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Light, Fast & Beautiful Made In Titanium

Hand Crafted Beautifully Detailed Weapons Grade Titanium Bicycle Proudly Made In The Spindustrial Nation Of Titanium Spin Industries Limited Distributed By Velotech Services

Declaration For The Beautiful Machine The Masters of Spin declare their love of The Beautiful Machine. The truth is we love everything bike flavoured. Riding. Racing. Or simply just looking. One-Day Classic, Six-Days or Grand Tour. Crisp mid-winter solo spins. Epic alpine adventures. Muddy country lanes or searing summer cols. And always in homage to our 2-wheeled heroes. We love it all. But we confess, because what we love most is creating dream bicycles for our customers. And crafting unique frames and components that are LFAB. Light, Fast & Beautiful. From nothing less than our very favourite materials.

Titanium. Carbon Fibre. Our goal is simple yet hard to attain. Build the ultimate bicycle. And do so at remarkable value for money. We hope you’ll join us on the road for the ultimate spin.

Drew Gill Founder | Spin Industries |Spin Cycle Works

The Ultimate Bicycle Be it for road, track or trail, the ultimate bike must have heart and soul. Without, it’s just another bike. Barely distinguished from the crowd. Sadly, such a machine will rarely become your trusted ally or faithful friend. For us, the frame only becomes the heart and soul when its creators truly understand this. Because it's not just about getting the geometry and size right. The defining characteristics of ride are dictated by the choice of materials and how they're used. We want our bikes to feel alive. Through every sweep, fast or slow. And with every spin of the cranks. We demand our bikes look after us when the going gets rough. And we insist on elegance and beauty. A bike must look fast. Even just leaning against the café window. Finally, if the result isn’t Light, Fast & Beautiful, we just don’t do it. Ultimate machines that truly possess heart & soul can only be crafted by hand. And even then, from only the finest of metal alloys. Titanium. Nothing looks, lasts or rides like Ti. Nothing else will do.

The Ultimate Bicycle Made in Titanium Be it for road, track or trail, the ultimate bike must have heart We love Titanium. For us it’s hands down the ultimate material

& soul. Without these qualities a bike can never become your

from which to craft bikes.

most trusted ally nor faithful friend. We love how it rides. How it looks. How it becomes your best friend out on the road.

For us, the heart & soul of any bike is the frame. And it's not

Butjust Ti isabout notoriously hard work. getting thetogeometry and size right. The defining

of build any Ti ride are in dictated thea hurry choice of Thecharacteristics thing is, you can’t frames mouldsby or in withmaterials any kind of slick mass production. and how they're used. We want our bikes to feel

alive on every bend, with every spin of the cranks, and to look

Ti fights back. Demands respect. It’s yet another reason we

loveafter it. us in every situation. Such machines we have found can

only be crafted by hand from the finest of metal alloys.

So each frame we make is crafted in true old-school fashion. By highly skilled, experienced human hands.

Naturally a bike this good makes you look good. And what's And those hands love what they do.

more, she looks fast and elegant too, even just leaning against Take a really close look. You’ll see it in every weld. And in the

the cafe window

wealth of detail we pack into every Spin Ti frame. This is the difference between just another bike and your ultimate ride. But we didn’t stop there. Because in the pursuit of the ultimate bicycle, a great frame demands bespoke and complimentary components. That’s why we chose ROTOR for lightweight cranks, QRings and bottom bracket. Because ROTOR is another Master of Metal, delivering beauty and innovation where everyone else is doing me-too. Everything designed and crafted to Spin Your Ride.

SPIN Cycle Works Brochure 2011  

Light, Fast & Beautiful - Made in Titanium. You will find SPIN bicycle & components on their own PDF doucuments as follows... SPIN Spitfire...

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