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Around the World with Sarah Sedcole Un tour du monde avec Sarah Sedcole

leaving a legacy | Staying Connected | Realty Review: Summer Landscaping Cover photo by Allison Cordner Photography

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Clinique de Cardiologie SQUAREVICTORIA

• • • • • •

MAPA Holter ECG à l’effort et au repos Consultation Prévention des maladies cardiovasculaires Recherche

Centre de commerce mondial Montréal 747, rue du Square-Victoria, local 140

Tél. : 514-967-2701 www.victoriasquaremedicalcenter.com

Votre santé, notre priorité

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welcome bienvenue

Letter from the publisher/ La lettre de l’éditeur

I spent a few months bumming around Europe with one of my best friends a few years ago. We spent a month walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain and the rest lounging on park benches and walking cobblestones in old world capitals in search of some nostalgia and sense of lost style that TV commercials had taught us about growing up. We didn’t find much of that but we definitely enjoyed ourselves. My travelling companion (let’s call him Jones) is the most complete archetype of “that friend” that everyone has. Any mention of “Good old Jones!” among friends elicited the same giggles and exchange of knowing glances everytime. He’s the person at the party who is so unintentionally funny in everything he does that most of the laughs come from watching him trying to figure out what has everyone else in stitches. His spaciness defined him to most people who knew him well- and they also helped create some mind-boggling situations. It was a few days into the trip that I realized that he was far from the perfect travelling companion. We would get into silly arguments about which way to go and he would just shrug when proven wrong. He would take forever getting ready to go sightseeing because he would forget where he put his wallet, that he still hadn’t showered, and “oh no, my laundry is still in the washer from last night!” I also caught him with his wallet sticking half out of his back pocket, practically begging to be swiped no less than three times as he was bending over to tie a shoe. To this day I’m convinced it wasn’t taken only because pickpockets must have thought it was a police ploy to lure a few of them with easy pickings. To the hardened, road wary backpacker I thought I was at the time, these things drove me up the wall. I felt imposed upon, like I had to watch over him so he didn’t make a worse mistake and put us in a bad situation. The big brother in me came out, and he didn’t like it. After all, he was an adult too. So we both dug in and while we had fun, the tension of our disagreements never really went away. As I was recounting stories to other friends upon my return home, I realized most of them were about some situation Jones had (purposely or inadvertently) gotten us into. It dawned that while I felt imposed upon for taking care of him, he might’ve felt similarly for taking on the responsibility of making the fun and exciting situations happen. He had decided that my experience and decisiveness outweighed my big brother habits just as I decided that his improvisation and fun nature was worth taking some more responsibility from time to time. Its the same with all our relationships. Sometimes, the things we most value and appreciate in others are also what can gets most under our skin. But when was the last time we had a worthwhile experience completely in our comfort zone?


Colin James Belyea


Colin James Belyea cbelyea@bestversionmedia.com

Graphic Designer

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Resident Feature by Éliane Légaré

Photos by Allison Cordner Photography

Around the World with Sarah Sedcole Un tour du monde avec Sarah Sedcole

Sarah Sedcole moved to Westmount in 1992 directly from her native country of England. Her first home was on Clarke Avenue in Montreal, coincidentally just a few doors down from where her mother rented an apartment on Clarke Avenue in the 50s! Sarah always had a passion for adventure. Indeed it all began as a child as she grew up with a father who worked for a large multinational, Unilever, and who would travel a great deal and bring back wonderful videos of exotic places. These left such an impression on her that, after completing Wycombe Abbey boarding school in the UK, Sarah took what was quite traditional in the UK at the time, a “Gap Year” taken between school and University and during which time she spent three months travelling around India. This trip, together with her dad’s travel stories, ignited a life-long curiosity in other cultures and what binds us together as human beings. “This was a transformative experience for me. It was also

where I discovered my passion for photography,” said Sarah. On her return from India, she switched courses to social anthropology and social psychology at the University of Wales where she graduated a few years later. She spent a wonderful three years in a lesser known but stunning part of the world. ”I remember my second year when I had no exams, just papers to complete, spending many afternoons walking along this coastline of the Gower Peninsula discovering the many beautiful beaches,” she said. Before having her children, she worked in marketing and advertising, always channeling her most creative side together with her “people skills.” As her kids grew older, and after her divorce, she switched careers and trained as a life coach at the Adler Institute. “It was everything I was looking for in terms of a modality for helping people. Coaching helps people be happier by leveraging their strengths and what they enjoy

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doing,” she explained. Rooted in the field of positive psychology, coaching is not about “what is wrong” but all about what is working, and how to help people do more of it. The kind of clients she gets to work with are uplifting and inspiring, as they aspire to the goal of reaching their full potential. Sarah works mostly with mid-life women who are motivated to transform their lives in positive ways. A couple of years ago, she added hypnosis to her skillset, and she finds working with the unconscious mind effective, rewarding and deeply relaxing for the client. To Sarah, life coaching is a bit like her other passion, photography. Everything is a matter of perception, how you look at things and from which angle, seeing the details or zooming out to the bigger picture, and through which lens you choose to look. One’s experience, both in life and in photography, is all about the framing. “Choose a different perspective and what you see shifts… along with how you feel about it,” she explained. Sarah has been working as a coach for eight years now, and she explains her biggest inspiration is seeing how seemingly small tweaks in how we lead our lives can create big changes. “I am a constant learner, always curious about new stuff,” said Sarah. Right now, she is participating in a course which is being run from the UK that helps people to create careers out of something they love doing. The course has the rather risque name of Screw Work Let’s Play! “This is so inspiring!” said Sarah. It was through this course that she gave birth to her side business of creating pet portraits from photos. The course has been the catalyst for her, leading her to create her next spin-off in coaching, which is a course called Dare To Succeed for solo business owners and freelancers. “In this I hope to combine my love of coaching with my more creative side. I am super excited at the idea of helping people charge forward with their businesses and have fun while they do it,” she explained. Sarah is not only an entrepreneur and a globetrotter, she’s also a mother of two beautiful children. Her daughter, Stephanie Claxton, is 20 and her son, Nico Claxton, is 18. “Both children have dual citizenship and love to travel between their two home lands. Westmount is a natural fit with their English heritage being rich in architecture, history and culture,” she said. Talking about Westmount, Sarah says she loves her street and continued on page 10

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Needed! Stars for stories Recherché!

Do you want to discover new things about your neighbours? Want to be in the headlines? Want to see your pictures published? We’re looking for neighbourhood families, business owners or individuals who have a story to share. That story might be to celebrate an award you’ve won, to share your recent vacation, or simply to introduce yourself and share a message with neighbours. We are bringing local to the next level and want this magazine to serve you. Let us know what you hope to see in these monthly pages. Here’s how to get started. Use these prompts to fire up your imagination: • Brainstorm what you would like to see in this magazine and what you’d like to share with neighbours. • Has your family taken a vacation recently? Share your amazing photos from the continent and beyond! Do you have any special talents in your family? Do you play musical instruments? Do you have a band? Are you running a marathon? Are you the next Einstein? Do you make and sell crafts? • Business owners, the community starts right outside your front door. The family feature story is a great place to introduce your services to those closest to you. • Volunteers, are you passionate about charity work? Do you organize a fundraiser each year for a non-profit or walk to fight disease? Your story might motivate others to get involved, too. • Are you the leader of a book club or group? Do you organize the dinner club or ladies’ night out? Show neighbours how much fun you are having and invite newcomers to join you with an article and photos. • If you belong to a homeowners or ratepayers association, use this magazine to inform neighbours of association events, neighbourhood activities, yard sales, new officers, meeting minutes, contact info for board members or other announcements. The process is easy. You send us your ideas or recommend neighbours, and we will talk with you, write the article and gather photos. Go to www.bestversionmedia.com and click “Submit Content.” Or, simply email your content coordinator Éliane Légaré at elegare@bestversionmedia.com. Remember, we want stories featuring you and your neighbours! Together we can bring neighbours together, stay connected and create an informative, family-friendly forum through your magazine. As families serving families, we respect your wish for privacy. Submissions are shared only within your neighbourhood magazine.

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Leaving A Legacy An innovative new model for family foundations simplifies charitable giving

Laisser Un Héritage


Un modèle novateur d’assises familiales qui simplifie vos dons de bienfaisances

legacy for the future. A blessing for the community. Many of us have a strong sense of social responsibility. We wish to use our resources to help others and to build our communities now and long after we are gone. To that end, we make contributions – often in an ad hoc way – to charitable organizations. But one trend that we as Wealth Advisors are seeing is the creation of an increasing number of family foundations that allow affluent individuals to exercise charitable giving in a long-term context. While most of our clients take the responsibilities of community needs and charity seriously, many donate informally and without taking advantage of certain tax efficiencies that exist with charitable giving. A prominent trend these days is the development of charitable giving through the use of private family foundations. Such foundations have been the means by which affluent individuals and families have practised philanthropy for the past century, but they are changing with the times. Creating a

family foundation has become much simpler and there are any advantages to doing so. Private family foundations are typically established by families for whom charitable giving is a priority. Historically, the establishment of a foundation was triggered by a major tax event, such as the sale of a company or real estate, or a stock exercise. Making a single large donation to a family foundation can offset a large tax bill. But in the past, setting up a foundation wasn’t always simple. The classic private foundation is incorporated as a non-profit and is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. They’re painstakingly slow to create and have significant annual compliance burdens. So to streamline and simplify the process, a new model has been created. The simple turnkey solution is to structure a family foundation within an established and available public host foundation. One such registered public foundation, Aqueduct, created by Scotiatrust, hosts private family foundations. It handles all administration and provides help with granting, charity evaluation and family

By Mark Altman and Robert Levy ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisors, Altman Levy Family Wealth Management

governance. It also serves as a channel for funding and facilitates the planning of significant charitable gifts. And here’s one way that it differs from its traditional counterpart: A private foundation can be set up in as little as 24 hours at no cost, and it offers its founders the flexibility to decide which charities they wish to support, how much they give, and when they make grants. Private foundations within Aqueduct can be funded today or as part of an estate plan following a benefactor’s death. They can be directed by a family board for generations to come or can be guided by a pre-determined mission. Gifts are irrevocable and may be granted to Canadian registered charities and other qualified recipients. To learn more about creating a private family foundation, please call us at 514-287-2974 and/or 514-287-2980

Altman Levy Family Wealth Management advises clients on how to best reach their financial and lifestyle goals. Clients and their families benefit from a highly personalized service for generations to come. www.altmanlevywealthmanagement.com Mark Altman

Robert Levy

Wealth Advisor and Director, Wealth Management 514-287-2980 mark.altman@scotiamcleod.com

Wealth Advisor and Director, Wealth Management 514-287-2974 robert.levy@scotiamcleod.com

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Registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia, used by ScotiaMcLeod. ScotiaMcLeod is a division of Scotia Capital Inc. (“SCI”). SCI is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

2015-04-20 1:40 PM JULY 2015  7

julycalendar of events Classifieds Calendrier des événements de Juillet

Mon. July 1st until August 1st, Every Wednesday and Saturday L’International des Feux Loto-Québec @LaRonde La Ronde proudly presents the 31st edition of L’International des Feux Loto-Québec. In keeping with the tradition, this year’s edition is a succession of world-class displays. From July 1st to August 1st, on Saturday and Wednesday nights, Montreal’s sky will light up with outstanding fireworks displays by some of the greatest pyrotechnic artists of the world. Time: 10 p.m., rain or shine Cost: Starting at $49.99 on site but free anywhere around the site w w w. s i x f l a g s . c o m / l a r o n d e e n / linternational-des-feux/overview

Th. July 2 to July 12 Montreal Cirque International Festival @La Tohu Let your imagination do the walking when you enter the world of Montréal Complètement Cirque. This dazzling spectacle presents more than 100 circus artists from Canada, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Wales. Indoor and outdoor performances instantly transport you to places you might have never known existed before. Time: Refer to website for infos Cost: Free and fees for activity montrealcirquefest.com Fri. July 3rd to July 12 Festival international de percussions @Bonsecours Market and Quai JacquesCartier in the Old port (from July 9th until 12th) One of a kind, the FIP is a cultural and family oriented organism that invites a public of all ages to discover the richness of dance and percussions. It is a participatory event in which the visitors serve both as spectators and actors. Renowned for its ability to reunite diverse artistic disciplines, such as music, dance, photography, documentaries, gastronomy, workshops, conferences, visual arts and exhibitions. Time: Refer to website for infos. Cost: Free and fees for activity, FREE for children under 5 years; www.percussions.ca/le-festival/?lang=en

Every Saturday and Sunday, until August 30th The Arts Puts on a Show at the Garden @Botanical Garden Every Saturday and Sunday all summer long, the Garden will be filled with the sound of music. Stroll along the paths and relax amongst the flowers, let your eye be drawn by the colours and your ear by the melodious strains of a series of intimate recitals and two large concerts. Time: All day event Cost: Free with the purchase of a ticket to the Botanical Garden. http://calendrier.espacepourlavie.ca/the-artsput-on-a-show-at-the-garden-583355 Thus. July 7th until Mon. July 19th Nuits d’Afrique Festival 29th Edition @Fairmount Theater and many others venues By encouraging the best of old and new world traditions in a spirit of magic and family filled with passion, the festival has carved out a unique position on the cultural landscape and captured the imagination of faithful festival-goers. From summer to summer, attendance at Festival International Nuits d’ Afrique has climbed steadily. The fans turned out for 11 unforgettable days spiced with the flavours of southern lands. Time: Refer to website for infos Cost: Free and fees for activity http://www.festivalnuitsdafrique.com/en

There are Kitchens...then there’s Tendances Concept.

+ Bathrooms cabinets Built-in furnitures Storages Ready to install Outdoors kitchens Design centre


tendances-concept.com M O NTREAL 4823A, Saint -Laure nt 514. 50 4.778 8

ST-J E RO M E 475 Ste-Mar c el l e 450 .4 3 8 . 3 3 8 8

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Thurs. July 9th until August 1st Zoofest @Quartier des spectacles Zoofest is a bilingual festival founded in 2009, which puts forward a program dedicated to the discovery of emerging talent in the areas of humor, music, theater, storytelling, magic and many other forms art and entertainment. With over 130 shows and more than 650 performances in 15 venues, Zoofest once again presents its alternative, international, not-to-be-missed performing arts variety event in 2015! Time: Refer to website for infos Cost: Zoofest passes start at $49.99. Daily ticket are also available at LaVitrine Culturelle www.zoofest.com/en Sat. July 11th Shakespeare-in-the-Park @Westmount Park Known to many as one of Shakespeare’s most perfect comedies, Twelfth Night is a wild and touching story of a set of separate twins desperate to find their other half. Ends on July 26th and see the website for more dates and locations. Time: 7 pm Cost: Free by donation www.repercussiontheatre.com/productions/ shakespeare-in-the-park/twelfth-night/ Sat. July 11th until Sat. July 25th JUST FOR LAUGHS FESTIVAL @Quartier des spectacles The Just for Laughs Festival presented by Videotron in association with LotoQuébec really needs no introduction. During this out of the ordinary festival, the streets take on a carnival feel. It’s a light, party atmosphere. People come to let loose and get carried away by the jokes of talented comedians. In addition to the shows held in halls, the Charivari is definitely an event that’s not to be missed. Time: Refer to website for infos Cost: Free and fees for activity www.hahaha.com/en Sat. July 4th until Sept 11th, every Saturdays and Sundays Fabrik - Creativity Factory @Montreal Science Center Enter into an imaginative workshop space where experimentation and inventiveness are your most important tools. Every weekend, Fabrik invites you to take on creative challenges involving invention and assembly-work using a variety of random pieces. Working alone or in teams, visitors of all ages must envision technological solutions and build them from the different odds and ends provided. Derby cars, parachutes, catapults, floating vessels… The sky is the limit! It is a place to think, experiment, and, above all, have fun, because in Fabrik, there is no such thing as a bad idea. Time: From 12 to 5 p.m. Cost: From $5 - $18 bestversionmedia.com

w w w. m o n t r e a l s c i e n c e c e n t r e . c o m / temporary-exhibition/fabrik-creativity-factory Until Dec. 2015 Atta Ants @Insectarium The Insectarium showcases insects whose survival depends on the community, and on the clearly defined role of each individual. Atta ants are among the species that have attained the highest level of social organization in the animal kingdom. Time: Refer to website for infos Cost: From $0 to $19.25 espacepourlavie.ca/en/atta-ants

Have an event you’d like to share with us? Send it to Éliane at: elegare@bestversionmedia.com

this month’s


Shaken, Stirred,


Blushing Lady

This drink is a true beauty, so make it for the true beauty in your life! With just the right blend of sweet, sour and tart, the sugarrimmed glass puts it right over the top.

2 oz. vodka 1 oz. pomegranate liqueur 1 oz. pink grapefruit juice Lemon wedge for garnish Coarse sugar for rimming Rub a wedge of lemon around the rim of a cocktail glass and dip the glass into a plate of coarse sugar. Set it aside. Pour the remaining ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into the prepared glass.

JULY 2015 9

continued from page 5

her neighbours. The Sedcole family lives on the flat bit of Roslyn Avenue where there is a wonderful sense of community. Each year, a bunch of neighbours get together for “tea” (read wine) and nibbles, and often planned charitable events (street sales with proceeds going to local charities), parties (annual street party at the beginning of September) and just generally have a great time. Roslyn is the kind of street where you see the kids out playing hockey and scooting around on skateboards during the day, and neighbours gather on each other’s porches in the summer to share a glass or two of wine during the evening.

What she also enjoys about living in the Westmount community is the location. “The location is also fabulous. For the kids growing up they had their playgroup, schools and park all within walking distance. They both went to Marianopolis, which was a short (if steep) walk. And now that they are older they have great Universities just a hop on the bus away. I also have a dog, a mischievous lovable spaniel called Ginger and have spent many happy hours walking in Westmount Park, the Summit Woods and Mount Royal which are all so close by,” said Ms. Sedcole. “And I do believe that connection and community is one of our basic human needs in terms of what makes us happy, and we have a ton of that in Westmount!” Get in touch with Sarah at www.sarahsedcole. com.

Submitted photos by Sarah Sedcole and other photos by Allison Cordner Photography. Pet Portrait by Sarah Sedcole.

Do you know a neighbour who has a story to share? Nominate your neighbour to be featured in one of our upcoming issues! Contact us at elegare@bestversionmedia.com.

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Meow, Bark, Squeak! Wouf wouf!

Attention pet owners! Have your furry friends had the chance to brush their whiskers in the magazine and leave their paw print? We are welcoming photos of your dogs, cats, turtles, goats, birds, horses or other pet friends who make their home in the subdivision – sweet, adorable, silly, zany photos encouraged! Please e-mail a photo of your pet to elegare@bestversionmedia.com. Include your pet’s name, breed and subdivision. Does your pet have a quirky trait or a favourite activity? Describe your pet to us and we’ll feature your pet in an upcoming magazine.

Perennial Flower Gardens that re bloom forever


514-482-5105 allanbecker.gardenguru@gmail.com gardengurumontreal.ca




Spécialiste en beauté organique Organic Beauty Specialist by/par: Patricia Soussana

T: 514-488-8999


4926 rue Sherbrooke O., Westmount, Qc, H3Z 1H3 bestversionmedia.com

JULY 2015 11

For Sale In westmount

33 Prospect Street $880,000 Listing ID: 19594958

175 Av. Metcalfe, #601 $1,099,000 Listing ID: 25620290

55 Av. Chesterfield $1,295,000 Listing ID: 22260283

44 Anwoth Road $1,649,000 Listing ID: 23159870

69 Prospect Street $889,000 Listing ID: 18397572

175 Av. Metcalfe, #606 $1,154,000 Listing ID: 27534618

577 Av. Grosvenor $1,299,000 Listing ID: 18523714

734 Av. Upper-Belmont H3Y1K2 $1,679,000 Listing ID: 22435850

334 Av. Elm, $949,000 Listing ID: 19808358

22 Anwoth Road, $1,169,000 Listing ID: 14143214

357 Av. Olivier $1,349,000 Listing ID: 15850655

32 Av. Oakland $1,695,000 Listing ID: 28424991

4895 Boul. De Maisonneuve O. $995,000 Listing ID: 25342875

693 Av. Grosvenor $1,195,000 Listing ID: 28770808

20 Av. Thornhill $1,395,000 Listing ID: 14049963

732 Av. Upper-Roslyn $1,750,000 Listing ID: 18834259

258 Av. Olivier $1,049,000 Listing ID: 28644533

71 Av. Arlington $1,198,000 Listing ID: 17687779

19 Av. Willow $1,398,000 Listing ID: 14023335

2 Rue Westmount-Square, #1801 $1,799,000 Listing ID: 9466928

560 Av. Claremont $1,075,000 Listing ID: 24006658

586 Av. Lansdowne $1,245,000 Listing ID: 12045408

609 Av. Victoria $1,399,000 Listing ID: 19285065

215 Av. Redfern, #411 $1,875,000 Listing ID: 25117949

4136 Boul. Dorchester O. $1,079,000 Listing ID: 21167148

427 Av. Mount-Stephen $1,295,000 Listing ID: 28946884

33 Av. Renfrew $1,595,000 Listing ID: 24765478

4326 Av. Westmount $2,250,000 Listing ID: 18666685

Listings compiled from www.realtor.ca or MLS. Information is supplied by seller and other third parties and has not been verified. Homes listed on this page are not listed by the agent sponsoring this section. Data provided by Les Voisins de Westmount Neighbours/BVM and is not associated with any Realtor or real estate agency’s advertisement. All listings were listed between April 16th and May 1st and were gathered by the publisher.

you matter


vous d’abord

For Over 28 Years, Whether Buying or Selling, Our Commitment to you is... RESULTS! REAL ESTATE BROKERS


Jill + Joan Prévost Visit all our properties at

jillprevost.com 514-591-0804


jill@jillprevost.com joan@joanprevost.com

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Westmount Neighbour’s Realty Review : Summer landscaping La chronique immobilière des Voisins de Westmount: L’aménagement paysager By Jill Prevost

Real Estate Broker Welcome to your first Westmount Neighbour’s Realty Review! Here you will find market updates, statistics and general advice on selling your Westmount home for top dollar.

With over 28 years as a top agent in Westmount, no one knows the pulse of that market more than Jill & Joan Prevost. We are here to help you maximize your biggest asset, your home, so that you can take that big step toward your next chapter, whatever it may be. Summer is here! In the past, typically the best time to sell your home was either between February-May and mid-August-midDecember. For the last few years, the Westmount and adjacent real estate market has slowly been pushing toward beginning in March/ April and going straight through until mid-December, without a real lull in the summertime. Buyers usually wish to be moved into their new property as early in the summer as possible, so they can enjoy those precious months in their new outdoor space. However, many external factors have resulted in sellers not being ready to list until later in the year. This means: IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO LIST! With a HOT real estate market in summer, Westmount homes can finally show off their beautiful exterior space that buyers covet so much! What can you do this summer to increase value in your home? Landscape, landscape, landscape. I know we save the triple L’s for location, but the first and last impression of your home is… landscaping. From tripping down rotten stairs or a heaving paveuni walkway, to looking at beautiful weeds growing in the backyard amongst the spider webs and piles of empty plastic containers, bestversionmedia.com

many a visit has been ruined by either that first or last impression. All those expensive and gorgeous interior renovations can be so easily forgotten. Do you ever find yourself taking the long way home just to look at the front gardens of certain homes at different times of the year? Ever stop at a red light and be wowed by a garden you never noticed? This summer is the perfect time to get the family together and pull up some weeds, plant some flowers or privacy cedars, or maybe build a pergola! OK, this is Westmount; so call your gardener or landscape designer and finally get your own beautiful garden like the one you have been specifically driving by to admire for years. Time to make your buyer go WOW before they even enter the home. A few simple tips: less is more; white is bright and clean is supreme! You don’t need every colour of the rainbow in your garden, nor every outdoor chair, table or used citronella candle you have acquired over the years. Tidy up, plant a little organized chaos and make sure you have a defined flat space for a family to sit out and eat a bbq dinner to remember. Please remember to try and take high quality pictures of your garden at different times of the year, preferably without the kids sprawled out on the loungers. Garden pictures will definitely help sell your home! This summer, make your home the one you can’t wait to come home to. Maybe you will do such a good job; you won’t want to call us. Remember, you may sell your home, but you always keep the memories. JULY 2015 13

neighbourhood classifieds

Neighbourhood classifieds Les petites annonces du quartier Free Classifieds Annoncer gratuitement Have something to sell or give away? It might be just the thing your neighbour is looking for! To place your free classified, go to www.bestversionmedia. com and click “Submit Content.” For free listings, ads must be 40 words or less, non-business related. You will receive email confirmation. SAMPLES/QUELQUES EXEMPLES Tracker Bass Boat:

Aluminum body, two years old, was only used a few times on Lake Eufaula while making a futile attempt to teach my wife to fish. Make offer. Hopeless Harry 444-444-4444.


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In the heart of Westmount MEET LYDIA MAMANE

Une rencontre avec Lydia Mamane, au coeur de Westmount

BIENVENUE to Westmount

VIP Service the organic way


Minor revitalization or complete makeover? Cover photo by Allison Cordner Photography


Colin Belyea (506) 608-5196


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Staying Connected with Neighbourhood Clubs

Soyez branchés sur vos associations de quartier By Christina Novak

My mom’s friends used to gather once a week for art club, rotating around to each other’s homes. Each friend would bring an art project they were working on, varying from painting to rubber stamping and greeting cards to jewelry-making. Everyone would lug in their art supplies and set up their stations around the kitchen table. Then they’d talk and laugh all night long. Art was their excuse to get together, and friendship grew out of their shared interests. Maybe you’ve been thinking of starting up a neighbourhood group to get to know your neighbours better. Check around and see if there are any existing groups in your neighbourhood. If not, how about starting up your own? All you need is one other neighbour with an interest similar to yours. Set a date and time and invite others to join you. The possibilities are endless: bridge, poker or mahjong game nights, golf outings, dinner parties, book clubs, Bible studies, family movie nights, playgroups, travelling clubs, walking buddies, knitting niches, you name it! If you are the member or leader of a new or existing neighbourhood club, submit information about your group to this magazine at www. bestversionmedia.com or email your content coordinator. We’d love to hear about it!


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Profile for Neighbours of Rothesay Road

Westmount Neighbours Magazine- July 2015  

Westmount Neighbours Magazine- July 2015