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Wallfloor Decor Supplies • specializes in tiles; glazed, porcelain, mosaic, natural stone and gorgeous backsplashes • flooring and cultured stone; hardwood, bamboo, laminate and engineered flooring

Review posted on the Leslievillier Reply by James D. on December 9, 2012 at 12:20pm I would just like to post a review of Wallfloor product and service. We live just up the street from the store and hired Acacio & team to do some extensive work on our house (installing new flooring, taking out a wall, and installing closets). They were great to deal with, they worked with us to plan the work including details such as the look of the trim, the insides of the closets etc., and the places where we trusted their judgement ended up looking great! In the end, we were 100% happy with the work, we feel that the price was fair, they didn’t waste time, and they cleaned up before leaving every day which we appreciated as we were living in the house while they performed the work. I would definitely recommend Wallfloor whether you are looking for supplies or if you are looking for someone to do work on your house. We will definitely be re-hiring them when we are ready for the next phase of our home renovations!

Wallfloor Décor Supplies



Acacio Raposo has been in business since 1999; doing custom homes, finished basements, kitchens and bathrooms. He created loyal clientele through hard work and good value. The store front operation allows people in the neighbourhood to visit, check out a wide range of products, and talk with a designer to help them sort out ideas and to decide how to proceed with their project.

Whether it is a small project you want to do yourself or a larger project, feel free to visit our showroom. Free Delivery On All Products!!



isit our fabulous 10,000sq. ft. showroom for the latest styles and the best selections in the city. Whether you’re resurfacing one room, a set of stairs or an entire house, our passionate team of consultants and installers will ensure professional service that leaves a lasting impression. Regarded as a premier destination for some of your favourite TV personalities, designers and real estate agents.





416 462 9006


469 Carlaw Ave. Toronto


ST. E .


HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9 AM – 6 PM • Thursday and Friday: 9 AM – 8 PM • Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM • Sunday: CLOSED

FREE street fest

Fun For the Whole Family Rain or Shine • 10+ Lively Event Destinations • 40+ Participating Businesses • Many Anniversary Celebrations • Food & Art Tours • 125+ Artists at the Riverdale Art Walk • Launch of the Good Food Market • Tasters, Live Music & Sidewalk Promos • Lots of Kid’s Activities


1 5 TH A N N U A L


Q U E E N S T R E E T E A S T & J I M M I E S I M P S O N PA R K TWO DAYS. 130+ EXHIBITING ARTISTS! 416-465-0302 756 Queen Street East, Toronto @ArtistsNetwork1

Also, visit the inaugural ART WALK NORTH — Mel Lastman Square, August 16 & 17. 2


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NEXT ISSUE: Fall (Sept) 2013 Delivered to homes and targeted businesses in The Beach. Editor/Feature Writer: Tracey Coveart


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4 Community embraces Pegasus, a mom’s mission 8 The give and take of artist Scott Johnston 11 Framing takes on new Dimensions in Riverside

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12 Howards Storage World makes short work of disorganization and clutter 16 Anil Khera: Do you want to sell your home? The market is sizzling! 17 Designing outdoor spaces to complement you, Without A Hitch 18 Why Kevin Karst kitchens are a cut above 20 When it comes to rugs, Hossein Rafat is the Danforth’s go-to guy

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Artist Scott Johnston

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27 Add a little ‘spring’ to your step and a little ‘summer’ to your wardrobe 28 Stunning transformation underway at Zilberschmuck 29 Lola Bar 30 The ‘head-to-toe’ beauty team at Flaunt Boutique 32 Bumbleberry Kids 34 Rolling your way to younger, healthier looking skin at Rayne Spa


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ON OUR COVER: Urban landscape artist David Crighton ( uses pen, ink and acrylic paint to render familiar neighbourhood landmarks.

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neighbourhood people

Community embraces Pegasus, a mom’s mission

BY Tracey


needs to be replaced again this is not the final one

As a high school student with significant physical and intellectual disabilities, Andrew Perrotta had a good, full life in 1994, rich with friendships, activities he enjoyed and a healthy sense of belonging. He was part of a community that embraced him and gave his days purpose. But once he turned 21 and graduated, all that would end. A shortage of government funded social services had created lengthy wait lists for adult day programs for people with special needs, which meant that “Andrew and his friends had nowhere to go and nothing to do after high school,” recalls Toronto mom Marie Perrotta. “There was no way for them to remain involved – no opportunity for them to enjoy any kind of meaningful life.” Fortunately, necessity is the mother of invention, and together with a handful of determined parents and professionals, Marie – a psychiatry research coordinator at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children – set out to create what did not exist: Pegasus Community Project, a registered charity that would provide adults with



Neighbourhood Living |

developmental and physical disabilities the chance to remain connected to community life. “We knew it was a long shot, but we had nothing to lose because there was nothing. In a way, we couldn’t fail,” recalls Marie. “There is nothing worse than nothing.” But the five women believed the idea would take off – and it did. Pegasus Community Project was established in 1994 and initially served five participants (or members) – including Andrew. “The idea spread like wildfire,” says Marie. The project’s first significant achievement was gaining the support of the City of Toronto’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation department. “We needed programming space and the Matty Eckler (Pape) Community Recreation Centre seemed to be waiting for us.” Four years later another local centre offered up a room, then another, and a fourth in 2000. Today, the four centres provide support and activities for 45 Pegasus members. Participants are involved in a wide range of social, recreational and vocational activities. Fitness – swimming,

Pegasus Community Project Founder and Executive Director Marie Perrotta’s social entrepreneurship has not gone unnoticed. She was named Citizen of the Year for Beaches/East York in 2004; received the Paul Harris Fellow Award from the Rotary Club of Toronto Beach in 2010; was named the St. George

“We knew it was a long shot, but we had

Society Citizen of the Year in 2012

nothing to lose because there was nothing.

(an honour that was accompanied by

In a way, we couldn’t fail,” recalls Marie.

a $10,000 donation to Pegasus); and

“There is nothing worse than nothing.”

was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal in 2012. |

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yoga, exercise classes, walking programs and competitive sports (“another part of life that people with disabilities often don’t get to experience,” says Marie) – factor heavily into daily programming. There are community outings, from trips to the Art Gallery of Ontario to concerts. There are library and drumming programs, instruction in music and literacy, as well as menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking and even an Iron Chef competition. Participants attend ‘studio,’ where they make gift items that are sold in support of the program, and some are employed for several hours a week at local daycares, coffee shops and grocery stores. Funding is an ongoing challenge – Pegasus hasn’t raised its fees in almost 20 years – but as awareness grows so, too, does the financial support base. Pennies for Pegasus aims to raise $10,000 this year and there are tournaments, concerts, dinners, dances, third-party fundraisers and grants from private foundations. The Ministry of Community and Social Services has recognized this



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innovative project with partial funding, “and we have established some great partnerships,” says Marie. One of these is a new outreach sports and recreation program, Active8, which is run jointly with the city and is open to all people with disabilities, not just Pegasus participants. “We’ve always wanted to partner with the city,” says Marie, “and since we don’t have the resources to expand on our own, this gives us the opportunity to make our services available to the wider community.” But it is the Pegasus Thrift and Gift Store – an outgrowth of the annual community supported garage sale that Marie held at her home each year for a decade – that is the project’s most popular fundraising venture. “Our first storefront was meant to be our offices, a kind of outreach centre. But people kept coming by with donations!” It wasn’t until they turned the office into a store that people stayed to visit. Members work at the shop – it’s consistently ranked as one of their favourite Pegasus activities – and there has been a tremendous community response. “People

“To be a part of the community you can’t just take,” Marie says. “You have to give as well.”

come from within the neighbourhood and from all over the city to complete the circle,” says Marie. “The community gets to know our members better and our members get to know the community better.” In return, Pegasus is a very good neighbour, keeping its business local. “To be a part of the community you can’t just take,” Marie says. “You have to give as well.” And it is perhaps the giving that has made Pegasus members such a vital part of the community. “People with disabilities are generally viewed as being on the receiving end,” Marie says, but Pegasus members volunteer regularly, delivering local papers and flyers, participating as accessibility judges at Canada Blooms, lending a helping hand during neighbourhood cleanups, gardening at community rec centres, stuffing kits for local events including The Beach Spring Sprint and helping out in area stores. “People value their contribution.” Now in its 19th year, Pegasus Community Project “has been

a remarkable journey,” says Marie, “from our participants, to our community members to our staff of 22 who bring their amazing skills to work every day. My family – many families – can’t recall life before Pegasus. So many wonderful people have come together to make this dream much more than I could have ever imagined.”

Pegasus Community Project 931 Kingston Road Toronto, Ontario M4E 1S6 416-691-6835 |

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For me, art – creativity – is something that’s always been there. When I’m doing anything – walking the streets, having a conversation – it’s there.

The give and take of artist Scott Johnston by Tracey


Scott Johnston was just a boy when his mother gave him his first camera: a Kodak Eastman Brownie. The lad became fascinated with the snapshot – pointing his camera at places most people wouldn’t find interesting “to discover the bigger reward in things that aren’t immediately obvious.” By the time he turned 16, it was clear that photography was not a passing fancy and that Scott was a prodigious talent with a roll of film. “I was encouraged to keep on going, and I enjoyed it,” Scott recalls. “I didn’t have to be pushed.” He took some photography courses at Ryerson and began showing in his early 20s. His first show, at Gallery 306, “was something of a coup.” After that, people began collecting his work, which appeared in various galleries and publications. “For me, art – creativity – is something that’s always been there. When I’m doing anything – walking the streets, having a conversation – it’s there. How the light is hitting a building, how people come together on the sidewalk, how they influence one another, what they’re wearing, the colours, the contrast. I don’t really think about it, it simply exists.” As a photographer, Scott was fascinated by demolition and decay. In 2005, he shot a series of abandoned homes in one of Toronto’s wealthiest areas, the Bridle Path. “The light was beautiful in these big spaces, in these decaying homes. You get a sense that these houses were comfortable in their demise, that we are all subject to impermanence.” Then, for a contrast, he trained his camera on Toronto churches being torn down to make way for condominiums in a series titled simply, The Church. In 2007, he shot the demolition of Regent Park, Canada’s largest low-income housing project and one of Toronto’s most troubled neighbourhoods, depicting the area as a gated community or luxury resort. “I wanted to capture this uneasy peace. It was a very open space, yet claustrophobic at the same time, almost uncertain of itself, and in the process of disappearing.” After a project, he would wander the streets with his camera, waiting to stumble across his next theme. In those days, says Scott, “the images never seemed to leave me alone.”



Neighbourhood Living | |

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Between themes, Scott would turn his attention to painting. “I was always painting – I love the immediacy of it – and the more I painted the more I enjoyed it. But I never saw myself as a painter until other people saw me that way.” Going back and forth between celluloid and canvas, Scott became frustrated that he wasn’t improving with his brushes. After six years of dividing his time between the two media, he made the decision to focus exclusively on painting; “to devote the mountain of time necessary to progress the way I wanted.” As a photographer, Scott was a subjective documentarian, capturing his view of the world on film. As a painter, “you have this internal dialogue that you want to bring out into the world; this need to translate what’s going on inside of you and put it on canvas. It’s not so much inspiration as compulsion. It doesn’t leave you alone.” His first paintings were oil on canvas. “There was a lot of moving and pushing and shoving and building the canvas as I was working. It was very gestural and quick.” Today, he works in acrylic. “There is a lot of masking and taping; a lot of adding and subtracting and painting by correction.” It’s a slow, evolutionary process. “I could complete an oil painting in a few days. These take me weeks.” Scott has been working on his new geometric series for the past year and a half and he is fascinated by the infinite variety of ways in which each painting can be viewed and interpreted. “There are endless ways of looking at these paintings; piecing things together that you didn’t notice on previous occasions; starting and stopping at different sections of the work each time. There isn’t any one area of the painting that is more important than the area beside it, which keeps your eye moving constantly. I like the idea that someone can come back to the same completed work and have a new experience every time.” The creative process behind this series is an open, intuitive one, says Scott. “It’s really whatever the painting dictates. Even if I map it all out, half an hour later it’s all changed. One mark influences the next. There’s a lot of give and take, but there’s an agreement of sorts – a resonation – on the canvass. It’s not about what I need or what you need, but what the painting needs and whatever is left standing at the end of the day.” Scott believes there is a recognizable, rhythmic quality to existence – a synchronicity that influences and connects all things. “There is also an understanding on the canvas and an undisclosed agreement between colour, shape and line,” he says. “The way these elements come together and move apart – simultaneously competing for space but also working together – creates its own rhythm. Over time, as the painting progresses, it starts to reveal itself, gradually increasing in depth and volume. The painting starts to breathe; it starts to pulse.” With acrylic paints, which dry much more quickly than oils, “I can layer and layer and layer, building in lines, circles and squares. I like taking that one simple idea and seeing how far I can take it, just starting and letting the process unfold. When there is nothing left to correct and nowhere else I can move, I walk away.” And as much as Scott believes that one must dedicate large chunks of time to painting to move forward and gain insight into the work – often as much as 10 hours a day – “there is also a strong need for quiet and contemplative time to re-calibrate what I am doing, how I’m doing it and why I am doing it. Being still is just as much a part of the creative process as being active.” “There has always been an ebb and flow,” says Scott, but wherever he is in the creative process, active or pensive or somewhere in between, and whatever the medium – photography, oil or acrylic – “art should broaden your perspective. It should take you out of your well-worn grooves and send you down a road you have never been down before.”

You can see Scott’s work at Dimensions Custom Framing and Gallery at 732 Queen St. E. or online at To contact the artist, call 416-937-1507 or email 10


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Framing takes on new Dimensions in Riverside When you’re skilled at what you do – and you love what you’re doing – the results are not just masterful, they’re also magical. Business partners Wendy Palmer and Ellen Davidson live and breathe the life creative, and they bring their passion for art and their intuitive sense of design to the work they do every day at Dimensions Custom Framing and Gallery in Riverside. With more than two decades of custom framing experience between them, Ellen and Wendy work closely with their clients to frame prints, paintings, photographs, mirrors and two- and threedimensional objects of every conceivable description, using acid and lignin-free mats, mount boards and UV-filtering glass for a lifetime of beauty and protection. The girls consider their work to be a true collaboration between client, consultant and framer. “I ask a lot of questions about the piece, where it’s going, if it’s a gift and if it has a history,” Ellen says. “I try to get a sense of who the client is before giving any design suggestions.” Wendy has honed her framing skills at some of the finest galleries and is extraordinary in her field, bringing precision craftsmanship, an eye for perfection and a deeply personal commitment to each project. “It means so much to me that people trust me with their projects,” she says, “and I love knowing that they are taking my work home to hang on their wall.” Both girls get enormous satisfaction from ‘the reveal, ‘ – the moment when clients see a framed piece for the first time. “Watching their faces light up makes us so happy,” says Wendy. Together, Ellen and Wendy – contemporary thinkers with a flair for pop culture and everything au currant – create a relationship of comfort and trust that keeps clients coming back. “There is an infectious feeling of inclusion at Dimensions,” says Ellen, “which is a direct result of who we are as

“Making people feel comfortable and welcome is really important to us.” individuals, the environment we’ve created and the excitement that builds with each project – whether it’s related to framing or new artists we’re interested in exhibiting.” The duo and the gallery itself are a friendly presence in trendy Riverside, which is home to some of Toronto’s best eateries, cafes and shops. With its exposed brick walls, hardwood floors and expansive cathedral ceilings, Dimensions is a reflection of the partners’ warmth and design aesthetic. Art by established local artists including Scott Johnston, Shawn Skeir and Ileana Grimm and emerging young talents like 21-year-old autistic ingenue Stephanie Coveart with her Stephimals™ and nineyear-old wunderkind Jack Bregman fills the walls, and because Wendy’s work space is incorporated into the gallery, the place exudes creativity and openness. Everyone is welcome at Dimensions, to browse the art, to consult with Ellen and Wendy regarding a framing project, or just to drop by for a friendly chat and a visit with Hudson, the gallery’s Yorkshire Terrier mascot. “Making people feel comfortable and welcome is really important to us,” Ellen says. “If we can put a smile on someone’s face and make their experience at Dimensions a memorable one, then we’re on the right track – and we’ve been getting great feedback in that regard.” Working with such wonderful clients and talented artists, the partners couldn’t be happier. “Riverside is the perfect location for us,” says Wendy. “The people are great, there’s a terrific sense of community and there’s a real buzz of excitement about things to come. We’re really happy to be part of it all.” TC/CM

You can follow Dimensions on twitter @dimensionscf and You can also visit online at, drop in to visit Hudson and the girls at 732 Queen St. e. or call 416-463-7263. |

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home + garden

Howards Storage World makes short work of disorganization and clutter

Like many of us, Werner Wehmeyer was storage challenged. That is, until a visit to Howards Storage World in Sydney, Australia, revolutionized his life. “My wife and I were setting up our apartment and we were looking for storage solutions. We walked into Howards and we liked the concept so much – that you can take care of all your organizational needs in one place – I contaced the owner to talk about the possibility of starting a franchise.”



Neighbourhood Living |

Werner, a chartered accountant by trade, emigrated to Canada with his wife in 2011, and opened the first Howards Storage World store in North America (there are 73 stores in seven countries) on March 1 of this year with business partner Frank Maione. “I needed a change of scenery and I thought, ‘I’m moving to a new country, why not start up a new business?’” Howards Storage World had humble beginnings. The first shop opened in a small Sydney community

much like The Beach, in 1978, says Werner. “It was a close-knit community that supported local business, so I thought it would be a great fit for Toronto: from one beach to another.” And the neighbourhood – with so many smaller, older homes in need of simple, effective storage solutions – is the perfect market. The tagline for Howards Storage World is ‘Simply Organized,’ but Werner describes his store in The Beach as ‘the clever place to organize any space.’ “We help our clients to control chaos with storage solutions for every room in their home, including the garage. Kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, bedrooms, living room, family room, playroom, wardrobes, closets – even wine cellars – we sell thousands of products to help people in their quest to create an organized, clutter-free home.” With space at a premium as the cost of buying a house or renting an apartment continues to rise, “we are forced to live in increasingly smaller spaces,” says Werner, “which means we need to educate ourselves on how to live more efficiently. Howards is great for that. Our products make it very cost effective to retrofit the space you’ve got without having to renovate.” There is a method to getting the job done right, says Werner, and Howards has broken it down into three simple steps: Stop, sort, solve! Werner uses the example of the kitchen junk drawer. “We all have one, but breaking the task down makes tidying simple.” It goes like this:

1. Stop – Identify the problem. What is it that annoys you about that drawer? The clutter? The inefficiency? The disorganization?

2. Sort – Get your hands dirty. Pull everything out, group similar objects together, sort by height or width, discard unwanted or unused items and, finally, prioritize. Make the most important or frequently used items easiest to access.

3. Solve – This is the fun part! Log on to and browse the online catalogue or drop in to see Werner and his team. There is a drawer organizer to suit every need! |

Neighbourhood Living |


“We provide the tools you need to help you become more disciplined,” he says. “One of the things we always tell our customers is don’t be afraid to come to us with your organizational challenges. Take advantage of our free in-store design service. Bring us the measurements of your problem spaces – or even just a sketch or a photograph. We’ll figure out what you need to bring order to chaos.” Howards products — like the simple wall mounting Swedish Pelly closet storage and shelving system — are perfect for the Do-it-Yourselfer, but what if you don’t have time to visit the store, don’t trust your own measurements or prefer someone else to do the job? “No problem,” says Werner. “We’ll come to you, measure your space and design a solution based on your needs and budget at no cost. Design, delivery, installation – whatever you need – if you can’t come to us, we’ll bring our services, products and expertise to you.” One of the great things about Howards is the common sense, simple organizational and storage solutions available for everyday living. And it doesn’t have to be a major installation to take you from cluttered to tidy. Werner is a firm believer in the old mantra: A place for everything and everything in its place. And sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference. KITCHEN: Try Howards’ acrylic wine bottle holder in your fridge. The bottle won’t roll around and you can stack other items on top of the holder. (For inspiration, visit for a picture of what an organized fridge should look like!) LAUNDRY: Give each member of the family a different coloured laundry basket and simplify the job of sorting. Or try Howards’ $2.99 silicone sock holders that go from hamper to washer to dryer to sock drawer. Your socks will never get separated again, and the singlepair holders can be colour-matched to your laundry baskets. “Mom is the Chief Organizing Officer in most households,” says Werner. “Our job is to make her life easier. Helping the kids to take responsibility for their own colour-coded laundry basket will free up some of mom’s precious time.” PANTRY: Stock your shelves in levels. The top shelf is for your bulky but light-weight reserves – extras and things you don’t use very often, like bags of chips. The eye level shelves are your high access zone, so fill them with things you use every day. The lower shelves are for heavy or bulk items: potatoes and bottled water. (Tip: Roll-out baskets make items on the lower shelves easily accessible.) “Store like with like — condiments, for example — in baskets that you can grab and take to the table,” suggests Werner, “and transfer your packaged goods to stackable, airtight containers to extend the life of the products and increase your storage space. (Don’t forget to label containers with a ‘use by’ date.)



Neighbourhood Living |

A place for everything and everything in its place. BEDROOM: If you want to organize your closet, start with your hangers first. “You need the right hangers for the right clothes,” says Werner. (Check out the online video for tips and tricks.) Hang your dresses from long to short and keep like colours together. Consider investing in a ‘shoe library’ of stackable clear boxes. “You spend a lot of money on your shoes,” says Werner. “Give them the safe home they deserve.” And to make sure your boots don’t collapse over the summer, try Howards’ blow-up bootie shapers. There are literally thousands of gadgets and tools available at Howards to make life easier for everyone. “Organization is not just for the space-challenged,” Werner says. “It’s for everyone. The smaller the home the more specific the needs, but big or small, you still need to organize.” Werner’s bright and inviting Queen Street East store may be loaded with useful wares, “but it’s got a very intimate feel.” Just be warned. “We carry so many products you might have to walk through the store three or four times before you can absorb it all!” And if you need help, Werner has assembled a very knowledgeable, well-trained team to back him up. “We’re all experts at Howards,” which is an associate member of the Professional Organizers of Canada. “Whether you’re looking for innovative storage and organizational solutions for your home, cottage or office, we can help.” In fact, the Howards staff are so good at what they do, laughs Werner, “our customers often leave the store with solutions to problems they didn’t even know they had!” TC

Howards Storage World 2060 Queen Street East 647-748-5517

Bring this magazine into the store before Sept. 1, 2013 and

we’ll take $15 off your next purchase of $60 or more. Before taxes and applicable charges. Valid on in-stock merchandise. Limit one coupon per customer and must be surrendered upon use. Excludes gift cards and may not be combined with any other coupon or in-store offer. Not redeemable for cash or credit in whole or in part. Valid in Canada only. |

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NL: So what’s the market like in our east end neighbourhoods? AK: Strong and very active – and not just in established areas like The Beach, Riverdale and Leslieville. Danforth Village is particularly buoyant: anywhere within walking distance of the Danforth or a five-minute bus ride to the subway. People are discovering desirable pockets that previously flew under the radar; pockets east of Woodbine that remain undervalued. NL: Besides value, what’s driving the hot east end market? AK: There are a lot of first-time homebuyers, people moving out of condos and couples who are combining their families, but the main driver is that interest rates are still at an all-time low. Also, there is a growing appreciation for the city’s east end – the west no longer has a stronghold on entertainment, culture, dining and shopping – and the east end is more affordable, less congested.

Do you want to sell your home? The market is


It’s summer in the city and that means two things: construction and open houses! To take the pulse of the housing market in Toronto’s east end, Neighbourhood Living sat down with Royal LePage Real Estate Agent and area resident Anil Khera.

Anil Khera,

Sales Representative Royal LePage West Realty Group, Brokerage

416-233-6276 (office) 416-805-8850 (direct) • 16


Neighbourhood Living |

NL: Is it a better time for buyers or sellers? AK: It’s a seller’s market, but if you’re willing to be flexible and patient, it’s a great time for east end buyers as well. If you can be a little more open with regard to your wants and needs, there are options out there that are well worth considering; properties that will work just as well – or better – for you in the long run. NL: I find the idea of offer dates intimidating. AK: Offer dates are stressful for buyers, particularly when a listing is getting a lot of attention. You have to be careful not to get swept away by your emotions. I make sure my clients are comfortable with what they are willing to offer, and that they set an upper limit that is reasonable and within their means, before they jump in. And, honestly, sometimes it’s better to walk away. People who have offered unsuccessfully on a number of houses can become almost desperate and will do whatever it takes. I try not to let my clients get into this situation. The last thing you want to do is get in over your head. Once you’ve decided on your maximum bid, don’t exceed it. NL: Is there a trick to winning a bidding war? AK: There’s no sure-fire way to guarantee yours is the winning bid, but if someone really wants a house, they will try to stand out from the competition. You don’t want to overpay, but you want to pay enough that you set yourself apart from the other offers and get the property in the first round. Once you get into the second round, with all the back and forth — that’s when the frenzy sets in. My best advice is to do your homework in advance. Figure out what the property is worth and what you can afford. Then go in with your best offer. If you really want the house, don’t hold back. NL: Do any properties sell without an offer date or – dare we dream – below list? AK: Almost all listings these days have an offer date, but there are exceptions. Higher priced homes and unusual properties are often open ended. And there are still streets and pockets that don’t necessarily garner the kind of attention that generates a bidding war: for instance, properties that are that are on busy streets or back onto train tracks. Sellers who are afraid they might not get any offers will sometimes list without an offer date. But quite frankly, if a property sells significantly below the list price, it was priced incorrectly to begin with. The most important thing when you’re listing your house is to price it properly for the market. If it’s priced right, no matter where it is or what condition it’s in, it will sell. TC


WITHOUT A HITCH. When it comes to investing in beauty, the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. The work of owner/operator Nicky Hanson’s highly regarded company, Without A Hitch Landscape Design, speaks for itself. Nicky and her Without A Hitch (WAH) team design, create and build the outdoor living spaces of your dreams. Whether it is a total garden transformation, custom deck, shed or fence, Nicky will help make your vision a reality.

Personalized outdoor spaces are such popular venues for social gatherings, and offer a beautiful place to lounge with family or entertain friends. By adding hard and soft landscaping, with detailed ambiance lighting, WAH can create a stylish and elegant space as unique and individual as you are. Toronto housing market trends have seen homeowners focusing more on their investments and preferring to spend hardearned money on their own properties by adding beauty and value, not just inside, but on the outside as well.

First impressions and curbside appeal are essential when listing your home and could make the difference between a quick sale or no sale. “At the end of the day, it’s all about blending a desired theme with your personal style.” You may not need a complete installation - just a little sprucing up of your front entranceway, patio or deck. Seasonal planters - uniquely designed to your taste and in colours that complement your existing architecture and landscaping - are an easy and maintenance-free way to add that ‘wow’ factor.

Whether you’re planning to sell or staying where you are, WAH can add beauty to your outdoor spaces with planters of all shapes, sizes, colours and styles. “Our seasonal planters are very popular with homeowners and commercial clients as well,” says Nicky, “and provide a stunning focal point outdoors that everyone will enjoy.” Without A Hitch... the company that designs outdoor spaces that complement you.


If you are selling your home, you might want to consider staging. Home staging a property before putting it on the market has quickly become the norm, and homeowners are reaping the financial rewards of this cosmetic enhancement. “Investing in beautifying the exterior spaces of a home is just as important as spending money making the interior aesthetically pleasing,” says Nicky.


Without a hitch™ Landscape Design & Installation

Nicky Hanson 416 . 885 . 6380


After |

Neighbourhood Living |


Why Kevin Karst kitchens are a cut above WHEN planning your kitchen renovation, there are distinct advantages to working with an industrial designer who is also a journeyman cabinetmaker with more than 35 years of cabinetmaking experience. Creative, well versed in spatial organization and highly skilled in developing optimal solutions for interior spaces, Kevin Karst understands the importance of optimizing task-oriented work zones, maximizing counter size, and developing a flow through the kitchen that is tailored to the needs of the customer. With Kevin Karst, aesthetics, ergonomics, materials and functionality are balanced with a thorough knowledge of cabinet manufacturing and installation for an incredibly beautiful, reliable kitchen that stands the test of time.

Cabinet Styles Open-plan kitchens introduce near-seamless transitions to adjacent areas such as dining, family and living rooms. The first step to achieving harmony across these combined living areas can be as simple as removing a wall or transforming a doorway into a larger walkway. Kitchen cabinets must support these combined spaces stylistically, with close attention to volume, line, colour, texture and exposed fittings. Contemporary cabinet styles with clean uncluttered lines, concealed pulls and sophisticated millwork details are popular for their timeless elegance, while transitional styles – such as Shaker – can beautifully enhance the existing character of a home.



Neighbourhood Living |

Kevin Karst features include: • drawers and pullouts in base cabinets rather than hinged doors; • wider drawers, made possible by sophisticated high-capacity drawer systems; • horizontal bifold and flip-up mechanisms for wall cabinets; • soft-close mechanisms integrated in hinges, drawer systems and fittings; • open shelving that floats without any visible support; • dual finishes that creatively complement each other with colour, texture and sheen; and • islands and peninsulas that increase functionality, while inviting interaction in expanded living spaces.

Materials Aesthetics, functionality and longevity are all dependent on proper selection of materials. In a Kevin Karst kitchen, custom-laminated architectural veneers, carefully chosen solid hardwoods, and solidly engineered boxes are the foundation of responsible material selection. For example, sequence-matched veneers are displayed in the same order they were sliced from the tree, a millwork-style solution that ensures consistency of colour and a beautiful progression of wood grain and figure from one end of the KK_Design_INC_Card_rev:KK_Design_INC_Card_final 1/7/12

Kevin Karst

Kevin Karst Design Inc.

room to the other. Details such as NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde) cores, thick edgebanding, highly functional interior fittings and drawer construction are crucial. As an alternative to wood, long-life materials such as solid acrylic fronts are gaining in popularity. Available in 20 different colours, Parapan – the ultimate in rugged sophistication – is 100 per cent waterproof, exceptionally durable, perfectly flat and incredibly glossy. Finishing materials have evolved considerably in recent years. The newest generation of water-borne acrylics, urethanes and cross-linking compounds are not only extremely durable and moisture resistant, but are low in VOCs, HAPs and formaldehyde for the ultimate in indoor air quality. Kevin Karst customized stain colours are painstakingly mixed in-house and sprayed with Kremlin air-assisted airless equipment - the best in the business, guaranteeing a consistently beautiful finish. 12:14 P

388 Carlaw Ave., Unit W22 647.722.4165

P.O. Box 9, 388 Carlaw Avenue, Unit W22 Toronto, ON M4M 2T4 647.206.9002


647.477.6048 |

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SUMMER SPECIAL Take an additional

Hossein Rafat

25% OFF already reduced PRICES! LASHAR RUGS 744 Danforth Ave. • 416-461-0888 •

Rug Cleaning and Repair Free pickup and delivery. We offer professional cleaning, stain removal, fringework, repair patchwork and more. 20


Neighbourhood Living |


When it comes to rugs, Hossein Rafat is the Danforth’s go-to guy When we bought our lovely little house in Toronto’s east end, we spent thousands of dollars on renovations to make it the perfect home. But something was still missing. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until we paid a visit to Lashar Rugs on the Danforth. I was there for business, not pleasure, researching a story for Neighbourhood Living, but I brought my family along and we spent several hours with owner Hossein Rafat looking at one beautiful carpet after another. We were spellbound by the colours, the patterns and the craftsmanship, as Hossein wove the tale behind each painstakingly hand-knotted rug. But it was when we were examining the treasures in the store’s lower level that we fell in love with a beautiful Abadeh Shiraz. I left with my notes, but I couldn’t get that rug out of my mind. It was meant for our living room, but a Persian was not in the budget. I went back to gaze at it longingly on several occasions and Hossein was sympathetic to my dilemma. He brought the price down into the affordable range and let me take it home, paying for it in manageable installments. When we rolled out the rug that evening and arranged our furniture around it, I felt like I had finally come home. We now have three Persians from Lashar Rugs, each one handpicked for us by Hossein and all of them glorious. Their luxury and warmth never ceases to amaze me, and I fall in love with them all over again every time I walk into a room. I am Tracey Coveart and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t send a little nod of appreciation Hossein’s way. Meet two other families that have discovered the beauty of Persian and oriental rugs and the personal, insightful attention of Hossein Rafat. Debbie Lechter has been going to Lashar for all her rug needs for more than 12 years. “I had been collecting Persians for a long time,” says Debbie. “To me, they are art on the floor. So when I came to Toronto I was looking for somebody who knew a lot about rugs.” She was lucky enough to find Hossein. “When I went to see him about one of my antique carpets – and he recognized immediately what it was and where it was from – I knew he was a perfect fit for me.” Over the years, Debbie has bought eight carpets from Lashar Rugs. “Hossein is so knowledgeable and sincere. Some people will try to pass off an Indian rug as a Persian and charge you much more than it’s actually worth. You never have to worry about that with Hossein. He is totally honest and upfront.” He also has an almost intuitive understanding of what his customers want. “I’ll tell him I’m looking for something upbeat and colourful and he’ll zero in on the perfect rug,” says Debbie, who has no hesitation in recommending him to others. “One of my friends went to every carpet dealer in the city and ended up coming back to Hossein.” Now both she and her mom are regular customers. “He’s friendly and fair and really knows his stuff, and because he’s from Iran he can get rugs that other people can’t. The carpets we have purchased from Hossein have brought us so much joy. Even the dog loves them! We have one in almost every room, and our house just wouldn’t feel like home without them.”

When Barry Muskovitch and Tzabia Siegel bought a new house just off the Danforth, they found themselves in the market for a couple of new rugs. They had been to a few other stores before they wandered into Lashar and knew immediately they had found their shop. “We really liked the selection and we really liked Hossein,” says Barry. “He is such a warm, inviting, personable guy, and his business approach is old school, which is something I appreciate. We could tell from that initial visit that he is extremely knowledgeable and very service oriented.” The couple bought two rugs – trading an old Persian that didn’t suit their new home as part of the deal – and brought in another rug for cleaning. “Hossein was terrific to deal with,” says Barry, going above and beyond to make sure he and Tzabia got exactly what they wanted. “We needed a runner for our hallway, but it’s a very skinny space and the few that would have fit didn’t appeal to our aesthetic.” Then, one day when Barry was in the shop, he saw a beautiful rug that would have been perfect in the hallway if only it was the right size. Hossein had other customers with the same problem, so he had the rug professionally cut and bound and turned into four runners. “I was delighted,” says Barry, “and what he charged me was extremely reasonable for the work involved.” For Hossein, making customers happy is the most important – and pleasurable – part of his business. “He loves what he’s doing,” says Barry. “He loves that he’s providing something beautiful to people.” TC |

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Need help decorating the kids room at the cottage?

We have bunk beds and nautical quilts.

Everything You Need For Your Kids At Home

Without a hitch™

Landscape Design & Installation • Garden Design • Seasonal Planters • Custom Woodwork • Decks & Fences • Pool Landscapes We have a wonderful selection of furniture, beddings and artwork for kids of all ages; a full range of products to make every kid smile!


2086 Queen Street East, Toronto 416 698 9726 22


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food + celebration


Beach community suits Pippins to a ‘tea’

A trip to Pippins in The Beach is like sipping a warm cup of tea: relaxing for the mind, calming to the senses and soothing to the soul. “It’s a peaceful place,” says owner Barbara Snow DeAngelis, a 25-year veteran of the corporate world, who left her downtown office nine years ago to start a business that would nurture her spirit and her sense of community. She has never looked back. “A family friend owned a tea shop and every time I went there it felt so comfortable; the smell – the atmosphere – felt so good.” It’s this kind of feeling that Barb has replicated at Pippins. It’s a tea experience that’s hard to find anywhere else. With more than 150 all-natural loose leaf teas, beautiful teawares, specialty foods and gifts, Pippins radiates good taste. Barb carries 100plus mugs, teacups and saucers; brewing gadgets of every description; and more than 70 teapots ranging from industrial stainless steel designs to traditional English china from such coveted and hard-to-find names as Dunoon, Emma Bridgewater, Burleigh, Guy Degrenne and Spode. Regarded as something of an institution in The Beach, Pippins is the first place regular customers think to visit when they’re looking for a gift. “People appreciate the experience,” says Barb, whether they’re dropping in to the shop or logging on to the website. “I ship to clients across the country and all over the world.” That customer loyalty is hard earned. “I source my teas from only a handful of suppliers, I purchase in small quantities and I settle for nothing less

than exceptional. I provide my customers with premium, quality teas at fair prices.” Barb chose Queen Street East for her tea shop because of its unique, small-town appeal. “The Beach is special to me. I like the sense of community and I feel appreciated here. People thank you. I look forward to coming to the shop every day.” And she is actively involved in the neighbourhood, partnering with The Toronto Beach Rotary Club and The Beach BIA, and supporting community fundraising efforts and local schools. “That’s part of being a good neighbour. It feels good to give back.” And because Pippins is not a franchise operation, Barb and her staff of five can operate at a slower, friendlier, more personalized pace. “We take the time to get to know our customers, and many of them are now our friends.” The tea industry is big business, but Pippins remains true to its community ideals: quality, value and customer service. And that’s something you won’t find at a big box store. “Tea is not something you can rush. It’s meant to be sipped and savoured with friends,” says Barb. “That’s the kind of experience we offer at Pippins.” TC |

Neighbourhood Living |


North Pole Bakery

Locally sourced, Mediterranean and French inspired cuisine. Live Jazz Thursday Nights with Gene Pool Boys. Greek Night Every Saturday. Sunday Brunch!!


Four One Seven Restaurant & Lounge


417 Danforth Avenue 647-352-4300 417restaurantlounge

• Snappy & Catering Service • Cakes for all Occasions • Fresh Bread • Deli & Hot Table

BEST Cannoli and Zeppole!

FOLLOW US: 417fouroneseven

Large Venue. Book your Upscale Business and Family Events Now!!

Open Monday to Saturday. Closed Sunday

201 Danforth Ave, Toronto Lucy Loizzo • 416.466.6435

Melanie’s Bistro L UNCH • B RUNCH • D INNER

MASELLIS SUPERMARKET Family owned and operated, serving the community since 1959

3 Course Dinner $28

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Brunch on Saturday & Sunday 10am-3pm 1870 Danforth Avenue • 416-422-1870 24


Neighbourhood Living |

Huge assortment of Italian specialty products. We sell Ontario homegrown produce when in season. Selected organic & gluten-free products.

906 Danforth Avenue • 416-465-7901 DELIVERY AVAILABLE

“Purveyors of fine Maritime foods”

Fresh Seafood for all your BBQ and Beach Party Needs.

1101 Victoria Park and St.Clair • 416-755-9960 |

Neighbourhood Living |



Mediterranean Cuisine

“The Best Greek Food Toronto has ever Known” — Globe & Mail

19 Lunch



Friday and Saturday Live Greek Bouzouki Belly Dancing Shows

25 Dinner


3 COURSE PRIX FIXE MENU Pan now offers delivery 416-466-8158 or JUST EAT

516 Danforth Ave. • 416.466.8158 • 26


Neighbourhood Living |

Sunday to Thursday: 12:00 noon to 11:00Pm Friday and Saturday: 12:00 noon to 12:00 am •

fashion + beauty

Add a little Spring to your step … and Summer to your wardrobe!


Despite the snow and freezing rain, Spring finally decided to make an appearance in Toronto’s east end! What better way to celebrate the return of the sunshine than by putting away those dark winter pieces and adding a little colour to your wardrobe? From The Beach to Leslieville to Riverside, our local shops have got you covered this Spring and Summer. [1]

Starting at 781 Queen East, [1] Bergstrom Originals has its own clothing line that will make you the Belle of the Boardwalk. Slip on a simple-yet-sophisticated Horizon Dress (pictured) – the perfect compliment to a pair of Fly London platforms (pictured) or your favourite flat sandal or flip flop. It’s hard to go wrong! Further East at [2] Yoka (950 & 2116-J Queen E.), you’ll find gorgeous DEPT floral [2] tops (pictured) that will transition you from Spring to Summer in style. The DEPT 100 per cent cotton trench in camel is another must have for chilly spring mornings and dewy summer nights.

For gorgeous in-house and custom-made jewelry, look no further than [3] Dorly Designs (1173 Queen E.), with its adorable-meets-refined take on traditional floral designs guaranteed to pick up any spring outfit. Dorly has a great range of colours, from the funky ‘Coral Leaf’ to the more formal ‘Down to Earth’ necklace in white, and you can don the pieces for any occasion from potlucks to weddings. Style tip: Be sure to have your hair up in a loose bun to show off all that fantastic detail! And don’t forget to check out the ‘Made of Coins’ collection, featuring [3] the now defunct Canadian penny. [4] [5]

Heading down the street and through the doors of DeLish by Studio D (2116 Queen E.), you’ll want to break into applause. The wide range of designs suit any style and will make a tame wardrobe pop. Be sure to pick up an adorable studded clutch and pair it with a spring floral dress for an edgy feminine look. Have a more formal event coming up? Keep the clutch and go for a floor length beaded gown instead! Any Direct Flight (1382 Queen E.) does classy professionalism with a twist. Tired of your monochromatic blazer and pants office wear? Try a lightweight top, skirt, bolero or blazer made from stunning, patterned fabric. And for your intimates, don’t forget to stop in at [8] Pert Lingerie (1817 Queen E.). They take the time to get to know what you like, and make sure your hapless other half picks out the best on your behalf. Their ultrasoft spa robe (pictured) is great for lounging around after a long, hot bath. Be sure to check out their seamless panties (mind readers!) and perfect bra and panty sets while you’re there.


[7] [8]

Heading up to the Danforth, you’ll find everything you’re looking for to make your Summer and beach days complete. [4] Parade (261 Danforth) has your footwear needs covered, with shoes of every description in plenty of flattering-but-not-painful styles for the warmer months. Check out leather clogs, slip-ons and brogues by Pikolinos (pictured). [5] El Pipil (267 Danforth) has gorgeously coloured tops, dresses and lightweight sweaters to throw on top for those windy afternoons (pictured). [6] Social Butterfly (315 Danforth) is featuring long-lasting flip-flops by Havainas (pictured) in several stylish colours and delicate floral-and-jewel bracelets by Holly Yashi – a great way to put winter to bed at last! And at [7] Jexy & Jax just down the street (375 Danforth), vibrant patterns and beautiful fabrics are always in style. Their Juliette Dress and Printed Elegant Tee (pictured) feature flattering cuts and necklines that are great for wherever you’re going! Pair with a bubble knit cardigan for when the sun goes down.

Dressing up or dressing down, find all the Spring and Summer fashions you need right here in the neighbourhood! | Neighbourhood Living



Stunning transformation underway at Zilberschmuck

trans·for·ma·tion A thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.


the most intriguing thing about metalwork is the artisan’s ability to transform a seemingly immutable element in ways that are limited only by imagination, craftsmanship and sheer determination. You can see some of the finest Canadian examples of humankind’s mastery over metal until the end of May at Zilberschmuck, during ‘Transformation,’ the 9th Annual National Juried Exhibition of Canadian Fine Jewellery and Metalwork. Each year, the show invites artists from coast to coast to explore the formal and conceptual ideas behind the meaning of a word. This year’s word, ‘transformation,’ attracted 85 entries from 68 artists. The jury selected 40 interpretations from 33 artisans for the exhibition. “I’m always amazed by the amount of work – the thought and execution – that goes into these pieces,” says Zilberschmuck owner and show organizer Cheryl Fraser, “and this year’s selection really stands out for variety in the concept.” Best in Show was awarded to Robert Mitchell for his stunning sterling silver and 18 k gold bracelet, set with Canadian diamonds and detailing the transformation of man’s history of adornment (pictured centre, above). The piece begins with a cast silver salmon backbone tied with moose hair to symbolize our hunter-gatherer past, followed by the Industrial Revolution (a carved Plexiglas charm), to a bubble cut citrine depicting new technologies of gem cutting and a 16 GB USB flash drive representing the Information Age. (For a complete list of winners and entrants, visit The Transformation exhibition will be on view during the Toronto International Jewellery Festival (TIJF) and the SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) conference in May, which celebrate jewellery arts, metal arts and design from Canadian and international artists, with a variety of events and exhibitions that encourage people to enrich their lives through jewellery.



Neighbourhood Living |

“The month of May is a rare opportunity for the public to see great exhibitions of metalwork by Canadian artists in galleries and museums all over the city,” says Cheryl. “Zilberschmuck will be presenting a second show, ‘Three Elements,’ which opened May 7, based on specific numbers from the Periodic Table of Elements.” Sadly, the Exhibition of Canadian Fine Jewellery and Metalwork show isn’t the only thing that’s under transformation at Zilberschmuck. After 10 years, owner Cheryl Fraser has made the difficult decision to close the doors on one of Canada’s leading art jewellery galleries. “Zilberschmuck has given me the opportunity to curate exhibitions and to meet talented artists from across the country,” says Cheryl. “It has been a passion of mine that I loved to share with others, and I will always remember how much pleasure these exhibitions – and this gallery – brought to people.” TC

ZILBERSCHMUCK 910 Kingston Road • 416-699-6000 •

Come experience one of the city’s hidden gems and Leslieville’s hottest patio! New summer hours: 12-2am open 7 days a week Summer BBQ $3 Jaggers all day everyday 2 Happy hours daily: 1 2-2pm and 5-7 pm New food and drink menu

1173 dundas street east carlaw & dundas 416.849.5331 |

Neighbourhood Living |


The ‘head to toe’ beauty team at Flaunt Boutique Flaunt Boutique in Leslieville is more like a hair studio in New York or London than a salon in Toronto’s east end, but founder, owner and creative director Ivan knows what it takes to put together the ultimate salon package. Flaunt is high fashion meets laid back chill; a casual but funky place to disconnect, hang out and unwind while you get beautiful. Recognized by the industry as being on the cutting edge, “the space has to reflect that,” says Ivan, “and so do the staff. Every member of the Flaunt team is an artisan with superb skills and flawless execution.” Meet two of them.


Tamara Le Gendre Aesthetician

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 12-8 Saturday: 10-6

Tamara Le Gendre was destined to become an aesthetician. “I was always the one my friends and family came to for makeup, nails, waxing. I was making my own body sugars at 13.” Today she offers the full range of beauty services – mani/ pedi, Shellac and OPI GelColor, makeup, Dermalogica face treatments, waxing and full face threading – in The Vault at Flaunt, a retro architectural feature from 260 Carlaw’s Reliable Toy Company days. “We’re in the ‘whole beauty’ business,” says Ivan, “and Tamara closes the loop in the head to toe circle we’ve created.” One of 36 aestheticians to receive her expert status with Dermalogica, Tamara’s facials are the best in the business. Whether you’re coming once a season for maintenance or every six to eight weeks for acne or anti-aging treatments, “they’re addictive,” says Ivan. And if you’re looking for more of a surface treatment, from a glamorous evening out to classic bridal to funky fantasy make-up, Tamara does it all. “People can’t really see their hair until their face and their nails are done,” she says. “My job is to make sure my clients walk out the door feeling beautiful Neighbourhood 30and| confi dent, lookingLiving good –| and feeling good – from head to toe.”

For Kelsie McNamara, colouring hair is not just a job or even a vocation. It’s a science. “It’s not like painting a wall. You’re dealing with molecular compounds, pigments and the integrity and conditioning of the hair. And because no two strands of hair are the same, every client has a different colour diagnosis.” An Artistic Educator with the L’Oreal Academy in Toronto, Kelsie is Flaunt’s resident colour doctor. “If we have any questions about corrections and transfer work – if a red head wants to become a blonde, for example – we come to Kelsie,” says Ivan, who welcomed this talented ‘breath of fresh air’ to his studio a year ago. And Kelsie is much more than a colour girl. She’s also a gifted stylist, from classic bridal, to contemporary to creative editorial. “I love the artistry behind hair styling – the moulding and creating. Hair is a great medium for sculpting.” Kelsie has also taken on teaching duties at Flaunt, but it is her relationship with customers that gives her the most satisfaction. “I love bringing all this knowledge to the chair and then working with my clients to come up with something wonderful together.”

Kelsie McNamara Stylist/Colour Technician KELSIE’S HOURS:

Flaunt Boutique 260 Carlaw Ave., Suite 101B 416-469-4826 •

Like us on Facebook at FlauntBoutique-Toronto All the cool kids are doing it!

Monday: 11:30-7:30 Thursday: 11-7:30 Friday:12-7:30 Saturday 9:30-4 Sunday: 10-6 |

Neighbourhood Living |


BumbleberryKids Kidsisisaacarefully carefullycurated curatedsecond-hand second-handchildren’s children’s Bumbleberry clothingand andaccessories accessoriesstore storeatat1908 1908Queen QueenSt. St.East, East,just justeast eastof of clothing Woodbinewhich whichwill willbe bemoving movingin inJuly Julyto to1584 1584Queen QueenSt. St.East, East, Woodbine twoblocks blockswest westof ofCoxwell. Coxwell. two Thereare aremany manybenefits benefitsto to There buyingsecond secondhand handchildren’s children’s buying clothing: clothing: reducesthe theenvironmental environmentalimpact impactassociated associatedwith with • •reduces

AnnaBarron, Barron,Megan MeganCroteau, Croteau,owners owners Anna

Weprovide providegood goodquality qualityclothing clothingmade madefrom fromnatural natural We fibres including cotton, wool, silk and linen. We fibres including cotton, wool, silk and linen. We alsocarry carrygood goodquality qualitytoys, toys,story storybooks, books,infant infantand and also child care products, general accessories for kids from child care products, general accessories for kids from newborntotosix sixyears yearsold. old. newborn

Webuy buyour ourmerchandise merchandise We directlyfrom fromyou, you,and andnot noton on directly consignment. consignment. Weoffer offeraa variety varietyofofthe themore moreexpensive expensivebrands brands We which last longer because they are better made which last longer because they are better made (frenchseams seamsasasopposed opposedtotoserging); serging);use usehigher higher (french quality fabrics such as pima cotton and long strand quality fabrics such as pima cotton and long strand wools;and andare aredyed dyedwith withmore moresophisticated, sophisticated, wools; complex colours. complex colours.



Neighbourhood Living |

themanufacture manufactureofofnew newclothes clothesand andcuts cutsdown downon on the clothingininour ourlandfills. landfills. clothing • clothes are pre-shrunk, softerand andsafer saferbecause because • clothes are pre-shrunk, softer theflame flameretardants retardantsand andstiffeners stiffenershave havebeen been the washed out of them. washed out of them. youare areaalot lotless lesslikely likelytotosee seesomeone someonewearwear• •you ing the same clothes and it allows your children ing the same clothes and it allows your children toto developaastyle styleofoftheir theirown. own. develop • you can afford to buy forfun. fun. • you can afford to buy for

Wecarry carryaafew fewnew newseasonal seasonal We itemssuch suchas assummer summerhats, hats,rain rain items gear,waterproof waterproofmittens mittensand and gear, sunglasses. sunglasses.

morefruitful fruitfulto toshop shopoften. often. ItItisismore BBKdonates donatesgift giftbaskets basketstotolocal localcommunity communitycentres, centres, BBK schools and other events. schools and other events. Forthe themonth monthofofMay MayBBK BBKwill willbebepromoting promotingaa For fundraising effort by The SickKids Foundation. fundraising effort by The SickKids Foundation. youare areinterested interestedininmaking makingaadonation donationplease pleasego go IfIfyou to the SickKids Foundation website and search for to the SickKids Foundation website and search for AnnaBarron Barronunder under“Search “Searchfor foraapersonal personal Anna fundraising page”. fundraising page”.

Wealso alsohave haveaasmall smallselection selection We ofnew newclothing clothingitems, items,which which of makelovely lovelygifts. gifts. make

Youmay mayreach reachususatat You 416691 6915556 5556 416 andgoogle googleususatat“bumbleberrykids.blogspot” “bumbleberrykids.blogspot” and |

Neighbourhood Living |


Rolling your way to younger, healthier looking skin

at Rayne Spa

WE ALL HAVE THEM: scars, stretch marks, blotchy skin, pockets of cellulite. And we’d all like to get rid of them – inexpensively and without invasive surgical procedures or harsh chemical treatments. Sophie Pavlou, a registered nurse for 25 years and a member of the Canadian/International American Aesthetics Board, understands this. She is passionate about skin. As an RN in a hospital burn unit for three years, Sophie became highly skilled in the area of skin renewal and repair. For the past 10 years she has been bringing that knowledge and experience to her practice as a medical aesthetician. A strong believer in anti-aging procedures that promote self esteem and youthful vitality among her Toronto clients, Sophie is doing pioneer work with the first skin rejuvenating process for body contouring, weight loss and stretch mark removal. It’s called the Derma Roller and Sophie is now offering the treatment at Rayne Spa on the Danforth. In this interview, Rayne Spa owner Renay Loucaides talks to Sophie about the revolutionary procedure.

RL: What are the benefits of the Derma Roller? SP: The Derma Roller can achieve amazing results, noticeably improving the appearance of old scars and acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, sun damaged skin and cellulite, as well as revitalizing and rejuvenating your appearance and even stimulating regrowth after hair loss. Because healthy skin is not removed during skin needling, healing is rapid and the Derma Roller procedure is virtually pain-free. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and does not result in skin sensitivity to UV light or pose any risk of permanent skin discolouration. It is a costeffective alternative to other skin therapies and, best of all, there are minimal to no side effects. RL: How does the Derma Roller – or skin needling – work? SP: The Medik-8 Titanium Derma Roller system I use is preferred by leading experts throughout the field of aesthetic medicine. It is made of precision-engineered titanium giving it a finer, more durable edge that results in less pain and irritation than stainless steel rollers. When the device’s 192 surgical steel micro-needles roll across the skin, they create pin-point punctures. The body perceives these tiny puncture wounds as damage, and begins the natural healing process, stimulating the release of growth factors that trigger the production of collagen and elastin. Over a course of Derma Roller sessions, new collagen and elastin are produced progressively, gradually filling indented scars and deep lines. RL: Will I feel anything during treatment? SP: The Derma Roller procedure is virtually pain free. We use a local anaesthetic cream prior to treatment, and then apply the roller over the treatable area. The session takes about 20 minutes.


• Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin production. • Creates smoother, healthier, younger looking skin. • Effectively reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks, cellulite and hyper-pigmentation. • Produces results that are visible after one week and leads to continued improvements.

To book your Derma Roller treatment, call Rayne Spa at 416-405-9465 or drop in to 257 Danforth Avenue. You can also book an appointment with Sophie online at 34


Neighbourhood Living |

RL: What will I look and feel like immediately after the treatment? SP: You may experience some post-treatment redness. This is effectively camouflaged with mineral make-up, which we apply before you leave the clinic. Your skin may feel a little tight or sensitive for up to 24 to 48 hours following the procedure. RL: How long before I see results? SP: You will typically see noticeable results one week after your treatment. We recommend a course of three treatments with a break of four to six weeks between sessions. This allows for new cell reproduction, collagen and elastin stimulation and general skin healing. Treatment results typically last up to one year.

Neighbourhood Source Guide w Pert Lingerie

w 4Cats Art Studio

w El Pipil

2144B Queen St E • 647-345-4300

267 Danforth Ave • 416-465-9625

The Best, Most Fun Art Studio Ever!

El Pipil is a one-stop shop offering everything from accessories for the home, to women’s fashions and jewelry. Great brands, including Tribal clothing, French Dressing Jeans, Espe handbags and Tashi jewelry. Open M-F 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-6pm and Sun 12pm-5:30pm.

A quality arts education can make a dramatic difference in a child’s life. We use professional artists’ materials to create a variety of projects, including silkscreening, clay, sculpture, drawing, painting and stop motion animation. Messy, informative and fun. Art is good! Classes, parties, workshops and camps for ages 2 to adult.

w Aroo 320 Danforth Ave Unit 4 • 416-463-7690

Natural, Fashionable Styles We are a family business providing natural, fashionable clothing for the neighbourhood woman. We support Toronto designers, including May Aruj, Shwing & Animale, and offer personalized service to help clients discover their fashion flair.

w Birthia 1882 Queen St E • 647-342-7894

Handmade by Local Designers Handcrafted kids’ clothing and accessories and home décor, made with love by 17 GTA designers. We also carry recycled products, including duct tape wallets and purses.

w Boa 2116B Queen St E • 416-694-6867

Stylish, Unique and Affordable If you dread being seen in the same dress or top as someone else, then you will love Boa! Our in-store stylists will help you find the right fit for your body.

w BMA Cleaning Services 647-206-1053

22 Years Experience Cleaning Houses, condos, stores, salons, clinics and help with parties (day or night). Reliable Maria is honest and responsible. References available on request.

w Claire Watson MS, Psychotherapist 1395 Bayview Ave • 416-559-5537

Parent Child Psychotherapy (birth to four) Attachment-based therapy for parents who have difficulty forming a bond due to depression, marital problems, unresolved grief/trauma or because their infant has medical, adoptive or developmental needs. Loving relationships lead to confident parents and resilient children.

w Dorly Designs 1173 Queen St E • 416-778-0009

Indie Boutique for Trendsetters Jewelry, clothing and eco-friendly accessories designed, created and produced in Toronto. Staff show you how to accessorize, style and complement, for a look that is enviable and unique. Custom orders and design services available.

A Danforth Fixture For More Than 20 Years

w Everywhere Garment Co.

1817 Queen St E • 416-230-8826

New Local Lingerie Boutique We want our customers to feel comfortable and fabulous every day. Inside this charming, boudoir-style boutique, you will find a tasteful selection of basic, higher-end lingerie, nightwear, loungewear and hoisery from a variety of European and North American labels.

793 Broadview Ave (north of Danforth Ave) • 416-466-6202

w Snob

Activewear, Swimwear, and Leisure Clothes

388 Carlaw Ave #202F • 416-778-8778

Manufactured on location. 100% Canadian quality. Always new designs. Custom fitting available.

w Flying Yogi 007-245 Carlaw Ave. Toronto • 647-993-9644

Unique and Innovative Pieces Owner Denise Zidel returns from her monthly travels to a dozen African countries with authentic African furniture and accessories embellished with ostrich feathers, zebra skins and horns.

Super fun workout for the entire family

w Spiros Custom Tailors

The Flying Yogi, offers classes in Suspension Yoga with the revolutionary OmGym Suspension System, combining traditional yoga poses with resistance training and aerobatics.

Men’s & Women’s Custom Suits for 35 Years

w Incanto 275 Danforth Ave • 416-778-5978

Fashion Clothes for Women Wanting to Dress Up For women who see clothing as an investment and enjoy looking good. Quality French and Italian clothes and many unique pieces. We also carry Canadian manufacturers. Cartise dresses, tops and pants.

w Jexy & Jax

335 Danforth Ave • 416-466-6646 Hand measured, hand fitted, fully customized to the individual in any style that the customer prefers. Up-to-date on the latest fashion trends.

w Tabula Rasa 745 Broadview Ave (south of Danforth Ave) • 416-465-4450

New & Handpicked Vintage Clothing Known as a trendy and affordable retail spot for all things vintage. Jewelry, shoes, local designers. Cuchara bracelets, Dolce Vita shoes.

375 Danforth Ave • 416-465-5557

w Tilt Fitness

Unique Apparel Made in Canada


Jexy & Jax carries two of its own unique in-house designer labels, and boasts a selection of lifestyle apparel appropriate for casual and formal wear. Our mens’ and ladies’ attire is sourced, designed and manufactured in Canada.

w Mira & Sons 2238 Queen St E • 416-699-4005

One of a Kind Fashion and Consignment Shop Designer names and vintage. Second hand – nearly new. End of the line – new. Custom-made draperies and curtains, alterations. Vintage and new jewelry, fascinators, shoes and designer handbags.

w Parade Clothing Boutique 261 Danforth Ave • 416-461-8833

Group Training Great for friends, family or co-workers with common goals. Workout is drill-based and class size is kept to a maximum of 8 participants for more personal attention. Contact us and start your own group class today!

w Yoka 2115J Queen St E • 416-686-0836

Your Local Beach Fashion Boutique For individuals seeking unique and interesting everyday pieces. Specializing in European brands with a classic twist: men’s and ladies’ clothing, footwear, bags and everything in between. Let our staff dress you from head to toe! Check in store for current promotions or discover us on Facebook.

Since 1975 “When you don’t think like everyone, you don’t have to dress like everyone.” From film and advertising execs to teachers, real-estate agents and moms, Parade offers fashions by Susana Monaco, Bailey 44, Alexia Admor, Fine Collection, Michael Kors and more. “Only by supporting local business can we ensure our creative survival.”

Want to introduce yourself ? Call 416-402-4283 or email: to find out how! |

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gift guide BeadWorks

Create your own Accessories 2154 Queen St. East 416.693.0780 647-999-9522 36


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We are all equal … and never less The laTe monThs of spring and the early months of summer are a time of rebirth. A time when sunshine draws forth new growth from dormant seeds in damp soil and new life from fecund wombs that have grown round over the winter. For students, this time marks the end of one school year and, for some, the end of one school. For these senior students, spring/summer is a time for metamorphosis, the shedding of one skin to reveal another; a time for goodbyes, graduations and valedictorians. In the spring/summer of 2012, one Grade 8 Earl Grey Senior Public School student had perhaps more to celebrate looking back than any other graduate. This is Jackson Frezell’s valedictory address. One of my favorite quotes says quite simply, but powerfully: “I am different….but not less.” It was said by Temple Grandin, whose many credits include Professor, Doctor, Consultant, Author, Inventor, Speaker and Hero. Her accomplishments are an inspiration to us all, as she had to overcome great obstacles in order to succeed. Although I personally share the same challenges of Autism as Temple Grandin, her work, success and words apply to us all here at Earl Grey today as we graduate. We are all different. We all face challenges. We are all equal…and never less. Good evening parents, guardians, teachers and my fellow graduating class of 2012. As we stand here ready to take the next step toward our future, I am hopeful, exited, sad and reflective on our last two years here at Earl Grey. When I think back to my first week of school here, I remember that I was incredibly nervous. I worried that I would be bullied as I had been before. I was unsure if the teachers would understand and support my disability. I was afraid my Autism would prevent people from accepting me. Thankfully, for the first time ever at school, I endured no harassment, I was fully supported by my not only my amazing core Teacher Ms. Mathura, but by all the staff at Earl Grey. Over time, my fellow students came to understand me, even when my differences may have made them nervous to be around me in the beginning. Now as I look back, I see that my initial worries about Earl Grey were unjustified because the staff at our great school look at our differences, embrace them, give us every tool to meet our individual challenges, and then focus on our amazing abilities and inspire us all to succeed. We are all different. We come in all sizes, shapes, colors, origins and beliefs. We all face challenges, whether academic, social, physical or personal. Yet, we are all similar in our Earl Grey

family, working towards the common goals of learning and creating a community, and overcoming obstacles to achieve what we have come here today to celebrate. I can remember several examples of moments of perseverance by both myself and my teachers. Mr. Schuler took a kid with motor skill issues and got him playing sports. Gym class was tough for me and stressful for Mr. Schuler, I’m sure. Yet, we both overcame the difficulties and got through it. Each of the Earl Grey teachers has taken the time to better understand me and my classmates and help us achieve our best, no matter our challenges. This is what Earl Grey has been to me: A place where we are all different yet equal. A place where everyone is important and worthy of respect; where behind every disability are many abilities. A place where we are never ‘less’, but always striving to be more.

Where is he now? Jackson just finished his first year in the Math and Science Technology Program at Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute. He is studying robotics, engineering, AutoCAD, electronics and IT ... and LOVING it! |

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NEIGHBOURHOODWalking Upper Beaches Steep Hill Stroll by Nathalie Prezeau Once you’ve done this east Toronto stroll, you’ll understand why this area is called the ‘Upper Beaches’! It is indeed a good climb to get to the neighbourhood from The Beach and there’s no better way to do it than through Glen Stewart Ravine, just south of Upper Beaches. Up on Kingston Road you will be rewarded with plenty of treats: good coffee, creamy scones, family diners – even beer and darts for those who fancy a round. On your way back to The Beach, the downhill walk takes you through lovely streets with enough cottage-style houses to remind you that this used to be a summer retreat for Torontonians.







PINE CrESCENT Park on MacLean Avenue, Pine 3 Crescent or nearby Glen Manor Drive and start this stroll with a walk up the elegant pavement of Pine Crescent, an S-shaped street lined with beautiful properties. On the way, peek west into tiny Pine Glen Rd. [1] to see the pedestrian bridge running over the park. Turn left on Balsam Avenue and look for the schoolyard. Across from it, you’ll notice a discreet entrance to the ravine, between two houses. [2] This passage will take you to the new stairs (and a part of the ravine most visitors missed before because they tended to stick to the main path). This is where you’ll get the best panoramic view over the ravine. GLEN STEwArT PArK If you haven’t visited Glen Stewart Park’s ravine in the last year, you’re in for a surprise! It’s undergone major revitalization. [3] The new staircase is spectacular, the sort of addition you’d expect in a national park. This is what we get when talented urban planners are given a $1 million budget to improve a municipal ravine. If you turn left at the foot of the stairs, you’ll pass by a stream singing through pretty wetlands before you reach Glen Manor Dr. East. Keep walking south at the foot of the stairs and you’ll see a gorgeous rockery right before Queen. [4] Instead, however, I suggest you turn right on the boardwalk at the base of the staircase. You’ll walk up and down slopes, under mature trees and come upon a fork where the trail starts to go up again. Both branches take you to Kingston Road. The one straight ahead leads to a wooden staircase, the shortest route to the street. I recommend you embark on the path to your right. It will take you to Beech Avenue through a wilderness trail. Further up, you’ll have a good view Neighbourhood Living |

of the ravine down below and over properties on the edge of the steep hillside. (This is one deep ravine!) Once on Beech Avenue, turn left to access Kingston Road, which is the southern limit of Upper Beaches. KINGSToN roAd Walk to Hannaford Street and work your way eastward on the north side to explore Kingston Road. First you’ll see cute [5] Cobalt Gallery (870A Kingston). Then [6] objektkul (882), featuring fantastic furniture made out of reclaimed materials. Next door is [7] Custom Antique. King’s diner (906) is an old-fashioned family restaurant, and Zilberschmuck (910), which will close its doors later this summer, displays amazing silver jewelry. Further east, Trinity Gallery II (920) offers a selection of home decor items while [8] Trinity Gallery (926) focuses on clothing and accessories. 4





Threads Lifestyle (950 Kingston) and sport footwear Keen are neighbours to [9] The Feathers Pub, which offers a real pub experience, dart game and all. [10] Knead Bakery (around the corner at 283 Scarborough Road) is a great place to stock up on baked goodies. At Victoria Park Avenue, cross to the south side and walk west. [11] At the waterfall mural, you’ll find Savoury Grounds (959 Kingston), a coffee roaster, sitting next to [12] The Great Escape second-hand bookstore. The next block is the quaintest, with [13] Neo clothing store (933 Kingston), Pegasus Thrift and Gift Store – a thrift shop with a mission – and [14] Close to the Bone, the meat shop next to The Art of Cheese. You’ll finish up with the mural on Kumon and Mullins Irish Pub at the corner.



BALSAM AvENuE [15] Walk south toward the lake on Balsam Avenue – the hedge just past Balsam Road is spectacular in the spring – [16] past Pine Crescent and turn left on Sycamore Place. [17] Take Beech Avenue on your right and look for an intriguing little lane called Pine Terrace. It’s an odd sidewalk crossing the backyards of the houses facing Cedar Avenue. Turn left at the lane for a view reminiscent of a small village. Then it’s left again on Cedar to backtrack to Pine Crescent. Note that you can access the park from the stairs at the foot of Crown Park Road.







Now ThAT’S A STroLL! The full loop is 4.9 km (1 hour, 15 minutes). The shorter version – the stroll section covering Glen Stewart Ravine and Kingston Road – is 2.4 km (35 minutes). GAME For MorE? You can add 1.7 km (25 minutes) to this stroll if you continue south at the ravine’s main staircase and through the park nestled between Glen Manor Dr. East and West to reach Queen Street, where Pie Shack (2305 Queen E.) awaits. FANCy dINNEr ANd A MovIE AFTEr your STroLL? Grab a bite at one of the restaurants along Queen and head east to the Fox Theatre, an independent movie theatre located at 2236 Queen East (between Willow and Beech Avenues). Visit for listings. They often have a 6:45 p.m. presentation. PArKING ANd TTC The #502 streetcar runs along Kingston Road, but if you come by car, there’s plenty of free street parking on MacLean Avenue and Pine Crescent. You can also park near the ravine’s entrance on Glen Manor Drive East.


ABouT ThE AuThor Nathalie Prezeau is the author of Toronto Fun Places and two new walking guides Toronto Urban Strolls... for girlfriends 1 & 2 (both available in major bookstores by mid-May). Visit |

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Life Insurance: What do I need? No one likes to consider the possibility of dying prematurely. Yet, according to Statistics Canada, a sobering 25 per cent of Canadians will die before age 65. And with many working families already struggling to meet their monthly expenses, income replacement in the event of an early death is more critical than ever. Karie Johnston – a nurse for 30 years and now an insurance and mutual fund representative with World Financial Group (WFG) – understands both the importance and the difficulty of planning for the worst. “Talking about death is unpleasant, but most people feel very strongly about protecting their family,” she says. “They understand the need for life insurance, but are unsure about what they require to make sure their loved ones will not suffer financially should they die. My job is to simplify the process and educate people about their options.”

I have coverage through work. Is that enough? “Not necessarily,” says Karie. “Should you die, your beneficiaries would likely receive between one and two times your annual gross salary. If that is not enough to meet the needs of your family for a number of years – until the kids are finished school, for example – you might want to consider an individual life insurance policy as well, especially if you’re likely to change jobs. What’s best? Term, universal or whole life insurance? “Term insurance is a good, affordable choice if you’re interested in covering your debt obligations – such as a mortgage – as well as your family’s living expenses for several years.” Universal and whole life insurance policies are permanent, but more expensive. (Most policies pay out at 100 – even if you’re still alive). “These are good options if you want to continue to provide for your spouse or leave a legacy for your grandkids after your debts have been cleared away.” How much do I need? “Every family is different,” says Karie. “Depending on your needs – current debt, income replacement, mortgage balance, kids’ education and anything else you consider important – I might suggest a simple term policy or a combination of term and permanent coverage. But nothing is set in stone. Your insurance requirements vary over time, so we’ll need to review your coverage on a regular basis.”

Karie Johnston, Insurance/Mutual Fund Representative World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc. WFG Securities of Canada Inc. 905-264-6949 (office) • 647-883-7799 (cell) •

Save $10 To celebrate our first year in Riverdale we’ve got a special offer for June and July. Save $10 on a one-hour massage! At Toronto Centre for Naturopathic Medicine when you book an appointment with one of our Registered Massage Therapists you pay just $75 Save $10! Come in as often as you like! Tell a friend! Offer expires on July 31, 2013, so book your appointment today.

toronto centre F O R N AT U R O PAT H I C M E D I C I N E



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Save $10 on a one-hour massage!

• Swedish Massage • Pre- and Postnatal Massage • Sports Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Acupressure • Reflexology Covered by most extended health plans.

475 Broadview Avenue, Toronto 416 598 8898


Yoga For Vitality & Stress Relief JOY OF



7-8:30pm CENTRE CENTREMondays











Compassionate, heart centred, all-levels class that gives you permission to take your yoga practice to the level of challenge that is right for you. This class incorporates breathing exercises, postures, Somatic exercises, relaxation, meditation and more.


- 93

Ballet Ballroom For Bellydance Burlesque Ginga DANCE Hip Hop Jazz CENTRE Latin & TEACHERS Latin Cardio COLLEGE Lyrical Nia Salsa Zumba and more... s3 age


& TEACHERS COLLEGE Susan Hirst Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Certified Instructor 416-778-9074, cell 647-783-0881

& TEACHERS COLLEGE 416-406-3262 95 Danforth Ave @ Broadview



May-12 Neigh.Ad KYBB:Layout 1 24/05/12 1:50 PM Page 1





your aches!

your senses!




your body!

Yoga Products • Mats • Blocks • Foam Rollers • Cushions • Straps

Visit us...we have so much to offer you! 461 Carlaw Avenue (in the Riverdale Plaza)

(416) 367-3744 Mon.- Wed. 9-5pm


Thurs.- Fri. 9-6pm Saturday 10-5pm

Shop on-line 24/7 |

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Sound financial planning

is crucial

Having worked in the financial sector for more than 25 years, Nadine De Palma has experienced the highs, the lows and everything in between. As a Financial Advisor, she has learned that even in fluctuating markets it is possible to achieve financial goals by establishing a realistic plan, taking a conservative approach and applying sound investment decisions and strategy. “Unfortunately, humans – by our very nature – tend to do the exact opposite of what we should be doing,” says Nadine. “Not only does the average investor tend to buy high and sell low, we also repeat this pattern throughout our lives. When the economy and financial markets are strong and the cost of investments is high, we feel good and we buy – we invest. When the economy and financial markets are weak and prices are low, fear sets in and we sell. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.” So how does she help her clients overcome this natural tendency? “By spending time with them,” Nadine says. “Working together, we develop a personalized, written, financial plan using a five step process. And I make sure that my clients truly understand the features and benefits of each of their investments. I would never expect anyone to invest in anything he or she did not fully understand. To that end, I devote as much time as needed to each and every client, and a personalized service standard is established based on the needs and wants of the individual.”

To best serve its clients, Edward Jones is a full service brokerage firm and a member of IIROC, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada, offering a complete range of services and investments, including but not limited to CDIC insured GICs, bonds, equities, mutual and segregated funds, and insurance. “Unlike a bank,” says Nadine, “Edward Jones is not a publicly traded corporation. We do not have shareholders. Our focus is our clients. As a Limited Partner of Edward Jones, I focus solely on delivering expert, timely advice and value to everyone who walks through my door. Making sure my clients are happy and pleased with everything I do for them is my personal and professional goal.”

Nadine De Palma Financial Advisor Edward Jones 2146-B Queen Street East Toronto, ON M4E 1E3 (416) 686-5470

The neighbourhood spot for gals on the go, a stylish Danforth salon with a luxe-looking backdrop and a warm, friendly atmosphere.


1 7 9 D A N F O R T H AV E , T O R O N T O , O N M 4 K 1 N 2



complimentary herbal tea or spring water + available private parties Call us at 416.778.8288 or book online at 179 DANFORTH AVENUE |

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David Crightons’ artwork is inspired by his local neighbourhoods Drawings, Paintings and Prints. David also accepts commissions to paint your home, cottage or what-have-you in his distinctive artistic style.

Danforth Living

Studio in the High Park area is open by appointment. 416.656.7670

“and loving it!”

Danforth Living

This is an amazing urban neighbourhood that just gets better and better with every new restaurant, shop and“and resident! lovingI’ve it!” lived here since 1969 and know it’s about caring and involved people that This is an amazing urban neighbourhood that just This is an amazing neighbourhood that just gets better and better with every new restaurant, makesurban it such a dynamic gets better and bettercommunity. with every new restaurant,

Danforth Living “and loving it!”

shop and resident! I’ve lived 1969 andI’ve know it’s here aboutsince caring 1969 and involved shophere andsince resident! lived and people that Every client I work with, every house I sell adds to makes it such a dynamic community. know it’s about caring and involved people that

my commitment to the Danforth area! Call me when makes it such a dynamic community.

Every clientyou I work with, an every house I sell, adds to my commitment the Danforth want about youtoI sell and theto area. Call me Everyagent client who I workcares with, every house adds when you community want an agentmywho cares about you andlive the community you choose to live in. I’ll give you you choose in. I’llarea! give you the commitment toto the Danforth Call me when the utmost in service, expertise and neighbourhood knowledge when helping you you want an agent who cares about you and the buy or sell.

Zelinde Kaiser

utmost in service,Sales expertise and neighbourhood community you Representative choose to live in. I’ll give you the knowledgeutmost whenin helping you buy or sell. service, expertise and neighbourhood Find outknowledge more at: when helping you buyand or sell. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays a Happy Holidays and a Email meMerry at: Christmas, Marvelous 2013! Marvelous 2013!

Give me a call at:


e d n i l e d e n ZZeli

RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd., Ltd., Brokerage RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Brokerage 724 Pape Avenue 724 Pape Avenue Toronto, ON M4K 3S7 Toronto, ON M4K 3S7



Neighbourhood Living |

Zelinde K Zelinde Kaiser Sales Representative Zelinde Kaiser Sales Representative

Sales Representative Findat: out more at: Find out more Email me at: Email me at: Give me a call at: 416.462.1888

www.zelind zelinde@zelind Give me a call at: 416.462.18

Upcoming Events ■

may 27

The Leslieville Farmers’ Market. 9am-2pm, every Sunday to late October. Jonathan Ashbridge Park, on Queen St. E. between Greenwood and Coxwell. ■

may 28

Riverdale Farmers’ Market. 3-7pm, every Tuesday to late October. Located just outside of the gates at the Riverdale Farm, 201 Winchester St. Peruse farm fresh produce and organic goods, flowers and more. ■

may 31

2013 Waterfront Blues. Friday May31 to June 2 (times vary). Woodbine Park, at Coxwell Ave. and Eastern Ave. Toronto’s only genuine Blues festival. 9th consecutive year ... the tradition continues! Info at or 416-423-2224 or ■

june 1

Pape Village SummerFest. 11am-3pm. Pape Village, along Pape between Mortimer and Gowan. An afternoon of family fun including live performances, interactive skateboard demos, great deals, food, music, balloons and more! Info at 647-456-2411 or BMO - 100 years in Riverside! 1-4pm. BMO, 711 Queen St. E. Come celebrate 100 years of BMO service in the Riverside Community. Giveaways and fun activities for kids and a chance to meet BMO the Bear! Eats & Beats in Riverside Street Fest. 1-6pm. Queen St. E. From the DVP to just past Degrassi St. Local eateries will be serving tasting plates and visitors can pick up a Riverside Passport and collect stamps from participating businesses and get great deals for the month of June. There will be 12 different destination points with live music, a meat smoke off, cooking demos, belly dancing workshops, instrument making, kid’s crafts, walking tours. Info at 647-773-2547 or ■

june 1 / 2

Riverdale Art Walk. 11am-6pm. Free public fine art exhibition showcasing more than 125 established and emerging artists in Jimmie Simpson Park, retail spaces and artist’s studios. Info at Park Yoga Toronto Sat (10:00-11:00am) & Sun (10:30-11:30am) all summer. Riverdale Park (southend off Broadview Ave.) Free outdoor yoga program. Donations welcome in support of Nellie’s Shelter. Info at ■

june 6

East Lynn Park Farmers’ Market. 3-7pm, until end of October. Farm fresh produce and goods, live music, kids’ face painting, storytelling, sing-alongs and splash pad. ■

june 8 / 9

Muhtadi International Drumming Festival. 12-10pm. Woodbine Park (NE corner of Lake Shore Boulevard E. and Coxwell Ave.) 14th edition of this family-friendly celebration, featuring multicultural performances from more than 50 performing groups. Info at 416-848-3838 or

june 16

Father’s Day 5k Walk/Run for Prostate Cancer Canada. 8am-12pm. Ashbridges Bay Park, 30 Ashbridges Bay Park Rd. Prostate Cancer Canada’s signature event takes place in 15 cities from coast to coast. Info at 416-441-2131 or 9th Annual Toronto Walk Now For Autism Speaks. 8:30am-12pm. Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen St. W. Short 3 km walk, flat route. Signature walk awareness and fundraising event. Info at or 416-362-6227, ext. 208. ■

june 21

Relay for Life in the Beaches. 7pm-7am. Neil McNeil High School, 127 Victoria Park Ave.An inspirational, non-competitive, 12-hour overnight fundraising event that brings the community together to celebrate life and fight cancer. Info at 416-448-5402, x 2122 or Follow on Twitter @BeachesRelay and Facebook (2013 Relay For Life in the Beaches). ■

june 22

Toronto Greek Film Retrospective: Trilogy - Our Third Year Celebrating Greek Cinema. The Danfoth Music Hall. 147 Danforth Ave. Admission is free. Info at 416-778-8163 or info@ ■

july 8

ARTbeat Mixed Arts Camps, July 8 to Aug. 16. The Open Door at St. David’s is offering six weeks of affordable visual arts, theatre and music programming for children and youth at St. David’s Anglican Church on Donlands Ave. (across from Donlands subway station). Taught by local artists with professional experience in their fields, camps provide rich and challenging arts curriculum for kids ages 5-7 and 7-12. For more information or to register, contact: or call 416-466-3142. ■

july 25-27

Beaches International Jazz Festival. Various times and Queen St. E. locations and venues. (Queen St. E. closed from Woodbine Ave. to Beech Ave.). Celebrating 25 years and featuring an eclectic lineup of jazz, blues, big band, vocalists, African, Caribbean, reggae, hip-hop, South American, Latin, rhythm and blues, and more. Info at 416-698-2152, or ■

august 10-12

Pilaros Taste of the Danforth. Various times. Danforth Ave. (from Broadview Ave. To Jone Ave.) Canada’s largest street festival, showcasing the best Hellenic food, culture, and music Toronto has to offer - from souvlaki to mezes, authentic Greek music to interactive children’s games! Celebrating its 19th year as one of the GTA’s signature events. Info at 416-469-5634, or ■

august 17

Street Smarts Safe Cycling Workshop. (by Cycle Ontario) 2-4pm. Beaches Library, 2161 Queen St. E. Learn the rules. Learn your rights. Learn the skills to ride with confidence. Everyone receives a copy of out Toronto Cyclists Handbook and a Toronto Bike Map. Limited spots. To register, visit the branch or call 416-393-7703. |

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Unique pillows and home decor items at affordable prices. Pillow Shoppe brand pillows are all made in Canada

ToronTo STore

HeAD offiCe & SHowrooM

1434 Danforth Ave., Toronto, on M4J 1n3 (between Greenwood Ave. and Coxwell Ave.) tel: 647-748-8890 email:

10 Canfield Dr., Markham, on L3S 3J1 (off 14th Ave. between Markham rd. & McCowan rd.) tel: 905-471-8500 email:

Store Hours: Tue.Wed.Sat 10-6 / Thu.Fri 10-8 / Sun 12-5 / Mon: Closed

Store Hours: Mon-Fri 11-7 / Sat 10-6 / Sun 12-5

photo credit



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Neighbourhood Living Magazine - Beaches - Spring/Summer 2013  

Neighbourhood Living Magazine - Beaches - Spring/Summer 2013

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