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32/2012 7–13 September

A Concert with a Cause

Stars congregate for cancer

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What’s Up Journalists Stand Up for Media Rights

This year, the 64th World Newspaper Congress was held in Kyiv; an event journalists from all over the world took in from 2 – 5 September. It’s a pretty big deal in the media world, defending as it does “the promotion of press freedom, quality journalism and editorial integrity”. Everyone there was probably expecting a fairly calm and relaxed atmosphere, which is often the case at international forums such as these. Our president, too, was likely thinking, “I’ll get in, I’ll tell them all just how great Ukraine is, and I’ll get out.” There were a dozen or so journalists, however, who were not going to let him get away so easily, and getting up out of their seats as Big Vik welcomed everyone, signs and posters reading “Stop Censorship” and “Media Oligarchs Serve the Authorities” appeared from the crowds. While censorship and media restrictions are nothing new in this part of the world, what’s interesting is that the president allowed the signs to remain throughout his speech, rather than have his goons make a mess of the place; as so often happens in parliament, whenever the Party of Regions don’t get their way. His office did comment later on the incident, calling it an “unfortunate event”. But then what do you expect when the media atmosphere, specifically under President Yanukovych, is little more than an autocratic dictatorship.

Foreign Ministry Calls Outgoing EU Envoy “Loudmouthed”

Now, this is more the sort of thing we expect from the Ukrainian government – ignorant comments from stupid people. And that’s what we got from the Foreign Ministry when they criticised the outgoing EU Ambassador for his comments on certain political situations in the country. In a recent interview with Ukrainska Pravda, Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira, who leaves his post as the EU’s top diplomat in Ukraine, after four years dedicated service, criticised Ukraine’s continued jailing of Tymoshenko and recent, and rather ridiculous, changes to the election law. Foreign Ministry spokesman, Oleh Voloshyn (obviously well practised in diplomatic communication), dismissed the comments as “loudmouthed” before noting that “an absolutely different person” will soon be acting as the EU’s Ambassador to Ukraine. Said person will be Polish diplomat Jan Tombinski, who has previously served as Ambassador to France, Slovenia, and Bosnia Herzegovina. Clearly the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry hopes he will be easier to manage, and we’re hoping just as much he’s not.

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CEC Head: “Elections May Fall Short of International Standards”

Yes, dear readers, you’ve read it right. According to numerous reports in local press the Chairman of the Central Election Committee has already stated, publicly, that the parliamentary elections due to be held on 28 October will not meet international standards of legitimacy! “The election will meet national standards but may fall short of international standards of legitimacy,” he’s been quoted as saying! Now, of course no one really expects the elections to be fair, but for the head of the election committee to state he already knows they won’t be, is just another example of the idiocy of the people currently running this country. Seriously, why would he say such a thing? How could he be so stupid? Some commentators think he was a little flustered after a meeting with the German Ambassador (immediately after which he made these inane comments, possibly a little unnerved after the ambassador laid it on the line for him), but even so, it’s quite frankly hilarious that a man in his position could make such a statement. But he wasn’t finished there. He went on to comment that Ukrainians should “… distinguish between internal and external legitimacy…” and that “the CEC does not require a positive and objective assessment. Nevertheless, we will try to hold elections so that their results look dignified for Ukraine.” We’re sure Ukrainians can already distinguish between internal and external legitimacy: internal legitimacy means illegitimate, external legitimacy means legitimate. Quite simple to distinguish there. It’s also interesting that he stated the CEC doesn’t actually have to be objective. But as long as the result looks dignified, that’s okay. Quite clearly, however, the only possible result, following such an admission, is a Party of Regions win, and that’s not dignified for Ukraine. Not even a little!

Proud to be Ukrainian!

If you’ve been listening to the local news lately, and feeling slightly depressed, we understand. There is rarely anything positive relayed by the government in this country, and, for example, with the latest language scam our president pulled over the summer, the news is that more and more Ukrainian cities and towns are adopting Russian as their regional language of choice. So for those of you who still believe in the magnificence of the Ukrainian culture, and require a little boost, we’ve read on. The Gorshenin Institute surveyed 3000 children 7-16 years old, 95% of whom said they are proud to be Ukrainian. Ninety-four and a half percent think that Independence Day is a fabulous holiday and 49% want to live in Ukraine when they grow up. More than 34% of the kids surveyed speak Ukrainian at home, while almost 28% use both the Ukrainian and Russian languages in family communication. Interestingly, or perhaps logically, when asked which language one should speak to be successful in the workplace, more than 90% said English. With an upcoming generation such as that, Ukraine has every opportunity of shaking off the Soviet ties that bind and becoming a truly European state.

A Rubbish Art Object Art in today’s day and age is highly subjective. What may be nothing more than a decapitated cow’s head to some, is a masterpiece to others. The latest chef-d’oeuvre on Kyiv’s art scene, however, is neither gory nor nonsensical. What it is is intelligent. Discovered under the Moskovskiy Bridge, two sculptures of what appears to be the male form have recently materialised, made of nothing more than bottles, cans, plastic bags and other refuse left strewn about the riverbank. As the work of what seems to be one rather creative environmentalist, one of the subjects depicts a man sitting and resting, while the other hangs from a tree. With strategically-placed bags of garbage placed around the two, the “artist” clearly wanted those who saw the installation to think – whether you’re on a nice, relaxing day out or committing suicide, the message is that litter in this city is everywhere. first caught wind of the two figures a few days back, and claims they could be seen for three days since. We can’t guarantee that they will still be there today. That doesn’t mean, however, it’s not you’re responsibility to clean up after yourselves.

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This Week in History Supreme Court Upholds Tymoshenko Verdict

8 September 1709

Hetman of Ukraine Ivan Mazepa dies. He will be forever remembered as the man who fought for Ukraine’s independence from Russia. He is less well known for his donations to the Ukrainian church, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, and educational instruction, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, as well as many other cultural and educational institutions.

No surprise there then. And no surprises in the comments from either side, nor from those by western government, nor from the fact that Tymoshenko is appealing to the European Court of Human Rights. So all we have to say on this is, no surprises.

Mrs Globe 2012 is from Ukraine!

Prime Minister Stresses Need for Recycling Plants

We here at What’s On are well-known for being quick to ridicule the government and its oft-ludicrous behaviour, but when someone says something right, we’re just as quick to heap praise upon them. Case in point: Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and his recent lecture at the Kyiv Institute of Architecture and Construction… During the lecture, Azarov highlighted the fact that Ukraine is in dire need of recycling plants as the country is in danger of turning into one big rubbish dump. Stating that he’d looked through student projects, he was glad to see so many relating to real life. “For example, there is the construction of rubbish recycling plants. Do we need them? We desperately do, as we have cluttered the whole country with dumps,” he said (see feature on opposite page). He went on to stress the importance in creating plants that fit with the architectural nature of a city. “For example, there is a rubbish recycling plant in the centre of Vienna. It is a very original structure and it is hard to believe it carries out such a function. It is a very beautiful tower,” he stated, and in thus doing he not only recognises the need for recycling in the country, but for proper town planning where new buildings are congruous with old (something just as badly needed in Ukraine as recycling). Of course, so far it’s only words, and will probably remain as such. But the first step to solving a problem is recognising there is one, and at least Azarov is one member of government who seems to be capable of this.

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It’s been announced, you can all jump for joy, because 32-year-old Hanna Shchapova has finally been crowned Mrs Globe 2012! As “the largest international pageant for Misses in the world”, held annually in Palm Springs, California, Hanna is no stranger to beauty competitions. Having strutted her stuff in front of judges many times before, this bewitching blonde has got crowns from the Miss Donbass pageant of 1996, the Mrs Odesa pageant (after getting married) in 2009, and could almost taste victory at last year’s Mrs Globe as runner-up. Never one to give up, she was second time lucky at this year’s extravaganza, and is now the second of two Ukrainian women to hold the title Mrs World. The first was Iryna Chornomaz from Kharkiv in 2008. Hanna works as a presenter at a local Odesa television channel, and has two daughters. We’re sure they’re very proud.

Ukraine Strikes Gold in London

Ukraine has often done well at the Paralympic Games, and this year is no exception, with a current 42-medal count, as we go to print. Winning medals in a variety of the track and field events, Ukraine has also excelled in judo, powerlifting, rowing, shooting, swimming and table tennis this year. Debuting in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia, there were only 30 athletes who competed in archery, track and field, powerlifting, swimming and sitting volleyball. With just seven medals total, it was not our best showing. However, Ukraine has since moved up on the medal board faster than any other country in the history of the event, winning 37 medals in Sydney, 55 medals in Athens, and coming in fourth with 74 medals (24 of which were gold) in Beijing. With 151 athletes competing this year, we are well on our way to a repeat. Well done Ukraine, from all of us here at What’s On!

10 September 1894

Ukrainian filmmaker, director and writer Oleksandr Dovzhenko is born. His film Zemlya (Earth) has received numerous international prizes, and sits at number 10 on the first universal film poll in history, as those considered “the best”. Ironically, it was criticised and banned upon its release in the USSR.

11 September 1943 The Veryovka State Ukrainian Choir is created. It is one of the most successful and colourful folk ensembles of Ukraine today, promoting and representing traditional songs and dances of the country.

8 September 1989

Narodny Rukh Ukraine (People’s Movement) NGO is formed, which later turns into a political party. The party played an important role in the early 90s when Ukraine was striving for independence.

11 September 1993

The monument to victims of Holodomor 1932-33 opens on Mykhalivska Ploscha. In commemoration of the innocent victims of what has been recognised by many as genocide, a cross with the silhouette of woman and child soon becomes the place of mourning every 25 November, the day of remembrance.

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Lana Nicole


Cover Story

A Concert for Cancer According to the World Health Organisation, 10 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Out of that ten million, more than 160,000 are Ukrainian. It’s a number that needn’t be so high. That’s the message Ja Budu Zhyty (I will survive) and its participants will be putting across at their concert for cancer this week.


a Budu Zhyty is a concert with a cause. That cause is cancer. With the Ukrainian cancer centre, An Equal Right to Life, at its helm, well-known local pop rock groups Druga Rika, Boombox, SKAY, O Torvald, Kryhitka, Bahroma and Shyma have come together to spread the word that cancer kills. But it doesn’t have to…

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The Anti-cancer Movement

The National Cancer Institute reports that over the past ten years, the number of patients diagnosed with cancer has increased by 25%. Every day, around 450 people in Ukraine learn they have some form of the illness. Two hundred and fifty of those people will not survive.

The good news is that experts agree that most cancers today are curable. The success of any treatment, however, is often dependent on the resources available, and the stage at which the cancer was first detected. If found early enough, the chances of a full recovery are exponentially increased. In order that this happens, however, regular checkups are

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This Week

Live Music

7–13 September 2012

Productive Punk Rockers

Banner Pilot (US, punk rock), Kyiv Club (V Vasylkivska 19)

11 September at 19.00

Since that first day they got together in Minneapolis, this group has continued to improve upon their sound. Putting together their demo disk in 2005, they went on to release their debut album Pass the Poison the next year, followed by a split-album with Monikers after that. Then to tonnes of great reviews, Resignation Day came out in 2007, with Collapser following close on its heels in 2009. Their latest album, out last year, goes to the name, Heart Beats Pacific, and is going to get your heart beating a mile a minute – but only if you’re at the show! Tickets are 50hrv. For more information call 287-6605.


Friday Angie Nears (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 50hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 Lucky Band (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Bochka Khmilna (B Khmelnytskoho 3b) 390-6106 Mama Mia (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Bochka Pyvna (Khreshchatyk 19a) 459-0551

Irena Karpa & Quarpa (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: 60-80hrv Bochka (Verkhniy Val 22) 200-0360

Riffs (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900

Ot Vinta, Partyzanski Vytivky (cover bands) Time: 22.00 Admission: 75hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

Artyshock (cover band) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366

Mad Heads XL, Red Rocks (rockabilly, cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 100hrv Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528


Ace Venture, Beefeaters (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: call for details Porter (Konstantynivska 2a) 425-0281


Mamma Mia (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 50hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 Chill Out (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Bochka Khmilna (B Khmelnytskoho 3b) 390-6106 Carte Blanche (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Bochka Pyvna (Khreshchatyk 19a) 459-0551 Raido, Bulitka (pop-rock) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Bochka (Verkhniy Val 22) 200-0360

Sounds like…?

Zdob si Zdub (Moldova, folk-rock, punk), Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25)

9 September at 21.30

Many wonder where the name of this band came from. Is it a city? Is it someone’s name? The answer is no to both! Zdob si Zdub is how Moldovans describe the sound of drums, an instrument used lavishly in their music. Founded in 1994, this group quickly grew in popularity, thanks in big part to their participation in Russian festival, Learn to Swim II, with Rage Against the Machine, five years later. Last year, Zdob si Zdub represented their country at Eurovision, and while they only took home 12th place, they gave the rest of the contestants a run for their money. Check them out while they’re here in Kyiv. Tickets TBA. For more information call 451-8528.

Mad Heads XL, Carnival Heat (rockabilly, cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 75hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 Motor’rolla, TexMex Co (pop-rock, cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 75hrv Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528 Lucky Band (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: call for details Porter (Konstantynivska 2a) 425-0281 Mamanet (pop-rock) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366

Rockfour (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 Leniviy Den’ (pop-rock) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366


Wednesday Eric Clapton Cover Party (cover bands) Time: 22.00 Admission: 50hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137


Fusion Sky (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Bochka (Verkhniy Val 22) 200-0360

Groovers (pop-rock) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

The Magma (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 30hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

Animals’ Session (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

Rocking Wolves (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 537-1340

Ruky v Bryuky (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 537-1340

Wild People (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: call for details Porter (Konstantynivska 2a) 425-0281


More Khuana (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900

Jokers (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 537-1340

Panic Fusion Trio (jazz) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366

Gravity (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: call for details Porter (Konstantynivska 2a) 425-0281


Hot Guys (cover band) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900

Thursday A  nna Volkova & Nadiya Novosadovich (acoustic rock) Time: 22.00 Admission: 40hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

Yokodo (pop-rock) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366

Tarshys, Stereoplen (cover band) Time: 20.00 Admission: 50hrv Bochka (Verkhniy Val 22) 200-0360 Tres Deseos (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 30hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

Vertiskiy Birthday Party (pop-rock) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366


Tuesday Tres Deseos (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 Chill Out (cover band) Time: 22.00 Admission: 20hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 More Khuana (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 537-1340



Fusion Sky (cover band) Time: 21.30 Admission: call for details Porter (Konstantynivska 2a) 425-0281

Soyuz 44 (jazz) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

Shysh Bryanskiy (Russia, pop-rock) Time: 20.00 Admission: 60hrv Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366

The World’s Hardest

U.D.O., Keep of Kalessin and Coroner (international, hardcore metal), Stereo Plaza (Kikvidze 1)

8 September at 19.00

A really hard act (to follow) is coming to Kyiv this autumn. Udo Dirkschneider, former vocalist of German Accept, has started a solo project, called, you guessed it, U.D.O. Bringing Norwegian black metalists Keep of Kalessin, and Swiss thrashers Coroner, the three groups are hoping to propel their fans into nothing short of musical insanity. Having been around for quite some time, they’ve earned the status of ‘world hardcore metal’. Take them in, if you dare! Tickets are 300hrv. For more information call 222-8040.

: What's On Recommended

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7–13 September 2012

A Most Excellent Way To Say Goodbye

Summer Closing Party (international, DJs), The Most Open Air (Moscow Bridge, Druzhby Narodiv Park 1)

8 September at 22.00

The Most has given us some great times this summer. But, with the seasons’ change, and those balmy summer evenings giving way to something a little crisper, it’s time to say sayonara for now. Doing so in style will be Donny, Katharsys, Forbidden Society, Stepkillah, Jike, Katwon, Vera Sue and Zarin. And that’s just getting started. So, if you’ve already been, this is your chance to say your last 2012 goodbye, if not, there’s still time to do just that! Admission is 120hrv. Check out



Danis A (Moscow), Joss, Weizman Time: 22.00 Admission: L-100hrv, G-200hrv Mantra (V Vasylkivska 5) 336-2848

House Punks, Second Season with DJs Mr Sunny and Tagir Sultanov, MC Alex van Cool Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-25hrv, G-30hrv, after L-50hrv, G-60hrv Saxon (Trutenko 4) 257-4070


VooDoo Cult with DJs Kon, Sukhar, Spieler and Mitchell Time: 22.00 Admission: before 23.30 L-20hrv, G-25hrv, after L-40hrv, G-50hrv Saxon (Trutenko 4) 257-4070 Party Night Time: 22.00 Admission: L-free, G-80hrv Vodka Bar (Globus, II line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 371-1102 Star Friday with MCs Slava Demin and FaRaRa, DJs Garage, Vados and Andrew Beats Time: 22.00 Admission: 100hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300 Ruki Verkh Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details D’Lux (Hrushevskoho 3) 200-9009 Party Night with DJs and Sky PJ Dolls Time: 23.00 Admission: call for details Sky Bar (V Vasylkivska 5) 223-8888 Playgirl Night with DJs Katya Tsaryova, Natalie Lorent, Marka Pola and more Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-30hrv, G-50hrv, after L-50hrv, G-70hrv Bionica (Borshchahivska 128a) 232-7296


Shushukin (Moscow), Serge Proshe, Artur Time: 22.00 Admission: L-free, G-200hrv Mantra (V Vasylkivska 5) 336-2848 Fashion Night with DJs Dan, Saylex, Artem Fleming and MC Kris Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-30hrv, G-50hrv, after L-40hrv, G-60hrv Bionica (Borshchahivska 128a) 232-7296 Showmania with MCs Slava Demin and FaRaRa, DJs Snach and MC Valera Time: 22.00 Admission: 100hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300 Party Night Time: 22.00 Admission: L-free, G-80hrv Vodka Bar (Globus, II line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) O  nly Beauty Night with DJs Hotelnikova, Da Candy, Katya Tsaryova, MC Kupidon and more Time: 23.00 Admission: L-50hrv, G-100hrv Crystal Hall (Dniprovskiy Spusk 1) 288-5069

Club Night Time: 23.00 Admission: call for details Sky Bar (V Vasylkivska 5) 223-8888 P  lay Techno with Rebekah (UK), Ruslan Mays and Yan Cook Time: 22.00 Admission: before 23.30 L-40hrv, G-50hrv, after L-50hrv, G-70hrv Forsage (Harmatna 51a) 232-6780 Party Night Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-free, G-30hrv, after L-20hrv, G-30hrv Noblesse (V Vasylkivska 3) 097-282-6760 Illuminate with Pixelord, Saburov, Koloah and Fozz Time: 22.00 Admission: 80hrv Xlib (Frunze 12) 417-3233. Around the World – Scotland Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00 L-free, after L-50hrv, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 Party Night Time: 22.00 Admission: call for details D’Lux (Hrushevskoho 3) 200-9009 Latin American Live Music Time: 20.00 Admission: L-100hrv, G-200hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290

Latin American Live Music and Disco Time: 22.00 Admission: L-100hrv, G-200hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290 Club New Year with DJs Lutique, Miss FTV and Burzhuy Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-40hrv, G-50hrv, after L-50hrv, G-70hrv Forsage (Harmatna 51a) 232-6780 Wild Mustangs Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00 L-free, after L-50hrv, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024

Sunday R’n’B Boom with DJs Lady, Cash Flow, Mukvik and MC Gerik Gorilla Time: 22.00 Admission: before 23.30 L-10hrv, G-15hrv, after L-20hrv, G-30hrv Forsage (Harmatna 51a) 232-6780 Salsadromo and Discotheque Time: 21.00 Admission: L-50hrv, G-100hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290 K  eep Calm and Do the Dance with DJ Richie and more Time: 23.00 Admission: free Vodka Bar (Globus, II line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 371-1102 BSP Time: 22.00 Admission: L-free, G-100hrv (only after 00.00) Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 Cr  azy Technology – Come Back with DJs Kirill Mixer, Ruzhinsky, MC Semenich and more Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 15hrv, after L-25hrv, G-30hrv Saxon (Trutenko 4) 257-4070 Hen Party Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 free, after L-free, G-30hrv Bionica (Borshchahivska 128a) 232-7296

Salsadromo Time: 21.00 Admission: L-40hrv, G-60hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290

Party Night Time: 22.00 Admission: free Vodka Bar (Globus, II line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 371-1102 Juicy Party with DJs Vados and Andrew Beats and MC FaRaFa Time: 22.00 Admission: L-30hrv, G-50hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300


Dance Marathon Time: 21.00 Admission: free Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023

Mojito Night Time: 22.00 Admission: free Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024

Erotic Show and Amateur Striptease Time: 21.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-free, after L-50hrv, G-150hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290


Radio Days Time: 21.00 Admission: free Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023 L atino Mash-Up Carnival with DJ Prova Jones and more Time: 23.00 Admission: free Vodka Bar (Globus, II line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 371-1102


Thursday Party Night Time: 22.00 Admission: free Vodka Bar (Globus, II line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 371-1102

Disco-Latino Time: 22.00 Admission: L-40hrv, G-60hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290

Girls Time: 18.00 Admission: L-40hrv, G-60hrv Gallery Club (Peremohy Pr 47/2) 453-3727


Crazy 30 Time: 21.00 Admission: 30hrv Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023

Women’s Feast with MC Clubnichka and Special Guest DJs Time: 21.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-free, after L-50hrv, G-100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024

Disco 90s Time: 20.00 Admission: L-free, G-30hrv Sakhar Party Bar (Dekabrystov 12/37) 563-9662


Audiomania Time: 19.00 Admission: L-free, G-30hrv Sakhar Party Bar (Dekabrystov 12/37) 563-9662 Disco 80s/90s Time: 20.00 Admission: 25hrv Gallery Club (Peremohy Pr 47/2) 453-3727

Disco-Latino Time: 22.00 Admission: L-50hrv, G-100hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290 Fire Blast Burn Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00 L-free, G-free, after 100hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024

Red Calendar Day with MCs Slava Demin and FaRaRa, DJs Vados and Andrew Beats Time: 22.00 Admission: L-free, G-50hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300

Friends Party with Kryist and MC Joker Time: 22.00 Admission: L-20hrv, G-50hrv Home (Perova 2) 558-2545 Party Night Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-free, G-30hrv, after L-20hrv, G-30hrv Noblesse (V Vasylkivska 3) 097-282-6760


Models Monday and World Beauty Day with DJ Katya Tsaryova and more Time: 23.00 Admission: free Vodka Bar (Globus, II line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 371-1102

Back to the USSR with DJ Velskiy and Friends Time: 21.00 Admission: free Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494

Cake and Kishe

Andriy Kishe (UA, pop), Arena (Baseina 2a)

7 September at 21.00

Everyone’s favourite showman, Kishe, has decided to share his birthday with all of you. So, come along to this night full of fun, games, karaoke, surprise guests and the master of ceremonies himself. Kishe has had a big year, what with the new album, the extreme video, and all the rest – perhaps if you’re lucky you may be able to bend the great man’s ear a little, on just exactly what makes him tick. Get even luckier, and a duet with the pop prince is yours. For tickets and more information call 492-0000.


Monday Hey Desperados Time: 21.00 Admission: free Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 Pivomania – DJ Size Time: 21.00 Admission: free Aura (Vyshhorodskaya 28/1) 237-7023 Disco Nostalgia with DJs Vados and Andrew Beats and MC Radislav Time: 22.00 Admission: free Sorry Babushka (Dmitrievskaya 18/24) 486-0300

Tiesto in Show

Tiesto Club Life (international, DJs), International Expo Centre (Brovarsky Pr 15)

7 September at 20.00

DJ Tiesto has been known by many names, recent but one being DJ Tiesto. Then, he just dropped DJ. But by now, everyone well knows what he does. He is currently ranked at #3 in the prestigious DJ Mag’s Top 100, the gold roster of DJ-ing, making him officially huge. He was also the first ever DJ to play on an Olympics stage. Now, he’s coming to a stage near you in Kyiv. Accompanying will be support from Hardwell, Allure, Omnia, Ira and Max Freegrant! Tickets are 249 – 399hrv. For more information call 238-2888. : What's On Recommended

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This Week Art  Secrets of the Human Body Revealed

The Human Body Exhibition by HK Exhibitions, National Olympic Stadium (V Vasylkivska 55)

From 7 September

This is mega! This is huge! Having made appearances in cities all over the world, The Human Body Exhibition is now here in Kyiv! Featuring real human bodies, which have been preserved in silicon, the exhibition starts off displaying the skeletal system, adding more layers (muscular, nervous, circular, digestive, respiratory, urinary and reproductive) as you go through various rooms. It’s an exhibition that created a real scandal when it first came out, as there were claims that the bodies used were obtained illegally. Talking to Sabrina Sheehan, Head of PR & Marketing Department, HK Exhibitions What’s On dives inThe Phenomenon of Epidermism Exhibition of works by Oksana Mas (UA) Mironova Gallery (Olhynska 6) Until 11 September 400-0256

7–13 September 2012

side to find out the real deal. “All specimens featured in The Human Body Exhibition were legally obtained and donated in accordance with Chinese law to the Dalian Hoffen Bio-technique Laboratory,” says Sheehan. And, what’s more, “Each specimen died of natural causes;” suggesting that no moral or ethical concern should keep you from coming to this exhibit. Here in Kyiv, nearly 200 specimens, including 12 full body specimens, will be presented, each focusing on a specific body system, ending with a look at the human body of the future. There is also an optional gallery highlighting the chronological development of an embryo into a foetus. “You move through the exhibition on an unforgettable walking journey of your own body,” says On the Other Side #2 Exhibition of works by Anne Mette Larsen (DK) Zeh Gallery (Frunze 69) Until 19 September 591-1369

Ukraine. The One We Love Exhibition of photographs by Ukrainian artists Mariinskiy Park Until 21 October For more information visit

The Book of Checks Exhibition of works by Maryna Talyutto (UA) Mystetsky Arsenal – small gallery (Lavrska 10) Until 16 September 288-5140

Sheehan, adding that the rate of approval for the exhibition is 97%! (according to exit interviews). Created with the goal to educate first and foremost, there are no restrictions on the age of potential visitors. Organisers suggest, however, that children 10 and under come under the supervision of a teacher or parent. “Everyone will be amazed to learn about this miracle we call The Human Body. However, we recommend that parents apply their own discretion.” A secondary objective is to communicate just how important it is to take care of your body, and through the visual displays of smoker’s lungs, for example, perhaps one might think twice about continuing the harmful habit of smoking. Tickets are 135 – 155hrv for adults; 105 – 110hrv for students; and 50hrv for children (accompanied by an adult). For more information visit

Normandie in Paintings Exhibition of paintings by French artists National Art Museum of Ukraine (Hrushevskoho 6) Until 28 October 278-7454

Illusion Exhibition of works by Rostyslav Koterlin (UA) Ya Gallery (Khoryva 49b) Until 9 October 492-9203 The Whisper of Cane Exhibition of paintings by Herman Migotin (UA) Triptych Art Gallery (Desyatynna 13) Until 11 September 279-0949

Artists’ Vacations Art-Plotinnos Exhibition of paintings by Ukrainian artists Museum of Modern Art (Hlybochytska 17) From 6 September 201-4945


The Dance of Fire

Fireworks Championship, Spivoche Pole (Pechersk Landscape Park)

7 & 8 September at 20.30

A two-day international championship of fireworks blasts off this autumn in Kyiv with many marvellous activities planned. Companies from Estonia, France, Finland and of course Ukraine have prepared their best in pyrotechnic technology to amaze and astonish. Over the course of the two days, the biggest and brightest will be awarded the grand prize. It’s a fabulous event for the whole family – don’t miss out! Tickets are 80 – 180hrv. For more information visit



Spark!Lab – Week of Science and Technologies Educational project Time: 11.00 – 20.00 Admission: free Mystetskiy Arsenal (Lavrska 12) 288-5153

Don’t Want To Be A Dog Fairytale Time: 11.00 King Grizzlebeard Musical in 2 acts Time: 12.00 Admission: 40 – 50hrv Lypska Youth Theatre (Lypska 15/17) 253-6219




Saturday The Canterville Ghost Musical in 2 acts Time: 12.00 Admission: 40 – 50hrv Lypska Youth Theatre (Lypska 15/17) 253-6219 Spark!Lab – Week of Science and Technologies Educational project Time: 11.00 – 20.00 Admission: free Mystetskiy Arsenal (Lavrska 12) 288-5153

Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre Hrushevskoho 1a (Park Khreshchatyk) 278-5808 Kyiv Municipal Puppet Theatre Myropilska 1 513-1500

32.indb 10

Marionette Theatre Sahaidachnoho 29/3 417-3058 National Circus of Ukraine Peremohy 2 486-3856 Kyiv Zoo Peremohy 32  277-47-69

Family Entertainment Centre Dyvosvit M Malinovskoho 24/10 502-0088 Nemo Dolphinarium Academic Hlushkov 9 520-5555 Kyiv Planetarium V Vasylkivska 57/3 287-7508

Spark!Lab – Week of Science and Technologies Educational project Time: 11.00 – 20.00 Admission: free Mystetskiy Arsenal (Lavrska 12) 288-5153


Monday Spark!Lab – Week of Energy and Environment Educational project Time: 11.00 – 20.00 Admission: free Mystetskiy Arsenal (Lavrska 12) 288-5153

Aqua Park in Terminal Brovary, Kyivska 316 200 29 80/81

Horse-riding Centre Nabeg Vyshhorodska 85a 360-3838 (call in advance)

Dream Land Aqua Park Obolonskiy 21b 485-2111/12

Central Horse Race Track of Ukraine Academic Hlushkov 10 526-2053

Ostrich Farm Yasnohorodka, Podlesna 32 (30km from Kyiv)  353-8821

State Museum of Toys Klovskiy Spusk 8 253-5400 Interesting Kyiv Tours 364-5111 Pyrohovo Open Air Museum Trolleybus 11 from Lybidska Metro 526-5765


Tuesday Spark!Lab – Week of Energy and Environment Educational project Time: 11.00 – 20.00 Admission: free Mystetskiy Arsenal (Lavrska 12) 288-5153


Wednesday Spark!Lab – Week of Energy and Environment Educational project Time: 11.00 – 20.00 Admission: free Mystetskiy Arsenal (Lavrska 12) 288-5153


Thursday Spark!Lab – Week of Energy and Environment Educational project Time: 11.00 – 20.00 Admission: free Mystetskiy Arsenal (Lavrska 12) 288-5153 Mamaeva Sloboda Museum M Dontsya 2 361-9848 National Botanic Garden Timiryazevska 1 284-9506

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7–13 September 2012

Yummy and Authentic!

Borshch-Yiv Festival, Borshchiv (Ternopil region)

Literature Lives in Lviv

9 September

Lviv Book Forum, Pototsky’s Palace (Kopernika 17, Lviv)

12 – 16 September

Lviv becomes the centre of European literature this weekend, as the Lviv Book Forum prepares for its 19th chapter. Many well-known and popular writers and publishing houses will be here over the course of these next five days. One such novelist is Andriy Kurkov, who says if a book does not find itself at this festival, it will no doubt have a very short lifespan. In addition to the best and newest in novels, a special programme has been devoted to outstanding Polish writer and artist, Bruno Schulz, who lived and worked in Drogobych. As well, art exhibitions, theatre performances and other bits of entertainment will keep every visitor enraptured with all of the featured publications. For more information visit

The Sun, the Sea and the Wine

Wine FeoFest, Feodosia (Crimea)

14 – 16 September

September is traditionally the time to get out into the vineyards and get harvesting, which is why it’s a great time of year to head down to Crimea. In addition to numerous tastings of both local and foreign wines, the Wine FeoFest includes a programme of jazz, dancing under the stars, acrobat and parkour shows, and all of it flavoured with special guest, TIK. Those who opt to take in this very important weekend will be charged with a very important task – choosing the best vintner! For more information visit

Theatre & Classical Music

English Theatre Comes to Kyiv

Hotel Methuselah by Imitating The Dog Theatre (UK), Palace Ukraine – small stage (V Vasylkivska 103)

12 & 13 September at 19.30

It’s a rare occasion when English-language works are presented in Kyiv, and even more rare when that work is presented by a British theatre. Hotel Methuselah is not just a play, however, it is a fusion of live performance, video projection and media art. Linked together by the extraordinary story of one night porter, stuck in the hotel with his memories, nightmares and fantasies, you’ll never experience such an intriguing, spectacular and contemporary performance! Tickets are 120 – 200hrv. For more information call 247-2316.

32.indb 11

Are you a fan of Ukrainian borsch? Then you need to come on down to Borshchiv this weekend where there will be more than 50 different recipes to try! There will also be master classes in the plenty, teaching all those would-be cooks the basics about borsch. In addition, a 13-metre motanka doll has been stationed somewhere in town, set with the job to welcome one and all! Make sure you come out and enjoy the fun! For more information visit

Potato Pancakes Honoured International Deruny Festival, Korosten (Zhytomyr region)

8 September

The fifth International Deruny Festival is set to turn your weekend into one big food fest! Breaking records since the first fest back in 2008, with more than 118kg of potato pancakes served that day, the fifth year promises “an unforgettable journey into the world of national traditional cuisine, extraordinary Ukrainian colors, decorated with the Korosten identity and hospitality”, promise the Korosten City Council. For more information visit

Eternally Modern Ballet

Class-concert & Radio & Juliet (2 ballets in 1 act each) w/ Denis and Anastasia Matvienko and Soloists of the National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (UA), National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)

High-brow Classical

Ukrainians had the pleasure of watching Denis and Anastasia Matvienko in the premiere of Radio & Juliet this spring. If you missed it, here’s your chance once more! Steeped in songs by the illustrious Radiohead, lighting effects and video installations simply add to its charm. As a second act, Class-concert is a kind of pre-ballet, in that it leads you behind the curtains and demonstrates all the preparation that goes into each and every performance. What goes on before the ballet is no longer a mystery! Tickets are 50 – 1,000hrv. For more information call 279-1169.

Starting 4 September, the Chamber Music Session invites you back for a special evening of classical music performed by some world-class musicians. International Chopin and Tchaikovsky Competitions winner, Kevin Kenner (USA), will captivate you with Chopin on the piano with string quartet accompaniment. Also, Bart Van Oort, another unique pianist known for recording every one of Mozart’s compositions over a span of 10 years, comes to Kyiv with his ensemble the Van Swieten Society to perform… you guessed it – Mozart, Hayden and others. Ticket are 50 – 350hrv. For more information visit

11 September at 19.00

Chamber Music Session Festival, Lavra Gallery (I Mazepy 17)

11 September at 18.00 and 20.00

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04.09.2012 18:28:40

Neil Campbell


My Kyiv What brought you back to Ukraine? I was working for a Central European private equity fund called Innova Capital, and one of my side responsibilities was to look for deals in Ukraine. Serendipitously I stumbled across a deal in consumer finance in Ukraine. Innova turned the deal down because it was too small, so I ended up doing it myself with some “friends and family”. In 2005, retail lending was a very interesting industry here in Ukraine as it was just starting out, so we started up a credit intermediary. Within six months of being founded, the company was put

and we’ve been lucky enough to be riding that wave. We’re lucky to be in this market with the proper tools, particularly when it comes to risk management. Risk management has been a challenge for most of the players because we don’t have the proper market infrastructure for doing it right – the credit bureaus are in their infancy, and therefore there’s very little third party verifi-

cation on income information. When it came to underwriting, we focused much more on a client's demographic profile rather then proof of income, and that proved much more reliable for us. From a consumer point of view, what differentiates Platinum Bank from the others? There are a couple of things that make us stand out, one of them being our stance on corporate social responsibility, something we take very seriously. In fact we have Key Performance Indicators written into our mission statement that don’t only

The Man with the

Midas Touch

together with International Mortgage Bank, which was owned by Horizon Capital, also an investor in our company. Once the companies were merged, Horizon Capital invited me back to Ukraine to run the merged entity in 2006, and that was basically the start of Platinum Bank.

You left in 1991, just prior to independence, and came back in 2006: what had changed? Well it was a whole different country: I left the Soviet Union and came back to independent Ukraine – TV was in Ukrainian, radio was in Ukrainian, and with me coming from the south, I wasn’t educated properly in Ukrainian, so that was the first part of the culture shock. Ukraine has had a very vibrant, some would say turbulent, independence period politically and economically, but it’s come such a long way in such a short space of time it’s almost unrecongnisable. Platinum Bank has grown at an astronomic rate. What’s behind its success? Credit has to go to the early investors, including Horizon, East Capital, and IFC. But mainly, I’d say it was Horizon with the vision that retail banking services in Ukraine would develop, and they were prepared to back that vision with a substantial amount of capital. Their vision proved to be absolutely correct: the under penetration of retail banking amongst the population is massive compared even to some of our closest neighbours. The market has developed rapidly,

32.indb 14

I think I’ve started one of our My Kyiv features before by saying that one of the great things about life in Kyiv is the interesting people you meet who lead fascinating lives. Greg Krasnov, CEO at Platinum Bank, is just such a character. Born and raised in Ukraine, he emigrated with his family to the US at the age of seventeen, where he did his undergraduate studies at Arizona State. He then moved to England to do his Masters (at Cambridge no less), and after its completion he decided to stay in Europe, working first in Warsaw, then London, then Warsaw again. All that time he had his eye on Ukraine, just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself…

focus on financials, but also our employees and the society in which we operate. We get very involved in the communities in which we operate, such as working with children’s homes, computer classes, financial education for kids, and much more. Of course, when it comes to product offering, we focus on what’s known as the five Ps – product, pricing, promotion, process and people. We really believe that in Ukraine you can’t differentiate on price, as it’s a market with perfect competition; you can’t differentiate on promotion as there are only so many ways in which you can send the message; you can’t differentiate on product either, as these products have been around for a very long time. What do serve as differentiators is people and process, so we invest very heavily in this area. We invest heavily in people, especially those who represent Platinum Bank to our customers, as they have to represent Platinum Bank values. In this way, we provide a level of service that is consistent, and is of a high level. Platinum Bank has shown massive growth since the crisis began. How did you manage to achieve this when almost every other bank was reining in and heading for cover? We were lucky that we entered the crisis with a very healthy balance sheet structure. We were also incredibly lucky that we managed to raise a huge amount of capital just before the crisis, so capital-to-assets ratio was above fifty percent, which would normally

04.09.2012 18:28:45

32.indb 15

04.09.2012 18:29:09


Coming Soon 10 Men and 10 Women

Turetsky Choir (Russia, art group), Palace Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)

21 November at 19.00

The Turetsky Choir is one of the brightest and most famous ensembles of male voices in the world. Treating Kyiv to their a cappella orchestra on a semi-regular

basis, their audiences have come to expect a palette of “natural men’s timbres” from tenor altino to bass profundo. This time, however, the bonus is a choir of 10 female voices as well! Bringing the best in soprano from our neighbours to the east, these ladies will certainly add another element to the concert this evening. Tickets are 450 – 3,000hrv. For more information call 247-2303.

Take Five!

Jazz in Kyiv (international, jazz festival), October Palace (Instytutska 1)

26 – 28 October at 19.00

Get ready for another great jazz festival, with the fifth season of Jazz in Kyiv here in the capital. Bringing in some of the world’s top musicians from the US, Japan, Sweden, Poland, Norway and Mexico, Ukraine too will be well represented with our own home-grown doo wops and ditty bops. Miles Smiles, Lars Danielsson, Hiromi: The Trio Project and Kenny Werner All-Star Quintet are just a few appearing on the ticket this weekend – make sure you pick one up. Tickets are 150 – 600hrv. For more information call 279-1582.

Omar’s a Star

Slaves of Music

More Eloquent Than Words

7 October at 18.00

20 October at 19.00

From 19 September

Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group (Puerto Rico, instrumental), Green Theatre (Parkovaya Doroga 2) Omar Lopez is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, writer, actor and film director, originally from Puerto Rico. His background is as impressive as his expansive moniker, being as he is composer, guitarist and producer for progressive rock group, The Mars Volta, and former bassist and guitarist of dub reggae band, De Facto, and post-hardcore outfit, At the Drive-In. Frequently described as avant-garde and/or progressive, you can make up your own mind when he comes to Kyiv, together with his own group. For tickets and more information call 469-2677.

Lyapis Trubetskoy (Belorussia, rock, punk), Stereo Plaza (Kikvidze 1)

Exhibition of illustrations by Pablo Amargo (Spain), ArtHall Gallery (Frolivska 1/6)

This October, Belorussian rockers Lyapis Trubetskoy will be back in Kyiv to present their new, 12th album, RabCore. Its title is a play on words in Russian, translated as Hardcore Slaves, and contains harsh, politicallyflavoured metaphors; something the band is known and loved for. Victims of censorship, the group have been banned from playing in their home country, and as such, have since released this latest album over the Internet. Crying out to “kill the slave inside”, let’s see how it turns out. Tickets are 190hrv. For more information call 222-8040.

When reading a book or an article in a magazine, we don’t often pay too much attention to the illustrations that accompany. This is not the case, however, when the illustration itself is able to say more than words, and as such, may we present Pablo Amargo. With his work appearing in international newspapers, street posters, children’s books and more, he is the winner of many Spanish as well as international awards. Bringing it all to Kyiv this autumn, books and albums, posters and covers, illustrations for the press as well as audio-visual materials will all be on display. For more information call 238-6521.

Our Favourite Boomers

Boombox (Ukraine, pop, funk), Stereo Plaza (Kikvidze 1)

14 September at 19.00

Boombox began making music in 2004 and quickly attained the appreciation of listeners everywhere in the country. With audiences growing at lightning-quick speed after the release of their debut album, the group received thunderous applause far and wide. With their fourth album out last year, and lots more going on since, this next concert’s going to be a good way to round out the summer. Tickets are 170 – 800hrv. For more information call 222-8040.

32.indb 16

Machete Means Music

Machete (Russia, rock), Crystal Hall (Dniprovskiy Spusk 1)

6 October at 21.00

Back earlier in the year, having really carved things up as he did, the former Tokio frontman has decided to return to Kyiv to give us another slice. Machete, aka Yaroslav Maliy, says his solo project is “for people for whom the world is open and live with true feeling”, quite the poet if you ask us. And to back up his deep words, come some serious sounds – all of which are sure to cut right to your soul. For more information and tickets call 288-5069.

Black and White Nu

White Square – exhibition of photographic works by Eric Marrian (FR), J Greter Gallery (V Hetmana 6)

From 20 September

In the world of modern photography, the name Eric Marrian is written in big, bold, black and white letters. Acknowledged as one of the best modern photographers in both Europe and the United States, this is the first time his works will be displayed here in Ukraine. Taking inspiration from Russian painter Kazimir Malevich, he brings his most famous collection to date, White Square, which looks at the geometry of the human body. For more information call 200-0706.

04.09.2012 18:29:11


The Land of Love

Ma-Na Hat-Ta (play in Ukrainian language), Palace Ukraine – small hall (V Vasylkivska 103)

27 October at 19.00

Ma-Na Hat-Ta comes from the Lenape language of the Iroquois nation (one of the many tribes of the indigenous people of North America). Meaning “land of many hills”, New York’s Manhattan traces its roots back to this word also. Turning this performance into one more about love than hills, the original radio-play by Austrian Ingeborg Bachmann has been fabulously restructured by the Les Kurbas Theatre, famous for their resolve in taking on difficult and controversial scripts. Come and see what happens when two people meet and their feelings surpass the notions of space and time. Tickets are 150 – 250hrv. For more information call 247-2303.

Season Opening! Kyiv Operetta Opening Galaconcert, Kyiv Operetta (V Vasylkivska 53/3)

15 September at 19.00

One of Kyiv’s brightest theatres, the Kyiv Operetta, is opening the new theatre season with a traditional gala-concert. This is your chance to take in some of the best operettas and musicals the city has to offer, and all in just one evening. You’ll meet the Gypsy Baron, Eliza and Professor Higgins, the inimitable heroes of the Sorochynsky Fair and many other loveable characters. Grab a ticket and come along – it’s a great way to forget about the cooler weather soon to be upon us. Tickets are 25 – 200hrv. For more information call 287-2630.

Mixed Snacks

Look At That Body of Work

29 September at 21.00

7 December at 20.00

Fun Lovin’ Criminals (USA, rock), Crystal Hall (Dniprovskiy Spusk 1) Everyone remembers those Fun Lovin’ Criminals, all that running around chasing Scooby Snacks and so on. Their peak years were in the 90s, where, with their songs about such glamorous themes as drugs, violence, poverty and politics, they shifted some 10 million albums worldwide. Well, they are still fun lovin’, still criminal, and very much coming to Kyiv, this time to give you a specially selected DJ set. So, come along and see what inspired the guys who brought you Barry White tribute, Love Unlimited. For more information and tickets call 288-5069.

32.indb 17

LMFAO (USA, electronic), Palace Sport (Sportyvna 1)

They are sexy and they know it. Two hundred and fifty million people know it too – at least that was the number last we checked on YouTube. So, that would be everyone in Ukraine watching that link more than six times. Astounding, but these guys are a pure sensation, with their second album, Sorry For Party Rocking, winning more awards than you could shake a (sexy) tush at. Oh and by the way, the name stands for Loving Myself And Others. Not that you thought any differently, of course… Tickets are 350 – 2,000hrv. For more information call 246-7406.

On the Lookout for a Prince with Legs

The Little Mermaid (fairytale in 2 acts), Young Theatre (Prorizna 17)

23 September at 12.00

Hans Christian Andersen was a children’s story genius, creating some of the most well-known and best loved fairytales over the last couple of centuries. The Little Mermaid is one such story, which has been made into a ballet, a

musical and cartoon by the best in the business, Disney. Continuing on from the digital recreation to the stage, The Little Mermaid comes to Kyiv with the help of director, Eugene Kurman. Awarded the Kyiv Pectoral Award in 2000, as the best children’s play of the year, this is a sea-faring story of love, loss and hope for kids of all ages. Admission is 30 – 40hrv. For more information call 278-7392.

They’re Back!

Paris Combo (France, fusion, jazz), Tolstoy Club (V Vasylkivska 19)

28 September at 20.00

The fabulous French Spring event held earlier this year introduced Paris Combo, a jazz-playing French quintet, to an admiring Ukrainian public. Popular for blending French chanson, American jazz and swing, Roma and North African music, they did a great job at the closing ceremony, leaving everyone wanting more. Back in town with the same great tunes, this French-capital-combination is sure to get your toes tapping! Admission is 200hrv. For more information call 067-504-1762.

Meet the Rich and Authentic Chechens

Vaynakh Chechen Dance Ensemble, Palace Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)

24 October at 19.00

The Chechen culture, although rich and authentic, remains relatively unknown to the rest of the world. Hoping to illuminate those here in Kyiv, the oldest Chechen song and dance ensemble comes to the capital this autumn. Having revamped their work after the beginning of the Second Chechen War in 1999, the mastery and fiery temperament of Vaynakh promises a night you won’t soon forget. Tickets are 150 – 1,300hrv. For more information call 247-2316.

04.09.2012 18:29:15

32.indb 18

04.09.2012 18:29:22

Publisher’s Provocations

n after another lengthy delay, start friend of mine, filled with frustratio be to led, ‘Aerosvit Sucks’. It proved ed a Facebook group last week entit the time I write this) 1,422 mem(at has a very popular group and already st growing groups I’ve ever seen. bers, which has to be one of the faste many interesting posts followed by As you can imagine, there have been hI ment’ conversations, some of whic many equally as interesting ‘com tely involved in. must admit to having been passiona ment about a certain oligarch and com One particular person posted a ’t defence of said airline. The post didn squeezing in the market place in one At a lengthy conversation ensued. make much sense to me, and so oliwhich she vigorously defended the point during the conversation, in he in the airline, she commented that garch who is a major shareholder ed repli couldn’t be stupid. I immediately was a very rich man and therefore th weal little to do with the acquiring of that, in my opinion, intelligence had


by many oligarchs. to be rding to many in the know, seems Upon further reflection, this, acco The airline appears to have very little relevant when it comes to Aerosvit. rpowers that be don’t seem to unde concern for its customers, and the of h ts to fly with them anymore, whic stand that this is why no one wan

One Sleeping Beauty Reveals


s you are all doubtless aware, Taras Polataiko’s Sleeping Beauty exhibition/installation/call-it-what-you-will, at the National Art Museum of Ukraine, has been causing a worldwide media sensation. Basically, the concept is that five beautiful girls lay sleeping, and if wakened by the kiss of their prince/princess, wedding bells are contractually obliged to ring out loud. We caught up with one of the erstwhile slumbering lovelies, Kyiv’s own Liza Rai, now awake, and popped a few questions her way… What got you involved in Sleeping Beauty? The concept of the project, especially when abstracting from its pragmatic part, is really amazing. And how was it? It was a very curious and exciting experience! Did you awake upon receiving a kiss? I was ready, and was going to open my eyes during my participation in the project, but a true impulse to do so only came on the first day. It all being so new then, I was rather nervous about doing so, and didn’t quite manage it. What were the best aspects of the project? The best thing about the project was the extraordinary feeling of being outside of an objective time and space, the intrigue, the curiosity, and the challenge. The dress was also gorgeous – many thanks to the girls from Kamenskayakononova. And anything that was not so good? Probably, the fear of losing that moment of destiny. It’s hard to actually completely let go, and let only instinct guide your destiny.

course compounds the problem. in Ukraine, there seems to be a com In this business, and many others c basi y t we would consider to be prett plete lack of understanding of wha especially in a sector that relies as ce, rules of operation. Customer servi .A airline industry does, is everything heavily on repeat business as the ts clien ts in a shoddy manner, as said business will fail if it treats its clien e to use it. will simply, wherever possible, refus politicians. In What’s Up this week try’s The same can be said of the coun rnexamples of ministers and/or gove (see page 4), we have two excellent or ce rance when it comes to governan ment officials showing complete igno that ing le are in ultimate power, mak communication. And yet, these peop ughout the elite class in this counThro power more ultimate every second. rnmental, there appears to be a high try, whether that be business or gove the country. Not good at all. level of idiocy, and that’s not good for ’d en by a British businessman who writt While on vacation, I read a book not was ds. In it, he claimed that he made hundreds of millions of poun ed this and to compensate, surround ed particularly smart, but he recognis that he rewarded very well. You’d think himself by very smart men whom try. might be a solution for this coun n to icians have apparently been know Indeed, both businessmen and polit ce. advi well-known for ignoring their employ advisors, but sadly they are the or cy t be on the verge of bankrupt Despite the fact their business migh they know better. think country might be on its knees, they next generation? Is stupid, selfthe from r Can we hope for something bette trait? Only time will tell. destructive stubbornness a national Neil Campbell

101 Reasons to Love Kyiv by Ian Bearder

Reason №48 Fountains and Water Features

Did you know…

Kyiv fell to Mongolian armies led by Batu Khan in 1240? The city was completely razed, ruined, burned, and reduced to huts. Most of the survivors, including all artists, traders, and craftsmen, were forced into slavery.

Kyiv is covered in them. No self-respecting park would be seen in public without a fountain.

Reason №47 Olivia

These restaurants sell simple, cheap and tasty Italian-inspired food. Amazingly, you wont find sushi on the menu. Want more? Check out

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Kyiv Life

Find more photos of these events on the

Sparing some time for What’s On

Neil Smith and Andre Kuusvek caught in the action BUCC Chairman Bate Toms, Anna Berestian, Tengiz Mustafaev, Anna Ganich and Alastair McBain

Morgan Williams of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council and Volya’s Eric Franke Chargé d’affaires at the British Embassy Martin Day with Jorge Intriago of Ernst & Young

The BUCC Says Farewell

DANTE PARK Hosted at one of the city’s more upscale clubs, the British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce invited friends and members to its last summer networking reception on 29 August. In addition to saying goodbye to the warmer weather, those gathered were also given the opportunity to say their farewells to EU Ambassador HE Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira. Leaving Ukraine on a high note, Mr Teixeira will surely be missed.

Ali Kardes, Yulia Kasko and Dave Young gang up for a pic

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Olga Shiyan and Anfisa Anikushina look astonishing

Inna Bown and Dominique Menu of BNP Paribas S.A. having lots of fun

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What’s On Facebook page at Japanese Ambassador HE Toichi Sakata, US Ambassador John F Tefft and Austrian Ambassador HE Wolf Dietrich Heim

EU Ambassador Says Goodbye to Ukraine

SOLOMYANSKA BREWERY Following the farewell party for EU Ambassador Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira put on by the BUCC on Wednesday, Thursday 30 August saw His Excellency at the Solomyanska Brewery along with the ambassadorial corps, who were given their opportunity to wish the Ambassador well. It was a busy couple of days for Mr Teixeira, but ones that were extremely worthwhile.

Ambassador of Belgium HE Jana Zikmundova in conversation with Deputy Head of the Hungarian Embassy Miklos Morocz and Dutch Ambassador HE Pieter Jan Wolthers

EU Ambassador Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira says a few words

Portuguese Ambassador HE Mario Jesus dos Santos, Cuban Ambassador Felix Leon Carballo, Ambassador of Mexico HE Berenice Rendon Talavera, Ambassador of Argentina Lila Roldan Vazquez de Moine, and Ambassador of Greece HE Georgios Georgountzos

Under the Epidermis

MIRONOVA GALLERY On 29 August, Ukrainian pop-artist Oksana Mas presented her recent art project, bizarrely named, Phenomenon of the Epidermis. Featuring tyres covered with latex made to look like human skin and various other body parts, video clips shot by directors Serhiy Eisenshtein and Peter Greenaway are also included in the project. Receiving a Golden Jar award at last year’s Swiss Locarno Festival, it’s sure to be something you’ll want to take in until it wraps up on 13 September.

Artist Arsen Savadov with collection owner Ihor Voronov

Armani Scioli of Swiss gallery Rivellino LVD together with the project’s muse Oksana Mas

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Popular TV host Tetyana Ramus

Art Critic Oleksiy Rohotchenko and Valeriy Mironov

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Kyiv Life

Find more photos of these events on the Art consultant and actor Frank Cottet Glauser with the French Embassy’s Anthelme Vidaud

General Director of Peugeot in Ukraine Serge Banzet together with JTI General Director Antoine Ernst

Normandy Comes to Kyiv

NATIONAL ART MUSEUM OF UKRAINE Launched on 1 September, this unique exhibition, entitled Normandy in Painting, mustered many a Frenchman and interested art aficionado for the opening of its vernissage. With 57 paintings in total, works by Courbet, Boudin, Monet, Renoir and many others are united by the understandable affection they had for this small but important part of France. With a subtle but coloured palette, melancholic moods possess this collection, making it a must-see this fall. If, by chance, you weren’t able to make the opening, tag along to NAMU until 28 October.

Director of the Normandy in Painting collection Alan Tapié

Ambassador of France HE Alain Remy in conversation with acting General Director of NAMU Tetyana Mironova

The Reed Whispers Again

The exhibition’s author, German Migotin

TRIPTYCH GALLERY Once again, art fans gathered to take in the exhibition of an artistic project created by talented local, German Migotin. Opened on 29 August, Reed’s Whisper II continues on from the initial project, started in 2011, bringing abstract reality to life on canvas. Attracting many guests this evening, you too have the opportunity to take it in until 11 September.

Art critic Larysa Bozhko, Consul of the Hungarian Embassy Janos Kollar and Triptych’s Maryna Shynkaruk

Artists David Sharashidze and Olena Pridulova caught on camera

Artist Valeriy Shkarupa, businessman Viktor Prykhodko, Triptych Director Tetyana Savchenko and artist Leonid Bernat

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What’s On Facebook page at

Mauricio Askero of Maas Markets on a hunt for art

Pavel Shilko aka DJ Pasha did a great job MCing the event

Island of Freedom

Villa Elena’s Vitaliy Fedorchenko, Natalie Gurieva of Imperatore Club and Alex Krilov of Krilov’s Auction House

The winner of the Miss Zarina regional contest Iryna Zaika

Gallery owner Dayami Morales looking great

RIVIERA VILLAS After sending their kids to school on 1 September, KCC members tucked into to a nice night out for their annual Summer Big Smoke. With the name El Humo Grande, the party was Cuban-themed this year, turning the venue into a real island of freedom. Cigar smoke filled the air, there was salsa dancing from dusk ‘til dawn and the rum flowed as colourful cocktails were served up Cuban style. Those in attendance had the opportunity to take part in an art auction, and witness new project: “London Symphonic Orchestra Plays Music by Ihor Pereverzev”, as well as enjoy the Miss Zarina 2012 beauty pageant. The whole night was muy bueno!

Vice-President of UIA Anton Borisyuk and his wife Svitlana Ambassador of Macedonia HE Aco Spasenoski with wife Elida get their photo taken

KCC president Milan Pajevic and Nataliya Netovkina of Zarina smiling on

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Graham Phillips

evening. Peals of laughter broke out, as it became clear that the word disco was now, and forevermore, a dad-word. And on the subject of discos, the other night I was in a fairly standard, albeit good-quality, fun, studenty-type disco (see, I just did it). Everyone was dancing away, as they do, upon which point the stage show began – such a stage show consisting of basically seeing how much the (almost entirely) Ukrainian crowd would do for some free drinks. The answer was quite a lot, as several hitherto rather unassuming-seeming young ladies stripped right down to their frillies and, exposing their ‘upper bodies’ shall we say, while writhing around on stage in this undress for several minutes to stake their claim on the coveted cocktail. I’ve just never seen that before, outside of a Greek island, Spanish resort etc. People going so crazy, and so crazy when everyone is snapping away on their smartphones no less. Coming back via taxi, I found myself in the car, and company, of a taxi driver so friendly he insisted we stop for coffees en route back to Darnista. He even offered to pay. Now, a latteloving, Lada-driving cabbie willing to fork out for his passengers’ beverage, you have to love that. And not only that, all the other fabulous firsts. You have to love them, and remember them, as you stand shivering under freezing shower water at 7.30am.

Autumn and all that comes with it is on the minds of tweeters this week. Some tweets are on the weather, okay, most are on the weather. But one reaches a bit deeper, with a reference to the academic year, no less. It’s all here in Tweets of the Week… Eileen Emch ‫@‏‬EileenEmch Its early Sept 1, first day of autumn here, I’m on train Kiev to Donetsk. Thru the window, a glorious full moon. UkrainianHardstylerz ‫@‏‬UkrHardstylerz real autumn in kiev, rainy weather, strong wind. So, it’s time for flat cleaning and than hit the studio. Evgen ‫@‏‬guts_inside so much reasons to stay in kiev. it might be the best place to feelautumn is coming. time to find a place on podol to #sleep there#forever Igor Samosud ‫@‏‬djsamosud So HOT today in #Kyiv ! #autumn #September #ukraine #hot#sunny Harriet Moody ‫@‏‬LovingWhitneyH @kirstynicole6 hello, darling!!! how are you? here, in Ukraine, the academic year started yesterday. have you entered the college?

Hi Graham, I’m the mum of a teenage daughter, who came to me the other day and said she’d like to get a leg tattoo. Now, I’m not against tattoos at all, a nice arm tattoo can be quite the thing. But a leg tattoo, that’s a big step and I think she’s taking the decision too lightly, too soon, and perhaps for the wrong reasons. So, my question is, what can I do to dissuade her? Yours, Vera Hi Vera, Well, she’s clearly at an age of rebelling against authority, her parents, and everything else like that. She probably views you not only as somewhat of a tyrant, but also as rather uncool. Therefore, if you get a leg tattoo yourself, I’d imagine she’d be highly unlikely to do so. Hope that helps, Graham If you have a question about life, work or relationships in Kyiv please write to

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Age-impressive Achievements

So, looking back, Ukraine hosted the EURO when it was just 20, an age when the main concern of most is if anyone fancies them. Impressive.

Androgynous Appeal

Stav Strashko, born in Ukraine, has become the latest hot male supermodel, due to his genderambivalent beauty.

Speaking Ukrainian

Big Vik is all for it apparently. Perhaps his pronunciation is a bit off as his tongue’s in his cheek while speaking...


Some weekend days in September can be every bit as hot as summer. Yet, it’s autumn, no one goes anywhere.


What’s Not


s I write this, my cat, Andy the cat, is giving my arm a good licking. It’s rather pleasant, and having read up on the subject, I believe it’s what cats do to show their affection, given that their mothers likely performed the same on them as kittens. Before coming to Ukraine, I’d never been licked by a cat. In fact, I’d neither owned a cat nor seriously considered it, as there’d be bound to be paperwork, registrations and the likes? You couldn’t just pick one up from a Metro station, after coming home a few beers in. So, starting with a lick, his is just one of the firsts I continue to encounter living here, and one for the plus side. The three weeks without hot water finds its place both as a first, and a resounding negative. I remember staying in a hostel in Poland a few years back and meeting a guy who lived in Ukraine, him telling me that his hot water had been switched off. I remember wondering who would live in a country like that? In due course, I found my answer, muggins Phillips. Coming to Ukraine is in some ways like being a child again, life is full of new experiences, some frightening, others amazing, some inconveniencing, but all of them educational. I enjoy being able to say the word ‘disco’ in general conversation. The last time I’d heard this actually used in conversation was when my dad enquired of my school friends, in around 1995, if we were all ‘going to the disco’ that

What’s Hot

That Said

Lenny Kravitz has ‘postponed’ until next year, Crystal Castles have cancelled. The Kooks seem to be just about holding in there, for now....

English Language Announcements

No longer will you hear that lovely American’s crisp tones over the loudspeaker as you take the Metro. It’s back to bud laskas and oberezhnos.

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All Outlets

PARTIES PACKAGE May 1st – July 31th Dine 2 or more & Get a 300 UAH Voucher valid for the next visit. Terms & Conditions Apply

The Strand Grill

LUNCH OFFERS Espresso Business Lunch Starting from 120 UAH Available from Mondays to Fridays – 12.30pm to 3.00pm Salad Bar Starting from 120 UAH Available from Mondays to Fridays – 12.30pm to 3.00pm A La Carte Available from Mondays to Saturdays. BRUNCH WITH BENEFITS BEGINS Sunday, May 13th Starting at 730 UAH per person Champagne on offer! Chocolate & Bed Making Classes for Kids Lounge DJ from 12pm to 3pm CORPORATE DEALS LAUNCH From May 15th please e-mail for more information

Vintage Cocktail Bar

CANAPES & MARTINIS Canapes & Martinis for 2 Hours @ 250 UAH / person.

1A Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street, Kyiv Tel.   +380 44 322 8888 Email:

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EURO June 9th – July 1st Live EURO Games

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gorchitsacafe Simple French food served in relaxed surroundings Str. Pylypa Orlyka, 6 Tel: +380 44 253 73 58

33-a Druzhby Narodiv Blvd.

tel.: 285-9999 285-8708

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Free Pick–Up and Delivery!!! 7 Days Per Week From 9am till 8pm Express Services Upon Request Velyka Zhytomyrska


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What's On Kyiv Issue 32 2012  

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