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Constant Contact Review – Email Autoresponder Service by clickit | on January 16, 2013

In this Constant Contact Review I will take a look at the functions and features offered by the Constant Contact email service.

Constant Contact Review Constant Contact Email Service email service is one the most popular hosted email service providers. Their platform offers an easy to understand email campaign manager with the many included ‘done for you’ email templates. It is also possible to design your own template with HTML or plain text.[22/05/2013 00:25:14]

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Constant Contact Review – Email Autoresponder Service | Neil Ball's Empower Network Blog

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In Constant Contact Creating an email list is straightforward to setup. When you are ready to add contacts you have to confirm that you have the permission of the owners of the email

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address to send them emails. Adding email addresses for your contacts in Constant Contact is easy to do and can be done in several different ways. You can manually type their details in single entry, you can copy and paste larger lists in, and you can also import the contact data from CSV, Text, Excel, Gmail address book and Microsoft Outlook. It is also possible

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to segment your email list using custom contact fields so you can send emails to subscribers in particular categories or demographics.

To Sign Up For The Constant Contact Email System Click Here

Create Email Campaigns – Constant Contact Review Creating email campaigns is easily done using the 400 included readymade designer email

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templates which can be modified if needed. They are in a wide range of different color, layouts and patterns with the flexibility to move text blocks around and change other design attributes. Alternatively Constant Contact allows you to create an email from a blank

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template. Modifying and creating your emails can be done either directly or with copy and paste using either the designer mode or XHTML or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The Microsoft word type of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor with and drag and

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drop is very easy to use. When using the Designer Mode there are options to make adjustments to the background color, font color, font type etc. As well as this you can also add links, images, coupons, embed video ,surveys (at an additional cost), blog content, paypal buy buttons, Amazon buy buttons etc to make your emails more interesting and engaging for your email subscribers.

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The Constant Contact email service makes setting up an email campaign very easy with a simple 3 step process of Create , Customize, and then send. To maximise the impact of your emails and to increase the visits to your website you can also add social media buttons to your emails for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Twitter, You Tube, Flickr and Yelp. There is also a Constant Contact Facebook App called ‘Join My List‘ that you can benefit from and allows people to subscribe to your email list from your Facebook fan page. There is also an autoresponder included in the Constant

Contact interface to send out messages automatically to your subscribers at predetermined intervals. There is

To Sign Up To Constant Contact And A Free 60 Day trial Click Here

however a limit of 5 messages that can be sent out from a single auto responder.

Reports – Constant Contact Review Within Constant Contact there are comprehensive reports to keep you informed so you can[22/05/2013 00:25:14]

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Constant Contact Review – Email Autoresponder Service | Neil Ball's Empower Network Blog

monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Reporting is offered on email open rates, who received the emails, who opened the emails, click throughs (number and

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percentage) ,bounced emails (number and percentage), unsubscribes, email list growth with opt-ins , email list erosion , complaints etc. There are also reports for social media such as the number of Facebook shares and likes and Twitter tweets that your messages get. As well as this you can report on the number of page views that have resulted from social media.

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Help And Customer Support – Constant Contact Review Like all main email providers Constant Contact offers many ways to get help if you need to know how to do something or you have some other problem. Information is available in a searchable knowledge base and learning centre with a user manual, frequently asked questions (FAQs), a forum, videos, webinars and a blog. It is also possible to contact Constant Contact by email, phone and live chat.

Conclusion – Constant Contact Review The Constant Contact email service is easy and intuitive to navigate with the option tabs at the top of the screen for the main functions for adding and maintaining your contact list, creating an email, reports, autoresponder, etc. There are lots of useful features, free templates and essential reports to allow you easily run and manage you email marketing

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campaigns efficiently and to get the best results from them. If everything here is to your liking then you will be delighted to hear that there is also a 60 day no obligation free trial available on the Constant Contact email service where you can send unlimited emails to 100 email addresses. If the auto responder limit of 5 messages is not an issue then Constant Contact is an excellent email service that is worth trying.

To Sign Up For The Constant Contact Email System Click Here Aweber Review

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Constant Contact Review – Email Autoresponder Service | Neil Ball's Empower Network Blog

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Constant Contact Review - Email Autoresponder Service  

Constant Contact Review – Email Marketing Autoresponder Service for email marketing

Constant Contact Review - Email Autoresponder Service  

Constant Contact Review – Email Marketing Autoresponder Service for email marketing