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The Dog and the Monkey Happy Eater How to make an Egg Sandwich

Legend of Nike Long ago there was a boy who loves to run and jump. The boy’s name was Nike. He was running and jumping all the time. After all the running and jumping his shoes began to wear off until he could not use it anymore. His family was poor that’s why they cannot buy him a new pair of shoes. One day while Nike was running and jumping without shoes, he ran into an old scary man. At first he didn’t noticed the face of the man but when he did he ran as fast as he can and went home. The next morning his father told him to buy some bread at the market. After he bought the bread, he saw the man again and that time the man was asking for a piece of bread. Nike gave him half of the bread. The an asked why Nike was barefooted. Nike said that hi shoes were broken. The man smiled and waved his hand and poof Nike has shoes. He went home and he saw there were many shoes in the house. They branded it Nike and sold it. They became rich and lived happily ever after.

Vacation One day there was a family who wants to go to Boracay. Mr. Infante said to his family “Cm’on guys let’s go to Boracay”. They all shouted. Mrs. Infante said “Yes, I want to go to Boracay, it’s hot in here”. Jerome, their son said “Yehey we’re going on a vacation”. The day of their departure arrived. They went to the airport and flew to Boracay. “We’re here! Boracay” Mr. Infante said happily. They took the tricycle to go to their hotel because the road was small. They stayed in a five star hotel. The place was huge. The sand was so white and the water was so clear. Mrs. Infante said “Oh! It’s very nice in hear. Jerome help me unpack our things”. “Ok mom.” Jerome said. “Unpack our things fast. Let’s go for a swim!” Mr. Infante said. At the beach, they immediately went to the water. They were all very happy because they are in a vacation. Jerome went away from his parents. “Look mom, dad, I can swim!” Jerome said. Mr. Infante said “Be careful son!” Jerome’s mother was very worried. After 10 minutes, they heard Jerome’s voice screaming and saying “Help! Help! Mom, dad help me” Mr. Infante saw Jerome and he went to Jerome as fast as he can. He carried Jerome back to the shore. Mrs. Infante was crying “Are you okay son?” “I’m ok mom, don’t worry” Jerome said. “Next time don’t go far without me huh son?” Mr. Infante said. “Yes dad!” Jerome said. They stayed at Boracay for three days and went home. That’s the vacation that they will never forget.

Early Relationships Today, many boys and girls go into a relationship in an early age. As early as 12 years old they already have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. As for me, I started to have a girlfriend at 14 years old. There are many effects of having an early relationship. There are positive and negative effects. For the positive effects, you have an inspiration, you will learn how to love and learn how to mature. It is fun to experience those thins but there is also the negative side. You will not be able to focus on your studies, you will have no time for your friends and family and no time for yourself. As you grow older you will know what mistakes you did when you were young. You will learn how to balance them out so that you will have a good relationship with your partner, family and friends. You need to have a matured mind before going in a relationship.

Autobiography I am Neil Bastian O. Bagadiong. I’m 17 years old. My birthday is September 19, 1994. My place of birth is in Manila. My mother is Ma. Imelda O. Bagadiong and my father is Romarico T. Bagadiong. I live at Molino 3, Bacoor Cavite. I am a college student in De La Salle University – Dasmarinas and I am taking Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. My first school was at San Ildefonso in Pasay city. When I was 5, we moved here in Cavite and I studied at Divine Light Academy Molino from kinder up to 4th year high school. I love playing volleyball. I was a varsity player in my Alma Mater, Divine Light Academy. I started playing volleyball when I was in 2nd year high school. I also love cool gadgets like computers and Apple products like my iPod that’s why I took the course Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I’m a happy person. If I have problems I just laugh at it and I will be okay. I love hanging out with my friends and my family. I want to finish my course so that I will have a nice job when I work.

Frightening Story When I was in 4 th year high school, something very terrifying happened to me, to my friend and to my ex-girlfriend. It was my friend’s sweet 16 party. Me, my ex-girlfriend and my friend decided to go home because it’s already late and I have to prepare for my birthday the next morning. It was already 10:30pm; we are walking along a dark street. While we are walking we heard a loud noise. It’s like the sound of a gunshot. My friend shouted to run and we did. My heart was pounding really hard. I thought we’re going to die that time. While we’re running back to my friend’s house, my ex-girlfriend shouted “May tama ako”. I thought she was just playing but the time I heard her cry I looked at her and there I saw blood flowing down her right knee. She lied down in the middle of the street. My friend and I said to her to stand up and run. When we arrived at my friend’s house, they were all shocked because of what happened. We rushed my ex-girlfriend to the nearest hospital to aid her. Fortunately it was only a muscle wound. No bone or nerve was damaged. Until today I still feel the trauma I had that day.

The Dog and the Monkey One day a monkey was swinging through the forest with his monkey friends. One of the monkeys was swinging down by the ground and he saw a dog walking along a path. The monkey looked at him and said, “What are you doing walking all alone in the forest.” The dog just looked up at him and said, “I cannot swing like you monkeys, so I walk instead.” The monkey felt bad for the dog so he jumped down for the trees and walked with him. The dog wanted to swing like the monkeys, but he couldn't grab on to the branches. The monkey wanted to be friends with the dog, but the monkey wanted to swing all the time.

One day the monkey and dog were walking through the forest and the dog told the monkey that he was going to swing with him and his monkey friends.

The Dog and the Monkey The monkey told the dog that he couldn't swing with him and his monkey friend. The dogs asked, “Why?” The monkey said, “Because dogs are not the right type of animal to be swinging through the forest and because you will make fun of yourself when you swing with all my other friends.” The dog asked, “Why?” The monkey said, “My friends will think that you are a really weird animal.” Then the dog said, “So, I do what I like to do and if people make fun of me I don’t care. I do what I want to do.” Then the monkey was okay and he said, “Don’t tell anyone that I didn't warn you.” Then he took off. Then the dog started to jump up into a tree. He went higher and higher until he looked down and then he froze. He didn't know what to do. He had realized then that he couldn't get back down to the ground. Later that day the monkey had found his dog friend sitting on a branch in a tree. He asked him what he was doing up in the tree. The dog said, “I was trying to swing like you monkeys, but I kinda got stuck. Then the monkey said, “Wait here and I will go and get some of my monkey friends.” He went and got some of his monkey friends and they all helped the dog get down by using a lot of vines.

Happy Eater Once upon a time, there was a boy who loves to eat. He eats all the food that he sees. He is very fat and big. His parents were not very happy because of his attitude towards food. They are finding ways on how to stop his addiction. One day his parents thought about not giving their son Kulas food. Kulas asked his parents for food but they didn’t give anything. Kulas was very hungry until one day he couldn’t keep his hunger, he rushed to their refrigerator and ate all the food in there. His parents could not stop him, his on a rampage until the god of food came out. He said that if Kulas doesn’t stop eating he will forbid his family to eat. Kulas stopped eating and he said sorry to the god of food and to his parents.

After 3 months, Kulas lost a lot of weight. He became more responsible in eating. His parents were very happy for their son because he knows how to control his appetite.

How to Make an Egg Sandwich Thins needed: 2 boiled eggs

Mayonnaise Salt Pepper Bread

Small bowl Fork Steps:

Boil two eggs. After boiling, peel off the shells and place it in the small bowl. Get the fork and mash the eggs. Add mayonnaise then mix. Add a little pinch of salt and pepper for the finishing touches. Get the spoon and spread the mixture over the bread.


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