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#4 spring EDITION 2019

Three volunteer students helped ateb customer-tenants to Get Connected


ateb’s helping young people find a worthwhile career, from office work ... Chris McCoy Chris McCoy (left) started work-experience for ateb, in the Finance Department, in Oct 2018, and is working towards the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) level 2 in accounting course in Pembrokeshire College. Chris works for ateb on a one day per week basis and is with us for an ongoing period. Chris finds that working with the variety of different accounting systems at ateb, such as Barclaycard and Open Housing, very interesting and aims to eventually work in the accounting field full time.

James Wostenholme

ateb is committed to helping young people of our communities to move upwards in life and therefore provides a number of apprenticeship and work-experience opportunities. This support of young people also helps to ensure that there’s a pool of local tradespeople for the future.

James is an apprentice in our accounting department and has been since December 2016. James will be with us until at least June 2020 and is working towards the Advanced Diploma in Accounting. James particularly likes the variety of work here and the fact that he’s not doing the same thing every day. He carries out tasks such as invoice processing, taking rent payments, dealing with petty cash and processing tenants’ and residents’ association grants. After finishing his current qualification, James would like to go on to do the ACCA Chartered Accountant qualification.

Adam Clarke Adam started his apprenticeship with ateb in Sept 2017. Generally, Adam works in the ateb offices for four days per week and attends Pembrokeshire College for the fifth day. Adam aims to be with us for at least a couple of years, coinciding with his studies towards the L4 Higher National Certificate in Computing. Doing really well, Adam hopes to be kept on here, or carry out similar work with another company having completed his work here. One of the things Adam’s enjoyed most whilst being here is being out and about with the digi-van (ateb’s office on wheels) at events and helping our customer tenants with their IT issues.

3 qualified tradespeople who will provide valuable skills for the community Trade apprentices We also have four apprentices in the trades section of ateb - all doing really well. Two of these apprentices work in the carpentry section and two are doing plumbing. Plumbing Our plumbers, Liam Rowlands (top) and Matthew Olney (right) have, among other tasks, been doing a fabulous job replacing boilers and central heating systems and both aim to continue in this field in the future. Carpentry Our carpentry apprentices, Scott Griffiths (bottom right) and Jason Pannell (far right) have been very active in our repairs service, an area that gets loads of good feedback from our customers. All apprentices are working towards level 3 qualifications at Pembrokeshire College, whilst experiencing their trade in reality with us on a four-day per week basis.

Matthew: “...working for ateb has given me really good experience in installing central heating and boiler equipment �

We listen to what you say...


How does Engage to Improve (e2i for short) work? First, we listen to you We analyse the answers to the questions we’ve asked you We look for trends We then act upon what you tell us So what has changed at ateb, because of your input? You told us about poor grounds maintenance Some tenants felt that areas of work they expected to be covered by grounds maintenance contractors were not being done or, in some cases, being done badly.

What action did we take? ü On-site check lists are in place.

They are used monthly by Area Officers and Independent Living Scheme Co-ordinators. They show precisely what work should be done and they provide space to tick off what work has actually been done, per visit, by the grounds maintenance contractors so that we can see exactly what is going on. We also now provide lists to our customer-tenants of what work should be done by the grounds maintenance contractors in each area. These lists will soon be available on our website too.

You asked why there was a charge for TV licences Some customer-tenants felt that they were being unfairly charged for TV licences at independent living schemes and in extra care

accommodation. Some of these people felt that, because they were over 75 and/or because they were already paying for a private licence, they should not be paying any other fees for a TV licence.

We explained that... ü A breakdown of Service Charges

is provided to each customertenant, before they agree to accepting accommodation with ateb. The TV licenses for the “Lounge” areas are shown on this list. Here is some more information about the TV licenses: 1) A standard TV Licence, which ateb has to buy so that ordinary TV can be shown in the lounge area of a shared living space and, in the case of Kensington Court for example, equates to 6p per customer per week; 2) Motion Picture Licensing Company Umbrella Licence, which ateb has to buy so that films and DVDs can be shown in the lounge area of a shared living space. In the case of Kensington Court, for example, the cost of this equates to 18p per customer per week.


Some customer-tenants felt uncertain about the proposed Universal Credit benefit

we helped ü AllHow 10 customer-tenants who said they wanted help with the

Universal Credit benefit have been approached by ateb’s Money Solutions Team

We ran our Universal Credit roadshow throughout July and August. For parts of this Pembrokeshire County Council, and sometimes other agencies such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, joined us, giving guidance on this same benefit to customer-tenants and to other members of the community.

We spent a total of 37 hours in 25 different locations across Pembrokeshire. Locations included Clunderwen, Narberth, Saundersfoot, Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Pembroke Dock, Solva, Hook, St Davids, Roch, Letterston and Milford Haven.

...and we then act upon it!

You asked us about Universal Credit

How easy is it to get involved?


How easy is it to get involved with ateb? Towards the end of last year, ateb wanted to find out if we were giving you the opportunities, properly, to get involved with us if you wanted to. We also wanted to find out which, out of all our services, you would like us to look into more in 2019. Thank you for your support. We received information from 317 of our customers and this is what you told us:

1. Over the past 12 months have you taken part in: Answered: 118 Skipped: 199 an ateb community day an ateb survey ateb’s Big Day out a group session run by ateb visited the ateb digi-van 0% 10% 20%

30% 40%

50% 60% 70%


2. If you haven’t taken part was this because: Answered: 228 Skipped: 89 the date or times weren’t convenient for you you didn’t want to you didn’t know about it any other reason eg transport/disability etc 0% 10% 20%

30% 40%

50% 60% 70%


The survey shows that customer tenants are getting involved, but that we need to advertise our events more. The most involvement is occurring through the running the question and answering opportunities.


3. What improvements to our services to you would you like us to explore in 2019?

So what do you, our tenant-customers, get out of it all? None service is good already

Looking at the responses to question 3 (above) in a different format, the pie-chart alongside shows that just over half of the 178 responses simply say that the customer-tenant is happy with the current service. The other half shows a myriad of many issues shared by a few. Under 25 Over 65

4. What age group do you fit into?


This pie chart shows that nearly half of the respondents were under 45 and about a quarter or less were over 65. We are keen to listen to a broad range of ages of our customer-tenants. 46-65

Thinking of getting involved?


From your answers to our questions, we have been able to put together a list of six areas of ateb’s services to investigate in 2019. February Out of Hours Service April Anti-Social Behaviour June Customer Health and Safety August Home Adaptations October Customer Engagement December Repairs You could win £100 in Love2Shop vouchers in our prize draw! Look out for your chance to win £100 in Love2Shop vouchers by taking part in our bi-monthly prize draws, available to all ateb customer tenants who choose to answer our questions on any, or all, of those 6 themes above. Check out the News and Events section of our website for a link to each set of questions. Remember, to really be involved and to hear first-hand the results to these investigations, please join us at our Co-ordination Group sessions, held on the second Tuesday of every month (check out our website for any last minute changes of plans) at Meyler House Haverfordwest SA61 1QP. There is always a nice cup of tea or coffee and a warm welcome for our customer-tenants; ateb will pay your travel expenses.

Please come along and share your views, YOUR VOICE COUNTS! It’s easy for you to find out more about e2i and how you can get involved! Contact me, Ali Evans, Tenant Involvement & Community Investment Officer Tel: 01437 774766 or 01437 763688 Text or call me 07500 446611 Visit us in person at ateb, Meyler House, Haverfordwest SA61 1QP Click here for our website Click here for our Facebook page Click here to email me

A little bit of countryside can be found in Pembroke Town at... ...St Oswald’s Community Garden St Oswald’s Community Garden is a project organised jointly between Pembroke 21C and ateb. The garden is situated in Pembroke at the back of St Oswald’s flats. Access is from The Commons via a gate in the wall, look for the sign. The garden is open every Thursday from 10.00am-12.00 noon and 2.00pm4.30pm, however this is weather dependent. There is no charge for entry. All the family are welcome to go along and enjoy the garden, to have a leisurely stroll or to just sit and relax. Alternatively, if you have some free time, enjoy gardening or have skills you would like to share, you are welcome to volunteer in the garden. Events are regularly organised which can be


great fun for both adults and children e.g. wood carving, amateur foraging walks, meeting bees and making candles. The garden is about bringing the community together, volunteering and having fun. It is run by the community for the community. For more information please look on their Facebook page by clicking this link St Oswalds Community Garden, email: or ring Joan Marsh on 07917 205512

Get your garden Spring ready...


Some great gardening tips for March and April What should I be doing?

Start weeding Plant shrubs and perennials Plant herbaceous plants Sow hardy annuals Plant summer bulbs Feed and mulch beds and borders Introduce water plants into the pond

Birds will be nesting by now so don’t disturb any hedges or shrubs where they could be nesting and leave seed feeders well stocked

Grow your own and save money (and help save the planet!)

Growing your own vegetables, salad and fruit reduces your carbon footprint because your food only needs to travel from your garden to your kitchen table – rather than across Britain, or even the world.

Not just vampires then!

Did you know growing garlic in your garden helps to keep aphids away from roses.

Be frog friendly!

Why not plant marsh marigolds? They show a flash of early colour and provide shelter for frogs Why have frogs in your garden? Keeping frogs and toads in your garden will help reduce pest populations naturally without the need for pesticides

Be bee friendly!

Build a bee box for queens who start searching for a home this month. Why have bees in your garden? Bees visit flowers to collect nectar and pollen, which they use as food for themselves and the larvae in their hives or nests. By moving from flower to flower, they are vital pollinators of many garden and wild flowers. Above: a bee feeding on the nectar of apple blossom

...and ateb’s 2019 Garden Competition It’s time to get those green fingers busy again! There are eight categories for you to enter this year so there’s something for everyone:

1. Best Young Person’s Garden (Under 16s) 2. Best eco-friendly / Wildlife Garden (Is your garden helping the environment in some way? EG Are you using water butts to collect water? Is your garden bee friendly? Are you growing your own fruit and veg?) 3. Most Improved Garden (you’ll need to show ‘before’ photos to enter this class, alongside your current garden) 4. Best Individual Garden 5. Best Edible Produce 6. Most Innovative Use of SMALL SPACE 7. Best Garden at one of our Independent Living Schemes 8. Best Communal Garden

Fantastic Love2Shop voucher prizes!

Vouchers are worth: 1st £50; 2nd £15; 3rd £5 all categories, except for Best Communal Garden: 1st £100; 2nd £25; 3rd £10 How to Enter The easiest way is to email your entry to or write to Garden Competition 2019, ateb, Meyler House, St Thomas Green, Haverfordwest SA61 1QP. Please give your name, age if under 16, address, phone number and please say which categories you’d like to enter.



Have fun with our ‘Garden Tools’ wordsearch

Rent Review 2019-2020 You will receive details of your revised rent and service charges for 2019 – 2020 by post. Rent and service charges will change with effect from Monday 1st April 2019. Most rents will increase by 2.4 % this year. Your rent pays for:

• •

Mortgage payments on the money borrowed to build or buy your home. Repairs and improvements and the staff who provide services to you. Service charges are paid for the specific services you receive from us. The charges for each service are based on the actual cost of providing that service last year.

Do I need to change my Direct Debit? No, customers who pay their rent by Direct Debit need do nothing as your payments will be automatically adjusted for you.

What if I pay by Standing Order or Bank Giro Credit? Then, you will need to advise your bank of the new rent so your payment can be adjusted.

What if I receive Housing Benefit? If you receive Housing Benefit, please expect to get a letter from the Council advising you of any change in Housing Benefit. This should arrive by 1st April 2019.

What if I receive Universal Credit payments? If you are working age and receive Universal Credit the amount you receive includes your housing costs. You need to let the DWP know your new rent and service charges amount and pay your new monthly amount to ateb.

What if I need help with budgeting and paying rent? If you are having problems with budgeting, or paying your rent and need benefit or money advice, we are here to help you. Please contact our Money Solutions Team on 01437 763688 or 0800 854 568.



Why not try this healthier version of chocolate crispy cakes using popcorn Choc cherry popcorn cakes recipe Make a healthier version of chocolate crispy cakes with this popcorn recipe. Prep time: 10 mins Effort: Super easy

Cooking time: 8 mins Serves: 14

Preheat the oven to 180°C, fan oven 160°C, gas mark 4. Put 14 paper bun cases into bun trays.

• •

Heat the vegetable oil in a large heavybased saucepan with a tight-fitting lid

Made by Nan & Phoebe Evans


• • • • •

2 tsp vegetable oil 100g popping corn 2 egg whites 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder 65g dried cherries, chopped

Add the popping corn, put the lid on and shake the pan to coat the kernels in the oil.

Put the pan over a medium-high heat. The kernels will begin to pop, and when they do, carefully shake the pan occasionally

A few popcorn kernels might not pop – just remove them.

• •

When the popping subsides, remove from the heat. Cool for 5 minutes. Whisk the egg whites and cocoa powder together in a large bowl. Stir in the cooled popcorn and dried cherries.

Share the mixture between the bun cases, then bake for 8-10 minutes until set. Cool.

You could use sultanas or dried apricots instead of cherries

Not a part of Change4Life yet? Register online by clicking on the Change4Life logo and they will send you a free copy of this Food Smart brochure. You could win a £100 cookery set too! You will also receive great stuff from them in the future including tips, recipes and competitions.

Make a change today! 15 Just small steps will make a big difference If you are concerned about your child, speak to your GP or practice nurse to see what support is available locally. Small lifestyle changes can make a big difference. Start with one of the tips below and work your way through them all. For more information click on ‘Your child’s weight’

Getting support

Get Sugar Smart

For more advice and support you should always speak to your child’s school nurse, GP or practice nurse.

Are we having the right amount of sugar. Our kids might seem fine on the outside, but too much sugar can lead to the build-up of harmful fat on the inside.

If needed, they can refer you to your local weight management programme, which will help your family with diet and lifestyle changes, to help your child achieve a healthier weight.

Eat well

Having healthy eating habits helps Me-sized meals your kids achieve These days’ larger and maintain a portion sizes are healthy weight, and more readily teaches your child how to make healthy available, which food choices for themselves. means it’s easy to There are lots of cheap and tasty ways eat too much. you and your family can eat well every A good rule of thumb is to start meals with day – use Change4Life recipes for inspiration. For information on how your small servings and, just like Oliver Twist, if family can eat a healthy balanced diet, they’re still hungry they’ll ask for more. use the Eatwell guide.

Get going

Kids need at least 60 active minutes every day. Being active every day keeps their heart healthy, reduces their risk of serious illness and strengthens muscles and bones. Boost your family’s activity levels by squeezing 10-minute bursts of fun activity into every day, like our 10 Minute Shake Ups.

Less screen time Help your children avoid sitting and lying around too much, as this makes it more likely they’ll put on weight. Limit the amount of time your child spends on inactive pastimes such as watching television, playing video games and playing on electronic devices.

Watch out – there’s flu about!


The flu virus is about! Don’t get caught out – get vaccinated (if you’re eligible). Vaccination is deemed by the NHS the single best way to protect against catching and spreading flu. It is therefore very important that people who are vulnerable to the complications of flu, and therefore eligible for a free NHS flu vaccine,* get themselves vaccinated against flu as soon as possible, if they have not already done so.

* Who should have a flu vaccine?

People with one (or more) long term

health conditions including people with: Chest problems (including moderate to severe asthma) Diabetes (including diet controlled) Heart problems Kidney disease Liver disease Neurological disease (including stroke and mini stroke) Suppressed immune system (maybe due to cancer treatment) Adults with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or more: Morbidly obese adults are at increased risk of complications if they catch influenza so annual vaccine is recommended. Pregnant women Individuals aged 65 years or over People who live in a care home: Care home residents are amongst the most vulnerable to complications of influenza. Flu spreads easily in confined environments, and is a threat to the health of residents and staff. Carers: Those who are an unpaid carer of a person whose health or welfare may be at risk if the carer falls ill.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

The information on this page was originally presented by NHS Cymru

Planned improvement targets

This chart shows our progress on just a few of the items on our planned improvement works programme 120

External door replacements


Window replacements 29



Bathroom replacements

77 58

Kitchen replacements

27 0





Target Remaining Complete

Repairs 80% of repairs are carried out by our ateb team, this chart shows how satisfied you were with their work and our external contractors. These are based on a 50% return rate in Quarter 1 and 57% in Quarter 2.

Quarter 2


Quarter 1

% of customers who were satisfied with work 2018-19


99.77% 99.55%

98.92% 98.17%

0.00% 20.00% 40.00% 60.00% 80.00% 100.00% 120.00% % of external contractors who met customer expectations % of ateb team who met customer expectations % of all customer whose expectations were met


How are our services performinging?

The following information shows a snap shot of how our services have been performing over the last 6 months. Please let us know what you think. To view the latest information, please visit our website or click here to download a copy.


Winter hasn’t stopped our development team’s progress Plas Peregrine, Steynton As can been seen from the photos the final touches to the insides are being completed on the first 20 new homes in a phased handover at the Thornton Road development which is scheduled for 22nd February. This, the first part of the larger development, consists of 59 new homes and the rest will be completed at various times by the end of the summer. ateb owns the rest of the site and the the plan is to build out the remaining new homes in two stages in future years.

Maes Yr Ysgol, Johnston The 26 new properties in Johnston are well on the way, with works now being carried out on the road entrance way. The handover of all of the new homes, a mixture of 1 bedroom flats, 2 & 3 bedroom houses and 2 bedroom over 55s bungalows, is set for the end of March.



Square & Compass Despite the gloomy photo things are looking sunny at the development at Square & Compass which now has an official name. To be known as Bro Heulog the scheme of four new homes will be ready for occupation early March having been partially funded by the Welsh Government Innovative Housing Programme (IHP). The IHP helps fund the building of new affordable homes designed for the future. Bro Heulog consists of 4 solar houses built

using welsh wood; in fact over ¾ of the components used in the buildings are sourced locally from sustainable sources, wherever possible, reducing the impact on the environment. Using new technological ideas these solar homes have been designed to consume only 12% of the energy of a tradition house helping to reduce fuel bills. As part of IHP the new homes will be monitored and everyone shown how it all works to ensure that they can best value from the free resource – the sun.

Three Meadows, Haverfordwest The entrance to the new development in Three Meadows, Albert Town is starting to take shape. Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water require that the rain water run-off is discharged away from site into a natural water course and this work is set to commence 18th February. The first 17 new homes on this development are anticipated to be ready for letting sometime in June not withstanding any unforeseen delays.


Our planned improvements programme keeps your homes in good condition Cyclical repairs ateb sets aside a sum of money each year to cyclically replace various items within your homes to keep them in good condition and the planned improvement programme for 2018-2019 is drawing to a close. We are busy getting together the lists for next year’s round of planned works and further information on this will be available once this has been finalised. We will also have had an opportunity to analyse the planned maintenance survey results so that we can deliver the information on planned improvements to you in a way that you have told us is most relevant to you.

We are now able though to confirm that the following contractors will be carrying out the works over the next year. Replacement windows – Solar Windows Electrical tests – John Morley Electrical / WB Griffiths & Son Cyclical painting – Master Painters Fencing – David Rees Fencing Bathrooms - WB Griffiths & Son / ateb in house direct labour team Kitchens - ateb in house direct labour team Bathroom / kitchen flooring – KO Carpets Boilers - ateb in house direct labour team Smoke / CO2 detectors – Initial / Steve Warrender

• • • • • • • • •

These are two of the key members of staff behind your Planned Maintenance Services: Aled Roberts - Property Services Officer (left) and John Davies - Land & Buildings Officer


Home improvements Major work is in progress at Princess Royal Way (above), Haverfordwest where some of the walls have had to be hacked off and the render replaced. Carl Griffiths is the main contractor with Master Painters completing the decoration. This work is scheduled to be finished in the next two months, weather permitting. Other major home improvements include the replacement of roofs, this year work has been done in Dew Street (pictured here), Haverfordwest, Bush

Road Adoptions The remedial work on the roadway at Freemans View, Haverfordwest is nearing completion with only the installation of the new ramps still awaited. Once the works carried out by GD Harries are completed, which is imminent, Pembrokeshire County Council will then adopt the road.

Street, Pembroke Dock, and both Siskin & Curlew Close. The window programme for this year included 165 properties completed by the end of December such as Paterchurch Court Pembroke Dock (pictured), Park Avenue Kilgetty, Ashdale Lane Pembroke, Central Court Milford Haven and Letterston among others.

Marychurch Court’s new heating gets great feedback Now that the heating at Marychurch Court is in its final phase, there being only 4 left to complete, the feedback from our customers is very encouraging. Ms Bevan, a resident at Marychurch, said that the general consensus was that the new heating is “amazing”. She told us that the in house plumbers were “brilliant” and made the “minimal fuss” and added that the new heating is “cheaper and so much easier to control”; in fact she said it was like going from an “ice box to a green-house”.


By volunteering we have helped others When Tom, the Digital Inclusion Officer at ateb, asked us to write about volunteering, we didn’t know what to write, we thought, what have we actually done? However, looking back we’ve actually done quite a lot to help others …and ourselves!

We are three young students at Pembrokeshire College who have been volunteering for ateb’s Get Connected project as part of our Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The Get Connected project, funded by the National Lottery, helps people to use basic technology, giving tenants access to their friends and family. Recently, we helped a tenant to sign up for Facebook in order to connect with their relatives; we also helped a tenant learn how to use Skype. We have helped people of all ages in many supportive living complexes, across Pembrokeshire.

As a group, we believe that volunteering is all about helping others, while helping yourself in many different ways. You could volunteer for a specific award or goal, or you could volunteer for personal fulfilment, it’s up to you. So, we would definitely recommend the volunteering experience. Something we all agree on is that the experience is beneficial to us, as well as the tenants. Thanks for reading, and get involved, get connected. By Michael, Callum and Nathan.

...and we’ve also helped ourselves!

I’m Callum and I haven’t been a volunteer with ateb for very long, however I have already done so much for others. Technology is a vital part of our everyday lives and so without it people may feel isolated. It’s very fulfilling to feel that you have impacted on someone’s life by helping them get in touch with old friends, family and the community. Throughout the last few months, I have helped tenants use tablets, laptops and smart TVs, giving them access to sites such as Netflix and online shopping. I look forward to the rest of my time volunteering here.

Hi there, my name is Nathan, I have also been volunteering with ateb on the Get Connected Project with Tom for a year.

Hello, my name is Michael, and I have been volunteering with ateb for one year. I have really enjoyed my time volunteering at ateb and I would definitely recommend it.

I have really enjoyed the experience over the past year. I have improved I have so many my technology skills and highlights, but what I my ability to help and really enjoy is seeing the guide others. progression between a tenant’s first lesson My highlight of the year is helping one of the and their last, it really is astonishing how tenants using an iPad much lessons can help and seeing how they progressed over the year. tenants.

If you would like to volunteer please contact Tom on the Get Connected project – 01437 774 775 or email



Here’s to us... cheers! Croft Court residents celebrate Some residents of Croft Court can be seen here celebrating the end of a big clear-up, after long-term renovations to their independent living scheme – notice the brand-new sunshine yellow of the exteriors. Following this opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy the sun, residents took part in a buffet and were entertained by singer Peter Evans.

Croft Court Gardening Club There’s always been a thriving Gardening Club at Croft Court and residents there are very ‘garden proud’. Jan Prosser, their scheme manager, has recently worked hard in

the Bags of Help Tesco community grant scheme and is competing against other local applicants for up to £4000 worth of prize money. If it was won by Croft Court, this prize money would go towards enhancing their gardens. Residents of Croft Court will be entering ateb’s 2019 Gardening Competition so get those green fingers busy to keep abreast of these keen competitors.

Direct Debit - the simplest way to pay your rent Did you know that a Direct Debit is the simplest and most convenient way for you to pay your rent?

There are a number of benefits in paying by Direct Debit...

• • • •

It’s guaranteed – which is backed by banks and building societies and protects you and your money.

It gives peace of mind – payments are made

automatically so your rent is never forgotten.

It saves time – it takes away the hassle associated

with paying your rent.

It’s secure - organisations using the Direct Debit

To set up a Direct Debit, please contact us on 01437 763688

scheme, such as ateb Group, have to pass a careful vetting process and are closely monitored by the banking industry.

Could you do with some support to help you make your money go further? You may be paying too much for your essential bills, especially Gas, Electricity and Water.

Fincap Training Solutions offers a FREE service to Pembrokeshire residents with hundreds of satisfied customers since 2013 having saved thousands of pounds. Independent advice on budgeting, smart shopping and personal money management.

Contact Peter Dickinson on 07977545133 or



A warm welcome to two new faces at ateb

Jess James - Money Solutions Officer

I have worked as a support worker for Hafan Cymru for 4 years, mainly working with young people in the community and in Supported Housing, helping tenants to maintain their tenancies. I have also worked as a relief warden in the Homeless Hostel in Pembroke, and I worked at Pembrokeshire College for a number of years in student support. As a Money Solutions Officer, I’ll be helping ateb tenants to budget to pay their rent and answer tenants’ questions to do with setting up different ways of paying their rent eg direct debit, amongst other roles. I am looking forward to starting to work with ateb tenants.

Gill Peterson-Flynn Customer Services Advisor

Gill started working for ateb on a short contract, early last December. Working as a Customer Services Advisor, Gill finds helping ateb customers rewarding and feels that this work is broadening her experience and skills. Main roles are to respond to customers phoning up about repairs to their homes and another is to co-ordinate with the engineers. One incident stands out particularly in Gill’s mind: a customer phoned up in a state of panic, due to water pouring down her walls, Gill said it was great to organise the engineer to attend very quickly and sort out the problem to the great relief of the customer! Although Gill has experience in Customer Relations, it hasn’t been within the Housing Sector so it’s a real chance to gain valuable experience in this field.


Why do we have Easter eggs? Many years ago, the eating of eggs during the last week before Easter, was not allowed. So any eggs that had been laid by the hens were kept and then decorated and finally, during Easter itself, were given as presents. In the Victorian times, people developed this tradition by making model eggs out of all sorts of materials and then painting them and sticking colorful pieces of material on them. They sometimes put little gifts inside the model eggs. In modern times, the traditions have turned into what we know today: decorating eggs and eating fancy, chocolate eggs.

Why not make your own decorated egg?

You can use ordinary hens’ eggs or a flat piece of card What you need: 1. A breakfast cereal box or a cooked hen’s egg 2. A pair of scissors (safety scissors are best) 3. Old magazines, catalogues, leaflets, mosaic pieces* or any scrap paper or tissue paper with bright colors 4. Non-toxic glue stick or PVA glue and brush 5. String or ribbon for hanging What to do: 1. Look at the colourful sheets that you’ve gathered (in point 3 above) and cut out small pieces, or use the mosaic pieces* 2. Draw an egg shape on the grey side of the cereal box and cut it out 3. Create a design, in soft pencil, on your egg-shape or on your actual egg 4. Think carefully about what colours you’d like to use 5. Cover the egg in non-toxic glue and then stick the small pieces on one at a time or scrunch up small pieces of tissue into tiny balls and stick them on 6. When the glue is dry, either make a hole at the top of the cardboard egg and thread the ribbon through then hang as a decoration for Easter, or 7. Put your real egg in a little nest of straw, also as a decoration for Easter! If you would like to use the triangular mosaic pieces in the image, please come to ateb, Meyler House SA61 1QP, before Easter and we will have some here for you, free to take home.



ateb are proud to announce the launch of the next stage of our Community Wi-Fi programme scheme While getting online is becoming an essential part of everyday life, the cost is often too much on a tight budget. We also found that tenants in our Supported Living complexes were light internet users, often going online once a day for a few minutes or even a few times per week, so cost compared to usage was considered a waste of money for many tenants. During February and March we are installing new Community Wi-Fi systems that tenants in Supported Living Accommodation can use for FREE. Our Digital Support Officer Tom and IT apprentice Adam (pictured) are visiting all the schemes to provide information and help tenants connect their devices to the new communal systems. It’s hoped tenants will be encouraged to explore the online world and take advantage of its many benefits.. Can I still use my own connection? Yes – absolutely! The new system will not interfere with your own telephone lines, equipment or existing Wi-Fi. Is it really free or will you increase the service charge? Yes it REALLY is free. The cost to install the system has been absorbed by ateb and the monthly broadband costs will also be covered by us. We will review this in future as we do with all services but there are no plans to charge for this service.

Is it safe? We are taking all the steps to ensure this network is safe (such as using SSL encryption) but if you have any doubts please contact Tom who can provide information and advice on staying safe. When are the information days? Marychurch Court 5 Mar 10am-11.30am Hanover Court 5 Mar 1pm-3pm Acorn Heights 12 Mar 2pm-4pm Paterchurch Court 19 Mar 2pm-4pm (We visited De Clare Court, Hanover Court, Kensington Court and Croft Court in Feb) Can I have help to get online? Tom is looking to create some new IT clubs within our Supported Living complexes from late Spring onwards. If you need advice or information in the meantime, please contact him on 01437 774 775. DID YOU KNOW - ateb now have two types of Community Wi-Fi available. Type 1 – Scheme Community Wi-Fi This Wi-Fi is being provided in our larger supported living complexes and is completely free to use. Type 2 – ateb Public Community Wi-Fi This Wi-Fi is being installed in ateb streets and is available for a small pay-as-you-go charge. You can pay £3 per week, £11 per month or £100 for the year. Please click here to visit our website for more information. Type 2 ateb Public Community Wi-Fi is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

Fire safety Looking after your safety is


something we take very seriously

Safety is our priority when building and maintaining our homes. We work closely with health and safety professionals and the fire service to ensure our homes are safe for our customers. Smoke Alarms

Fires In The Home

• • • • •

• •

We have fitted a smoke alarm in your home. It will give you an early warning by making a loud noise if fire breaks out. It can make a difference to your family’s safety. You should never: Try to disconnect your alarm. Paint over it. Move it. Remove the battery. Delay replacing a worn out battery. Check your alarm regularly to make sure that it is working properly. You can do this by pressing the test button until the alarm sounds. The alarm should stop sounding after you take your finger off the button. If your alarm does not seem to be working properly when you have changed the battery, please report it to us immediately. Your smoke alarm will be checked by the heating contractor each year, when they visit to service your heating system.

Fires can start easily and spread quickly. Please do not remove any internal doors or door closures in your home because these help to stop the fire from spreading. If a fire does start you must: Leave the building as quickly as possible. Close doors behind you if possible to stop the flames and smoke from spreading Phone 999 and give full details to the Fire Service. Warn your neighbours. Notify us. If you live in housing designated for older people or in a building you share with others, you should familiarise yourself with the fire safety instructions for that building. Doors in communal areas and those that adjoin communal areas will be self-closing. Please ensure that these doors remain shut at all times.

• • •

A bedtime safety checklist You are more at risk from a fire when asleep, so it’s a good idea to check around your home before you go to bed...

internal doors at night to stop a • Close fire from spreading off and unplug electrical • Turn appliances unless they are designed to be left on – like your freezer. Check your cooker is turned off

leave the washing machine on • Don’t heaters off and put up fire guards • Turn candles and cigarettes out properly • Put sure exits are kept clear • Make door and window keys where • Keep everyone can find them

For further information please click the link to visit the Mid and West Wales Fire Brigade


OW W what’s on where!

The following six items are being run at, or from, ateb, Meyler House, St Thomas Green, Haverfordwest, SA61 1QP by e2i

Throughout February: Out of Hours Service – give your opinion. Please give us your opinion by using our website, our Facebook page, over the phone, our paper question and answer sheet or you are welcome to ask a member of staff to help you. 12 March 2019 10:00 – 12:00 Co-ordination Group Session Checking out what our Out of Hours Service opinions revealed and setting up the AntiSocial Behaviour investigation. Throughout April: Anti-Social Behaviour – give your opinion Please give us your opinion by using our website, our Facebook page, over the phone, our paper question and answer sheet or you are welcome to ask a member of staff to help you.

9 April 2019 10:00 – 11:00 Co-ordination Group Review Session Looking back over the past six months at how the Customer Engagement actions have been carried out. 14 May 2019 10:00 – 12:00 Co-ordination Group Session Checking out what our Anti-Social Behaviour opinions revealed and setting up the Customer Health and Safety investigation Throughout June: Customer Health and Safety – give your opinion. Please give us your opinion by using our website, our Facebook page, over the phone, our paper question and answer sheet or you are welcome to ask a member of staff to help you.

Customer Forum a new tenant group for all ateb tenant-customers The new Customer Forum will meet monthly each year, except for August and December. This is a tenant group for all ateb tenants. Just turn up! The purpose of the group is to chat and to share information about subjects that effect large numbers of tenants and your communities, so that we can improve our services to you. All venues have disabled access. All sessions will have light refreshments and ateb will pay any reasonable travel expenses. For more info, please contact Helen Wright 01646 682058 or Ali Evans 01437 774766 or 01437 763688

25/04/2019 18:00 – 20:00 Hanover Court, Tenby SA70 7DR 23/05/2019 10:30 – 12:30 Meyler House, Haverfordwest SA61 1QP 27/06/2019 18:00 – 20:00 Hanover Court, Milford SA73 2DH 25/07/2019 11:30 – 14:00 Parc yr Oriel, St Davids SA62 6NW 26/09/2019 18:00 – 20:00 Hanover Court, Haverfordwest SA61 1PP 24/10/2019 10:30 – 12:30 Crundale Community Hall, Crundale SA62 4DF 28/11/2019 10:30 – 12:30 Lamphey Village Hall, Lamphey SA71 5PB

ateb Disability Group

28/02/19 5.30pm fish and chips 28/03/19 2pm No meeting in April In May, and from then onwards, meetings will be on the first Thursday of every month & will start at 2pm, at Kensington Court, Steynton SA73 1GB. All ateb tenants and their families who have an interest in disability are welcome. Light refreshments are always there for you. Transport costs can be covered by ateb. Disability Group are a working group who have a lot of fun! Last year, they had fun days out to Porthgain and Cwm Deri vineyards and also assessed the venues’ suitability for disability access. For more info, please contact Helen Wright email: phone: 01646 682058, mob: 07919 410199

2 April 2019, 10:00-14:00

The Tenant Participation Advisory Service Tenants’ Network will:

ateb Community Days

Princess Royal Way Community Day 16 April 11:00 – 15:00 For all tenants living at Princess Royal Way

at how to market and promote your work/activities •• look discuss what ‘Tenants at the heart’ of social housing means you an update on what’s going in the social housing • give sector in Wales you an opportunity to network with tenants from other • give social landlords. provide you with the latest information from TPAS Cymru •Venue: Wales & West Housing Offices, Newcastle Emlyn This event is free for all ateb tenants and ateb will pay all reasonable travel costs, email: or 01437 774766 if you want to go or need help to attend. Spaces are limited so please contact us as soon as you can. Lunch is provided and the venue is wheelchair accessible

Milford Haven Library Mondays, 10am-2.15pm Basic Skills Penny Lees, Tel: 01437 770112, Mob: 07799 342241 email: Thursdays, 10.30-11.15am Stori a Chan / Story and Rhyme For Welsh learners, speakers and non Welsh-speaking parents. Free for pre-school children. Mob: 07432 876476, email: Mount Estate Community Centre Tuesday 12th, then every week, 12.30am-2pm Light Lunch Depending on week, jacket potato with beans and cheese

or home-made soup and freshly-made sandwich / warm roll and cheese, £2 or 2 Timebank credits. All welcome. Rachel Evans, Mob: 07733 265 769, email: Tuesdays, 5.55-7pm 555 Club. For young people aged 11+. No need to book. Steve Blunt, mob: 07909 545056 Milford Haven Leisure Centre Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays 10am-midday U3A Bowls, Sociable, fun bowls for all… Coaching, friendly and competitive matches, shortmat and accessible. Contact Rachel Evans, Volunteering Matters to be put in touch with Group Organiser.



Pembrokeshire Youth Service Tenancy Skills Programme The Tenancy Skills Programme is a free 4 day course for young people, aged 16-25, who are either thinking about moving away from home, or who have recently done so. You would be able to look at lots of different aspects of being a tenant, as well as gaining a qualification at the same time. Venues, dates and times: Thurs and Fridays 10am – 3.30pm Haverfordwest at Archives Building, Prendergast Follow up Drop-in Support 5th April Fishguard at Function Room, Fishguard Leisure Centre 7th and 8th, 14th and 15th March 2019. Follow up Drop-in Support 11th April 2019 Pembroke Dock at Albion Square 21st and 22nd, 28th and 29th March 2019. Follow up Drop-in Support 12th April 2019

Transport: Young people will be expected to make their own way to the venues if they live locally, those attending from out-lying areas will have the opportunity to be transported by Youth Service Minibus. Young people will be given the opportunity to visit a number of locations around the county related to the subject matter, this will be done using Pembrokeshire Youth Service Minibus. Food: Lunch will be provided If you are interested in this, or in the possibility of attending a future course, please get in touch with Nick Hudd, Milford Haven Youth Centre, Priory Rd, Milford Haven. email:

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