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Is the Empower Network Saturated? Posted by Neil Ball on September 12, 2013



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Is the Empower Network Saturated? Video Transcript Below

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Hello its Neil Ball, your online marketing coach from

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Is the Empower Network Saturated? A lot of people have been saying for a long time that the

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Empower Network is saturated and yet it keeps getting bigger, with more people joining all of the time, and more people becoming successful. The thing is that it is working and growing,

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with or without you the people who are saying that it is saturated. The new Empower Network blogging platform ENV2 is about to launch and more and more people will buy it.

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Some people thought that the Empower Network was saturated in the first 30 days after the original launch. They definitely thought that it was saturated in 60 days after the original launch. And when the banks shut them down at the beginning, a lot of people said that was the end of the Empower Network especially when they weren’t processing payments for almost 2 months. Those people were then saying “I told you so”.

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When the problems were solved and the Empower Network was re-booted back up and they started putting people in again, a lot of people then said it won’t last. At the first Empower Network Live Event there was 1250 people. Again they said they said that it was saturated. Then at the next Empower Network Live Event they had 2400 people, and they said are definitely saturated now. Then they doubled the growth again. And then the Empower Network did another Live Event and about 4000 people showed up. And yet again they said oh god, it is definately saturated at this point. The growth doubled again in 60 days. In 2014 according to Dave Wood, one of the founders, he predicts that the Empower Network is going to do at least $1/2 Billion in commissions in that year alone. If you don’t believe me that is fine. I don’t really care. It doesn’t matter one way or the other. It is going to pay those commissions to someone who does believe me. Dave Wood says

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that the Empower Network is going to have the richest team in Network marketing There are only 170,000 people at present in the Empower Network. Which sounds like an awful lot of people, but in the Network marketing world that is a really low number of people. Amway, for example, has over 3 million members. Herbal Life has over 2.7 million members. So the 170,000 members at Empower Network is quite small. So there is a still huge opportunity for growth. In a couple of years there will be a million active people in the Empower network with or without you. This is not a promise you will make money, nobody could give you that. But there is one thing for sure, if you don’t try it, you will always wonder. I want it to be with you, but to do that you have got to focus to make it work. If you focus, you get results. The Empower Network ENV2 launch is a superb opportunity for you to take advantage and get on board of something that is going to have a huge amount of promotion. The new Empower Network blogging platform ENV2 is being launched in the next 30 to 45 days which will totally revolutionize blogging, marketing and the internet. It has been built by people who have previously been responsible for Tumbler, WordPress, Typepad and others. The ENV2 platform has been built to interact with both Empower Network members and customers. For anyone that wants a presence online, this is the platform for you, whether you want a platform online to make money, whether as an Empower Network affiliate products or to sell some other affiliate product. It is also suited to people who just want to blog about anything. This new Empower platform has the technology to support any requirement. It is the most integrated blogging experience online with a back office activity feeds of blogs, video hosting and audio hosting. Also there is a mobile phone experience built into it that is second to none. There is no other blogging platform available at present that has anything like this on such a level with this level of mobile integration. ENV2 is going to have all of this built in as standard. The new Empower ENV2 blogging platform was also built to be multilingual. It is also set up so that it can work in multiple countries around the world. To find out more about the Empower Network go to Again that is Until next time,


Is the Empower Network Saturated? Video Transcript Below

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