries of the world of travel. I am sure that we have all at some time, been part of an audience rising whilst applauding in appreciation of uplifting music beautifully sung or played at a concert or recital. Many too will also have been in a football crowd rising in excitement to celebrate a goal. More often though, rising means standing up; rising on tip toe to get a better view, perhaps in a crowd or in a queue: rising to meet a friend or guest; rising to join in worship during the singing of hymns or rising from slumber each morning. Rising implies going up, going higher, going above, by whatever means on ladders, up stairs, on elevators or escalators. In all these situations we will no doubt have occasions to look down at the ground below, at the place we started. 3

Likewise, in our personal successes and achievements we should guard against losing sight of where we started. We should not rise above ourselves with too much pride or smugness or we will have ignored the caution:“Mind Your Head When Rising” We should aspire to humility and awareness of others and their needs, rising above the petty distractions of life, seeking those things that are true, eternal and of good report. When all Thy mercies, O my God My Rising Soul surveys Transported with the view, I’m lost In wonder, love and praise. Muriel Booth Jan 2014

Worship Him


Did you ever make a mistake or do something you knew you should not do? Our story today is about a young man who made a big mistake. Listen to find what he did and where he ended up.

Jesus Told a Crowd of People This Story There once was a father who had two sons. The two young men had everything that they could possibly need. They had nice clothes, good food, and even servants to wait on them. Maybe he felt like he could not be good enough because his big brother was always doing thing better than him. Maybe he was tired of his father telling him what to do. Maybe he thought his father made him work too hard. Or maybe he thought that his father loved his brother more than him. Jesus doesn’t tell us why the young son was not happy at home. He just tells us that he wanted to leave. One day he went to his father and asked him for some money. His father gave it to him because he loved him and wanted him to be happy. As soon as he got the money he left home. He went out and bought all new clothes. Everyone thought he was cool. He threw parties every night with lots of food, fun and dancing. Everyone wanted to be his friend. After a while though, his money ran out and he found that the people he thought were his friends only liked him for his money. About that time there was a famine in the land. That means that the food people planted did not grow. There was not enough food to go round and jobs were hard to find. The young son went everywhere looking for a job, but no one wanted to hire him. Finally he talked a farmer into giving him a job feeding his pigs. The son was so hungry that the pigs food began to look good to him. 5

Does anyone know what pigs eat? They are fed the parts of the plants that we throw away—the pods that are left over after collecting the beans or the husks and cobs left over after eating the corn and other things like that. What do you think the young son was thinking now? He had everything he wanted when he lived with his father. Now he was living with pigs and eating their food. The young son began to realise that he had made a big mistake. His only friends were pigs. He had no where to live and nothing but pigs food to eat. He began to see that he should have been happy with what he had at home. He did the wrong thing. He wasted all the money his father gave him. He missed his family and decided to go back home. When he was still a long way off his father saw him and felt sorry for him. He ran up to his son and hugged and kissed him and held him in his arms. The son tried to tell his father how sorry he was, but his father was not listening. He was so happy to see his son because he had finally come home. The young man’s father did not yell at him and tell him how stupid and wasteful he had been. Instead, he forgave him for the things he had done. He had his servants bring his son some new clothes. He put a ring on his finger and threw a big party and invited everyone he knew to celebrate with him. Jesus told this story to show how much God loves us. God loves you no matter what you do. He is sad when you do wrong and make bad choices, but he will never leave you and he will forgive you when you come to him and say you are sorry. David described God perfectly when he wrote this verse in Psalm 86:5 “For you O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you”


All That Glitters Many years ago, I read the tale entitled “The House with the Golden Windows�. There have been many versions of this anon work and I would like to share my interpretation with you. A young boy lived with his parents in a large, detached but run down house on a hillside. He often played in its garden and at certain times of day he would look across the valley to the opposite side and on top of a hill see another house, as big as his. However this house had the most amazing golden windows. Whenever he saw them, he wished he could live in that house, because in order to have windows as magnificent as those, the occupants must have been very rich indeed. Finally the day came when he was told that he was old enough to play outside the garden and of course, the first thing he decided to do, was to cross to visit the beautiful house. It took a long time to cross the valley and go up the hill on the other side but eventually he did it. Unfortunately, when he arrived he was confronted by a house that was as run down as his own and not an inkling of gold anywhere. Then a little girl came out of the front door so he asked her what happened to the house with the golden windows. She replied that he had simply come 7

to the wrong house. At certain times of day, if he looked across at the house across from hers, he would see the house with the golden windows that he was searching for. Of course, when he turned around, he realised that he was actually looking at his own house. As adults we are able to understand that the golden rays bouncing off windows were the reflections from the sun as it was setting and rising. However what we can gain from this tale is an underlying message. If we spend our time constantly looking for something better, we will miss out on the blessings that we already have (and should be thankful for). Unfortunately, the lost son of the parable outlined in Luke 15:11 onwards, like the boy did not get a heads up and had to learn the hard way. It was only after all his wealth had gone and he was sharing his food and lodging with the pigs that he realised the error of his ways. However luckily, the boy of our tale, was able to return home and enjoy a second chance. Thankfully, when we stray, and seem ignorant and ungrateful, God will always forgive us when we come to our senses too. Interestingly, similar stories are highlighted in other religions. An old Buddhist saying is:“He is not rich who possesses much, but he is rich who is content with what he has�. Contributed by Beverley Fielding 8

New Ministry at Greenacres Many of you will know that following the departure of our full time Minister Neil, Chappell, the Diaconate issued a church profile in search of a new minister. This call was answered by the Rev David Lampard BA. David and his wife Sian currently live in South Wales where David is the part time minister at two Churches, the West End Congregational Church in Ebbw Vale and the Saron Congregational Church in Tredegar. David and Sian have visited us at Greenacres on three occasions 1st of December, 29th December and 2nd February this year. David has preached at our church on two of those occasions and we know that many of you will have had the opportunity to meet and chat informally with David and his wife Sian. On Saturday 1st February the Deacons, some church members and adherents met with David for a more formal interview meeting where David responded to a long list of questions that had been collected from our fellowship. The meeting was long and David responded positively to all of the questions and left those present with a very favourable view. The meeting was reported to the Special Church meeting on Monday 3rd February 2014 which was well attended and following a discussion there was a unanimous decision to formally call the Rev David Lampard to ministry at Greenacres. The Diaconate are delighted to inform readers that the Rev David Lampard has prayerfully accepted our call to worship and he, and his wife Sian are looking forward to joining us here

at Greenacres sometime in May later this year. Let us join together in thanks and pray for the success of David’s ministry here at Greenacres. 9

The Rev Neil Chappell Southam and Bishop Itchington Congregational Church Wood Street, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 1PP

We are pleased to be able to update readers that Neil and Debbie Chappell have settled down well in their new home at Southam and are moving forward with their lives. Followers of Neil on Twitter and Facebook will note that he has not lost his appetite for a Costa coffee or his love of football and the outdoors. We have been advised by Southam and Bishop Itchington Congregational Church that Neil will have his induction service on Saturday the 5th of April. A number of members of the church and friends of Neil and Debbie will no doubt want to go along to witness Neil’s induction and we will put a copy of the formal invite and an attendance list on the notice board as soon as it comes so that we can advise Southam and Bishop Itchington about numbers. The list will also give anyone going the opportunity to see who else wants to go with a view to sharing transport etc.

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Total Dec 13 £1,502.83


Church Diary February 2014 Tuesday 11th 8.00pm Tuesday Club. Speaker Carol Talbot Sunday 16th 10.45am Family Worship. Led by Mr Geoff Chandler Tuesday 18th 7.30pm Peace and Quiet time. Led by Mr Stuart Paulley Sunday 23rd 10.45am Family Worship. Led by Mr Stephen Hartle Tuesday 25th 8.00pm Tuesday Club. Speaker Phil Langford (Quilting)

March 2014 Sunday 2nd 10.45am Family Worship. Led by Mr Duncan Hallows. Communion Led by Mr Peter Butler Tuesday 4th 7.30pm Monthly Deacons meeting Sunday 9th 10.45am Family Worship. Led by Annette Dickinson Tuesday 11th 8.00pm Tuesday Club. Speaker Mr John Pellowe Sunday 16th 10.45am Family Worship Led by Mr Peter Butler Tuesday 18th 7.30pm Peace and Quiet time. Led by Mr Stuart Paulley Sunday 23rd 10.45am Family Worship. Led by Mrs Vanessa Pickup (Daughter of Rev. J. Watson) Tuesday 25th 8.00pm Tuesday Club. Beetle Drive Sunday 30th 10.45am Family Worship. Led by Rev. John Arnold


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