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What’s Up

The Danger of Self Treatment


e’ve all done it here in Ukraine: feel something a little wrong, look it up on Google, and decided we’re dying of cancer or a brain tumour. Certainly, when you come from a country like the UK where absolutely every drug is controlled and only available under prescription, then there’s no other choice than to go and see your doctor when there’s something wrong. And, of course, there’s a tendency to trust said doctor and his diagnosis. But then you come to Ukraine, and you find that almost all drugs are available without prescription. And add to that the fact that finding a reliable Ukrainian doctor who’s not going to serve his personal financial welfare during treatment is particularly hard, then it’s particularly common for someone to search their symptoms online, and come up with a diagnosis, which is often wrong. But right or wrong, once that diagnosis is made, it’s incredibly easy to find the prescribed treatment then pop down the local apteka and buy the relevant drugs without so much as a note from your mother, never mind a doctor. Case in point is Colin Baldwin, well known amongst his friends as a complete hypochondriac: “I’d been suffering from fatigue and aching bones for some time,” Colin explains. “One night I was in the pub with friends and happened to mention this to them. We googled the symptoms and top of the list was bone cancer.” Luckily for Colin, bone cancer is not self treatable so after a few sleepless nights, which served only to add to his fatigue, he went to

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a doctor. Of course, Colin was not suffering from bone cancer, but too many late nights and an old football injury. This story turned out happily enough in the end, but there are others who diagnose themselves as needing a certain type of treatment, buy the necessary drugs, and take them as some website or another prescribes, without ever checking with a doctor. The most common type of drugs abused in this manner, is antibiotics, which, as well all know, should only ever be taken when needed because the body can build up a resistance, reducing their efficacy. It is very common for locals and foreigners alike to prescribe themselves a course of antibiotics due to an online diagnosis, buy them down the local pharmacy and take them in the hope of relieving whatever infection they think has befallen then. This, of course, is not good for one's future health. The good news is, the government has finally decided to do something about this. The bad news is, it will not be introducing a prescription system. Instead, it will be placing a warning about the dangers of selftreatment on all medicine advertising. Unfortunately. that’s likely to work as well as the warnings on tobacco products – not at all. So, if you’re suffering from an ailment and you’re thinking about googling it, the simple answer is, don’t! If you’re worried about local doctors, there are plenty of international ones around who will give you a proper diagnosis and offer the relevant treatment. And at the end of the day, you don’t want to scare the bejesus out of yourself, which often happens when you google symptoms.

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Photo: Unian


Tymoshenko Case: Making a Mockery of Law

Victory Day Celebrations Turn Sour in Lviv As President Yanukovych gave his traditional Victory Day speech in Kyiv, declaring: “The victory of fascism is the festival that unites the Ukrainian people,” people in Lviv were going at each other over that very victory. It all kicked off as about 100 people, among them WWII veterans, gathered at the Hill of Glory memorial in the city along with members of the Russian Unity and Motherland parties. When a Banner of Victory was handed over, a number of nationalists broke the police barricade and stormed the ceremony. Activists of the right-wing Svoboda party fought with police as they tried to disrupt the proceedings. In another incident, supporters of the Svoboda Party, many of them wearing scarves covering their faces, set upon a group of people celebrating Victory Day, violently beating one man to the ground and kicking him repeatedly. The nationalists claim Ukraine suffered in an identical manner under both Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s USSR, and therefore the victory is nothing to celebrate.

Norway Denies Asylum to Gaddafi’s Nurse We’re not quite sure how she managed to get away from the evil tyrant, but the Ukrainian nurse who’s been tending to Gaddafi’s personal needs for several years now turned up in Norway at the weekend demanding political asylum. The Norwegians said: “Eh, no,” in response to her appeal, and rightly so as the SBU said it had no plans to take action against Halyna Kolotnystka as she was not in violation of Ukrainian law. The Norwegians did, however, say they might let her reside in Norway due to “additional threats” such as the risk of being targeted by Libyan agents. But really, we’re thinking they’ve probably got more to worry about right now. Of course, Gaddafi must be missing her personal services, but again, he’s dodging bombs right now, so while he way well be in the need of a relaxing massage once in a while, he’s probably no overly concerned over her whereabouts. Having said that, she’s probably got some very interesting stories to tell, so we here at What’s On are on her trail, microphone in hand. Watch this space.

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They say there is no rule of law in Ukraine, and they’d be right. Especially when two masters of evasion and abuse of law are pitted against each other. Last week the Prosecutor General’s Office finally launched a criminal case against former prime minister Tymoshenko for abuse of power during the gas contract negotiations with Russia in 2009. After that, it all gets kinda blurry as one might expect. First of all, Yulia demanded that she be represented by Serhiy Vlasenko, a law maker from her own party. But the PGO said it was impossible to mix Vlasenko’s deputy status with advocacy. Tymoshenko dug her heels in, and eventually the PGO submitted and appointed the man as her defence lawyer. At the same time, the PGO threatened to charge Tymoshenko with attempting to delay legal preceeding, while Tymoshyenko promised to lodge a case with the Pechersk District Court against the illegality of the original charges. Confused? You will be. It’s only going to get worse. And the whole time, the rest of the world looks on with downcast eyes, shaking heads, and wry smiles at the utter folly of it all.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to the EU Hits’ Out at Europol Report Ukraine’s Ambassador to the EU, Kostiantyn Yelisiyev, has responded angrily to a recent report from Europol, the EU’s crimefighting agency, which states that the bid by Romania and Bulgaria to join the Schengen zone and proposed visa exemptions for former Yugoslav countries, Ukraine and Moldova could increase the threat of organised crime. The report issued by Europol, entitled Organised Crime Threat Assessment, was based on more than 70,000 pages of intelligence collected from member police forces over two years. However, Yelisiyev, hit back at the suggestion that there could be a connection between organised crime and visa-free travel for Ukraine. “We in Ukraine have deep concerns of the conclusion of Europol, which says the visa-free regime with Ukraine could present a potential threat in terms of organised crime.”

He went on to say that Ukraine had signed an agreement with Europol on strategic cooperation. He added: “I would stress that the action plan on visa liberalisation that was presented to Ukraine during the last EUUkraine summit proves that Ukraine has witnessed significant progress in justice, liberty and security.” Which Ukraine is that he’s talking about, we wonder.

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Blair Sheridan


Ukraine Today You’ve got a problem with avoiding personal accountability

Ya, and whose fault is that?


alling on the first Friday the 13th of any given year, this under-celebrated and most human of holidays and the concept underlying it come under the What’s On spotlight.

Somebody Else Did It! The origins of the day are said to lie in 1982 when, according to the (possibly apocryphal) story, a certain Ms. Amy Moeller of Michigan overslept when her alarm failed to go off, thus arriving late at all of her appointments for the day. Realising that the alarm clock story wasn’t going to suffice, as her day of woe continued, she hit upon the brilliant – if not entirely original – idea of becoming a human “blame thrower,” holding animate and inanimate objects alike responsible for problems. While Ms. Moeller may have been a groundbreaker, in that she inadvertently gave the world a new holiday, it can’t be said that she was truly an innovator in the concept of blame: she was merely the catalyst for the designation of an appropriate date. Incidentally, it was on another Friday the 13th – in 1307 – that the king of France, Philip the Fair, may have unwittingly initiated the celebration of the day, by rather publicly blaming the Knights Templar for all manner of indiscretion, subsequently having thousands of them imprisoned, tortured and their leader burned at the stake. Now that’s a man who knew how to blame!

The Devil Made Me Do It!

It Wasn’t My Fault! Given that the phrase “Ya ne vinovat!” (“It’s not my fault!”) is one of the first that an expat would be advised to learn in either Russian or Ukrainian, today’s unofficial holiday, International Blame Someone Else Day, seems especially appropriate.

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When a management guru (or similar oily oik) came up with the concept of the word “blame” as an acronym for “Big Losers Always Make Excuses”, he was not only being an insufferable bore: he was actually going against thousands of years of productive human evolution. As early as the 24th century BCE, the ancient inhabitants of Syria first recorded the practice of “scapegoating”, wherein a goat was invested with all the sins of the community, before being driven into the wilderness to suffer its fate at the hands of Mother Nature: “It wasn’t us – it was that evil goat!” The Bible, of course, offers a rich cornucopia of blame, as our earliest alleged ancestors blame away like there’s no tomorrow. Adam blamed Eve for serving him up that rather special apple, Eve blamed the snake and God blamed all of them. JudeoChristian religions also help us poor, blameless humans out, by providing a special being – Satan – upon whom we get to place responsibility for our more base impulses and actions. Long before Flip Wilson coined his phrase “The Devil made me do it,” we’ve been acting upon the assumption that shifting liability onto others is a wise and perfectly acceptable way of getting through life. In fact, “culpo, ergo sum” could easily be the motto of the human race.

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This Week Theatre and Classical Music EVENING OF CLASSIC MUSIC Featuring Kyiv Chamber Ensemble Works by Bach, Schumann, Chopin Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music 528-3186 FAMILY DINNER Comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 L. Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre 234-4223 EVENING OF CLASSIC MUSIC Featuring Quintet by the name of Bortnyansky Works by Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich Time: 19.00 House of Actors 253-8247/2081

17 Shinobu Takita and Ballet Stars National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)

15 May at 19.00 This gala performance presents the top dancers and soloists from the Tokyo Ballet Theatre, Mariisnky Theatre, the Berlin Opera House and the National Opera Theatre of Ukraine. This dance extravaganza will include fragments from such world-famous ballets as the Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Gisele, and Bayaderkaa. The highlight of the evening will be a performance from Shinobu Takita who will dance the adagio from Scheherazade and the Dying Swan which will be dedicated to the victims of the Japanese earthquake. This is a unique opportunity to see some of the world’s top dancers all under one roof, so don’t miss it. Tickets are: 100-1200 hrv. For more information call: 279-1169


Friday SUBSCRIPTION №10 SYMPHONY MUSIC Featuring Academic Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic Works by Strauss, Beethoven Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine 278-1697 MUSIC BY VIVALDI Featuring Hrebenyuk (soprano), Kucher (cello), sydorenko (harpsichord) Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music 528-3186 BALL AT THE SAVOY Operetta in 3 acts Time: 19.00 Kyiv Operetta 287-6257 EVENING OF CHAMBER MUSIC Featuring Dzeganovsky (violin), Strochan (piano) Works by Bach, Brahma, Mozart Time: 19.00 House of Actors 253-8247/2081 CINDERELLA Opera in Italian in 2 acts Time: 19.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine 279-1169 MARRIAGE An incredible event in 2 acts Time: 19.00 I. Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre 279-5921

HER CRAZY HUSBANDS Comedy in 1 act Time: 19.00 OLEKSANDR VERTYNSKIY. HOST OF THE BALL Mono-spectacle Time: 20.00 L. Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre 234-4223 TORCHALOV Life after death in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre 278-7392 QUEUE Humorous history in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro 517-1955 OSCAR – GOD A secret dialogue Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre 212-4188


Saturday SOUNDS OF INSPIRATION CONCERT Featuring Martsevych (piano) Works by Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin, Lysenko Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine 278-1697 EVENING OF CLASSIC MUSIC Featuring Solovyanenko (soprano), Bazhenova (harpsichord), Balakhovska (organ) Works by Bach, Mozart, Puccini Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music 528-3186

BOHEMIA Italian opera in 4 acts Time: 19.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine 279-1169 DREADNOUGHT Play in 1 act Time: 16.00 THE KAUDASHEVA FAMILY Comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 I. Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre 279-5921 THE LEANING TOWER OF PISA Farce in 2 acts Time: 18.00 QUARTET Comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 VALENTINE’S DAY Drama in 2 acts Time: 20.00 L. Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre 234-4223 DON JUAN Mythological comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre 278-7392

Tuesday IN THE DRUMMING LANE History of the railroad in 27 scenes Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre 212-4188


Sunday CELEBRATION CONCERT 60th anniversary of Yuriy Vasylevych (clarinet, saxophone) Featuring Kyiv’s saxophone quartet Works by Mozart, Weber, Gershwin Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine 278-1697 THE SOROCHYNSKIY FAIR Operetta in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Kyiv Operetta 287-6257 ROMEO & JULIET Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 I. Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre 279-5921

EVENING OF CLASSIC MUSIC Featuring Nazarenko (soprano), Chikirov (lyrical baritone), Zadorska (violin), Reutova (piano), Sydorenko (organ) Works by Vivaldi, Verdi, Hlinka Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music 528-3186 FIALKA MONTMARTRE Operetta in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Kyiv Operetta 287-6257 SWAN LAKE Ballet in 3 acts Time: 19.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine 279-1169 IN THE CAPTIVITY OF PASSIONS Drama in 1 act Time: 19.00 L. Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre 234-4223

LAST LOVE Melodrama in 2 acts Time: 18.00 NO. 13 Comedy of our day in 2 acts Time: 19.00 A MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN Pages from War and Peace Time: 20.00 L. Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre 234-4223

WOMAN IN THE SAND Parable Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre 212-4188

EMPTY TRASH Crazy comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre 278-7392

KYIV SOLOISTS NATIONAL CHAMBER ENSEMBLE Featuring Dobronravova (soprano), Orlov (bas) Works by Handel, Shostakovich Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine 278-1697

LOLITA Drama in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro 517-1955 PERFECT CHARLIE Ironic melodrama for adults Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre 212-4188

DANGEROUS LIAISONS Suspenseful intrigue Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro 517-1955


EVENING OF CLASSIC MUSIC Featuring Vydrya (violin), de Kolier (piano) Works by Tchaikovski Time: 19.00 House of Actors 253-8247/2081

EVENING OF CHAMBER INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Featuring Rivnyak (violin), Yakovenko (piano) Works by Strauss, Gershwin, Mendelssohn-Bartholdi Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine 278-1697




13-19 May 2011

URUS SHAITAN Tales of the Cossack Otaman and Turkish Sultan in 2 acts Time: 19.00 I. Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre 279-5921

CARMEN Opera in French in 3 acts Time: 19.00 National Opera Theatre of Ukraine 279-1169

VALENTINE’S DAY Drama in 2 acts Time: 20.00 L. Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre 234-4223

SOLO FOR A STRIKING CLOCK Play in 2 acts Time: 19.00 I. Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre 279-5921

CYRANO DE BERGERAC The life of… Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro 517-1955

THE 105TH PAGE OF LOVE Drama in 2 acts Time: 19.00 L. Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre 234-4223


THE FOURTH SISTER Black comedy in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Molody Theatre 278-7392

Thursday ELITE EVENING OF CLASSICAL MUSIC BY EVHENIA BASALAEVA Featuring Basalaeva (piano), Kontrasty Kyiv-Classic chamber ensemble, Dzvinochok choir chapel Works by Japanese composers Time: 19.00 National Philharmonic of Ukraine 278-1697

LYING THE PURE TRUTH Play in 1 act Time: 19.00 Drama & Comedy Theatre on the Dnipro 517-1955 HIDDEN LOVE Mysterious variations in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Suzirya Theatre 212-4188

EVENING OF CLASSICAL MUSIC Featuring Lipinska (mezzosoprano), Koshuba (organ), Reutova (piano) Works by Vivaldi, Bellini Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music 528-3186

The Soul of Ukraine Concert of Ukrainian Folk Songs and Romances, Kyiv Operetta (V.Vasylkivska 53/3)

19 May at 19.00 It is said in this country that a song is the soul of Ukraine. If one wants to know the real Ukraine, he has listen to Ukrainian folk songs, which tell the history of this land, the dreams of the people and the real truth about Ukrainians. Kyiv Operetta presents a special concert featuring some of the most famous Ukrainian folk songs, as well some well known arias from Lysenko’s operas like Natalka Poltavka and others. All that will be followed by captivating Ukrainian dances accompanied by the Operetta’s own orchestra. Tickets are 20-120 hrv. For more information call: 287-2630

EVENING OF CLASSIC MUSIC Featuring Kucher (cello), Voytekh (piano), Kharechko (organ) Works by Schumann, Strauss, Debussy Time: 19.30 National House of Organ and Chamber Music 528-3186 EVENING OF ROMANCES Featuring soloists Koshel and Sinchillo Time: 19.00 House of Actors 253-8247/2081 MY FAIR LADY Musical in 2 acts Time: 19.00 Kyiv Operetta 287-6257 : What's On Recommended

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Live Music

13-19 May 2011

Two Beautiful Voices in One Concert

DE JA VU (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Ciro’s Pomodoro (S Rustaveli 12) 221-4545

Volodymyr Hryshko and Tamara Gvirdtsedeli (classical pop), Palace Ukraine (V. Vasylkivska 103)


17 May at 19.00


Everyone knows Hryshko for his marvellous operatic voice and concerts in the world’s greatest opera houses. Unfortunately, Volodomyr will no longer be performing opera, as he now focuses on the pop stage. Together with Tamara Gvirdtsedeli, a National and Honoured Artist of Georgia and the USSR, Hryshko will offer a fabulous concert in Palace Ukraine, making a start on his new career path. Tickets are 30-800hrv. For more information call 247−2444.


Friday OLEKSANDR PUSHNOU AND DZHANKOY BROTHERS (ROCK) Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 CHILL OUT, CARTE BLANCHE (COVER BANDS) Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Bochka Khmilna (B Khmelnytskoho 3b) 390-6106 ANTYTILA, FOXTROT MUSIC BAND (POP-ROCK, COVER BAND) Time: 20.00 Admission: 50hrv Bochka Pyvna (Moskovskiy Pr 17/1) 461-8788 TRES DESEOS, CHILL OUT (COVER BANDS) Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Bochka Pyvna (Khreshchatyk 19a) 459-0551 CHILLI BOMBERS, RED ROCKS (COVER BANDS) Time: 22.00 Admission: 70hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 LAMPASY (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: 70hrv Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528 BEEFEATERS (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979 GRAVITY (COVER BAND) Time: 20.00 Admission: call and check Porter (Kostelna 4) 278-0490 MOJO JO JO (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Ciro’s Pomodoro (S Rustaveli 12) 221-4545 TEX MEX & CO (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900

OLEKSANDR SARATSKIY AND OLEKSANDR TUZOV (JAZZ) Time: 20.30 Admission: free Jazz Do It (V Vasylkivska 76a) 289-5606


Saturday ADDIS ABABA (REGGAE) Time: 22.00 Admission: 50hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 LUCKY BAND, G SOUND (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Bochka Khmilna (B Khmelnytskoho 3b) 390-6106 NERVY BAND (POP-ROCK) Time: 21.00 Admission: 30hrv Bochka Pyvna (Moskovskiy Pr 17/1) 461-8788

SPRING JAZZ NIGHT: OLENA SALOVA’S PROJECT (JAZZ) Time: 22.00 Admission: 30hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 TRES DESEOS (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: 20hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 MORE KHUANA (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528 YUKHYM DYM (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979 EASY DIZZY, CARNIVAL HEAT (COVER BANDS) Time: 22.00 Admission: 70hrv Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528 JOKERS (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979 BROWN SUGAR (COVER BAND) Time: 20.00 Admission: call and check Porter (Kostelna 4) 278-0490

G SOUND (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Bochka Pyvna (Khreshchatyk 19a) 459-0551

MJ PROJECT (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Ciro’s Pomodoro (S Rustaveli 12) 221-4545

FLIT, PARTYZANSKI VYTIVKY (COVER BANDS) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

HOT GUYS (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900


Sunday SOYUZ 44 (JAZZ) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

ALEX GERMAN (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Ciro’s Pomodoro (S Rustaveli 12) 221-4545

TROPICANA DANCE PARTY (DANCE MUSIC) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900


MORE KHUANA (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Ciro’s Pomodoro (S Rustaveli 12) 221-4545


TARTILA (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979 FOR TROT (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Ciro’s Pomodoro (S Rustaveli 12) 221-4545


Thursday O. TORVALD (POP-ROCK) Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 WILD PEOPLES (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Bochka Khmilna (B Khmelnytskoho 3b) 390-6106 HOT GUYS (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Bochka Pyvna (Moskovskiy Pr 17/1) 461-8788 LUCKY BAND (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Bochka Pyvna (Khreshchatyk 19a) 459-0551 ROCKING WOLVES (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: 30hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717



TELEVISOR, PARTYZANSKI VYTIVKY (POP-ROCK, COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: call and check Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

SHOPPING HOUR (ETHNO-LOUNGE) Time: 22.00 Admission: 30hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

MORE KHUANA (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

GERA & SECOND BREATH (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

HOT GUYS (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: 30hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

MAX TAVRICHESKIY (COVER BAND) Time: 20.00 Admission: call and check Porter (Kostelna 4) 278-0490

HIT POINT (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

TEX MEX CO (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

KHASH (BLUES) Time: 20.00 Admission: 30hrv Bochka Pyvna (Moskovskiy Pr 17/1) 461-8788

SENYA BEKIROV QUINTET (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

CHILL OUT (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

ANIMALS’ SESSION (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

FOXTROT MUSIC BAND (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528 FOUR FROM LIVERPOOL (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

RED ROCKS (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Ciro’s Pomodoro (S Rustaveli 12) 221-4545

Rasta-Boys and RastaGirls Bring Joy to Kyiv Addis Ababa (reggae), Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b)

14 May at 22.00 What does it take to have a nice reggae party in Kyiv? To start with, you have to bring in a good band like Belarus’ Addis Ababa. The band has released a couple of albums and has such a wealth of singles under its collective belt that it can afford to select a fundamentally different repertoire for each show. Add in the band’s drive and the good vibe filling any hall they play and you’ve got the perfect blend for a great gig. Admission is 50hrv.For more information call 279-4137. : What's On Recommended

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5/10/11 5:53:25 PM


This Week Art

FINE ART UKRAINE Exhibition of paintings, graphics, sculptures from Ukrainian galleries Mystetsky Arsenal (Lavrska 12-14) Until 22 May 288 5225

13-19 May 2011

WORD Exhibition of works by Ukrainian artists Volyazlovsky, Hryshchenko, Hromov, Ralko, Sahaydakovsky and others Ya Gallery (Voloska 55/57) Until 16 May 537-3351

PERSONAL EXHIBITION Paintings by Petro Lebedynets Mystetska Zbirka (Tereshchenkivska 13) Until 15 May 234-1427

PERSONAL EXHIBITION Works by Mykhailo Tymchuk Master Klas (Lavrska 16) Until 31 May 594-1063

THE DARK GENIUS Exhibition of photographic works by Bob Carlos Clarke Brucie Collections (Artema 55b) Until 6 June 205-4264

ITALIAN TRANS AVANT-GARDE Exhibition of Italian artists Sandro Chia, Enzo Cucchi, Nicola De Maria, Francesco Clemente, Mimmo Paladino M 17 (Antonovycha 102-104) Until 15 June 596-2030

EVOLUTION OF THE KISS Exhibition of works by Vyacheslav Mashnytsky Karas Gallery (Andriivsky uzviz 22a) Until 29 May 238-6531




Musical fairytale in 1 act for children 3+

Puppet-play for children 3+

Time: 11.00 & 13.00 CHIEF REDSKIN

Time: 11.00 THUMBELINA

Fragments Exhibition of Works by Volodymyr Yakovets National Art Museum (Hrushevskoho 6)

From 13 May Volodymyr Yakovets is an excellent exemplar of the contemporary Ukrainian artist, working in various genres, from painting to photo installation and performance art. In the early 90s, he took part in Tiberiy Silvashi’s renowned plein-airs for youth, going on to join the ContraBanda art group in the mid-2000s, experimenting in performance and social art. This exhibition, presented by the National Art Museum, offers Yakovets’ video reports of his performance art, as well as his photo and painting series, in which he used pop-art techniques. Exploring some of the most urgent problems of the modern world, the artist proposes his own view of reality. For more information call: 278-1357


Wunderkinder Child of the Year 2011 Final, Arc of People’s Friendship (Volodymyrskiy Spusk)

14 May at 17.30 The Child of the Year contest seeks to support the development in today’s youngsters of family values and the re-birth of Ukrainian national traditions. To this end, children compete in regional contests for the chance to come to Kyiv and astound all with their talents. This year, the head of the jury of judges will be none other than famous Ukrainian actress and beauty, Olha Sumska. Guests will be entertained by the performances of the little contest participants, as well as by older showbiz colleagues, with Iryna Bilik, El Kravchuk, Assol and others giving a gala concert. Admission is free. For more information, go to PUPPET THEATRE Hrushevskoho 1A (metro Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 278-5808

CIRCUS Peremohy 2 (metro Vokzalna) 486-3927

MUNICIPAL PUPPET THEATRE Mytropolska 1 513-1500

ZOO Peremohy Pr. 32 241-7769

MARIONETTE THEATRE Sahaidochnoho 29/3 (metro Poshtova Ploshcha) 417-3058

DYVOSVIT 4D cinema, children’s labyrinth, attractions Marshala Malinovskoho 24/10 502-0088

17a.indb 10

BUTTERFLY ULTRAMARINE Cinema, children’s playground, bowling, arcade Uritskoho 1A (metro Vokzalna) 206-0350 KOBZOV CIRCUS 239-2181 Prospekt Pobedy 82 MYSTICAL-AQUARIUM CENTRE Koshytsa 8A (metro Poznyaky) 502-1796

NEMO DOLPHINARIUM Akademika Glushkova 9 520-5550 KYIV PLANETARIUM Chervonoarmiyska 57/3 287-7508 AQUAPARK TERMINAL Aquapark, shopping and entertainment centre Kyivska 316 in the town of Brovary 200-1450

Friday A FINE MESS Time: 12.00 Lypska Youth Theatre 253-6219

Tragic comedy in 2 acts for children 7+

Time: 12.00 Lypska Youth Theatre 253-6219

KYIV PLANETARIUM Selection of various show programs

14 Saturday THE GOLDEN CHICKEN Puppet-play for children 3+

Time: 11.00 LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Puppet-play for children 3+

Time: 13.00 CHOK THE PIGLET Puppet-play for children 3+

Time: 15.00 THE GOLDEN KEY

Time: 11.00, 12.30, 14.00 and 16.00 Chervonoarmiyska 57/3 287-7508

DAY PROGRAM Time: 12.00 Nemo Dolphinarium (Akademika Glushkova 9) 520-5550

Puppet-play in Russian for children 4+

Time: 13.00 THE THREE LITTLE PIGS Puppet-play for children 3+

Time: 15.00 THE FROG PRINCESS Puppet-play for children 3+

Time: 17.00 Kyiv Puppet Theatre 278-0566


Monday AQUACIRCUS Time: 13.00, 15.00 Circus (Peremohy 2) 486-3927





Puppet-play for children 4+

Musical in 2 acts for children 3+

Time: 17.00

Time: 12.00

AQUACIRCUS Time: 13.00, 15.00

Kyiv Puppet Theatre 278-0566

Lypska Youth Theatre 253-6219

Circus (Peremohy 2) 486-3927

YASNOGORODSKYA OSTRICH FARM Podlesnaya 32, Yasnohorodska (30km outside of Kyiv) 782-3240 HOPAK IN KYIV Hopak Training Centres 332-7747 or 067-933-3244 Visit NABEG HORSEBACK RIDING CENTRE Vishgorodska 85 067-712-3384

KYIV HORSE RACE TRACK Akademika Glushkova 10 266-2223 STATE MUSEUM OF TOYS Klovskiy 8 253-5400 INTERESNIY KIEV Tours in and around Kyiv in English! 491-1176 or 068-121-4458 Visit tour/english

PYROHOVO OPEN AIR MUSEUM Folk architecture and life Marshrutka #3/156 from metro Lybydska 526-5542 MAMAEVA SLOBODA Outdoor Cossack Museum Mykhayla Dontsya 2, Otradniy region 361-9848

NIVKY PARK Children’s playground, rifle ranges, walking paths, cafes Prospect Pobedy 82 KURENEVSKIY PARK Playgrounds, attractions, cafes Frunze 134 NATIONAL BOTANICAL GARDEN Open year round Timiryazevskaya 1

5/10/11 5:53:30 PM



13-19 May 2011

80S DISCO Time: 21.00 Admission: free Sorry Babushka (Dmytrivskaya 18/24) 486-0300 HANGOVER SYNDROME Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Aura (Volodymyrskiy Spusk 2e) 383-5999 BOHEME PARTY Time: 21.00 Admission:15hrv 75 kop Gallery Club ( Pobedy 47, 2nd Floor)


Tuesday MIX STYLE Time: 22.00 Admission: L – 50hrv, G – 60hrv Patipa (Muzeyniy 10) 253-0150 FRIEND’S DAY Time: 18.00 Admission: free Gallery Club ( Pobedy 47, 2nd Floor)

13 Friday KIEV DUBSTEP HEADS 10 VIP DOCTOR P Time: 23.00 Admission: 70-90hrv Cinema Club (Entusiastiv 1) 555-5854 ONE EVENT Time: 02.00 Admission: 80-130hrv Crystal Hall (Dniprovskiy Spusk 1) 288-5069 80S DISCO Time: 20:00 Admission: L – free, G – 150hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494 DJ EVA, DJ BRO, DJ ALFRED, DJ LIGHT Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Stolitsa (Hrushevskoho 1b) 353-5384

The Big Event One Event: dOP Live! (France, house, techno) and Livio & Roby (Romania, house), Crystal Hall (Dniprovskiy Spusk 1)

13 May at 23.00 One Event could just as easily be entitled “Unique One-off Event,” combining a highenergy performance with an impressive light show to create an unforgettable night of abandon. dOP, judging from their promo material, is the house/techno version of the Pogues: lovable reprobates, drinking and reeling about the stage, while pumping out an infectious groove. Their openers on the night – Livio & Roby – are a highly regarded Romanian house duet, who will be looking to get the audience moving - and they’ve got the tools and talent to do it. Tickets are 80-130 hrv. For more information call 288-5069. R ‘N’ B FRIDAY - DJ SHKED, DJ SPEEDY, DJ PAHATAM Time: 22.0 Admission: L – free, G – 50 hrv Vodka Bar (Globus-2nd line, Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 371-1102

HIT FROM THE 80S TO THE PRESENT Time: 22.00 Admission: L – free before 24.00, 50hrv after, G – 50hrv Sky Hall (Marshala Malinovskoho 24/10) 067-322-0203

14 Saturday

SEX DRIVE Time: 21.00 Admission: l – 40hrv, G – 60hrv Aura (Volodymyrskiy Spusk 2e) 383-5999

FIVE YEARS ON TOP – 5TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY Time: 22.00 Admission: 60-80hrv Forsage (Harmatna 51a) 232-6780

RADIO AZURE PARTY – DIAMOND DJ`S, “AZURE” GO-GO DANCESHOW Time: 20.00 Admission: L – free, G – 150hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494

COLD SUN Time: 19.00 Admission: 50-6-hrv Sullivan Room (Prorizna 8) 066-485-5555

DISLOCADOS SALSA BAND, DANCE SHOW, DJS Time: 22.00 Admission: L-80hrv, G-120hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290

DISLOCADOS SALSA BAND, DANCE SHOW, DJS Time: 22.00 Admission: L-80hrv, G-120hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290

MUSIC ANARCHY 2! Time: 23.00 Admission: 33hrv Lenin Club (Mykola Hrinchenko 18) 067-327-0457

ALL BEST GOLDEN NIGHT – DJ GREG, DJ BRO, DJ FIRST, DJ RUNOV AND OTHERS Time: 22:00 Admission: call and check Patipa (Muzeyniy 10) 253-0150

BED PARTY Time: 20.00 Admission: L – free, G – 115ohrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494

IRA CHAMPION Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Saxon (Trutenko 4) 257-4070

TOP WEEKEND PARTY Time: 20.00 Admission: L – 40hrv, G – 60hrv Gallery Club (Pobedy 47, 2nd Floor)

HIT FROM THE 80S TO THE PRESENT Time: 22.00 Admission: L – free before 24.00, 50hrv after, G – 50hrv Sky Hall (Marshala Malinovskoho 24/10) 067-322-0203 BOOZY FRIDAY PARTY - DJ MARCU$$, DJ ZOITS, MC DYM, BABY GIRLS! Time: 22.00 Admission: 100hrv, VIP - 200hrv (no men allowed until 24.00) BabyFace (Shchorsa 44) 286-0777 CRAZY FRIDAY Time: 22.00 Admission: L – 50hrv, G – 100hrv Bomond (Pybalskaya 22) 225-3290


Sunday 20TH CENTURY MIX – DJ ART, DJ ALEKSANDR ZHUKOV Time: 22.00 Admission: l – free, G – 22hrv Egoist (Horlovskaya 124/140) 223-3633 EURO HIT – DJ ALEXANDER GUSEW Time: 20.00 Admission: 20hrv Gallery Club (Pobedy 47, 2nd Floor) TERRITORY OF LOVE – COEUR EXTASIE Time: 22.00 Admission: free Lake Club (Revutskoho 2) 098-363-6363 D’LUX LIGHT DISCO – DJ MAROCCO Time: 12.00 Admission: free D’Lux (Hrushevskoho 3) 200-9009 DISCOMANIA PARTY – DJ VELSKIY Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494 EXTREME LADIES NIGHT Time: 21.00 Admission: L-40hrv, G-60hrv Aura (Volodymyrskiy Spusk 2e) 383-5999 LATINO DISCO Time: 21.00 Admission: L-40hrv, G-60hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290 UNLIMITED SUNDAY Time: 22.00 Admission: 100hrv, VIP - 200hrv (no men allowed until 24.00) BabyFace (Shchorsa 44) 286-0777


Monday LATINO DISCO Time: 21.00 Admission: L-40hrv, G-60hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290

FRIEND PARTY Time: 21.00 Admission: free Aura (Volodymyrskiy Spusk 2e) 383-5999

WILD THURSDAY – SPECIAL GUEST IVAN DORN Time: 22.00 Admission: L – 50hrv, G – 100hrv Bomond (Pybalskaya 22) 225-3290 LADIES NIGHT – BEST STRIPTEASE IN KYIV Time: 23.00 Admission: L-free, G-100hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494 LATINO DISCO Time: 21.00 Admission: L-20hrv, G-50hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290 UNLIMITED THURSDAYS – SAMOSUD Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check BabyFace (Shchorsa 44) 286-0777 WHAT GIRLS WANT… STRIPTEASE! Time: 21.00 Admission: L-20hrv, G-50hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmytrivskaya 18/24) 486-0300 SEX IN THE BIG CITY Time: 20.00 Admission: L – 25hrv, G – 30hrv Gallery Club (Pobedy 47, 2nd Floor)

LATINO DISCO Time: 21.00 Admission: L-20hrv, G-50hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290 LADIES NIGHT Time: 22.00 Admission: free D’Lux (Hrushevskoho 3) 200-9009 DISCO 80S Time: 23.00 Admission: L-free, G-100hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494


Wednesday NO STRESS PARTY Time: 18.00 Admission: L – 40hrv, G – 60hrv Gallery Club ( Pobedy 47, 2nd Floor) LADIES’ HAPPINESS Time: 22.00 Admission: L – free, G – 100hrv Stolitsa (Hrushevskoho 1b) 279-0000 DISCO RADIO FORMAT Time: 22.00 Admission: free Aura (Volodymyrskiy Spusk 2e) 383-5999 LATINA FIESTA PARTY – SALSA SCHOOL, DJ STALKER, MC ADAM, GO-GO DANCE-SHOW Time: 20.00 Admission: free Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494 AMAZON ISLAND PARTY – EROTIC SHOW, STRIPTEASE, CONTESTS Time: 21.00 Admission: L-free before 00.00, after 30hrv, G-100hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290 LADIES NIGHT Time: 22.00 Admission: free D’Lux (Hrushevskoho 3) 200-9009


Thursday CRAZY THURSDAYS Time: 22.00 Admission: 30 hrv Aura (Volodymyrskiy Spusk 2e) 383-5999

Stylin’ Mix Style – DJs Macintosh, Vadim, Miss FTV, Badem (hip-hop, r ‘n’ b, house), Patipa (Muzeyniy 10)

10 May at 22.00 Patipa’s regular Tuesday event, Mix Style is for those who like an eclectic mix of musical styles when shaking their various parts. Patipa’s interior, more-orless democratic door policy (i.e. you won’t be humiliated security if they don't think you're cool), relatively low drink prices and downtown location make it a perennially popular spot. Tickets are 60hrv. For more information call 253-0150 : What's On Recommended

17a.indb 11

5/10/11 5:53:40 PM

Neil Campbell


My Kyiv

The Country Soft Drinks Coca-Cola is the world’s most popular soft drink, goes well with any meal and is the best refreshment for any thirsty consumer. It’s as popular here in Ukraine as it is the world over, despite the fact it’s not so easy to distribute here as it is in other places. The company is celebrating 125 years this week, so we thought it was the ideal time to track down the head of Coca-Cola Ukraine, Walter Gordon, and ask him all about his life and work in this most interesting of countries. How long have you been in Ukraine, and what first brought you here? I’ve been here for two-and-a-half years and worked with Coke for 14 years in total. My wife and I had always wanted to do an international experience with the kids, and I’d worked with a guy who had run this part of the world for Coke when I worked in New York. He mentioned that he had three opportunities for me: one in Saint Petersburg, one in Moscow and one in Kyiv. I said to him: “You know me, you know my wife, you know my kids. Which one should I choose?” He said: “Kyiv is your city.” We understood it would be a major challenge, but I really needed a major challenge in my career and I knew that coming here would allow me to experience an emerging market, opportunities in every single category and to assist in the evolution of a very dynamic marketplace. Also, from a personal side, I wanted to give my family the opportunity to experience something more than just the US. That’s basically why we came, and it’s been everything that I thought it would be, times ten. What were your first impressions of the place when you arrived? While the market here is very dynamic, I realised that there was a tremendous opportunity just in getting up to a baseline – opportunity from a developing market, from modern trade standards, and informing consumers on the brands, and more importantly, how to take a group of Ukrai-

17a.indb 12

5/10/11 5:53:44 PM


ry’s Top s Man nians who work for Coca-Cola and bring them to a much higher standard through training and development. I’ve found the people who work for Coca-Cola here are extremely energetic and passionate, and they’re like sponges – they want to be trained, they want to develop – and when you provide that opportunity, they take it with relish. In turn you see significant improvement in skills and capabilities you really never thought possible. There’s a highly educated workforce here, but you have to give them the tools and resources to develop. Kyiv itself is a beautiful city, and the country is rapidly evolving. The people are extremely friendly once they get to know you. Initially there’s definitely a resistance, but once you’re past that they want you to be part of the family. We’ve made several friends with Ukrainian families, and when it comes to leaving Ukraine it’s going to feel like leaving family behind. We know that they will be friends for life. How does the chaos of Kyiv compare to a completely developed market like that in the US when it comes to distribution and logistics? There’s a lot of development to take place in distribution in Ukraine. We’ve got all the systems and capabilities in place from an IT standpoint and all the systems in place as far as the infrastructure to deliver is concerned, but it’s difficult. For example, in New York you have a distribution network in place that doesn’t make you have to drive trucks down the street. It requires investment, and Coke has been one of the biggest investors in Ukraine for the past eighteen years and we’re going to continue to invest in people and capabilities in order to further expand availability of our products throughout the country. A big problem we have is that the kiosks and gastronomes have very limited storage space, and so they require at least daily delivery, and sometimes three and even five times a day. When there is a tremendous amount of foot traffic going through an area that only has small merchandising and storage space, it can result in some places running out of our best brands. We have to understand the sales at every kiosk and gastronome and then measure frequency of delivery. That’s an exercise. And it’s an exercise that needs to be updated every single season. One of the major commercial stories over the last few years was the company Coca-Cola, which has always been by far the largest softdrinks provider, losing its first place to Pepsi due to Pepsi’s introduction of new products

17a.indb 13

like water and fruit juices. Do you see the emerging markets as a way to claw some of that back? Coca-Cola is the number one non-alcoholic beverage in the world and we are focusing very heavily on the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, and also on India and China, and we know the next frontier is going to be Africa. And throughout all this, our primary focus will be on our flagship brand Coca-Cola. There are currently 1.7 billion servings of Coca-Cola consumed every day around the world in 206 countries, and our goal is to double that by 2020. In Ukraine, once again Brand Coca-Cola is leading our growth with a double-digit increase over the prior year. Bearing this in mind, does Coca-Cola look at local products when operating in new markets such as Ukraine? Coca-Cola continues to look for unique opportunities in every single market, especially when it comes to products that are local to that market. Three years ago we acquired Yarylo Kvas, which is produced in Zaporizhya. We bought the manufacturing plant and the brand. We did this because the category is growing double digit every year, it’s unique to Ukraine, and we saw a great opportunity in taking a Soviet manufacturing plant and upgrading it to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This is the sort of opportunity that we try to capitalise on in every single market, and while we focus primarily on our core business, there are also things that are unique to certain markets in which we operate that we believe are worth adding to our portfolio. I’m very proud to say we have 180 Ukrainians producing product every single day in Zaporizhya, and Coca Cola has provided international pay and international work standard to these associates. When you acquire such a localised product, do you see any opportunities for export? In New York there’s a neighbourhood in Brooklyn called Brighton Beach (otherwise known as Little Odesa), which is comprised of Ukrainians and Russians. We’ve had requests from an importer there to ship pallets of Yarylo Kvas because they have a strong demand for authentic Kvas. We are in the process of evaluating the logistics of this exportation. We’re coming out of a global financial crisis, in which Ukraine was hit particularly hard. Do you have any insights into how the country is doing now through the sale of your products? In 2009, the non-alcoholic beverages category lost seventeen percent. The category has not fully recovered. Last year it was up four percent, and this year it’s forecasted to be up around four-to-five percent, so by the end of this year we’re still not going to have recovered to the pre-crisis position. In this very difficult environment, Coca-Cola had its strongest year ever in Ukraine last year. This means since 2008 we’ve fully recovered, plus, and

this year we plan on superseding the numbers we did in 2010. I think a growth of four percent in the overall category is an accurate one, and when you compare this to growth in the early 2000s of as much as twenty-seven percent, you can see that consumer confidence has not returned yet. You were in country for fifteen months under the previous administration, and you’ve now experienced fifteen months under the new administration. Do you notice a difference in your operations? The one thing I’ve seen since the new administrations been in place is movement. There’s progress. I’ve seen definite improvement in infrastructure, and we definitely feel we can get things done now that we couldn’t get done under the previous administration. I don’t know if it’s because there’s more international pressure now than there has ever been but things are getting done. Coca-Cola wants to continue to invest in this country, and we continue to solicit help from the presidential administration. I would say that we’ve seen some green lights, but we’ve also seen some reds, and so in general it’s a yellow light. In the last three months, however, we’ve definitely seen some positive movement. The big news this year is the new tax code. How do you see that affecting business here in Ukraine? The bad thing about it is that it really affects the local entrepreneurs and small business owners. I can’t go into too much detail because it doesn’t affect us directly, but it does affect those we sell to. The fear is that a lot of that might start shifting back into the shadow economy, because the tax burden on them now is much higher. VAT refunds affects us more directly, and we have millions of dollars tied up in that. Unfortunately that means that when it comes to asking for more investment in Ukraine, these sort of things show a return on investment that’s not quite as good as it should be so they can look to spend the money in other markets. Finally, what do you like to do in Kyiv and where do you like to do it? I love living in Kyiv. It has one of the tightest expat communities. We’ve made some wonderful friends, and there’s always something interesting and dynamic going on. There’s also some great restaurants. Interestingly, we made some very good friends here who recently moved to Vienna and Paris, and every single week they’re telling me they wish they were back in Kyiv. When you have people living in places like that, and they’re saying they’re missing life in Kyiv, that says something about the place. From a family side, we’re big football fanatics. All my three kids play, and my sons, Tyler and Conner train with the Ukrainian national team. We love walking on Kreshchatyk, going to restaurants, and bike riding on the Dnipro. And of course, nothing beats the Hyatt Sunday Brunch.

5/10/11 5:53:53 PM


Coming Soon The Boy Is Back in Town Boy George, Arena (Baseina 2a)

20 May at 23.00

Moment Punk’s not dead! Sum 41 (punk rock), Stereoplaza (Kikvidze 17)

5 July at 21.00 Canadian punk rockers Sum 41 finally found Ukraine on the world map and decided to pay us a visit. The news spread quickly among youngsters and now masses of people are rushing headlong to buy tickets for their show. In addition to the best songs from their previous five albums, Sum 41 is bringing Kyiv the band’s latest work, their early 2011 release Screaming Bloody Murder. Don’t miss this great show. Tickets are 300-450hrv. For more information call 2228040.

Exhibition of works by Viktor Melnychuk and Beata Korn Kyiv.Fine Art Gallery (Darvina 5)

From 21 May Moment is an exhibition combining two creative personalities and two different approaches, in order to reflect the ongoing reality of the today. The paintings and installation will present show various moments frozen by artists, giving the audience a chance to look at the present from the side and have a little think. The artists do not seek common understanding, but to motivate the audience towards further self-learning. The works exhibited during this show demonstrate the diversity of artistic means and the powerful ability of art to transmit ideas and emotions. For more information call: 490-5858

Kyiv Gets Tapping Tap Dancing Festival. House of Officers (Hrushevskoho 30/1)

25 May at 19.00 Tap dance is not something you see or hear a lot of in this part of the world, and so this special tap dance festival is going to be a special treat. Bringing together some of the world’s top tap dancers, including the incredible Walter ‘Sundance” Freeman, the whole city’s going to be tapping its collective feet this day. In addition, there will be performances from top Ukrainian and European tap dance groups, all of which is going to put some rhythm in your life! Tickets are 100-450 hrv. For more information call: 253-8072

For its official season opening, Arena is pulling out all the stops, presenting 1980s mega-hit superstar, allaround style guy, and now top spinner of discs, Boy George. The face of such hits as “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?”, “Karma Chameleon” and “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya”, Boy George (or George Alan O’Dowd, as his parents know him) went from fronting the hugely popular – if rather wet – band Culture Club in the early 80s to a solo career, scandal and resurrection to a very rewarding and lucrative new career as a DJ. It’s in this latter capacity that Boy George will be gracing Kyiv with his presence. Hurry on down to Arena on the night and catch sight of a true legend at work. Ticket price TBA. For more information call 531-6215.

Quebec’s Golden Voice Concert of Bruno Pelletier, Palace Ukraine (Chervonoarmiyska 103)

20 May at 19.00

Quatro Means More Than Four Qautro Modern Ballet, National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)

3,4 June at 19.00 This unprecedented show by world ballet stars Nikolay Tsyskaridze, Denys and Anastasiya Matvienko, Leonid Safonov and Olesya Novikova will combine classic and modern dance. The performance will include the company’s own unique adaptations of classical pieces from Don Quixote, The Corsair, Sleeping Beauty, and Raymonda. This will be followed with new music and choreography specially created for Denys Matvienko and Leonid Safonov by composer Milko Lazar and choreographer Eduard Klyug. This show has already won some prestigious awards and caused nothing less than a sensation in Russia, and now it’s Ukraine’s turn to be treated to this excellent show! Tickets are 50-2000 hrv. For more information call: 279-1169

Bruno Pelletier has had an interesting career having sung in rock bands in his youth, performing with orchestras in early adulthood and finally taking huge parts in some of the world’s most famous musicals, such as Dracula and Notre Dame de Paris. Throughout this time, he has also managed to record 10 studio albums which have themselves been major successes. Kyiv music lovers have had the chance to hear the golden voice of Bruno Pelletier many times before, but later this spring you’ll have yet one more opportunity. Tickets are 100 – 2200hrv. For more information call 247-2303.

Turkish Delight Sertab Erener, Kyiv Conservatory (Horodetskoho 1-3/11)

29 May at 19.00

Allons-y! Joachim Garraud Invasion Show, Stereo Plaza (Kikvidze 17)

20 May at 21.00 French DJ, musician and producer Joachim Garraud has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, among them such mega-stars as David Guetta, David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Mylène Farmer and Moby. The Invasion Show is a collaboration between Garraud and the Dutch group Unlimited Production, the geniuses behind previous knockout extravaganzas from DJ Tiesto. With that kind of pedigree, this all-night show promises to be unforgettable. Tickets are 250-400hrv. For more information call 222-8040.

17a.indb 14

Eurovision Song Contest winner Sertab Erener has hardly been resting on her laurels since her day of victory back in 2003. No, this conservatory graduate has been performing non-stop, taking her soaring soprano voice around the world, working together with renowned stars like Ukraine’s own Ruslana, José Carreras and Ricky Martin. Fans of virtuosity will be impressed not only by her vocal range, but also by her extensive repertoire in English, Spanish, Greek and – not surprisingly – Turkish. This time around, she’ll be appearing with composer and guitarist Demir Demirkan, exploring themes reaching across musical genres. Tickets are 450-1500hrv. For more information call 5041899.

5/10/11 5:53:53 PM


A Musician to Remember Gadyukiny Brothers Tribute (pop-rock), Palace Sport (Sportyvna Pl. 1)

3 June at 19.00

High-Brow Classical for A High-Brow Audience Week of High Classical with Roman Kofman Lavra Gallery (Lavrska 1)

16-27 June at 19.00 Roman Kofman is a legendary Ukrainian conductor who, after many years of working abroad, returned to Kyiv to make Ukraine’s capital a center of European classical music. With this in mind, he is launching an international classical music festival, aiming to bring together in Kyiv some of the world’s best classical musicians and orchestras and to present a sophisticated programme. The opening of the festival on 16 June will be followed by a theatre concert by Gidons Kremers (Latvia) and his orchestra Kremerata Baltika, performing world-famous musical works. 20 June there will be an evening of Wagner arias performed by the world’s greatest singers of Wagner: Stig Andersen (Denmark) and Jordanka Derilova (Bulgaria). The final concert line-up is simply fantastic, including the world’s leading soloists. All of the concerts will be conducted by Roman Kofman. This is not to be missed! Tickets are 150-800 hrv. For more information call: 2800290

Fun Fungus Infected Mushroom (Israel, trance), Stereo Plaza (Kikvidze 17)

27 May at 21.00 This Israel-based trance band is famed for its infectious rhythms and sense of humour, evident in hits like “Legend of the Black Schwarma” and their re-take on the Doors’ classic “Riders on the Storm.” Lest you think, however, that it will all be fun and games – think again: these fellows are serious musicians and have the string of charted hits to prove it. Tickets are 250-400 hrv. For more information call 222- 8040.

17a.indb 15

After the death of Serhiy Kuzminskiy, Gadyukiny Brothers’ vocalist, the band decided to stage a big concert dedicated to his memory. To this end, they have gathered 17 bands, including Okean Elzy, Vopli Vidoplyasova, Lyapis Trubetskoy, TNMK, Boombox, Mandry, TIK, DakhaBrakha, MadHeads XL, Dymna Sumish and Haidamaky, to play Gadyukiny songs, emphasising Serhiy’s contribution to the development of Ukrainian music, with his life and creative work. For more information call 2467406

Globalist Agenda Global Gathering Kyiv Dance Festival, Chaika Airfield (Petropavlovksa-Borshchahivka (2km from Kyiv on Zhytomyr highway)

Ocean of Emotions Okean Elzy (pop-rock), Palace Ukraine (V. Vasylkivska 103)

6 October at 19.00 Having taken a break after their Dolce Vita tour, Okean Elzy will be back in October, with a huge show held in the capital of Ukraine. This time, the band will play their rock songs accompanied by a symphony orchestra. The most interesting

9 July at 14.00 Called “the mother of all festivals” and said to “hold…the undisputed top spot on the electronic music scene”, the Global Gathering festival brand is bringing its huge presence to our beloved capital. The Global Gathering line-up of talent should be enough to impress even the most jaded Kyiv club-hopper: Laidback Luke (Netherlands), Marco Corolla (Italy), Jaguar Skills (UK) and Michael Woods (UK) are just a few of the names set to get the crowd’s feet moving right from the 14.00 start to the 06.00 finish the next day. Given the size and importance of this event, it’s only right and proper that it be held at Kyiv’s suburban rock and dance festival mecca, Chaika Airfield. Tickets are 300-450hrv. For more information call 5381010.

thing about this concert is that Okean Elzy won’t change the arrangement of the songs, as it’s usually done, but will add the symphonic parts to their music. It’s better to hear what they are planning than it is to just talk about it, so book your tickets in advance. Tickets are 200-1250hrv. For more information call 247−2444.

Commemorating A Great Composer Concert of Music by Franz Liszt National Philharmonic (Volodymyrsky Uzviz 2)

24 May at 19.00

MUH Young Ukrainian Artists’ Project Institute of Issues of Contemporary Art (Shchorsa 18d)

From 20 May For the third time, the Kyiv art scene is experiencing an invasion of the newest and most innovative Ukrainian contemporary art at MUHi project, initiated by Bottega Gallery. The art works have been collected and the expert committee has already chosen the works to be named as representing trends in Ukrainian contemporary art. These will be exhibited in the 900-square meter area of the Institute of Issues of Contemporary Art. Video art, installations, photographic art works and all other artistic genres will be represented, demonstrating the diversity of Ukraine’s young and creative artists. For more information call: 2795353

This year has been declared the International Year of Franz Liszt, as the world honours the 200th anniversary of his birth. The great Hungarian pianist and composer is known as one of the leading representatives of the romantic epoch, having composed more than 1300 musical pieces. Liszt had a close association to Ukraine, as it was here that he met his beloved Karolina Wittgenstein, to whom he devoted all of his symphonic works. On trips to Ukraine to give concerts, he was so inspired by Ukrainian folk songs that he wrote several piano etudes based upon them, taking such an interest in the life and fate of Ivan Mazepa that he also devoted a work to the famous hetman. On this evening, guests of the Philharmonic will hear the symphony poem Orpheus, as well as the symphony for Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, to be performed in Ukraine for the first time ever. Tickets are 20-100 hrv. For more information call: 278-1697

5/10/11 5:54:02 PM

A t s

Kateryna Kyselyova


Kyiv Culture Centre of Contemporary Art Foundation, with the support of the National Art Museum of Ukraine, is launching a non-commercial project entitled Prosto.Art, which aims to create a space for experimental, noncommercial and innovative art.

u J


he project includes a pre-auction exhibition of nearly 100 works by 67 Ukrainian contemporary artists, donated specifically for the project it, as well as the auction itself (21 May). Money raised from the lots will go to future CCA Foundation art projects. In order to learn more about the Prosto.Art project and experimental Ukrainian art as a whole, I met with Kateryna Botanova, managing director of the Centre of Contemporary Art Foundation.

Posing the Question The Centre of Contemporary Art Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental institution with 15 years of experience in dealing with experimental and non-commercial Ukrainian contemporary art. After the Soros Centre of Contemporary Art closed in 2008, the renewed and reformatted CCA Foundation opened, supporting the societal role of contemporary art and providing for dialogue between art, artists and the public. The new project Prosto.Art offers another chance to engage in this dialogue, involving Ukraine’s bestknown and respected artists, such as Tiberiy Silvashi, Oleksander Roytburt, Viktor Marushchenko, as well as names new to the Ukrainian art scene, like Anna Lanko, Olha Zvyagintseva and others. All of these artists (67 in total) donated works for the charity auction, in order to raise money for future cultural, art and educational projects. Kateryna Botanova says there were reasons to launch such a project: “Last year, the art

17a.indb 16

5/10/11 5:54:11 PM

17a.indb 17

5/10/11 5:54:19 PM

17a.indb 18

5/10/11 5:54:31 PM

17a.indb 19

5/10/11 5:55:06 PM


Take Me Out! Listings RESTAURANTS AMERICAN ARIZONA BBQ 25 Naberezhno Khreshchatytska st. 425-2438 Open: 08.00 – 24.00 The only American run restaurant in Kyiv, open since 1995. Free Wifi, drinks, food, parking, satellite TV, credit cards, live music

SAM’S STEAK HOUSE 37 Zhylyanskaya st. 287 20 00 Open: 08 a.m. – 12 a.m. Steak House. Grill restaurant. Breakfast. Wide choice. 8 a.m. - 12 p.m., weekdays WI-FI

KAZBEK 30a L. Ukrainky blvd. 285-4805 Open: 11.00 - 24.00 Restaurant with original interior and traditional Tone stove for baking bread.

KUVSHYN 10 Fedorova st. 592-6363 Open: 12.00 - 24.00 Caucasian cuisine. Every dish served in its own original and unique manner.

MIMINO 10a Spasskaya st. (Podol) 417 35 45 Open: 12.00 – 00.00 Authentic Georgian cuisine



ASIAN TERRACE Mezhigirska 87 B str. +380932673630 +380443511572 Оpen: 18 00 – 06 00 Asian style, comfortable room karaoke with beauties.

PUSHISTIY SUSHI-BAR 23-a Velyka Vasylkivska st. 234-3101 Open: 12.00 ‘til the last visitor leaves Original mix of styles in the interior, fuzzy fur on the walls. 30 kinds of sushi and sashimi.

SAFFRON 3 Vorovskogo st. 569 10 10 Open: Sun – Wed: 12.00 – 00.00 Thu – Sat: 12.00 – 05.00 Oriental cuisine, Karaoke-lounge WI-FI NOBU 12 Shota Rustaveli st. 246-7734 Open: 12.00 - 24.00 Sushi bar in central location. Great decor and service, wide menu of authentic sushi.

TUBITEYKA 29/50 Tarasivska st. 287-0242 Open: 8.00 – 23.00 Asian and home made cuisine, delicious breakfasts, kalian. Oriental atmosphere – and decoration. WI-FI

EUROPEAN BUCCHUS CLASS Chapaeva 2/16 (I.Franka)St. 234-6506 Open: 09.00 – till the last visitor leaves The one and the only Wine restaurant in Ukraine. WI-FI 7FRIDAYS CITY-CAFE B Khmelnytskoho 29 278-1187 Situated in the very heart of Kyiv, the 7Fridays cafe is bursting with city life while striving to preserve a homelike atmosphere. Offering a peaceful corner to forget about city rush, stop for delicious European cuisine for breakfast, business-lunch or dinner. Internet available. WI-FI STORY CAFE 17/18 Naberezhno-Kreschatitskaya st. 467 78 97 Open: 11.00 – 00.00 French, Italian & Japanese cuisine WI-FI RAZGULYAEVO 70 Stolichnoe highway (to Koncha-Zaspa) 259 17 00 Open: 11.00 – to the last client Entertainment complex (restaurant, hotel, sauna, paintball) WI-FI


ANI 72 Chervonoarmiyska st. 4th floor 590-2565 Open: 11.00-23.00 An open show-case kitchen will let you watch the respected Chef cook traditional dishes on the chargrill for you.

COMME IL FAUT Velyka Zhytomyrska St. 2A 219-1919 Open: 11.00 - 02.00 A feeling of Paris in the Kiev charm. Menu flavours and aromas take you back to the finest Parisian tastes with the most modern accents. Eexclusive chocolate menu you never tested before.

HINKALI 4, Shota Rustaveli st. 234-0692 Open: 24 hours Real Caucasian culture reproduced in its best meals. Cuisine with an accent.

CREP DE CHINE 25 Hoholivska st. 537-7070 Open: 08.00 – 23.00 A culinary expirience you won’t forget!


17a.indb 20

OLIVERA 2A Velyka Zhytomyrska Street 219-1919 Open: 06.30 - 23.00 Casual dinning with the best Mediterranean food. Homemade pasta and great pizzas. Try the probably best breakfast in town. Sunday Brunch the new experience in Kiev every Sunday at 12.00.

TEATRO RESTAURANT OPERA HOTEL 53 B. Khmelnitskogo st. 581 70 70 Open: 06.30 – 23.00 Mediterranean cuisine. Exquisite selection of the best dishes around the Mediterranean Sea Flavors & Tastes at their best!

TERRACOTTA 5-7/29 Pushkinska st. 537-4535 Open: 07.00 - 23.00 Mediterranean restaurant of superior cuisine. Wine and cigar rooms offer the perfect touch to Terracotta’s delicious dining experience

FUSION BEEF MEET & WINE Shota Rustaveli 11 225-0035 Open: 12.00-24.00 Meet cuisine with no ethnic equivalent. Only the best meat from top suppliers and a wide choice of wine match. WI-FI BUDDHA-BAR KIEV 14 Kreschatik st. (near Khreshchatyk hotel) 270- 7676 Open: Mo – Wed: 13.00 – 02.00 Thu – Sat: 13.00 – 04.00 Sun: 14.00 – 02.00 Restaurant lounge-bar WI-FI MARRAKESH 24 Sagaydachnogo st. (Podol) 494 0 494 Open: Sun – Thu: 12.00 – 01.00 Fri – Sat: 12.00 – 04.00 Oriental restaurant. Moroccan, French & Japanese cuisine. Hookah menu. WI-FI MAROCANA 24 Lesi Ukrainky blvd. 254-4999 Open: 11.00 - 02.00 This popular beau monde hang-out bills itself as a fashion TV cafe.

INTERNATIONAL ARENA ENTERTAINMENT 2-a Baseyna st. 492-0000 Open: 9.00 ‘til the last visitor leaves Spacious and cozy restaurant with European cuisine and micro brewery.

AURA RESTOBAR Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2-е 3835999, 3836000 Open: 11.00 – 6.00 European, Mediterranean, Japanese cuisines and dishes on Tandura. Wide choice of wines and hookah.

BIER PLATZ (NEW!) Maidan Nezalezhnosti – 7 Khreshchatyk 067-407-5544 From 11.00 until the last client Delicious Czech, German and Ukrainian cuisine. 11 sorts of draft beer. 7 plasma screeens and 1 huge wall screen, offering various sports channels. Wi-Fi B-HUSH Velyka Zhytomyrska St. 2A 11th floor, InterContinental Kyiv 219-1919 Open: Sunday - Wednesday: 6 p.m. – 2 a.m. Thursday - Saturday: 6 p.m. – 4 a.m. Rooftop caviar and champagne bar. Enjoy stunning view of Kiev. b-hush… b-cool… b-here…

GRILL ASIA RESTAURANT 5 Alla Tarasova st. 581-12-34 Open: 6:00 - 24:00 Two open kitchens, European and Asian cuisine in luxurious surroundings. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

INTERCONTINENTAL KYIV LOBBY LOUNGE BAR Velyka Zhytomyrska St. 2A 1 st floor, InterContinental Kyiv 219-1919 Open: 08.00 - 02.00 Enjoy the best coffee in town in a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere. Great selection of whisky. Enjoy an InterContinental high tea every day from 13:00.

MYKA RESTAURANT Khreshchatyk 46a 227 8943 Open: 12-24 Delicious international cuisine in the heart of Kyiv

5/10/11 5:55:14 PM

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17a.indb 22

5/10/11 5:55:35 PM

17a.indb 23

5/10/11 5:55:50 PM


Kyiv Life

17a.indb 24

5/10/11 5:55:53 PM


Commemorating A Costly Victory MAIDAN NEZALEZHNOSTI On 9 May. Crowds gathered per custom in the centre of Kyiv to commemorate the end of the Great Patriotic War (or World War II). Unfortunately, there are fewer each year of those who truly shed blood, sweat and tears for the victory and the brutal cost of the conflict gives many pause to question the holiday’s characterisation as a celebration, rather than as a day of collective mourning. However one sees it, many still turned out to mark the occasion. Even though this year’s celebration was not as vivid as previous ones, it’s still worth one’s while to see how Ukrainians spend this day.

17a.indb 25

5/10/11 5:57:09 PM


Kyiv Life Ukrainian national football goalkeeper Oleksandr Shovkovskiy and his wife Olha Alenova

Best Fashion Show Award winner Oleksiy Zalevskiy, TV-host, Masha Efrosinina and producer Oleksiy Kogan

Best Fashion Awards NATIONAL OPERA THEATRE Top Ukrainian designers gathered together to pick the best of the best on 20 April, bringing their best models with them. Many attended the event, but only the best received awards for Best Women’s Clothing Designer, Best Women’s Clothing Designer, Best Accessories Designer, Opening of the Year, Inspiration and many other categories.

Designer Andre Tan posing with his girlfriend

Olena Kuchma-Franchuk, Viktor Pinchuk and Iryna Danilevska awarded for her contribution to the development of Ukrainian fashion

After the fun and games, guests were treated to English tea with milk

Team of students from the British International School discusses the quiz questions on the Royal Family

One of the students tries to “pin the crown on the Queen’s head” as part of the games

Wedding Seizes Attention of Entire World.

Phil Billing, head teacher at the British International School, plays ball with students as part of the spring fun

17a.indb 26

BRITISH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL On 29 April, British school gathered its students, teachers and their friends together for a traditional English garden party dedicated to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Everyone had a great time enjoying traditional English games associated with the history of British monarchy: a scavenger hunt, pin the crown on the Queen and, of course, an English tea ceremony. Long and happy years to the new couple!

5/10/11 5:58:28 PM


Christof Rheinbay with his daughter

A Long Walk for a Loada Money

Karen McPhee of the Intercontinental Hotel with Zoryana Bruher

INTERCONTINENTAL On Thursday 5 May a special reception was held at this Five-Star hotel (which was also a main sponsor) for those crazy people who walked all the way from Kyiv to Chornobyl in under 24 hours. Why? To raise money for charity, which they did… And then some! Their amazing feat raised an even more amazing 185,000 hrv which will be split between the CCRDF and BLESMA charities, both of which, we’re sure, are very grateful. With blisters still healing, the team led by Lee Roberts of the British Embassy, gave thanks to everyone who donated money, which made their ordeal more than worthwhile.

The French and British Ambassadors Jacques Faure and Leigh Turner discuss how well their people did

Hosts and organizers Antin Mukharskiy and Snizhana Ehorova

Vladislav Shereshevskiy and Oleksandr Druganov

Lee Roberts and the rest of the walking team

Glamorous Patriots CRYSTAL HALL On 28 April, the famous Ukrainian showmen Antin Mukharskiy and Snizhana Ehorova held one of their highly patriotic events, aimed at demonstrating that Ukrainian culture is not quite what many people think it is. Village Glam is a tool to raise awareness of the true Ukrainian image, downtrodden for many years. In the course of the event, guests had the chance to listen to ethnic songs, learn more about traditional crafts and even touch the huge Ukrainian flag raised on the day when the post-Soviet Ukrainian constitution was adopted.

Raising patriotic feelings with a huge flag

Head of S.A.L.-show Svitlana Legkaya

17a.indb 27

5/10/11 5:58:48 PM

17a.indb 28

5/10/11 5:59:54 PM

17a.indb 29

5/10/11 6:01:18 PM


Essential Kyiv Fitness Centres GOLF CENTRE Obolonska Naberezhna 20 230-9436 The Golf Centre offers 36 stations, a 2-level floodlit driving range, 7-hole golf course, Golf Academy, Pro Shop and restaurant. No membership required! Plenty of free parking on site

Club Olympus Alla Tarasova 5 581-1234 Cyber Gym B. Khmelnytskoho 50 465-3171 Kiev Sport Club Blvd Druzhby Narodiv 5 522-8866

President Hotel 12, Hospitalna str., Kyiv, 01023, Ukraine 256 32 56  256 32 54

Language Courses

Premier Palace Hotel Blvd T. Shevchenka / Pushkinska 5-7/29 537-45-00  279-87-72 Reservation: 244-12-11

Premier Palace Fitness Center Blvd T. Shevchenka 5-7/29 537-453


Lybid Hotel Peremohy Square 1 +380 239 76 00  +380 236 63 36

InterContinental Velyka Zhytomyrska Str 2A 219-1919


Ukraine International Airlines ticket office in Kiev 4, Lysenka Street (044) 581-50-50

Austrian Airlines Kyiv City Office Velyka Vasylkivska 9/2, Reservation: 8-800-3000-492 More than 60 flights per week from 6 biggest cities in Ukraine to the whole World!

Aerosvit Airlines 9/2, Velyka Vasylkivska str. (044) 490-3490 0 800 509 800 (free for stationary phones); 799 (free for Kyivstar GSM, Life:), Beeline, MTC mobile operators)

17a.indb 30

Education Delta Air Lines General Sales Agent SIA "ContinAt" Chervonoarmiyska 9/2, #17  287-3595 Now fly Kiev-New York Non-stop

Australian Council English Language Learning Centre

Tuition, Training, Seminars, Events, Presentations, Clubs, Discussions, Conversation Horyva 37 (M. Kontraktova Pl.)

098-245-1500 Air France-KLM Kiev, 34/33, Ivana Franka str. 490-24-90, 496-35-75,

Airports Boryspil International Airport 490-4777 Kyiv-Zhulyany International airport Povitroflotsky 92 242-2309/08

Beauty Salons Favorit V.I.P. Club Muzeyny 6 278-3338

Centre Intensive. Welcome the foreigners to Russian and Ukrainian languages training courses or individual lessons. We provide you with certificate! 5 building of KNEU (Melnikova 81) 5 floor 067-693-9665, 205-5406

Dnipro Hotel Khreschatyk 1/2 254-6777  254-6737

Marriage Agencies Marriage agency “EVE” Only serious and real ladies for serious relationship. All ladies photos are made in our studio, up to 50 photos of each. Personal approach. Apartments. English speaking drivers. Elite Guides. Tours around Ukraine. Lesi Ukrainki 15 599-07-09 (office) 067-865-77-57

Australian Council English Language Learning Centre

Tuition, Training, Seminars, Events, Presentations, Clubs, Discussions, Conversation Horyva 37 (M. Kontraktova Pl.)


SMARTFOX Language school, Translation’s agency Vandy Vasylevskoi 7 502-6290 Center of Spanish Language and Culture Obolonska 7, 1st Floor 239-2418 Ez English Blvd Lesi Ukrainki 16, #18 235-5926 International House Vandy Vasylevskoi 7 238-9870 Oxford Klass School of English English for adults and children, Cinema club 34 Ivana Mazepa St. Kiev, 01015, Ukraine 594-10-64  594-10-62


Translation Services 100 MOV Nahirna 24/1 489-5856 Alliance-profi Mechnikova 6, #33 235-6643, 592-4588

Hyatt Regency Kyiv Alla Tarasova 5 581-12-34  581-12-35

Anakonda-translate 529-3302

Medical Centers

British Council Teaching Centre Skovorody 4/12 490-5601 Educational Program LEGO Education Borysa Hmyri 6 Klovskiy Uzviz 8 Heroiv Stalingradu 18 383-5150, 383-5152, 577-2900

• Dentistry • Eye Treatment • Cosmetic Surgery • General Medical Treatment Medical treatment made easy with English speaking Doctors FREE Membership Card FREE Advice and FREE Appointment booking service +38093 583 6767

Opera Hotel B. Khmelnitskoho 53 581-70-70  537-73-73

American Medical Centers Emergency Phone: +38 (044) 490 7600 Berdychivska, 1 +38 (044) 490 7600 +38 (044) 490 7600

5/10/11 6:01:40 PM

17a.indb 31

5/10/11 6:01:50 PM

17a.indb 32

5/10/11 6:01:55 PM

17a.indb 33

5/10/11 6:02:11 PM

Vadym Mishkoriz


On the Sofa with... With Chemical Brothers due to play a concert in Kyiv next week, we invited Ed Simons, a.k.a. Chemical Ed, to sit and tell us a little about what he personally thinks of the upcoming show, and, of course, about their newly released album entitled Further.


n 1970, the child who would become Chemical Ed was born to a working-class family from Manchester. As early as he can remember, the only things that interested him were airplanes and music. Fortunately for his fans, he chose to be a musician, having since achieved a great deal in his work. Broadening his taste in music, Ed became acquainted with rave groove and hip-hop. Soon he started following a raft of modern musical trends and attending nightclubs – the cradle of electronic music. At the University of Manchester, Ed was reunited with his schoolmate Tom Rowlands. The two of them knew perfectly well what they wanted to do in life - music. Starting their duet in 1992 playing hip-hop, house and techno in small pubs as the Dust Brothers (the name of the band back then), the band soon became welcome guests in Manchester’s best clubs. Three years later, they had to change their name to the Chemical Brothers when they went on tour to USA and Europe, after the original Dust Brothers threatened them with legal action. In 1995, Chemical Brothers debuted their first CD, Exit Planet Dust. It entered the UK charts in 9th place. The years have passed and the band is now touting its 7th album, entitled Further. Reminiscing on all the work they’ve done and picking out the best, Ed first says that it’s latest one, however: “Well, Further is a good album, but I think Surrender was more successful, that is to say, more consistent. The album came out multicolored, poppy. Anyway, we are still making music and the best is ahead.”

Live Shows vs. Studio work Back in 2007, the Chemical Brothers came to Ukraine for the first time, with their show causing a real sensation. Thinking back to his first gig here Ed says, “We were impressed by the audience here and by the city,

too.” The 2007 show was a hitherto unseen event for Ukraine at that time. So what does the band plan to do, to top the impression it left last time? “It’s going to be a completely new show, new approach and, of course, the tracks from our new album Further differ a lot from our other albums. It’s less structured. There is more space in the vocals and music. It’s reflects our experience and new vision of live shows. That’s why we are looking forward to the tour, as it will bring lots of new stuff to our fans”, Ed explains how they are planning to conquer the Ukrainian public once again.

The Musician and Music Music is a multifaceted craft. On the one hand, every musician must write good music, but on the other hand he also has to play live in order to get exposure. Asking Ed what’s more important for him, he says, “It’s hard to pick just one and say which one is more important. While working in the studio you want to go on tour as quickly as possible – to show what you’ve done. And when the tour is coming to an end, you dream of getting back to the studio and starting on new songs. That’s why it’s really hard to say which one is more important. We are happy to do both.” Wrapping up our chat, Ed opens up on the most important thing for him in his musical career: “The most important is the music we create and perform.” What else can be important to a musician? The music, first and always. The inspiration with which Ed Simons talked about their new album and upcoming shows guarantees that the show Chemical Brothers are about to give in Kyiv will be top-shelf.

Chem y u ical G 17a.indb 34

5/10/11 6:02:20 PM

004_COVER_Wok_17_11_511.indd 53

5/10/11 5:20:19 PM

004_COVER_Wok_17_11_511.indd 54

5/10/11 5:20:31 PM

What's On Issue 17 2011  

We're talking to one of the Chemical Brothers ahead of their concert, and the head of Coca-Cola Ukraine. We've got the low down on an new ar...

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