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What’s Up Pungent Field Trips

Main energy supplier Kyivenergo is throwing open the doors of its heat power station and incineration plant this month. Curious residents are invited to observe how heat and electricity are produced, and hardy visitors can check out the incineration plant to see how waste is selected and incinerated. We can’t help but wonder, however, why travel to the Left Bank for such a stinky experience, when you can stay right here and enjoy the overwhelming stench of political corruption? If you’re still interested, visit the following link to sign up for an excursion: www. ua/news/company/4-news-company/9375-2012-11-05

And the Winner is…?

As we write this, it’s been nine days since the election, and there’s still no final result. What there is instead is a mess. The opposition and plenty of normal folk are protesting outside the Central Election Committee. The Berkut are there, so far not inflicting any violence on the people, but Yanukovych as already made it clear that the protests are not authorised and he will use the police to disperse the crowd when his patience runs out. The opposition parties are claiming widespread fraud in the counting process, and certainly some of the shenanigans would add credence to their claim. In one constituency, in Kyiv the Party of Regions candidate went to court to order a recount as he was losing. The court granted his request, which the opposition rightly cried foul over as the ballot boxes had been moved. A similar situation in Pervomaysa in Mykolayiv Oblast resulted in a riot when the Berkut attempted to remove the ballot boxes from the polling station. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen the armed police officers then tear up ballot papers in the back of a van. The opposition has demanded recounts in 13 constituencies, but Yanukovych agreed to hold

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new votes in only five, and a cynic would suggest the result will be in PoR's favour. Both Svododa Party and UDAR have declared a willingness to not take up their mandates on the seats they’ve won. But no one’s quite sure what the result of this action would be. They, of course, hope it would result in a new election, but it’s also possible that it may allow others to walk in and take these seats. Either way, who to say a new election would make any difference? The big questions is, what will happen now? With the opposition, and a large number of the Ukrainian people, firmly believing the Party of Regions will allocate themselves far more seats than they deserve, it will be interesting to see how that belief manifests itself. Seven years ago, the people’s disbelief resulted in mass street protests we now lovingly know as the Orange Revolution. Will that happen again? And if so, what will Yanukovuch do about it? Seven years ago Kuchma was president, and he didn’t order the troops in to disperse the people. If he had, there would probably have been widespread bloodshed. Now, it’s likely that the current president would not make the same decision.

Be Careful on Kyiv Metro!

An unprecedented accident happened recently in Kyiv’s Metro, and we’re worried it won’t be the last of its kind. At the highly-trafficked Zoloti Vorota station, a rubber escalator handrail snapped suddenly, hitting an elderly woman in the back and sending her tumbling down the escalator. Though the escalator stopped automatically, the woman sustained serious injuries; she is currently in the hospital undergoing treatment for two broken legs and a concussion. She is also said to be in shock. Her outraged relatives say they will pursue legal action against Kyiv Metro, and city officials are promising to cover all of the victim’s medical expenses. Their comments on the incident, however, are shocking. They claim, rather unsympathetically, that the escalator handrails snap from time to time, but that they’ve never injured anyone before. Well, there’s a first time for everything and we hope officials will treat this incident as impetus to make some muchneed repairs to the Metro system. After all, the Zoloti Vorota incident is really no surprise – it had been 20 years since officials had changed that handrail.

300 Years of Japanese Fashion

Recently re-christened Atmosfera 360 (V Vasylkivska 57/3), the place formerly known as Kyiv Planetarium is still running new and interesting educational exhibits. If you happen to drop in over the next couple of months, you’ll get to see a collection of rare and ancient kimonos. Through exquisite textiles, the exhibition tells the story of 300 years of Japanese fashion. Examine the luxurious garments worn by Japanese aristocrats, geishas, actors, and blushing brides, all beautifully handmade and adorned with intricate gold or silver embroidery. The organisers claim you’ll never see so many sumptuous kimonos in one place so don’t miss your chance to have a look! Want to learn more? Check out their website for a schedule of kimono fashion shows and master classes on the art of gracefully wearing a kimono:

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This Week in History 9 November

The official day of Ukrainian language and writing. The Orthodox calendar dedicates 9th November to Nestor Litopysets, an 11th century monk in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra who acted as the first Ukrainian historian.

“Shooting” in the Kyiv City Centre

News about a 1 November shooting at a café in central Kyiv spread like wildfire across major news networks this past week. Originally, it was reported that unidentified perpetrators had opened fire at an unnamed café on V Vasylkivska. The café was full of patrons at the time, and all-out panic broke out when loud “shots” rang out and many of the café’s windows shattered. Distressed witnesses immediately called the police – who rushed to the premises and discovered that the “shooters” had been hooligans armed with slingshots and glass beads. The perpetrators fled the scene by car and eluded arrest, leaving baffled police officers behind to console frightened patrons and gather evidence. Perhaps the “shooters” thought this was a funny prank. It’s anything but in the wake of September’s Karavan shooting.

$16,000 for a Bottle of Whisky!

An unidentified Ukrainian whisky-lover recently bought a bottle of 70-year-old whisky for the handsome sum of 129,000hrv! From what we understand, the bottle is worth the money for whisky aficionados. It’s a single malt Mortlach by Scottish whisky distiller Gordon & MacPhail. The whisky was produced in 1938 and poured into a sherry barrel, where it aged until it was bottled in 2008. The limited batch produced only 54 bottles of 0.7 litres and 162 bottles of 0.2 litres. Nearly all of the bottles sold out when the whisky was presented in 2010 in Edinburgh, but two made their way to Ukraine. In addition to the one sold last week to a bidder who wishes to keep his identity private, there is another bottle headed to Donetsk, where whisky connoisseurs are sure to snap it up.

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10 November 1928

The house-museum of Taras Shevchenko opens in Kyiv. It’s a tiny, wooden house built in 1835 on one of the streets intersecting Maydan Nezalezhnosti. The legendary Ukrainian poet lived here for a year in 1846-47. Today, the museum exhibits authentic items from his life and its interior tells the story of Shevchenko’s time in Kyiv.

Two-Metre Book Tower for the Students of KPI

We’ve got another fun sculpture to add to Kyiv’s list of whimsical street art projects. This time around, the source of inspiration was a 100-year-old tree in front of Kyiv’s Polytechnic Institute. Six months ago, lighting struck the tree and local authorities cut it down, but local residents found a way to give the tree a new life. They commissioned a local sculptor, Yehor Zigura, to carve a sculpture out of the tree’s remains. A month later, he unveiled a two-metre-high pile of books carved from the tree, which, by the way, is still alive and growing. The sculptor says the fact that the tree is still partially alive (its roots weren’t removed) has made his work both more difficult and more lasting. The sculpture still needs some work, but it already looks like a very realistic pile of books, check it out for yourself!

14 November 1979

Ukrainian model and Hollywood actress Olha Kurylenko is born. The Ukrainian beauty’s role as Bond girl Camilla Montes in the Quantum of Solace catapults her to global fame in 2008.

14 November 1999

Garnering more than 56% of the national vote, Leonid Kuchma becomes President of Ukraine for a second term. His main opponent is Petro Symonenko, leader of Communist Party.

15 November 2004

For the first time, Ukraine holds televised debates during its presidential election campaign, pitting candidates incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych against independent Viktor Yushchenko.

Ukraine Begins Shipping Gas from Europe

Yes, that’s another snippet of important news issued by Interfax-Ukraine this week. Prime Minister Mykola Azarov told members of the press in Kyiv on Tuesday that shipments of gas from Europe have begun. “Yes, we have started such shipments,” he’s quoted as saying. “They’re not large, but they have started.” He went on to note that the current key task is to work through all the technical details and work out how much gas can be received this way. Does any one else see anything wrong with this picture? Shouldn’t Ukraine’s gas transit shipment be a huge money-maker for the country, transporting gas from Russia to Europe? Yes, it absolutely should! But years of idiotic decisions made by subsequent administrations has meant that not only can Ukraine not make money by transporting gas, it cannot even import gas from Russia for its own use at a reasonable price. Instead it’s having to buy it from Europe, and probably most of that gas has been bought by Europe from Russia. Embarrassing or what?

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This Week

Live Music

9–15 November 2012

Just Accept It

Accept (Germany, heavy-metal), Stereo Plaza (Kikvidze 1)

13 November at 19.00

German heavy metal legends Accept are on album number 13, their first after a long, 14-year hiatus. Back on the road again, they’re spreading the love far and wide and will be stopping in next week amid a massive 2012 European Tour. Their music is heavy enough to totally annihilate all competitors, their aim, however, is a little different: that you enjoy their performance, the same as you’ve been doing since their start-up in the 70s. Tickets are 200 – 1,200hrv. For more information call 222-8040. Night Block (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865




Friday L eningrad (Russia, ska-punk, rock) Time: 19.00 Admission: 250-1,200hrv Stereo Plaza (Kikvidze 1) 222-8040 No Comments (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 50hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 Magma, Hot Guys (cover bands) Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Bochka Khmilna (B Khmelnytskoho 3b) 390-6106 Hot Guys, Magma (cover bands) Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Bochka Pyvna (Khreshchatyk 19a) 459-0551 Ot Vinta, Mama Mia (cover bands) Time: 22.00 Admission: 75hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 Motor’rolla, Chumaky, Red Rocks (pop-rock, cover bands) Time: 22.00 Admission: 75hrv Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528 Vasya Club, In Jear (cover bands) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865 Cry Baby (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900


Saturday Pi  cnic (Russia, rock) Time: 19.00 Admission: 190-790hrv October Palace (Instytutska 1) 279-1582

Wake Up (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 50hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 Carte Blanche, Beefeaters (cover bands) Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Bochka Khmilna (B Khmelnytskoho 3b) 390-6106 Beefeaters, Carte Blanche (cover bands) Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Bochka Pyvna (Khreshchatyk 19a) 459-0551 Motor’rolla, Red Rocks (cover bands) Time: 22.00 Admission: 75hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 Svoboda, More Khuana (cover bands) Time: 22.00 Admission: 75hrv Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528 Brothers, Mama Mia (cover bands) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865 Real Band (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900


Sunday A  rsenal (Russia, jazz) Time: 19.00 Admission: 150-600hrv National Music Academy (Architect Horodetskiy 1-3/11) 279-0792 Lumen (Russia, hard rock) Time: 18.00 Admission: 170-250hrv Stereo Plaza (Kikvidze 1) 222-8040

Ivanna Nechai, Soyuz 44 (pop-rock, jazz) Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 Sun Rise, Rock Veselka (rock) Time: 20.00 Admission: call for details Bochka (Verkhniy Val 22) 200-0360 Dyadya Vasya (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 Rock Four (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528 Odnavidimost (pop-rock) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865



Tres Deseos (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 20hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 Tex-Mex Co (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

Yokodo (indie) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 Rocking Wolves (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 30hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 The Magma (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

The Bells (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865

Tres Deseos (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Bochka Pyvna (Khreshchatyk 19a) 459-0551


Crazy Train (country rock) Time: 22.00 Admission: 30hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

Thursday The Most Moustache Birthday Party (cover bands) Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 PLB (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Bochka Khmilna (B Khmelnytskoho 3b) 390-6106

Mama Mia (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528 More Khuana (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865

Dance Again

Jennifer Lopez (US, pop) Palace Sport (Sportyvna Pl 1)

13 November at 19.00

Let’s Get Loud, ‘cause Jennifer Lopez is coming to town!!! That’s right, popular diva, actress, dancer, producer and designer J Lo has kicked up her heels again and is on the road with her Dance Again World Tour. Here in Ukraine for the second time, J Lo will no doubt be performing top hits such as If You Had My Love, Love Don’t Cost A Thing, Jenny From the Block, as well as chartoppers On the Floor and I’m Into You from her newest album Love?. Since the release of her debut album way back in 1999, this girl from the Bronx has become one of world’s hottest Latin stars. Make sure you get tickets – it’s going to be good! Tickets are 600 – 7,900hrv. For more information call 246-7406.

Konstyantyn Ionenko Duet (jazz) Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 Chill Out (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 Carnival Heat (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528 Riffs (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865


Tuesday Daesh Molodezh Project (cover bands) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 : What's On Recommended

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Theatre & Classical Music


Friday A  n Evening of Organ Music Featuring Koshuba (organ) Works by List, Vierne, Reger Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music (V Vasylkivska 77) 528-3186 Don Carlos Italian opera in 3 acts Time: 19.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50) 279-1169 Welcome to Ukraine Musical in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Kyiv Operetta (V Vasylkivska 53/3) 287-6257 The Incubating Old Lady Play in 1 act Time: 16.00 I Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre (Ivana Franka 3) 279-5921 The Dove Tragic-comedy in 2 acts (from the play Colombo) Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre (Prorizna 17) 278-7392 Fat Swine Play in 2 acts Time: 20.00 L Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre (B Khmelnytskoho 5) 234-4223 Mein Kampf/Socks in the Coffee-maker Farce in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro (Brovarskiy Pr 25) 517-1955 An Evening of French Cello Music Featuring Kyiv Soloists Ensemble Time: 19.00 House of Actors (Yaroslaviv Val 7) 253-8247/2081


Saturday In the Captivity of a Charming World Featuring National Academic Winds Orchestra Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2) 278-169


9–15 November 2012

A Long and Lasting Relationship

Korea-Ukraine Friendship Concert w/ Sumi Jo (Korea, soprano), Yoon Hee Kim (Korea, violin), Won Kim (Korea, piano), II Hwan Bae (Korea, cello), Igor Borko (UA, tenor), National Philharmonic (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2)

9 November at 18.30

This Friday, the National Philharmonic will become a place of friendship for Ukrainians and Koreans alike. Enlisting the talented operatic expertise of Sumi Jo, one of Korea’s most famed and honoured sopranos, as well as a number of Korean classical musicians, this evening’s concert programme features works by Strauss, Liszt, Offenbach, Lehar as well as various pieces of Korean folk music. Tickets to this event are limited – call today to reserve your place. For more information call 278-1697. A  n Evening of Anton Bruckner Featuring Lyatoshynsky Classical Music Ensemble Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music (V Vasylkivska 77) 528-3186 Natalka Poltavka Ukrainian opera in 2 acts Time: 19.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50) 279-1169 Two Flowers the Colour of Indigo Choreographic drama Time: 19.00 I Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre (Ivana Franka 3) 279-5921 The Leaning Tower of Pisa Farce in 2 acts Time: 20.00 L Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre (B Khmelnytskoho 5) 234-4223

An Evening of Vocal Music Featuring Soloists of the National Opera House of Ukraine Time: 19.00 House of Actors (Yaroslaviv Val 7) 253-8247/2081


Sunday Carmen Suite & Bolero 2 ballets in 1 act each Time: 19.00 National Opera of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50) 279-1169 Kin IV Tragic comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 I Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre (Ivana Franka 3) 279-5921

The Queue Humorous history in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro (Brovarskiy Pr 25) 517-1955

Coma Repotage from a crime scene in 1 act Time: 14.00 Quartet for Two Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre (Prorizna 17) 278-7392

Oscar – God A secret dialogue Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre (Yaroslaviv Val 16) 212-4188

Women. Fragments. A scandal in 1 act Time: 18.00 L Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre (B Khmelnytskoho 5) 234-4223

Voytsekh. Carnival of Flesh Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro (Brovarskiy Pr 25) 517-1955 The Little Prince Historical fantasy Time: 19.00 Plastic Drama Theatre (Shovkovychna 7a) 253-9383 In the Drumming Lane History of the railroad in 27 scenes Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre (Yaroslaviv Val 16) 212-4188 Carmen. TV Ballet in 2 acts by the KMB Time: 19.00 Kyiv Theatre of Opera & Ballet for Children & Youth (Mezhyhirska 2) 425-3116


Monday An Evening of Classical Music Featuring Shvydka (soprano), Nazarenko (soprano), Roy (flute), Svyrydenko (harpsichord), Sydorenko (organ) Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music (V Vasylkivska 77) 528-3186


Tuesday An Evening at the New Vienna Ball Featuring Kyiv Soloists National Chamber Ensemble, Kotorovych (violin), Kazakov (cello), Shapovalov (piano) Works by Strauss, Weber Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2) 278-169 An Evening of Bach Featuring Kucher (cello), Voytekh (piano), Kharechko (organ) Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music (V Vasylkivska 77) 528-3186 The Nutcracker Ballet in 2 acts Time: 12.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50) 279-1169 Anthem to Democratic Youth Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 I Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre (Ivana Franka 3) 279-5921 Cynical Comedy Comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 L Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre (B Khmelnytskoho 5) 234-4223 The Return of the Prodigal Father Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro (Brovarskiy Pr 25) 517-1955 Occasional Tango Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre (Yaroslaviv Val 16) 212-4188

An Evening of Violin Music Featuring Artem Dzyhanovsky (violin) Time: 19.00 House of Actors (Yaroslaviv Val 7) 253-8247/2081


Wednesday An Evening of Classical Music Featuring Chikirov (lyrical baritone), Kalynovska (organ) Work by Caccini, Albinoni, Scarlatti, Bach, Handel Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music (V Vasylkivska 77) 528-3186


Thursday IV Lysenko International Music Competition Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2) 278-1697 An Evening of Organ Music Featuring Bubnova (organ) Works by Franc, Guilmant, Messiaen Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music (V Vasylkivska 77) 528-3186

Turandot Opera in Italian in 3 acts Time: 19.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50) 279-1169

Swan Lake Ballet in 3 acts Time: 19.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50) 279-1169

Crossing Roads Drama in 2 acts Time: 19.00 I Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre (Ivana Franka 3) 279-5921

Romeo & Juliet Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 I. Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre (Ivana Franka 3) 279-5921

Ordinary Story Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre (Prorizna 17) 278-7392

Lyuboff! Ironic comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 (small stage) While Mother’s Out Comedy in 1 act Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre (Prorizna 17) 278-7392

Indian Summer Lyrical comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 L Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre (B Khmelnytskoho 5) 234-4223 Lying the Pure Truth Play in 1 act Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro (Brovarskiy Pr 25) 517-1955 V  erona Myth: Shakesperiments Ballet in 1 act by KMB Time: 19.00 Kyiv Theatre of Opera & Ballet for Children & Youth (Mezhyhirska 2) 425-3116

Backyard Games Drama Time: 19.00 L Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre (B Khmelnytskoho 5) 234-4223 In the Drumming Lane History of the railroad in 27 scenes Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre (Yaroslaviv Val 16) 212-4188

Sephardic Songs

An Evening of Jewish Music w/ Cinco Siglos Grupo (Spain), National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2)

11 November at 19.00

Sephardi Jews descend from Spain and Portugal. Cut off from the historical motherland for centuries, they managed to preserve their identity, enriching their culture with influences from the surrounding landscape and people. This evening, the Cinco Siglos Grupo, along with the Philharmonic, will take you on a trip to the Iberian Peninsula. Get ready for an incredible ride! Tickets are 45 – 90hrv. For more information call 278-1697. : What's On Recommended

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This Week Nightlife 

9–15 November 2012

Anne Lee Presents: Open Space

Max Graham (Canada, progressive trance) Forsage (Harmatna 51a)

9 November at 22.00

British-born Canadian resident Max Graham is a global name, and that’s not just hyperbole. He’s known for his worldwide hits “Nothing Else Matters” and “Sun in the Winter” among many others. Graham deftly mixes trance, house, progressive, and techno, making his typical set unpredictable and fresh. He’s touring to promote his new record label Re*Brand Records, which has already shown Graham’s ability to expertly curate great music from all over the world. Get ready for a long night of great beats! For tickets and more information call 232-6780.


Friday Space Weekend: DJs Light and Eva Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details D’Lux (Hrushevskoho 3) 200-9009 DJ Sunchase Time: 23.00 Admission: call for details Boom Boom Room (Shevchenko 33) 588-8989 Disco Time Time: 23.00 Admission: L-40hrv, G-60hrv Gallery Club (Pr Pobedy 47) 453-3727 Techno Opening: with DJs Black Asteroid Live, Mays, Joseph, Woo York Live and more Time: 23.00 Admission: 70hrv Cinema Club (N Hrinchenka 18) 067-782-6157 Slava Demin & Vasilisa Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00 L-free, G-100hrv, after 100hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300 Trendsetter aka Mark Holiday with DJ Kesha and PJ Show Time: 23.00 Admission: call for details Karusel (Golosiivskaya 87/6) 259-0001

Wild Cowboys Time: 21.00 Admission: L-50hrv, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024

DJ Ira Champion Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Saxon (Trutenko 4) 257-4070

LED Night with DJ Unique Time: 23.00 Admission: L-free, G – 80hrv Vodka Bar (Globus, II line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 371-1102

DJ Ira Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00, L-free, G-30hrv, after L-25hrv, G-50hrv Prime (Nauki 8) 524-2209

Private House Party with DJ Tako Time: 23.00 Admission: call for details Xlib (Frunze 12) 063-730-8353 Party Night with Resident DJ Zeekrey and MC Pavlik Morozov Time: 21.00 Admission: L-free, G-50hrv Sakhar Party Bar (Dekabrystov 12/37) 563-9662 Love Night with DJ Games and MC Nata Lunch Time: 21.00 Admission: L-40hrv, G-60hrv Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023


Saturday DJ Sunchase Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Forsage (Harmatna 51a) 232-6780

Two Girls, One Song

Blond:ish (Canada, techno), Mantra (V Vasylkivska 5)

10 November at 22.00

Canadian duo Blond:ish is comprised of London-based DJs Anastacia and Vivie-Ann, who are known for mixing sexy bass lines with catchy vocals. Having honed their signature formula, the two DJs explore various genres in their albums. Their latest offering, Lovers in Limbo, explores 1960s music with the duo’s unique combination of deft technical expertise and creative panache. These girls know it doesn’t matter what genre you play if you keep the crowd dancing! For tickets and more information call 221-4448.

D  J Kubikov (Moscow) Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Ikon Absolut Bar (Bassenia 5a)  067-507-7020 Show Mafia with DJ Snach Time: 21.00 Admission: L-100hrv, G-100hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300 Birthday Party with DJs Kiki, Mike Shannon, Goshva, Valeev Smailov, Girski Malen and Dizzy Time: 23.00 Admission: call for details Boom Boom Room (Shevchenko 33) 588-8989 DNB Opening with djs Technical Itch (UK), K (Canada), Stepkillah, Katwon, Zarin and Hemp Shark Time: 23.00 Admission: 80-120hrv Cinema Club (N Hrinchenka 18) 063-782- 6157 Lux Party Time: 23.00 Admission: call for details Karusel (Golosiivskaya 87/6) 259-0001 Space Weekend: DJs Light and Eva Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details D’Lux (Hrushevskoho 3) 200-9009 Day of Youth Time: 21.00 Admission: L-50hrv, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 DJs Amely, Gubin and Lebedev Time: 23.00 Admission: L-free, G – 80hrv Vodka Bar (Globus, II line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 371-1102 Celldweller (US) Time: 19.00 Admission: call for details Xlib (Frunze 12) 063-730-8353


Sunday B  ack in the USSR with DJ Velskiy and Friends Time: 23.00 Admission: L- free, G-100hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494 All Out Dance Party with DJs Zeekrey and Joyint Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Sakhar Party Bar (Dekabrystov 12/37) 563-9662

Sunday Funday Karaoke with DJs Vados and Beats Time: 21.00 Admission: L-free, G-50hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300 Pioneer Bachelorette Party with DJ Games and MC Adam Time: 21.00 Admission: L-20hrv, G-40hrv Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023 Best Euro Hits with DJs Jerry Nugget and SunAlex Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Garage Party Bar (Teodora Drayzera 21) 548-1419 RNB Boom: Sandra Black Live Time: 22.00 Admission: before 23.30 L-10hrv, G-15hrv, after L-20hrv, G-30hrv Forsage (Harmatna 51a) 232-6780 Technical Freaks with djs Sunny, DMC Gabber, Spieler, and Horsy Time: 22.00 Admission: before 23.30 15hrv, after L-30hrv, G-25hrv Saxon (Trutenko 4) 257-4070

Captain Morgan Night Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024

Ladies Night Time: 21.00 Admission: L-80hrv, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024

Latino Mash-Up Carnival with DJ Original B Time: 23.00 Admission: free Vodka Bar (Globus, II line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 371-1102




Master Class in Dancing with MC Adam Time: 21.00 Admission: L-30hrv, G-30hrv Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023

DJ Bonobo (UK) Time: 22.00 Admission: 150-350hrv Crystal Hall (Dniprovskiy Spusk 1) 538-0100

Battle for Life: RnB Party with DJ Vel Time: 21.00 Admission: 50hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494


Radio Days Time: 21.00 Admission: free Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023

Hits Party 90s to Today with DJ Leo Key Time: 21.00 Admission: L-free, G-50hrv Sakhar Party Bar (Dekabrystov 12/37) 563-9662

Whiskey Party with DJs Stalker and Vel Time: 21.00 Admission: L- free, G-100hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494

Face of Dante Zima Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Dante Zima (Muzeyniy 10) 221-1101

Ladies’ Night Time: 21.00 Admission: L-50hrv, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024

S  hooters’ Birthday 9 Honeymoon Years Time: 23.00 Admission: L-free, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024

Live Karaoke with Beethoven Band Time: 23.00 Admission: call for details Sky Bar (V Vasylkivska 5) 223-8888

Night with Sex Instructor with Saylex, Andrey Lubimoff and mc Remov Time: 23.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-free, G-20hrv, after L-free, G-40hrv Bionica (Borshchahivska 128a) 232-7296 BSP Time: 21.00 Admission: L-free, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 DJ Sanya Dymov Time: 23.00 Admission: free Vodka Bar (Globus, II line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 371-1102


Monday Pivomania with DJ Size Time: 21.00 Admission: free Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023 Jose Cuervo Red Carpet Affair Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 DJs Senorita, Gubin, and Lebedev Time: 23.00 Admission: free Vodka Bar (Globus, II line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 371-1102


Tuesday MIX Style with DJ Shtuzer Time: 21.00 Admission: free Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023

Pimped Up

IAMX (UK, indietronica, electronic), Crystal Hall (Dniprovskiy Spusk 1)

10 November at 20.00

Crystal Hall plays host to one of the most invogue acts of the moment, as the founder of seminal UK band Sneaker Pimps brings his solo project to town. You may remember the Pimps, whose time at the top was bright but brief. Since 2006, Chris Corner has been dabbling, mad scientist style, in different genres and doing all kinds of musical experimentation at his home base in Berlin. The result is irresistible indietronica with thoughtful lyrics and catchy choruses. He’ll be in Kyiv soon, so sneak your tickets now! Tickets are from 400 – 1,000hrv. For more information call 288-5069. : What's On Recommended

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41.indb 11

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This Week Art 

9–15 November 2012

Paintings Exhibition of works by Leonid Kozlov (UA) Mystetska Zbirka gallery (Tereshchenkivska 13) Until 18 November 099-245-1118

Grand Natural Exhibition of photographic works by artists from 15 countries J Greter Gallery (V Hetmana 6) Until 18 November 200-0760

Be Young and Shut Up! Exhibition of photographic works by Eric Vazzoler (FR) Soviart Gallery (Andriivskiy Uzviz 22a) Until 20 November 425-2219

Paintings Exhibition of paintings by Anatoliy Kryvolap (UA) Mironova Gallery (Olhynska 6) Until 20 November 277-8888 Sputnik Photo “U” Exhibition of photographic works by artists from Poland, Czech Republic, Belorussia Museum-Workshop of Ivan Kavaleridze (Andriivsky uzviz 21) Until 14 November 425-3397 Bird’s Milk Exhibition of works by Oleksandr Korol (UA) Ya Gallery (Khoryva 49 B) Until 19 November 492-9203

Young Ukrainian Artists – MUHI

Exhibition of works by Ukrainian artists applying for the MUHI 2012 art prize, Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art (Shchorsa 18d)

From 8 November

Kyiv’s Bottega Gallery is pleased to present its fourth annual Young Ukrainian Artists awards. The gallery hopes to encourage and promote young and active Ukrainian artists, drawing only the most worthy applicants to the fore. An exhibition of finalists will be presented at the Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art, the winner of which will take home 40,000hrv! For more information visit Hidden Treasures Exhibition of paintings from the museum’s archives Kyiv Museum Russian Art (Tereshchenkivska 9) Until 2 December 234-6218

Three R Exhibition of works by Mykola Bilous (UA) Zeh Gallery (Frunze 69) Until 1 December 591-1369

KievFotoCom Exhibition of photographs by Mexican and Ukrainian photographers Ra Gallery (B Khmelnytskoho 32) Until 28 November 235-3619


First Steps in Art

My First Drawing Course, Olha Adam’s Studio (Kostyantynivska 19)

4 November at 11.00

Helped along by talented artist Olha Adam, Kyiv kids and their parents will learn the basics of drawing as well as rudimentary styles of art, all the while learning what suits them best. Demonstrating how to work with various materials, Adam will use basic terminology to appeal to the most beginner of artists. If you’re into art and not put off by learning right alongside your children, then this is the course for you. For more information call 063-307-1766. Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre Hrushevskoho 1a (Park Khreshchatyk) 278-5808 Kyiv Municipal Puppet Theatre Myropilska 1 513-1500 MARIINSKIY PARK Arsenalna Metro

41.indb 12

Marionette Theatre Sahaidachnoho 29/3 417-3058 National Circus of Ukraine Peremohy 2 486-3856 Kyiv Zoo Peremohy 32  277-47-69

Family Entertainment Centre Dyvosvit M Malinovskoho 24/10 502-0088 Nemo Dolphinarium Academic Hlushkov 9 520-5555 Kyiv Planetarium V Vasylkivska 57/3 287-7508


Saturday Barmaley and Aibolit Ballet in 2 acts Time: 12.00 Admission: 10-100hrv Kyiv Theatre of Opera & Ballet for Children & Youth (Mezhyhirska 2) 425-3116 The Wolf and the Goats Time: 11.00 The Mystery of the Queen of the Roads Time: 13.00 Little Black Sambo Time: 15.00 The Magic Frog Time: 17.00 Admission: 40hrv Puppet Theatre (Hrushevskoho 1a) 278-5808 Attic Stories Fairytale in 1 act Time: 11.00 The Canterville Castle Ghost Musical Fairytale in 2 acts Time: 12.00 Admission: 40-50hrv Lypska Youth Theatre (Lypska 15/17) 253-6219

A Starry Fairytale Play Time: 11.00 Myths and Legends of the Stars Educational programme Time: 14.00 Constellation of Love Time: 18.00 Kyiv Planetarium (V Vasylkivska 57/3) 287-7508


Sunday The Steadfast Tin Soldier Fairytale in 2 acts Time: 12.00 Admission: 10-40hrv Kyiv Theatre of Opera & Ballet for Children & Youth (Mezhyhirska 2) 425-4280 The Town Musicians of Bremen Play Time: 12.00 Admission: 10-50hrv I Franko Theatre (I Franka 3) 279-5921

Aqua Park in Terminal Brovary, Kyivska 316 200 29 80/81

Horse-riding Centre Nabeg Vyshhorodska 85a 360-3838 (call in advance)

Dream Land Aqua Park Obolonskiy 21b 485-2111/12

Central Horse Race Track of Ukraine Akademika Hlushkova 10 526-2053

Ostrich Farm Yasnohorodka, Podlesna 32 (30km from Kyiv)  353-8821

Exhibition Centre Park Akademika Hlushkova 1

State Museum of Toys Klovskiy Spusk 8 253-5400 Interesting Kyiv Tours 364-5111 Pyrohovo Open Air Museum Trolleybus 11 from Lybidska Metro 526-5765

The Mystical Hippopotamus Time: 11.00 The Little Mermaid Time: 13.00 Our Happy Kolobok Time: 15.00 Thumbelina Time: 17.30 Admission: 40hrv Puppet Theatre (Hrushevskoho 1a) 278-5808 You are Special Music Fairytale in 1 act Time: 11.00 Prince and Princess Fairytale in 2 acts Time: 12.00 Admission: 40-50hrv Lypska Youth Theatre (Lypska 15/17) 253-6219 Astronomy for Kids Play Time: 11.00 The Starry Sky Above Us Educational programme Time: 14.00 Myths and Legends of the Stars Time: 18.00 Kyiv Planetarium (V Vasylkivska 57/3) 287-7508

Mamaeva Sloboda Museum M Dontsya 2 361-9848 National Botanic Garden Timiryazevska 1 284-9506 Experimentanium Museum Verkhniy Val 2a 417-4033

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41.indb 14

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41.indb 15

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Coming Soon

Hip-hop in Acoustic Song of a Preacher Man

Dany Preacher (UA, tech funk), Energy Club (Entusiastiv 1)

23 November at 22.00

Since embarking on his musical journey in 2004, DJ Dany Preacher has been a regular on the spin master circuit, working such festivals as I Love Techno. UA, Techno Gadget, and KazanTip, where he won the Radio to Heaven Award from Kiss FM. His tracks have been picked up by a number of international labels and the young DJ is primed to take on the world with his unique mix of fidget house, UK garage, Dutch house, and, of course, tech funk. With DJs DaRio, Maxim Rise, Creative, and Da Wind on backup, it’s sure to be an electric night. Are you ready to hear the Preacher’s gospel? Tickets are 30 – 50hrv. For more information call 093-014-5839.

Everlast (US, unplugged, hip-hop), Crystal Hall (Dniprovskiy Spusk 1)

Fiery Georgian Folk

Erissioni (Georgia, national dance), Palace of Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)

4 December at 19.00

The Erissioni National Folk Dance Ensemble has been rightly called a “moving folk museum” for its passionate preservation of the rich and authentic Georgian culture. Celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2010, the group has more than 100 dancers and singers in its employ, all from different generations. Increasing its fanbase with each and every concert, their spectacular performance opens the door a little wider on this mysterious Caucasus culture. Tickets are 170 – 1,000hrv. For more information call 247-2316.

18 December at 20.00

In June, Erik Schrody, better known as Everlast, promised his Ukrainian fans that he would be returning and shortly. With a concert scheduled for mid-December this year, he has fulfilled that promise. Bringing a suitcase full of original work, the former House of Pain hooligan brings virtuoso guitarist Derek Brassel to complete the unplugged effect. Tickets are 350 – 900hrv. For more information call 538-0100.

As Tricky As They Come

Tricky (UK, trip hop), Crystal Hall (Dniprovskiy Spusk 1)

17 November at 20.00

Somewhere between singing and speaking, somewhere between hiphop, techno, and rock, Tricky’s voice and music are hard to peg down. The British rapper/singer’s debut album, Maxinquaye, was a sweeping oeuvre that hurled him into international stardom and incorporated everything from 80s British rock to reggae, soul, and American hiphop. His more recent works took on a more aggressive punk edge, as Tricky grappled with the trappings of his sudden fame, but he’s made every genre his own. Tickets are 350-900hrv. For more information call 067-442-9267.

41.indb 16

Your First Warning

Yellowcard (US, punk rock), Bingo Club (Pr Peremohy 112)

2 February 2013 at 19.00

Real glory came to these American punk rockers in 2003, after six years of hard work and sleepless nights. That year, the band released their most commercially successful album to date, Ocean Avenue. It was a record that made it to the top of the charts all over North America, and the title song took home an MTV2 award just a year later. In 2012, Yellowcard released their eighth studio album Southern Air, and is touring the world and beyond. This is their first time in Ukraine – let’s make them feel welcome! Tickets are 250 – 500hrv. For more information call 424-2555.

Look At That Body of Work

LMFAO (US, electronic), Palats Sport (Sportyvna 1)

7 December at 20.00

They are sexy and they know it. Two hundred and fifty million people know it too – at least that was the number last we checked on YouTube. So, that would be everyone in Ukraine watching that link at least six times. Astounding, but these guys are a pure sensation. Their second album, Sorry For Party Rocking, won more awards than you could shake a (sexy) tush at. Oh and by the way, their name stands for Loving Myself And Others. Not that you thought any differently, of course… Tickets are 300 – 2,000hrv. For more information call 246-7406.

Knitting Up Notes

Bahroma (UA, pop-rock), Tosltoy Resto-Club (V Vasylkivska 19)

8 December at 22.00

After a yearlong pause, Ukrainian rock band Bahroma is headed back to the stage, granted with a few changes. They’ve taken on a few new members of staff; something that has not only boosted their creativity, but supercharged their great earthy sound. Headed up by Roma Bahariv, these Eurovision 2011 finalists will be playing their best hits tonight – come along and find out why they’re all the rage among the young here in Ukraine and Russia. Tickets are 70hrv. For more information call 590-5555.

06.11.2012 19:05:24


Pole Dancing As Art

Pole Art Show: 80 Days Before Armageddon, Kyiv Operetta (V Vasylkivska 53/3)

16 – 17 November at 19.00

Young and Reckless

O Torvald (UA, pop-rock), Bingo Club (Pr Peremohy 112)

23 November at 19.00

They’re young, they’re Ukrainian, they’re O Torvald and they’re releasing their fourth album, Primat, this month! Playing easy listening pop-rock since 2005, this fivesome has true bragging rights – they played on the same stages here in Ukraine this summer as Garbage, Linkin Park, Evanescence and The Rasmus. Come along tonight – you may become their newest fan! Tickets are 60 – 150hrv. For more information call 424-2555.

While there are those out there who have their own preconceptions about pole dancing, this very provocative activity is quickly becoming a spectacularly popular pastime, hobby, some might even say art! Still sceptical? Come along this weekend, where masters in pole dance, acrobatics and juggling will try to do away with all of your preconceptions. Add to this modern music written specifically for the event, plus a two-storey stage with a number of special effects, and you’ve got an unforgettable show! Oleksandr Leshchenko, well-known Ukrainian choreographer and director of massive dance shows Maydans-2 and Dancing for You, guarantees it! Tickets are 150 – 870hrv. For more information call 287-2630.

Hello to Yello!

Two Maestros – One Orchestra

Toto Cutugno (Italy, pop) & Alessandro Safina (Italy, opera), Palace of Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)

15 December at 19.00

Sixty-nine year old Italian singer Toto Cutugno will tell you he’s as young and virile as ever. And his voice? Even more romantic. Perhaps his secret is in his love songs, which he undoubtedly lives by. As for Alessandro Safina, with his deep voice and charming personality, he too has a beguiling effect on his fans. Performing for the first time together here in Kyiv this December, these two well-established Italian songsters will undoubtedly win the hearts of every woman in the audience tonight! Tickets are 150 – 1,150hrv. For more information call 247-2303.

Yello’s Dieter Meier and Out of Chaos (Switzerland, electronic music), October Palace (Instytutska 1)

A Chinese Legend Cirque Phenix (France, circus) Palace Sport (Sportyvna Pl 1)

27 December at 17.00

29 November at 19.00

You might not know him by name, but you definitely know the song he is most famous for – Oh Yeah!, made famous thanks to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. To give you a little background, Deiter Meier, as per his biography, is a Swiss millionaire industrialist, conceptual artist and notorious gambler who teamed up with Boris Blank in 1979. Together, they formed the band Yello, and have since produced 20 albums in their thirty odd years together. Tonight, Deiter comes with his new musical project Out of Chaos. A little bit of chaos never hurt anyone – get your ticket! Tickets are 300 – 1,200hrv. For more information call 279-1582, 278-7492.

41.indb 17

Seven Bridges of Rap

4atty AKA Tilla (UA, rap), Noblesse (V Vasylkivska 3)

16 November at 19.00

From 2005 to 2008, 4atty formed part of Capital Boyz, a successful Kyiv-based rap group. The group flourished in Kyiv’s rich hip hop underground, made a number of mix tapes, and successfully competed in freestyle competitions. In 2009, 4atty and fellow group member Pava, formed a break off group called Seven Bridges, along with sound-engineer Mono. The trio is performing better than ever, winning the 2009 ShowTime Hip Hop Battle, the 2012 Hip Hop Kyiv Battle, recording two albums, and appearing on MTV Ukraine. Check out the show! Honestly, with a name like that, 4atty can’t afford to be bad at rap. For more information call 591-2683.

Veritably Vintage

Grand Antique Salon, Mystetsky Arsenal (Lavrska 10-12)

6 – 16 December

Held annually since 2008, Grand Antique Salon is Ukraine’s largest display of antique items. Prized heirlooms are proudly presented by museums and collectors alike. For visitors, it’s the chance to peek at priceless items rich in history and tradition typically hidden away in closets and attics. In addition to various other pieces, guests will be treated to the personal art collection of the Halahan Family, as well as a whole selection of paintings by famous Ukrainian artist Ivan Trush. For more information call 288-5225.

Cirque Phenix has an uncanny ability to incorporate technological gimmicks with artistic influence. Always based on some kind of story or fairytale, this next performance features an interpretation of the Chinese legend, Hua Mulan, who disguises herself as a man, winning dozens of wars in ancient China! With circus stars from Beijing performing alongside those from Cirque Phenix, your family will be captivated by the heroine’s bravery, which should turn this show into one of your favourites in no time. Tickets are 80 – 500hrv. For more information call 246-7406.

06.11.2012 19:05:28

Yuliya Hudoshnyk


Kyiv Culture



This morning I will become an artist. In fact, my last name is constantly mistaken for the Ukrainian word for “artist”, even though I’ve never painted professionally. Today, however, is my big chance to find out if I can hold a brush properly and if I know the difference between warm and cold colours. But art therapy is actually so much more…


osce te ipsem (“know thyself”). That is what a wise man once said. Art purports to help you do just that – to help you look inside your own mind and investigate what’s going on in there. It's a powerful form of therapy – artistic therapy: we strap on a smock and try a little painting and clay modelling to see what this remedy reveals about our inner selves.

Switching Off My Brain

Oblako Nastroeniy art studio owner, Dariya Babych, starts the session off by telling us that our goal is to explore dormant or phantom feelings. There are only four of us in the class, and she explains that art therapy is usually held in small groups to create an intimate and friendly atmosphere.

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41.indb 21

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Kyiv Life

Find more photos of these events on the

A demonic Evgeniy Vasylenko with Anastasia Averina

Anna Panteleimonova of Thomson Reuters getting her Halloween look done

A Scary Halloween with the Chamber!

ARIZONA BBQ The ACC held a truly ghoulish networking party this All Hallows Ever, where many of its members turned up in freakish costumes to frighten the living daylights out of each other. That frightening ghouls and ghosts didn’t keep anyone away, however. Instead it only attracted more of the same, and all present had a wonderfully worrying time! Anna Brzhezytska of Love & Hunger was one of the winners this night

Yuliya Galchun of Erste Bank with Yulia Morozova of NOVA Insurance Company

UFW’s Iryna Danylevska and Volodymyr Nechyporuk talk art with Larysa Ivshyna from Den newspaper

Artists Anatoliy Melnyk and Anatoliy Kryvolap in deep conversation

World Famous Artists Flock to Kyiv

Stedley Art Fund’s Lyudmyla Harbuz smiles for the camera with gallery owner Pavlo Gudimov and his wife Anna

41.indb 22

MYSTETSKY ARSENAL On 31 October, the Art Kyiv Contemporary opened its doors for its seventh year. To celebrate the opening, Mystetsky Arsenal treated Kyiv’s glitterati to an evening of good wine and great art. The highlights of the evening were Andy Warhol’s portraits of prominent 20th century Jews; Russell Young’s diamond-dust covered portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel, and other luminaries; and Romero Britto’s colorful pop-art works.

Director of Mystetskiy Arsenal Charity Fund Olha Vieru and Curator of Italian Platform Marchelo Dzeppi

06.11.2012 19:06:42




What’s On Facebook page at Yuriy Stetsenko with Hilmar Enke of E-On Ruhrgas

BUCC’s Anna Ganich with Larysa Gontarzhevska of Cosmopolite Hotel Kyiv

CEO of Imperial Tobacco Ukraine Eugene Walsh raises a glass

Some Beer for Halloween

COSMOPOLITE RESTAURANT-BREWERY The British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce celebrated Halloween in its own inimitable style by inviting all its members to raise a glass high at the German-British Beer Festival. All those who attended had a great time chatting to friends old and new while swilling down some beer and waiting for the results of the traditional business card lottery. The next BUCC event is coming soon, do stay tuned!

Luxury and Chic a la James Bond

Iryna Ross and Colin Ross of Thomas & Adamson together with Ben Hunt and Nick Cotton both of DTZ

Singer Alloise sings her heart out for Bond

B HUSH Celebrating 50 years of Bond movies and the premier of the latest offering, Skyfall, the Intercontinental Hotel held a special luxury party on 2 November. As well as discussing the newest 007 thriller, guests were treated to performances by Alexandra Stan and Alloise, and then they were given the chance to be proud owners of autographs by actors who’ve played Bond over the years in an auction that was almost as exciting as the movie itself.

Collection owner Oleksandr Krylov and his wife Anastasia Demidova look Bondish

Bond, James Bond! With a Dram!

Martin Nunn of Whites Communication together with Andriy Chykerechko and Martin Murdoch both of Edrington Group

41.indb 23

Natalya Havrylenko and Anna Myronenko

KINOPALACE To be among the first to see Daniel Craig playing the worlds greatest spy in the last Bond movie was a real treat for many last week, especially when there was fine Macallan single malt Scotch Whisky to be sipped at the same time. Everyone present at this premiere had a great time even before the movie started discussing their favourite Bond moments and arguing about which actor made the best 007, all while being pleasantly warmed by a little Macallan. After that, everyone sat back with their popcorn to enjoy the latest Bond offering, Skyfall.

06.11.2012 19:07:03


Kyiv Life The Future of Hospitality

19-year-old Katya learning about hospitality

FAIRMONT HOTEL On 29 November, Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv hosted the opening ceremony for the second semester of Svitlyachok Charity’s Customer Service Training Programme (CSTP). A class of 10 orphans who have aged out of foster care and young people from disadvantaged families will undergo a six-month training course, after which they will be given the opportunity to work in Kyiv’s leading hotels. The training includes intensive English, the basics of hospitality, monthly community service activities and weekly guest native English speakers. To start, participants received a full tour of the Fairmont and a business lunch that helped introduce them to the world of five-star service.

Svitlyachok President Pedro Anderson engaged and ready to answer questions

Misha and Sasha sharing their experience and impressions

Fairmont’s Daria giving the group the grand tour

Turkey Celebrates Its Republic

Turkish Ambassador HE Mehmet Samsar and his wife Mrs Feruza Samsar

KYIV CITY COUNCIL On 29 October, the Turkish Ambassador gathered his fellow countrymen and friends of this great nation to celebrate Turkeys biggest national holiday – The Day of the Turkish Republic. Finally declaring the end of the Ottoman empire in 1923, the young republic quickly established strong international relations with many countries, and none less so than Ukraine. Today the bond between the two nations remains strong, which is best demonstrated by the large Turkish Diaspora in Ukraine, many of whom, along with their friends, were present to celebrate. After a speech by HE Mehmet Samsar, everyone enjoyed mingling while sampling some fine Turkish treats.

Japanese Ambassador HE Toichi Sakata with his wife Mrs Yoko Sakata and Spanish Ambassador HE Jose Rodriguez Moyano

002_Kyivlife_Wok_41_12_583.indd 24

Pakistani Defense Attaché Brigadier-General Kazim Mustehsan with his wife Zille Huma Mustehsan

Commercial Attaché of the Turkish Embassy Mehmet Ali Erkan together with Iryna Marchak and Ozzy

06.11.2012 19:18:16

41.indb 25

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was 12, and I cannot imagine taking a bridal photo tour of New York. Why not? I adore New York as much as Kyivites love Kyiv. But those bridal photographs in front of the Opera House are more than just pretty pictures; they betray a patriotic pride, ownership and appreciation of these treasured Ukrainian landmarks. Ukrainians also take advantage of their parks and public spaces all the time, not just on special occasions, like Americans would. On my way to work, I see people of all ages sitting quietly on park benches, having a morning chat or, for the less ambitious, a morning beer. Perhaps we Westerners have become a bit desensitized to such things, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. The last “quirk” I’ll point out is the tangle of superstitions that presides over everyday life here. There so many superstitions that I’ve become convinced that I’m always unknowingly courting misfortune. Only whistle indoors if you want to be divested of all your money. Resting your purse down on the floor during dinner? Unacceptable (and most Ukrainian restaurants have tiny, pursesized stools to prevent this). Cracking the window in a moving car? Better not, no matter how hot it is, because you might catch an ill-wind. Thinking about sitting on a stone bench while pregnant? Think again (and any passing babushka will grab your arm and make you stand up, as my pregnant friends will attest). It’s such a privilege (and a pleasure) to explore a new culture, particularly one that injects such beauty into the mundane. We were all brought up to see things a certain way, but being an expat challenges all our preconceptions. I probably won’t be able to resist opening the windows in a moving car next summer, but I’m way more likely to spend time in my local park. Yohanca Delgado

Cheeky Political what-ifs, the ongoing vote count, and food-related orgasms... It’s all in the Tweets of the Week!

Taras Kyiv (@Ukroblogger) has an idea: Ukraine’s ex-PM Lazarenko back in US jail - until court decides whether to deport him or let him stay. Why not let him run for US president? Alexey Yaroshevsky (@Yaro RT) is talking vote count: Yet the biggest sensation of this #ukrvote is triumph of right-wing radicals. 20% in Kiev is a truly astonishing result Carl Bildt (@carlbildt) Vote counting in remaining constituencies in Ukraine election looks increasingly murky. This risks tainting the process even more Taters (@jmtaters) derives way too much enjoyment from food: How many chicken Kiev balls does it take to make an orgasm? Wait. No. How many chicken Kiev balls does it take to make MULTIPLE orgasms? Dear Larry, Two friends and I are visiting Ukraine. We went out last night and met three lovely ladies at a nightclub in Arena. After a few hours of dancing and drinking, we invited them over to our place. The rest is a blank – we woke up this morning with empty pockets. Everything was gone! Are all Ukrainian ladies like this? Swindled and Sad Dear Swindled and Sad, Well, Swindled and Sad, I’m not going to pass judgement, but it sounds like you probably came to Kyiv in hopes of meeting some sexy ladies. And so you did. Obviously, not all Ukrainian ladies are like this, not in the least. But when you drunkenly set out looking for an easy lay, know that there’s an equal and opposite reaction: con artists looking for an easy target. I guess last night’s bull’s eye was on you. Better Luck Next Time, Larry

Brand New Art

With the 7th Art Kyiv Contemporary underway at Mystetskyi Arsenal and Pinchuk Art Centre’s Future Generation Art Prize Exhibition going strong, Kyiv is chock full of awesome modern art. Don’t miss it!


Great décor, courteous service, and a dizzying menu of Ukrainian classics- Pervak is a great place to take first-time visitors to Ukraine.


As the temperatures drop, it’s nice to seek shelter in Kyiv’s extensive underpasses. You can find anything you might need, from flowers to waffles and hats –all while taking a little refuge from the biting cold.

Unscrupulous Taxi Drivers

We can live with the modest “foreigner” tax that taxi drivers in developing countries tend to charge. What is not OK is trying to charge 100hrv for a five-block ride. That’s how you convince people to take the metro instead.

Post-Election Friction

What’s Not


’m Yohanca Delgado and I’m squatting in Neil’s cosy corner of the magazine for the week—and I’m definitely making myself at home, though I am stopping short of decorating it with flowers and pictures of puppies... As a disillusioned electoral hangover sets in, Kyiv is in a bit of a funk. The weather’s grim; evening starts at approximately 9 AM...everything is just a little dreary around the edges. Luckily, I had a little company this past weekend to cheer me up. I had an American friend come to visit from London and showing her around reminded me how unique Ukraine really is. What other city in the world has whimsical statues all over it? Hedgehogs, Pinocchio, a Degas-style ballerina... and that’s before you even get to Fashion Park, with its technicolor peeing boys and gorgeously tiled Alice and Wonderland slides. My friend jokingly suggested that Ukraine set up direct flights to Brooklyn, because it’s such a perfect place for New York hipsters. If you’re not familiar with the term, hipsters are a special breed of horn-rimmed-glasses-wearers who adore all things quirky and offbeat. They like things a bit rough around the edges and unique. Needless to say, Ukraine would win over even the surliest hipster with its effortless fancy. In fact, after Ukrainians, hipsters are the second most frequent patrons in Little Ukraine, a cluster of Ukrainian-owned restaurants and businesses on the Lower East Side. But Ukraine’s idiosyncrasies are not only aesthetic. We happened to explore Fashion Park on a Saturday and my friend was pleasantly surprised to see all the beaming brides getting their picture taken there. As I explained that this was a regular occurrence, it occurred to me that Ukrainians appreciate and take advantage of their landmarks and parks in a way that Americans and Western Europeans do not. As a native New Yorker, I am ashamed to admit that I have not visited the Statue of Liberty since I

What’s Hot

Provocations and Observations

As the election numbers roll in, international observers are weighing in, mostly negatively, about the authenticity of 28 October’s parliamentary vote. How will this affect Ukraine’s geopolitical and economic standing in the coming months?

November Rain

Not the Guns ‘n’ Roses song, which is fantastic, but the current weather. Everywhere we go, we’re carrying umbrellas at the hip like holstered weapons – you never know when the next drizzle will start.

If you have a question about life, work or relationships in Kyiv please write to

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All Outlets

PARTIES PACKAGE May 1st – July 31th Dine 2 or more & Get a 300 UAH Voucher valid for the next visit. Terms & Conditions Apply

The Strand Grill

LUNCH OFFERS Espresso Business Lunch Starting from 120 UAH Available from Mondays to Fridays – 12.30pm to 3.00pm Salad Bar Starting from 120 UAH Available from Mondays to Fridays – 12.30pm to 3.00pm A La Carte Available from Mondays to Saturdays. BRUNCH WITH BENEFITS BEGINS Sunday, May 13th Starting at 730 UAH per person Champagne on offer! Chocolate & Bed Making Classes for Kids Lounge DJ from 12pm to 3pm CORPORATE DEALS LAUNCH From May 15th please e-mail for more information

Vintage Cocktail Bar

CANAPES & MARTINIS Canapes & Martinis for 2 Hours @ 250 UAH / person.

1A Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street, Kyiv Tel.   +380 44 322 8888 Email:

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EURO June 9th – July 1st Live EURO Games

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gorchitsacafe Simple French food served in relaxed surroundings Str. Pylypa Orlyka, 6 Tel: +380 44 253 73 58

33-a Druzhby Narodiv Blvd.

tel.: 285-9999 285-8708

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+ 38 044 200 22 59

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Essential Kyiv


AIRPORT/BUS/ TRAIN STATIONS Boryspil International Airport Kyiv-Boryspil highway (23km) 281-7122 www.airport-borispol. Kyiv-Zhulyany International Airport Povitroflotsky 92 242-2309 Central Bus Station Moskovska 3 525-5774 Central Train Station Vokzalna 1 465-2111

AIRLINES Air France-KLM Ivana Franka 34/33 490-2490, 496-3575 Austrian Airlines V Vasylkivska 9/2 8-800-300-0492 DELTA AIRLINES AVIAREPS AG V Vasylkivska 9/2, office 4 (entrance 1) 287-3595, 287-3560 Lufthansa Khmelnytskoho 52 490-3800 Ukraine International Airlines Lysenka 4 581-5050

Apartment rentals Kyiv Ukraine Apartments M Zhytomyrska 15 229-3079

Kyiv Telephone code is +380 44

Book Shops Albion books Ukraina Shopping Mall, (Peremohy Pl 3, 3rd floor) Globus Shopping Complex (Instytutska 2, 3rd line, 2nd floor) 221-0044




British Council Skovorody 4/12 490-5600

American Medical Centres Berdychivska 1 490-7600

Centre of Spanish Language and Culture Obolonska 7 239-2418

Avis Yamska 72 502-2010

French Cultural Centre Honchara 48 482-0672

Budget Ivana Lepse 4 490-1088

Goethe Institute Volovska 12/4 496-9785

Charities Kyiv Lions Club 050-334-5410 International Women’s Club of Kyiv 234-3180

Consulting Euro Consult Group 067-565-7923

Italian Culture Institute Yaroslaviv Val 32b 270-6223 Polish Institute Khmelnytskoho 29/2 490-9900 Ukraine-Japan Centre Peremohy Pr 37 406-8166

AIDS Testing (anonymous) 278-7385

HOSTELS Chillout Hostel Kyiv Horkoho 22b/35 093-332-4306 D’Lux Kyiv Hostel Observatorna 10 097-832-8888 Dream Hostel V Vasylkivska 47 066-244-1447


Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv NaberezhnoKhreshchatytska 1 322-8888 Hyatt Regency Kyiv Alla Tarasova 5 581-12-34 Ibis Shevchenko Blvd 25 591-2222 InterContinental V Zhytomyrska 2a 219-1919 Opera B Khmelnytskoho 53 581-70-70 Premier Palace T Shevchenko Blvd 5-7/29 537-45-00

ALFAVITO Predslavynska 35d 220-4577

Radisson BLU Yaroslaviv Val 22 492-2200 hotel-kiev

Cosmopolite Hetmana 6 205-3520

Riviera on Podil Sahaidachnoho 15 581-2828

Satellite TV satdottv Television, Sat TV, multi-room solutions 067-401-0873

TAXIS Express Taxi 239-1515 Limousine Taxi 502-0808 Radio Taxi 246-1036

Emergency Fire 101 Police 102 First Aid/ Ambulance 103 Natural Gas Emergency 104 Water/Electric/ Sewage Emergency 1557 Elevator Emergency 1586

For information on how to list your company here, please call 459-0553.

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What's On Issue 41 2012  
What's On Issue 41 2012  

The Scottish/American foursome Garbage come to Kyiv this week, we dive into Plast - a Ukrainian scouting organsiation that has been around f...