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Sleep Your Way To Success Posted by Neil Ball on November 19, 2013



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Sleep Your Way To Success

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at the end of the video presentation on How To Sleep Your Way To Success

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Sleep Your Way To Success Video Transcript Below Hello it’s Neil Ball your online marketing coach from

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I am going to talk about how to sleep your way to success.

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At the end of this presentation, I will introduce something that has helped many people to

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achieve success in their lives. If you are trying to want a way of improving your life by training and educating yourself or by running a home business, but you are struggling to find time to fit it in to your busy life with having to also have a job and spend time with your family. It is possible to free at least 45 days extra time each year to allow you to do what you

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need to do. There are 24 hours in a day, and a lot of people waste a lot of this time watching the TV or sleeping. I am going to show you how you can sleep less to free up some time.

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A lot of people will try to get 8 hours sleep a night, so you are awake for 16 hours a day to do whatever you need to do each day. What you need to do is learn to sleep faster, and reduce the amount of time that you sleep each night by at least 2 hours. I will show you how much

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time this frees up. So 2 hours a day extra time awake to commit to pursuing your goals to become successful. Over a year or 365 days that is a total of 730 hours. If you break that down to days based on your current awake time of 16 hours. Then by dividing 730 hours by 16 hours that gives 45.625 days This is how many extra days a year you have to pursue you goals.If you look at this on a monthly basis, it is just under 4 days a month – the actual number is 3.8 days. Another way of looking at it is over a working lifetime of 45 years you will gain 2025 days which is an extra 5.5 extra years awake. On a weekly basis you gain an extra 14 hours of productive awake time. Which compared to your extra awake hours is almost one extra day a week.

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You can’t afford to sleep, You may be thinking but you need 8 hours a night or whatever you currently have. I used to think that, and then I realised how much time I was wasting asleep. One thing that a lot of successful people and business leaders have in common is that they

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don’t spend unnecessary time sleeping each day. In many cases they only sleep 4 to 6 hours a night, with no catch up at the weekends. Successful people who do this include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Margaret Thatcher – ex British Prime Minister, Martha Stewart, Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo and the list goes on. One of the secrets of success for a lot of successful people is being willing to do things that ‘normal’ people are not prepared to do -which includes foregoing sleep. The early bird catches the worm as the saying goes. Giving successful people the opportunity to work longer and still have a life. Experts agree that most people can survive comfortably on 4 hours to 6 hours sleep a night. I have deliberately restricted the number of hours that I sleep to about 5 to 6 hours a night. When I first started doing this it was not easy to do and took some time to get used to it. During this time, I made a new friend, Coffee, which aided this process. Over a period of time my body has adapted and I seem to sleep quicker. Often I will wake up before my alarm clock goes off in the morning. What I have found is that when I go to bed I do fall asleep straight away and sleep all of the way through. It seems that I get a more intense sleep which is why I said I sleep faster. I discovered the ability to sleep faster without knowing about the research that I am going to tell you about. But I know that this works. I have seen many people exist on reduced levels of sleep. In my late teens and early 20’s I used to work in the night club industry, and I used to see quite a number of people working 5 nights a week working until 2am, getting home at 3 am and they would have a full time job during the day as well. So they were able to exist on 4 to 5 hours a night. In researching this video I read in to this more, and I found there doesn’t seem to be any conclusive studies that have been done on this. Although there is one study that suggests that ‘sleep training’ is possible. This study also suggested that you need to have a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food and keep fit and be psychologically motivated. People who eat junk food, watch TV all day and are unmotivated need more sleep. An unexpected reality. But the empirical evidence of many successful people,and myself does support this. The people who are less motivated, and with the least efficient lifestyles, are also less efficient at sleeping, and waste more time doing it. Another study in the journal Psychophysiology suggested that we can adapt to restricted sleep. In their study they monitored a group of of people who normally slept 8 hours a night for a year. They all started with 8 hours sleep a night and then started gradually reduced by 30 minutes at a time. So they reduced to 7.5 hours a night for a few weeks, Then they reduced to 7 hours a night for a few weeks. Then 6.5 hours a night for a few weeks. And so on. During this entire process of gradually reducing the sleep each night everyone in the study maintained the wake up times each morning, which is very important to optimize and maintain sleep quality. The results were that as the sleep was reduced, the time spent in light sleep phase of sleep was also reduced. The time spent in REM reduced significantly. At the same time even with reduced sleep, each night the amount of time in the deep sleep phase was increased. If you know anything about sleep, this is referred to as stage 3 and stage 4 sleep. At the end of the sleep study, all of the natural 8 hour sleeper participants were allowed to sleep as much as they wanted to. All of them then slept 1 to 2 hours less than they had before the study started when they slept 8 hours a night. Even a year after the study had concluded, the majority of those who took part continued to sleep for less time, than they had before they trained their bodies to sleep for less time. A few things to bear in mind when you do this, is that it does take 7 to 10 days for your body to adjust to each sleep level drop. Also when most people got below 5.5 hours sleep, they suffered from “severe fatigue and reduced efficiency”. Most people were able to easily work on 6 hours a night each day. Also make sure you keep fit and eat healthy foods. By freeing up the extra time in your life you can pursue your goals for you and your family, so that you can do what you want, when you want to. It might be the case that you already know what you are going to do with the extra time that you have gained from sleeping faster.

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Or maybe you just know that you want to change your life for you and your family but you don’t know quite how to do it. Or maybe you don’t want to make the first step because you might do it wrong. You just know that you and your family deserve a better lifestyle than you have at present. What is holding you back from living your dreams and making the difference you want to? To get to where you want to get to you need to upgrade your thinking so that you can release your inner greatness. If you consider for a moment that your own best thinking has got you to where you are in your life right now. You may not be where you want to be and you may feel stuck and unable to improve your current position. The truth is that you are also stuck where you are because of your best thinking. No matter what anyone may tell you, you were born to be an achiever. You have an innate ability to achieve your goals hidden deep within you, but the constraints of society may well have conditioned you, to leave them behind and deal with other priorities first. Now is the time to revisit those suppressed dreams and for you to realise that you have the power to make them a reality. The mind-set training and education that I have for you will put you closer to those goals, one step at a time. So as I said you need to upgrade your thinking, obviously, everything that you need to know can’t be taught in a short video like this one. You need to go through the right training. You need to get the right information. You need to upgrade your thinking to get to where you want to get to. Then more importantly, you have to take the concepts, and you have to make things happen by taking action. I have some information and training that can help you with this. As well as this, I also have an opportunity that will allow you to create an online business to help you get to your goals with an online business. Obviously I can’t guarantee that you will be successful. No one could do. After all you might not follow the system. However the system that I am talking about, is something that many people, like you, have managed to follow and create a better lifestyle so that they are able to do the things that they want to do, when they want to do them with the people that they want to do them with. If you don’t make a decision about how you are going to live, then you have already made a decision, that you don’t want it. If you’re ready to unleash your full potential and dream bigger than ever before! Plus if you’re ready to discover a way you can achieve your goal, with a group of like-minded people CLICK HERE NOW

And when you get there, enter your email address follow the instructions and sign up for the offer. When you have done that let me know, and I will arrange to have a free 20 minute call with you, to plan your personal development training and your online marketing future success. You will receive an email with my contact information. Just send me a friend request on Skype. Again to get started today CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

I look forward to talking to you soon.

Sleep Your Way To Success - How To Manage Your Time More Effectively


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