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38/2012 19–25 October

The Lady in Red


And she can be found at Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days

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What’s Up Real Men and Women According to Ukrainians

The iPhone for Halloween

Ukrainians have been on the hunt for the iconic iPhone ever since it hit the market back in 2007. Up until now, you had to go through your best friend’s uncle’s neighbour’s boss in Lynchburg, Tennessee in order to land yourself one of these little smartphones. It has just been announced, however, that the official iPhone 5 is coming to Kyiv, and just in time for Halloween. It was the electronics retail chain Citrus that let the proverbial cat out of the bag recently, saying the Ukrainian State Centre for Radio Frequencies (Ukrchastotnadzor) has finally certified Apple’s newest generation. Appearing in stores on 31 October, at a price of 7,999hrv, it may sell out before it has time to even hit the shelves. “Today, the iPhone is so iconic and popular that even before it hits the market, we’ve got more than 2,000 pre-orders for it,” said Viktor Sholoshenko, Citrus director of marketing. With the largest number of pre-orders made in Kyiv, Odesa, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk, if you happen to be after the Apple iPhone 5 and live in any of these cities, you may want to see whether your contact in Lynchburg is still available.

New and Inspired Space to Play in Kyiv

Kyiv kids’ favourite city centre park, Peyzazhna Alley, has been duplicated over on the left bank, with the ribbon-cutting ceremony taking place earlier this week. Declaring the space open and available to all, the Park of Partizan Glory can be found over in Darnytsya, and features works by some of the same sculptors as the original playground. Huge birds and cracked eggs decorate the park, and will no doubt become this neighbourhood’s calling card. The only fly in the ointment is that the space was apparently sponsored by one of the candidates and on the eve of the elections no less. Art goes hand in hand with politics in this country, it seems; not unlike many other aspects of life in Ukraine.

This just in…

According to a poll conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Fund and the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, 11% of Ukrainians are willing to sell their votes in the upcoming election. It’s just another day in Ukrainian politics…

Yushchenko Calls Tymoshenko his ‘Main Mistake’

"Et tu, Brute" are words that must be ringing in Tymoshenko’s head right now as word reaches her of how her one time ally, former President Viktor Yushchenko, gave her a very public and very brutal backstabbing while meeting with MEPs and senior EU officials in Brussels last week, according to Internet reports. In his first stab he stated that the gas deal Tymoshenko made with Putin, for which she now languishes in prison, was “criminal by nature”. “Ukraine lost 62 billion Euros over the ten years of the agreement,” he’s quoted as saying. “I never approved of the agreement as I understood its corrupt nature.” He added that the jailing of Tymoshenko has “halted Ukraine’s integration into the EU”, stressing “this is fundamentally wrong”. “A conflict between two Ukrainian political figures should not affect the whole country. International isolation is not the answer and will only fur-

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Alexander Motyl is an American pundit on Ukraine who can often be found on his World Affairs blog, Ukraine’s Orange Blues. Most recently, he’s published a poll carried out by the local Rating Sociological Group, which endeavoured to find “real men and women” in Ukraine. The group went about asking 1,200 Ukrainians, 18 and older, who they believed fit this model. Considering some of the characters Ukraine is renowned for, the results in this poll may (or may not) surprise you. With an average of 35% of votes among men, and 26% among women, as you might have hoped, but may not have guessed, the man at the top is Vitaliy Klitschko. His brother Volodymyr takes a distant second with an average of 12% and 8% respectively. Real Man No 3, Vladimir Putin, should at the very least put a wry smile on your face, and of course the poll wouldn’t be complete if Viktor Yanukovych didn’t figure in there, if only with a very small representation. As for the ladies, if you know anything about Ukrainian pop culture, you’ll have probably guessed that singers Sofia Rotaru, Ani Lorak and Alla Pugacheva all feature prominently in this little roundup of “real women”. Politicians make the grade as well, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (5.2%) and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (4.2%) each taking a small piece of the popular pie. The most popular Ms, however, according to both Ukrainian men and women, is our own, homegrown politician, Yulia Tymoshenko, garnering an average of 24% of votes across the genders. That probably won’t get her out of jail, but at least she can sleep better at night knowing that she’s loved and respected by a quarter of the country. Klitschko too has got a pretty big following. Now, let’s see how that translates at the election next week.

ther the problem. Without cooperation or dialogue with the EU, Ukraine could quickly become the next Belarus,” he warned. His latter words have a certain ambiguity about them, but it would appear he was saying that the EU should ignore the fact Tymoshenko is in jail, and carry on with Ukraine regardless. But the brutal stabbing wasn’t finished there. In an interview with First National TV channel, Yushchenko said the appointment of Tymoshenko to the position of prime minister was the “main mistake” of his presidency. He went on to say that Tymoshenko was driven by political gain when she signed the gas deal with Russia and betrayed Ukraine’s national interests by agreeing to an inflated price. He suggested that she wanted to be seen as the “saviour” who ended the long and bitter pricing dispute with Moscow, and she ignored Ukrainian interests for the sake of special relations with Russia’s leaders. With Tymoshenko lying bloodied on the floor, one has to wonder if Yushchenko speaks the truth, or if his timely attack on his former Orange ally has something to do with the looming elections and a subservience to the Party of Regions, which he first began to show in the latter years of his presidency. It certainly won’t do PoR’s election chances any harm.

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This Week in History Fire, Smoke and Mirrors

Opposition Parties Try To Consolidate Support But Can’t Seem To Agree On That Either

Opposition parties are moving to unify the opposition vote ahead of the 28 October parliamentary election. Vitaliy Klitschko’s UDAR and Yulia Tymoshenko’s Batkivshchyna, announced this week that they would be withdrawing candidates in strategically chosen districts to prevent splitting the opposition vote. UDAR announced that it would withdraw 32 candidates, while Batkivshchyna announced that it would be recalling 26 of its candidates. The manoeuvres only affect 58 out of 225 majority districts, however, indicating that the parties may have had trouble reaching an overarching consensus. To make matters worse, the parties are insisting on duking it out in the capital, which will be critical in next week’s vote. Out of the 13 majority districts in Kyiv, the two parties have only reached an agreement about two. UDAR has suggested that Batkivshchyna withdraw seven candidates who are lagging behind UDAR entrants, but like the smarmy guy at the party, Batkivshchyna refuses to bow out. The Party of Regions has often benefitted from internal strife within the opposition and this year’s vote may be no different, with 225 out of 450 seats in the Verkhovna Rada hanging in the balance for majority districts throughout Ukraine.

Evading Tax Evasion

Yes, folks, that’s right, Yulia Tymoshenko’s back is acting up again, which means the former PM remains laid up in hospital bed, rather than in court at her most recent trial on 15 October in Kharkiv. Judges claim it is impossible to hear the case without Ukraine’s goldilocks, and have adjourned until 15 November. Could she be going for the longestrunning trial ever? If so, she’s got a few more years of back pain to go.

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The troops are being rallied here in Kyiv, and just in time for the election at the end of this month, as thousands marched through the capital this weekend in solidarity against the current controlling party. The man at the head of this little parade was none other than leader of the ultra-nationalists Svoboda Party, Oleh Tyahnybok. Gathering at the Taras Shevchenko monument, the group burned flags of both the Communist Party as well as the Party of Regions, with one party official claiming, “The time for tolerance and weakness is over – our involvement with the gang in power is finished!” It was quite the sight, especially with the smoke and fire as backdrop. But then, Ukrainian politicians have always been good at theatrics. It’s the part they play once they get into power that needs work.

22 October 1835

Peasant outlaw Ustym Karmelyuk dies. Heading rebel activity against the Russian administration in the early 1810s, he is often referred to as Ukraine’s Robin Hood. Active for over 23 years, he and his merry men ransacked more than 1,000 mansions of Russian noblemen, giving all of the loot to the poor. So tricky were they, the Russians needed a special force just to catch and control them.

23 October 1859

Kyiv’s first “Sunday School” opens. These schools were free, offering primary education to the poor adult population who could only study on weekends and holidays. Taras Shevchenko actively helped these schools and even wrote a book of ABCs specifically for them.

20 October 1924

The first Ukrainian radio station opens in Kharkiv.

GRECO President Warns about Merging of Economic and Political Interests

When we first came across this story, we thought it was about something a little different, and for a moment thought of not writing about it. But then we thought the hypocrisy of it might give you all a little titter. President of the Council of Europe Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), Marin Mrcela, said on Monday the merging of political and economic interests in Ukraine is of serious concern. Now, we first thought he was talking about the huge number of instances of corporate raiding taking place, the result of which allegedly is that the country’s top politicians (naming no names for fear of ending up in jail, or getting shot) now own sizeable percentages of many of the country’s larger businesses. Now, that would have been an interesting thing for the president of GRECO to talk about. But reading further, we found that actually all he was saying was business interests in Ukraine have a heavy influence on politics. Well, duh. That’s not really worth commenting on, apart from with a large dollop of irony, and a very big spoonful of sarcasm when we ask the man, in which western country do business interests NOT have a big influence on politics? Come on man, there’s plenty of stuff over which one can legitimately criticise the Ukrainian government, but let’s not be hypocritical!

24 October 1977

Kateryna Serebryanska is born. In 1995, she ties for the all-round title at the world championships in Vienna, and goes on to win the gold at the Olympic Games in Atlanta just a year later.

24 October 1991

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine proclaims the country’s denuclearised status. Ukraine’s nuclear potential is third in the world after the collapse of the USSR. In 1991, Ukraine passes more than 1,700 nuclear warheads on to Russia.

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Daniela Schmiedlechner


Ukraine Today


Politics What inspired you to follow the political path? There’s a saying, “If you don’t engage in politics, politics will engage you.” The popular uprising during the Orange Revolution was a massive demonstration of ordinary Ukrainians’ will to defend their rights and their democratic choice. That expression of human will inspired me and a whole generation of young professionals to enter Ukrainian politics and try to change for the better the situation in our country.

Parliamentary elections are right around the corner, and President Viktor Yanukovych must be feeling the pressure, what with his support slowly being siphoned off to another, newer party. What’s On goes head to head in an exclusive interview with the man whose tactics seem to carry just as much weight in the ring as they do in politics. His name is Vitaliy Klitschko and he’s the head of political party, UDAR (Punch).

Did you ever previously aspire to become a politician? As a professional boxer and sportsman, I had the honour of representing my country at hundreds of professional sporting events, including world championships. I was proud of my achievements, which I openly share with my fans and all Ukrainians. However, when I returned to Ukraine from training or boxing abroad, I was always struck by how distant Ukraine was mentally and economically from even our closest neighbours, such as Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the Baltics. I always asked myself the question, if they could progress and join western European civilisation, then what is stopping us? And one question led to another. So, to answer your question directly, my political aspirations were evolutionary. Do you remember the moment you decided to get involved in political life? I would say standing in the streets during the snowy days of the Orange Revolution were the catalyst for my entering politics. I grew up in Kyiv, this is my home and I wanted to start doing something politically in the city. How have you found trying to balance your boxing with your political career? At first, I found it difficult because in sport, the rules are to be followed, but in politics, the rules are to be manipulated. Initially, I could not understand the political rules of the game. Then, after several weeks as a member of the Kyiv City Council, I understood that there were no rules of the game. The only rules were those handed down by the rulers. If the rulers want to build a skyscraper in the centre of Kyiv, then they build

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“U krainian po liticians hav e create d a warpe d sense of rea lity an d they be lie v e they can con v ince v oters that their , li v es are impro v ing when in fact on ly the rich in this country are getting richer ”

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it regardless of the rules for a public hearing and legal limits on certain buildings. If the rulers want to abolish historic landmarks, then they simply vote to abolish without the input from citizens. If the rulers want to raise the utility prices, they manipulate the rules without taking into account the ability of pensioners and poorer people to pay. The difficulty comes from the irrationality of the political process, and that is what has turned away so many young Ukrainians from politics. What would you say are your main objectives as a Ukrainian politician? My goal as a politician is to deliver on the promises that my team makes to our supporters. Do you have any goals that may momentarily seem unrealistic but still hope to achieve? Of course! Changing the country may seem like an unrealistic goal, but we must put large challenges before us to unite and motivate Ukrainians to strive for a better and fairer life for themselves and their children. I’ve seen how countries in Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and Georgia have changed for the better and I believe we can do the same in Ukraine. It won’t happen over night and it will take time. If politicians can’t lead society to improve itself then what’s the point of entering politics? Would you eventually like to become Mayor of Kyiv? I’ve been on the Kyiv City Council for the past seven years and have seen how much has been stolen from this city. How the citizens of Kyiv have been robbed first by an alien mayor and then by an appointed administrator who reports to the Party of Regions headquarters located on Bankova Street. This is not only financial robbery, but also robbing Kyivites of their democratic rights to choose a mayor in a free and fair election. Kyiv is an ancient city with a long history of prosperity. I want to help Kyiv reach its potential as one of the great European capitals working for the benefit of its citizens, and not the party in power. Right now, I intend to do that by protecting Kyiv’s rights to self-administration through the parliament. And, if and when the party of power decides to call an election in the city of Kyiv, I can assure you that I will make an announcement about my intention to run for mayor loud and clear. Do you still plan on rerunning in the mayoral elections even after your losses in 2006 and 2008? In both those races, the democratic vote was split, which led to the election and then re-election of Leonid Chernovetskiy. Right now, opinion polls show my support for the mayoral race in Kyiv at about 45% compared to 30% for the incumbent candidate from the Party of Regions. I believe Ukraine’s democratic leaders have

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learned their lessons in the city of Kyiv. And, this explains why Bankova Street has postponed the mayoral election indefinitely. I don’t want the Party of Regions to let down their guard in Kyiv. When I’m ready to announce, I will. What would you say to the people who consider you as more of a heavyweight champion than a politician? I say "thanks for supporting my sports career". Now, take a close look at my seven-year political record in the City of Kyiv. My team has fought against corrupt practices like land grabs, communal property seizures, and unwarranted utility rate hikes. We have remained true to our principles and we intend to continue to fight for what we consider right and fair.

What qualities would you say you possess that make you a successful politician? The most important thing in politics is to recognise the difference between right and wrong. That has been my guiding principle since I entered politics and I intend to stubbornly continue it. Secondly, my team at UDAR is made up of selfmade young men and women who work hard for what they have and have not compromised in their choice between right and wrong. Do you feel that having lived abroad gets in the way of your stance in Ukrainian politics? Quite the contrary – by living abroad one gets a better perspective of the way things should be in Ukraine. One understands that fair and transparent rules of the game are important not only for citizens, but also for business and investment. Trust is an important factor in society

that serves as the basis for stability and progress. Without trust, democracy is impossible. What the ruling party proposes is preserving the corrupt bureaucracy, and they call that stability. They steal state budget revenues and call that progress. Ukrainian politicians have created a warped sense of reality and they believe they can convince voters that their lives are improving, when in fact only the rich in this country are getting richer. What will your first steps be to make yourself better known in the local world of politics? At the UDAR Party Convention in May 2011, I set a goal of reaching 10% voter support, and opinion polls show that we reached that goal in May 2012. At our candidate nominating convention in August, I set a goal of reaching 15% voter support for our party list in the October 28 election, and we have already surpassed that goal! We will not outspend our opponents on television advertising or billboards. We will not engage in the dirty, black-PR campaign tactics of the ruling party. We will simply conduct a door-to-door election campaign that reaches as many voters as possible. Our message is simple and clear – it’s time to get Ukraine’s political house in order. We have a five-point plan to do that: 1) fight government corruption; 2) return citizen control over state decision-making; 3) provide fair and equal opportunities; 4) give local government more power; and 5) promote European standards of living. Do you still plan on trying to balance your two very different careers after the election? I have no doubt our political team UDAR will succeed in the October 28 election. As for professional boxing, I’m already past forty and have won all the world boxing heavyweight titles possible. However, I’ll let you know what my plans are. How do you find balancing your career with your family? We spent a lot of time together this summer. But with the election and the September 8 boxing match in Moscow, I’ve had limited time for my wife and three children. I once asked my oldest son if he misses me and he said he’s used to me being away. It’s a sacrifice, but it makes the time we have together more special.

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This Week 19

Friday Iryna Kruh (Russia, pop) Time: 19.00 Admission: 150-950hrv Palace Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103) 247-2444 G  reen Grey (rock) Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 Motor’rolla, Chumaky, Tex-Mex Co (pop-rock, cover bands) Time: 22.00 Admission: 75hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 Tabula Rasa, Crazy Train (pop-rock, cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 75hrv Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

Live Music

19–25 October 2012

Rock Four (cover band) Time: 19.00 Admission: call for details Porter (Konstantynivska 2a) 425-0281

Slaves of Music

Jean Tonic (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: call for details Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

This October, Belorussian rockers Lyapis Trubetskoy will be back in Kyiv to present their 12th album, RabCore. Its title is a play on words in Russian, translated as Hardcore Slaves, and contains harsh, politically-flavoured metaphors; something the band is known and loved for. Victims of censorship, the group have been banned from playing in their home country, and as such, have since released this latest album over the Internet. Crying out to “kill the slave inside”, let’s see how it turns out. Tickets are 190hrv. For more information call 222-8040.

Lyapis Trubetskoy (Belorussia, rock, punk) Stereo Plaza (Kikvidze 1)

20 October at 19.00

UA  /PL Alternative Music Meetings (festival) Time: 19.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366 Drymba da Dzyha, Second Breath (ethno, cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865

The Magma (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 30hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717


Sunday Soyuz 44 (jazz) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

In Jear (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

Jean Tonic (cover band) Time: 19.00 Admission: call for details Porter (Konstantynivska 2a) 425-0281

Carnival Heat (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

Tres Deseos (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 20hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

Chill Out (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

Partyzanski Vytivky (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

Lucky Band (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: call for details Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

Serhiy Surpun (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Porter (Konstantynivska 2a) 425-0281

Max Vorek (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Porter (Konstantynivska 2a) 425-0281

Maxi Jam (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Porter (Konstantynivska 2a) 425-0281

UA  /PL Alternative Music Meetings (festival) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366

Koma (cover band) Time: 19.00 Admission: call for details Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

Den (cover band) Time: 19.00 Admission: call for details Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

Four from Liverpool (cover band) Time: 19.00 Admission: call for details Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

R  obots Don’t Cry (pop-rock) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366

Metaliteratura (literature-musical evening) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366

Kolo Khmar (cover band) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366

Hobot & Co (pop-rock) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865

Good, Bad, Evil (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865

Bloom Band (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865




Rock Funk Fest (funk) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

Raggasm (reggae) Time: 22.00 Admission: 40hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

Cadillac Records (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

Kh.P.Z. (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900

Vasya Club, In Jear (cover bands) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865


Saturday Alisa (Russia, rock) Time: 19.00 Admission: 150-450hrv National Aviation University (Komorova 1) 408-3300 Wake Up, Lyapis Crew (cover bands) Time: 22.00 Admission: 50-80hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137



More Khuana (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900

Dyadya Vasya (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865


Thursday Dok (rock, fusion) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

Fusion Sky (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Porter (Konstantynivska 2a) 425-0281

Ruky v Bryuky (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 30hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

Jazz Lyre (cover band) Time: 19.00 Admission: call for details Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

Animals’ Session (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

High Score (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900 Shubin Band (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Porter (Konstantynivska 2a) 425-0281 True Colours (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: call for details Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979 Ni  colas Tym & Oleh Adzhikaev (acoustic, cover duet) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366 Rocking Wolves (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865


April, Honey Top (cover bands) Time: 22.00 Admission: 75hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

Brits Rock!

Motor’rolla, More Khuana (pop-rock, cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 75hrv Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

Uriah Heep, classic hard-rockers and faves of our parents, will be rolling into town this autumn to play a few sets at Docker Pub. Thought they retired? So did we! It turns out we were both wrong! Releasing their 23rd album, Into the Wild, just last year, the Heep is still alive and kicking. Modulating the madness ever so slightly, fans old and new will be pleasantly surprised by the new sound. Tickets are 500 – 1,000hrv. For more information call 537-1340.

Bender Band (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900

Rocking Wolves (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

Roman Humenyuk (jazz) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366

Uriah Heep (UK, classic rock, heavy metal) Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25)

21 October at 21.00

: What's On Recommended

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Theatre & Classical Music


19–25 October 2012

A Ticket to the Underworld Dark Patrick (UA/UK, folk, rock, electronic) House of Artists (Artema 1-5)


21 October at 18.00

Dark Patrick is not only a combination of Ukrainian and British culture, it is a combination of authentic world instruments within an atmosphere of synthetic sound and experimentation. The music is meditative, philosophical, magical even, and envelops you in a thick blanket of relaxation and hypnotic trance. Give in to the call of the underworld tonight and just let yourself go. Tickets are 50 – 150hrv. For more information visit


Friday  n Evening of A Classical Music Featuring Bortnyk (tenor), Academic Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2) 278-1697 An Evening of Classical Music Featuring Kotko (coloratura bass), Nuzha (cello), Balakhovska (organ) Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music (V Vasylkivska 77) 528-3186 Carmen Opera in French in 3 acts Time: 19.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50) 279-1169 An Evening of Vocal Music Featuring Andrashchuk (tenor), Skyrko (bass, baritone), Fesay (soprano), Skurko (piano) Time: 19.30 Sophia Kyivska Ukrainian Philharmonic Society (Andriivskiy Uzviz 23) 587-7490

Storm Tragic-comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 I Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre (Ivana Franka 3) 279-5921 Chasing Two Hares Musical in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Kyiv Operetta (V Vasylkivska 53/3) 287-6257 Trees Die Standing Play in 3 acts Time: 19.00 L Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre (B Khmelnytskoho 5) 234-4223 26 Rooms Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro (Brovarskiy Pr 25) 517-1955 While Mother’s Out Comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre (Prorizna 17) 278-7392 What the French Hide Comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre (Yaroslaviv Val 16) 212-4188 A  n Evening of Flamenco Featuring Stepanovych (guitar), Smilyanska, Kudryavchenko (dancing) Time: 19.00 House of Actors (Yaroslaviv Val 7) 253-8247/2081


Saturday C  hamber Art Music International Festival Featuring Martinez (Spain, piano), Rety (France, flute) Works by Mozart Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2) 278-169 A  n Evening of Organ Music Featuring Koshuba (organ) Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music (V Vasylkivska 77) 528-3186 Pages of Russian Vocal Music Featuring Zabolotska (soprano), Zabolotsky (baritone), Moskalets (piano) Time: 19.30 Sophia Kyivska Ukrainian Philharmonic Society (Andriivskiy Uzviz 23) 587-7490 Chasing Two Hares Musical in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Kyiv Operetta (V Vasylkivska 53/3) 287-6257 Mad Blood Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 L Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre (B Khmelnytskoho 5) 234-4223 The Corsican Historical anecdote in 1 act Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro 517-1955

Meet the Rich and Authentic Chechens

Vaynakh Chechen Dance Ensemble (Chechnya, folk song and dance), Palace Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)

24 October at 19.00

The Chechen culture, although rich and authentic, remains relatively unknown to the rest of the world. Hoping to enlighten those here in Kyiv, the oldest Chechen song and dance ensemble comes to the capital this autumn. Having revamped their work after the beginning of the Second Chechen War in 1999, the mastery and fiery temperament of Vaynakh promises a night you won’t soon forget. Tickets are 150 – 1,300hrv. For more information call 247-2444.

Athens Evenings Lyrical comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre (Prorizna 17) 278-7392 Perfect Charlie Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre (Yaroslaviv Val 16) 212-4188 Autumn in Music and Paintings Time: 18.00 House of Actors (Yaroslaviv Val 7) 253-8247/2081


Sunday International Chamber Art Music Festival Featuring Martinez (Spain, piano), Severin (Switzerland, cello) Works by Brahms, Schubert Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2) 278-1697

Swan Lake Ballet in 3 acts Time: 19.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50) 279-1169

Family Dinner Comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 L Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre (B Khmelnytskoho 5) 234-4223

Don Carlos Opera in Italian in 3 acts Time: 19.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50) 279-1169

An Evening of Vocal Music Featuring Bratyk (soprano), Bondarovska (piano), Bolkunevych (soprano) Time: 19.30 Sophia Kyivska Ukrainian Philharmonic Society Andriivskiy Uzviz 23 587-7490

The Little Prince Historical fantasy Time: 19.00 Plastic Drama Theatre (Shovkovychna 7a) 253-9383

Such Jewish Happiness Musical in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Kyiv Operetta (V Vasylkivska 53/3) 287-6257

Gypsy Baron Operetta in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Kyiv Operetta (V Vasylkivska 53/3) 287-6257



Moskoviada Play in 3 acts Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre (Prorizna 17) 278-7392

Ave, Maria! Featuring Lipinska (mezzosoprano), Roy (flute), Koshuba (organ) Works by Bach, Schubert, Guilman Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music (V Vasylkivska 77) 528-3186

Where the Wind Blows Play in 1 act Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro (Brovarskiy Pr 25) 517-1955

Natalka Poltavka Ukrainian musical drama in 2 acts Time: 12.00 Solo For a Striking Clock Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 I Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre (Ivana Franka 3) 279-5921 The Overly Happy Father Comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 L Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre (B Khmelnytskoho 5) 234-4223 Voytsekh. Carnival of Flesh Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro (Brovarskiy Pr 25) 517-1955 Quartet for Two Comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre (Prorizna 17) 278-7392 The Little Prince Historical fantasy Time: 19.00 Plastic Drama Theatre (Shovkovychna 7a) 253-9383 Stolen Happiness Drama in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre (Yaroslaviv Val 16) 212-4188


Monday A Tribute to Franz Liszt Featuring Erdi (Hungary, piano) Works by Liszt, Chopin, Schumann Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2) 278-1697 An Evening of Organ Music Featuring Bubnova (organ) Works by Vivaldi, Grieg Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music (V Vasylkivska 77) 528-3186

Cavalleria Rusticana & Carmen Suite Opera and ballet in 1 act each Time: 19.00 National Opera of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50) 279-1169


An Evening of Instrumental Music Featuring Kucher (cello), Voytekh (piano) Works by Strauss, Schumann Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music (V Vasylkivska 77) 528-3186 R  ed Bull Flying Bach Contemporary dance interpretation to Bach music Time: 19.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50) 279-1169 Tango of Life Dancing show 2 acts Time: 19.00 Kyiv Operetta (V Vasylkivska 53/3) 287-6257 Anthem to Democratic Youth Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 I Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre (I Franka 3) 279-5921 Dangerous Liaisons Suspenseful intrigue Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro (Brovarskiy Pr 25) 517-1955 Lettice & Lavidzh Fun w/ shadows Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre (Yaroslaviv Val 16) 212-4188

In the Drumming Lane History of the railroad in 27 scenes Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre (Yaroslaviv Val 16) 212-4188

Mrs Minister Comedy in 4 acts Time: 19.00 L Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre (B Khmelnytskoho 5) 234-4223 Matchmaking at Honcharivka Drama in 3 acts Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre (Prorizna 17) 278-7392 Guests Come at Midnight Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro (Brovarskiy Pr 25) 517-1955

Singing and Dancing Ukraine


25 October at 19.00

Wednesday Orchestral Wonderland – From Antiquity to Modernity Featuring Academic Orchestra of Folk Instrument, soloists of the National Opera House Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2) 278-1697 A  n Evening of Classical Music Featuring Gerbert (Germany, oboe), Shvydka (soprano), Labut (mezzo-soprano), Tretyak (double bass), Sydorenko (organ) Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music (V Vasylkivska 77) 528-3186

Veryovka Choir (UA, folk song and dance), Palace Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103) You've probably heard of Veryovka, one of the best groups in the country. Taking you on a trip to another world this fall, breath-taking Ukrainian folk songs, spectacular dancing and soul-inspiring music await. Receiving applause from Ukraine and beyond, this next concert is one that will include beloved repertoire as well as new compositions organically combined to turn out wonderfully traditional as well as modern Ukrainian culture. Tickets are 80 – 500hrv. For more information call 247-2444. : What's On Recommended

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This Week Nightlife  19

19–25 October 2012


One Night in Chicago Time: 21.00 Admission: L-50hrv, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024

G  row 02 with Minianimal and DJs T.Fain, Veleev, and Dzen (Russia) Time: 21.00 Admission: call for details Boom Boom Room (Shevchenko 33) 588-8989

Dub Step vs Drum and Bass with DJs DrumInfected, Right Heart, and Mark Time: 18.00 Admission: 10hrv Dvor (Druzhkovskaya 12) 501-2983

Disco 90s to 2000s with DJ Star Time: 23.00 Admission: L-free, G-50hrv Seven Music Club (Saksahanskoho 1g) 205-4451 Tima Sax Live Show with DJs Bro and Rockstar Time: 23.00 Admission: call for details Sky Bar (V Vasylkivska 5) 223-8888 Glam Punk Party with DJs Ksusha Kosmos, Stalker, Branksi and more Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00 free, after Lfree, G-150hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494 Kasta with DJ ID Crash Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-30hrv, G-50hrv, after L-50hrv, G-80hrv Bionica (Borshchahivska 128a) 232-7296 Super Disco with DJs Romantic, 2 Machos, Underhill and Nekrasoff Time: 22.00 Admission: before 23.30 L-30hrv, G-40hrv, after L-50hrv, G-60hrv Forsage (Harmatna 51a) 232-6780 Hi  story of House Music with DJs Light, David Nova, and Runov Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details D’Lux (Hrushevskoho 3) 200-9009 Pioneers – Always Ready! Time: 21.00 Admission: L-50hrv, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 Ladies Night with DJs SunAlex and Jerry Nugget Time: 22.00 Admission: L-20hrv, G-40hrv Garage Party Bar (Teodora Drayzera 21) 548-1419 Love Night with DJ Games and MC Nata Lunch Time: 21.00 Admission: L-40hrv, G-60hrv Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023

The Thinking Man’s Techno

Swarms (UK, underground, techno), Xlib (Frunze 12)

20 October at 23.00

In true testament to their name, Swarms throws together an improbable slew of meditative dubstep, techno, ambient, and acoustic post-rock and actually produces something worth listening to. Straight out of Malvern, the three-member outfit is known for the textural quality of their music, an effect they often create by layering seemingly discordant elements like guitar and low-frequency electronica. The three launched their career with the song I Gave You Everything, which was a hit on YouTube. A supporting cast of Jike, Duberman, Koloah, DeGo, and more is sure to keep the party going into the night. Admission is 80hrv. Call 417-3233 for more information. Party Night with Resident DJ Zeekrey and MC Pavlik Morozov Time: 21.00 Admission: L-free, G-50hrv Sakhar Party Bar (Dekabrystov 12/37) 563-9662 DJs Diana Miro, Misha Zaitsev, and Kesha Time: 23.00 Admission: L-free, G-100hrv Karusel (Golosiivskaya 87-6) 259-0001 Friday Night Vixens Time: 21.00 Admission: before 00.00, L-Free, G-100hrv, after L-100hrv, G-100hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300 I’m in Miami Beach with DJs Uki (US), Andreas, Unique, and Maria Magdalena Time: 23.00 Admission: L-50hrv, G-100hrv Crystal Hall (Dniprovskiy Spusk 1) 538-0100 Dis-Quality with DJs Via PPS, Schpieler, and Iyug Time: 22.00 Admission: before 23.30 L-20hrv, G-25hrv, after L-40hrv, G-50hrv Saxon (Trutenko 4) 257-4070

The Charmer

DJ Vincenzo (Germany, house), Boom Boom Room (Shevchenko 33)

20 October at 22.00

German-Italian Vincenzo Ragone is a rare house veteran, with ten years of experience under his belt. He originally worked as a producer in his native Germany, making hits that helped fuel the burgeoning acid house subgenre in the 1990s in Hamburg. He didn’t release his first solo track until 1997, but when he did, 1-800-Vincenzo became an instant hit. He has been perfecting his own unique brand of soulful deep house, drawing from his interest in hip-hop music and rap as a child. That influence is clear in his latest work – a sexy collaboration with the Talking Props and Dessous Recordings, entitled Seduction. For tickets and more information call 588-8989.


Saturday F reek Me with DJs Light, Romantic, Marka Pola, Kristyene, ID Crash, and Underhill Time: 22.00 Admission: L-25hrv, G-30hrv Saxon (Trutenko 4) 257-4070 Party Night with DJs Malena, Joyint, and Jean Vayat Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details D’Lux (Hrushevskoho 3) 200-9009 Student Party with DJs SunAlex and Kesha Time: 23.00 Admission: 30hrv Karusel (Golosiivskaya 87-6) 259-0001 K  yiv Goes Hard for Sickman’s Birthday with DJs Progressor (Russia), Sickman, and more Time: 23.00 Admission: 50hrv Energy Club (Entusiastiv 1) 093-014-5839 Radio Azure Party with DJs Branski and Stalker Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00 free, after Lfree, G-150hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494

Gorod 312 Live with DJs Key and Rockstar Time: 23.00 Admission: call for details Sky Bar (V Vasylkivska 5) 223-8888 Show Mafia with DJ Snach Time: 21.00 Admission: L-100hrv, G-100hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300 Lessons in Flirting Party with DJ Marahovsky Time: 23.00 Admission: L-free, G-70hrv Seven Music Club (Saksahanskoho 1g) 205-4451 Light Night with DJ Games and MC Nata Lunch Time: 21.00 Admission: L-40hrv, G-60hrv Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023 Get Fresh with DJs SunAlex and Andrew Check Time: 22.00 Admission: L-20hrv, G-40hrv Garage Party Bar (Teodora Drayzera 21) 548-1419 Steeped in Motion with DJs Shumskiy, Denny Raff, and Shummi Time: 23.00 Admission: L-25hrv, G-50hrv Egoist (Horlovskaya 124/140) 223-3633 P  lay Techno with DJs Truncate (US), Mays, and Egor Boss Time: 22.00 Admission: before 23.30 L-40hrv, G-50hrv, after L-60hrv, G-70hrv Forsage (Harmatna 51a) 232-6780 Cossack Rada with DJs Artem Fleming and Dan Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-30hrv, G-50hrv, after L-50hrv, G-80hrv Bionica (Borshchahivska 128a) 232-7296


Sunday R  nB Boom: Drink or Die with DJs Lady, Kash Flow, Mukvik, and Cluber Time: 22.00 Admission: before 23.30 L-10hrv, G-15hrv, after L-20hrv, G-30hrv Forsage (Harmatna 51a) 232-6780 Step by Step Time: 21.00 Admission: L-free, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 B  ack in the USSR with DJ Velskiy and Friends Time: 23.00 Admission: L- free, G-100hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494 T  echnical Freaks with DJs Spartaque, Kirill Mixer, Spieler, Horsy, and Semenich Time: 22.00 Admission: before 23:30, 15hrv, after L-25hrv, G-30hrv Saxon (Trutenko 4) 257-4070 All Out Dance Party with DJs Zeekrey and Joyint Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Sakhar Party Bar (Dekabrystov 12/37) 563-9662

Sunday Funday Karaoke with DJs Vados and Beats Time: 21.00 Admission: L-free, G-50hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300 Pioneer Bachelorette Party with DJ Games and MC Adam Time: 21.00 Admission: L-20hrv, G-40hrv Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023 Girls Night Retro Style with DJs Saylex and Andrey Lubimoff Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-free, G-20hrv, after L-free, G-40hrv Bionica (Borshchahivska 128a) 232-7296 Best Euro Hits with DJs Jerry Nugget and SunAlex Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Garage Party Bar (Teodora Drayzera 21) 548-1419


Monday Disco Party and Karaoke DJs Vados and Beats Time: 21.00 Admission: free Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300 Pivomania – DJ Size Time: 21.00 Admission: free Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023 Jose Cuervo Night Time: 21.00 Admission: free Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024


Tuesday Disco Nostalgia Party and Karaoke DJs Vados and Beats Time: 21.00 Admission: free Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300 MIX Style with DJ Shtuzer Time: 21.00 Admission: free Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023 Set Sail with Captain Morgan! Time: 21.00 Admission: free Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024


Wednesday Sweet Retro Wednesdays Time: 21.00 Admission: L-free, G-50hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300 Live Karaoke with Beethoven Band Time: 23.00 Admission: call for details Sky Bar (V Vasylkivska 5) 223-8888 Ladies Night Time: 21.00 Admission: before 00.00, L-50hrv, G-closed, after G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 Radio Days Time: 21.00 Admission: free Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023 Whisky Party with DJs Stalker and Vel Time: 21.00 Admission: L- free, G-100hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494


Thursday Hits Party 90s to Today with DJ Leo Key Time: 21.00 Admission: L-free, G-50hrv Sakhar Party Bar (Dekabrystov 12/37) 563-9662 Ladies Night Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00, L-free, G-50hrv, after L-50hrv, G-50hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300 Master Class in Dancing with MC Adam Time: 21.00 Admission: L-30hrv, G-30hrv Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023 Death Race—Kyiv Fryday Time: 21.00 Admission: L-free, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 Student Night with DJs Jerry Nugget and SunAlex Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details Garage Party Bar (Teodora Drayzera 21) 548-1419

Kiss FM’s 10th Birthday Bash Kiss FM Radio w/ Avicii (Sweden), Stereo Plaza (Kikvidze 17)

19 October at 21.00

Join Kiss FM as they blow out candles at their tenth birthday party at Stereo Plaza this weekend. Kiss FM’s annual birthday parties always make a splash with Kyiv clubbers, and the radio station pulled out all the stops to celebrate its first full decade on the airwaves. At 23-years-old, Swedish headliner and Grammy winner Avicii is considered one of the best dance DJs on the planet – a fitting choice for Kyiv’s top dance music station. Let the celebration begin! Tickets are 350 – 800hrv. For more information call 502-3464.

: What's On Recommended

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This Week Art 

Terrapia Exhibition of paintings by Mykhailo Deyak (CZ) Mystetska Zbirka Gallery (Tereshchenkivska 13) Until 28 October 099-245-1118

Personal Exhibition Exhibition of paintings by Serhiy Lunyov (UA) Museum of Modern Art (Hlybochytska 17) Until 30 October 201-4945

Of Landscapes and Love Exhibition of photographs by Michael McCafrey (US) Brucie Collections (Artema 55b) Until 30 October 205-4264

19–25 October 2012

Not Named Exhibition of paintings by Oleksandr Sukholit (UA) Karas Gallery (Andriivskiy Uzviv 22a) Until 30 October 238-6531

The First Twenty Years

Exhibition of works by Tobias Rosenberger (Germany), Ya Gallery (Khoryva 49b)

From 18 October

Squat on Olehivska Exhibition of art-works by Ukrainian artists – Anatoliy Varvarov, Volodymyr Zaichenko, Volodymyr Padun, Ihor Konovalov, Serhiy Kornichevsky, Eduard Potapenkov M17 (Antonovycha 102-104) Until 22 October 596-2030

Tobias Rosenberger is a German artist who lives and works in Frankfurt. Having spent some time in the artistic residence of a little town here in Ukraine called Muzychi, he got to thinking about all those things which surround us and what they mean. His theory is that our first 20 years is a time when ‘things’ matter the most – space and time is limited and it’s our possessions we identify with. To prove this, Rosenberger's next exhibition includes the material of nine surveillance cameras, nine monitors and other modern paraphernalia. Get ready to see the world differently. For more information call 492-9203.

Sculpture and Paintings Exhibition of works by Vasyl Tatarsky and Alina Maksymenko (UA) Triptych Gallery (Desyatynna 13) Until 23 October 279-2909

Mamaychuky. A Timeless Look. Exhibition of paintings by Anatoliy Melnyk (UA) National Art Museum of Ukraine (Hrushevskoho 6) Until 28 October 278-7454




20 & 21 October 10.00 to 18.00

Musical Classics II Ballet for kids and parents Time: 12.00 Admission: 30-150hrv Kyiv Theatre of Opera & Ballet for Children & Youth (Mezhyhirska 2) 425-3116

Yaponomania Festival of Japanese culture, Kyiv Expo Plaza (Salyutna 2b)

Japan and Ukraine have been friends for 20 years, and in celebration of that long and fruitful relationship, the Confetti Company is organising a festival of Japanese culture. Come out this weekend and you’ll be treated to Japanese cooking, martial arts, ikebana (flower arranging) master-classes, lectures on Eastern culture and traditions and much more! With all of this culture, Kyiv Expo Plaza will turn into a little Tokyo for two days. Check it out! Tickets are 60hrv, youth aged 8 – 16 are 10hrv, children under 7 get in free. For more information call 461-9493 or visit Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre Hrushevskoho 1a (Park Khreshchatyk) 278-5808 Kyiv Municipal Puppet Theatre Myropilska 1 513-1500 MARIINSKIY PARK Arsenalna Metro

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Marionette Theatre Sahaidachnoho 29/3 417-3058 National Circus of Ukraine Peremohy 2 486-3856 Kyiv Zoo Peremohy 32  277-47-69


The Little Elephant Time: 11.00 Thumbelina Time: 13.00 Ivasyk Telesyk Time: 15.00 The Frog Princess Time: 17.00 Admission: 40hrv Puppet Theatre (Hrushevskoho 1a) 278-5808 The Prince and the Princess Fairytale in 2 acts Time: 12.00 Admission: 40-50hrv Lypska Youth Theatre (Lypska 15/17) 253-6219

Family Entertainment Centre Dyvosvit M Malinovskoho 24/10 502-0088 Nemo Dolphinarium Academic Hlushkov 9 520-5555 Kyiv Planetarium V Vasylkivska 57/3 287-7508

Kolobok’s Magical Journey Play Time: 11.00 The Starry Sky Above Us Educational programme Time: 14.00 Myths and Legends of the Stars Time: 18.00 Kyiv Planetarium (V Vasylkivska 57/3) 287-7508


Sunday Buratino’s Adventures Musical in 2 acts Time: 12.00, 15.00 Admission: 10-40hrv Kyiv Theatre of Opera & Ballet for Children & Youth (Mezhyhirska 2) 425-4280 The Ugly Duckling Time: 11.00 Little Black Sambo Time: 13.00 Cinderella Time: 15.00 Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Time: 17.00 Admission: 40hrv Puppet Theatre (Hrushevskoho 1a) 278-5808

Fairytale in the Attic Dialogue in 3 acts Time: 11.00 Cat’s House Musical in 2 acts Time: 12.00 Admission: 40-50hrv Lypska Youth Theatre (Lypska 15/17) 253-6219 A Guest from Space Play Time: 11.00 A Walk in the Starry Sky Educational programme Time: 14.00 Myths and Legends of the Stars Time: 18.00 Kyiv Planetarium (V Vasylkivska 57/3) 287-7508 Natalka Poltavka Play Time: 12.00 Admission: 10-50hrv I Franko Theatre (I Franka 3) 279-5921

Aqua Park in Terminal Brovary, Kyivska 316 200 29 80/81

Horse-riding Centre Nabeg Vyshhorodska 85a 360-3838 (call in advance)

Dream Land Aqua Park Obolonskiy 21b 485-2111/12

Central Horse Race Track of Ukraine Akademika Hlushkova 10 526-2053

Ostrich Farm Yasnohorodka, Podlesna 32 (30km from Kyiv)  353-8821

Exhibition Centre Park Akademika Hlushkova 1

State Museum of Toys Klovskiy Spusk 8 253-5400 Interesting Kyiv Tours 364-5111 Pyrohovo Open Air Museum Trolleybus 11 from Lybidska Metro 526-5765


Wednesday The Charmed Chumak Musical in 2 acts Time: 13.00 Admission: 10-40hrv Kyiv Theatre of Opera & Ballet for Children & Youth (Mezhyhirska 2) 425-4280


Thursday Patrick & the Wolf Ballet in 1 act Animals’ Carnival Ballet in 1 act Time: 13.00 Admission: 10-40hrv Kyiv Theatre of Opera & Ballet for Children & Youth (Mezhyhirska 2) 425-4280 A Fair Mess Folk burlesque in 2 acts Time: 12.00 Admission: 40-50hrv Lypska Youth Theatre (Lypska 15/17) 253-6219 Mamaeva Sloboda Museum M Dontsya 2 361-9848 National Botanic Garden Timiryazevska 1 284-9506 Experimentanium Museum Verkhniy Val 2a 417-4033

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Yohanca Delgado, Kateryna Kyselyova, Lana Nicole


Kyiv Culture

Four Fashionable Days

Like No Other In a highly fashionable capital like Kyiv, it only makes sense to keep the fly men and women of this country ahead of the pack. We’ve got a fashion week, and thanks to Daria Shapovalova, we’ve got Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days – a four-day round-up of shows, lectures, exhibitions and master classes from local and international personalities. It’s hot, it’s here, it’s now…


ashion is a statement. It states something about you. In need of a style? Make sure you check out the various events going on down at the Olympic Stadium, because Ukraine couldn’t be better prepared for the upcoming spring/summer season. But don’t take our word for it…

international guests: buyers, journalists, editors. This season, we have people from Another Magazine, Italian Vogue, Dazed, Nowfashion. com, Tranoï, L’eclaireur and many other fashion industry insiders.


aria Shapovalova – she’s got her own television show, Fashion Week with Daria Shapovalova, she blogs for Russian Vogue, she’s constantly on the run from one fashion week to the next across the continent, and she’s the organiser of Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days. Why should you check out this next week of fashion fun? Read on… Ukraine already has a Fashion Week, why Kiev Fashion Days? Ukraine didn’t have an International Fashion Week before Kiev Fashion Days, all it had was a Ukrainian one. The most important fact about Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days is that it was created as a platform for talented designers with ambitions to conquer the international market. We are pushing the boundaries of the Ukrainian fashion industry and promoting Kyiv as a new destination for fashion devotees and as a new fashion capital. It’s no secret that we are trendsetters when it comes to inviting

38.indb 14

What is your style? My style is cosmopolitan and easy-going for the daytime, but for special occasions I love to dress in fashionable outfits and I am not afraid to wear very exceptional pieces by such designers as Comme des Garçons, Junya Watanabe or Haider Ackermann. I am also fond of different combinations and all sorts of layering, and you can see me dressed in many brands, both luxury and massmarket. Is this what is represented at MBKFD? Or do you think it is a broader concept? MBKFD definitely has a broader concept, because it is not a mere fashion or social event. We create a universe and shape a whole new way of thinking and understanding fashion. What will be different about this season’s event as compared to last season? For the very first time, we will have representatives from both Tranoï and Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Also, one significant innovation for us is an open showroom for those designers and labels who want to showcase their works to the audience and international guests.


krainian Anton Belinskiy has established himself as one of the most innovative young designers of the new generation. He expertly combines different textures with architectural silhouettes, creating both basics and statement pieces. Just a few years ago Anton was making capsule collections of 5 to10 items. These days, he’s a regular at MBKFD. How would you define your style? What inspires you? The source of my inspiration is anything I see around me – the sharp shapes of the modern city landscape, quickly moving cars and people. I’m interested in the contrast of static urban objects with the dynamics of modern life. You’re known for creating architectural, minimalistic silhouettes. How do they resonate with you? The person makes the dress, the dress doesn’t make the person. Minimalism underlines the personality of the wearer, it reveals her inner qualities, and it does not hide anything. As for architecture – it’s always interested me how it shapes space and makes the invisible vivid. That’s exactly what clothes do to people. Describe the typical woman you create for. The image of the ideal woman has always been my mother. The essence of the ideal woman I see in Maya Plesetskaya – a woman-legend impervious to time and thus always modern. That is the woman I sew for – one able to inspire Cardin, Chanel and new generations. There are contradictory comments that exist about your past shows – one critic calls you the most perceptive young designer, while another derides you for ragged fabrics and imperfect cut. How would you respond? Each critic has the right to his own opinion; and by the way those controversial statements never stopped either of them from wearing my clothes! What means the most to me is that my clothes are comfortable for my clients – they mix my pieces easily with well-known European brands. How would you define the word “stylish”? For me, stylish clothing doesn’t suppress or hide the individuality of the person wearing it. For spring-summer 2013, I’m not going to shock or surprise anyone – I’m aiming for a new emotional experience, to give people a chance to discover something about themselves through fashion.

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16.10.2012 20:26:39

Kateryna Kyselyova


Kyiv Kino

295 Films

Molodist 42 Schedule

As tradition states, the festival’s programme is split into competition and non-competition entries in categories Student, Short and Full-length films. Complementing the usual suspects, there are a few more groupings this year, some of which include French Connection (French-language movies), German Wave (German-language films) and Long Nights of Shortcuts – French, German and Swiss shorts. Plus, the festival has put together a number of retrospectives – the one on the life and work of Bohdan Stupka is not to be missed! Below are some of the highlights. For full listings, check out

20 October – Festival Opening

Since 1970, the Molodist International Film Festival has been one of Kyiv’s most anticipated annual events. Discovering new and unique cinematic heavyweights each and every year, a heady selection of 295 student, short and full-length films from local and international directors, producers and screenwriters is at your disposal this October. Included in the mix is short Nuclear Waste, by Myroslav Slaboshpytsky – it won a Silver Leopard at this year’s Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland.


aking its respected place among other international film-festivals, Molodist has been around for 42 years. In keeping with the quality and quantity of films from years past, 2012 is no different, and showcases an incredibly long list of marvellous motion pictures. Among them, is Myroslav Slaboshpytsky’s short, Nuclear Waste. Winning second place at this year’s Locarno Film Festival, the 23-minute strip takes a look at ordinary life in a very unordinary place – the 30-kilometre Chornobyl zone. What’s On gets an exclusive interview with the director himself.

38.indb 16

My Own Personal Chornobyl

Myroslav Slaboshpytsky has recently returned from Switzerland. He’s in high demand these days, but agrees to meet me at this year’s Molodist headquarters, Kyiv Cinema. As we sit down, I want to know what the Locarno Leopard means to him. His answer is one of utter satisfaction: “This festival has been ongoing for 65 years. This particular award has been in existence since 1968, and no other Ukrainian director has ever been its recipient, until now. If I were to respond in just one sentence – it is historical!” Even without this award, Slaboshpytsky is assured of his place in Ukraine’s cinematographic history – his shorts were featured at the Berlin International Film Festival in both 2009 and 2010. Commenting on his festival experiences, he says, “You can’t help but get excited when your film is included on a competition list in festivals like Locarno or Venice. They only choose 20 or so productions out of several thousand applicants which come from all over the world.” Generally, Myroslav sticks to exploring afflictive social topics in his shorts, such as Ukraine’s fight with HIV/AIDS in Diagnosis, or what it might be like to be deaf in Deafness. His latest film Nuclear Waste fits into that social category also, as it looks at the disaster that was Chornobyl. What makes it that much more special, however, is it comprises a personal element as well – Myroslav worked there in 1996 – 1997. “I have my own personal Chornobyl experience,” he says. “Despite the barbed wire and armed militia on watch, there is a feeling of freedom. What’s more, the feeling is irrational and mystic and can be found throughout

15.15 The Man Who Lies (Kyiv Cinema, Red hall) Retrospective Screening – Alain Robbe-Grillet. A story of sophisticated lies, seduction and human drama. 17.00 The White Bird Marked with Black (Kinopalats) Retrospective Screening – Bohdan Stupka. It was this film by Yuriy Illenko that turned Bohdan Stupka into a star. 19.00 Pieta (Kyiv Cinema, Blue hall) Retrospective Screening – Kim Ki-duk. This is the Golden Lion prizewinner at this year’s Venice Film Festival, and a story quite typical for the famous South Korean filmmaker. 23.30 Long Nights of Short Films: Switzerland (Kyiv Cinema, Red hall)

21 October

10.00, 12.30, 17.00 Student Competition (Kyiv Cinema, Blue hall) 17.45 Trans-Europ-Express (Kyiv Cinema, Cinemateka hall) Retrospective Screening – Alain Robbe-Grillet. Three characters take a train from Paris to Antwerp on a dope run. 19.20 Legs-Atavizm (Kyiv Cinema, Blue hall) Week of Russian Cinema – a film by Mikhail Mestetskiy which won several awards at Kinotavr 2012 in Sochi. 21.30 Sister / L’enfant d’en haut (Zhovten Cinema, Gegemon hall) French Connection – a story of individual choice and escape, which won a Silver Bear in Berlin this year.

22 October

15.00 National Competition (Kyiv Cinema, Blue hall) Among the various shorts presented, make sure you take in Myroslav Slaboshpytsky’s screening of Nuclear Waste. 21.00 The Almost Man (Kinopalats) Festival of Festivals – a film by Martin Lund (Norway), the Grand Prix winner of the Karlovy Vary Festival. 21.30 Hard Stop (Kyivska Rus Cinema) German Wave – a love-story in the age of digital gadgets.

23 October

17.00 Our Own (Kinopalats) Bohdan Stupka Retrospective – another film in the series revealing the outstanding talent of the Ukrainian actor.

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I Do!

Serebryana Svadba (Belorussia, fusion), Tolstoy Club (V Vasylkivska 19)

26 October at 22.00

Formed in 2005, Belorussian band Serebryana Svadba ("Silver Wedding") is particularly popular in Russia for their circus-like concerts. Singing in Russian, French and German, theirs is a cocktail of French chanson, country, Russian folk songs and Latino rhythms. Here in Kyiv next week, they bring with them their second studio album, called Laterna Magica. Take them in, they’re good for an evening of silliness and tomfoolery which you’re bound to enjoy. Tickets are 150hrv. For more information call 200-3838.

St Petersburg’s Elite

Leningrad (Russia, ska-punk, rock), Stereo Plaza (Kikvidze 1)

9 November at 19.00

Formed in 1997 in St Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), this band, headed by singer/guitarist Serhiy Shnurov, quickly found themselves at the top of the musical ranks, thanks to the rebellious message in many of their songs. Often rude, and sometimes inappropriate for children, these guys know how to rock regardless of their age, and are still enjoyed most especially by the cynical and sarcastic masses. With their 15th album released last year, Shnurov brings Leningrad to Kyiv to play a whole concert of hits. Tickets are 250 – 1,200hrv. For more information call 222-8040.

Hardcore Techno Explosion

Angerfist (Netherlands), Noize Suppressor (Italy) and Miss K8 (UA), Home (Perova 2)

16 November at 22.00

Scared? You Will Be!

Kids’ Halloween, Divosvit – Sky Hall (M Malynovskoho 24/10)

28 October at 17.00

The scariest day of the year is lurking around the corner, and a scary good time awaits both kids and parents in Divosvit. The party gets started at 17.00, and with a whole bunch of menacing monsters on the invite list, your kids are going to have a great time. Upon arrival, everyone gets their photo taken, and then it’s all fun and games with crafts, dancing, tasty treats and even a super prize raffle. You don’t have to come in costume, but it’s worth it if you do, as entrance into the Dinopark, where kids can play with ‘real’ dinosaurs, is free! Get your little ones gussied up and bring them on out tonight! Tickets are 130 – 200hrv. For more information call 502-0088.

38.indb 19

Fans of hardcore techno and gabber beats won’t want to miss this congregation of all-stars. Enthusiasts have dubbed Dutch DJ Angerfist the “king of hardcore” and his 2004 album Raise Your Fist made him a global name. His latest album, Retaliate, was released in 2011, when Angerfist was named 39th best DJ in the world by DJ Magazine. As his worldwide tour hits Kyiv, Italian DJ Noize Suppressor will join the act, along with hardcore queen DJ Miss K8. Call 383-7738 for more information.

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38.indb 20

16.10.2012 20:28:26

Yohanca Delgado


he brainchild of design duo Natalia Kamenskaya and Olesya Kononova, kamenskakononova has garnered serious accolades since its 2008 launch. Considered one of Ukraine’s top five fashion brands, Glamour Russia put them in the top 10 of emerging designers in the CIS last year. Known for their re-interpretation of the classic silhouette and their emphasis on minimalist cuts and austere colour palettes and textures, we get an up-close-and-personal look at the new collection and all the commotion backstage at this season’s Ukraine Fashion Week.

Organised Chaos

Feminine Aggression

The backstage area of UFW is a circus an hour before the show. Models scrub off makeup and nail polish as they transition from one show to the next. Katya, a Maybelline makeup artist, talks to us while she brushes orange-red face paint onto a model’s forehead, explaining that it takes about 30 minutes to prepare each girl’s face and that there are about 20 girls per show. After the girl is finished, she moves down the assembly line to the hair stylist, where her hair is flat-ironed pin straight. The lovely Iryna Pavlyk, CEO of kamenskakononova, explains the red face paint “reflects the accent colour in the collection. It is aggressive and we’re balancing it out with very simple makeup.” The jarring composite reflects the juxtaposition between natural and urban, soft femininity and aggression.

Model Irina Kravchenko, a native Kyivite on her second season of the global fashion week circuit, spares a few minutes in between getting ready. Having just arrived from the New York, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks, the 21-year-old is in high demand. She walked for three shows in this season’s UFW, and exclusively as the opening and finale model – a big accomplishment considering that Irina only took up modelling eight months ago. She opened and closed the kamenskakononova show, as well. As she heads off to change, she calls out, “I’m so happy to be home!” Models flit in and out of changing rooms as stylists make finishing touches. Within a few minutes, the models are changed and everyone stands near the stage, watching via a large TV screen as the audience begin to file in and take their seats. A flurry of excitement works its way through the crowd like a wave, as announcers ask everyone to take their seats. As if in a world of their own, Natalia and Olesya move wordlessly down the line, adjusting hems and examining each girl’s outfit for imperfections.

The Catwalk

Our friend Irina, resplendent in a gorgeous black sheath, hits the runway first, launching the show of months of hard work by the brand’s team of designers and seamstresses. Like athletes ready for a race, the wardrobe girls wait next to their clothing racks, primed to change the girls into their second outfits. “There are usually 2-3 wardrobe changes per girl. We arrive four hours before the show to make sure everything looks good,” they tell us. The girls are friendly as they wait to walk, and their youth shines through as they ask me what my name is, how old I am, and where I’m from. Suddenly the first wave of models comes running out, and ignoring the dozens of cameramen, undresses completely. I learn the wardrobe girls have cloth bags they give the models when they are topless so that any nude pictures taken of them are not linked to their faces or names.

A Woman’s Work is Never Done

After the show, we catch up briefly with a teary-eyed Natalia and Olesya as they pose for pictures and hug their models. “This collection is something feral, wild, and aggressively sexy. We envisioned a Stone Age woman, strong and unafraid. Deviating from our typical silhouette, we wanted to break out of those confines.” And then they are off to celebrate a successful show. They didn’t stay out too late, however: “We’re off to Moscow in one week for their fashion week, and we still have to prepare the show and sew up samples to leave behind for buyers there!”

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Kyiv Life

Find more photos of these events on the Rufino Mba Ebebele of the Spanish Embassy with the Director of the Ukrainian Cinema Foundation Andriy Khalpakhchi

Deputy Inspector of the Spanish Embassy Jose Antonio Milan Morillas together with Commercial Attaché of the Spanish Embassy May Abrain

National Day of Spain and 20-years of Friendship with Ukraine

KYIV CITY COUNCIL On 20 October, Spanish Ambassador HE Jose Rodriguez Moyano invited his Ukrainian and foreign friends and colleagues to the Kyiv City Council to celebrate 20 years of Spanish-Ukrainian diplomatic relations. In addition to celebrating the friendship between Spain and Ukraine, officials also raised their glasses to mark Spain’s National Day. The evening was filled with interesting discussion and warm congratulations.

Canadian Ambassador HE Troy Lulashnyk

Turkish Ambassador HE Mehmet Samsar and his wife Mrs Feruza Samsar

Deputy Director of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Kamyshev together with the Spanish Ambassador HE Jose Rodriguez Moyano

38.indb 22

Argentinian Ambassador HE Lila Roldan Vázquez de Moine and Maria Isabel Roque Garret

German Ambassador HE Christof Weil and Deputy Head of Mission at German Embassy Susanne Schutz

The EBRD’s Andre Kuusvek with the Vice-President and President of UIA, Victor Fomenko and Yuriy Miroshnikov

16.10.2012 20:29:48




What’s On Facebook page at Iryna Kryvushkina of Delta Airlines (right) and friend take in ACC movie night

Freddy Pullar of Millennium Commercial Enterprises with Daria Bosa of Shooters

A Wild Ride for the Business Elite

KINOPALACE Members of ACC came out in droves on October 9 for the screening of the newest thriller by Oliver Stone, Savages. Because the movies are shown in their original language, these events always garner a large English-speaking crowd, many of whom belong to the ever-growing expat community. Arriving with plenty of time to spare, a little mingling was enjoyed by all, along with tasty snacks and drinks provided by sponsors.

Dario Marchetti of Danone whetting his whistle before the show

Black & Veatch’s Valentyna Abdullina (right) and friend caught on camera

Almost That Time of Year

Ambassador of Finland Arja Makkonen with husband Dr Timo Hellenberg

Joulupukki chatting to all of the good boys and girls

FINNISH AMBASSADOR’S RESIDENCE In contrast to the numerous friendly faces we often see at the various networking events around town, the Embassy of Finland in Ukraine went out on a limb last week with a very special guest indeed. Nine reindeer pulled up with Santa Claus or Joulupukki, as the Fins call him, in tow on 11 October. Greeting everyone with a few Ho Ho Hos, he shuffled into the Embassy in full regalia, sat down and then listened patiently as all the good boys and girls listed off their Christmas wishes.

Aare Kasemaa and Angela Uibo from TallinkSilja salute What’s On!

Finnish Embassy’s Second Secretary Turo Mattila, Mrs Anna Soini and Client Manager of Finnavia Svitlana Ignatenko

38.indb 23

16.10.2012 20:30:10


Kyiv Life TV host Vasya Frolova and photographer Oleksandr Strizhelchik

Culinary guru and popular TV-host Dasha Malakhova holds a cooking master class for kids

The ideological mastermind of the Eco Chic Party Natalya Isupova

Fashion observer Masha Khalizeva, Sonya Zabuha of Elle Ukraine and Ukrainian Fashion Week’s Iryna Danilevska

On the Fifth Day of Fashion…

BUDDHA BAR AND BOTANIC GARDEN The opening party of Ukraine Fashion Week on 9 October launched a dizzying array of fashion collections and parties. The fifth Eco-Chic Party was held on 13 October and it seamlessly combined fashion with lessons about environmental protection. To spread the word about recycling, the organisers asked guests to bring used clothing to exchange with other fashionistas, giving each article of clothing a new life. Then, as everything must, this season’s fashion madness drew to a close on 14 October. But we’re already looking forward to a fresh set of innovative collections in six months!

TV star Oleksandr Skichko and popular designer Serge Smolin Marta Holod with her newest collection

Designer Anna Bublik brings red back in fashion

38.indb 24

A rather modest Oleksiy Zalevskiy, designer

16.10.2012 20:30:42

38.indb 25

16.10.2012 20:30:46

38.indb 26

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And what have I to wait and see? The beer comes in a jar with a lid sat on a wooden tray with an opener, and (joy of joys) two dead fish (dried). Well whoopdedoo. Just give me it in a glass without all the useless paraphernalia, knock 10hrv off the price and I and my companions will be much happier. Call me a penny pincher, but there’s a crisis going on. I perk up again by reminding myself that someone had told me this place does a very good Florentine (T-bone) steak. I like a good T-bone steak, so I’m looking forward to it. But get ready, there’s another big “but” coming. I look at the menu and find the Florentine steak on offer is 1.2 kilos and sells for 349hrv. Now as I said, I like a good T-bone, I even like a big T-bone, but 1.2 kilos is just too big for me. I cannot, for the life of me, understand the reasoning behind it. Why not cut them in half both in price and size? I think they’d find their customers would be much happier with it, and they’d sell a lot more of them. I ask the waiter about it and he tells me it’s for two people. Two people, one T-bone? That doesn’t make sense to me at all. Anyway, I have the lamb instead, which while tasty is a lot of bone and not a lot of meat. And after eating I get on with the important task of drinking beer and talking nonsense. And we do that with vigour. Only one last comment to make – when leaving, all the waiting staff are gathered round the bar: six of them. The place is of a size that justifies two. Who’s paying for the extras? Perhaps I’m being pernickety, but as they say, the devil is in the detail. More Kyiv eateries should pay attention to it.

Swedish Football Fans

Kyiv authorities announced that the city will erect a monument to Swedish football fans. A contest will be held to choose the shape of the sculpture, which will be erected at a site on Trukhaniv Island, where a record number of our Swedish friends stayed during Euro 2012.

Armed Dolphins

The Ukrainian Navy announced this month that it hopes to train dolphins to “attack enemy combat swimmers using special knives or pistols affixed to their heads”. Your tax hryvnias hard at work, people.

The Tymoshenko Camp

The pro-Tymoshenko camp on Khreshchatyk, with all its creepy pictures of Yanukovych’s head on pigs’ bodies, will live to see another day. Deputy Interior Minister Viktor Ratushniak promised that police would not tear down the camp on October 27, when all political campaigning will be banned ahead of the parliamentary election the next day.

Neil Campbell

Traffic-based adrenaline, traffic-based dismay, bridges, Kyiv comers and goers…It’s all in Tweets of the Week!

Alistair Cockburn @TotherAlistair is having a moment: In taxi zinging thru streets of Kiev. Feel like Bourne Identity. Mike Lee @AgronomyUkraine is less charmed by Kyiv traffic: Just driven through Kiev, counted 16 car crashes of various degrees of severity. Natalie Joos @Jxxsy wants a progress report: Good morning Kiev! How is that bridge coming along? @ Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv Oksana Kairys @oksune4ka has a foolproof plan for the weekend: Today will be a great day. My journey to Kiev will be awesome! Absolutely sure! #trip #kiev #weekend #drunkparty Brian @briandroitcour is just sad to leave: ugh Kiev is so charming, I want to stay a week but I’m leaving right now

Dear Larry, Why are some fancy buildings in town still not equipped with sit-down/European toilets? And how does one squat and pee when outfitted in a ball-gown? Yours truly, The wife of bestselling author, Steve Franzia

Dear Steve Franzia’s Wife, I have it on good authority that ladies only use the bathroom for “powdering their noses” and asking their friends if this dress makes them look fat. They do not “need” real toilets because they do not have real bodily functions. This is why, for example, the bathroom at October Palace consists entirely of glorified holes in the ground. They are only there as (beautiful) decoration. Using those to actually tinkle lady-style would require impossible contortionist and acrobatic feats… but we know you ladies won’t need to try that. Best of Luck, Larry, Local Bathroom Habits Expert

If you have a question about life, work or relationships in Kyiv please write to

38.indb 27

What’s Hot


ecently I paid my first visit to a little pub/ restaurant many have been raving about down in that beautifully colourful but ghost town-like area in Podil. Now, perhaps I’m just difficult to please, or maybe my expectations had been raised too high by everyone’s ravings, but I have to say I was suitably unimpressed. As a pub/restaurant goes, it was standard, with dark wood and a few bits of tat strategically placed on the walls. But there certainly wasn’t anything outstanding about it. And the fact the waiters/ waitresses were all wearing poor imitation kilts seemed to have absolutely no point, as there was no other Scottish element I could make out. That said, the music was good (rock, as is hinted at in the name of the place), and there was a nice little atmosphere, even late on a Sunday afternoon. Okay, so it wasn’t something to shout about as far as I could see, but it seemed like a cool place to hang out. I was in good company (always by far the most important thing for me), and we were ready to drink beer and talk nonsense (always my favourite pastime). They sold beer I was sure, and I’d been reliably informed the food was good and reasonably priced. It was easy to be positive. Time to order beer! A quick glance at the menu, however, and my positivity slips a little as almost all the draft beer on offer is expensive import. No quality Slavutych or Chernihivske here. In fact, the only local beer on offer is their own brand, but they’re selling that at 38hrv per half-litre, which is much more than I like to pay for a half-litre of beer. One of my companions, who’s been to this place before, rubs her hands together with glee and tells me “wait and see” as we order one each, it being the best one on offer.

Passive Aggressive “Advice”

Regions Party leader and Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov advised UDAR Party leader Vitaliy Klitschko to cut his teeth on local politics before entering the national arena last week. “He should try his hand at simpler things.” Instead of running for office in Kyiv, Azarov helpfully suggested that Klitschko set his sights on Boyarka instead.

The Internet

What’s Not

Publisher’s Provocations

Provocations and Observations

According to a recent study by the Ukrainian Internet Association, only 30% of Ukrainians are Internet users, as compared to 60% of Europeans. But the number is rising quickly, with experts predicting that Ukraine might catch up in as little as 18 months. Soon we’ll ALL be watching Gangnam Style and stalking distant acquaintances on VKontakte and Facebook.

Nobel Peace Prize

In what may be the world’s lamest example of “mailing it in”, Scandinavian judges awarded the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union. Apparently, falling apart financially and squabbling amongst yourselves will get you a prize. Are we taking notes? 2013 could be all about Ukraine.

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All Outlets

PARTIES PACKAGE May 1st – July 31th Dine 2 or more & Get a 300 UAH Voucher valid for the next visit. Terms & Conditions Apply

The Strand Grill

LUNCH OFFERS Espresso Business Lunch Starting from 120 UAH Available from Mondays to Fridays – 12.30pm to 3.00pm Salad Bar Starting from 120 UAH Available from Mondays to Fridays – 12.30pm to 3.00pm A La Carte Available from Mondays to Saturdays. BRUNCH WITH BENEFITS BEGINS Sunday, May 13th Starting at 730 UAH per person Champagne on offer! Chocolate & Bed Making Classes for Kids Lounge DJ from 12pm to 3pm CORPORATE DEALS LAUNCH From May 15th please e-mail for more information

Vintage Cocktail Bar

CANAPES & MARTINIS Canapes & Martinis for 2 Hours @ 250 UAH / person.

1A Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street, Kyiv Tel.   +380 44 322 8888 Email:

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EURO June 9th – July 1st Live EURO Games

16.10.2012 20:32:59

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16.10.2012 20:33:07

38.indb 30

16.10.2012 20:33:30

38.indb 31

16.10.2012 20:34:03

gorchitsacafe Simple French food served in relaxed surroundings Str. Pylypa Orlyka, 6 Tel: +380 44 253 73 58

33-a Druzhby Narodiv Blvd.

tel.: 285-9999 285-8708

38.indb 32

16.10.2012 20:34:17


+ 38 044 200 22 59

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16.10.2012 20:34:23

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What'sOn Issue 38 19 - 25 October 2012  

What's On gets down to business with Ukraine Fashion Week, plus a few of the highlights to be enjoyed at this season's Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fa...